They Cant Keep Track of Their Own Lies # 979


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan bongino. I want him to Dan Bongino, shell producer. Joe? How're you yesterday? After that incredible show. Thanks to you. And Paul out of what a great show you say. I haven't recovered yet, man. I mean this. Zirk was. Yeah. Yesterday's show. Number nine. Seventy seven episode nine seventy seven is going to be by far most listen to show ever. I gotta tell you though, folks. I'm a little surprised that the story we broke yesterday me being in the news business now for I guess what? Eight years yet thousand eleven I started doing media stuff. And when I ran for office. I'm actually stunned that Joe, and I am polyester. They broke a major story about the one source. Everybody used the spy on Trump we entirely completely discredited yesterday. And I'm I'm not kidding. I'm seriously astonished that nobody picked it up. It was not a speculative story. It was not some conspiracy theory we provided hard evidence yesterday by Christopher Steele zone words that their own source the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency Christopher Steele for their entire basis. The spy on Trump couldn't even get his own story. Right. Got the biggest detail of the biggest story of the century wrong. With an eight days, and he blew it. I'm gonna get into more of that. I want to cover a little bit of the China stuff today with the terrorists how ladies and gentlemen, the Chinese are destroying their own population. Here I am not a fan of tariffs. I've been clear about that. From the start. I am a free. Trader the problem is the Chinese are not engaging in free trade they're engaging in mercenary trade, but what they're doing. Now, Trump has them in a corner because they're actually destroying their own population. I'll explain that. I've got a couple of the things about Brennan to today's going to be a great show. Let's get right to today's show. 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Who is the source of the information used to spy on Trump, Christopher Steele tells the State Department official on October eleventh something about Coen, prog how do we know that because you could see your notes right there? If you don't have to see if you're listening on audio. She has written notes that say Coen slash prog. It's uncomplicate if you want to watch it. Go to YouTube dot com slash Bongino. There's no need to though. Now, exactly eight days later Christopher Steele zone dossier. There. It is highlighted October nineteen twenty sixteen for those who can't do math on the liberal side. October nineteenth is eight days after October eleven twenty sixteen his same the same guy. Christopher Steele is saying that his source was unsure of the location of the meeting. He just told the State Department happened in Prague, either steals, lying or steel didn't write the dossier. I'm serious when I say this. We don't break a lot of news on this show. Even though we could believe me, we could Paula my line about that. Mad at me today. She's not act elaborately not answering. Some people Email me. They're like, you know, we can't hair Paula on. I know I know it's like, Mr. producer on the Lavigne show. Rich doesn't get onto Mike either. Either this both certainly Snerdley over at Limbaugh. So. Folks, we broke this huge story, we could break more news. And we don't because I I prefer this show to be more analysis after breaks we're not we're not trying to be investigative reporters here. But yesterday story was critical. I'm stunned. Nobody pick this up. There's only two logical conclusions from this that Christopher Steele was a liar. Who couldn't remember the biggest detail of his biggest story at the FBI used them in court or he didn't write the dossier. I'm gonna leave it there. You guys figure it out. But one more note on this look at this redaction, there's a red line around it here. I'm requesting some crowd sourcing help from the brilliant investigative journalists out there in the audience. I mean that I get emails every day that are phenomenal Judy to seventy nine all of you in the type version of those same written notes, I'm talking about that Kavulich State Department official Kathleen Kavulich who's interviewing St. on October eleven in typed version of the notes member the memorial ization of that interview. There is a Redan. Action here about travel histories. I suggested yesterday that what's underneath that redaction has to be critical. I'm gonna ask my audience. The redaction is labeled very suspiciously Ianna, and it's due to their citing an immigration and naturalization act section two twenty two about visas into the United States. If anyone in the audience has an idea about why the FBI would cite the immigration and nationalization act and the issuance of visa. To redecked a key piece of information, and what Steele told Catholic I have my ideas. But I'd like to hear your thoughts. Email info at Bongino dot com. I'd love to hear what you think. Okay. Moving on so I-, titled this section of the show. The next section. You guys verified this, right? I got some information yesterday from a trusted source. I'm not going to say who why where how we're going to say. Details of of what it is specifically, but confirming my Friday show conclusions at John Brennan was the puppet master here. Ladies and gentlemen. John Brennan is going to go down. I'm sure that I have insisted from the start that the three letter agency people were in a world of trouble. I'm not sure the politicians are going to get as much trouble for this. Because there's the political. I don't think the Republicans up on the hill of the guts to go after them. But the three letter will agency people are in a world of trouble and Brennan's one of I have no doubt. Now, Brennan Marshall, this whole thing Brennan was working with foreign Intel figures and people like Christopher Steele to get information to push the FBI to open up an investigation at the Trump understand what I'm telling you here in the lead. This is going to be important because I have some new stuff from yesterday. And I also have a stunning piece of video by tray gouty who's usually more reserved but on Hannity last night Trump to tactical nuke on this. Oh, yeah. It was good. Joe's hurt. I already gave him the clip to record. So he knows. What I'm talking about? John Brennan is the head of the CIA at the time, this whole spying thing is going on with Trump, right? Brennan has no law enforcement powers. I cannot emphasize enough. There's a lot of confusion among some in the audience who still emailed me about this Brennan is an intelligence official. He has absolutely zero law enforcement power. He needs the FBI to swear out warrants in court to spy on Trump. He needs them. He cannot swear out a warrant. He has no power to do that nor to any of his officers in the there's a CIA police force. But they're not that's a totally different