RD 178 - Like Bubba Gump


This is Corolla digital. This is reasonable doubt with your hosts Mark Garriga's and Adam Cole. Yeah. Get it on got to get it on no choice, but to get on mandate on walking the best hour or so in the universe. It's a brand new two thousand nineteen reasonable down amount of growth Garriga ultrasound up over there. Trust up literally just walked out of court came directly here and is this our fourth year or third year. You know, you know, it's a it's it's an interesting thing, you tell me you have you have a lot of insights into the human mind in the mental conditions. I remember certain things that were said to me along the way usually something negative that just sort of stuck with me. Why is that because I've noticed the same thing throughout my life. The negative things are what ended up propelling me. Well, it's weird. I didn't I didn't have a lot of positive conversations with my family, and I didn't have a lot of negative conversations with my family. I never had converse. I never talked to my I used to because pops would I tell this joke in his true. He as I've said many times he was a district attorney for the first thirteen years of my life. Literally, he started the DA's office in January fifty seven I was conceived probably New Year's Eve on a fifty six. And so my first thirteen years of my life. I thought my first name was dumb and my. Middle name was shit because all he referred to me as dumb shit. It's it's funny or interesting. I, you know, so I never I didn't talk to my dad about anything. My dad didn't really talk. I didn't talk to my mom out anything. She didn't really talk. Nobody had watched sports. Now, I didn't do anything, and he didn't talk, and he didn't really have a sense of humor knowing my family to sense of humor. So the only conversation I remember, and we had a few conversations, but never really any thing of substance. But I do remember asking when I wanted to play pro football's about nine I said, do you think I'll be a six footer? We're driving Volkswagen bug on Wilshire, I think I'll make it to six foot as nine year old somehow you had to get to six foot right playing the number. And he said, well, I'm short and your mom's not tall. So. So probably not the only that's really the only discussion. I remember having my. My son, which is weird. I. The conversation, gene. I don't understand. Why people don't look at it? Like, if you said, a young child has a yearning to be a drummer or to play the guitar to play an instrument or today, ans-, the notion that is apparent or society or school district. You would squash. That would go no drum kit for you. Right. Drunken for you to be the worst person in the world. Right, right. Guess what talking is sort of the same thing. It's identical. Now drummers don't wanna talk. Ironically, they wanna drum but talkers wanna talk and when I see my son. I mean, he's literally like Bubba Gump talking about shrimp. We get home from Maui. I swear to God one thirty last night one thirty last night and work where everyone wants to go to bed, everyone's unpacking. He's followed. Lynette around the bedroom. And he saying, you know Havlicek. Here's a fun fact Havlicek who played for the Celtics had a contract where he got paid two million dollars a year for the next forty years, and let's like making the bad going. Yeah. Okay. I can just hear from the next. He's following her around know if you remember just a week ago Christmas day, our usual Corolla Gera this Christmas gathering I sat with sunny at that dinner table for probably an hour. And he was quizzing me about cases about the law has a very Fassel. Understanding of the evidence code, by the way, do you? Remember the questions he was asking as to how to get. How do you get this in? How what do you do? Then what's the Kwan? Ryan. He's like what's the when you go in? And you ask this question. What do you expect? He actually understood the chess, boo. That's who I was when I was a kid because over the answer would be like, I don't know, quiet. Okay. We're watching TV. Well, listen to the AM radio play talking. If there was probably I'm trying to remember who I just told us to within the last two days, I saying the watching the interplay between the Lynette and sunny as Sonny was asking questions and that was doing the play by play of sunny asking me questions. I wish it had been on tape. Oh, I was it was the it was Nick Capri who you were talking to. Yes. And we literally there were four conversations going on in that was doing the play by play all of the tape. Eight it was it was it was literally next level chess. I would love for somebody. Here's all I'm saying parents potential parents and grandparents and whoever's listening teachers, whomever anyone else interactions with kids we understand the musical, you know, in, and we we laud it. And we celebrate it. Oh, the dance the match dance child has it in him or this child wants to create he wants to make things out of clay. This must be nurtured or again, aforementioned musical, gene. All these things. All fine. There is a conversation, gene. And it needs to be nourished as well nine down. It's not only