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If you'd like to make your NFL Games a little more interesting. You've come to the right place. It's the even money podcast with Russ Tucker and Steve Vegas Baby Vegas. It is even money. Podcast presented by bet online dot. Ag Use the Promo Code. Podcast one to get a fifty percent sign up bonus today bed online dot. Ag Your online sportsbook experts. He is the Fezzet at Physics Sports. He's The star of the show and the only two time winner of the Super Bowl of professional football gambling the super contest at the West Gate Casino. I'm Ost Tucker Steve Fezzet. I should probably say his name. Steve Hi sorry. Steve Steve Fenwick is his name at sports on twitter and by the way except no imposters because there are imposters out. There at physics sports on twitter is the key. I'm Ross Tucker former. Nfl Offensive Lineman five seven years. Journeymen bunch of podcast Ross. Tucker Football podcast Andrew Brand Today Greg Cosell on Friday College traff podcast over the NFC north picks. Tomorrow we're going to have guru John Hanson. Join US on the fantasy. Feast podcast so heck of a week for all the RT media shows and we appreciate when you guys go ahead and rate and review our shows it means quite a bit it helps with our algorithm more people. Discover US more people. See what we're doing so if you get the opportunity please rate and review the shows. It goes a long way. You can do it very quickly on your podcast APP. So today's guest is a buddy of mine who I did several shows with during the NFL. Season Steve on Sundays. I would do a betting. Show for radio DOT COM. You better you bet. Sunday edition with Nick. Kosto came on a week or two ago as well as Danny Parkin. Who is the afternoon drive? Guy On six seventy to score in Chicago highly. Encourage you to check him out on twitter at Danny Perkins so he's all over the barriers in the NFC north. But he's over gambling as well which makes him the perfect guest today. Danny thank you so much for coming on the show. Ross I appreciate you pretending like you. Follow me on twitter. Thank you for the invitation. Well this is a point of contention. No I don't follow you on twitter but I'm aware that you're on twitter. I know your twitter handle you. Look you're you're a Chicago radio host which is a gigantic market. You kick some serious butt but like a lot of your tweets or Chicago. I just I don't care that's fair right short. It's fair but I just. I'm aware that he's on twitter. Yeah I decided to do this really unconventional things. Sports Media and join twitter. So I I I appreciate the plug you just you just said it with this degree of familiarity. You had any idea what I was tweeting about so I appreciate it and I just felt like I need to call out just like recapture the spirit of you better. You Bet. Hey I am okay with it. I'm fine with that and I'm glad you brought that up Danny. Because Steve Danny is the number one non believer that. I'm aware of every week last year. I would go on this Sunday. Edition of you better. You Bet on the radio DOT COM APP and Danny refused to believe how well I did last season. And frankly how well I've done overall since we've started this show now twenty. Eighteen was not great for me and I don't remember I think twenty seventeen was actually really good to can't remember two thousand sixteen in Fifteen. But Danny Steve does not understand or believe that. I am the football betting superstar that I am. So can you please enlighten him? As the only two time winner of the super contest in the at the West Gate Casino the Super Bowl professional football gambling. Can you please enlighten Danny Steve? With what I've done on this show over the years. Yeah and we're working on the actual documentation but We I don't think any show has done as well as we have as far as picking winners but as far as the bigger picture Is a part of a big part of the population that does not believe with good reason? And here's why everybody is gambling. Hey they wouldn't have those lights in those chandeliers if everyone didn't lose and and the feeling amongst the countries that gambling is impossible to win a lot of people still feel that and the best evidence I can give that. It is certainly viable and that people do win at bringing this up. All the time all need to do is call over to William Hill. One of the major books here in Las Vegas. Ask Them How many people. They've kicked out of their sportsbook twenty years ago. No one did this now. The sharp sports bettors are very much like blackjack advantage players card counters. People get kicked out all the time I tell people. If you don't believe come to Vegas I can get. You denied bets within half an hour of your arrival in Vegas. Anyone wants to take me up on it. after the CON- country reopened. Let me know. I absolutely have come to the window. And they'll say well we can't take these bets it's Just a reality that advantage players do have the edge in sports betting and BLACKJACK wait a minute. I feel like I am be. I'm being misrepresented here. I never once questioned Whether or not you have been a Wittig sports get what I question weather. Ross