thing that police their campuses and things like that. But they have no power to swear out wards. He needs a warrant to officially what Devin newness calls the legal spying. He needs a warrant to legally spy on the Trump team for Obama Brennan's marshalling this whole thing. I no longer have any doubt. He can't do that without trying to trick the FBI into opening up an investigation again, I'm not giving a pass to the FBI. Please don't misconstrue my words. These people hated Trump that people at the top McCabe Komi Komi who's the worst commes even worse than Brennan because he has zero zero. Commes will screw over anybody. These Brennan's wanna go to baba. It is maliciousness commes the worst Komi McCabe, stroke date. They can't stand Trump. They're eager to be baited into it. So they do know homework at all in the information. They get so on Friday. I put out on the show that again, I'm not giving a pass to the FBI that key FBI initials officials involved in opening up this case, they get a memo from Harry Reid and August, the Democrats Senate the Senate leader at the time in August of twenty sixteen. They get a memo from him saying, hey, you guys better open up an investigation into Trump. He's colluding with the Russians look at this information. I have the information, ladies and gentlemen, is in the dossier. Who does he get it from? It's clear as they gets it from John Brennan who briefs Harry Reid right before he sends the memo in August. Okay. Copy Brennan gives you the information from steel to read who sends it to the FBI. The FBI is already getting information from Steele. Let's be clear on this. This is important. This is the setup to this. How do we know that because an FBI agent by Agadir Mike gator meets with steel in London in July, which is before August when Brennan briefs Harry Reid and the gang of eight on the steel information. You are we good? Yeah. We're it's important. Okay. We're good steals. Giving information to the FBI and the media and the summer June July twenty sixteen he then somehow gets it to Brennan to steal Brennan gives it to read read writes, the information in a memo he sends to Jim me and says we need you to investigate Trump because of this. It's the steal information. I had said to you on Friday show that I believe though, key people in the FBI notably Lisa page testifies under oath didn't understand that the information. They were getting from Harry Reid through John Brennan had come from steel. I sorry. I don't want to over abuse analogies. But it's important to understand. We're talking about here. You know, if one guy, you deem, kind of shady and not credible. You know, tells you that it's going to rain tomorrow and his accuracy in predicting rain events is what you're going to be like whatever I don't need an umbrella. He tells me it's gonna rain every day. But if another guy comes to your house in Occidental goes, hey, I'm sure it's gonna rain tomorrow. And you don't know him. But he seems sincere about it. You're going to bring an umbrella. But what if the second guy who seems sincere got the information from the first guy you don't trust? It's the same bad for mation. Right. The point here and the analogy is the FBI and Lisa page. They work confused. She's the lead lawyers having an affair with the lead investigative agent. They stay thought they were getting information confirming it's gonna rain tomorrow when it was from the same shady guy Steele who had given it to Brennan good way to put down. I'll get to that you second. Thank you. Yeah. That's going to set up this whole story here. So take a few minutes, then we'll get onto some other stuff. I don't want to abuse stuff. But remember this title is section as you guys verified this, right? Okay. I here's tray gouty last night on Sean Hannity show who drops a new on this thing with this statement last night, and he's talking about hey, you really want to get to the bottom of this. You want to look at this Pacific set of interactions in December of twenty sixteen. Remember the date and remember the players he's talking about are you convinced that there was a fraud committed against the FIS a court withholding that Hillary paying for that dossier. And that in fact, the bulk of evidence was unveiled. A fireable. And that they never verified whether anything steel road is true. And they do it to spy on the Trump campaign, sir. Showing Aachen tell you what is even worse than what you described. It is what you described in addition to the withholding of his skull Petoskey information, which is what has Johnny Ratcliffe, so exercised, and they made no effort to corroborate the dossier until after it had been used in the application and a renewal no effort is not that they failed. They made no effort to last question. So whoever's investigating this telephone to look for emails between Brennan and Komi in December of twenty six to you. Ooh. Aw. Wait what? County is a county. He's very you may say out he's he is. He's actually very reserved these he's not the cavalier renegade. Everybody thinks he is. I don't mean as an insult. I mean, he's just very delivery. He's a lawyer and he talks like a lawyer on TV. And again, I don't mean that as an insult he thinks like a prosecutor matter of fact, I had it significant beef with gowdy awhile ago for saying at one point that the FBI had done things by the numbers that wasn't exactly from what I heard later saying second what I thought he said, but whatever that's a whole other point so gouty just launches this bomb that apparently there's a series of emails him and others have seen between Jim Komi and John Brennan in December of twenty sixteen. Why is this key, ladies and gentlemen? Because the Pfizer. The first FIS is in October of two thousand sixteen. The first renewal of the Pfizer the process is remember, there's three months. October November December. So they renew it again in January the process starts in December. And apparently there's a series of emails between the two that seemed to be very bad ugly. Devastating troubling. What do you think they could be talking about? Do you think maybe the thing I've been telling you for a year and a half? That Komi and his FBI people had an inkling that the information. They were getting from Steele was bogus. And they just hated Trump so much they bypassed their own professionalism and verification project process and rushed the FIS it through the court. And then at the first renewal they start to figure out show that maybe this information isn't what we thought it was mosaics looking screwy. Yeah. His phone made the corpus that those articulate facts that are just not working out when I see remembers very well. Now, why those December emails important because here's what I think's going on. Let me just explain it to you Komi figures out in December when they're getting ready to renew the Pfizer. They've already sworn to court. This stuff is true wasn't Komi figures out that the