is shut down. What are the maybe told the story of one of the reasons I ended up back then in what was. Kind of a wayward school for boys, which is now a very fine school where I sent my kids which was flinch prep, Flint ridge back in the sixties and seventies kind of fell on hard times. And was kind of when you know, your parents could afford it. They would send you there as a way station instead of going to the continuation school at the YMCA. And that's where I went. And the reason I went is because I went to the and yada, you famously always call it, the hardscrabble streets of and yada. But I Dr drew school. He's another. But locking yada used to get what we're called blue slips, and every time you talk in class you'd ask questions or you do anything which I would do constantly. I mean, I'm sitting in a classroom. I want to engage I'm talking and I would get literally blue slip. You had the it was it was a negative thing. That would force you to go to the principal's office. I was invited to leave after nine. I know 'cause I got too many blue you wanted to talk. I would I would get the one two punch of absent and disruptive. It was like. Pick 'em. Know then and then you fast forward to today. Gary I told Gary I was going to be a couple of minutes late because I literally just walked out of a courtroom downtown. In fact, I was bitching moaning to my associates. I said why is it that I'm in court on New Year's Eve day, and I'm again in court on when we're taping. This it's Thursday. But when you're hearing it it's Armenian Christmas Eve again on Thursday. I'm there for Raymond on a new case, and Gary, and I am just astonished by this case, I took this case because it literally makes my blood boil I you probably have not heard of it. Although it starting to bubble up. This is the right aid. The Walgreens Walgreens Sherri, do you wanna do? You wanna give us a little league that Walgreens or Rite Aid was that in that mall? That's on that corner of sunset and vine or is that another location? There's like a cower. Oh, that's probably get our vine. I'm thinking there's a or Gulch in there, and there's like a Rite Aid or so this is in there. So early December. I want to say to the third or the fifth. I forget which there there is a security guard who's working at Walgreens who's armed who gets into a dispute and somebody is shot and killed and they don't arrest him for murder than but they spend a basically three weeks or four weeks investigating it, and they file murder charges. And that's where I just was. But Gary I want you to before I got involved. What are the things that? I know Carl Douglas Carl was famously Johnny Cochran partner, and I've known him since he was a public defender. He also sung the hit song kung FU fighting from nineteen seventy five seventy six see if Carl Douglas sung. Finding from nineteen seventy six sorry. Go ahead. Carl did a press conference before he saw. Is it true is right? Call douglas. Absolutely, right. Wow. Play the song going. Yes. Second. Nobody forgetting that little bit of trivia, you got the song played. Gary he held a press conference because he's representing the victim's family and he's suing Walgreens for how much Gary five hundred twenty five million dollars. That's a number. I read five hundred thousand nine hundred seventy four release. Yeah. I again, my Gary do you want to 'cause we both predicted Gary nyc Adam we conspire buying your back. We said please read this to Adam because we want to see what Adam says, okay, read Gerry already this year. And then we'll get the song fired up just blaze. This is a quote from the attorney that is representing the family and their five hundred twenty five million dollars of the homeless guy. Correct. Who was shot by the security guard after a tussle with a shoplifting tussled than the gun comes out. Right. And then he shot. Okay. All right. So who is he tussling with? The security secure by clock accused him of shoplifting. They got into it. Yes. Okay. So the quote from the attorney Jonathan heart, which is the name of the victim. John also the name. Yes. Heart to heart. Sorry. That's right. John starring. Robber white Robert Wagner surrogates Jonathan Hart was profiled because he was homeless. He was harassed because he was gay and he was shot because he was black. Oh, I like that DEA that they did all the trilogy. Right. The father son and the Holy Ghost of hate crimes. County DA's office has decided to file murder charges and to he's being held on three million dollars bail interesting. Well, I okay, I. Yes. Here is the deal with the profiling for everybody. And it's fine. Cops profile talion guys driving Ferraris and corvettes more than they do housewives driving Preez. They take a look at them because they tend to speed more, and they tend to roll through more stop signs. So I'm generally don't look, I don't do a double take a minivan. I do though at Ferrari four. Yeah. So the whole thing about cops or any form of security, by the way with these Railly's us at the airport when your wife or my wife roll into the Walgreens, then you know, what take out your jeweler's Loup and throw it on the ground crush