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Tint. Welcome to that any live talk show dedicated to providing emotionally healing through sharing. So you create a happier. Life. My guest today wants to know what is holding. You back auto McKinsey encourages us to encourage one another to affect change my living loving and dreaming, boldly see the supermodel to beautiful girls, a motivational speaker that empowers us because as she says, I'll goals are important and powerful when aligns without purpose. Her mission is to motivate you to capitalize on your now by pursuing a bold life with urgency and intention because your dreams just can't wait locum auto MacKenzie to the show. Thank you. I'm so excited to be here. Now, I know the shoe your undergrad is a concentration of neuroscience. Yes. So how did we get a nurse? To motivational speaker. Oh my goodness. So I currently practice in emergency medicine as a physician assistant. That is what I do full-time. Yes. And it okay. For those of us, the anot smarts. Please tell me what did is. Oh my goodness. 'cause we think physician's assistant. Okay. We got an idea what they do pay. But when you add emergency medicine onto it. Okay. Are you primarily in the emergency room? Yes. Oh, yes. So I do work in the emergency room at Johns Hopkins and east Baltimore and I worked with a physician team. I. Operates or I practice under their guidance. I see patients I diagnosed treats Orla. So I am the extension of a physician and always work in a team. I'm a big team person. So is that connected to you. Now, telling us me included. Because my metro at the conference what like two three years ago. Now, you were telling us that our dreams cannot wait in that we should step out and begin to pursue them in the moment. Don't plan don't think just where you are start moving. So the irony is is is not like I up. Why do I keep saying operate? So on a daily basis, I'm amongst change. People are coming in with things that are happening to them like acutely that they want help fixing and. There are times that ends in life. But as a provider, you kind of you have to externalize it to an extent because you see a lot you see a lot every day. And so. To the extent that maybe feel even bulletproof if if I can say that, and I believe that it wasn't until I was on the other side of the table that it changed things for me. So I will say in twenty thirteen I was I moved back to the area. I had to be the girls headed mazing husband. We had awesome careers. We had both had master's degrees. We had an awesome house. We loved our community. We vacationed internationally everything was all some and my career amazing. So when I tell you that every day when I saw these changes, I I didn't think that it applied to me. My husband developed a coffin pain. Okay. And that turned into a late stage and stage metastatic lung cancer diagnosis and we'll see smoke. No, right. No. Because most people that are diagnosed. With lung cancer are nonsmokers and have never smoked. I mean, he broke the mold on several different friends. He was young. He was a non-smoker on the outside. You would've thought he looked like the picture of health? But I mean, there's nothing to unfortunately, justify the fact that his life was taken by lung cancer. How did you first found out that he was diagnosed with lung cancer? It was that simple. He he had a little bit of pain. It didn't go away and chest. X Ray boom. Huge mass in mass that sits near his heart. It was huge. It's like the size of his fist. Why and being someone that can look at an x Ray and understand where you standing there when the light was turned on. No, I wasn't. He got a copy of the x Ray. And because he was able to tell me about it. I wasn't even at the appoint. Nobody because it was just a call. Yeah. He's a grown man can go to appointments like I don't need to be there. And then they sent him for an X Ray. Usually that's done is outpatient. So you just go to a radiology place. You get an extra and you come home. But I I don't recall it was the same day, he go with image. Or when they told them about the image, and we had to get a copy of the image. But yeah, startling took my breath away. I was like says John Norris. And fast forward to I guess that moment when you're at home after you know, all of evens, the planning the funeral in the family has gone, and it hit you what hit you what did you think that in that moment? I mean, all of those things that I mentioned previously. That I saw as a blessing like you just get to this place in life or you're just grateful, and then I just saw the floor of my dreams just drop out. And I said, you know, where do we go from here? I just. I was I was at a complete loss, and I say to things like number one like if it weren't for my little girls. Like, I promise you I could have walked in kept walking my nature is to be alone ranger. So I could have just kept walking. But I had these two little itty bitty girls that needed me and the incurred an Ingrid me down in a way that. I just had to figure it out which leads me to why I'm here today