RPDC 18: How to: Respect Books


The following podcasts contains strong language ridiculous. Cartoon scenarios conjured up by to claim comedy wizards. Between you and me them or like saturday morning court jesters fueled by sugary cereal but either way the opinions expressed in presented are mere musings. So please humor there well well-intentioned hijinks with a laugh and not taking anything. They say seriously it. You want to pay them to say something else could always use. New shoes lost everybody. This is review party dot com. I'm brent i'm matt. This is the only comedy podcast. That reviews reviews. You know we don't we. Don't give up the stars you know we. We don't want him to make them feel bad. We got something to say about. These user generated interviews. It's usually funny. I would like to think. I do think and today i'd like to. I'd like to get started. Warmed up so to speak by putting matt on blast. Oh i haven't discussed this with beforehand. But i'd like him to feel like the. The lights are swinging down. The studio lights are beating down. Upon as i ask him. This question. You know i'll be nice and if you can't think of it right away. I'll tell my own story i'll i'll do it. I'll answer the question for you. But i expect better of you. Okay okay matt. brian win. Don't do that cool. When i don't think it's possible. Says sentence and be cool. When was your most embarrassing fart Even you're taking it seriously. Yeah that's a tough one. Because i do have an embarrassing leg. Like twelve humor story but embarrassing fart frawley. Just in class is is to be honest. Maybe like doing sit ups in gym. I've got a much more embarrassing. Just like toilet humor story that i could tell assure all right for it up. Sure we'll speak to me. It was a few years ago at work at my at. My job is recent yes afraid. Now s till the upgraded is I went to the bathroom as one does from time to time as a human being needs to do and also animals shout. Animals showed animal taken dumps everywhere. Unlike an animal. I went to the bathroom to take mine and install like a millennial probably on my phone win. What happens but my boss walks in and starts asking me questions and talking about stuff about work related no directly to work at. I know even when when. Somebody's just walking in in in standing at the urinal right next to the stall. I'm like freeze everything. Enter stasis mode like a like an alien laser hit you and you're just wall trafton blaze your atoms cease to move. Yeah so this is my bus just talking about okay. So we're gonna yeah we can. We can produce that we can send out to them. Okay okay should be. We should be able to do that. That's fine that's great and then he says okay. Thanks emily as if call the meeting email. And i have about this. Apparently it couldn't wait. I don't know and and somehow he knew to go there to find me and he says thanks no problem on one hand. I'd be relieved. He didn't he wasn't like how long have you been in here because that would be true terror but on the other hand. How uncomfortable saw uncomfortable. Needless to say. I stopped using the bathroom on my floor from that day four round. Oh man this is i. I don't know if this was funny. The office i used to work at man may i. My my theory is just lazy. People works they're lazy. Slacker like me that really cherish their bathroom time but every bathroom was always full you had to search the building for free saul sometimes lets you know everybody. There's a handful bathrooms. They all have like three stars and the which is a lot for dude bathroom. That's true but now i'll tell my story. I can't hyphen up either. People hanging of it was in second grade during our so. You know i always feel. I was a slacker. Who took took my grades a little seriously. But this was not to reveal the joke of the story. But this was the dinosaur test right. And i always fashioned myself quite the dinosaur you know dinosaur expert dino meal expert yeah yet donald meal expert and i think this was probably passed the time where i wanted to be a paleontologist. Okay i think those delusions of grandeur had already faded for my head probably wanted to be sunny cool by second grade and science like a scientists that doesn't have to live in the desert like really solid do. Yeah that's what i found out like. I realized like you have to like living a desert and a trailer like nine months of the year being hot dust and bones hidden shit with pick ax is like no. That's not the that's not the way for me. I'll just look at their work in the museum. I'll just appreciate. It'd be a paleontologist. Appreciator is far too my row. Anyway i was taking this device are really seriously. You know a lot of self-confidence road on this dinosaur test and So you picture you know second grade. You got the qual- deaths the four desks facing each other ear desk partners. You got the dual folder on each side to prevent cheating so you're locked in your low realm so we're in the middle of tests and i'm sure it was nerves but i let out a big long loud fart and everyone laughed and i did. The worst thing you could possibly do was was shut. It wasn't yeah ruin it. Yeah that makes a totally obvious. Who and i. I don't remember how. I wish i knew how i did on that test. I'm fine dinosaur dork. But yeah i do remember. I could never forget that