Sharing Sharable Info In Show Notes For Your Podcast [Episode 243]


If you want more engagement from your podcast listeners make it easy year for your listeners. To engage with your content. I mean it's often even literally in the palm of their hands. Hello and welcome to another podcast uncast pontificate with me Ego Tara. The people want to engage with your content. I want you to give them an easy way to do that. And I'm going to walk you through something very simple that you probably think you're doing right now that you might not be doing right so I'm going to talk to you about a way to get the engagement up on your show. Two things I have to tell you about as as a part of that one. This was inspired by my last weekend. Deep deep dive into one particular style of podcasting a particular style that I guess I kind of started with but I've gotten away from It doesn't matter what that particular style genre is but it was because of that as I was digging in deep looking listening to things trying trying to share things that I liked problems developed. So that's one thing. The second thing is stay tuned for the end because I've got an announcement about the show. Yeah but it'll be in just a moment you'll you'll have our future episodes back to the issue of making show more sharable. See The challenge here is you you guys all think that you're doing a great job with your show notes. You've heard this term bandied about shouts. I'm here to tell. Oh you that many shows perhaps your show doesn't do a great job of show notes and the specific show notes. I'm speaking of are are the show notes that appear in the podcast APP. Whatever your listeners? Listening to on that device you you have the ability to create text based content that they can see and listeners. While they're listening to your show can then click through on whatever device that they're using whatever APP that they're using to see the information you have provided to them. I'm not talking talking about your website. The page you've made your episode. I'm talking about the actual episode descriptions that go inside of the podcast cast APP. Now if you're already scratching your head about that stay tuned actually if you scratching your head about that. Here's what I want you to do right now as you're listening into this show opened up your podcast APP. That were clearly. It's already open. You're listening to me right now. Open your podcast APP. And don't go to into the my hi details go to your show. Your podcast APP should allow you to continue playing this show in the background. While you go back and navigate and finding your own show because you're subscribed to to your own show right right so go to your most recent episode of that particular show and I want you to click through to click through and look at the episode details the text the more info the whatever else. That's in there. And that's what I I WANNA talk about. Because as I was listening to these shows last weekend I was doing that. I was going through because a lot of the shows when I got done with the episode towards the end. There's a credit role of all the people. They WANNA thank. That are involved with it. The Voice of this was done by this production done by this and this and these studios and all these various things are mentioning people by name. They're mentioning them by name. I click through and the show no notes the episode details maybe a paragraph and not a single name. I can't even search wjr because some of the names. I don't know how to spell the names. I heard the names. I can repeat the names. I guess I could try voice search if I wanted to. But you know I'm still going to be at the type type type searching like a lot of other people are. I can't just can't search because I don't know how it spelled. Why not make links to all of this stuff your show notes that go inside of the APP? The episode details should contain lots of information a lot of information specifically. Have you say someone's name if you mentioned someone. Boom put that name and linked to whatever this is right for that person. Their twitter page their their facebook page their website there. What if I don't really care? Just I pay names and links to various things these listening notes these this micro copy as I call the these episode episode details are critical. Look when you're talking to someone like I'm talking to you right now. You can say pull out your phone. More information is available available in the APP. You're listening to not you. Don't have to memorize episode number one twenty nine and all that other stuff that is being told out there. Look just pull out your phone and go. Click on the link that I've made easy for you. That's what your job is a podcast risk. Give them the directives. They have this device in their hands where they can get more information formation. That's how they're listening to your content. Tell them about it and yes. I do recognize that. A lot of us me included. Listen to podcasts. While we drive. I'm not gonNA pull over and pull out my phone. I get that but not everybody's driving when they're listening to your show. I get that. oftentimes people are doing various chores. They're doing I'm doing dishes. I'm getting my hands are full of suddenly. I don't have time to reach in my back pocket and pull out my phone. Just listen to link. I I get that but not everyone who listens to your podcast. Is Washing dishes right now. If I'm driving I'm washing dishes or doing something else when when I can get to it you know what I probably can't do. I probably pause and backup later or I can go back to what I can say. Where did I hear that? What was that I heard? Oh you know what hang on. I have this device that that actual content is still there. Let me go back. Find that episode Click through opened the show notes and then get the information I was looking for. It's all right there so my ask ask to. You is to go look at your most recent episode whether you produced it or somebody else produced that I don't really care. Go to your most most recent episode and take a look at the episode details. Are they good are they. Specifically about that episode. Is it the sentence. And that's it for your thirty five minute long show. Is that really great. No did you mention anything on that episode that you should have had links inside of your episode notes. You mention anyone by name that you should list. That's what that's for. Don't think of this as the credits at the end of the movie movie. This is stuff that people have access to know. They shouldn't have to open up the show notes to engage with your show but it might make a lot of sense for you to encourage them to do do that but that means you have to write really good stuff and put it in there and yes I also recognize that a lot of the podcast media players applications. They don't do a good job displaying show notes. That's not an excuse for you to not do them. That's their bad. And the more people that are doing a good job with their show notes putting relevant information in gives those apps and directories and media players more rationale the for why they should do a better job of supporting the information. And if you're looking at the big podcasters and saying well so and so doesn't do it as an issue every day. There's nothing well you know. Big People don't have to play by the same rules. Everybody else does. They can get away with a lot of stuff but also they should be we think how much better. Ob if they would so go ahead and do it so today's episode hope. You enjoyed that once. They got two more coming out to more coming out this this week on other things you should do to make your show better and then I'm taking a little bit of a break. I'm GonNa take a break for the month of November and December two thousand nineteen. You'll still get content tomorrow and the next day I'm not going anywhere. But November and December two thousand nineteen. The show is going on break because I need a break. Now you can still talk to me. I still have the flick dot group slash podcast pontificate at that. You are more than welcome to come and join and have a conversation with me. Yes yes you can still buy me a coffee by coffee dot com slash. Yvo Tara. Because I'm I'm not disappearing from life. I'm just putting the show on pause while I work on new content. So it'll still be tweeting all the other stuff that you've come to enjoy in love about me and of course if you are in business and you need help with your podcast. The business isn't going on pause. Yeah just just me just me in this particular. It'll show specifically so get in touch with me. Yvo At podcast launched up pro or go to podcast. Launched up pro to see list of what we're doing right now for clients just like you all over the globe. See

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