information they got from Harry Reid probably came from Brennan, which came from steel and does not corroborate the information they have because it came from steel too. Can't corroborate his own stuff. Other people outside sources would have to verify steal stuff. That's not how any of this works so Kobe's. Probably emailing. Brennan San heads the title of the section. You guys verified? This information. You said, right. Now. Now, does it this listen to this clip? Now, I've played this this this is up there with the Evelyn Farkas clip for probably the number of the top number at times, we've played it. Cut on the show. Here is John Brennan with Chuck Todd emphasizing a specific date. He claims he I saw that cashier is he says overly pretentious voices play that cut. When did you first learn of the so-called, Steele dossier, and what Christopher Steele was doing? Well, it was a very well kept secret among press circles for several months before it came out, and it was in late summer of two thousand sixteen when there was some individuals from the various US news outlets who asked me about my priority with it. And I had heard snippets about it. I did not know what was in there. I did not see it until later in that year. He was in December. Oh, oh, December. Oh, wow. The same time. There's this Email exchange would call me and Brennan. Yeah. You guys verified this information right notice. What Brennan says there are two takeaways from there. Don't forget the Brennan's as a liar. This guy is a disgrace to the country a disgrace, the human of total nothing. He says there is true in the sense that he's trying to get to the bottom of the story point number one. He says well, the dossier wasn't a secret was floating around in the media in the summer of two thousand sixteen. Why does he say that Joe Brennan is listening? He's not dumb. He's a liar. He's malicious this is malignant character in our national discourse. But he's not stupid. He says that because as gowdy and Lindsey Graham of pointed out in the interviews I discussed yesterday and endowed. He's interview last time. I don't have time to get to all that they make very specific point. And gowdy says it and that thing in that clip. We just played you can rewind it. Listen, again, the FBI made no effort whatsoever to verify Christopher steals information because they hated Trump so much they took it at face value Graham says in that clip we paid yesterday that the only thing the FBI did to verify Joe with the dreaded air quotes is they read media reports. Media reports where did those media reports come from? Christopher steele. Do you understand? It's the same guy telling people to go to your house and telling you it's going to rain tomorrow because he sells umbrellas hits the same guy. It's the same guy umbrella ten people should of my say, it's gonna rain there. Opium sent to your house by the umbrella guy. Brennan. Breaded can't put the information from steel out. It's garbage. He knows it's garbage. So he probably tells them. Hey, get this stuff to the media. Then Brennan uses the media reports to go to Harry Reid, and others and say, look, this is serious information immediate reporting on it. I've got confirmation to from Christopher Steele. It's the same stuff. So what is Brennan doing that interview point number one? He he highlights the fact that the media was reporting on it because he's going to throw Komi and the FBI under the bus back on it back on it. He's going to say, hey, man. It was raw we saw it in the media and looked the FBI shamefully didn't do their homework and use these media reports get ready ready. He is going to throw the FBI and the bus. Hey, I'm just an Intel guy, man. I saw some media reports. I don't know where they came from. I gave it to the FBI. Look the FBI in the FIS. It clearly says they verified everything using media reports on oh, that's their problem. They're the investigators. You may be thinking yourself. Well, that sounds logical right. Except for the fact that Devin newness when you imply that when you apply the newness translator has said often. That there were no official channels used for the intelligence. In other words, the information Brennan's getting himself that he claims is raw there's a process for raw unfiltered intelligence, you run it up the chain of the CIA through analysts. So that by the time it gets to the top the decision makers, the president Brennan, the deputy director of the Intel community, you know, it's true Brennan, did none of that Brennan handled. This thing himself with a small group of people at the top to make sure it wasn't vetted because he probably knew it was B S. Do you get it? He's about to throw the FBI under the bus, Corpus Christi. He's the corpus guy. He's the corpus of intelligence. He's the corpus guy. So point number one. He's gonna throw them under the bus and going out, my fault, the FBI screwed it up and use media reports. Secondly, he's going to stick to a story that he didn't see the dossier until December. He may be right. As I said last week. Maybe like now, you're really confused me don't conflict the paper dossier, which feels information, right? Sorry my nose. It. Just remember what I started the show with today. The fact that the dossier story does not marry up with Christopher Steele told the State Department woman. He tells the State Department women cavalier on October eleventh Cohen went to proc a dossier. He allegedly wrote eight days later says, oh, we don't know where the meeting happened, ladies and gentlemen, I don't think steel wrote the dossier. He may have written portions of it. But it's highly likely that other people. Simpson. Glenn simpson. Fusion GPS. Nelly or and others may have had input into the dossier. What am I going with this? This gives Brennan and out Brennan's talking to still ton the umbrella salesman. Okie Doke the dossiers written by other people under steals name. So Brennan could say, well, I didn't see that paper dossier until the center, I told you someone needs to ask Brennan this question under oath, forget the dossier for a minute, John. When was the first time, you came across the steal information about Carter page that appeared in the FIS. That's the question to pin them down on. Gotcha. Gotcha. I will guarantee you that E mail exchange in December with Komi and Brennan describes exactly what I'm telling you Brennan lying to call me saying, I don't know anything about this information. Jim, I don't know anything about it. I didn't see this until December until you told me about it when he you get it. Colmey emails county saying look at comas emails to Brennan they're suspicious. It's probably comb emailing Brennan. Hey, john. You guys verified this info. Right. It's probably Brennan emailing back saying, I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't see the the dossier until December. Now, God forbid comb emails back. Well, did you talk to or someone? Well, yeah, I