Tucker who said in like week eight that he was up twenty eight bulbous units with no documentation of these bets questioned whether or not Ross Tucker is being denied access to bedding at the West Gate in Los Beverly. Pill does have the bird. Man Who independently is tracking all of his results and his picks so he's Got Independent. Monitor. I'll say this. Ross is a diamond in the rough. He's still learning example. When Ross was actually doing a game I believe in buffalo when unexpected snowstorm hit and there was like five inches of snow right before the game started. I'm still waiting for the text from him telling me to play the under Danny. I don't know what happened exactly exactly. And then and then he dropped this dime on us. One time Early on in the season when he said you know I think I've developed a system. Where if I think an underdog is going to win. The game outright. I'm going to bet them up. That's a that's a good idea. Like let me get a pen and paper and write that Elliott Jesse Eisenberg and the social network like hold on. Just checking your math on that. Yup I get the same technology here on our pod. Yes so I need to jump in here okay. This is amazing so so first of all Steve. You have to admit most of my bets that win are underdogs that I mean. So Danny if I mean Steven one hundred bets. How many of them do you think? I'm getting the points. Eighty eighty out of probably. I would have said Right around three-quarters yes like I take the points I think honestly Danny my my best strength so far has been. I have a pretty decent fuel for when underdogs are going to win now. Look I was in the red in twenty eighteen. So it's not like I'm like you know this way I'm not about to do what fezzet did and quit all my jobs and drive out to Vegas and do this as like my fulltime job. I'm not going to do that but I had a very good year last year and I had a very good twenty six and we actually have our guy that grades US Danny He's working on it. Steve He is going to go back the history of the show. He really only needs to remember the spreadsheet from the last show of each year. That says what we were for the NFL season each year. And I think it'll end up being a really healthy number but I want to go back to something you said. The I'm confused on so first of all. How is it legal for the sports books to not take your bets or the of other sharp like? How is that even legal? You're not card counting your placing a bet. It's in many ways exactly the same thing that if you if you have a casino you have the right to deny anyone as long as long as you don't violate any state local rules for you. Say you don't like tall people or short people You don't have to take You don't have to allow any select person to play with you that you don't want them to play And it really blackjack. Players Card counters have an advantage and so do advantage. Sports bettors now the big difference. Is that if you tell Steve. He can't play in your sportsbook. Hey It's easy enough for me to like you know what I got friends I. I'll show there's no hard feelings and I'll just recommend every single one of them descend upon you and make bets like that so it's not like a blackjack player could just send another card counter in And and do it for him make identical place so that is a big differentiation. So then what do you do like? How many do you get denied from? How many do you not get tonight from the CAT and mouse game? So essentially what the sharp books do is they just. Don't extend any kind of large limits to me and they say I'll give an example. The win is super friendly to me but they give me lower limits. But they'll never deny me they let me bet it but when the normal limit on bet might be a thousand dollars they'll say hey you can have five hundred on that and I'm betting for myself. I'm not betting first syndicate and it's enough to have me keep betting at the win and they get information on what I'm playing so that really is the It's optimal maybe for both players. Because they're getting information. And what good would it do them to tell me? You can't play it all and I'll be honest I would just have a cohort. Why making wagers for me and be part of his team. If that was the case like that seems like get around you anytime soon buddy. So Danny I want to start with with this. Just sort of your. You're feeling right now about what's going on with sports when you think that they'll come back just kind of your your read on things right now. So it's so complicated and I think there's like the emotional and then there's the rational and that's what we try to balance with like how we deal with our family how we deal with investing how we deal with anything right. I would you politics what we do with analysis like everybody on the emotional side. We all want sports to come back. That's obvious it would be good for morale. It would be good for business. It would be good for entertainment. It would be good for relationships like it'd be nice to have something to watch every night at seven o'clock central right The rational side of this when you follow any of these stories is man. This is complicated and when you see the