Macaulay Culkin and Jennifer Candy Talk John Candy and candy


Yeah. Fine me gag with you, the the brand the full die Killian the packing house. Hey, hey, hey, what's going on Vanak stick? So lazy gentlemen? We have a very very special guest this week. Yeah. I think very special right? It's very special very very very special very very special varies there. Yeah. Very. You want to get the right amount of not overdo it. So. On June candy. Hello. Hello. Carry you. Good. How are you doing? Good good. It's been forever since I've seen you. I know I know I we met what thirty years ago the guy that was that was back. I was busy. You're a little busy. A little busy preoccupied. The bacon. Show. My parents who's boss. Look what I can give me, and my I was there bowling. Oh, yeah. The bowling those. I think when I got to hang out with you guys. The most was was bowling. And I got to bowling you guys had very much looks forward to that. It was like, oh there's going to be a bowling sequence. This is great fun. When you do other things, you're like, this is exciting gag xactly. You look forward to look to washing the dishes seen now. No, it's the bowling the bowling. So here you are in our lustrous studio. I love it. It's my living room get to meet my dog and one of my cats yet the next one not dude, he's a real, dude. He's a punk. They'll come out. They'll come visit. Yeah. He's the talkative one. He's the one who's gonna come out here and ruin. Jerry katelyn last week. It was just I had. I'd give him whatever he wanted because he wouldn't shut the hell on background like what do you want? And I think he thought his mother was in the other room. So it was just at the door right there. Just going at it going at it. All the dogs from Jerry too. Exactly. Rescue. I asked him how many dogs he had? And he was like it's an illegal amount. Didn't want to go into it. Get in trouble. I think he actually looked. No, I thought it was a joke. And it was like the more way. Hugh's edgy joke legal amount of dogs you're allowed. I think back in the day when my when we had all the animals with my dad, I think it was like two dogs per lake acreage that you had growing up here, and we have more than that. So I think my dad venture just bought more land. Had you acquire more exactly just buying Lynn. What's the legal amount? Okay. We're gonna buy this property and this property. Your neighbors. Dog houses. We're gonna see originally from Canada. You were talking before the podcast. I try not to talk too much before the podcast save it for the podcast the same thing. I'm horrible as I said, you should just start rolling. Exactly. Exactly. So you're from Canada originally. Yes. From Toronto from Canadian and Canadian Canadian. Yeah. It was born in Toronto and lived there till I was about six and then my dad decided he's like, okay, we're going to California. And so he moved us all out here. We went back and forth. Your vows are good. You're. I've except for when I drink or talk to my family too, much the outset about the boots. Or Jake over here. He tries to hide it. But he can't he can't you can't. It does it does. Old term manager when doing the pizza underground stuff, and he was the GAM totally Americanized. But it was the boots. That was it was only that it was only that one word that he couldn't couldn't couldn't hide it's hard one to hide. Casual comes out to like what? Phychi? Then you move to sing moved up here too. And we also were in Chicago lot too. Because a lot of the films are shot in Chicago. Oh young. So my dad ended up buying a place in Chicago. And we kind of like would go back and forth between Toronto Chicago, Los Angeles. And then I never really left Los Angeles decarla cheer, and then I moved to Chicago for two years. And then the winter was too cold. This is a problem with doing these John Hughes movies. I was like they were all set in the winter. It was always like fucking ass cold. Always always always always winter on love the winters. We're just gonna everyone's gonna shoot that. You think there was a discounters seasonal movies? And it's like why couldn't be like about summer camp? No, no, Christmas, Christmas one day. It was too warm. So they shipped in ice. Now. We're gonna make it cold. We'll make it even colder with train automobiles. They had to travel to this. No because it didn't snow the supposed to be snow. This is supposed to be a thanksgiving film. And they couldn't find snow anywhere. Like travel everywhere for you chasing, the snow. Oh boy. Your father actually did. It's funny because when John Hughes passed away a lot of people thought of Molly ringwald, which but she she actually did as many John Hughes movies as I did which is not even saying that much where it's your father did nine movies with him. He nine movies with my dad and John Hughes. They did they they click together. So they just wanted to continue making movies together. It was one of those things when my dad would be like Carew writing you better be writing something because I gotta go find a project, I need to buy a house for my dog fact. Something. I got two kids and ten animals. Anymore? Anchorage. So that's what he did. Yeah. It was it was great bay. The two of them. Two of them are to Nepad. They were awesome. Yeah. John's the John. Yes. Yes. We love the drums. So you were hosting a show for a while. Couch. Can't catch couch candy, which is great. It's very alliterative. Thank you. Came up with it literally sitting on a couch at work one day. It was like show called couch, candy and gonna. Everyone's gonna people kind of like what you do at home. But I just did it on the couch recorded it, and it was fun anymore. Couching? I need more couches. Yeah. Yeah. Couches life. Someone said we'll have what used to chairs. I go guys the shows come couch. Candia you cannot let me the show, but people can see you better onto chairs go. No. You on this? I mean, maybe the joke