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Pre-Draft Show with Scott Reynolds


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Yes we have our draft extravaganza show. Yes yes I'm I'm very excited for this. Which is weird since you hate to draft. It's not that I hate the draft. I hate the mock drafts like I get extended like this is the time where I'm like. Okay everybody's been doing all this all these mocks and all this kind of stuff. Let's nail it down into. Who are we actually looking at? Who are the ears actually looking at picking? What's going on with these guys? This is where I personally really start to engage. And you know you you kind of mentioned to me just a few minutes ago like as might be another one of those shows that you just don't like and I'm like no I'm GonNa like the show person sure. Yeah so anyway ran. We've got a special guest on to help us. It's not just you. And I o muddling through the Muck fact. This special guest is going to be with us for a very long time. He's he's a good friend of the show. He's been on the show several times before Always generous with his time always generous with his knowledge. Even drops a little bit of of news for us. That's not going to be heard on on until he puts out his podcast a couple of days later so he dropped here for us. I report DOT COM Scott Reynolds the the boss editor and chief. But that's not right. That's Cooks Job. I don't know what Scott's title the publisher I think is what he is titled over there but UH Scott Reynolds is going to be joining us. He's GonNa be here for a very long time tonight. Read Yeah we went over everything you know. There are a couple of topics out there that that were drafted that we discussed. But you know near the end we talk about Mike Greenberg and Jason Light and what kind of job. They've done fascinating part of the conversation. By the way everybody make sure you stick around through that part of the conversation because that was great. Yeah it's something that I don't think that you know either them get the praise for you know like we like Scott said we can go through and do a whole show on hits Mrs Jason Light. And you know it's gotTa be. Kinda like fifty fifty. We all know apt to go over what they do with the salary cap and keeping the bucks in a healthy salary. Cap Situation is like it's it's it's it's too early underrated because you've seen this offseason people care about that kind of stuff seen team after team after team have let guys go because it just can't pay right watch you on our team right and they drafted him a handful of years ago right so you and you think about even our year last year where. The buccaneers can do anything. Because they didn't have much salary cap room. That wasn't because we were in salary cap. Hell it's not that we had to release players because of that we just couldn't find any new ones right or not that many so and then we went out and got sue. Barrett right right and look what happened but anyway we're GONNA do that. Plus is going to tell us ren definitively who the buccaneers or drafting. I in this year's draft no comment. You guys will have to wait to hear that. But that is coming up with Scott Reynolds once again. He you know we're here to talk all things dress. If you guys love the draft you WanNa you WanNa nail it all down. This is the show for you. Yeah we go over. You know the hot topic of the safety position out there The Not hot topic which I don't understand Is The cornerback position. Which is you know not being mocked to any any buccaneers Draft mock draft out there by you know the pundits talking heads and even fans like like cornerback to seems to be forgotten so I asked him about that and then we go over. You Know Peter. Reports last latest and final Mock draft and we ask you know ask got what she's thinking here and there and sort of path to the future and in what's the best way to go about it so Yeah he's here for an hour. So buckle your chinstraps uncle in guys that's what we're doing on today's episode of wtrw cast my name's John Cuban on the host of new podcast series called real narcos. It follows the stories of the world's most dangerous drug lords and the American special agents who hunted them down when you work undercover. You have to play the role because you stand to lose more than just the NAS car. We didn't have sophisticated software. That didn't exist. The software was a pen and paper. You are doorway away from the most wanted in the world. You not expecting him to go down without a fight. Follow Real narcos wherever you listen to. Podcasts the draft of this week and speak on on Peter dot com for focused on that I didn't ask for sure with With not being at one buccaneer place. Jay Bruce Arians not being place so it's Definitely going to be a different draft for the NFL or some crazy times. We're living in and and I'm at I'm at least excited that the NFL decided to have for thousand four hundred draft because these are non-participation Advance ordering event you will without any Crowd in attendance and they tried to have the draft with a doctor in Los Vegas giving. The lockdown with pandemic was not going to happen Ramesh standards but I'm I'm at least encouraged with With that considering the NHL season or pretty much over and basketball season's over and no mark. Patterson they'll start a baseball so at least something to occupy people attention when it comes to sports so it's got just real quick since you're talking about that. What does draft night usually look like for you guys? It -puter report and what's IT GONNA look like for you guys this year? Well the last couple of years we've been doing it drafted Yo cash for one bucket place and It really that affords us the opportunity to dealers. Pop ends the press conferences You know it in years past the myself Trevor Sacramento. Cook and this year it's GonNa be a remote Myself and John. Lead your what kind of spearheading that and You know and and during the coverage after this election that has been made Typically Jason would come down and address the pick and then head back to The War Room This year though. I don't know what the schedule is. GonNa be in. We might get it after the draft or after the selects nutshell So I'm not sure what that would look like. They're really that's the advantage from being places we could go get a firsthand account about the buccaneers drafted and why in that report. That back to our live stream not in on key report dot Com in addition to having to raise the right that's available on our website and so this year it's just going to be a little bit different. Rini working from home and said Again not just us. But also Jason Away John. Vitek deal Mike Greenberg Bruce. Arians the coaching stock etcetera etcetera so Everyone together in terms of of the NFL. Roger Goodell will be making this text from Basement Saleh definitely a different year. At least he won't have to worry about getting the booze this year. I GUESS GO SCOTT. Do you know and this more people out there who don't know and and I'm only partially aware what. How is the draft going to be different this year for the NFL? Like you mentioned Jason Lights going to be working from home. I know they've done like a test. Run of the draft. Make sure their systems are working which it's a billion trillion dollar organization enterprise. I can't imagine they're not GonNa make this work but like what? What what should we expect from the draft itself as far as the NFL itself? Goes well I think. The biggest thing is Most evaluations done from the film. But it just like kicking right. Kicking is is ninety. Percent Mental can percents physical right then. The ninety percent is is a big part of it that the ten percents also important too right. I mean you can have kicker who's got the friend of mine then he sits way too much. has the mechanics of it can can kick just as much as the nerve pressure The lack of competence whatever. Whatever so they don't have to go with hand in hand. Everybody wants that. One hundred percent whether the kicker with a ninety ten mental and physical Part of the field goal and extra point attempt to or drafts did ninety percent is is the game film. That ten percent is the interviews pro day workout. The Interactions With the coaching staff. The medical evaluations. That's a big part of it anchors. You're not just drafting the player. You're drafting the person. Everybody gets draft as the talented play in the NFL. Doesn't that the fact But it's what do you do when you become an instant millionaire or an instrument one hundred thousand or When when you move and I'll use an example right in the bucks drafted in two thousand ten coins. First-round Park wanted to deepen tackle position was good move a wise move but he picked. Bryant price probably price and was the lack of homework. That was done. Brian Price ended up being efficient of water and Tampa. And this is the guy who grew up in south central. La went to UCLA. The only time he was ever outside of California but lost Angeles was when he was with his teammates going to Arizona State Oregon State Crosstown at USC Washington Washington State the PAC twelve camps. The Away Games. And that's it so this is a guy who had never been away from home now. He's drafted. He's giving all this money and he's coming off surgery across the country without a support system. Oh and by the way he's twenty years old right so you can kind of see. A LOT was working against. Bryant Price In that scenario and that's why The player is just as important as as the as the I should say the person's just as important as as the player in terms of of drafting the guy you want the guy that has the work ethic is stability The drive the motivation better and those are some pieces that you get from that interaction that phase space and I just going to spend one more second on this is a pretty good analogy right so all these draft prospects have an hour telecom right and it's great with Jim. You can have position. Coach on their coordinate. The head coach Area Scout Mike the Director of college scouting job. I J MIGHT. They can all be on there for an hour asking questions and all of that. But here's the thing when you fly somebody