because I am so grateful because in that space. I was given a huge piece like it pass, my understanding how much piece I had. And I can only say that that came from God. And I just had this moment where I'm just like where do I go Ness next? I wanted time. But it didn't have any time. Like I had to go back to work. I had bills to pay because all of those things that I mentioned were touched to some sort of payment like, and you told me earlier do not identify with the term of the description single mall. Yes, why is it? Ooh. I mean, a part of this was the discovery back to why here. Like. Why am I here, and I had to get to a place of who am I and to get to who? I am I had to remove all sorts of hats about what I do or. How I am related to to get to me. And then so I get to this place, and I'm able to identify who. I am. And you know, as the term goes you wanted to be judged by the content of your character. I think Remo can't junior. You're right. But. People kept just wanting to you know, how how do we define her now? And I'm like, the single mom doesn't quite do it. I get the fact that I am the single care provider for my children, but all of these labels come with some sort of connotation with them. And I just I didn't want that to be like I wanted to be known for me. And what I gave is opposed to what I did. And so I try to break them old on all levels. Not just out one. Just you know, we can go down the list as a woman as a black woman as a black women like all of those things like the moment you give me label. I'm like give me a bat. I'm gonna try to snap like not the average. How does that break into motivational speaking because you have your hands full fulltime job? Okay. And then fulltime job in medicine. Yeah. Two beautiful girls. Then I'm sure at some point you had to fight bake family who was just overwhelming because they thought oh my God. Now, we have to help her like we we have to be there. And sometimes that can feel like a like yourself accounting, like they're putting a Cup over you and trying to prevent you from moving forward with the idea that you have of life versus what they see for you. So where does motivational speaking get into that? I think it kind of goes back to, you know, trying to define who I am and getting to the place where I think we all start off early trying to design our life in our careers that mutual looks like we're really immature at that place. Like, we we don't know who we are. And we immediately start defining ourselves by the things that we do. And so when I realized who I was I needed to figure that portion out and before like when I talk about those finance part of it like, it's a big piece of it. Because I was going to write a book for my girls on finance. I was because I was just like I learned so much, and I'm like they have to know this when they turn eighteen they gotta do X Y Z. And I wanted them to know. But then they said. Mom. What happens if you'd I? And for me that just changed everything. And that's what let me on a quest to I need to learn more about how I see things. And who I am. And so my book that I am writing is about. Who we are. As people would is your story going to be when change happens because change is going to happen. Yes. It always happens. It's not gonna stop happening. And I'm not grandfathered into no change. Like, what is that look like, and I want my girls to be able to say, hey, I'm well-equipped to say, whatever happens. I can do anything I can be anything. And if I tell them that they can do that. Then I have to have to lead, by example, I have to show them. And if I'm writing this book for them I plan on being here. Yes. And because of that grace was given that piece I feel compelled to share. I'm not a sharer. I'm a giver though, I am. And if I can give this back. This is the way to do it. I have to step out of my comfort zone. I have to stand up and be like, this is my story. Everybody has a story. And it doesn't have to be as dramatic as mine doesn't. But we all do have find things that we can contribute. And I'm just starting that conversation on the individual level on the on all levels, just to the extent that opportunities open up themselves for me to share than I am compelled to share. We'll be right back to talk about exactly what she shares. So that you can find it online for more motivation. What if I told you that you could stop the negative tape from playing inside your head? What if with seven simple steps, you could leave the pain of the past behind and live every day as your true authentic self? It is possible. And you can do it. The evil seven simple steps to beat emotional baggage. How to become hold healed healthy and happy shares. How to resolve emotional baggage? And feel free to live true to your own personality spirit and character transformed negative thinking into positive thinking and become equipped to boldly faced your past and resolve emotional pain. Get your free copy. At that, Anita live dot com slash ample. Our in studio with the amazing auto MacKenzie. She was sharing her story of tragedy and trial. Right