Source and Sink Red Field Blend 2018


Eight people I better dot com. We've got had another. Why not review for a wine we wrote up on the cheap wine finder dot com website? And something a little bit different for us Explain that in a minute of the name of it is the source and Sink Red Field Blend Twenty eight eighteen. And there's some and things in there that I might have to explain a little bit and it's a small production win them fairly certain the website didn't and say one thing or the other The winemakers the put together source sink our to Chicago guys. They met in the in the fall of twenty seventeen seventeen during harvest and they decided to do their own thing. So I imagine the two thousand eighteen Wine is the first wine by them. And and it's kind of interesting because near smog. As you start now and you'd be surprised. Fifty percent of all the wine the wine companies. LP's wineries in California don't own their own production facility and don't own their own vineyards. There's a lot of people out there looking to buy grapes and to rent space into or maybe Abbas small garage somewhere where they can do some things. I have some equipment or whatever and it's there's a a lot of interesting oddball unique crazy cool winds out there and That's kind of what we got going here here. Now this is available in Chicago At a store called Bennys a few others. I notice because these are to your co guys. And they're where they're getting their wines. Here I guess people know him and they put it in the store I put a linked Benny's one of the largest Wine retains Of Not Ryan changed the liquor store chains in the country and they do sell it in their Chicago to and You might have have problems finding it where you're at because normally speaking when we write about a wine we try to make sure that it is widely distributed is not too much use in talking about a wine. You can't find you know it's like are you helping anybody. Are you teasing them. Like what's what's going on and here if you can find this one good Because it's kind of fun it's It's sixty five percent petites Ryan. I think it was twenty five percent Alicante Boucher and and the last whatever was left of that as carry on and so it's interesting Blend and it's also a field blend which I'm going to explain what that is back in the day when farmers were just planning grapes. Because that's what they did because they also had they also had walnut trees over there and they grew through this over here and they all they use their land and make money. That wasn't as big a deal in California today and they would plant a grapes in in a section and see which ones worked and they would pull out. The ones didn't work leave the ones in and they would At some point they would harvest them to try to get. Everything is ripe as possible. Because you don't want something to ripen something that ripen nothing you trikes. Thanks split the difference with them and you would crush together and you would blend together and that was called a field blend. And that's what this is Don't see see a lot of fuel blends anymore because they do vary from year to year some year. Everything is perfect. Everything has just in the right a state of rightness. They both go together. Different yields every year. Sometimes you get too much of this not enough of that you know every the years ears that are great. They're really great the years it's not you can have wine. That might not be as good. There might be a fall off in quality and that doesn't really work anymore If you notice that wines don't really in California and pretty much anywhere else don't change that much from vintage to vintage they just don't You know it's just it's one of those things that they managed to kind of make everything work every year. Yeah I mean they they tell you it's a bad vintage owed and work this here Blah Blah Blah. It takes us here before. I'm GONNA take a sip of this. This is a different one if you're used if you're are getting tired of the same old blends every using the nowadays. There is a lot of Different grapes bring us not as monochrome as it used to a b but Petite Sarah Boucher ion is not your typical blends. I don't take us up. It's both lean and sleek and full of flavor and it's got It's Chewy it's got ripe flavors gets by this little little savory it's got smoke it's kept it's just an interesting wind drinking the Tannin's our our sweet. It's it's really kind of a cool wine. It's it attach. Is that the tax your palate. Taste it all over not a simple wine. There's a decent amount of complexity go went on. It's a cool little wine. It lists twenty eight dollars. I found it on sale for fifteen or sixteen dollars. And that's kind of what this is all about normally speaking we we do winds under twenty dollars all the time and most of the time we talk about like I said they are available if not everywhere most places and because distribution. This country's weird you. Can't you know what what is very popular in one country. You might not be able to find another but this isn't necessarily about this one wanting because I think it's already sold out on the website and I put a link on the on the cheap wine finder dot com review. I put a link to their website because they have other winds to and they're still available and it's a cool. You know. They they do. They don't do a lot of Of wine production do as little as possible they try to let the vineyards and you do the talking which is not something you get with an expensive wines usually. It's the winemaker doing the talking. And it's not because you get really enjoyable wines at a really really cheap price doing it the other way as a little bit more difficult you need really good selection in the vineyards you have to be really spot on when you're winding making techniques because we don't get it right you don't get a second chance but there are these winds out there from these smaller people who own the small producers who are trying to do something cool her now the one of the one of the wines they did came from a vineyard that was a small vineyards awesome guy had kind of a hobby State and the deer came in eight eight grapes and they came through and clean everything up and use a further Rosa. I mean and who gets to drink wine from a place where deer ate everything and other ones from just a handful of vines from old school winery. From Four Prohibition Commission that urban sprawl has has eaten up. There's not much left but once there is these old vines that are you know kind of forgotten. These guys is kind of found it and they're making wines and they're not the only ones that mean there's other people doing cool things with grapes to and these wines are not like one hundred and fifty bucks. They're you know they they're charging twenty eight for this and I found it on sale for less than that a lot less than that and often the the the price you see on a website is high because they don't want to undercut the wine stores were. They want the wind stores wiser. They're going to push the lines for them so they don't want to get in direct competition so List prices are not always Something you should be looking at. But that's what this is. This is a cool weird blend and you don't get Petite Surra Alicante Bouchette Getty California's Sonoma winds at often. You don't get from some out of the way almost forgotten vineyard. These are commercial. Vineyards that are pumping out Grapes and Wines. And these are two guys. Are Bob both have other jobs. I thank thank your and they're making wine the way they want to make it and they're not unique out there. If you go to stores you're gonNA find those if you do a little research at at sixteen bucks. US wine is crazy good. I mean It might sound weird but sometimes the more expensive wine is the less they do. The winemakers due to the line. I mean what they do might be more expensive and more detailed but they. You don't usually do a whole bunch to the lines when they're making really expert the vineyards do the talking. The lower end wines the winemakers do the talking. The grapes are still good but they're making it the way they want it to be in here. These winds are the way the vineyard decided they are. And that's kind of a cool thing and it's still in the price range and narrow out there and this is source sink redfield blend. How was that a fuel blend ever? Who knows how they're going to do it? Because it's the first time the grapes. Don't work out. They have to do something else. So there you go find another vineyard and so this is a cool one There's other people out. They're doing things that you might want to seek out and enjoy and I'm enjoying this at a unique Wia well-made wind delicious wine nine the lack going on and a lot of cool flavors it takes over your palate manolas great. That's good wine but but there you go so you know Jeff. Wine is a lot of things in this is underpriced at at sixteen dollars. It's underpriced wine and nets. You know that's part of the cheap. The ethos I think a so there we go. I'll talk to you in a couple of days. We'll probably get some from trader Joe's and be legitimately treat cheap then But until then keep a cheap deep I'll try to stay warm because there's a storm coming in. It is in the north the north. Remember so Talk to you couple of days correct.

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