into your building right and and they're there for pretty much the whole day come in their product. Bushy tailed they get to meet the general manager. They get meet the The head coach and and they get that interaction and Kinda get passed around the building. The coordinator you know there might be by the end of the day When they're tired when they're little fatigued they you know they get to meet their position coach or really spend that one on one time with the physician cookies in their coordinator on on the the board doing some XS knows watching film etc. And then all of a sudden you get the the position coach And they're talking to. Let's say that they're running back as a joke Walker award winner and he's saying hey. Listen here's a couple of things. I think you should work on your game now. All of a sudden you know the the the kids building day he lets his guard down with Matt Lewis. I wonder though Walker like per second round pick right and he's going to give them a little bit of attitude backed decision coach to red flag. That you're not gonNA get when a guy's on his best behavior in a one hour zoom chat right but that's who you're drafting your drafting the guy that wants to put on a smile and a happy face or people who are drafting. But the guy he's got to work with on a daily basis that position coach. Get an attitude right. Those are the things that that that you're kind of missing those little pieces of the puzzle to make it a complete picture. And that's why I said in my spout five with Jay like the new this year draft state players dragging layers that that don't have character concerns. That don't have injury history Naked Safest Possible. Don't want to try to get as doc up on. Yeah I definitely want to get you know to your draft and sort of how this you know. Not Getting Fancy. This year is kind of the way to go. I think it also helps that. There is sort of this very clear path that the buccaneers can take most fans are on board kind of going round by round. Like they'll be plenty enough guys in the first this position and the second for this and it could change a little bit but something that really piqued my interest. When you're talking about Brian Price and how old he was and then that automatically clicked in my head about kind of what happened a row. Joe is his rookie year. Do you think that the NFL teams Not necessarily the buccaneers but all NFL teams in general. Like do enough for these kids like have enough like you said a support system For when they come in and have this this life altering change. Yeah it. It's tough right because at the same time it's like you're You're asking these kids doodle. Grownups when they're coming out of college and some people mature at different times in your life and at the same time it's like You know the NFL now. More than is is the the The instant gratification the immediate results type business Not If you don't look like a credible player in your wonder I mean We kind of gave that treatment to Roggio last year. And Gosh the it's not new randy. Barber had a horrible horrible rookie. Easy in terms of just now bad he was like people on the NFL. So but so fuck near spent a second round. Pick the next year Brian Kelly because they thought they screwed up when they drafted Lonnie Barber and And you know and it took barber. You know that you had a better year. Ninety eight and kind of really became rendezvous time and ninety nine and You know and that was You know that was really high opening for For Barbara and I think Roggio had an eye opening rookie year. And sometimes you know the players don't back and sometimes and cases like Brian Price and So I think this year you kind of go for with a more mature players the players that can help you right away in really acting. Jason did a good job with that last year. In terms of of new drafting mature players. They can come in and play right away. Rookie class was pretty solid I mean Mike. Edward disappointed a little bit just from a lack of playmaking perspective and really wasn't able to beat out Andrew Adams but again you know not everybody is GonNa Bloom their first year. In some of these guys Might even take a step back and wrestled. Bit might have a bit of a sophomore slump. So we'll have to wait and see but I'm I'm I'm hoping that Jason Light goes with more sure bets and rather than guys that are potentially now now if you want to draft with dental I got one of those five Dr Antonio Gibson the wide receiver running back at a Memphis fourth-round not in you know day one or day two. Yeah I'm with you and you brought up my favorite position group the safety I noticed that you didn't have a safety in your. You know your Fido. Pr Mock draft and again like. I said we'll go over. These picks 'cause I think I think he did really good job. So why did you leave out to say because the argument is that there's sort of like not this tier one starter? But you hit on a little bit. Yeah you know Edwards came in and he didn't sort of have this this epiphany where all the lights came on like it did for Dina. Smp even once you know not that. I'm blaming Vernon but what you know Verna Hargraves Carlton Davis. It seemed like he settled down a little bit. Not so many penalties were called his way started breaking up more passes. And then with the back in you know like fans. Carlton Davis have that Rookie Year. Fans let Vernon Hargreaves have that rookie year and his second year and now sense Edwards hasn't hit this peak. Where where you know like I said the lights came on for for those two cornerbacks drafted along with them. Now everybody's screaming about safety but there's you know they got they got four guys. They like or five guys they like and four from have a lot of NFL starts. I mean it's it's not the best position group. It's definitely the deepest. Can you just go ahead and let people know why why you didn't or maybe you think the bucks are just? GonNa not go after the safety this year in the draft. Sometimes the answer's right in front of you and You kind of happen you who you're you're covering and Bruce Arians in pretty pretty cut and dry pretty honest. He's Pretty Open Book and you can choose not to listen to him at your own peril. But when he said you know I was right there when a question was that were gonNA call you know in free agency purse. Call Me Tom. Brady. I call Tom. Brady buccaneer what are we here? Last year pain Barbara. Hell of a back. We liked the bar. They didn't drafted running back. They put the Rodeo Marker. You know and You know true to his word He's there. We'RE NOT GONNA sign a wide receiver to replace. Perriman will address that in the draft. They're gonNA perceiver and same thing. He's been quite now. The safety was daylight. You're not the Jason Lights has drafted plenty guys at that spot. I mean yeah. Second Round Pick Justin Evans a fourth round pick or white hip or around. Thank Mike Edwards. At some point. You GotTa let these guys get on the field and and try to have a chance to develop. You can't keep drafting guys year after year without giving the opportunity to play and started. Show you what they can do. Yeah I think I'm just GonNa take that answer in this loop it and play it on twitter for the next for the next three or four days or new headliner. Bump wasn't again again taking root word and I was there to be a cap everyday. They like decode addicted to. We're going to be a starter in training camp coming out of training. He got her to get through the season. He's healthy is in the hopper and like Andrew reliable of Dare You. Didn't you didn't see the three hundred yard passing games over the last eight games of the year or something like that so. I thought he really kind of you know And again remember. Andrew Adams was not in training camp with the bucket near she was A late tiny two thousand and eighteen and then he was founding in two thousand nine hundred when they needed him and took Adams a little while to get up to speed and then they kind of stuck in. There wasn't getting the job done a free safety. And then once you know Adams learn depends on the fly and and became proficient at it. Then that's when you saw trop in the big plays the drop in the three hundred year passing games and listen to Andrew Adams Easter. Kind of Guy. You want to replace right. He's he's is average to good but not great not elite Pro Bowl. That's fine but until you find the guy that replaced him. He's the kind of guy that you want in there. 'cause you so stabilized thing that's what he did so between. Adamson Edwards impossibly John Evans if he comes back and Whitehead and Dixon. They've got they've got enough guys. They're they just throw young. They gotta let cream rises to the top and get these guys experience. Scott speaking of Justin Evans. Can you give us an update on what the deal is with him? I've no idea is a guy who released causes connor frustration at one bucket. Here place because you know the listen. You can't make a player have surgery right you. You can't sit there and say you to have surgery and get it done And quite frankly Justin thought that he could just by staying off the the feet Let them he'll off season. And then you know. He tried to practice. Who still having the pain. And then he elected to have the surgery in hindsight. I think he probably should've had the surgery or talk about having surgery early in the off season January February and then maybe he's available for portraying camp But he waited. Lytham bucks are waiting on him. He's under contract or not. Counting on these shows healthy great if not the the ship is going to fail and he is. Kinda put his career in jeopardy by waiting so long to have the surgery. Eric frustrated no doubt about it But they're happy with if their safety group is Adams and Dixon Whitehead Edwards then the role with this guy with without. Ah From Your Lips to God's ears man all right let's Let's go ahead and go over your latest and last final Mock draft Dropped today And I want to just go over this with you and I have some questions about it. And and sort of play some scenarios And then I you know there are some positions in here that that weren't address. I'd like to get your thoughts. Why or why not? Of