it. Because they're just going to buy some stuff make a purchase and spend more my harder cash. Homeless guys tend to go in there and rip stuff off. Right. So here's the whole thing about profiling. It's not a bad thing. It's what you want cops doing except. I I've seen the videotape that how they could ever say that this was profiling is beyond. Well, there's no first of all you can't tell I they injected homeless. I don't see whether any indication and by the way, Dr alien is one of the best dressed guys around and yet, he's home most. So how do you know that somebody's homeless as opposed to the grunge look, and how do you know, his gay? No way. Well, the trainy I could pick out pick out his shot because he's okay. All right. Somebody just sent me a crime FBI statistics, or whatever it was in California. I think. Seven hundred two incidents with cops. I think Hispanic was at the top of the leaderboard with about three fifteen shot by cops or whatever it by cops white was number two about the two fifteen or so and black was like third like black and other was like one third. Armageddon. Get included in the other. I think they just toss him in. That's you should everyone should try to get out of the other category. When it comes to crime statistics show years ago. They did that Pasadena. There was a movement to make our most separate from Caucasian. Even though we come from the cock is mountains, a really. Yeah. The so you got the song. All right. Let's hear the real car. You should have this plane when he enters. Coral back. I remember the sun vividly high school. Everybody was. Different Carl Douglas apparent well, it could have been prior for. Look into. All right. So the I couple of things I don't. I have many thoughts. One. Is we want is? Okay. I was watching a a documentary called identical strangers. I think it was. And it was about this adoption agency that focused on Jewish families in the sixty seventies and eighties, focus York topped in juice or GM's up. Yeah. Maybe just because they didn't want to work. You wanna do black Maxine? Put in a bunch of weekends and holidays. You folks Jewish kids. I'll good to our lunches banker's hours. No work in every third Friday, and it's called three identical strangers three three gentle strangers actual show. It was a it was a documentary, and it showed how these groups this. This one Dopp agency broke up twins and triplets. They didn't identify the families. And they followed them to see what how nature or nurture. The nature versus they have three twins, right? Three male twins. And they go give one to the blue collar family give one of the middle class family and give one to the upper educated family, and then we'll kind of fall, and we'll see how their environment affects them in terms of how they turn out very Adolf Eichmann in. Yes. And a lot of people are sort of up in arms about looting. The guy told me watch it. Ecorse, I said, well, obviously, none of this would happen. If the mom didn't get knocked up, and rob the kids off to be adopted. Like, here's the thing. You snatch the kids from the cradle. And I'm with you right on the whole eugenics thing and Hitler and everything. But first things first you somebody had kids and went and drop them off somewhere and said, I don't want it right at the local fire station. That point now we've knocked over the first domino in my feeling with all crimes of any kind. Which is always who knocked over the first domino. Right. Who was tussling with the cops who was tussling with the security who was stealing something. Who was it's my thing of like, hey jumped over my neighbor's fence all I wanna do with feel Sabaki any shot any shot. And it's like, okay. But you jumped overspreads stolen Sabaki. Yeah. But I didn't deserve to be shot. Understood. But you understand if you knocked over the first domino. Domino, just falls in lions and nothing happens or it knocks over thousands of the way, by the way being on the for loyal listeners. They'll notice the law actually works that way when it's the prosecutor because the prosecutor could always argue reasonable and foreseeable consequences. So if you're trespassing, for instance, and then this Parada horrible takes place. Well, you're the one who knocked over the first mino- causation for right? So my look at two things I always look at who started it, and I guess whoever shoplifted or whoever wrestled or ever tussled with security, and you can say, well, the security was outta line or this or that whatever you're talking guy. Just packed his whole family through to airports. Believe me. I know how bad security can be you have to respect that. They are security. They're going to say things that are unreasonable, and it doesn't. Matter you must comply now if they start beating on you can defend yourself, but you must comply. We have a breakdown of rule of law. And I'm not just this isn't pops Corolla speaking, this is just a guy who's been observing. What's going on over the last few years in this country? The the there is no authority anymore. There used to be a hierarchy in every aspect of life. It used to be if I owned the building, and it's my company, I