is that you never are on a couch. Really steer away from this. We're on apple boxes anything. But exactly. Hand servants. Tell me about it. I created showcase. Kenny were interviewed alumni of second city SETV and people who knew my dad grew up with them. It was kind of to give people because everyone would always asked me is like, oh, what was it like to grow up with those people, or what was it tell stories and all that? And I was like it was fun to say stories, but I was also kind of like, let me just have other people tell the stories all record it. And and then they can hear all these stories, and I grab we have so many like family photos that my mom took. So I kind of try to pull photos from there and do like video clip. So just kind of you know, it's awesome. So it was it was a fun show. That was doing it second city in Hollywood here. And I did an episode. A couple of shows in Toronto they opened a John candy box theatre, which was the training center for kids at the second city there. They opened up a theater named after my dad did Eugene, I had Eugene Levy on my show and. Firstly the popped in my head. It was like get Levey yesterday. Eugene, actually, handsome one. A party. You're handsome, flatter me. Sooners on my show in Hollywood, Eugene, your hands ravishing. His ravishing. He's very very DEP or this glasses and his suits. And very, yeah. This very very all. There's the Katie here. Now, she till you something just pops into his and he has to talk. Yeah. He's he's very hands on. That's the thing is mother loves them so much but Jesus Christ. I am so tired today. He kept on waking me up. I am a fracture of a man right now because I've stupid cat. I swear I love him to death. So did you learn anything new about your father? You didn't know before? Gosh, I'm sure there was plenty of stories that you weren't privy to so many stories, I think there's it was more. There was one story of the Dave Thomas told that he was talking about the Wendy's. Wendy's. Everyone. We know that. Now the other day the Bob and Doug McKenzie. Just watching the Windies training videos, OFI, she and fresh fish Cambridge's love us where patties. The other ding. All right. Let's exciting story. You went envision that. Dave Thomas, you're more than that's what I'm gonna do close my eyes, and you told me. And you told me you told me what they were talking about. How unstaged my dad would do a scene. And there was he had picked up Dave on one arm. And I think it was like, Dan ackroyd in another arm, and he had like spun them around on stage in Chicago. You know? And and so Dave always has that vision of just like being spun. Surpri airplanes been. Not only done only to my dad improv every well, he was also great physical comedy. And like picking everyone up and all that there is there's a lot of his heard before. But I think it was just hearing other things I think it was also hearing like sometimes my dad's like insecurity with like he didn't think that he was that good of like improviser or anything like that. You kind of just hilarious. You're amazing. Exactly, everyone has their own insecurities. Of course. Of course, we hold my mind's my cat. That's why we have pets. Exactly take it out on them a best it every day. Mother didn't love you so much. I swear. Well, that's cool. Let's see do you have a cath no hair on the Katherine Katherine is the only one that. I haven't been able to have on because every time my schedule with hers, and she was always doing shits creek at the time. But it was Andrea Martin Joe Flaherty, Jerry O'Connell. I had on my show from your exactly. It was great Jerry was everyone's series greet. Jerry's awesome. He was he was on the show. And everyone was if it would just loved hearing histories. I think he was at the time. He had just had an issue with with the genius bar at apple. And so he told us about that for his story going half hour about something like that. He did. Yeah. It was one of my favorite. He's great. He's such a talker. I worked with him. I met him originally when I was working on defenders which was with him and Jim Belushi, which was a law show that the done I thought it was the daredevils not the. With that. I know. This which are aren't fist. But no, I met him there. And then from that from that point on we've always we've always been friends, but he's great. But yeah, I've had and then there's like there's a bunch of other actors like Mike Haggerty who is a big Chicago actor and character actor, and he was on friends, and I've got a lot of people on where they're like who is that. And then they come and see and they're like, oh, I know that guy or I do. Who that character actor that from zillion things like those are my favorite shows are the ones where people are like wait who is that? And then they're like, oh my God. They had such amazing stores. Yeah. Because these are really talented people that people need to like been around you need to educate yourself, and one of the reasons I also did the show was because you want to learn people's names. I wanna learn people's names. And easiest remembers. Couch MacAulay Culkin MacAulay Culkin MacAulay MacAuley, MacAulay MacAuley. Macaulay Culkin mouthful MacAulay MacAulay Kokin Kokin Culkin poking. That's my name. Go down to the courthouse going. Yeah. Paperwork first week, April even working on your signature for that. Well, no, I mean, it's just double it. Surprise the first time you do it. You're going to be like, wait. I don't know how to do this. Here's the thing. That's going to be bothersome is the autocorrect on on like filling out things buying plane tickets, or whatever it's going to be try to keep on putting my old information. Yeah. So it's gonna it's going to be going to be some nuisance there. For seeing some some some troubles. But also, I want to see them passport. That's what I wanna see. I wanna see MacAulay MacAuley Kokin Kokin. That's what I