UFC pull off an event even with a positive tasks or two or three. Wow that's really encouraging but then you remember that all of the UFC fighters don't have to fly to the event in the same plane or they all stay at the same hotel or being though same locker room with their opponents and the same thing with golf right so some of these sports can come back easier and easier and easier of than others but then when you look at something like Major League Baseball and you see this document that they're talking about and they're saying players can't Uber or take taxis to the stadium. They would recommend no spitting they would recommend social distancing by sitting in the stands instead of the dugout during games and they wouldn't want the players to shower at the stadium afterwards like at some point not even mentioning see part of it. The players are going to. What are we doing here? It's too many hoops to jump through. When as soon as I stepped into the batter's box within sixty to the catcher and as soon as I get on first base and he's holding the runner. I'm within six feet of him. Like it just team sports. It becomes so much more complicated and then that's not even to mention college football and college sports which to me. I always thought it was going to be the most complicated of this. Because how you good faith. Make the argument that a student athlete could play college if it wasn't safe for students to go on campus and while some campuses like Notre Dame the other day that they're going to move up the fall semester and open early others are still saying that campuses might not open at all and that the fall semester might need to happen online. And so what do you do for travel? What do you do out of conference games? What do you do with one? St Allows kids on campus and another dozen public. The pride it and if any of these colleges are going to make the argument that college students need to play football but Womens soccer gets cancelled or the biology students. Don't don't need to be on. Campus will then. How do you not make the argument that they are employees and you need to be paying them in compensating them and so I just think that way one question gets answered? Three more questions come up would does seem to be happening is that they're gonNA try and my guess is what happens and this is just how. I feel you know may twentieth. My guess is July August September. We're going have sports and then sports are going to get interrupted like that's that's my gut feeling on. This is that there will be a push to try. It will not be out of various motive in some case. It'll be profit motivated. That's okay that's what makes the world go round where capitalist country. There's nothing wrong with trying to make money. But the doctors seemed to say there's going to be a second wave of this thing and the doctors do not seem to be advising As many of these lacks protocols are happening. So my guess is that will be a push to return to normalcy. For political reasons for monetary reasons for morale reasons we will backslide. And then there's going to be an interruption in live sports. That's my guess as to where we're going right now but again it's just. It's an educated. Guess from reading watching the news we've a director of infectious diseases from one of the hospitals here in Cook. County Advocate Lutheran General Hospital and Cook County has been number one The most number of Covid nineteen cases of any county in the country. Chicago's been hit very hard by this. He's been on the show basically every week since this pandemic started Dr Robert Citron Bird. So it's it's not this isn't fearmongering. This isn't rooting against sports. I'd like to think that it's based on some semblance of reality. I don't love that answer but that's how I'm feeling today. Wow that's that's really that's really interesting any and I guess my other question since. This is a sports betting podcast would be. What IF ANYTHING. Have you been betting on like? Have you been betting on? Have you started to bet on the Bundesliga or UNC? Or somebody other things that are going on. I bet you have see casually So that if I'm watching the card right eye gal the Tony Ferguson. Fight for example. The I'm a pretty casual. You have see fan but I do really enjoy it. I probably will do something for The match with Tiger Phil and Brady in Peyton just for fun. But those aren't like areas of expertise rights. I have no degree of seriousness to the definition of recreational gambling. I'm playing a lot or poker since this is started like. That's not a scratch. My gambling engine. I was in college when Party poker and poker stars were blowing up and the online poker. Boom you know black Friday happened and all that so it's actually been really fun for me to kind of get back into poker. I used to play a ton and that went to Syracuse. And there was an eighteen year olds casino turning stone. Just forty minutes away with a thirty card table live poker room. So that's kind of been where I've been scratching that recreational Gambling H but I also since that's my belief on corona virus. I haven't found myself interested in tying up any capital in