Donkey Of The Day: Charlamagne Apologizes To Kwame Brown


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I have to apologize and do better moving forward in aspen. I'm about to do right now. I want to apologize. The kwame brown. And kwami brown's family. I want to apologize. Father bill brown and the family of his father's he last week on his radio and my attempt to defend a charleston south carolina. Born brother like myself. I revealed too much information about that. Man's family and even all that stuff is public record. Some things just don't need to be said on the radio and he definitely don't need to be said by me. When i look back on the way i communicated that i communicated it all wrong and i unintentionally triggered trauma in a lot of folks. I grew up with who i genuinely love. I'm sure i call it a lot of paying for not only kwami brown before his family especially his family. My hometown corner south carolina. You know how i know. Because i spoke to a few of them. I've been on the phone. This weekend would would would mothers of children and their children salute. Lebron her daughter brienna reort rhonda out on the phone with a sister's like a while. Let's lutwa or she cursed me out good and you know i was apologizing for triggering them causing pain because i was casually discussing their families trauma met and and that's something that i have to stop doing. That's something that we all have to stop doing. I was talking to my sacred purpose. Cody all this weekend. She's like a spiritual therapist. I have her in my clinic with therapist. And that's what we were talking about. How we casually discuss each other traumas. I didn't even think about when i spoke on. You know kwami in his family. How many people were impacted by those things. I was speaking on. I mean that's that's generational. Okay i caused pain and unintentionally unintentionally poked people's wounds. Okay wounds that will probably never hill. And i can't take back those words. But i can't apologize. You know i think oftentimes we meaning black people. We fight each other with our demons whether true or false whatever the worst thing we know about a person i think we i think we know about a person we default to that and that was not my attention. I was not in any way shape or form trying to paint kwami in a negative light. Okay that black man is not my. He wasn't my ob-. When i said it and my mind i'm defending that man but i should have been defending him his leonardo charlemagne to god mckelvey professional and nightly nod. Larry whatever you wanna call me from. Monks corner south carolina talking. Like i'm home in the town. On why i believe they need to leave. Kwami ron alone. That was whack because the conversation didn't even have to go there to conversation should have been about basketball. Yes leave kwami brown alone. Because he cheated the goal and a dream that one point three percent events w seniors will achieve an point three percent of high school senior small in number that is and you know just as simply being drafted in the nba. If you played thirteen seasons it makes sixty five million dollars your success okay. Have you worked thirteen years anywhere and make that kind of money. Success salute to that man the only expectations. We have to live up to his own while always say success is subjective okay. My views of success may be different than yours. As long as you're happy that's all that matters but we didn't even get into that conversation because my mind automatically went to something. That didn't that didn't even have to go to in doing that. I unintentionally caused trauma since i unintentionally cause trauma. I have to be intentional. About causing hailing. I'm not about to sit around and have beef with another black man for nothing. Trust me as y'all know. I have a lot of real enemies who gonna me every day. Kwami brown is not going to be one of them. Okay i totally understand why comic brow was upset at me. I went low. That wasn't my attention but in hindsight it was low and took it to the floor with me and yobe be online so excited ready to see black. People go back and forth. And i'm not doing it. I'm not going back and forth. If i feel like i wrong. Somebody i'm gonna apologize. That's what i think. A good man does and good man apologizes for the mistakes that he made but a great man corrects them. Hopefully i get the opportunity to do that one day but for now i just apologized and i'm not beefing with a black man who was born. I was born and has family while i'm from. There is nothing on this planet that i love more than god. My family in monks corner south carolina the whole low country eight four three dropping includes eight for three. Okay so what i say. I sincerely apologized to call me brown and his family and the family of bill brown in monks corner. I'm mean it. Only thing. I'm responsible for is my energy in recognizing my own insanity and god totally once said recognize one's own insanity is of course the arising of sanity the beginning of hailing and transcendence. I truly believe if trauma can be passed down through generations than sulking hailing me leonard. Mckelvey i have never claimed to be perfect. In fact i'm far from it. I'm not gonna always get it right. The same things. People listen to me for the same things. They hate me for. Because i talked too much Over share our share about myself over share about others and that is historically got me in trouble but we are all works in progress and one of the most handling things you can do is recognize. Where in your life you your own poison. And last week. I was poisoned the quami brown bill brown and their families for that. I sincerely apologize. Please let remar give me leonard. Mckelvey got two biggest your he ha ha you stupid dumb. Yes indeed doggy. Today is brought to you by the law office of michael s lehman solve. Don't be a donkey. Dial pound two fifty on your cell and say bull if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound two five ot from yourself and save the bowl cowboy plays. Don't we like the cowboy way kennedy. The new pigs burger at roy. Rogers it smith. You'll pull pork beer. Battered onion rings american cheese spicy barbecue sauce on a kaiser born catholic. Wrong shortish uber eats available at participating restaurants.

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