intensely embarrassing moments. You got our little review here. Say mr you got a review. I feel like we re just sitting in the nineties there with your story so us back to the nineties with this. This is a review of the final blockbuster in the world in bend oregon is really it or i feel like there's a fake twitter. It's just like a joke. Twitter that tweets but then as the real the real final blockbuster about hop owned blockbuster counter stay open you. They're just persevering and now like they're they're capitalizing on that novelty but yeah i still do the same functions that a blockbuster would do This is a google review written by k v. Her full cave. He writes. Tim burton's batman was playing in everyone. There was into it between doing what we were there for and it felt like the nineties. I could not easily myself away from the nineties. Can these days fivestarsoap i mean. That's that's that reviews the total vibe. It's he's such a vibe. I feel like i'm there like i caught. I caught a peep of of the big. Tv that's attached to the ceiling. And i see it's batman and interstate us once again. And i'm just watching danny devito penguin or something man. I wanted to work at my local video store so bad i still wanna work at a video store but like just let us never went. Well i guess. I don't know i feel like the perfect guy. I'd like a guy from a movie about a guy that works in a video store and you can talk about movies you can i. Yeah can talk about movies portly. I have a beard Long hair have a lot of strong unreasonably strong opinions media and candy. I assume either. I don't have the biggest sweet tooth. But yeah i'll challenge chocolate bar every now. That would be my niche. If i worked at a video store. If you're gonna watch steel magnolias. You're going to want some bottle caps to go with that. Yeah i guess disclosure. i When i worked at overnights at a hotel. I would definitely have a dr pepper at a hostess cupcake. Every sort of meantime you know Just a chill on this sugary soda at us. How does that even taste. Good those two hyper sweet things. I'm a maniac. I w- insane. Say i think i would do one. And then the other probably have the dr pepper. The became night pep. Put pepper my step. Anyway yeah i love video stars but i was never able to work at one. I you know Like i wanna be. I wanna be randall from clerks. That's my greatest role as a stroll the isles again. See the see the covers duty. Come visit once the backstage price read torres over. There's a family video still walking distance. Okay okay yeah. It's but the funny thing. There's some family videos. Open over over here in wisconsin still. They're not a rare sight. There's a couple illinois the thing is they They i don't think the their main hustle is videos anymore. That's just sorta they got to keep those around but really judging from the sign edge. The excessive silage. Cbd's now so at family radio. I have signs they. You can't miss them. One in wheeling or something that i've driven past wheeling on we've got everything from cbd to dvd coban in. Okay jet your cbd here cbd in giant letters so they must be making bank off fake. We'd so they're they're taking it to the next level. I was picturing myself a pseudo somali of of candy for what you're gonna watch their like. If you're gonna watch steel magnolias. You're going to want some of this devils blue. Cbd the cbd south whenever what happ- what state olea about old people lightly and he's gonna watch with redford grows every every time every time he says. What's what's redford grows about. It's a boy and his dogs and the dogs. Does the dog died. I think so. I think that's not old yeller. It's a different. Yeah just sort of about a boy living in the countryside having adventures with his dog and then it dies at the end. Yeah that's most most of us stories every it's like drinking game every time The the kid says something says something. Weird redneck word likes patilally. You've got to put some salve on your nipples people. Cpt fast entry. Okay y- sprays you. And all that. I just like to take cd oil and just rub it. Into every nook and cranny my body is sort of become a you know sick sagnier learn. Do you can't even rub it all in and just come like iceman from the x. men but instead of ice with these images in mind you have ever review sure. This is a review for this. I let is quite the stark contrast yours toes-to-toes chunky mild salsa amazon. Okay This is if you by gene in md She says in all caps lifesaver pandemic. Isolation munchies are piling on the pounds. Not so healthy. Munchies are being met by a worthy opponent. Oh four stars oh. Entering the ring ladies and gentlemen toasted who extra chunky south he had vanquished your corn dog cravings and less caught. We have gene in. Md's sizable case of the munchies. Who will come out on top folks. I fucking love. Toasty us chunky. Mild salsa i like newman's own because he's hot guy lou one's own. He's the same guy with the salad. Dressing paul newman salsa. Yeah it's good. Yeah he's a garden salsa he's oh how yeah i forgot his sort of thing is like when he's in a different outfit for every he's got a little sombrero on a roads and author this also i feel like you know be the fans the people listening to weaken and they they get they get at brand they get it off about hating racism. It's