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This. Is Jordan Davis from the University of Northern Colorado and you're listening to the whole show on thirteen ten KFI K. Twenty three minutes after the hour. Welcome back to the whole show powered by PD energy joining me on our first event. It's hotline from altitude. TV Chris Dempsey Chris so many things to Pacman. It's absolutely crazy time we're getting the news. The Board of Governors and tends to. Plan to improve the League proposal twenty two team format. Let's get into that in a moment. I know you guys had a great opportunity to talk to coach Mike Malone about. But really about a little bit of everything including certainly what's going on? Today throughout our country. Yes yeah, yeah, yeah, he's been very outspoken about it and listen know he's one of the most thoughtful people you know. I I was saying this to somebody else. Recently, which was if I had to rank all the coaches that I've covered over a couple of decades in sports journalism you know just on. You know th their ability to communicate really well be very thoughtful and I mean Michael Malone is is maybe number one in that, but Yeah. He got it stuff. Stay and you know I think a lot of people. Have you know a brady? I think this is been a a point in time, which a lot of hearts and minds have been touched, and people have been very. Eloquent about speaking about that in and been a more willing to help be a part of loose part of the solution and Mike alone. is one of those and and Tim. Conley, as another, we chance to talk to him yesterday on Sports Social Show in a long long range, a wide ranging interview, so the nuggets response, especially from its highest You know quote, unquote highest ranking people has been been fantastic I. Think Brady. It's the response has in fantastic pretty much worldwide you. Well. There's there's a lot of negatives about twitter and facebook, but we were talking about this earlier. You are seeing some pretty powerful videos to their videos of a lot of people coming together. From from all walks of life and trying to get things right to so. Yes there can be. There can be some stuff on twitter that we don't agree. Agree on be videos. There could be riots, but at the same time man. If you look, you're gonNA, see a lot of a lot of positives going on in a as as coach Malone spoke about to. You're going to see some of those things and those are the things I think we need to latch onto. Yeah I. Absolutely agree. You know it's You know I. It's just been a lot more people willing to speak up and speak out and stand you know, stand with with the cause, four cars, and for humanity in me and. and so it is I think it's been great and you know obviously there. Obviously it's not every single person by and large. It's so many people and it's It's been really really good, and so we'll see because. You know what what's happening in the past and these kind of points. Is You know we? Did it strikes a chord with a lot of people, but you know time things fade away with time, and so you know the the real test I think is going to be over time and to see that when they are moments, that need people to rise up and you know act. That we are still is willing to do that down the road. As we all right now and so, but this is a it's been a great start in a great response by by so many people Chris Dempsey joining us from TV and for Chris to say somebody's the nicest guy like Mike Mullah because I. Always say this about you man when I first met you. I think I'm an Internet cafe or something, but I'm I'm Denver I I. Don't believe it was for training. Camp was a a random practice or something, but I met. You have read i. Read Your stuff on the Denver Post for years and I mean I've heard this from several young reporters so this this is you keep up the great work. They say Chris gave me all the tools I needed. He gave me confidence he he said reach out to me. You gave cell phone, numbers and emails, so man I mean hats off to you as well. My friend I say you're the nicest reporter I've ever met so for you say that about Malone at saying something. Bribery shape at. Things I've tried to do over the course of my career Is You know we we? What's the saying? MOM, each one lift one. You know I I didn't get to where I was without help. Without somebody you know, so. The the people in my time would have been like guys like Tj Saimaa. who used to be a a writer for the Los Angeles Times and spears, and Adam Schefter and you know these people who would read my stories and give me critiques, or in the case of Adam Schefter he was a guy that. Basically took me under his wing and said okay. Here's how you do. These are the questions you need to be asking athletes or coaches. This is how you write a story. This is how you uncover news and you know I. I. That has never I've never forgot that I've eternally grateful to those people and I. Just wanted to pay it forward. You know I, it's. it. This is not an easy business to get in and to thrive, and to you need allies, and you need people to help, and you need people to or just for advice, you know it's. It's. I want to be there for as many young reporters as possible because I know. There were so many that were there for me as well so I. Appreciate you saying that Man I'm it's something that I. Really do take seriously. Take a lot of pride in in regards to Michael. Malone. It's just yet. He's you. You don't run across a lot of coaches like that. You just don't and But he has one and It's the nuggets are really lucky to have him and We are a as media. Lucky to have a guy who cover that. Is that honest and quite frankly that friendly with the media when when