want. Yeah. Seeing you'll see that. It's happening. Yes. I'm going in like three weeks and going down to the courthouse. Hang I talked to a county clerk in everything. Yeah. When you get your passport photo. Can you also put your name on your passport photo? So that you could see my head. Foreheads there. So strict passport photos now, you can't smile. You. Can't do anything. Yeah. I know. Right. It's canada. You the dishwashers going? I know which saying it's alright Stu can you hear it is it bad? Okay. Dishwashers going goes to see, you know, the places really clean. It is. They're they're doing their dishes. Great, my specialty friend. She was like, oh, you're having guests over like, let me let me the dishes. Let me straighten up and do dishes. Very to dishes in the sink like get around the whole. I can't complain because you know, what I hate doing dishes. So. It's not my favorite thing to do. Yeah. It's actually pretty good about cleaning in general. Yeah. But it's the dishes. That's the one that gets me that one uncle buck. You're doing the dishes. Fucking circle. This is my second. Still mugging puckish. Scratchy back. Additions? So speaking your show always been a big fan of his kind of dropped off the map, but rip arenas get him. I did not. Okay. I know he's he's someone that. I I know he's coming back again. He's coming. He's coming back. He's kind of not necessarily resurfacing he's always been. He's always been around. And he just kind of took a break with his way. He was taking care of his kids. And he was always doing he his kids went to school with my younger brothers. Yeah. Yeah. So like this. Vic Marin, but he was doing he let music and voice overs. Yeah. He was brother making spread there. Her bare dabbling, Bob, Bob and Doug version of brother bear. About that teaches Senate. Also, no, he's great ice on him though last year at SETV the was doing the reunion show, which Martin Scorsese's drifting for Netflix. Yes. I wanted to ask you about that that's going to be. So they did a live show of it in wasn't mother's day of last year, which was awesome. And then they're going to compile make some sort of documentary of it. And I have no idea what they're doing. And. No, I do when it's coming out. Even though my brother, and I did some sort of up front for at last year promoting saying, yes, it's coming to any minute. Scorsese was too busy working on vinyl. Another thing. Like Scorsese's something to career recently. It was like, well he's supposed to be focusing on this documentary right now, he's a busy man that much just easy with such a huge fan of TV. Like, I he knew every sketchy new sketches that I didn't know I was just like I was sitting here are like he came over. And I was talking and I was just an odd. It's like, oh my gosh. I am talking to Martin Scorsese right now. And he is how outing quoting right now. And I'm just I'm like this is phenomenal. I just stared his eyebrows little time. He's got he's browse, man. He's got browse. But he's just this personnel. He's just seems really electric he's but he's the if I can say he's the cutest, gentlemen adorable. The door -able just say he's getting more and more durable with age. You watch in taxi driver like that's creepy. Little guy. And now you're going to be my own goal. Door of your cute. No. But it's great those Rick marina, someone I'd love to talk to. Definitely. But also I talked to him just in general not necessarily in front of every. Oh that too. I love that. I can do that. Where I like, you know, see how he's doing check in with everyone. Yeah. I wouldn't interview with him like New York magazine or something like that. I was going to look at it was like the first we didn't interview like fifteen years kind of thing. The thing is like. I'm just I'm living in a living m Park Avenue south right now, looking at just just might my kids are now old enough. Now, I'm thinking about my toe back Lauder. He always had this thing. It was a I don't know where this started. But it was the imagined Marin is in a bathtub. But then it became marina soup. Because like this is in his soup. So no every time I think Rick Marin is envisioned him in a bathtub stewing himself specific kind of notes. There was a base. Sue, just cutting carrots onions and celery into into his bed. The he's like Ryan a soup. Idea where that came from? But they bunny s very much is exactly the culture. And if he's in the culture, you know, and he's chopping up. The. Onions. Rabbit to exactly stew. Rick. We're in soup, and they were like nine years old ten years old. I thought was the most Larry's thing I like eighteen Rick marinas. That's great every time. I think of him see with the glasses on and everything just like in the bathtub just just soup. Ing what an imagination I know. I know. No. Rick. We're in aside. What would you pair that with? Or go with white. Why not early so? Yeah. Yes. No. Of course, we all know pair Reina's with find crazy person. No short, you know. Yeah. Sounds. Good. Sounds good. So you worked doc about your father. Yes. Yes. There was there's actually two docu. There's there's a couple of documents memories. They did. They did. I think you needed one, right? When he passed, and then biography did another one and then a couple years later. They did it was called the two coreys. Yeah. Blue still double in there. It was it was for the Toronto Argonauts, and they kind of did like an encompass of his whole entire life. And then it led into him. Owning the Toronto Argonauts with. You're gonna cheat. It only. Yeah. He owned the Argonauts with Bruce McConnell, and Wayne Gretzky, so and then that was and then Bruce McNall Nubians, I know. Canadian my dad couldn't play football. So he just bought a team. So that was that was that was. Bravo to him. Shoes. Do you have to fill for that? Do you want to be like your dad? I was like I just wanna make John Hughes movies with my football team. Did. So. But