course it wouldn't be worth you know like you guys. I'm actually talking about it. Would you guys before I didn't do it? On the nation PODCASTS. You're actually getting scooping PEW REPORT DOT Com. That's how much I appreciate that and it is. It is definitely what's the word I'm looking for reciprocated. Yes that's why we saved you to have you on this particular. Episode Scott's yeah it was like we're talking back and forth it's like it's like so Scott or John Scudder John and we're like like Johnson of bucks a Buckeye yet. Like I WANNA know. What's what what what the steelers need at linebacker like you know. Then all ask him but now he's down here yet so my big question that only Scott can answer coming up so we'll get there though now's not the time. Go ahead all right. You took Josh Jones in the first round. A lot of people have a mess. Tackle five after the big four. I'M NOT GONNA go over the big floor. Everyone listening to this podcast. You know when you're in if you're tuning in for draft coverage you know who the big four are Josh shows at fourteen. You consider that a reach or you thinking Josh Jones trade backs it really kind of depends right back at every every manager would love to get the guy they want later. If I just doesn't happen that way and and I think the thing is you have to have You know best way can say. The buccaneers. Don't rake players. They rank cool. They have a pool of players that they like in each round. And let me tell you that no. Nfl team has thirty. Two first round picks the first round really ends some teams at about twelve players. Now that doesn't mean that they have Only twelve guys have a first round grade. It means if you have Patrick Mahomes. Guess what you're not gonNA burst grade on Jonesboro on to a to a tunnel Lebowa. Were just in Herbert You're going to have a second round great on those guys doesn't mean that that you know. The job was a backpack. It just means you have Patrick. You don't need Yo girl and he's not going to be there anyway. So the thing is at. What point in time did you? Draft Joker and action. The chiefs probably would have a third or fourth grade ANA crazy as that sounds. But but what I'm saying is. Nfl teams evaluate grade in cool players together so differently than the media does and fans do really important to kind of understand that so So I think that that you saw a couple of years ago when they traded down because Beata and James were still on the board at that time and they did their homework and they said well if we trade down. We're GONNA have a chance to get you know one of these guys will be there for sure and we both and we prefer to over there because that suit but the data. That's what you do. Is You do the math and say okay. We'll have our cool. You know we have three guys left at fourteen and one of those might be Josh Joan. So we really can't go down or than three or four spot and then then you're looking thing okay. Well as a three guys. We like none as a quarterback and Britain through might be a team that drops a quarterback if we trade down four spots that will guarantee that we'll have one of the three guys remain but that's how the draft works in. Nfl were So that's the long answer. The short answer is I think Josh John is part of the elite Taco group according to the buccaneers draft. And I think you're GONNA see this year and I think it's already kind of a tweeted out by rappaport schefter. Maybe go but this year draft is gonNA be so nonconsecutive. There's going to be players drafted for first round that the draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah. No kuyper maybe you guys myself really what what was a reach out reach right. You'RE GONNA see Tana reaches and the person second round at this draft but it doesn't really matter because in the reason why the reaches is because the media was formed about these guys because the media all these guys go to the produce together and they kinda like all these scouts talk it just like professional wrestling If you if you believe they're professional wrestling isn't real Actually Israel not fake news. Fake they all get along. It's just an act cetera et CETERA. And it's Kinda the same way scouting community. You guys compare notes like nobody's business and is there a little bit of gamesmanship going on. Yeah is there a little bit of secrecy but not as much as you think and so I think what happens? Is The scouts aren't huddled together. Time in the forty are dashes not getting sick consensus amongst those and then the draft analyst but the media types. Aren't you know those scouts what you're of what they've heard? It's just their opinion because they haven't heard anything because they've been burnt so even consensus. Oh I think it's GonNa be a little bit of the wild west and I think that the there's a consensus who the top offensive tackle. So it's GonNa be interesting to see and I think the Jones ultimately is worthy of being selected fourteen in the buccaneers want. I think it really is a top five up and backward class rather than a war Jones number five and if you need a tackle I was at the senior bowl. I saw the guy he a. He's a phenomenal tower. Or you're starting to get sides. Athletic Massey I wouldn't hesitate to take Josh Jones at number fourteen if they can trade down a couple of spot. But here's the thing can't trae down really past. Eighteen is Miami. You look at probably GonNa get a quarterback with the first selection and then on offense the tackle with your second selection. Maybe a running back right and this is where we'll move onto your second just a second. This is just curious reward you got Lucas naming dying at. Tcu The tackle You know I'm Kinda Kinda like with John I mean. I think that he's got second round. Talent healthy is two thousand. Eighteen is pretty good. He's separate cranberries injury if injury not always great for all kinds of linemen You know you don't want to have a knee Or an ankle than a than a hip Just because of the generation that can happen there. I I don't know if that's an injury to speak intelligently on it Again I was just a again in this draft be safe rather than sorry and pick production over potential and I would probably be comfortable taking him until maybe the third round Scott Scott Question Real quick before the before Ren moves on I in regards to the offensive tackle position for the buccaneers as it relates specifically to Demar. Dotson should bucks fans anticipate a resigning? Dotson if not for depth issues because honestly like once you get past that starting five whoever this plug and play players they're going to draft like there's not a ton of depth back there either you know so maybe a Demar Dotson return that we could potentially expect or is are we just saying by tomorrow and things for the already now like it. I would like it. I know that they like Brad and they WANNA get younger physicians. But here's the thing It got down. Would you rather have Demar Dotson? You know Either at left tackle or maybe movie rookie Josh Jones. Or if it's Andrew Thomas or or whoever would you have who would you rather have? It left back. I don't want Brad feedback. I'd rather have either Demar Dotson or the rookie over that and then if Damore is not on your team than cheating is your starter at right tackle and I don't want that either and that's been pressing player. I haven't seen it yet though if I'm fucking years. Resigning DEMAR DOTSON AFTER THE DRAFT. Really cheap contractor one year and letting 'em Duke it out and its seat and takes a huge step up and becomes you know like a guy on the rise then okay then maybe tomorrow. You lost the battle and tackle but You know you're gonNA need four tackles and Joe Higgins one of them for sure You know and and and he'll probably be the guy that would would start overseas anyways right tackle but I would just rather have the Mar- I I think that he is. I think he deserved to have one more shot and the key deserves to have a training camp to prove he can't do it anymore even before and I'd like to hit but it's not like also your second pick. You went running back. This is sort of like the clear path that I was talking about earlier. Tackle running back and then it kind of gets a little little murky. You took clydes Edwards Again everyone is listening to this podcast. No like the four or five running backs that are there Clyde I urge to layer seems to be the fan favourite right now So I'm just GonNa Kinda glaze over that. I think everyone will be pretty happy if it ends up being steward or swift or her layer or dobbins or even acres so. I'm going to go down to your first pick in the fourth round Antonio Gibbs and someone that you've been on early you know you have this knack for finding running backs You know when you do your mock dry Jamak drafts and best bets. In years previous you know you are on Oh God that was a Kansas Hunt. Yeah you're on. Hi you're on. I think you're on Komo. Yeah cream high. Yeah I mean you you like as bad as the puck of been at at at at drafting running backs under Jason Light. Like you're the guy the talked to but you you know you've been on Tonio Gibson running back slash wide receiver from Memphis. He's really a versatile guy Is he sort of like the instant? Can't he play both third down back? You know sort of the dump off outlet to Brady and can he play slot wide receiver. And is he good enough to you? Know at least be in the conversation day one at training camp you'll whatever that is too wide receiver three. Yeah so what I like about. Him is back that he can really didn't have a lot during But given the opportunity he's he's really stepped up how you know. What a bunch I. I go back to the senior bowl. The guy that did I think had thirty three carries in his college career on the machine. Hey we want you to be running back and he said well. I like to play wide receiver. Like well the got on his right back. He's like okay. You guys out there and end up leading the senior bowl rushers and sixty five or putting a twenty yarder showing you can do it and And I don't you can't return guy he can be pat sketch back Kind of like a better trophy. After he got twenty eight I think Ran A four hundred nine. He's size wise. He's Kinda compare