The Argentine Revival Story Of Tommy Hicks


Following program is sponsored by the National Prayer Chapel when down in the river to pray studying studying about that good show starry crown. Good Lord Schumi Oh sisters let's good Let's go down come on down. Oh Sisters Astor's let's go down down the river to a down the river to impre studying about that. Good ole show the robe and crown SPA less go down on. Come on. Let's go down down in down down in the river to studying about that good. Oh the starry Crown Orange. Oh God let's go down on on down down down aside to pray studying out that role uncrowned last God download. You want to go you stay away ground a UH city you got to study in. WHO's the show? Welcome to Pilgrim's progress on this Thanksgiving Eve. I WANNA share with you again. An incredible incredible story of God's grace and love for Argentina now if if God would do this for Argentina Agentina he will do it for America. I WANNA share this story to encourage your hearts and I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family with friends but most of all a wonderful Thanksgiving as you go before Jesus and tell him thank you the Lord. Jesus Christ is so awesome. He is our wonderful Lord and Savior the king of kings. He doesn't have to prove anything thing. He proved it all on the cross. Now it's up to us to cry out to him to pray the store. I'm going to read his an impossible story. It is a sovereign moving moving of God. We need that now in Washington D. C.. I hope you know I'm sure. Oh you know. We are in great trouble in our nation's capital and not just our nation's capital were in trouble in America because the churches have lost their saltiness. There's is not a standard of righteousness that's being lifted up. It's a false gospel. That's being proclaimed that you can continue to walk in wickedness. Listen you're still saved. You're part of the family. You can never be removed from the family any preacher who would say that according to Jude is a liar but that false gospel has permeated the modern American church. I listened to a man yesterday as S.. He was so excited and so filled with energy and so out there in so extroverted in his presentation. All we need to do is every person go out and talk to somebody about Jesus and revival will come to America. He speaking out of his flesh. He doesn't know Jesus Oh he talks as though Jesus is his very best buddy. That's not how Jesus operates. He operates by the spirit and not the flesh. I one of share the story today. That will tell you what will happen when Jesus comes comes in a spirit to city to a nation impossible Sibal chorus the pro mass evangelism committee. Tommy Hicks had just presented his idea of requesting a personal interview view with Argentine dictator. President Peron Tommy. An unknown unheralded healing evangelist from from the United States. Desire to request the use of a large sports stadium providing also free Aradio and press coverage for the evangelistic healing campaign. Such a thing had never been done before in Argentina. Yeah no one had even considered requesting the privilege of using such a large stadium it just seemed named preposterous. Even if one could obtain permission there weren't that many evangelatos interested enough off in the healing ministry. Even begin to fill. It told me wanted a meeting place that would seat twenty five thousand. The Committee considered that twenty. Five hundred would be overly sufficient taught me said he would not start. Unless a large stadium was obtained services of will known missionary Healing Evangelist Angeles had been solicited but had been impossible for him to come. It looked as though Tommy was the man with some fear and misgivings deliberations continued. The conclusions of the committee were justifiable liable. Considering all things from Man's point of view up until that time the Evangelical Evangelical works were limited. Most of the Churches Churches were comparatively small conversions. Were one here and one there. healings were numbered. Who could imagine that God would move out of a large scale? We never done it before as it resulted. Even Tommy Hicks faith was too small. I don't believe anyone including Tommy himself. Self anticipated the magnitude of what God was about to do as to obtaining the use of press in radio that seemed ridiculous to even consider it. Under the dictatorship all religious activities were closely censored all meetings schedules. They all had to be reported. Special permission had to be obtained for any any large gathering. Careful records were kept in government. Files Tommy's request was understandably unfeasible. It just never been done before. And the prevailing conditions of the moment did not indicate the possibility of any miracle taking place nevertheless. Tommy insisted on visiting the president. A provincial governor told the story in our hearing we share it with you when told of the impossibility the end uselessness of an interview with the president. Tom Me went to his hotel room to pray. He knew that God had sent Argentina. He knew that his God was bigger than any dictator or government so he decided to go and see the dictator by himself. High Foreign government officials had been refused with