talked to steal. And Jim we got a problem. Excuse me, John. We got a problem. We thought the information you guys pitch to us was from a different source and was therefore corroborating steal. We didn't know it was the same information. Now to show you the lengths that Brennan's gonna go to to hide where he got his information from play this cut, again, this is an older cut of Brennan answering trae counties question was trae gatty was still in congress. When gouty tries to pin them down. When exactly he got this information check this out I encountered and I'm aware of information intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between Russian officials and US persons involved in the Trump campaign that. I was concerned about because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals, and it raised questions in my mind, again, whether or not the Russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals, I don't know whether or not such collusion, and that's your term such collusion existed. I don't know. But I know that there was a sufficient basis of information and intelligence that required further investigation by the bureau to determine whether or not US persons were actively conspiring colluding with Russian officials, do, you know, the basis of that information that you sure whether bureau what what was the nature of the oven. I think Mr. gowdy the committee has now been provided information that relates to that issue in terms of information that the agency shared with the bureau, and that is something that is appropriately classified notice in that. Cut again Brennan's deception his effort to hide where he got the from what does he site? He cites while the information's classified. This is fascinating. Joe? I can't tell you because it's classified can you? Tell us could be going to classified setting you. Tell us Brennan will do anything anything to hide we got this information from. Because he misled people into believing the information he was getting was separate. You may say come on, Dan. How do you know that let's put up the Washington Times piece? Listen, Bob Woodard, who is absolutely no fan of the present. Here's a piece by Rohan Scarborough written September eleventh twenty eighteen title, then CIA director John Brennan, endorsed Trump dossier. Bob Woodward, said issue make Holden boarded Woodward. Bob Woodward is no friend that Donald Trump in his book fear. He writes this. This is fascinating stuff. Then CIA director John Brennan endorsed the Christopher Steele dossier when he acquired a copy in December of two thousand sixteen listen to this saying it matched the Russia collusion charges from his sources, according to Bob Woodward. He's a gentleman. It's the same source deal. Or it's not the same source Simpson writes the dossier and Nellie your and the F B. I wanted to court and lied and said that steel wrote it because he was there verified source they'd use before. You understand how no scenario works out for them. None. There is no avenue of escape. Trying to be a little calmer today. It was very excited yesterday and my sincere apologies for custody. I mean at I try not to do causes everybody around here a lot of headaches for a number of reasons, and it's just morally not right? But as very upset I'm trying to stay a little calmer today. So was so miffed yesterday, but do you understand on neither avenue works out for them? There were only two stories going forward. Now that are plausible. Steel is the source of information and steal wrote the dossier and steal can't remember his own story because in the dossier. He doesn't even remember coming in Prague. Even though he said pro Cohen, prog eight days early that story number one. It's the source of all of this. And Brennan is wrong. Because Brennan's saying in the Washington Times that the dossier confirms his sources, how does it confirm? If it's the same. You get what I'm saying if the dossier was written by steal, it doesn't confirm your sort. It's just the same information. It's like saying my name is, Dan. My name is Dan confirmed. I said my name is Dan twice. What if I said? My name was Andrew my name is it's not it doesn't matter. If I say twenty times. Or story number two where Brennan's not lying and Brennan says, hey, the dossier confirmed the story I heard from my source his sources, obviously steel. And yet the dossier was written by others. And in that case, the F B I wanted to court in front of a fighter jet said Christopher Steele. Gave us information put up the right hand. And they are in fact my. Now, I want to end the segment on with this one thing if you could put up that Lisa page testimony. That's redacted. What if I told you under those reductions was likely some very suspicious information? Well, here's Lisa page is Lisa page. So you know, what? This is Lisa page FBI lawyer working on this Trump case being questioned by fantastic. Congressman Mark meadows from North Carolina's a while ago. She's under oath and Brennan is asking her if she's aware that John Brennan at the CIA had the same information from Steele. The FBI apparently thinks is from a different source in his corroborating their information from Steele. So there's a lot of reductions in it, but miss page says well, yes, sir, because with all due honesty, if director Brennan, so we got that information, and it's all redacted. Meadows. Then says, well, we know the remote people sources paid says I do know that I know the information ultimately found its way to a lot of different places certainly in October of two thousand sixteen. Wow. You mean when still spoke to Catholic and told them about Coen, prog until you guys he didn't know is that what you're talking about. She goes on. But if the CIA as early as August, in fact, had those same reports, I'm not aware of that. And it's redacted what if I told you under-, those reductions say it said something like, well, if they provided them to us that would be really unusual. In other words, if the CI provided us information from steel and claimed it was verified intelligence that would be very unusual. You think they may be redacting? The fact that the FBI fell for the scam. Willingly that they were fed intelligence from Brennan thinking, it was verified up the chain CIA information when it was a fact Brennan gossiping about Christopher Steele. What a scam. All right. 