terrible. John Taylor doesn't have the experience or does he have that aired average per season at the Taylor had either but but what I like about it. This is the John Route used to use college. Joker player that you can use it any hand as a running back To carry the rocker passed protecting catch passes and screens out of the backfield wheel. Route you can. You can play in the slot. He doesn't have a outside or you can teach him back and I just think these tremendous athlete has great hands and I think he's just had a lot of untapped potential and For as as much as Tom Brady like. Throw the ball to the running backs Getting Edward Player in round two and then Gibson in round Four would be dynamite. Because you have plenty of pass catchers for him and then you also have a guy that kind of pseudo wide receiver that can help fill that void from the shock. Ehrman in compete with the likes of Scotty Miller wanted to be the number three receiver for the buccaneers. Yeah I I'm really like and Gibson. I might even be willing to see him his name call on Day. Two for the buccaneer and you might be. You might be around. Pick despite the incredible lack of production. Yes you really wonder and really wouldn't even a feature guy at Yeah it's it's. He's super interesting. But every time like you said like get a lot of touches every time you touch the ball. Something really good happened. So round three took Damian Lewis into your offense of lime for Lsu round your second pick in round four defensive tackle Rashard Lawrence Lsu three guys now. Those are depth pieces. You know like something that that that a lot of fans are worried about a little kudos adjacent light for get to him later about building this team where you know early day. Four were were taken depth pieces in it. Not Not sort of depending on these. Excuse me day to For these guys to become starters I agree inferior offense of Linus Thin Interior Defensive Defense Alliance thin plus it's old. We need Jackson Youth in there quickly. but here's my question. We talked about safeties. But you know the cornerback like there's no depth there either. How come nobody nowhere anywhere is talking about a cornerback for the buccaneers? Because we're one twisted ankle away from Ryan Smith. Yeah and I'm with you on that And you mentioned Ryan Smith Ranches yet. Lost over M J Stewart warmer sector and team play in the League at it don't be economic the economic but having said that I I'm with you and and you're not just counting on those guys healthy but you're also on two guys. That were rookies last year. And you didn't even play entire rookie. Season and Sean Murphy bunching. You're counting on on on you know. None of those guys Having a sophomore slump and and I don't I don't think that character work ethic standpoint that there really subject to that anyways but but yeah there's some risk like you said you're one turn away from you know from whether it's Mandy Wilkins or Ryan Smith or Stewart. Whoever is not ideal and I think they even use Mike Edwards in the slot last year for a game. I can't remember which game or was it didn't end. Well turn out well. I think that was more just ever not being not being really ready for the NFL And maybe he doesn't have that position versatility. So maybe he can side. It's to gives you live coverage but yeah like if you're all in I mean Logan Ryan you know. There's some some veteran doubt there that I think would be surefire playmakers And I think I think they're rolling the dice. These arcnord call continue to ascend developed failty and if it works then at the master plan and Jason Light Right and the first time that one of those guys out this to- and has a bit of a sophomore slump or an injury. Then we're GONNA point the fingers J. Slide that while you had the opportunity to do something and did I could see. The buccaneers draft a quarterback on Th there there are some guys that they kind of fit with. They're looking to do and they did talk to some guys. The guys at the combine though I wouldn't rule it out but Same time you know I. I don't think listen from what I've heard again with Bruce. Arians you have to take him at face value because he didn't lie under three corners so he's talented. He's giving the answers to task. He's gotta fill it in. So that's why Democra- didn't have any cornerback. Didn't have any safety pick one. It will be a guy that was great value for great round and better than anybody else on the board. And they're trying to do that. You follow your board and at the end of the corner safety even better but if you don't you know they kind of gave me the hint. That wasn't in the cards this year. Yeah Yeah I'm with you Just it's it's I learned last year. I kept you know mocking certain positions. Like I think they have to take it into your off of Lyman Day. Two or they're crazy and then but every time I quit talking on the Pod I put like the microphone down and be like. Who's GONNA play cornerback for this team next year? Oh well and then I just would never address it. And then they go out and they draft all these. Dvd's Oh well. Yeah I guess. I should have listened to myself. They're your last two pasty. Got Nate Stanley. The quarterback via everyone listens your podcast. You've talked about him Quite a few times he'd been your boy I just what if you could for me? Give a quick comparison. Why you like him over my Guy James Morgan at a at a Fau. If name names working he might end up being the Guy Because he did have a good postseason he was He was on Michael Wells team at the Swish Ryan. So there's a connection here. They have some firsthand knowledge of him from that. And that very valuable experience to ask You know Sometimes we stick with the pick like we stuck with Devon White Board of our last four to five my job last year the only time. We didn't have them in. There was on clicks for my number three. Like in a deceptive. Way It's like I wanted to make sure that because there was talk at that time Initials right combine when he plays that supercross. Forty rivers legitimate. Talk that the raiders who need a linebacker quite taken before then. He wouldn't be there near new. Well then they probably would have got Josh Allen from Kentucky. That's why I put Josh Allen and they're it makes up a little bit and to just kinda covered the basis for fans and. Here's the thing. The reason why why we mix up some of the picks is Is Really Kinda. Cover the baseball. What our objective is these traps is not necessarily be right but Or even with the bucks best that but it's just educate fan these guys that we have strong feeling are on the radar and it doesn't mean that they're going to draft him we don't we. Don't mail every single books graphic Quite honestly our goal each year than one. 'cause you typically they're six or seven concert and being eight or so Some years we end up failing a couple and and that's great but but Our job is to Like you know. I don't necessarily want the bucks to draft Jordan Light. I just heard Gordon. Love quarterback coffee. I just know that he on the radar and I wanted to put it out there. Hey if this guy falls into the second round and I don't know that he's necessarily going to follow number forty five but if he does you know Bruce. Arians is my head coach and they. They are going to need a quarterback in the future. And you know. Do you WANNA address that position with another rookie in two years and Brady retires and have to start from scratch or would you like to have a Guy. Hawker for a couple of years getting that exposure to Tom Brady so again that that's why we Jordan has our best bet for the first First three rounds and he's read about it in the fat. Just put him on Trans radar just in case it happened then they understand why you're bucking here's may have made that move with Stanley From Iowa Just knowing kind of important fucking ears from quarterback perspective winning winning because ultimately the end of the day Deposition has as much to do with winning and losing his position. That's why the quarterback too much blame it gets too much credit but at the same time aside from the center. They're touching the ball every. Play off at that aboard there. The decision maker usually the face of the franchise and when you compare like with Jacob and did that Washington state and is regarded better prospect physical standpoint. He's got the draft high Petra. I don't think he's going to be a second round pick and he falls to third round and he's just not that good you know I'm not saying scaling. Great he's not he doesn't have a completion percentage sixty percent that's alarming but a lot of mechanics and a lot of it is just. He didn't have a great quarterbacks. Go to teaching the mechanics but you look at it and the guys in absolute winner as a sophomore he. He goes out and throws five touchdowns to beat Ohio state in a huge upset in his first year as a starter and then he has two first-round tight ends The next year and I think from seven wins and wins. Guess what he loses the tight end. You're both in the first round last year I can name. I can't name any players that Iowa I just I don't know I I don't know who they are. I don't know if they've been apple prospects. They don't have a thousand rupture receiver. It's just a bunch of guys and yet I will went ten three with me daily. And he won all troopers. Bogeying one here in Tampa should be state. So those things are looking for quarterback. You're looking for the the the intangibles it factor. The you know the winning aspect of it guys Brady. Methane is is is a caliber talent. I don't even know if you make sure that the roster but what he did. It was pretty impressive. Given the fact he didn't have a lot of work with and one of the guys. Is it kind of sticks in my memory is when j color is at Vanderbilt and he had nobody Detroit or Baltimore yet? He was widely regarded because he put the team on his back and was a bit of a one man. Gang and I saw that for grown up in Kansas City playing a guy by the John Elway who didn't have a cast of characters to work with so rod. Smith Intro Davis came along that he would just take the broncos to a couple of super bowls they would lose but I mean he just didn't have