then they they still the because over speak. No kind of got into a little bit of trouble financially. What do you mean? Was paying some all the all the revenue that was coming from the Toronto Argonauts ticket sales was going to paying off the debts from the Los Angeles Kings. Wow. And so kind of he spent grit ski was on the kings. And Wayne Gretzky was on the king. It's all connected. Dad was lucky though, my dad my dad was what to say how does connect to your father? Grown in. He got thrown in he, but he capped out like financially like he like only put in a certain amount of money and everyone else put in shipped on money. And so the pace. Yeah. He was just the man he was a face, ma'am. And but he he wanted book Wayne Gretzky guy, we want we won't then we want candy. And that's what Tronto on it. Really? But Gretzky to I don't know. Kristie was amazing. It was it was an very it was a very an electric time for trial. The Argonauts won the great Cup in ninety one. And they think you'd wanna create Cup since like create the team. Yeah. But it's is it we're Flutie played. No. Ludi and rocket Ishmael. Who was yes. Whole. That was the whole thing is he turned down going to the NFL and went to the CFO. And everyone was like what he's nut. I love that a great nickname to rocket Smith. Yeah. But no that was yes. My dad owned football team. So that was that was pretty epic. That's cool. That's a real weird. Okay. Are you into football or Gino? I am. I prefer I prefer the CFO like I. Shorter field and stuff don't they long longer field area. That's longer field wider field bigger balls. Go on. I have to say. Wow. Bowls big bowl. I like more like a rugby ball. So those are the balls we're talking about, but it's rugby and shape in bolts. The tiny rugged or rugby. Copy. Sports. But no, it's fun. And they also it's a faster pace game. They do not stop the clock every single time. I think what the NFL they constantly stop the clock. And it takes for good. It's like three and a half hours to watch fifteen minutes players last Super Bowl if any. I've been out here for like this past year. So I've been watching the Rams this team's gonna go. They're gonna take it all the way. And it was just what it was just agonizing. It was what it was. It was very of the country too. So I had to watch it like at four AM. And so I'm already tired shit. Yeah. And it wasn't long commercials. For anyone who had a ritual that I knew in the grid. Speaking rather had a commercial and the Super Bowl. But but he it had aired before. So it wasn't technically a Super Bowl commercial. But it was a typical was your real commercial. It wasn't a news of cover show. But like the commercials were just mediocre. And because I remember you you would watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. And it was. In the what's the monkey baby. Like the mountain to you one. The rita's Rita. Girl. They're all they're all great. And he was more a Lopez for a minute for a day. Jay. No, not making that up. Twenty four hour. Yeah. Exactly changed. Yeah. Mind sports. Yes, I like to see a foul hockey. Do you? Do you watch the NFL though? I do what your team. I I am a bears fan. That's where I go. My husband chargers. And so it's torn house, but. The different the different conferences, different conferences. So that's okay. That's okay to fight every three years that because you going to the Super Bowl face. I'm actually more of a giants fan New Yorker. Great treated dill Beckham yesterday. Look the best receiver in the NFL to draft picks him. No, it's it's it's it's good. I enjoyed any sport. Really? I'll watch you watch basketball, Gino, even watching the basketball. So watch the basketball. Shoot hoops. I am horrible at shooting hoops. I am actually see me do it. And I am absolutely horrible. Do this the play horse shorten it to pig too? I'm going to shoot a home runs. You long. I went to a hockey game. Once. Hey, I was Roman was live, and we Houston and bring a friend of mine, there's these I just always remember these couple next sitting, and they were so drunk, and we call them the their name was like, Jerry, we had nicknames for them and everything, but the woman was plastered. And she was like, she get the basket and get the ball in the basket. And you're like, what sport are you wanna do right now. Like, just shoot the basket. Clearly doesn't know where she is right now. It's the puck. And it's in it straight. Touchdown. Yeah. Honey. Oh, gosh Baldy, Jerry because the guy was bald. That's now. I remember. I can't believe I apologize to anyone. Bald in the right now. But I did call him Baldy. We're looking Stewart's here, by the way, guys. Sit here being Creevey. Oh, jerry. Wow. His name. We're here for this. Joe Alger there. But it was great impure entertainment. Nice. Nice. I need to take a p going. So let's take a little break go for. So here's a good time for commercial or something like that. Here we go something moves or something. On this day in science Harlow Chablis and Hieber de Curtis held the great debate on the nature of nebula galaxies and the size of the universe at this. Massoni museum of natural history. Sharply argued that the universe was so big Curtis's mother was able to use it as a bath towel Curtis. Respectfully disagreed asserting that the universe was. In fact, so big shop Lee's mother mistook it for her own shadow. Both men were later kicked out of this Massoni and for causing a disturbance. I'm Mary Tyler most this has been this day in science. Twenty six minutes into the puck. Yes school. Yeah. All right. No, I saw the red light. This is for everybody. Not just for me just with a room for everyone. Door. Yeah. Getting a little little Durst on you. I. So I missed part of that conversation out of the room being you're paying and. Yeah. Going back to the CF L Machado Argonauts and just being how it was like, George jig the other Canadian Jay, and it just