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And I want to say this and advance. I have a lot of respect for everybody out there who has alternate theories on what's going on. But spy gate Russia gate. I get it. But there's a lot of vitriol, and it's unnecessary out there. I'm not going to attack you all. And I would appreciate if you don't attack people who believe as I do back. But there's a crowd of people out there who still insist that Christopher Wray head of the F B is a solid guy. He's getting on the bottom of all this. And that Rosenstein was great. And all these people were great. And there's like a plan. Sessions was awesome. Listen, I find I get it. I have a lot of respect for the work. You're doing. I'm just saying the evidence is mounting that that theory is not in fact. Correct. I mean, I explained to you the reductions yesterday, I just showed you at the beginning of the show that odd redaction about a travel thing using the immigration naturalization act. For information that wasn't redacted even a couple years ago in two thousand sixteen I'm sorry. I just don't buy the theory that this Christopher Ray is cleaning house, I'm sorry based on evidence his hesitancy to use the word spine on always that's part of the plan to you can't have it both ways some of the same people telling me, raise such a great guy. We're celebrating Bill bar the attorney general for finally talking about the word spying. And then they're ripping me when I call out Ray for running away for no, no, that's the point. What is it? Is it part of the plan to out to spying or not right? I don't get it. So we got knocked people. I listen to your stuff. I read it. I'm gonna put it's just I'd appreciate it. If you'd cut us some due deference to that the evidence is mounting that you're just not correct. Rosenstein was great really he signed the fourth FIS on the fourth. Fis awareness spy on the Trump team. Please explain to me how Rosenstein some hero here. I don't get it. Well, he appointed Muller Muller hated Trump. He fired Komi. Yeah. And he instantly regretted. I don't get it. I'm sorry. But I'm sorry. I didn't get off on a tangent there. All right. Big news yesterday. They have finally Bill Barr appointed US attorney from Connecticut. John dorm. You see the story of put bungee dot com in the show notes today. Please go to the show notes. Ladies and gentlemen. If you go to my website, Bongino dot com, you click on the menu. You'll see the dropdown menu any podcast all these stories are there. I really appreciate. If you read them so Bill bars appointed a US attorney for Connecticut, John dorm to investigate the origins of the Trump case, ladies and gentlemen, as I have insisted from the beginning. The three letter agency people are in a world of trouble. They are going to be I think prosecuted some of them for criminal leaks. Some of them are going to be administratively sanctions. Some of them may be fired some of them who already fired will have their reputations tarred permanently. When what comes out, and again, we talked about Komi and Brennan what they actually did. Now, why does this matter because remember, ladies and gentlemen, only? Prosecutors US attorneys have subpoena power investigators do not investigator Michael Horowitz, who's the inspector general looking into a lot of this Pfizer abuse process. He doesn't have subpoena power. He doesn't he can't empanel a grand jury. Right. A US attorney can so Horowitz has a lot of power. Don't get it. Go get me wrong. I mean, he could go to people administratively who still work there and say, hey, you need to you need to speak up about what's happening, but he doesn't have the power to subpoena. People Doerum now has that power. So we now have a US attorney Michael shouldn't be Jon Huber. I knew a guy they might Yuba once Jon Huber looking into it. We also have Durham looking into it. I just want you to put a little smile on your face. I know the pace of Justice has been glacial. I get it. And I'm expecting you to be happy about any of this. I just want you to be a little less sad about the destruction of our Republic today knowing that there are people out there. And if there were crimes committed absolutely sure Durham's gonna find him Bill bars not messing around. Okay. In a couple of other quick stories. I want to get through to Rubio yesterday. Marco Rubio who we've had significant disagreements within the past. But Rubio did some great again upon dot com. He's calling for a department of Justice investigation at that, John carryovers Iran context. Listen, John Kerry is bordering on a very serious criminal behavior. I mean that John Kerry, according to the president has been back-channelling with Iran backchannel, some some people would call that. No, no. It's only collusion when it's Republicans. He's actually back-channeling a communication shell carries a private citizen. He has no government affiliation role anymore. Talking with the Iranians the death to America crowd, telling them not to talk to Donald Trump. So he's cavorting and colluding with an enemy the United States, the world's largest sponsor of terror. That's your John Kerry. I mean, this is potentially criminal behavior. This guys didn't get there's no question. It's anti-american. No question that what carries doing his anti-american? None at all among same people. Not the liberal media who worships Democrats, John Kerry, I'm not expecting them to get to the truth. But Rubio's call it as it is if Michael Flynn, Lieutenant General, Michael Flynn, Sally Yates, the department of Justice suggested when he was the national security adviser that has called a Kislyak when he was the incoming national security advisor the Russian ambassador call if that was a potential violation of the Logan act. How? How is a private citizen? John Kerry, calling the death to America crowd telling him to SCR over the United States. How is that not a violation of the Logan act? And just case you're unclear what the Logan act is it prohibits private citizens from conducting diplomatic business of the United States. Now. The Logan acts a joke. It would never plas constitutional muster. But ladies and gentlemen, it's time to play hard ball. Now. Let's put the kitty toys in the whistle balls away. And let's get the rock out. Let's get a hard ball not softball the hard ball. And let's start playing a big boy games right now if the department of Justice under Sally Yates dot the Logan act was for real then the Logan acts for real. Potanin? You said it's Joe it is a joke. It's not a serious crime. It's never been successfully prosecuted history the United States, but if it's only a crime for Republicans and Republican appointees like Flynn than we live with not blind Justice. But just this like this one I closed one eye. Open Justice only sees apparently Democrats Justice doesn't see Republicans you want to prosecute to Logan send it to court. Let's get Jonah Keri in handcuffs and see how the Democrats feel about the Logan act. All of a sudden. New rules, folks, we win you lose. It's on the box. It's on abuse of power. It's an actual law. The Democrats thought it was real and they prosecuted, Mike Flynn, so good. For rubio. Let's test it out in court, right? Joe? Let's see if the Democrats theory about the veracity, the Logan act is true, go bay. Let's get John Kerry and cuffs. Let's get them in court. Let's see what he has to say about talking to the mullah's and the death to America crowd telling them to screw us over. Unreal. Really is it's so disappointing. All