anybody throat you but it was John Elway. It was a one man. Gang SO NATE. Stanley's John Our check. Got It all right. I guess I'm going to move on from the draft again. I talked a little bit about. I told people about yet. Darnell Mooney. I was GONNA have you go over some day? Three wide receivers but You've been giving us a lot of time so I KINDA WANNA speed this in your ears. Whatever whichever wide receiver get if they're going to draft six get like talent draft is over. You're going to get a probably a six round talent as an undrafted free agent. So it's it's really good year. Kinda skip sticking wide receiver or you can take one day three and you're probably GonNa get a guy that is borderline day three it just incredibly deep when the buccaneers speed. I mean th. That's you know you look at what areas had to work with the guy t drafted John Brown Jj Nelson speed-merchants Jason Draft Adjusting Wotton. Who at his is is very fast. runs there were four And then of course Scotty Miller last year signed a Sean Jackson. They like speed. You look for doesn't have to be big Guy but You know and you had to protect them faster cheaper. You need to replace that on your roster Scott Miller might end up being the number three then. Scotty Miller has owes a hamstring. Then where's your speed? And is it just Watson? You want to replenish that speed. You WanNa stay fast. Because you're talk you guys are bad enough to get yards after the catch and makes the field but they're not absolute donors. That can take the top box. That's what they're looking for is the fourth retype. Guidon and And that's why moonies in there. I think he runs a four three eight other. Gosh Watkins from southern There's a lot of debris receivers full this rumor won't Die Scott. Oj Howard There's rumblings that the reason he had such a down year wasn't really targeted. A lot was because he had a real trouble picking up the offense. He kinda like Arrojo Rojas rookie year. Where he just didn't get it Is knowing what you know about that and then if you go back and go through your Rolodex Memories? Nba quotes and very early on. He said if you're stupid you can't play for me not Condo Jay Howard stupid. But he had a whole year to get this offense down. It didn't seem to click. Is that the reason. Oj Howard is out. There is there. Is there truth this You Know I. I'm going to say that there is some degree through to it. I'm not sure that Jason Light is going to pull the trigger. Want to pull the trigger but yeah sure. He shopped Distasi with value. We have On the Detroit market and I think the thing is if you're going to see. Oj Howard traded is not going to be working to give you Jay Howard. You're going to give us a draft. It's going to be. Hey Jacksonville we want to cook the number nine grow a cackle. Fourteen and OJ. Howard would be used as a chip and a trade rather than just a we. WanNa get rid of this guy and just give us a dry foreman cutting thing to agree. But what I'm saying is I don't know if you're trying to add load him. I think that that if they were to trade OJ it would be helped maneuver on draft. They either either to trade up in the first round or to go to a team that maybe the bottom part of the first half Or should the bottom half the first round? Let's say let's say you come away with an offense. That was the draft Josh downs of fourteen. Which would probably be pissed off. You know a good deal of buccaneer fan look day. You're you're not confident that five Edward Solaire or Jonathan Taylor. One of the two either twenty five tomato. Yuban if you WANNA take your second round pick and Oj Howard move up to the late twenty and grab a one of the top running back there rather than have to cross your fingers and hope and pray that he falls on graphic And then of course the benefit to and I could really see this happening is more comic. I thought was was actually pretty wise. Move up in the second round to get Doug Martin At a boise state when he did because I think he got him at pick thirty one or thirty two years of that at the end of the first round. And what you do is when you do that you have been to. Players to trump picks that have fit your option right and again hindsight's twenty twenty. Jason Light should have just done the fifth year option for Dr Martin. Given you know what was known behind the scenes about his is Substance Abuse Problems but But yeah it's You know there's there's a real advantage trading up that just get player. But also you're getting a guy that if you think if you think of Bringing back with Ric flair or Jonathan Taylor who they really like Wisconsin. One of those guys franchise caliber back. Then you're going to play on on a essentially a rookie deal for four years and then a much less than a fifth year option And and I've I've advocated for this before to never pay a running back. Just don't do it. Don't pay running back. Jonathan Martin is long. General manager should draft running back every year stupid seahawks. It works the SEOK. Seven ground game every year. In addition cook for thousand or quarterback Russell Wilson better balanced often and they will draft one or two running back every year they have a stable guys drafted a guy like in the first round any guy like Carson of course Carson seventh-round doesn't matter where you draft them stockpile in that way when Rojas contract comes up later he's the calmest guy guy who stays at eight eight hundred level. You just move on and then you have another guy in the hopper the draft other guy. That's the way to do it running back in the NFL. It's not anymore plenty valuable in. Christian. Mccaffrey Ezekiel Elliott Barley. There's plenty of Pailin running back It's just that if you're gonNA give a guy a second contract McCaffrey has got one. He better be absolute special player. And Ezekiel Elliott. He's a special player but can't give any running back at second contract so don't back yourself in the corner like Jason with back down to the corner in the off season. Two Thousand Fifteen where he had to make that call because there wasn't anybody else on on the Rock Stock. Prov the running back position draft one of the first round. If you want I don't care Graph one you know in the fifth round two fine but don't pay the running back with his road joe or whether at the end of the fifth year option starting running back dragged ric flair Paler. Don't let him walk. Yeah I'm with you. I think that's really the kind of the smart way to do it in today's NFL Because we have seen these contracts bad like you know girlie just got let go And this is something I wanted to kind of segues into what I wanNA talk about Jason Light and and sort of get your opinion on this And you Mike Greenberg in here to do those two together get enough credit for keeping the buccaneers in a very healthy salary cap with team friendly contracts. No dead money because you look at the at the rams and they go because they can't afford to pay them. I mean you know. The panthers like a hand flushed and a handful years ago. Draft Three cornerbacks. They're all gone out. They couldn't play bad berry. They had like you. Don't see that with Tampa like data because they can't Pam Grit observation in Outpa- When you're looking at Jason Light best newsletter. He had plenty of of swings and misses right. I mean we can go down from Chris. Baker to Roberto Aguayo Burn Hargrave who whole show on his hip and Mrs Probably Fifty Fifty and not too far away from the general manager's with you think about the number of free agents that are signed in the number of draft picks that are made. And everyone's ahead. It's just it's just how it is but I wanted his best moves and you can look at whether China's signing check their trading for Jason Pierre. Paul Drafting Mike. Evan I mean keepers. Friedberg is up there. I mean keeping Greenberg is up there by. Greenberg was hurt by mark and he was one of the Lord. Holdovers end up staying in the regime change and In Greenberg is not gonNA credit. He is the lead contract negotiator. He is a good negotiator. He's got a ton of respect and the agent unity. He's very easy and great to work with but he's very stubborn. He has a line. And you won't cross it. We saw that with Alexander. Out of Humphries and and and you're right. He kept bucks at a salary cap. I think a lot of the younger fans you know You know I think we're probably commerce but a lot of younger fan. Don't realize the salary cap held at rich McKay 'cause amen and and it really caused Some some anx And Bruce Alan. You know it helped a little bit. But he did his own mistakes. Kinda compound some of those mistakes as well but But Yeah I think Mike Greenberg has done a phenomenal job and In a truly genius of teams giving clear signing bonuses signing burn rookies because it. We're not talking about a bunch of money and that with a rookie cool anymore. But when you're talking about the big deal the Donovan Smith heels the alley more pet The the Mike Evans Chris House Dick Recovering. He's next Cameron break the Ryan. Jensen is bigger contracts. I two years guaranteed and then after that usually the guaranteed money has gone and And and so. And here's the genius part of the guys if you want if you want a draft If you want to sign a free agent rate guess what he's GonNa play right away right you're GonNa you're GonNa Count on him for that year. Npr's the bus like Chris. Baker was or even you know to a degree to Sean Jackson Then you only have to swallow that that that cap money for one year Rather than have created signing bonus. That's been accelerates a five hundred year with somebody just do the quick simple map the ten million dollar signing bonus sworn in. Let's say it was like like a luke arrest. I should say Josh mccown. And Andy Collins of Michael Johnson. Those guys were big kindness. Say You signed Like Johnson and you get a ten million dollar signing bonus if you did it that way you wanna cut him after one year. Well that's that's That ten million dollars is two million dollars per rated over five years. So you've already essentially taken up two million dollars of that so you're going to have eight million dollars accelerate and hit the salary cap that next year and and that's really what