now, though. You. I mean, your videos that you post for motivation on social media go through the roof. Everybody loves them. Thank you. And the comments are furious. People are impacted by what you're sharing. Do you feel that that love coming back to you when you post those videos, and you get thousands of us? It's hard. It's hard to say because I started off in this journey saying that if I can just change one person's life in just the unknown ripples involved with that then I'm satisfied, but also competitive so. All right. So this is supposed to be doing with. This is supposed to be saying. So when you put metrics involves it just gives you this place of like. Competition, and it's not really a competition. So the the places where I get the biggest nuggets or when people leave comments and they're saying how they're personally affected by it. Because while you get thousands of us, there's very few people that actually reach out to you and actually have a personal conversation. And it's those people that I really really cherished. Because like I mean, I appreciate everyone for giving me time because that's my thing time. How do you? Choose your topics. I live life, and it's amazing. How just on a weekly basis things come up and everything is just shown up at the right time in my life. I can't lie. It's just. Okay. Let's go with it. Yeah. Says simple you were talking about like what my last post was. This is the perfect example, my last two posts so a couple of weeks ago is just in this place where I had to do video, and it didn't really want to do one. I'm just like, oh my goodness. Why am I doing this like in the sea of just so many people delivering content? Why am I doing this? 'cause who is actually hearing this who's benefiting from it. And it certainly said I'm busy like there's plenty of things I could be doing with my time. And so I mean video just encourage myself to be truthful, and it said, you know. Who who am I in a sea of many like, I am me? And I I recognize my worth my gifts now. So I have to realize to the extent that I can share that. And encourage people to do the same. Then it's worth it. And when we start talking about, you know, talents and gifts like outside of like. Yeah. It was a neuroscience major. But I was also a student athlete like I played volleyball. Me your jersey. They did you know the year after my husband passed, I'm still in this dark place and trying to figure out who I am. And I'm surrounded by people that are celebrating like the things that led me to those accomplishments, and it was really an awesome thing. And then so like the day I post my video Colgate alum reaches out to me is like did you see this article? And I was just like, oh, no I didn't. And I was just like number one. I'm not really history. Like, I feel a little dated now. But for black history month, you know, there was an article about me, and you know, what I had done athletically at Colgate. So it was just like the timing of it all and it's not something I share a lot. But it's huge in my life. The people that were part of my life at that time, then continue to pour in like my team showed up in a big way. You know, decades later after I lose my husband. They were right there. And I was just like, wow. Wow. So in so being down and feeling like I'm against all odds. Like, those are some of the things that happen on the court. Like you look at the scoreboard. You know, how you're feeling you see the other team like I was at least drawing from a familiar place of feeling down in new that I could still make it. So. Do you have a go back and watch your videos to see whether or not how'd that motivational moment affects you. In real time. I look at it. But I haven't gone back into 'cause I guess this is Ben. Maybe actually a year, videos and. I know I've grown a ton. I I've grown a ton in the past several years. So my writing my speaking, my interactions me being more comfortable in my own skin being able to share without like breaking down knowing that is gonna be okay. Like you start off at a point where you're talking about. It's going to be okay. But it's not really, okay. Right. Right. And then you're just like in a place where you're like. Okay. So yeah, what does this optics that you've talked about and you pass videos? Oh my goodness. I think the biggest thing that I just recently realized was, you know, one of my tagline is, you know, I hope that we all find their urgency to live this life. According to a dream some purpose. And I've realized that that's a whole big mouthful. But like what does it mean? What does it mean? How do you apply the Calcio? And so I've mentioned that I work in medicine. See change happen. All the time when it personally affected me, it came true in a very different way. I'm a different provider because of this like those walls that I had up in caring for those people like I have no choice, but to have more compassionate in those scenarios or have a sense of like. More ability to relate and so. When I say purpose intention like purpose intention in time. You never know when those changes