when he meets with Melanie, also said something else Chris talking about what he expects from this team. He's pretty confident that Denver go to Orlando and. Not, just compete, but maybe when this whole thing. This whole unique is edited version of guess, a little bit of a regular season and postseason. But. Yeah, yeah, he's. Really came out strong, and in terms of that that one you know piece right there, which is listen. We think we can win the championship right now and you know it's I it. It is a lot different from what the listen to the. They always said this season. You know coming into this season. Hey, the goal is to win a championship. It just seems like it's a little more pointed right now. It's a little more. Definitive, as we are going to go there with the with the clear goal of winning a title and That's that's been a pretty eye opening. It really has been, and you know you know why, not them? Why not them? You know it's it's. It's a talented basketball team and. You know when you're talking about being led by a player, the caliber of Nicoli okay. It's you can. Just put! Up It seems like with ease, but not only that have those numbers really translate into victories far more than far more than than they don't been. Yeah, you have. The star piece covered You have a guy who's on the precipice of that in Jamal Murray I'm sure he's chomping at the bit to get down there, and and and you know continue you know his career and he was having a good season, and he wants to continue that as well and then. Guys like Michael Porter Jr. who will be healthy You know he spoke to us. About just not not feeling right after the ankle injury, and not you know just. He was being hampered by that so that is something that is healed totally and access to a gym. Gary Fill His game on the just fine. When he comes back, but yeah I mean listen. The nuggets are with thirteen, the western conference going into all this that that was for a reason, and so they should feel very confident about their chances of going down to Orlando and walking away. you know making a deep playoff run at the very least all right Chris. Take us through this then so my first question. Are we going? Are we receding here? Are We doing eastern conference? Western, conference IT'LL BE EASTERN CONFERENCE WESTERN CONFERENCE AND Yeah so. The you know. The. They'll play eight regular season games, and then if they need to do this and they'll play play in you know a play in series quote, unquote between the eighth and ninth seeds and so. basically, if the the the ninth seat has to finish the regular season within four games act. And if that happens, that'll trigger in the play in a scenario, and so it's a double eminem nation for ABC which means the would have to lose twice for the ninth seed but yet the nineteen only has to lose once to be eliminated in that so it gives the advantage keeps the advantage what they feed but it it it allows that ninth team to the the opportunity to. To win twice and and to get into the playoffs, so that that'll happen in both conferences, because the though the Washington Wizards are the Loan Eastern Conference team that will be included within the twenty two, and they are actual nine seat so they'll have to finish within a within four games of the. Orlando Magic to be able to trigger that on which quite frankly I think they will. Well off and it makes it interesting, too. I mean this is kind of playoffs before the playoffs, if AIG aims I, mean Portland's got almost view Portland, and as you said. A Washington. They have to view every game playoff game right now. If you want to try to get close and maintained that within four games, but yeah, they do and so I think if you're the Memphis Grizzlies. One of three and a half up. So, what is that about a magic number? Five something like that you know. A U U N Five Times. You just eliminate you. Know You keep you keep these teams. Four Games for You know four four games behind you. That might be bad math, but you know the act team just needs to keep winning. To keep to keep their to keep their their their their advantage. What it is at what it is right now, so you know for for for Memphis for Orlando. It's about continuing to win. For the rest of these teams. It's about taking advantage of the losses. That Memphis Orlando would will suffer the way and keeping yourself within that four-game thresholds to be able to check trigger it, but the one thing that we don't know just quite yet is how what will happen if the ninth seed if there are. If there are multiple teams. That are tied for the nineteen that are also within four games of the ACC, so you'd have to have some sort of tiebreaker among the night, Sita teams as well in the western conference. She able to determine which team then plays that a C team for for the play, and so there's just an added layer to that, but but It was really it's. It's really cool to see the dates and and you know they have the format really laid out. In front of us in full here today. Chris, what does that mean for next season? Does that mean? The season starts around having around Christmas? so the next season as I, see it. is going to start on December first or they will. the the the. Next training next year next season's training camp will. We'll start on November. Tenth the NBA said, and then then following season will start on December first and so you know what I? It's interesting Brady because. This gives them an opportunity to go either way in terms of if the NBA wanted to get their old calendar back, they could you know they just? They can just shrink next offseason and just say okay. You know we're. We're going to shrink it and we're going