CLC Day 51: Flammability


All right let's get started his doctor Dave in today's Day fifty one of the greatest center from welcome back. Thank you for all the feedback on benefits. Podcast yesterday Here's really excited that. He made a difference in the dental community. So I really appreciate all of your reaching out is based tomorrow and we are going to be taking out some Sushi. That's his favorite. So that's on the agenda tomorrow on five five minutes tenth birthday today. I'd like to talk to you about flammability. What do I mean by that? Well when I leave this office I drive to go home. I drive ten Ten minutes West and then I drive up the mountain ten minutes and as I drive up the mountain to gets more and more wooded We live about eighty seven hundred feet above sea level. And as we as I climb early on the right hand side is a sign that shows the fire dangerous low medium high or extreme in the summer. Sometimes it's higher extremely just need to have to be really careful with campfires lightning storms. That were were mindful of those risks. That same fire. Danger risk is applicable to your culture and things are extremely flammable. Right now because things are okay today tomorrow does not mean there. Okay on the following day and that's because people are scared they're all sorts of pressures in the workplace outside the workplace. The thing that you can appreciate as sometimes the problem isn't always the problem. Sleepless night for higest might mean that she shows up different to work the next day maybe spouses unemployed and it creates an increase financial burden for them as your employees. So this can manifest in all sorts of different ways and so things won't be stable for a while and so it's dependent on you as the leader to be that fire retardant and up your communication up your Compassion continue to check in with your team members. You may have to double or triple your communication with them making sure that they're ok that they feel some safety uncertainty in the workplace both from the virus job stability confidence from you as the leader. All of those things really will matter because if we ignore those and things get fired up and sterilization and an angry assistant or an upset dental hygienist all of a sudden creates a burned throughout the office that can create big trouble for you especially when we know that we need to be delivering that same communication and compassion at all levels to patients. So just a warning to be very preventative in your culture building and your communication because Things are sensitive things very extremely flammable right now and I just don't want you to get burned in something that he could have prevented Be Mindful of that because even if things feel like they've come down Things there's a lot of unease amongst your team probably for several months until they feel a sense of routine so awful double down triple down under communication and compassion with your team. And they'll be able to franchise that in and deliver that same thing to your patients at a greater level. Okay that's all for now be well. I'll be back with you tomorrow for day. Fifty two cason.

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