gets in trouble and And grain purchases canal job of of just structuring deals. To where they don't they out dining bonus money they'll give they'll kind of front-load the deals typically the players are happy because that first year guaranteed signed on but it just promote the tap structuring. Way Your team at a dead cap money if something goes wrong but Scott doesn't that also isn't that also giving the buccaneers option for like last year. We saw them restructure Mike Evans contract like what two or three different times. That gives them the ability to do that. Should they come up on a? I need a couple of million dollars like right now like they have that flexibility with all these players to now be able to do that where they have already built that into their contract right. You're right and and I think too is listening to cash in perspective coca. Some teams wanted to have That are really up against the cap and again to kind of use this process. You have to start from a really good and ever since Greenberg's been been in the CAP Business in charge of Tampa Bay salary cap He's kept the bucks in a very good spot. What I mean by that is is Got Lasers that really. Don't WanNa throw a twenty five million dollar signing off. God what is that? You had to write a check for twenty five million dollars okay but if you guarantee the first two years right it might add up. Twenty five million might be fifteen million. I tend the next right. And so they're getting the contract revenue merchandise reverent the ticket revenue to spend that money at one shot. And and so. Yeah what that does is. It also helps The fact that the buccaneers have high salaries as a result. So yeah you'll see Evans have maybe twenty million dollars one year. Thirteen million the next in terms of his salary and having news high base salary figures. Help free up some money Because then what you do is you convert some of that into A roster bonus You get them part of that money right there and then but it's still not a huge payday that a signing bonus check is and you know and the bucks aren't afraid to pay The big money the first couple years again because they're expecting the player to come in make an impact and And earn that money right away where you don't WanNa do the backloaded deal Because the players are GonNa shy away from signing with you gotta wait for their money And and then what happens then after a player has performed for a couple of years. And let's say he's on your three and all of a sudden. The price goes down and he's damn good performing player. We're going to bargain for you. If you're the by so Greenberg screamer exist salary cap wizards. That's what I call them my five years. He's a wizard jobs. This is the last one for me and I want to go ahead and thank you now. branch could have one to finish it off. He's been holding. Its A doozy. I don't know what it is but I wanNA thank you for giving you a in giving us all this time and going over your draft and an again doing this for us all right. Here's mine after the draft to go somewhat you know at least position groups close to what you have there. No huge surprises. Let's say like no safety or no. Cornerback is signed or drafted. What's the one big free agent name that you think Jason Light Mike. Bring in or position to sort of shore up That roster well I think that if they draft one running back I think they might going draft one Then you got that rookie paired with with Ronald yards friend and you might see at that point time. Devante Freeman Chris. Pops a Carlos Hyde time with the buck as veteran to come and join the mix and compete for a roster spot and and. I don't think it's a bad thing. I think the game but I think that you'd probably upgrade talent there. And whether it's through the draft or whether it's through the veteran free agent when I think that that you know giving Tom Brady running back who's been there and done. That might be helpful. And I think drafts those veterans that I don't have a lot of leverage so you can find one there pretty cheaply in a one year deal and those all three of his. Catch the ball. That's important for Bruce Arians. He wants to running back so I think that's physician that you might be keeping my we saw hundred guy. Nearly the is effective has the Carlos Hyde or devante Freeman but It was a veteran in the mix along with eight barber along with with Ronald Jones to compete for running back. Though at the position I can see them. Go after veteran and And you know what if if the only traffic what they need to do that. Because I think that You know you're one. You're one injury away. Let's say Roggio you know the euro's dangle when you got your your graphic and just because you draft a running back in the second round where we saw rental gallon. There's no such thing as well sure thing and Never shot pending. Been at this appointment as a first round. Pick in Seattle just because you got to purchase around Disney. Come into play right away. The last thing you want is for Roggio to be the guy and then he gets hurt. Better Roggio in your hands with with Solaire Dobbins with Taylor. Whoever it is can't makers You know that's not good. I think shoring up the running back position and key a written about that or Tom Brady and how he really needs running game. The Patriots running game is really really solid for almost every year. That you've quarterback solid I mean like a top ten running game though that one time radio sheet forty to be effective. You better give running game than she didn't give James. What's fair enough fair enough? Well Scott I do have one more question. We're going get you out of here. It might not be as much of a doozy is run was just saying but here's the things but but here's what. I get ready for a little bit of brown-nosing Scott. You have historically been accurate in your picks for the draft. I very clearly remembered the the year with a couple years ago you started in January saying. Don't be surprised. Don't be surprised. Don't be surprised if you know. You're kind of on that. Same track with Devon White last year which I think a lot of people were you definitely. Were heading Devon White I cut so much crap. Crap or having Devon White In the first macher apple middle of January. Because everyone thank the thing. You don't drop off the ball. Linebacker is is in the top five. You just don't do and and I I knew January. That was going to be the guy what every year but I knew at number five. That was like look at that. And and and that's where I'm going right now because you have Jason Lights phone number you've been around this you've been around this Organization for for Damn near thirty years. You tend to note. You've had Josh Jones and offensive. Tackle right tackle. Which by the way people are saying? I've heard it all off season long. You don't draft right tackle in the first round. But he's been he's been your guy for four of your mock drafts Josh Jones. I'm GonNa hold your feet to the fire hair. Scott Hamilton. Hawn is he the guy they're selecting? Well you know. What can you tell us? It is not a I'm not asking. Who Do you think it might be on Scott Clewiston? Br break it right here on the -puter cast who who is this. I think they're going for MCI. Becton is there. I think all four tackles at the number of that but that he's offenses tackles and I think they cut the New drafting fourteen year to the other thirteen thirteen added a lot harder to make those predictions when you're at fourteen than it is right now. Here's the thing we had. Oj Howard as As our first round pick and our mock draft in two thousand seventeen coming back with senior bowl and everybody we caught much shit rat to like the buck. Cambric Jeff Tight. I'm Mike well you shouldn't seen cutter adjacent yards droppable senior bowl when they were watching OJ Howard dominate and again sometimes these sometimes the answer's plain sight. Dirk Koetter said we're looking for a tight and do people run and you're a catch and And that was. Oj Our Now we didn't have them in our fourth and fifth mock draft who why because actually ran into faster the Mike Evans did the NFL scouting. He didn't think he was going to be there. If you actually go back to the draft JAS lightning will be there. You'RE GONNA be the only person you thought he was going to be. There was Mike Greenberg Greenberg actually said after he left a couple of spots is still in the top ten Greenberg was the guy and the draft with bojars going to be no. He's he's GonNa be you either using a go The pickle for which I think the best pick nineteen year eighteen with Tennessee. Tennessee was either going to pick a door Jackson or our and whoever whoever was not picked the bucks or a door Jackson or our when they story it was it was an easy matter of fact we hit publish on our story before the pick was was actually published personal income. I prefer We were actually on the live after recruitment line and the Jackie O. J. Howard the minute that that was announced ill announced it was to reject said he'd publish DOJ. How're you drop and and Some of that Intel instinct is kind of The only reason why we're we're saying gesture is I. I can see a path or one of the four tackles there. I can also see a path where none of the Papua tackles you there and so. I'm playing the little safe and I say that I think all four tackles will be gone and and I think that that that that's the case when I think Joneses is the guy as the fifth tackle. I think the one guy that could slide is Andrew. Thomas I think Thomas Over junction. We'll have to see that happening. IS GONNA FALL. But boy he did they would be happy. And I think they're gonNA trade up and get a tackle it would be. That would be the guy that Jason will go through a lot out there for you But again fourteen. You can have gore-kemp you. I think there's a chance for tackles are gone. We played a date. We said Josh off working all right Scott. Excellent as always my friend and you are always always so very very generous with your time and we really appreciate you coming on. Tonight will appreciate it. That was Scott Reynolds Pew report DOT COM GUYS. Definitely make sure you go over there. Check out everything. They have gone on them to