Perran. How could an unknown unheralded unimportant United States? Preacher ever get an audience with him. But the Tommy Hicks believe his God and walking up to the pink house where the government offices were held. He came to the front door. There was an armed guard who served as a porter. He stopped him and very impatiently. Said who were you and what do you want now. Oh Pastor Hicks carefully explained to him what he wanted to hold a salvation healing campaign. The more he explained cleaned the more interested. The guard became finally he asked. Do you mean to tell me that God God can heal. Yes he can and he will reply. Tommy will said the guard. Can you heal me me. Give me your hand. Responded the evangelist and right there he prayed the prayer faith. The power of God. Odd surged into the guard's body in a moment. His pain and his sickness were gone. Feeling the power of God. The men was utterly astonished he felt himself all over and then an utter amazement. He said why it's all gone. All the pain is gone. Of course. It's gone Tommy replied. God is healed you. You come back here tomorrow and I will get you into seat. President replied the guard the next day win. Tommy Hicks Return. The same guard greeted him. But this time most cordially he then escorted him to the great door of the private office of the President of Argentina. The president greeted Tommy and his interpreter cordially. He offered them a seat and ask the reason for coming carefully. Pastor Hicks explained in detail the desire that God had placed upon upon his heart to hold a citywide salvation healing campaign in a large stadium with full press and Radio Coverage Bridge. The president listened thoughtfully in amazement. Heard for the first time of the power of God to heal and Save Save for Tommy was faithful to preach the Gospel to him that day at that time the president was suffering from a most persistent and disfiguring skin disease and EXZEMA which up to that time no physician had been able to cure. It had grown steadily worse becoming so noticeable that Mr Peron no longer allowed photographs to be taken. His ailment had become Common Knowledge College listening to the story of Jesus the Son of God who heals through faith and prayer alone the president ask Kim. God healed me Pastor Hicks answered. Give me your hand and right there with hands clasped over the big desk. This young pastor Hicks prayed the prayer of faith for President Peron dictator of Argentina. The power of God flowed into the president's body Audie God did an instantaneous miracle of grace and mercy before the eyes of all present. The skin of the president became as clean as a baby's he was instantly made whole stepping stepping back in utter astonishment. He wiped his hand over his faced and exclaimed in great astonishment. Honest moment my God. I am cured and he was healed. The EXZEMA had all disappeared. The name of Jesus had prevailed opening his arms wide and characteristic gesture he gave. Tommy everything thing he desired freedom of press freedom of radio freedom to hold a large gathering in gratitude for his healing and the touch touch of the hand of God his soul odd in the presence of power and might the president made the impossible possible possible bar doors were thrown open and God made a way where there was no way in in a moment God had done what no man could do the Atlantic stadium with a seating capacity of twenty. Five thousand. People was rented. God began to stretch out his hand. Even though in the beginning the crowds how were small the news however spread very rapidly. God began to heal before long long. Larger cat crowds. Were coming out to see and hear this miracle worker as he was called ushers were soon working twelve hour a day shifts often. The bleachers were occupied hours before the services were scheduled to begin because because of the many people who had to remain on the outside. Loudspeakers were installed inside the stadium. The walkways were filled. Then the crowds push down the fence surrounding the playing field and surged across filling the field as well. They pushed down the doors of the stadium and they shoved their ways is in one night. The workmen were unable to assemble the platform because of the pressing size of the crowds. So when Pastor Hicks arrived escorted by a line of policemen he went over to the corner of the field. The crowd surged towards him. Giving the workmen room. To put the platform up as God began to move. Some of the people shouted others cheered. Others wept apt others pushed forward to touch the evangelist or to stand in his shadow as he passed. When the evangelists a-list preached a simple sermon or he was not a great order? He preached about Jesus the Xavier the healer and the multitudes responded. We want this Jesus as czar savior and our healer faster Hicks turned to the ministers on the platform. Saying do you see this beautiful scene. Pardon me Argentina needs Jesus. Don't your hearts burn. The prayer faith. Eighth was spoken evangelist cried. Release your faith do what you were unable to do. Before and there was movement everywhere. Crutches were abandoned. They were raised up in the air. Some cried I can see others abandoned their wheelchairs they got out and and walked. People