the term sports bets right now because if you make a bet on an NFL season win total right now and you put whatever it is whatever you bet five hundred bucks two hundred Bucks Thousand Bucks Fifty Bucks. Whatever you bet. They're going to have to do something if they don't play sixteen games of an NFL season and my guess is they're going to refund all of that action. So why would I want to tie up all that money right now of so of course when when football and baseball and the NBA playoffs come back? Of course I will be betting those games and those series but I I am a little less likely right now to make serious investment in a season long Over under win total than I normally would be what. You're selling my favorite bets. Because I'm just I'm not convinced that we're getting sixteen. Nfl Games this year. That's an interesting really interesting thought. What about like some of these mad in simulation things so like bet online right bet online has odds so better lines one on the sponsors of this show they have odds for each game? They're doing madden simulations. Every night this week tonight like six o'clock it's patriots. Rams eight o'clock Tom Brady. And the Bucks. Against Steve's Las Vegas Raiders and they have odds that you can bet on these games I you know. I'm just curious your your opinion on betting on these on these bet online. Look I love bet online but in particular and people can try it out no matter what you say but have you done anything else on any of these Madden Simulations. I personally haven't you know I love it like I think that this is. Here's the thing. I need to really tough time for sports gambling right now. This is sports gambling podcasts Sports gambling went legal in Illinois right. Before March Madness I partnered up with rivers casino to do the endorsements on the score for their sports book and they were able to take like bats for dates not even weeks and then it all closed down. But I think what's going to happen is this is going to be the proverbial like one step back for three steps forward type of situation because so many states are going through so many Economic hardships right now. The states that were on the or maybe sixty forty no for legalizing sports gambling. But when it comes back they're going to be looking for that windfall and that revenues so I think the twenty twenty one twenty twenty two twenty. Twenty three are going to be massive sports gambling years and so in terms of legalization and it might even get to a place on depending on how the election goes when We could see it even federally legal. So I I would be thinking about investing in you know like ten gaming stock or things like that so me personally like that's where I've taken my investor rain a little bit more until like by it and hold it like sports gambling. We'll come back as opposed to trying to handicap madden simulations like that but I I don't begrudge anybody for doing it and I love the creativity and ingenuity and east force is real and all that stuff like. It's just not my particular area of interest but Sports gambling is absolutely not going away and I think it will come back bigger than it's ever been Within whatever whenever this ends within six to eighteen months after that I think that's going to be mentioned boom of online poker back when I was freshman sophomore in college. I think that's actually going to be when the boom for sports gambling really takes off interesting. Now what about? I know one thing you guys both wanted to talk about was home. Field advantage and Steve. Danny talk a bunch so you start with what you think in particular in football but just in general home field advantage is going to be worth in particular in the NFL. And before I get to that. I want to clarify a couple of points. I don't understand the whole madden simulation betting because correct me. If I'm wrong whoever has mad and can just run this fifty thousand times so they already know what the predetermined correct answer is for what the spread should be. So how in the world can you beat something where someone already knows the answer right? Ross they meds I guess I guess so. I could lay my one on one and couldn't beat them because they know the answer already. So I can't do that. I WANNA say poker. I'm an avid poker player as well and if you're a serious poker playing you study and you play against players. That aren't very good. Like they would be the case pretty much. I would imagine in the entire state of Illinois. I'd be shocked if there were tough. Poker Games. You will what I guarantee you a win if you don't win you're not studying hard enough. It's just not that hard. If you're playing in Bobby's room and the Blasi Oh okay now. You're going to have to study a whole lot more so just play against bad players. I guarantee if you study hard play well you will win. Let's get the home field advantage pretty much across the board. I'M GONNA assume about a one and a half to two point homefield advantage this year and this assumes no fans in the stands and so it's GonNa take away from the teams that historically have had really big home advantage is mostly because of crowd noise New Orleans Minnesota