report. That is I think the only place to actually get a hold of Scott on the on twitter and social media s there there as well to our friend Craig in Vegas has often also but rent. I mean Scott. Just good night that man wealth of knowledge and I said I said it before as we were leaving so generous with his time when he comes on with us but I mean what? Did you think that what stood out to you from our talk? There was Scott. Nate Sanley quarterback from Ireland. Is John Elway? Because here's what I got out of. It was MCI. Becton is Quinton Nelson of two thousand twenty now. Both those statements are wrong very very wrong very very wrong. You know it just. It was just everything you know. It's I he almost was in lockstep with me about the safety position. You know and you know I'm GonNa go ahead and throw my thoughts out here and it's GonNa sort echo a lot of things got said like like none of the safeties are tier one safeties. I get it you know the Best Free Safety. Strong cover one sideline. Silang guy we have on. The team is Justin Evans. And there's a very good possibility that he may not ever play GonNa go. The way of kindle beckwith could be could be you know at sets it seems to be leaning closer to that then then playing so I get it but threes in the team went seven and nine was not because of the safety position and I understand wanting have tier one players everywhere else. But it's not like I said would Scott was on. It's not the best position as far as you know top. The bottom minute is the deepest like they could take three season ending injuries for what they have on the team right now and still have two guys that are that are that have started and you know their names. You know as long as one of those injuries of Courses Dixon I watch Dixon. He only had a handful of practices. Like really like when it started to get serious with the pads on the only had like two or three packages so I really wasn't sure what he was doing. Was He playing free safety? Was He playing more down in the box? All I know at that point was you really started to pay attention to you. Started to see him out there like it started out. He's out there with the threes and fours and then the next phase out there with the twos and threes and then and then eventually he was getting some reps with the ones and it's and he would. He would pop splash play. We'd like to say in training camp and then you know the next day. It was hurting. We never heard from again. So look I get about upgrading position. I just think that there are other needs everywhere which we discussed about like there's no interior off of line depth. There's no interior defensive line depth. There's really no edge. You know like Pierre Paul or twisted ankle. Guess who's your starting Edge Anthony Nelson. Now we need guys behind there to do it. I just think it's more more of a of a need and safety and then last but not least B. A. N. Jason Light have said that we like our safety group. That's just that was yeah. Yeah it's it. They can't say we're not going to draft a safety because if delpech stare in the third round Sure they could possibly draft him or some other safety that they have higher than the board. Is there the fifth? Yeah they might draft that guy but they're not they don't think it's the position of need so I just don't think it's coming. I don't think it's going to be there. The the two things that I got out of our conversation with Scott which by the way I have actually been saying that safety to me feels like one of the top needs on on the team like people ask me like. What do you think the needs are so we'll often tackles going to be one? Maybe some depth along the offensive line running backs a spot and then I'd like to see something maybe in the secondary with the safety position because none of those guys stand out to me right like Jordan white have great love Jordan Whitehead. Mike Edwards certainly didn't have a jump. Start Your Andrew Adams. I love what he said about. Andrew Adams the second of the states. It's it sounded really close to be as quote that he says. I'll put up with the until I can replace you where he said He said Andrew Adams is the guy you want. You want to replace but if you got to put up with them. He's the guy you want to put up with. Yeah I love that. I love that about Andrew Adam so but still I would. That's kind of where I've ranked it as safety sort of been third on my personal list. But I get your argument. I really do understand your point And it kind of blew mine the other day when I saw you sound twitter like safeties the deepest room on the whole team and I was like really and everyone freaks out on me. And it's like it is it is it's not the best. It's the deepest. Okay Fair Enough. Fair enough it is. I'm sorry I don't know what to tell you right but I do. I do like the idea you know this is the I want to say the fourth or fifth time that I have heard over the last two weeks the name Kota Dixon continue being brought up yet. Again I'm talking about how high they are on him. You just got injured in training camp and waylaid as season. They red-shirted him. I think affected. Is that what they did? You think they just sort of. He got injuring the said. Hey let's read church a for a year I think so like I don't know how bad the shoulder injury was right and how long it was going to take. And if they want to put him I are and maybe be a person to bring back later but being an undrafted free agent I think decision was just made and this is my opinion. Speculation decision was made like yeah. Let's just give you a redshirt year. You know like like the first day he was out there. He was like a coach Man. He had the laminated drills in his pants. And he was on there helping and point in. And you you even. When he wasn't dressed right notice them you know like he's he gets it and I I think you know I don't know what his ability is. But as far as the intangibles I I and I think another reason they realize as far as intangible I think he's rock-solid yeah and that's the difference between a guy who gets placed on our versus a person who gets waved with medical summit or something like that And then he also said this about Justin Evans said Justin Evans caused a lot of frustration at one buccaneer place and what I what I went back and forth in my head with that was is it just. The situation has been frustrating or he has actually been like the people in one buck are frustrated with him like those are two different things like being frustrated by the situation and being frustrated by the player and I couldn't. I didn't know which one he was going to talk to You. And we'd moved on from that conversation by the time but you know are you. I think I saw you say earlier on twitter this week that you're kind of counting Justin Evans's back and you're counting him in that room whereas I think like for myself and maybe a lot of other bugs fans out there. I'm just Kinda like if he comes back fun but I'm not counting on him at all until I actually see him in pads on. The bill passed both those affair. I'm not going to sit here and said that Justin Evans is coming back. One hundred percent you know like I'm ca- but I mean he's on the team and when you go over the safety room he's part of it so you know if they didn't think he could make a comeback he wouldn't be there and I think I thought Scott sort of playing at the end of that Justin Evans Talk. Was that him delaying. His surgery. Wanted to heal naturally sort of frustrated. The team Because when he let it heal naturally got to the point where he could actually get there. Get out some pads. It didn't work out. And then he had surgery the bucks for like well if you would have had this like back in training camp. We'd have you by now. You'd be on the field so and then we wouldn't have him. We probably wouldn't be having this conversation about bucks eating safety strap okay with that. But yeah those were the safety positions You know of course he echoed Scott echoed. Very much. What we've been saying the entire time about this being a really deep wide receiver class Draft people late. It's like you're getting an earlier draft. Pick if you wait too. That I've seen a few mock drafts online. By some of our fellow fans that still have a wide receiver and as our first pick and makes me laugh. Every time you do and if you're somebody WHO's put out a mock draft that has a wide receiver pick. I laughed at you honestly. I probably would have done that the same. I probably would have done that at some point to on a on a draft. Pick if I had not a terrible idea because we do know that like J. Like will rank players that if he's there or not trading back you know what I mean right if that guys there we're GonNa take that's what happened with Oj. Howard that's what he said after the Oj. Howard pick you know he was there? Nineteen we had. We had him on board as if he's air we're taking. We're not moving us. One of those guys do. The buccaneers have the receivers. You know I don't know but what's got talked about earlier. Is like each team grades aboard differently like they might not even have any receivers with around one great right because they're not going to take any receivers around one because they'd rather either go defensive. Tackle edge offense tackle like running back like those all might be needs to them and center the wide receiver with it being so it'd be fun. Yeah and that'd be fun to have Jerry Judy on the team. But it's but you know. Now you're you're you're seven tackles might go in the first round so now you gotta use draft. Capitola move up or you wait in getting like the eighth best tackle in the draft instead of like the fifth at the worst or maybe the fourth. I really think breaking news. I think one of the top four is GONNA fall down. Because I think quarterbacks are going before us I think two cornerbacks are going to go before us to and I think the giants are taken. Isaiah Simmons and not on offensive tackle. And that's going to push one of those guys down to us in push him down your and he said it would. If if that's the case it'll probably be the Andrew Thomas name that's I love. I love what you're talking about Iran in in I love that conversation. Scott