get to be the boss and I get treated differently than than an underling. No such luck. We've all it's all just become an equal plane. It's part and parcel of a much bigger sort of socio dynamic whatever going on which is poor people are heroes. Rich, people are evil cops are bad homeless or noble. Well, of course, it's going to break down the rally is this. There needs to be a hierarchy a rule of law. If a cop pulls you over you comply, if a security guard tells you do something whether it's a stewardess on an airplane tells you something you do it. Now file a complaint later, get the services. Mark arrogance later, do what everyone later at that particular time do it and to encourage people to do anything other than that is putting people in danger. I I've said it a zillion times to clients either before or after you're not going to I with cops with cops. They've got the Baginda gun there in the street. You're not gonna win you're not gonna win. But guess what? Later on you get into a courtroom. They're bachelor gun generally as long as you got a jury around. You can you can wreak some havoc and you can get some Justice. But you gotta understand who your audience is. And what your theaters and also. Unintended consequences. I mean in terms of cops, you know, people pay their taxes, and people aren't criminals want these guys we want them in the neighborhood. We want him getting out of the car. We want this thing and the good luck recruiting cops and good luck getting them to get out of the car when there's nothing in it for them anymore other than lawsuits, so continue the the story. Okay. So the the thing that drives me about this case nuts is very in. This was on the record today. So I'm not talking about anything that was that is protected or anything else. There's we had ordered from earlier in the week of the art department which on your own reconnaissance to do an investigation and to come back with a recommendation of the court, and the oh are is basically given all the turmoil with bail in California. This is to either make a recommendation that your release. Based on your own reconnaissance or not. So they do an assessment they say, obviously, this guy is low risk. That's those term they use a low risk assessment. He's got no priors. He was a veteran for six years. He was a military policeman. He's now working as a security guard to make ends meet is low risk for flight and for committing other runs as low risk assessment. Okay. Hits of those prongs. But the reason the report was unfavorable is because they could not get a comment from the law enforcement agency about the case itself. My argument is and I can tell you this anecdotally, at least is because law enforcement does not support what the DA's office is doing law enforcement not for a second. Thanks that this should be murder case. But that is the you know, that's where we are. So you you save yourself. Wait a second. What did this guy? Did did somebody look at the video. And I wanna talk about the video itself. I, but I can't talk about the reports and support of people who've watched the videos, not public is not public and you've seen it. I have told you can't talk about the details. You know, that's the that's apparently where we're at. And you know, the the shows already got me, and do I can't tell you how many times guys threaten me with contempt or sanctions or this that or the other thing the reasonable doubt should be the OS. They should call it. The pot podcast ordered to show cause podcasts honor Mr Garriga, Mr. Corolla at it's always Mr. Corollas podcast, which is wildly popular. Mr. Garin Casse appeared on it. Got it. The the the fact remains that you ask any cop who's taking a look at this or investigated this whether this murder case, and they will be appalled. I'm they it is it's shocking to me. But that's where we are. And precisely I give Carl props car. Carl by coming out early Douglas kung FU fighting and saying, you know, it's about homeless it's about gay. It's about black completely. I to me, it's a political prosecution. I he hit the as you said that try fact of political correctness don't bother me with the fact that there were people in their stealing. Don't bother me with the fact that clearly there were three of them in one security guard. No bother me with the fact that the that they were in the guy's face. And he wasn't doing thing. None of that matters. Because it is what it is. But it was coming through. The toward all right. I wonder I and I do think at a certain point all the sort of identity politics and prosecuting, and I think it's already sorta come home to roost a little if like Elizabeth Warren saying, she was native American and outs. Everyone's I she essentially torpedoed her. Can you imagine contributing her to her? I don't understand that. It's like really I don't you're going to run for president. You're gonna do an exploratory committee to see how much money you can shake out of people who are obviously brain dead. Well, obviously, you know, we talk about I don't know what you watch her interview with Rachel Maddow. I it is mandatory watching she's so angry. She so angry why she