Seattle. I do think the one exception to the rule will be Green Bay. Green Bay has a very strange grasp field that I believe is to their advantage. And they're big homefield advantage. It's not from the crowd noise but rather from that field. Conversely there's teams that have absolutely horrific homefield manages Washington Jacksonville Obviously the Los Angeles chargers those teams that would greatly benefit from no fans. If you're chargers player having an empty stadium would be a welcome sight versus all the opposing fans taking over your stadium and you getting on your home stadium so one and a half to two points for home field. Pretty much across the board with a few exceptions. Yeah I I agree and I also why I'm just interested in it is like you don't show it'll go to show how much crowd noise factors in to the strategy of things right like I. I'm thinking about superdome and New Orleans in this like epic noise and it's such a tough place to play in the superdome in prime time and like everything that you say about it well with no fans in theory it goes from the place in the NFL to one of the best places in the NFL. Because you get teams that every team would prefer. I in theory to play in. Dome Rightly so. I'm thinking about weeks three. I'm thinking about you know packers at saints it. You know you just had mentioned the field. Lambeau well now you get to play on a fast track if you want it. And the packers. Don't have the greatest group of of skill position guys. That's been well documented but talking about like a difference and playing on that field at Lambeau and playing an adult at the superdome and now not only do you get the ideal conditions but you get the removal of the crowd noise and so Aaron Rodgers can do anything that he would normally be able to do at home or at practise. At the line of scrimmage. Just what does that change like? I I you know you talk to these two coaches of quarterbacks and they talk about like how much more difficult game planning is for road games with crowd noise enhancing those in chat with me at the line and all of those that all goes out the window now that no one's going to be worried about how it's going to be in the stadium does does that. Make Guy. I've got more questions about this than I do answers. I agree like instead of the standard three points. It gets TR- Track down one and a half to something like that. But does this make it easier for young or rookie quarterback's to be successful early so like I'm thinking of a Guy Kyle Murray? A guy like drew lock guys who normally would have like drew. Lock going into Arrowhead Right. That's A. That's a tough spot but is it not. It's not going to be nearly as tough for him. So does that get over corrected in the Wind Movement Kyle going to Seattle put like things like that. Where normally you'd say. Oh man that's that's a really tough spot for a young second year guy to to go in and win but now that that crowd noise has been removed. I wonder people's biases will still be Kyla Marie in Seattle. He should be a significant underdog whereas now he's going to be able to do anything he wants in terms of running the same offense and so. I don't exactly know but I feel like after the first couple of weeks of it will be able to get a pretty good grasp on how different it is for offense. Playcalling the irony of through lock had to go to Arrowhead last year and they Snowstorm hit so. It wasn't the crowd but it was the conditions that absolutely destroyed him I do think. Obviously you're familiar with your own sight lines. That's an advantage still Playing in your own stadium you get to. You've got the familiarity. I don't know if these home teams are going to be staying in their home hotel or whether they actually might players might actually stay at home this year. Nevertheless it's an advantage versus the road team having to do the travel so they're still elements of the homefield. That will be there. But the great point that you would certainly expect quarterbacks that tend to get rattled And that usually means younger quarterbacks. It's difficult with that crowd noise so it probably will be more of a benefit to the inexperienced quarterbacks and one last thing that I wanted to get from you Danny is about the bears. I mean you cover. This team is closely as anybody. You're there you know what what's your read because I know like our buddy. Nick Kostis likes the bears. He certainly likes them more than I think. That's defecit can I do? What's your read on your bears? Well I think there's been a bit of overreaction to some things like the bears two years ago number Devi away defense and last year game. Hex was her for extended period of time. Danny Trevathan was heard for an extended period of time. Smith Miss some time and had an up and down Rookie campaign and they had terrible turnover. Lock and they finished the year seventh in delay defense this year. They upgrade from Leonard. Floyd to Robert Quinn and Akiem Hicks is healthy and safe in and Roquan are healthy. So I think outside of San Francisco they have the best front seven in the NFL. Right I mean give me a better front seven in Roquan Smith Danny