observed amazed thrilled hopeful pensive. What does this mean when night? It was announced that the campaign would draw to a close. The multitude stood up and waved their handkerchiefs. Listen shouted for more than fifteen minutes. Let it go on. Let Hicks remain. It sounded like the roaring of a restless restless. See after hasty deliberation it was decided to continue the campaign the mushroom growth continued. People would spend the night in the stadium so as to assure themselves of a better seat for the next service. The cold of early winter had had already set in because of the overflow overflow crowds. A much. Larger stadium was needed. They rented the largest stadium in the country. With a seating capacity of one hundred eighty thousand thousand people it had never before been filled either with a sport event or a political rally it it had never been fully utilized and now the Little Unknown Gospel. Preacher dared to rent it. The Angel had said that the wave of God's blessing that he would send would fill the largest places with vast multitudes seeking to hear the Gospel about Jesus rulers would hear hear this message. Dictators would hear this message and now it was literally coming to pass. Stop there a moment when I was just a boy. The Lord gave me a vision. I was maybe ten years old maybe nine and in that vision I saw people people thronging by the thousands weeping before God coming from every direction filling the venue where we were holding holding the meetings until there was no room left and people had stand outside nine or ten years old. I saw this. I've have carried this in my heart all my life. The Lord told me it would not take place until the latter years of my life. That's now would you stand with me by faith that God is going to do what he promised he would do. I have since as an mature adult. Ben Shown the same thing. Again I saw and heard people rushing toward the platform of a large venue and they were seeking gene. Jesus it was not this cold frozen wicked church of our day but it was the exuberance of cramming out after cheese having their sins forgiven given being filled with the spirit healed of their diseases restored and righteousness. That's what we're asking Jesus to do again. The story continues God was moving. His mighty plan was being fulfilled. God was going to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ so forcefully to Argentina. Lena that it would forever no that his hand was not shortened nor his ear heavy. The Gospel was to make a mighty impact upon a nation of twenty million people Argentina. Strong powerful wealthy influential but at the same time proud idolatrous wicked and Pagan in God was going to move it out of its papal or it orbit that it might revolve around Jesus Christ now again. I won't stop for a moment. After this revival began to move there was a move by God awed and their economy totally crashed again. The fires of revival began to burn when people began to turn to Jesus again and then it dissipated aided and now Argentina is once more being crushed financially God is not going to the lead Argentina. Go He owns Argentina and he's going to bring a total bankruptcy upside to that nation if necessary to cause them to repent of their sin and come in bell humbly before him as their Lord and their God in their savior. There healer. You think he's going to let America get away with what we're doing I don't we need the power of God to sweep over this nation and it's not going to come by human strategy or human plans. It's going to come at the the word of the living. God I'm praying that he comes on this radio in your heart and that suddenly you begin to ring my phone off the hook and sip pastor. I was just healed. I was just restored to Jesus. I can't stop weeping. We need the power of God. Sweep over this vast nation. Will you pray. Will you pray night after night. The healing virtue of Jesus uses flowed out into the thousands who stood in faith in God outstanding healing took place too numerous numerous to recount the full account is accurately recorded in the heavenly realm. The thought thought an ordinary routine of the nation began to change as a new day dawned through press and radio the newsflash to all of Argentina magazines printed articles with photographs of what God was doing daily papers printed notices of meetings and miracles. Can you see the Washington Post having to do that. All all available copies of the Bible were sold fifty five thousand of them. The people clamored for a copy. Nearly snatching them from the usher science. It's urgent requests. went out by airmail for more copies of bibles to be sent. Cynicism gave way to hope proud Argentina's became as emotional as any pentecostal every night. Shouting singing responding responding to the power of God is Pastor Hicks ministered to them the joy of deliverance a mighty rush began a migration similar to the gold rush in the early days of the West but what people found was much better than gold. They found the fountain of life. Healing waters were flowing. The power of God was moving out into the people using buses and subways and trucks and trams and trains and any other available conveyance. It's they came from his far aways Bolivia Chile Brazil