thinks she's ever going gonna she. I just don't get it. She first of all she's inappropriately angry. If you watch the interview, it's like, why are you yelling, you're with Rachel Manno? Couldn't be more softball interview. If your life depended on it. This is somebody who her dream other than Bill Maher is Elizabeth Warren. And so you're not gonna find a friendlier place and she's angry at the under home court. I will I will review it. I. I can't watch it. Because she reminds me, my mom and are bummer friends. She has that content. It's it's weird. There's a condescending bummer tone that I pick up in Manon, but especially women where they go. I wish I could tell you. It's a sort of Billy Jack's curl friend town where they go. I wish I could tell you that the playing field was level. I wish I could tell you that every child headed same chance. So obvious already watch the interview. Now, that's what she says in every interview, but I held. Held arms out where she says it's not a level playing field and she held her arms. Like, right. She was flying. Or something says so says the Iroquois female fucking super-rich Indian chick it Elizabeth Warren. I mean, I don't. Bazaar thing to me is when you are female when you are of whatever tribe, you descend from and your fucking rich, and you made it as an attorney and you've been elected to congress. How do you keep the story? How do you? Well, I would think it's you would celebrate the fact that look you went to law school great. You were one of whatever number of kids because I watched that video that she put out about a month ago. Great. You got a great family story, and this or that. But why? But I don't understand. I don't get the anger over this thing. I get passion. I hit if you're passionate about it. And I get the the other stuff. I just don't understand the inappropriate anger. All right. So the what are you right now? We're trying to get you the name of the other the other Representative Alexandria, Cossio Cortel. I wasn't looking for another. Oh, sorry about that. That's all right. So as far as Carl Douglas goes. Laying of the race car the gay card the black card, they homelessness card, this this notion at a certain point. I think it hurts the cause more than it helps their cause. Because now instead of arguing over good shooting bad shooting. You just have to figure out that this guy wasn't motivated by race or motivated by his hatred for homosexuals. And now you win the case weird place to put yourself in as an attorney. I this is exactly why I knew that. I wanted to take this case. And why wanted to discuss it with you? Because to me, it's it's short term gain long term pain in terms of your objective. Nobody has stronger opinions about the homeless than I do living in downtown LA is I had the walk by and step over Dr alien on my way to court this morning, and then have Thursday guy flipping me off because it's not because it is Thursday night didn't give twenty bucks yet. And. And I'm walking over there to deal with it where basically and by the way, I am a great believer in in appropriate circumstances vindicating all three of those categories rights. But you don't just throw it out there to get some immediate, you know, filing by the DA's office. So that you can then hold some poor guy in custody on three million dollars bail from a work, by the way from a working class family. Who's never done anything, except you know, what they're supposed to do. Which is remain married. Earn a living in by a house. And and now you've got to immense the sky chew him up in the criminal Justice system because somebody decided in the DA's office was a good case to file as a murder case cases, not a murder case never has been never will. So even though you can't get into the details of the tape the surveillance tape, and they don't make it public. Some point at some, you know, the I've always found remember the Arizona case, which are where I couldn't get it public. I mean, literally had to we did everything we went all the way to the super Arezzo supreme court to get the tape out. And so, you know, it's a it's it always depends on whose ox is getting gored. Right. So the the homeless person walks into the pharmacy the ride Ed or Walgreens, sorry, we're not sure by appearances whether they're homeless are not correct. As a kind of first problem. Are so not. I'm not sure how you would know just by looking if somebody is gay. I the one person who's apparently transexual I'm not so sure either that that would be something that would be immediately obvious. Well, the argument would be any kind of prior experience he had with this person. So obviously, if I'm kung FU fighting Carl Douglas over here, I'm going to try to prove that there are other interactions like this guy came in multiple times, he said, hey, homo hurry up or get outta here. We don't want you in here. So obviously he's gonna look for any kind of interaction 'cause one with thank well, this is your turf, this is this is your this is the area you work. Right. I'm assuming he'd come into this Walgreens more than once over the past five months. You would assume that and so Mr. kung FU fight? Is