how it was surreal time and saying the Argonauts did these like back in the day. My dad did these commercials. And so he was in Rome doing commercials for season tickets for the Toronto Argonauts, he was in Rome about Toronto any would actually there's you can go on Tron. It's like Twitter pages where they they posted all of these things, but it was like one of those things where they had gear phones going in the my phone's going to at the same phone, you'll go crazy. Well, just merge calls. It was really great because they it was hysterical because they were interviewing they were asking people in like, Rome. Like, oh, do you like the like, and they were dubbing over co? And they're like, oh, we run. With very dated. And it was hysterical. And very funny. So yeah, you said they were replaying them again we need to. I think they were just reshow them just because it was my dad's. It was. Gosh, twenty fifth anniversary how many years is he spent gone wage long. But on on the fourth was twenty five years, so go jeez. We're all getting older. So they brought those back to just kind of lost. When I was like other what thirty. Think about it. I was like oh God. It's a lifetime. Exactly. Yeah. No, I've been like twelve different peoples. Amount of times. I've changed my hair color. It's ridiculous. Do you remember when we first met because I don't I don't really like I said, it's it's the bowling alley is the only vivid like actual encounter that. I remember. And I think no I wasn't very memorable. You were. And I think it was the world eight. Remember what I had for breakfast? It was I remember I just remember being in the bowling alley. I remember they put me in a scene. Like, it was I was always putting scenes, but always cut out of every scene to reunite of your dad's film. So I was like, oh, yeah. But cutting I've never I've never seen. The shooting parts. They never real follow it, which would have been really sad. If like I was getting agents. Do you have a real? I was like here's everything from when I was five nothing from one. I'm twenty. Materials better than Sofia Coppola cz. Cohn rep born I'm not saying. I play neutral. Good for you. Good field. I am Canadian. We get sound mixing everything Coppola burn. So you're real. That's a great deal. Really nothing that exciting. Godfather threes. Name disney. But that's about it. But no, I'm like that was I I remember the bowling alley and you being at the bowling alley. Yeah. And I think that was during in between takes to both. That was that was it busy. You were making a film. It's also with the kids. Also, like, you always they want you to have a lot of lot of energy. Yeah. But then they also want you to turn it off when the cameras off, and you can't. So it's always about keeping the kids busy. So we're shooting at a bowling alley to just keep bowling pacify. Exactly. And then I remember you guys had to go to school at one point. And I remember going back to the school with you guys. And you were learning something I was like I don't have to be here. What back bold new? Remember? Why don't remember because I was jealous. Not going to sit there looking multiplication. Bowl did. You just block that all out because it was traumatizing pure pure visceral hatred. We never talked from that point on until now. I still. Straight back right back at you. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for having me. That's it guys. What do we have thirty six minutes? Not even. Even. Bryce on. Wow. Where two time. All right, right. It's one of my hidden talents. So I just found out. Did a camp candy. Yeah. I did. I did I got to do a couple of voices. It was the second season. I got to do voice of Vanessa the valley girl, and my brother got I can't remember he had another character. That was created for him. I love Kim kings. Can't he was great. And I always feel like it was like you can it was like, yeah. I did like to episodes in the second season. And I wasn't the original Vanessa like me Vanessa. I don't know. I can to notice it was nine years old. No one no one. No. But I remember I had to I remember headed audition for that. My dad was like your audition for this. And I was like, okay NAN. I remember he was in a couple of sister. He may he I told my dad I said I wanna do valley girl Vanessa was valley, girl. She's like, oh my God. Like, really, and I remember doing that. And my dad wouldn't no don't do that. And I was like, but she's do better do better 'cause she's do your. He was like be a real beer, do your real voice. And I was like I was like, no. But I really and we had an argument over how I do. And he's like I want you to just read the script and not do voice, and it was like fine. And we had this huge argument about it. And I did the way he wanted. And then we went in with the casting director Judy mcsween at the time. And I did it that way. And she's like, Jennifer I'd like you to do it with an accent. And I remember looking at my dad in the window. Really? Would you like to do a valley girl exit? And she was like, yeah. That's exactly exactly letting. Letting. Down. He was like. I was just trying to have her be herself. Your father was there in the casting room to. The producer. So still little bit of a little bit of dose. Still. There's so many layers there. But it was your dad was like, nah, no. She's not. Getting dinner tonight. I wouldn't have cut out of everything. Never got to know. Shoes are way too big to fail. Why became an actor? I'm not sure. So loaded. Hear me what a straight me a different direction. No camp. Candy was great. I also got to do some voices. He'd had a show called radio candy, which was radio show and radio candy with a K. So people throw people. When people know which came. Really? But no they shot that up in Toronto. And then the eventually some shows here, and it was it was kind of like a variety hour of the had all of his friends. He came they devices