are going to happen. And so if you dig deep down, and you find your purpose 'cause they all believe we all have one we may have several. But like, I believe that our gifts are tied in with those. And Sophie realized that you know, we can define time. You know, sixty seconds in a minute, sixty minutes in an hour. But what's the time of our life? We we don't know like we know the average life expectancy in clearly my husband left before way before his time. So we would define his time. Yeah. That's an excellent point. We would define us his time. And so I believe that got has a plan for me. And I don't know the time I have to complete that. So every day going to be very intentional of my time efforts. And I'm going to. The most I can do each twenty four hours. That's why I do so much. Like, let's go are you following? I want to be able to spend more time with my girls. I think that we engineer our lives to this place where we're just giving away. So much of our time to the things that we do and not necessarily to the things that we wanna do. And so to the extent that I can become more financially free. So that I can, you know, spend more time with my girls. That's that's why am I want to take back my life. I don't want to spend like nobody ever says, you know, I wish I worked more at the end other life. So to the extent that I can live life with them model for them travel with them show them other people experiences, you know, and. I I'm grateful for God's grace into the extent we can share that. I will. So those are my dreams living them in, you know, pushing forward to being able to do it more YouTube, beautiful girls. They're amazing. Keep you busy. Just they what what are their individual number one activities to share with mall? I don't know if we have any individual stuff yet we pretty much hang out together as a as a team right now. I have to give your times say Yuri. She is someone who lives with me now, and she's amazing and she fits right into the family. I am so grateful to like we're in the space where we all have these support systems, and she is here, and she's a huge part of mine, and I don't think are enough. I don't think we think everybody enough, but she skewed. So we love playing games together. We love traveling together in terms of like sports activities. There's plenty of time for them. There's plenty of time. They doesn't to be volleyball interest in either one it's early earned second and fourth grade. I've signed them up for. Like little classes here and there, but I mean, that's the other thing like once again involved in these sports, we're talking about you know, I turned into a taxi is opposed to anything else. You. And I mean, the burn out is real I realized that by the time I ended my collegiate career or like I did try out for the Olympics. And I was tired alyssa's like. My body was physically tired at that point. And so, and I started pretty late in my career in terms of you know, the year round sports. I think there's plenty of time you can smash it into last time. I don't think the advantage starting right now is there we can build our life as a family and that trust. And that you know, I want to have this life for the can relate to me and come back to me and have conversations like those tweens and teens are coming up. Kids are gonna take. To the extent that I can avoid that. I would like to and maybe this is being naive right now. It'd be like this. But I want to spend time to develop those relationships because in my opinion, I think that's what's missing if they enter the troubled years without that foundation. It's hard time to develop that foundation. Right. So to the person that is currently in the spot that you were in in two thousand thirteen fourteen and where they have lost a loved one their partner, and you know, caretaker their family. What would you reach out to them and say to get them from where they are now to where you are now. I couldn't have seen here from there. I couldn't have from. And in those moments. I literally was a moment by moment scenario and. To be brutally honest like it was like. In those moments. God, you got me, right. Okay. I'll take another step. You're right. They're all right. Like it really was. And if I look back on things was able to accomplish. That wasn't just me. And so to the extent that they find a way to face was a huge part of that for me, if they take it moment by moment and put their trust in God, he will take them through. I don't know any other way. That's how I made it through. I can't lie. Well, accomplishing your goals and living your dreams. Sure. Does do good things for your emotions? It's also an excellent way to set an example for all the little people in your life. That are watching you and looking up to you and will one day model your behavior if you'd like to learn more about Adam visit autumn MacKenzie dot com. Make the commitment to start your journey to emotional healing today. I'm your host facial check out that any alive dot com for where in went to see our next episode.

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