a it's almost like what are you. Try to hide at this point but newman's own looking a race slightly slightly insensitive. We'll say that at least yeah. I'm surprised he can't keep getting away with this. He's dead so. I gotta cancel leuven. Uncle ben's is now bands original Really i didn't know that. Yeah it's like the same blue font on an orange background but we'll with no black guy. Smiling man no no violent man. I love that. Violent man were brainwashed into thinking. That's okay i guess. So but newman's own black bean and corn salsa he's okay to have a like a like a some rare oh her kid this sensitivity is rated medium chunky. This is some medium chunky and substantively. It's not so spicy. That's why it's not you know it's not too spicy. Yeah yeah that's gonna come out fine. You can have can rest. It's rest good cheap for every you know insensitive. Paul newman caricature there. Is paul new. Meaning a beekeeper's outfit for his honeymoon dressing. Yeah he's sort of like mario and mario odyssey. You can just dressing up wherever you want. I really liked the one. It's a treat. I forget which dressing. It's like asian ginger dressing on the easter dress. Botchy show okay. That was somehow actually not as bad as i thought. Is he a geisha ours. Love whole now a a line. No food i can dress up for different. You know. what's a good product that has like a lot of flavors. I really liked like kool-aid and gatorade and stuff tease. Maybe tease could work yet. Every flavor tijuana address up as a different stereotype. That'd be great. Some get know the hornets craft. We got a billion dollar campaign on our hands. The idea right here before we get too carried away. You gotta review. Let's let's keep bouncing back. Okay i've got a review for the publix supermarket at beach. Way plaza in denia beach florida and i found this review. Because i i found a google viewer named miami magician's magician and i thought it's going to be great if i find some sort of outlandish review that is clearly written by a magician and i found it in the public supermarket review. The miami magicians rights manager. Call the police on a lady forgiving the ducks outside a cup of water as a customer. That upset me one-star you knew the read that again manager. Call the police on a lady forgiving the ducks outside a cup of water as a customer. That upset me once. Who's this was serious. Deduct saving vigilante. What are you doing there. You can't give water to ducks. Who does the manager. Only ducks ducks through these. These are just some ducks some floridian definitely. What are these just cuba. So water dude. It's not she's not even giving them bread. It's not like they're going to keep coming around looking for hydration at your shitty hotel. I'm looking at the map of where this hotel is as right by the supermarket. Excuse me i'm looking for. I'm looking at this supermarket is it's right by the beach. There's lots of ducks. They're not doing anything that anybody hayes keeps those are nuisances nuisance makers those are nothing but trouble if they're not seagulls there at the rats with wings some ducks right. I just picture the lady you know that lady that called the called the police of those very nice people having a barbecue. Yeah and there's just gifts of her like on the phone in her sunglasses like trying to be all straight face and pissed for just any person. Yup that's why picture this manager like set of stutz. Release these duck. Feeders and i picture so that's one half a story the other half. I picture the woman feeding ducks. She's like she's like legend of zelda fairy princess like sent out from the heavens feed these you know keep these nice and dunks going. Yeah and the ducks are just. This is the time of their lives. Imagine the the beach. That's near the lauderdale. Hollywood international airport has very nice water. Let's have some tap get some ducks some public water. Yes some public. A little super mario kart public's it's it's every of the ducks not part of the public. Yeah the duck to me. That duck is an american citizen member of of the. Us avai folks. I maybe not outraged about this. The manager called the police on lady. It's one thing to come out and say don't give those ducks water right now to skip leg up through that and go straight to. I'm i'm call the fucking cops on nine. Hello someone is giving ducks blotter outside. End up magician witnessed this. The magician is upset this. This makes the renaissance painting. I'm trying to mind that. That's really the kicker you you are though. The magician is represented the audience. But it's just fucked guyana hokey magician's outfit the curly mustache. It's newman himself in as magician outfit. Oh boy oh. G give the ducks. Water gives the dachshund water. You know now. I wanna go crazy air crazy call. Early break okay. We've been working hard for you. People yes. I said if you peaceful not you people listeners. So deathly sandy. Don don't try and fed me madam going down okay. I'll give this podcast. Hey everybody thank you for listening to our lovely little podcast if you go above and beyond in supporting our show or have the most fabulous conversation starters in sliced bread go to review party dot com dot com click on shop and explore some fabulous t shirt designs. Where's your favorite place. Where t shirt on my body mine. Mine is at the store to wear a t shirt review dot com dot com. click shop. Why south there don't stop now. Don't stop me now because buying a t shirt by ladies and gentlemen welcome back from the break and welcome to review. Redux the segment where we revisit. Some of our favorite review. Sorry young sound. I forgot all that yeah came late. I forgot the button. That's all right. 