Kinda got into it of where he said the the bucks and he wasn't just talking but he's actually speaking the entirety of like the NFL teams. They they rank pools of players. Not just players. And I've been saying for a few years ago that it's this weird. Amalgam of team need and best player available that mixes altogether and that's who you're draft pick ones that being. I mean this kind of sheds I think a little more light on. It's probably a little more accurate than what we've been saying but but I love that idea. So you're right. It's you know it's like what was the example. He used Kansas City where they have pat mahomes. They're not ranking Joe Borough in their first-round. Yeah Yeah Joe burs Aaron. I ran. We're GONNA take him. No you're not exactly so with the bucks only a few positions really that you can think about that like it's off ball linebacker you know and that's about it because I could see possibly taking a wide receiver but you know running back tackle defensive interior edge corner. You know safety. Even those are those are things that I think are above it. So it's but I really think it's nice that you know with Scott's mock day three in the third round that this roster is to the point where already drafting for depth. Yeah yeah he's been the thing that I have consistently said to people as they've asked me is look we've got a handful of needs to maybe three and once we get past that were drafting for depth across the board and a great plot to be you know for anything and a healthy salary cap. I love it I love it. One more thing that I that I picked out of this whole conversation to the whole. Talk about O J. Howard I thought was great in the concept of. We're not looking to dump him. We're not just looking to get rid of two. We're not looking to get rid of him. And just get something for him instead of letting him walk actually potentially thinking about using him as trade bait as as capital in the draft to move one way or the other. The only question that I have about that is one of the things we hear about Tom. Brady is how much he likes to use. His tight ends right right. Well okay. Great we've got Cambrian still on the roster. We've got a couple of guys behind him. But I mean you know. Oj Howard didn't get stupid. Forget how to play football. I don't know what the hell happened last year. I really don't buy. It's you know I've got to believe that. There's some value because you guys talked about Scott talked about seeing OJ Howard at the senior bowl or something of that nature. Yeah I think it was the senior bowl like everybody was just giddy watching. This guy can do. I remember going into last season talking about all. Oj Howard this Oj. Howard that and he just. You know failed to live up to anybody's expectations last year. But I'm not ready to just write them off and say let's send him off you know. Let's send him off like I. I personally like to still see him around. I think I would too but you know what I give Howard to go. Get a top four tackle. Yeah would you. Yeah but I would. I gave up a OJ. Howard like with Scott talked about. Would you give him up to go? Get a top five tackle. Do you agree with Scott that that it's a pool of five not a pool of four. Have to get a top five tackle. I just said I don't think you're asked him to get a top four true. They have like if they want wills out of Alabama and they package Joey Howard go and get them. I'm not gonNA fault them right but I've liked that. Oj Howard. Yeah but I really liked. They got their guy that when you got there tackle you know. Would I be upset if they went back up in the bottom of the first round to go get their running back? They wanted beef. Swift or or Taylor or whoever you know I wouldn't would. I be upset that they went back up in the second to get somebody. Maybe maybe I would because then then because the needs already taken from me. I'm thanking tackles. Already running back already there. Who else are you gonNA move up for me? I would like to I would love to keep. Oj harbor remember this I. I've said this before Tom Brady was even a thought about you. Know come into the buccaneers was Tom. Brady's been been winning super bowls with thrown three guys every year. Gronk whoever the wide receiver is and the guy or the backfield. That's the offense. That's the passing offense and it has been forever will now. He's Got Godwin he's Got Evans. He's got great he's got roggio. You've got some other back with their graft ninety nine nine nine point nine nine nine percent. They're going to draft. You know and then you got billers a speed guy so there's enough weapons without Oj Howard there for like they're not GonNa have problems scoring points that is Tom Brady. Wanted to come to Tampa Bay. Yeah they're not. They're not going to have a problem. Moving the ball. So yes I would like. Oj Howard to to stay become gronk and you know and and stay healthy and show everybody you know and adds a fan like you know. Yes that nineteenth. There's the there's the production we've been waiting for the OJ. Howard is the first tight end off the board scores like you know if he was a wide receiver being the top. Ten fantasy points. You know like I would yes. I would love to have that to be able to fill like those two holes and win now at go for it now and you have you know if you have to sacrifice. Oj Howard okay. Because let's let's let's really look at it you know what O J. Howard has been since he's been he's been the floor. Talk about draft picks floor and ceiling. Yep Yep it has a very high four but he's only been the floor because his rookie year. He wasn't selling every through the six games in now earring. What I'm hearing now. Maybe took them a while to catch onto the offense Danny started making place got hurt. Second Year came in. Kinda was rolling along doing doing great Luthan. Have a great year got hurt last year. I don't know like everything bounce off. His hands was because he didn't know of us in the right place or not you know was he thinking too much about what route he was running or making sure he was turning left is supposed to be turning right in any turnaround. The ball surprise me that pop in the air and you know and and you know back candidates to some defender like was that it and then he and then he got hurt. I mean he's been hurt every year. We've had him. So it's you're really not losing a lot getting Renaud Jay Howard or using the tray like you said it's just potential and I think you Kinda You nailed down for me on that of what would you rather have? Oj Howard for another year or two or you know if it's GonNa help you go win the Super Bowl to do now. Well I'M GONNA take the Super Bowl and thanks for thanks for your service. Oj Howard but we'll we'll go get role instead a chance to win Yoji Howard or the tackle. You want a better chance to win. Oj Howard or the running back you want and make no mistake about it. The bucks are very much in a win. Now go for the Gold Year. They absolutely are and will be very long time. Because I think the roster's finally there I love it I love it I love it I love it will run. You know I kinda through this office as an offensive comment earlier but I do want to talk about the idea. That MCI Becton is what I'm comparing him to the Clinton Nelson of the two thousand twenty draft. He's the guy that they want right. This was acquitted. Nelson was the year that we got vida right. Yeah and they were saying. Don't be surprised via don't be spread Savita. But they really wanted Clinton and you know he's probably not going to be there but if he is that's the guy but otherwise you know Josh Jones I think is what Scott said Is who he keeps talking about. But you say you think it's going to be one of the other guys. Perhaps Andrew Thomas Standard Thomas will. I've seen mock drafts for all of them. All the four were there except for worse. I've never seen worse fall. That far right The Guy Out of Iowa but I've seen you know Jack Wills be there. I've seen MCI BECK and be there. I've I've seen What is it Tom what you say his name is? Tom Always forget the. I always forget the Georgia Andrew. Thomas Thank you I see him slams third of the United States but I do think this draft is going to go way different than all. These mocks have been in front of us like. I think there's going to be player. Scott lose a little bit. People are drafting up and getting grabbing is. I think that's going to happen. Probably more after our pick if we stay fourteen. But I think there's GonNa be some pro surprises like I said above us at fourteen. That's going to push one of those guys down. I just think it's what's going to happen fair enough fair enough all right rent. I mean that's going to do it for us. I think for today's episode here of the cast once again. Thanks big. Thanks out to Scott Reynolds over there. Peter Report Dot Com. Go check out everything. He has in the the final mock draft that wren was referencing. All through our talk with Scott is their latest Fab five which is up there right now. You guys make sure you go check that out as well. I believe it was the fat five out that yes. I'm completely wrong about what I just said to their website. It's like the first article that appeared until they're put up another one with that ran I'll give you a chance if you have any final thoughts that I cut you off on her. You WanNa hit otherwise. Tell the folks up there where they can find on the Internet fest place to find me on twitter at Aria and underscore the x t do not commute anymore. Safety Talk. They'll draft day. And if you guys want to get in touch with me you can find me at Brent Allen. Live across all the social media's and you can follow the show attribute or cast on twitter and facebook emails. Send US some emails. We will read those on a future episode as well. At least we think we will but you could drive the podcast at g mail DOT COM and a reminder as ren just said if you want to talk about safety with random can find him underscored taxed. You're the worst you me read all right. Let's get out of here. That's what I do it for is is. He wasn't coming up real soon. We'll talk to you guys on the backside go bucks.

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