Uruguay and the furthest corners of Argentina. They they converge to the place. Where God was meeting? Man's need when chauffeur's were asked. Where's the campaign being held? There was a stock answer. Were you see the people the crowds get off. You get off you. Follow them and they'll take you to the stadium for blocks around the crowds all moved in the same direction making a tremendous traffic. Snarl inside the stadium where someone tried to light a cigarette others obliged him to put it out quickly they said the word of God is preached here. The President of the football club remarked publicly that he had never seen such an assemblage of persons in all of his life estimating committing that there must be at least a hundred eighty thousand people in the stadium wherever men met. There was one topic of conversation in homes homes on the streets. People were commenting on the pros and the cons about the Gospel they. They were singing hymns and choruses. They were singing on the bus. They were singing on the train. They were seeing the taxes. The city was alive. Live with praise and worship on a bus. Skeptic tried to convince another that the whole thing was nothing but a hoax. The other man argued wasn't a third entered. The conversation affirming that everything was true for God had healed his wife paralysis to skeptic offered no further arguments in a factory where comments were being made about the campaign some tried to make fun a man got up and oblige them to be silent in the campaign. His high school daughter had been healed. She had one lake shorter than the other and had been healed instantaneously and able to completely discard her orth apart her orthopedic shoe the lame. I'm walking the payroll is set free. The blind were seeing stretcher cases healed ambulances brought invalid patience and returned empty. Life and health flowed like a river for God had come to Argentine. The the hotel were pastor Hicks stayed appeared more like a receiving ward in a great hospital. Ambulance is brought people at any hour the day or night the lobby became crowded with needy. People workers were recruited to help the ones who came to the hotel in nightly the crowds increased until the stadium could seat no more. They filled the aisles in the passageways. Still on they came like a great surging. Tidal wave of humanity people as a as a giant waving field of ready to be harvested grain. The stadium radium was filled to capacity not even standing room remained still on. They came until for blocks around the stadium in every direction. A A great sea of humanity gathered the doors had been closed an hour before the service began messages reached them to loudspeakers. The wave of healing power reached out to them as well an English paper. The bonus aries reported one of the services estimating the crowds of being two hundred thousand plus. It spoke of the hundreds who waited from some early morning for the stadium gates to open a short time. After the service had begun it was practically impossible to travel either by tram or bus in the direction of the stadium for everyone appeared to be making his way there. Although a vast crowd filled the stadium hundreds more milled milled around the entrance swarming up the steps and blocking all gangways. Tom Hicks standing alone in the large expanse of green grass looking around at the thousands of faces all looking in his direction preach that Jesus Christ came to reveal God to the world. The multitude said Hallelujah Clap. Their hands sang a hymn raise. Their arms to God stood then and bowed their heads in prayer. The silence was incredible. God was visiting Argentina in a sovereign offering way. He was making a whole nation conscious of his name. His power and the reality of his Gospel No more could people blindly accept the claims of an oftentimes depraved clergy. No more with the vile idols of Catholicism. Hold complete sway over the minds of men as they had up until then Rome's power was broken. Her hold over Argentine minds was gone forever for a time. Catholicism maintain its position as the state religion but it was in name only who can describe rightly these days who can measure such happiness joy who can tell of the tremendous relief from pain and misery. Fear and sickness. God swept all away and torrents of divine love. Love Little Child. Only three years had been unable to walk without heavy steel braces. This something was wrong in the bone structure of her legs when the mass prayer was made the mother. In faith took off her child's braces. The child started walking and as he ran up and down. The crowds began to cheer to leap into shout. Faith Rosen many hearts and miracles began to happen spontaneously all over in that crowd. A doctor who knew the child's else case observed the miracle and then came over to her pastor Hicks was standing. He knelt grabbing pastor Hicks around the knees and he began to cry cry out. I want this Jesus I want to be saved. I can serve a God. Who will do this for little child? Twenty year old youth was brought to the stadium on a stretcher. An invalid from birth. He had never walked because of the vast crowds and the impossibility of nearing the platform and ushered volunteered to help the stretcher. Carriers make