probably going to try to prove that he knew him. He was familiar with him probably make some sort of claim that he made some sort of slur or something like that and that will establish he knew he was gay. And he knew he was homeless, exactly. Good. Southie? Former prosecutor adjunct professor at Loyola Law School, who by the way, you did you met one of your other fellow professors at Christmas. One of the funniest thing ever see is when Adam is sitting at Christmas dinner talking with the with professor Goldman who is a loyal law school, professor currently Adam as just an adjunct if that remember stands reaction when I said, hey here stand he's an adjunct professor, and he got very upset. Like calling him Paul blurt ball. Copper something if you refer to John professor, I. Cracks me up because I've had to episodes now in the lock and Yatta area. One is is I was getting out of my car at the animal lumber and a guy. So my piano tuning sign on the side of my car windows, piano. Tune that I had to tell them. I don't really do that. He was confused. And then later on Garrod's is house talk to law school, professor about what department I represented explain why don't do that. Either. Next year. I'm going to have Pollock nations of Forber of retired Rear Admiral to those for Christmas, and you can make it the try factor yourself. So I'm guessing that if there is no priors in terms of interactions with your client and the deceased then he Carl Douglas is gonna have a hard time pinning the gay part onto this. And maybe even the homeless part of it. I is calls as a civil case. So he's gonna just ride shotgun. So to speak excuse the pun on the DA's office, which is prosecuting this and the DA's office will go to preliminary hearing preliminary hearing is just a determination as to whether those a strong suspicion of guilt. Basically, my my favorite line. Now is the the judge holds anybody to answer on a preliminary hearing as long as the client is breathing. And so then it forces you go to trial, and then you're you know, we'll be once. Get in front of a jury because I will predict that no judge we'll have the guts to dismiss this thing beforehand. And once again, another murder case that the citizens in a jury will have to tell the prosecution. No you overreach. Just like the case that we had last month. Yeah. With the man was not speaking a manslaughter. So that was my next question. Do they go for murder and knock it down to murder two or manslaughter? Whatever they go for sort of the brass ring. And then see what it gets knocked down coasters natural in all the Goshi ations and all human behavior, you always there the natural kind of pedestrian way to approach it is is to Aim High figuring that the human mind is going to compromise. So if you're a DA, I'm gonna go, I'm an always go for murder when in fact, it's not a murder unless unless you at your charging corporation, for instance. Right. Because this feels obviously more like a manslaughter than it does. Well, I have to look at the tape, but it could feel like as zero, but if I'm going for conviction feels more manslaughter than murder. It's also kind of weird that if you take a look at the definition of murder, this doesn't fit that definition. Of murder all just like the hick. You're manslaughter case didn't fit the definition of murder. So then aren't you sort of dropping the fiduciary ball by going? I'm going for something that's out of this category. And also shouldn't judges go. Hey, can't go for something that's out of the category of the crime that what actually happened that? When when I started practicing thirty five years ago in you were on the I always refer to the third floor of the criminal courts building. Because that's where all the preliminary hearings were back, then there were judges. Like judge mayor say mayors news in department thirty six Sam mayor soon was a was a very -ccomplish district attorney who then became then a municipal court judge was famously in the courts on the third floor. He would look a case like this. And he would turn to the DA and say, what are you doing? What are you? Why are you charging a murder? This is not a murder never was a murder never will be a murder, and he would have weeded out that was back when preliminary hearing served the fun. Action of weeding out cases. Now, every judge is I'm not gonna say every judge. But but the overwhelming majority of judges are so afraid of being on the front page of the dates be also LA times test or being on the internet or going getting Aaron Persky like for the judge who was recalled in the Brock Turner case that that was up north Stanford. Yeah. The Stanford case that guy got recalled first time in eight years judge was recalled and that was and he could not have been more hosed legal term by the by a movement that had no business doing what they were doing in that case and judges and understandably most judges nowadays in the old days. And I I guess I'm getting old. So I can say it used to be the being a judge was a capstone to your career that was you kind of if you were a civil litigator. You would live. You'd you'd work at a large firm for twenty