'cause we're just gonna skip right into this excitement. We're going to revisit our good friend. Craig s offering on craig's son. Craig south nobody's long listening. Craig santi crayon of old friend an old friend who were about to know even even better. Yes for those who don't remember Craig was heavily featured in episode five craig. John is a man who loved hardy's in tokyo japan very much. And we you know. Go treat yourself episode five if you remember that you treat yourself again if you do remember. It definitely gives money so craig's yup account his profile page in light insist that he calls himself craig. Darth crater s no changes everything is quote below his Elite twenty eighteen seventeen sixteen status is made. The four could be with you. Yes back on. Craig back team craig. What a roller coaster. This is already at right. I have a couple of reviews from craig here. I think i'll just read them will react if we have to orders. Appreciate this this dude. This is a review for merola 's restaurant in coral springs florida craig rates. The owner has the memory of an elephant. He not only remembers you but he remembers what you ordered and what wine you drank as well. Don't come here and get into an argument with your spouse over dinner. If he or she goes missing he's the first one the cops are gonna talk to allow. Needless to say the customer service here is on another level but hit the laugh out loud but now that one folks bombs yeah. This one's staffing that when their I have a review for malaysia. Air craig rates my flight attendants professionalism left a lasting first impression. That not only speaks to his character but reflects positively on the airline and the entire country itself. His customer service skills helped to ease. The anxiety felt toward entering a country that practices sharia law. Like what if. I met a girl and i stole her heart. What part of me would they cut off anyway. I always in good hands. Keyword hands five stars. What the fuck you talking about. Craig what is your i. I'm back off team. Craig sharia law missile. I know that what what the hell is this pilot television though is what they're gonna you're gonna cut off your hands. I think is what it was is was that is just elaborate joke so he could do the hands punchline it could have been. I don't know what is what is this pilot do. Let's not to on too long. I have afraid of was the pilot over the cup void. Sharia law telling you what will happen. And where and why. He's making him sound like a shiny night. Craig- craig's insane. We haven't reached rename. Craig's should own segment the insane reviewer. He's pretty wild okay Let's see craig reviews the cornerstone bar and grill in ottawa ontario. I'm giving it four stars because my waitress was acting like it was your last day on the job and she didn't care anymore. To be honest it was more of a three star experience. But i'm not gonna punish the owners or anything. She did. What mattered most was that. The food was great. The garden salad with shredded carrots reveal peppers and a whole other host of. I don't usually eat and champagne vinaigrette. Dressing took it to another level. He said a cuss but he like asterix it out. Okay oh and. I finally tried the impossible burger or whatever. It's called lettuce tomato onion pickles and some secret sauce on the bottom. It tastes so real juicy succulent and drips. Just like a real burger enough to make pinocchio feel like a real boy an ally for star nokia. doesn't he burgers. feel real. No hill craig craig. That was a nice review. That was making a lot of sense to me was very straightforward. And mr craig the fucking joker over here want to see how it got. These scars biting bill old hamburger. Kinda gone if you wanna take craig back to where we know. Okay i have craig's review for kfc chicane can't see dog in zaka hell. Yeah crates fertilizer. Twenty first disappointing meal. I've eaten in japan. The quality has declined. The prices have increased and the portions have gotten smaller. And what's with this colonel ing potato both. Bring the fries back. Give me my chips. I want thousand dollars ships. Chris tucker voice. What the hell is this. Who to start. Should i try. And do the chris tucker voice. I want in dallas last i i. I don't know if you remember this little treat for the heads of the last time. I tried to make a. Chris tucker joke that i think that may be. The joke edited for content out craig. Craig's got the confidence to go for it. he does. We got craig on the show. So yeah we met craig creggan. We questioned why he was in japan. Eating eating at carl's junior he. He claims to be god. Damn she jeop- jeopardy. Japan kfc expert. Who is this renaissance moderate rice. I don't know. I have one final review from craig john. The royal park hotel. The haneda japan just tech into the aurora suite at the pork rail hotel haneda and it's fourteen royal at her royal park parked car. Royal royal hotel pork