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Dr. John Howard 12-15-19


Good Morning America. This is the cats roundtable John Katzman fees here Sunday morning well electronics. That gave him more and more complicated -tated with us this morning. Dr John Howard and years President of the Electromagnetic Technologies Company. A high tech check engineering firm and a manufacturer of the state of the art radio and microwave systems are good morning Dr Howard. How are you this morning? Ah Good Morning John. I'm very well thank you Dr. Five G. is coming out sooner this year next year. And there's there's a lot of people concerned that five G. could be harmful. Can you describe to all the American people they're harmful Aspects of five G. Yes in particular five G. has certain frequencies as we call them. Rat Rat are very high and high frequencies a harm in a person's brain and ice and therefore these very dangerous for a net for especially for young children and domestic to give animals as well The issue a child is using a laptop or a computer any any article or a smartphone. And so on and so forth then radiation at those very high frequencies can an impact. It's progress it's brain power. It's eyesight and behind move for at Chai by the problem. Is that if you get a classroom of children together. Then we've many devices you now. Accentuate the problem loveland. Because you receive radiation from the other phones as well as your own particular at schools you're using a large number of computers that wirelessly connected then. There is a large amount of radiation. This that We've in the class so it seems that when you smoke and and you receive secondary smoke by other people so at this woman receiving not only you are on foam home radiation but you see with Secretary. Da Show from all these devices. That's around you so does that could be a very dangerous situation. I gained forty growing brain old for the eyesight of their young children that participate in class or at home or at a playground and so on and so forth so oh it is essential that they've warning be put be placed on devices. That use mealy meet the way we have it high frequencies that five G. can have that stayed that these devices aged could be harmful due to the cigarette packages that Taty at warning ahead for. Hey Listen Dr. How about adults and five G. affect them much? Of course. Of course he would affect them as well. It's especially the I was very high frequencies could blind person you have a phone owned who has certain powers they may. There may be in the same room with people with similar phones at the more power and that penetrates in the I And other baying by the I.. Particular could be harmful. It's like being in a smoke full room room if you're going into a room and everybody's smoking you all the oxygen getting his smoke under as lumping similar. You are receiving secondary radiation like you received secondary smoke as well as your How how fast On the company's putting out the five G. are they are they starting have. They started well with five G. at low frequencies has let's also harmful effects that five G. at the very high frequency. The problem is that these distribution of Bay St John's owns and the manufacturing of these phones are beginning to accelerate now to the point that in Okay year or two they would be perelman in our society and the phone. Companies must be knowledgeable of this. Are they using lower frequencies versus higher frequencies or where the companies do have the low frequencies but there are certain advantages with the high frequencies for them I for the manufacturers because they will make much more expensive products and they will lead many more products throughout the area. They want to deploy sehgal. I believe the boundaries are very white. Which means you can download fast? VM's and other big shots Josh. So fights zone so that these kinds of course yes you can download fast bad to the detriment of oneself so elliot gratitude manny before has back to shoot human and have people profit. So you're saying that on on on smartphones. Maybe you have a lower frequency versus a base behind your television set. Where you're downloading movies? I might be be a higher frequency. Where the higher frequencies have the advantage of being faster by so Other ways to make the lower frequencies being faster as well so the problem is that two of the companies acquire the very high frequencies for the consumer ever amount of licensing fees and even if they are not going to use them it would be you know thrown away money but so they will have to use them somehow. The problem let me just watch the use them. They endanger their fellow human now last year. We did a discussion on the the new trend in town. Electric cars and all the large car companies are all the sudden everybody wants to be the electric law business and there were certain dangers involved. It's like I I remember. We sat there was is sitting on top of electro-magnetic. Antennas Antennas after town tell all emergency an update on that Hula. Two kinds of Electric Devices Devices. One is direct current devices like for example battery which create magnetic fees which may affect you are a black your blasts ion and things like that which they I align themselves and there is the. At who they're more prevalent who each Create some radiation however low but. He's a continuance. In constant radiation is low frequency of course but still is there and that may also creates I've effect of low hedy and agitation of salaries so that has not been sorta lead investigated So that the conclusion can be reached. What else would you like to tell the American Martin people anything else on a Sunday morning? Who had festival? I would like to thank your station for discussing. This has issue shoot because they are both and and there's not much information provided either by government agencies or by Limit Institution Solution Regarding the effect of these radiation environment to human population. Well Dr John John Howard President of electro-magnetic Technologies. Thank you so much for enlightening the American people and we'll talk to you again in a few months. Thank you very much Sir thank you this is the catch roundtable. We'll be right back.

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