their way forward the next night a woman sought out the same musher saying see that young man in the bleachers. The young man saw them looking and waved saved. It was the same youth who had arrived the night before on a stretcher but now he was completely healed. A noted publisher was healed of. Hemorrhoids deformed enlarged varicose veins rheumatism and failing sight. His healing was recorded in an important magazine of the day. One night policemen brought a demon possessed woman to the platform and when the evangelists crowd out in a loud voice demon come out. Tear filled those who heard heard him. The policemen lowered their caps in an attitude of reverence. The demon fled and the woman raised her hands and began to praise God for her liberty. People from all walks of life came to the meeting the crippled the blind the sick and the poor the rich and not so rich old people mothers fathers and young people. The sister of the vice president of Bolivia brought her children open to be healed. The wife of the vice president of Argentina began holding prayer meetings and Bible Studies in her home. The one of the wealthiest women and Argentina came to Jesus provincial governor was healed death fled from hundreds needs of his pray at the rebuke of Him who took captivity captive. Mothers received their babies safe and well others leapt from the beds of affliction. Absolutely whole father's returned to work to bring home bred for loved ones home became home again. Salvation Real and certain came to many homes hearts of thousands were turned from their sins. The the rich and the poor the educated and the uneducated high and low governors and beggars met God together in those wonderful days to months of glory on the Earth from mid April to mid June in nineteen fifty. Four heaven bent low and kissed the Earth. The blood of Jesus says washed people completely clean the whole traditional church people many of them received for the first first time the baptism of the Holy Spirit but the strength and endurance of pastor. Tommy Hicks was giving now so the Lord released him to return to the United States. Scarcely eating or sleeping during those tremendous days ace carrying a heavy spiritual burden he could go no further. Great Consternation came into the thousands when he announced his decision to conclude the services the multitudes it had been healed saved and filled with the Holy Spirit only God can a number a Newspaperman desired to publish an evangelical paper others offered to donate funds that has stadium for evangelistic services might be built professional people designed to abandon their careers to dedicate their lives to the ministry and now the vast throng was left apparently without a shepherd all ended seemingly quite abruptly yet. How can we? We feel qualified to question. The wisdom of the Plan of God for this was the end of only another glorious. Chapter in God's historic invasion of Argentina. Now is it over yet. No for since those Newsday's in other places in another way is God has done increasingly marvelous things. There are yet many things to fulfil bill of those things promised. By the angel that visited City Bill Ministers lighted there. Dimly burning earning torches in the blazing flames of the awakening hitherto unknown small evangelists caught the vision of what God could do and spread out. Over the country ministering in turned thousands more one young man a backslide or called to be a preacher left his professional sports career to become an outstanding evangelistic pastor. His brother also saw the glory of the Lord the same flame of God that ignited in his soul and when he launched out in evangelism the hand of the Lord was upon him. Young Jong would be ministers Bible students seeing what God to do what God could do. They launched out in healing ministries. New Works were opened. New Buildings were secured to care for the crowds. Extra Church services were added no doubt the Hicks campaign with its spectacular overnight growth and post campaign complicated Complications was not the way men would have done things he would've planned better. But God's ways are not our ways nor his thoughts ours we may philosophize and wonder but God goes right on with the fulfillment of his plans moving with those who will dare to believe him and follow him. Whether whether ever so I'm sorry where so ever he may go he goes for God was not through and he still is not through with his mighty purposes for Argentina. As I've told you right right now a very difficult time in Argentina again and when difficult comes when difficult times come that's usually when God begins to move in a nation because people are now ready to hear the Gospel Message God did not sovereignly choose Argentina to bring forth such tremendous things for nothing here in country seeped in idolatry and paganism filth and degradation. God brought forth out of the greatest single mass us appreciation of divine grace ever recorded in Christian history nearly a decade later we are still reaping the effects from that outpouring of his Holy Spirit. A great light dawned upon Argentina's consciousness overnight. People became Gospel Gospel conscious. Great barriers were thrown down. The Gospel was of interest to the man in the