Trevathan Robert Quinn Khalil. Mack Akiem Hicks Eddie. Goldman like I don't maybe you have one but I think in San Francisco and then the bears. So if you're going to be a top five defense which I think is I'm not saying the best. But if they were top seven that bad luck and bad injuries and they were number one with a great injury. Look great turnover luck two years ago with. Let's call the top five defense. And then you just get better than Mitch. Trubisky quarterback play like. I'm not asking for great quarterback late. We all know what Nick foles is. But he's he's better than Mitch. He knows the offense better than match. I think he's going to be the starter week. One because Matt. Nagy has taken control of this offense he got rid of Harry. He stands the longtime bears offensive. Line coach he's a legend around here. Two stints with the bears Notre Dame brought in one St Oh from Philadelphia who Matt Nagy knows. He knew Nick foles from Kansas City. He brought him Dmitri's Harris from Kansas City. He brought in Johnny Filipo from Philadelphia. He knew in Philly. And who works with Nick Foles in Philly like? He's he's familiarizing himself. He's bringing in his guys. And so nick foles is his guy he inherited Mitch Trubisky so as long as the offense is better and the defense should be better than last year pretty plainly. This year everybody talked about being a disaster. It was a disaster because it was aesthetically ugly and coming up at twelve when season and there were super bowl expectations but it wasn't a disaster in terms of the results. They won eight games so now with the over under the win. Total coming down from two to eight and a half or eight and their defense should be great. Their offense should be better on paper. The schedule isn't as tough especially early. That should allow them to get off to a nice start at Detroit home against the giants at Atlanta home against the colds short week at home against Tampa Thursday night at Carolina. Maybe the worst team in the NFL feels like four and two is a very reasonable expectation to start the season. If not maybe five and one I I love their over and I and I see USA. Today say three and thirteen. I say my Guy See My Guy Matt Miller at bleacher report to a power rankings and having those the thirty first best team in the NFL like. That's just such an overreaction to a fairly pedestrian off season because of salary cap constraints like this is still a really good team. I don't know about you guys going. I believe you have a top five defense. It's really hard to be six windsor worse in the NFL. You're going to be in damn near every game so I lean over but I think we're the value actually is is. If you get better you can get better than three to one For the NFC north. Like it's just. So jumbled up packers dysfunction didn't add much this off season Vikings seem to be static. Lions of Lions I. I think there's value in the bears in the NFC north. And I also lean over them and that's not a whole or pick. I'll pick under in bet against the bears multiple times during the season. I'm not I'm not a homer with them like that. I just followed them closely so I just think there's been a little bit of an overreaction in the market to their off-season what we're going to have to completely disagree on our bears because I did go to school in Chicago so it'd be one of my teams. I got to come back to three games last year. You can make great points about. The bears being slightly improved from last year. Obviously foles upgrade over trubisky lease. It's obvious to me. But here's the problem. The bears didn't go eight nate last year. The bears went six ten. Let me make my case. Bears had three games to against Detroit. WanNa Minnesota that. Don't count like normal games. Because they played the lions twice in the second. Half of the season and driscoll started and blouse started. The much despised Blau. If you go back and watch those games you'll see the bears. Were awful. The bears barely beat those backup quarterbacks on a bad Detroit team that did not win a game and the with with those quarterbacks all year long and then week seventeen. The Vikings gift wrapped it a win when they rested their starters and manion started and the bears won. I think by two points so in those three games. I'M GONNA be generous and I'M GONNA go ahead and say hey you know what if Stafford was starting and if Cousins was starting to give the bears a win. The bears are six and ten team last year. And that's why the wise guys hate the bears and they're playing them under because they know that that eight has complete asterisk by their stunk last year. Yeah they'll be a little bit better this year and so there'll be a little bit of a better team with but they'll have a worse record in my opinion and that's that's reasonable. I just feel like when we start doing that and going you know week by week game by game and picking out you know they the cowboys last year. People have the cowboys as a super bowl contender. This year. You could go through. You can pick situations for each spot and I hear you're saying the joke around here is that Mitch. Trubisky is going to start week one because the