to start normally back in October again and. September and then get the season started back in October and get back to our calendar or They could say you know what we like. December first and so we're GONNA. Taylor it! We're GONNA have a full off these next year and the next to following season. We'll also start in on December first so. it's A. It's a really good question, but this December. First date is so in the middle of that that you know you could just shrink one off season. Get back to your old calendar and have regular every every year after that or you can do something different was so bad. That is going to be up to them, and we'll see where they're leaning here in the next over the next few months. It's going to be nuggets rockets. You think you thinking it'll stay. Stay that way. Obviously, there's a few things to sort out with games, but are we. Are we likely looking at a nuggets rockets first round? Yeah that'd be. That would be my guess Yes, Oh, but you know. Listen the Oklahoma City Thunder, so the rockets and the Oklahoma City. Thunder are both actually tied forty and twenty, forty and twenty four, so there can be some movement there the Utah Jazz is only a game ahead of of the thunder and the rockets, so there could be some movement within the Jazz Thunder rockets scenario so it would you know you might? Be playing any one of those three teams in the first round, and quite frankly the nuggets are only two and a half games in front of all those guys, so they're. They're going to have to play pretty good basketball to maintain the three spot. In the Western Conference and and make it so that. Well I. Puerto Venezia's doesn't matter as much anymore. Unless they do something to give the home team, a little bit more of a boost or the home court advantage, quote, unquote team, a little bit more of a boost in this scenario, but but yeah I. I. You know I think if we're looking at this. It's GonNa. Be The jazz thunder, or the rockets will be the nuggets opponent. One of those three we'll be the nuggets bonnet in the first round of the playoffs and you know well, we'll we'll. We'll take it from there and you know there I think they've been generally except for the Utah Jazz. They still had game to go against Utah. you know. They swept the Oklahoma City Thunder, and they were good, but not great against the rockets this season so you know I i. I think if they were trying to. Pick upon it probably. Be Oklahoma City. I can't wait man I'm excited. On that home court thing, are we? Are we piping in crowd, noise or something or we're going to pipe in some booze? If something happens I I'm curious because I still I'm excited, but I still it's going to be so weird, not seeing fans. You'RE GONNA. Hear the ball crystal I, mean yeah, we. We should pipe in something. There are a couple of boo, birds, and cheers and things like that. Yeah, I don't know what they're gonNA. Do it funny. It's tweet this about the time that. was about the time that Golden State announced that he was not going to play games in front of fans, and this was right before they in bay spend at the season I think the NBA was has started. Things were starting to be a leagues are starting to say well. Maybe there's just GonNa not GonNa be a wow, that's. Really GonNa be kill homecourt advantage, but that is at that time. It was still like the teams still traveled to the other home Jim. It just wouldn't be fantasy. Out Now it's it's a total. Now it's. It's a total. Excuse me neutral site and you know I. I. Don't know I think that just gives the advantage to whichever teams the best team in the NBA The best team pretty much. Just injuries, notwithstanding the better team pretty much always wins that just is is going to get the advantage to the best team in every single round because there's just no other variable for. The team. That's just quite as good or maybe just on that notch below to. Use Energy from somewhere else to rise to to rise up and and and beat a team. These are just going to be Jim squeaky with like you said squeaky shoes you know a we'll hear it all and it will be. It'll be basketball, but you know it'll. It'll be different. Yeah, it'll be different, but like you said Keyword Eric. Key phrase, it'll be basketball I think we're all excited to see what can happen and Chris. We'll be pumped to fall along with you. Man through, so what's going on with the media? Real quick I got about one minute. You. Are you able to go? Are you going? What's that look like for you? That's a good question. I know you know the NBA it. It really is because you know there's so much media across the league. You know so. Who Do you let go down there and new, don't you? Let go down there. And what are the reasons for that? We haven't really heard anything. About that yet. I gosh, I gotta guest that if they were really trying to keep everybody safe. We'll just have to do these zoom. You know you get the team down there and every press conference zoom call you know I mean I. You know it's i. don't see any other way. Although ESPN will be down there and so ESPN is going to be down there. Who else do you know it's? That's going to be very interesting. I don't know yet. I'm not planning on being anywhere, but in Denver for all the for the entire time but that could change. We'll see Christmas man always appreciate nobody better in my opinion and we look forward to catching up with you next week. Yes, sir, we'll talk to you. It sounds giving Chris Dempsey of altitude TV. Hey will see. We got basketball. Steph or sorting things out forty one minutes after the hour Colfax get the latest on the local sports flash.

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