street and it was no longer a despised sect sect of devils. A million chains were broken from the middle from the minds and the hearts of men. The Strong Man Dan Matthew Twelve Twenty eight to twenty nine of Argentina was bound the ruling spirits of this country overcome by the strength of God. The word of God had reached out and out and out and God fulfilled his promises everywhere from north to the great southland. God was moving. The men of war had stretched out his right hand in it was the hidden secret of his power. His right hand had done valiantly it became glorious in power it dashed in pieces the enemy it destroyed them. The the Lord made bear his holy arm in the eyes of all the nations. The last chapter has not yet been written. It's not yet been enacted. The story is still not ended nor has it all been told. It can't be written force in the book of acts it's still continues on a a fire was kindled it continues burning. In the words of Ezekiel Twenty. Forty six to forty eighth son of Man Seth Thi- face toward the south and say to the forest of the south behold I will kindle a fire and the and it shall devour every green tree and the and every dry tree the flaming flame shall not be quenched and all faces from the south. She'll be burn therein and all flesh sell shall see that I the Lord have kindled it. It shall not be quenched. The story the flaming naming flame. It must yet be written. I love this story. I love this story because this is what we must have today. This is the cry of my heart. This is the story of Argentina and if God can do this in Argentina Tina he can do it in America the pastor who wrote this book as our Edward Miller our Dr Edward Miller if you remember his name he's the he's the pastor that went out to evangelize a small town. The Gospel never been preached before in this backwoods town and when he went he was totally defeated by the enemy. Not One in person attended his meeting. He finally struck his tent and went home and when he got home. He said I'm done. And he gave up his missionary activities in spent his time in the prayer closet before. Yeah no mighty God praying reading the scriptures searching after God until God came and you remember the story story of Mendoza with the Holy Spirit came on just a tiny tiny handful of people and the Glory Glory of God was revealed. We need that glory of God to be reviewed again this time in Washington. DC So this year. This thanksgiving I am. I'm thanking God. For the many years I've been able to share with you on the Radio The Gospel. I'm very grateful for each one of you. Who has been so kind and generous? In giving to this. Ministry of Pilgrim's progress. There are some that. Stand out a dear doctor the professor who has contributed in and been very kind and supportive. Leslie who has been so kind and generous with with your love and letters and support I have a whole pile. I'll of letters here alot. Richard Tom One especially Peter Diana. It shows the letters. That's just a few of them. I'll BERTA Robert Ralph. Every he sends his ties every month. Chris Well Chris Thank you. I'm so grateful that each of you has walked with me in this journey. Alex I know I've missed many of you but you're my heart. I couldn't do this without you. And while I do this. And while I'm faithful before for Jesus and while I'm preaching this word what I'm really waiting for his Jesus to come. I'm waiting for Jesus to come in and bring revival to our city. So would you pray with me. Would you pray for revival in Washington. I'm not going to quit until he comes. I'm not going in a quick praying. I'm not going to spit. quit reading the Scriptures. I'm not gonNA quit preaching waiting on him and he will come he will come almighty God I pray for Washington DC right now. I pray for this nation's Capitol I pray that the mighty mighty roaring waves will be stilled by your Holy Spirit the bitterness and acrimony between Republicans and and Democrats and the wicked agenda of the progressives and the Communists who WanNa destroy this nation and Lord I pray for Mr Trump and his precious wife I prayed Lord that you will raise up honest honest government officials and put your words in their mouth that corruption could be completely removed from our from our government and I pray for the churches and the pastors that you would put an honest word in our mouths and that you would come and mighty power. I pray in your name Amen. What we are out of time mm for today again? I went to the post office staff. This week has been a very very slow week and I'm surprised it's Thanksgiving giving could I hear from you. Would you send a Thanksgiving offering to help us. Cover the twelve hundred dollars. Were still short for this month. If all the pledges come so far were still twelve hundred short right to me at the National Prayer Chapel Post Office box. Twenty three forty six Woodbridge Virginia. Two two one nine five. Also good to our webpage you can can give online as many have. Thank you go to National Prayer Chapel Dot Com and just click the donate button my dear brothers and sisters. I love you. God bless you with his power and his presence range thank you Jesus. I love you talk to you soon try.

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