sketches along with like music stuff. And so I remember doing a couple little voice over things that they needed a little kid. I would do that. And that was always with kid Lewis get to Canada that. Do you do a good amount of a voice work, Gino what? Because everyone wants to do more voice work even people who work on voiced they go because it's so easy on your pajamas. It's the greatest thing. No. I did not. No, I I I've done surprisingly enough. That's what I've done older did a lot of Disney voice over stuff in the. That's always it's always been. I'd love to get into it more. It's just it's it's not gonna easy. It's still really you have to be really animated animating. That's the trick. You have to use your face in your hands. A lot Abby thing is there's not a camera on you. There's there's a microphone in front of you. And you still have to be you can't just stand there going. This is. You have to like you. Get into it. Exactly. And then I think that's kind of cool because then the animators will actually go based off of like. They do it. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Yes. Of course. Because again, it's it's easy. And you can do four episodes of something in one sitting. It's because I had a I like many people like your father had a set any morning cartoon show as well. Everyone had Rosie O'Donnell. I think at one point how how Mandel it's a bummer is world world voice on Bobby. Okay. That's where I was going. Yeah. Yeah. Bobby's world. Dad's best friend Tino on a plate. Ted. And so I was like everyone was like I'm glad it's like, my uncle, Tino, Ted voice over for that. And because it was the same producer Ginny. Maxine who produced candy also produced bobby's. Yeah. I forgot you had your was terrible. It was it was really. It was terrible. We was on Saturday mornings. Right. Was it put us up against the ninja turtles so. They go, right. I'm dig up. That what's that? How many seasons of that? Just one one. Oh, yeah. I I think we got about a dozen or so out of it something like that. It's one of those things that I'm both like proud and shamed of at the same time. It's proud team team. Did anything that you're prochaine to? Oh, gosh. We need a whole other. Forty now probably. No, I can't think of anything. I'm actually. Everything I do is probably a proud game. Honestly, feel the same way. I'm pretty much about everything in general. It's like I'm very proud of that. Very proud. Yeah. Whenever somebody like flatters me about something. I'm like God. This like that thing. Listening party mushroom just like the next guy. But Jesus Christ looking. Yeah. College probably was a whole project. College experience. Did you go? I went to loyal Mary about university, which is right element. Which is the giant home of Hank gathers and Kimble. No. That's that's where I went. And it was great. It was fun. Feeder of your full for years and four years I wanted to do college. It was kind of one of those things that my dad didn't go to college. And so he was like very out of courses important. It was one of those things classics. That'll chestnut is exactly what it was. But I enjoyed it. I joined the social aspect of it. I enjoyed the learn just like drama musical theatre. It was a combination of both. But I did it was so funny. I went because I was like I'm going to be an actor. But did nothing I did a couple acting classes, but I did everything else but acting stage makeup did stage managing. Directing. And so I ended up my thesis was in directing. And so I decided little shop a horrors that was my that was my senior storing recurrent a soup. Even at even added my dad's character because when play on the name winkle, that's the only part that. I remember wiggle buses. Not that we will. Not ripping winkle. But okay, come on people. You'll probably. Now. Shows. I'm planning on right now. But I had his character. Because he was the radio the radio host interviewing Rickman, wink, wink of Beth this a wink weakened soon van winkle. Everything is. So that was also I had that little bit added that into my my. Because it's not in the flavor. Yeah. That was my little Omar. And thank you to him. But college I I enjoy college erected that directed that. I did senior that was my senior thesis and I actually directed. It was I was Oklahoma. You know that look. They picked shoe musicals. It was Jesus Christ superstar and little John award. Oh, man. I wish I see more was also play Jesus. I was really hoping for anything goes, but find any get your gun. Little shop Lahore's. And so that was. A fun fun fun play to do next. So you carry a tune? No, no, no, not at all. Two people that love me love, my voice. Angel. But yeah, the more the more you think about like. Yeah. They have to say that. I had to do a soul when I was living in Chicago. I did the conservatory there which was the training program for a second second city, and our final show of friend of mine. He wrote a solo for me to sing. And I was like oh good lowered. And I really didn't sing it. I spoke sung it. It was. I did this because I was I was so nervous so nervous. And I had like it was cram. It was one of those things where you're the stereotypical the lady singing by the piano, and it was that. And it was a song called drinking for two. So it was like you would reveal and I was pregnant, and I was drinking for two when it was this like very very duet. Not to do it will I guess. Maybe you're holding them like to your stomach also. She was drunk and drinking for two, and it was the can my friend, my friend wrote it for me. And I it was a great song. And it got lots of laugh, but I was terrified to sing it because I just didn't think I could sing I love singing, don't you should have been drunk. I should have been. Probably should have been. But I didn't. Ban a lot of liquid courage. You get up there. I was that kid that was like, no, I'm not gonna drink while I'm doing a show. And