only team he can beat is Detroit and then they're going to go to nick foles right. Yeah that three hundred forty yard game against them in the second game against the Lions last year. So it's absolutely true. Debated not be a bunch of playoff quarterbacks and a bunch of playoff teams last year but they also were at twelve win team the year before it is twenty wins in two years. And what isn't there like about the defense so you could say they lost prince AMUKAMARA and so they're inexperienced that you know number two and number three quarter which is totally valid but that defense is real and there aren't many real defenses in the NFL. And I just think when Akiem Hicks was there In two thousand eighteen Khalil. Mack was a top three defensive player in football and last year his production plummeted because he had absolutely no help and teams were just running away from him rolling away from in the throw one two three step drops doing everything they could to neutralize Khalil. Mack and so then no pass rush leads the no turnovers. No help on the other side. Who's the no production from Khalil? Mack and it was just this the spiral effect. I'm not I'm not sitting here telling you the bears world beaters but I don't think there's many defenses in the NFL. It's like that. That's what I'd hang my hat on. I am what is interesting? Is You referenced? The twelve and four from two years ago but you following the bears an aberration. That is the total cupcake scheduled. Nobody got hurt and they were like plus twenty and turnover so everything went right. That was a nine and seventeen so the bears in my eyes. What were the record? Two years ago one nine and seven last year they went Six and ten that's valuations and that's why I'm so soured on the bears will say I am a believer in that More so than the market seems to be so than most bears fans seem to be I. I've seen this system take a team. That had no touchdown passes season to a wide receiver. Which is what happened in Kansas City to Alex Smith? Playing the system taking over that team that season four years later he's number one in the NFL in passer rating on depot. Alex Smith but check down Charlie that guy. We saw it with Nick foles in the playoffs. Doug Peterson we saw it was Carson Wentz before he got hurt when he's not to be an MVP This obviously we saw Pat. Mahomes can do when you actually put an elite talent into the system This offense works. It's run right. It is sophisticated. It's complicated and Mitch. Trubisky was not able to handle it. So Matt Nagy had to dumb it down and if they were playing the lions one week in the Vikings the next week it was not an entirely new game plan week by week where it was team specific whereas like okay weekend this week. We're going to be able to target the middle linebacker and this week we're GONNA target Corner and we're going to completely scrapped the game plan because we WANNA put in seventy glades for this vikings game that we wanna put it in sixty new plays for the for the week against the Lions Mitch. Trubisky was just mentally not able to handle it period full stop and I believe Nick foles will so I think the Matt Nagy was coaching With his hands tied the last couple of years offensively. I'm not sitting here saying this is GonNa be a tough offense with Nick foles far from it but I do think that Matt Nagy will be able to finally maximize whatever this offense can be simply by having a guy who knows his offense. Well we're not going to be decided here today but I tell you what after Costas couple weeks ago and you Danny Now. The bears become one of the teams. We are GONNA have on our radar this season to see who's right and who is wrong. Danny thanks so much coming on the show again you can check them out in the afternoons on six seventy to score in. Chicago you can check him out on twitter like I don't at Danny Park in on twitter. Thank you Danny. Thank you thank you as appreciate you guys having me on and by the way. I hope I'm wrong and we get uninterrupted sports for the rest of the time. Obviously it's not what I'm rooting for is just what I'm fearing no we. We appreciate the honesty. That's why we had John. Thank you so much. Thanks guys. That'll do it for today's even money. Podcast send those emails. If you WANNA get your questions asked and answered by Stephen. Whoever our guest may be over the coming weeks before we've got more and more sports coming back twitter and facebook you can follow us at. Ross Tucker. Nfl AT RTF. Podcast love love those of you that download US multiple times on multiple devices. When you're bored. I mentioned earlier. Much means when you guys rate and review the show you just review it. Send the screen shot to me. Ross at Ross Tucker DOT COM and ask Steve any question you'd like I think we're done here good luck. I really hope you win some money. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST lakeshore. Sure to also subscribe to the Ross. Tucker football podcast. The fantasy feast business of sports and the college draft all available at Apple podcasts. Ross Tucker DOT COM or wherever PODCASTS can be found.

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