right. I had an economic story. You know, what let's do this because I'm gonna motor through. I've got a couple of the things I want to get to including that. I've I can't I want I brushed through that Papa D thing yesterday. I had a quick angle on the thing. I want to be sure you guys all get finally today. Our show brought to you by a good buddies at my patriot supply. Hey, there are some headlines out there. The mainstream media is ignoring California's big three utilities remind the public of plans to cut power during fire, bad weather. Gosh. What would you do for food? No power. No, grocery shells. No refrigeration big trouble experts assessed damage, if the first cyberattack in the US, Chris he's a real stories North Korea conducts another missile test, ladies and gentlemen, you have to be prepared you ensure everything in your lives matter you ensure your health you ensure your teeth you ensure your house you ensure your car how can you not ensure your food supply? It makes no sense. He's your stories weren't hearing about much, but we should be paying attention. 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Check it out today. Okay. I wanted to cover this story yesterday. This is just another one of those debunking liberal nonsense stories because almost nothing liberals tell you is true ever, you know, liberals will tell you of voter suppression happened in Georgia and the election. That's why Stacey Abrams should have been a governor. And then you tell them that the law that she's referencing was passed by Democrats in the one thousand nine hundred there like your says, this is what they do all the. So before the tea right tarantula just about every because they don't have an actual argument. So what liberals tell us Joe, but the tax cuts tax cuts. They're going to drive the deficit. The Trump tax cuts are going to drive the deficit. They're going to cost the government money Miki, my tax cuts, so cost the government anything tax tax money comes from you as we say, it's like you get a tax cut. It's like a thief decides not to rob someone and you're claiming the thief was quite it costs money. What do you mean it cost in money? You didn't rob me? What are you kidding, folks? The tax cuts historically have not cost the government revenue. There is no evidence of this at all the Calvin Coolidge tax cuts. Yes, we're going back that far to show you that historically overtime when taxes get cut people have more money in their wallet. Which they spend it businesses which grow their businesses, which employ more people who pay more taxes, and that suggested may pay for themselves. I'm simply suggesting to correlation between tax cuts and government revenue going up not. Not down is strong. You call that whatever you want paid for. I don't care. I'm just telling you what the evidence says Calvin Coolidge tax cuts, the John F Kennedy tax cuts the Reagan tax cuts. George W Bush tax cuts all of these tax cuts were followed up by an immediate gusher of revenue into the federal government more. So what would we told after the Trump tax cuts? The same stupid Canard was rolled out again, by Democrats who don't know what they're talking about. It's gonna cost the government money while did that happen. Well, thanks to the good. Congressman rod Blum rods. A good guy Rodman following the story. He put up this tweet the other day again. This is not news to anyone listening to this show. But to some liberals who may have mistakenly tuned in this is news to them at rep. Rod Blum B L, go check him out on Twitter verified account from the AP report today and the federal budget to takeaways number one the reason for the increased deficit is increased spending not decay. Creased revenues. How is that possible? Joe? We were told the tax cuts we're going to cost the government money. Yeah. Take away number two. Revenues have an all caps increase to the government. I was correct. When I said, the tax cuts won't cost the government costs in court, and he has the little people you go to here you go. Make it a remotely making a return, and he has a little snippet from the piece at the bottom, which says so far this year latest, this is from AP the Associated Press, which usually act as propagandists for the Democrats from AP so far this year receipts tax receipts are up one point eight percent to two trillion while spending is up seven point six percent to two point five seven trillion. Wall Street Journal covered this story as well. I might cost, ladies and gentlemen. I can't believe I've got a discussed this stuff. Put liberals will lie to you. So fluidly effortlessly if you didn't have this show. You would believe they were telling the truth Wall Street Journal yesterday tax revenue keeps rising the federal deficit is increasing and the reason is spending. Listen, the journals a right leaning outlet. But they're not conservatives. They are at best moderate Republicans. Why would they lie? Tax revenue is up almost two percent. It's not down. It is not down taxes were cut. You wanna know the reason the tax revenue some of you may still have a difficult time processing this. Talking about the conservative you guys get this. And don't mean as an insult and everybody has time to study marginal tax rates and revenue functions. And how they work. When you cut taxes people put more money in their wallets. Okay. That's seemingly taught a logical to most. Thank you, the money doesn't get burned. They don't go throw it in a fireplace the money circulates and get spent in businesses that then make more money we've seen corporate profits. Go up we've seen GDP growth. Go up. Those companies then pay more corporate taxes on bigger profits. And then hire more workers to keep up with the increased demand workers, which pay income taxes which far offset the lost amount from the lower corporate tax and the personal income tax cuts folks, it's not hard to figure out. No. But I'll be can't that it is very frustrating to constantly have to talk about because it seems so basic that people who are just willing to follow simple data. Tax cuts cost the government money. Have they ever cost the government money? No, okay. Then why are you saying that because it's a good talking point? That's why. Also, CNS news story a have up in the show notes today by Terence Jeffrey who does a lot of work on this stuff. Federal spending sets a record through April. Folks. I don't care who's an office the government spending out of control, but the evidence that the deficit right now when our debt is being driven by government spending. Not tax cuts is right in front of your face. It's not complicated. Tax revenue is up and spending his up more. Your Jamaica, micro economic analogy Joel mccower says making more money, but he's spending more money than he ever did outpacing his raise not hard to figure out. I I. Okay. Quick video here that the look I don't do a lot of funny stuff on the show but hat tip to