now, I'm like, yes. Yes. Yes. Just gonna fish this college also taught me about to say. Hold your like exactly or not majored in. Yeah. And you said you were doing a lithium classes and things like that like. Kind of what a sketch comedy kind of like background like I mean, like do you see where? I mostly I did mostly second city. Second city, Los Angeles, Chicago. No. Told me that I should. That one was just kind of looking at looked at a book. Oh, this looks. Yellow pages. It was in our lineage, and I gravitated toward because the comedy shops named empty day. I know it was everyone asks me they're like because they everyone comes to be. And they're like, well, I want to study where to go groundlings. Do I do this joy? And I was like, look, they're all amazing. And I did I said at groundlings too. And I love groundlings groundlings is more character work in second city at the time was more on samba work, and you work as a team. And so I wanted something was also. So that no one had to focus on me that everyone was the group. I'm sure there'd be some pressure. Welcome in there that first day. That's also terrifying. Because. You're not funny. Terrifying. Double it with the when it comes to your last name believe me, look, it's it's it's hard to have a first impression when you have a name like that. But it's you do the best you, can and you hold your own, and that's less. You can. Let's go win fine. This making. To the touring company. Let's say. No addition twice. And they both said, no, no, no. But when I think about it at the same time, it was like, I really don't think I wanted to do the touring company because I was in Chicago at the time because it was like, I was homesick. I was like I'm ready to come back to LA. Yeah. And so that when I came back to LA, I did shows how long did you do it for? I was in Chicago for two years, and I did the training Edwards in the box office, and I did classes and. We're gonna mop the floors. You do whatever it takes you. You have the choice to either be like part of the wait staff or bartending. And I was like. I don't know why they threw me in the box office. But I was just we gig. I loved the. Boxoffice tables. Exactly. And I got to got to answer phones. And it was a it was a lot of fun. You got to meet some really interesting characters. And I remember there was one time. There was a gentleman who came up to me. There are a lot of people love to just tell you who their favorite people are or why I love gene, Levy, exactly the to tell you their least favourite people are. And so I was there selling tickets to this one gentleman initiating this who you seen this candy person. She's terrible. Guy come up to me. And he was like oh my God. I love SETV was so great. I love more of the later years, you know, with work marinas and all that was like, oh, yeah. No. It's great. You know, it was horrible on the show. And I was like, oh, no oh John candy God. He's. Really, I'm sorry that you feel that way. Just look being the. He went on. I do the same. It's honestly it throws me off. Sometimes. Like when he's my brother, and I are very it's like we look the same. But we're also very as my husband says, it's like when you smile you or your dad when your brother frowns, he is your. What you've got the like the swap face. It's like bazaar. No. It's comedy drama thing. I think sometimes brothers a little funnier than I am really. That same feeling about. My brother said it become funnier. Is worked on it. Being funny. He is my mom and hysterics work on her. Show approval. I'm gonna I'm gonna beat you with this funny thing. Yeah. It's my my brother's hysterical. But yeah, no the guy could proceed to keep telling me just on how horrible hated drunk any that my friend who was working the box up. He turns over he says are you gonna buy ticket or what? Or you just need to shut up. Let's see. I would always go go on. I know. Yeah. No. I just I just I just kind of smile really space. Specific details because you have this deep rooted hatred. I'm so sorry. Whatever your trial. Bill more quickly. I know. But you know, you don't say anything you just kind of smile and say go on go get going. Only give me more give you. So we like to play a game on this on the show. Okay. So I was not told games. Well, it's a standard. It's standard chess clock. Right. So bank. Right. So category. Usually the looser the better so against inter chess clocks, if I hit this your time goes if you hit yours goes until we go down to zero. So we pick a category like, whatever street names, and we keep on naming as many street names as you possibly can we run out of time. Okay. So was the pressure. No. I was not games. So I that I listen to the Catholic. If I didn't do it all the time. But I wanted I wanted to do with you. I hadn't done awhile a while. And since. When we Jerry O'Connell on. We gave him sliders. Yeah. So we ate sledders kit from sliders. Talk about sliders while eating slider. We did absolutely all believe me. I got these guys on the Mike just so they can talk about sliders, then get on this show bringing that back. They're talking about. I know. So I figured since you know, since we did sliders with him. And I wish you do types of candy. Oh, I like that any kind of candy. Yes. You can go nuts. It can be specific brands. It can be types. Whatever candy. Okay. Okay. Okay. So you started off you say something. And then you hit your clock. Presser wavell. I say the candy then I hit the clock in the back. Oh, okay. Coffee, crisp Eminem's kick Pianim's warheads. Ltd's servers. A. On thinking sodas skittles. Arrow bar Snickers Cadbury cream eggs. Specific Easter that's mountains. Joy damage. That's where I was going Rollo. Remember those score bar weren't Thor's. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. My way blinking on knows. This game. Is hard crackle own a sweethearts. All those are good. Red vines pixie sticks. The dots on paper, Mr. good bar. Oh, the wax bottle things. Been nip limber whenever I'm I'll go with something else. You can't even figure. The M's yet. Yes, I did peanut Eminem's. That's good. What was I thinking of now total road? Oh, gosh. Never going poopie or Tobu road. I'm gonna go with my fancy. No one's ever heard of it. It's the Hugh chocolate. Have you ever h you fancy organic go. Jelly beans. That's right. This game. The most obvious ones the continental omens those budgeted. Letting candy the winning almond winning omens. I'm going with it. How it allowed fuck? Mars bar. Ooh. Yeah. Fuck. No. I'm sitting to run in art. I know. Right. It is. Jeez. Why am I blanking? Completely candy right there. It's in the isle I can see it can see it. I'm walking by Carmo responses. That's paydays reese's. Peanut butter cups. Bars. Join mounds because I deny that song in my head. Don't. Vomit choice. Mounds don't I know? I know I know trying to trying to think of things. Covered. Pretzels. Snickers? Yes. Yes. We did. Time she down to eight and a half seconds. Eight point four second Yuji great. I was down to eight seconds. That's that's. This was a tight match those those that was quite challenging right, especially I have with my show couch. Katie I ask all the guests. What their favorite candy is. And I was like trying to. I can't even remember what their favorite candy was. Spreading me. A lot of people like black licorice. Say black flooding cheesy. Not. This game seems really easy. And then it's it's brain farts. I mean, that's really what it is. Is the vaguer the subject the harder. It is why they continental to omens. But are the also called? Figure that out. Censo- like very dapper almonds, but they're called something else and all them continental Dever, British temper nuts. Burnett proper nuts proper nuts. Thank you. Yes. So things up right now for this week. Do you have any your socials that you wanna plug or anything? On Twitter or on Instagram at the real Jin candy. That's nice the Reno the real deal though. Real like. Yeah. Just because there was there was another girl that was trying to pretend to be a Jennifer candy who would actually send. I don't know if it was Jennifer candy. But she was she long story short. I know you're trying to end the show. No, no, no. We're not in a hurry. There was a casting director. I was working with and she came up to me. And she says I just got this letter in the mail, and this woman is going around saying if John candy had a daughter, this would be me. Pedia-? No. And so she hands me this letterhead, and it's this girl, and she has this envelope. And it's her face on it. And it says if if John candy had a daughter, you should hire me, and I went, I know, but that's just me. Me. But she also took your name. I don't actually took Jennifer as well. But it was very bizarre. And I'm looking around, and I kind of in that mood where I was like, no, I'm going to say the real real. I was something. I was still Cisco for a long time, which means sweet in Spanish, and my Spanish teacher gills this girl. And then everyone when everyone be like, how do they follow you on Instagram like Dil girl near like what minute was like just I'm gonna keep it real. I gotta keep it. So Instagram and Twitter at the real Jen, candy won't change it. And that's where I'll be. You can go to YouTube. I've got some of the couch candy shows up there. So people can check cool just search couch candy, and hopefully that pops up with the c c. Any other things you want to plug getting projects. Couch. I had a baby. So I'm taking a little. Is it ugly? No, I'm so lucky ugly, baby. 'cause you just yes, a mom. You have to go. No, he's so adorable. What and you know in deep down, you know, that he's not. But no this one this one Finley. He I lucked out. He's old is it. He's four months old right now. So he's still he's still in the a baby stage. So he looks like a baby. But he's he's he's actually I lucked out. So he's he's great. So I've been busy doing that. So catch candy. I wanna come back and do some more shows later on and I've got some other projects and just been auditioning. When you should you should invite me. I'll totally talk about you. Yeah. Yeah. That'd be great. That'd be great. I love I would love to have you on the show. A b you're youngest guest. Sixty seventies cherry Connell because he was he was probably the do. Now. Now, you will basically he's forty five. So. I know he looks great old guy. I nobody loose. Great. Yeah. He loves baby weight. I know I know baby he usually really sensitive about it. So I love teasing about him being chubby, John. I think every every every everyone has a chubby child. Exactly like, we all we all went through that awkward. I think everyone goes to that ridiculously awkward phase of. Yeah. Adorable. You should've seen the debt. Yeah. Great. I always say I was adorable. My husband's is with that haircut. True love. I'm gonna credible coal at the Instagram's or no that's on the Twitter's at incredible coke and coca menia on the Instagram. Well, no, I think it's a Larry's. I love it. I think it's come to bunny ears calm for some comedy. But here's web is also on the social so do that kind of stuff. We also have a voice mail phone number. What is it? It's eight something something. Eight four five easy hoax. That's right. Eight four five easy hoax, and we'll play some book in voicemails. Yeah. This the other show. The I said it's eight four five easy. Everyone may. Everyone. Name him is pervert P R, E R T. He obvi- ESE. I too am. I told me that I have along the giants. But Kelly, I'm Leslie I've fifty five I'm on the loan. That's kinda fucking scary. But just wanted to say, hi, good luck on the podcast. Cool. Great to see of it watches sent us a little by. Hey, my name's tesla. Just want to say, that's my dick. Fine. Gag take me to the on the rent.

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