years. And then you'd get appointed to the bench because it was a great honor. Or if you were a DA or a defense lawyer, you aspired to be a judge after trying big cases. And that's what you want to do Harvey Giss who was who was a great DA should've tried OJ Harvey was a judge in San Fernando. And and it was that was kind of the mold of the judges that you would want would expect and actually the presiding judge of the criminal courts building. Now Sam ODA, I try to case against same ODA, very -ccomplish trial war, that's kind of a throwback in a way to yesteryear, Kathy mater, another one who's actually listened to the show on occasion throwback to yesteryear. Now, unfortunately, judges get punished if they do the right thing. I mean, they someday will file against them and say they're soft on crime some somebody else. Getting those though the there'll be a movement so to speak that says, oh, they they let. Pedophile go or they do this. Or they do that. You get you just kind of throw something out. And we end up litigating social issues and criminal courtroom where they know it's the last place that these things should be litigated. Well, you know, it's funny. I was thinking about it. You know, we talk about there's always news about this comedian or what Louis C K say on stage in baba blob. I've said a million times you must talk like nobody's listening, and if you were at a diner and you're sitting in a booth and a bunch of people were sitting in a booth next year, your parents, your wife, your in-laws, whomever co workers, and you're talking with a friend the conversation would change dramatically correct dramatically. All you'd be talking about is how LeBron how the Lakers have been since LeBron got there and how unseasonably cold it is you would never get into work. You'd never get near relationships. You'd never get in your family. We'd never speak freely. So in a way, and we don't want this for comedians. And I don't think we want it for judges, meaning F A judge says, well, this is clearly not a murder case. And then he thinks Jesus Christ. I went to LGBT community up my ass. Literally. I don't want. These guys coming after me. I don't wanna be smeared. A I don't want that the LA times to get hold of this by that. Enabler hate crime, whatever. Now, I'm worried about what other people say other assholes other imbeciles, but other people, and I don't want to deal with it. Because I just wanna go home have a glass of scotch and watch your little sportscenter. So it forces these people to go not gonna get into it. Okay. Good. But then their consequences, and those consequences are now charging guys for murder who shouldn't be charged for murder except for you can go home and be unmolested. And I've heard I can't confirm this. But I've heard one particular judge in the case that will remain nameless. When faced with a motion challenging what the prosecution of done had commented to one of his his or her brethren. How's that for making it even more obscure, he didn't want those crazies protesting? She he or she didn't what those crazies protesting at he or she is house when you start thinking about that. That's. It's a really dangerous world that we live in you've corrupted in infiltrated the system, it's like, oh, we all know about the mob getting hold of juror and paying them off or kidnapping their kid. We don't like that. What's the difference between this and that isn't and got the judge and the judge's still on? I know it's not this. But I don't want to deal with that. Let's just keep on keeping on that. You know, this is why. In fact, I just argued this in another trial. You know, somebody I will now and I do this frequently with jersey, I'll ask them what he thinks more important the right to vote or the right to jury trial. And amazingly a lot of people say right to vote. My disagree vehemently. I 'cause you could take away the right to vote. But literally the only thing that that saves you from a authoritarian, truly authoritarian government is the right to a jury trial. And when you have as you say infiltrated the judiciary by scaring, the shit out by per skiing them I'm gonna start referring to his that by making every guy every judge or every female think about Aaron Persky you have really damaged the core of the that person. She that's the Brock Turner judge Aaron Persky was recalled I'm going to tease this I'll do truecar. But I just want to know curious. The family of the deceased is suing five hundred twenty five million. My feeling is where the fuck was the family with their kid living on the street. Where were they if the right? I am by the way. How I don't. All right. I'm curious if you can tell me don't answer where the family's from if they're intact. And then how they even when your purse when your child is on the street. I don't even know how you find out about such such news. But we'll find out where they hail from. I I'll tell you about truecar sixty seconds. That's how long this commercial is going to last. What else can you do? I was just going to say, you know, what else you could do in a minute you offer. Yeah. For your card. Just go to truecar use your smartphone