Mr. producer from the marklevinshow richer bet. This is really funny. Oh, yeah. It's to be the most awkward hug of all time. So AO see and Bernie Sanders route with this ridiculous Bill to cap interest rates, which is so economically. Silly. Maybe maybe I'll explain that in a second to but watch this. I'm gonna take a note Price Scout price controls never work. But, you know, of course, liberals facts, don't really mesh. But watch these two hog at the end of this proposal, a cap interest rate is the awkward thing I've ever sailed describe it to the list. All right. Glad you. Bye. So birdie touches on on the left elbow. She grabs him back on the shoulder. He's like unsure like with the Joe Biden stuff to hugger. She then seems to be like, well, I don't know is he unsure I'm unsure he's unsure. And they like it's just the most uncomfortable hug I have ever seen in my life that Mr. producer to Mark Levin show. Just a quick note. I wasn't gonna silly proposal to cap interest rates. They're putting out a plan. Hey, credit cards shouldn't be able to charge people more than fifteen percent. Oh, there you go. Nice. Do we have a story? But the Wall Street Journal, Bernie and AO see our credit risk. They would cap interest rates at fifteen percent while letting the post office, right loans. That's a great idea worked at folks, this is a price control, plain and simple. It is an effort. What is what is the interest rate? It is a price for money, right? If I needed loan from the Bank that loan has a price to me that price is the interest rate. If it costs me six percent, that's the price of capital. I think percent to get my hands on some money. Now, a price control or controlling the price of money. We'll do what price controls do everywhere. They're tried everywhere. There is no instance of price controls in human history where these things haven't happened. The first thing you get is increased demand for the product. Well, why? Well, if my if I haven't paid alone off Joe in fifty years and my risk for a credit card is probably closer to twenty five or thirty percent interest because I never pay any money back, and then I can get a loan from the credit card. A fifteen percent then everybody in their mother's gonna wanna loan because it's below the price said easier because sometimes the price of money rather than tangible goods confuses people if Bernie Sanders and put a price control on corvettes and said, you can't short more than thirty thousand dollars for a corvette everybody in her mother's gonna wanna go by corvette. Because they know the corvettes were seventy to eighty thousand can get it for thirty right? Make sense increase. The man what comes next in the price controls. Every single instance humanistic decreased supply of the corvette analogy, the corvettes population of the United States going to try up really quick because people are going to run to the dealer to get a seventy thousand dollars corvette for thirty thousand dollars. So why does decrease supply happen because the Chevy dealer is not going to continue to sell the corvettes at a loss. He bought the car from Chevy for fifties. Got to sell it to you now because of the government for thirty. What do you think he's gonna do by more is not gonna be any more corvettes left in the instance of the credit card price control? What's going to happen? People who are high risk Joe are just not going to get credit. You know, who you're going to have to go to you're going to have to go to the loan shark from rocky. Remember rocky one he works for told a break. Your remember Rockies enforcer, your I forget, the guy's name the loan shark. We'll get it down. And he was named Tony or something whatever he's the loan shark in a neighbor. He charges ninety percent or whatever and rocky breaks your thumbs. If you don't pay him back, so good job AFC Tonita loan shark in rocky too dumb break or a back because of you. Finally, you get black markets, which is what a loan shark is. It's an unofficial money lending thing, which you'll have you'll have the shark and you get quality problems. Why? Because if you have to sell a corvette thirty thousand dollars, and it's really worth seventy you're going to build the crappiest corvette known to man because you're losing money. You're not going to put any work into it. And either as the credit cards going to put any money into customer service because they don't care. They can't charge. You what you what your risk is worth silly stuff? Silly. But this is what I in Bernie do silly nonsensical. Ridiculous absurd stuff. It's just it's so easy to bunk. You don't even have to do a lot of homework. It's like, it's not even econ one. Oh, one it's like econ zero zero zero one like my daughter in first grade can figure this stuff out seriously. She's smart enough that these two aren't apparently put that Hogwarts awkward wasn't it. Oh my gosh. She didn't even wait for the cat. Oh my God. He's like we win. What it so funny? All right. This China's story I wanted to hit this because these were all supposed to cover yesterday. But man, we really got into that that story. So here's what's going on with China. I am a free. Trader I've always been. I know it causes a lot of controversy on the show. But listen, I'm here to tell you the truth. And you don't always have to agree as I E mail the gentleman this morning that you my show is not for everybody. And that's okay. But I'm here to be honest with you, and I'm not gonna just fall in line with the political talking points that they I never agreed with tariffs. The problem is terrorists which your taxes at our border. Let's not make any mistake about what they are. I don't know what else to do when I don't think Trump does either right now to get the Chinese to engage in free trade what they're doing. Now is not free trade. It's costing us a fortune. Now, there are a number of problems beyond the scope of this show. Maybe I'll do a show on China when they specifically, but they have very shady government procurement methods other where their government by stuff subject to rules that that other foreign companies aren't restricted to obviously the way they're engaging in a surveillance state activities is troubling. But what's most troubling to me is the fact that in order to do joint projects in China and their economy American companies going over there have to forfeit, their intellectual capital, the Chinese say, okay, apple whatever, you wanna come over and engage in in the Chinese market. You have to give us your sensitive technology. Ladies gentlemen, that's not free trade. It's not free. It's not free to American companies left their most valuable thing folks of ransom. This is my iphone, right? What was that? What was blinking? On there. What what that was really? Yeah. That's funny. It's not on my actual screen. It's something blinking. That's hysterical. Yeah. Yeah. As a reflection. Best my iphone would a picture my family on it right there. The valuable part of this iphone is not the plastic or the glass, frankly, it's not even the chip tons of phones smartphones or not even like commodities now what's valuable about the iphone is their apps, the intellectual property it went behind it there. I o s operating system and the people who developed it. This is what's valuable if you have to forfeit that how your product works? Not what your product is physically. That's not the value. How it works is the value. And how it works was created in someone's head. If you have to forfeit that we're not gonna have an economy. Again, I'm not a supporter of terrorist. But in this case, I think the president is correct. There is no other way to get China to come to the table say we will stop stealing your stuff other than to say. Well, then we're going to price your stuff. Now that Tara stories yesterday's literally yesterday's news came out yesterday and on Friday, right? What's the problem? China's going to have now. If they want to fight a war of attrition on trade. Make no mistake. It is going to impact our economy. It is. That's not pretend it one. But the impact to the Chinese economy is going to be catastrophic because now we have two problems. Well, I shouldn't say the Chinese have two problems problem. Number one is they export to us a whole lot more than we send over to them. And what they export as a percentage of their economy is enormous really what we buy from China is a small sliver of our overall economy. It's not an insignificant. One don't mistake. What I'm saying? But it is not enough to crash our economy, but what we buy from them if we can slow that down. Is enough to crash their economy. Secondly, Joe put up this invested pedia story. The Chinese have responded by doing something interesting. This is a story from from a updated in the nineteen. They have been IMP they've been recently devaluing their currency again. This is important right before a lot of these tariffs. Now, why does devaluing their currency matter? Devaluing their currency just decimates and destroys their population. Devaluing their currency makes their products cheaper. Now. I don't want it. I don't want to hit you and hammer you to death with a bunch of useless facts and tidbits, but this is critical. Taxes at the border, the United States what we call tariffs on Chinese goods make those products there's Chinese goods more expensive. Simple as that if a Chinese good coming into the United States cost one hundred US dollars, and we put a twenty five percent tax it now cost one hundred twenty five dollars, bingo, which makes people more likely to buy another product that's one hundred dollars, right, right? If there's a Chinese widget American widget. They'll by the American widget for hundred the problem is with tariffs. A lot of American which widgets lend raise their price to one hundred twenty five dollars because they know the Chinese products under twenty five dollars to what the Chinese are doing is they're making their currency less valuable to make those exports to the United States cheaper despite the tariffs. Right. You may say, wow. Well, that's a win for China. We impose a twenty five percent tariff. But now that hundred dollar widget is now only seventy five dollars coming in. So the festively it's the same price. It was before. Is that makes sense? Joe it offsets your terror terrorists. Make the price. Go up devaluing your currency makes the price go down. Yeah. You may say to yourself. Wow. That's a win win for China. No, no. No. It's not, ladies and gentlemen. Because it makes Chinese workers work a whole lot harder to produce products for us at less money than they were compensated for them before remember, they were selling the same widget before the tariffs for one hundred dollars if they devalue their currency, it's the same widget nothing happens to the widget just the paper behind it's worthless. So now, the same widget they work their butts off to produce is now being sold for seventy five dollars to compensate for the tariff, which means their wages, go down in China and their workers have to work harder to give us the same amount of stuff. What I'm telling you. Ladies and gentlemen, is the Chinese have no way out here. They either can stop stealing our stuff go to zero tariffs on our goods as we reciprocate. And if we're finally back to free trade or they can watch their economy suffer, and they can watch their people their own people work twice as hard to produce. For us. The same amount of stuff we bought in the past either way we win. They are in a world of trouble and the Chinese. It. You know, what tomorrow I want to? I'm going to get to this today. But I want to get to a New York Times story tomorrow about what was left out of the mullahs report. There's a key part of that. So I get to my one sentence. Even the New York Times starting knowledge what when a disgrace it was. But just to end the show. I said I'd hit this with the PC thing the PC arrest the popadopoulos at Dulles airport. I can't listen to yesterday's show at the end, I can't have precise enough. How unusual this is the fact that they arrested Muller's team a key figure what they thought George popadopoulos this whole Russian collusion thing. Remember, he's told by allegedly Masud about the Russian Durham with a PC warn, meaning excuse me with probable cost not a warrant. They didn't show up with any warrant at all. That is highly unusual amongst federal agents not uncommon amongst border patrol FBI police police State Department police, but amongst eighteen eleven's the suit wearing federal agent crat. I cannot emphasize enough. How unusually probable cause arrest is it says to me again, if you listen to the show that they pass. Panicked about popadopoulos. And as I saw Maria Barreda Romo tweet this morning. I think everybody starting to get around to the fact that popadopoulos was set up with that ten thousand dollars coming back into the airport. They got him at the border because they knew they could search a warrant. He didn't have the money, and they panicked and they had to arrest them on probable cause. Because it warrant they thought they were going to swear out about this money charge in the United States didn't happen because popadopoulos didn't have the money. Very very important. We'll hear more about that soon. I'm sure of it. I got more for you. Coming up this week to work in some stuff shaking some trees. So have no fear, folks. Hey, thanks a lot for tune in. Every appreciate it. Please. Subscribe to the show YouTube dot com slash Bongino. And our audio Chauvel Bonnie apple podcasts app. Also available at soundcloud and iheartradio. The subscriptions are all free. But we really appreciate you doing that. Thanks a lot. We'll see you tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcast on itunes. Soundcloud and followed in on Twitter twenty four seven. Dbongino.

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