or use your computer. Enter your license plate number and watch your car's details. Pop-up answer you questions, you'll get an accurate true cash off or from. Local truecar certified dealer, then you bring in your car. They'll check it out with you. You guys can do it together. Ask questions get answers, no surprises, then leave and you can leave your car and traded in or you can get new car or use car and keep your car or you can trade in your car and get a chat. I think I'm going to do it tomorrow. And then report next week about this specific I'm going to actually do it. I think I'm gonna get an offer for an existing car that I got and then I wanna get a new car, and I even ask you about it. We shall be all ears when you're ready to experience a better way to sell or trade in your car. Check out truecar tech canal. So come in one thing about the the you never just rest on your laurels. We used to have a little clock and use the sit there and you'd hold up the clock for the ad now twenty nineteen it's on the screen. The clock is on the screen the clock broke. Yeah. Of clock broke. Yes. Oh here. I was giving you credit. I thought you guys just upscale the technological game in terms. It was well that says something about the well, it's actually better to put it on the screen, anyway, I guess we could've figured this out a while ago. And these guys all praise these guys putting a timer on the screen. But I think I think it's better they used to just hit this zeroed out Clough. I like it better on the screen. I fought it was you guys were making technological strides. I said this, but we are through technological breakdowns. Yeah. Which is fun fun mother of invention. Exactly. Right. Was I was gonna say some of the greatest inventions of all time have come out of technological breakdowns or any other kind of break them. So when we have more for us on this next next week because I think I've got I've got all kinds of stuff. I haven't even scratched the surface of what I'd wanna talk about on this. So stay tuned for next. Week this kind of short week, isn't it as we? And we'll we'll keep you updated. This stuff drives me nuts. But as I drilled down on it. This very scary notion of we all get it. When the villagers sorta pick up a pitchfork and start wanting to drag the innocent guy out into the street. Get a little frontier Justice going, and we go, well, they're villagers townspeople. But when judges start getting affected by the mob. That's outside the courthouse. Now, we're in some we're in a very very, very difficult place in terms of society. I like I said the with the what I call that for Hitler manslaughter case it took nine jurors to do with nine judges wooden. And and I can just see I you don't have to be clairvoyant or the amazing crests going to see what's going to happen here. Every single person is going to just kick the canned down the road. But can I ask you this? This. In the particular in the case. Or is this your belief? We've talked about the kid is driving cars Armenian, the kid the prequel that were killed were Hispanic descent. This case we have security guard, presumably white creek killing black man who's, you know, check the trifecta of homeless which now I don't know when homeless became hero gay became hero homeless hero and black as hero. If this if the driver is Hispanic any runs over an Armenian guy in the same community, not at Armenian community, just in the community there in are they going for murder. I my belief. No, okay. This case verse this white up land security guy shoots a white white homeless guy. Yeah. I don't go for murder. I don't think it's that's you know, opinion, the victims black now. Yeah. Yeah. We were are sit. So me, I will be in Irvine with David Zucker from airplane got create airplane. Also, we're doing basic cable commentary on his movie up on stage. It's Thursday January twenty four are you filming that I know that it's a special. Also, I will be at Foxwoods resorts casino, Connecticut that'll be Friday, the eighth of February. And then Saturday the ninth Boston Wilbur theatre doing stand up and an parole is unprepared there. So come on out and say in Boston. I mean sudden by Rhode Island office to go see you in Boston, we will this count their ticket discount. I mean, I'll have him by four drinks as opposed to a two drink minimum. You've got Adam Curle dot com for all the life shows and everything you need, Mark. We've got Provo pizza New York's as long as you're on the east coast in Grand Central terminal Times Square open. This month. We've got engine company twenty eight both terminal eight at LAX downtown LA Tenny Mediterranean food, some of the best around also for those of you care plant based options and v Palm Springs. Get down. There mentioned reasonable doubt. You may get something special Kafka Tropicana in Saint Clemente were usually booked, but sometimes if you call and ask for Andrea, she might help you out. So tell next I'm an crow from our Garriga say Mahala. Thanks for listening to reasonable doubt. Tune in next Saturday for an all new episode. This is Corolla digital.

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