royals from now on. Because that's craig was there to eat. He said it's fucking incredible. There's nothing else to say. Five stars greg. I wanna know he might drops on it. Can you message people on e. l. Invite you to ask. you can send a message. We're going to get in contact with craig folk i is. He active when last review Sort by dates. Last view i see was back in february. Oh that's so he's f. I don't crack. He's hunt down another place. The right of great review about this miami. I might wrong. So i'm listen. I've personally making my mission to track this master down. He is going to be on this show for better for worse. And i think that's that that cliffhanger is a great way to end the segment. Yes it is so. I don't know why i don't know when but whoever this international man of mystery as he we're gonna we're gonna be. We're going to be tunnel in his brains on this episode. You get a quote at yeah. He's he's got a will. Read your messages craig. Better on the show we. We don't care listen i got. I got speaking of me. The fork be with you. I have review of star wars. The empire strikes back nice according to amazon by mark hamill. sorry. George looks like could mark. Did this one. This review is written by awesome garg any titles and the best. Not the best movie. I've ever watched look very interested. What starts it. Oh i'm so sorry. I headed over this review. Three out of five stars i. It's not thought the best movie. I ever watch very interesting. That's what you say about something you watch in class. We had to watch gatica in biology. Also i love gatica. I'm just as an example movie but it's interesting it is interesting gattikers interesting. Go watch gatica gallagher. It's not hours. Gatica has got That that little handsome guy in so many you know you know him. Several movie urine sir. Well i could describe it as that ethan hawke. That's his name ethan. Hawke sars of gallagher. It's probably wild right. There's there's nothing wrong with saying star. Wars isn't the best movie person but let me let you finish but stars empire strikes back it do be the best movie. That's pretty darn good. Yeah i i wanted. So i clear this review one because it's wild and two because i just want to talk about star wars empire strikes magazine also as please continue. It's more than interesting. I guess he's not like he's not like nothing is saying. Is patently false. Maybe he really likes the puff. The magic dragon. Vhs his parents put on for him as a kid. But i have to save. Oh puff the magic dragon. The best movie. I've ever watched but very interesting. Yeah a very interesting. Little jackie paper. That will give you some some strange feelings. Man get some strange feelings every iota scene and expect those are so good you cannot. You can't tell me. Mark camel was or is a bad actor with those saints him in the puppet heaven frank work in it out dude. Yeah ooh gets me every time. Yeah you really feel the relationship there. Oh yeah it's a real. It's the the more you know beyond the mentor. Men t the sensi and the pupil. You get that that grant. Those feelings gone Who who has it who it is. It's very interesting yeah I don't know that. I have any more to say on that. Yeah i you know we. What is there more to be say start. We said sour as empire strikes back dooby Screen we told people. Go watch it but we talked puffs magic dragon. That checks all boxes. Yeah sort of talent cleanse. I an amazon roof. Your another movie is actually came up on on a different podcast. I was guesting on called. That's what i meant if you're interested in that we can. We can plug that at the end and sorry that i spoil this question for those listeners. Who go and check it out. This is a review for the movie cutting class. It's a low budget horror movie. That is also the first movie to feature one of our favourite actors whose whose featured off spy cast pretty heavily recently. kevin spacey. No now much taste you. That i think i know who you're talking. I think you know who it is anyway. If you recall that the dino oatmeal eggs review you felt like that was something that you had written and just forgotten about. I feel like this review. Something i've written and just forgot about but amazon user beans and things is the credited added little. There's too strong to cutting classes. The movie get it. Cutting like someone's gonna get sliced slasher beans and things titles their review cheesy but at least it's yummy told you like i wrote it beans and things writes this is a fun eighty slasher flick. That doesn't take itself too seriously. Lots of silly lines. Such as i'm a yankee doodle killer and have you ever felt my tingle wanna put that in context yeah eighties ice cream cheese at its best crazy killer mystery where everyone is a suspect and the deaths are just as weird as the personalities. I highly recommend this flick for a giggly night with a friend. There's one wet bubis. Seen the girl walks. I what movie scene. That's about it for naughty. Got to expect that for the time period so cheesy but at least it was sharp cheddar not roquefort hat liam type of cheese which it's refineries i. I just wanna know if that's an apt metaphor. We'll have to find a way to watch this. The only thing. I disliked the packaging while brad pitt was not the star male role. His picture is plastered on the dvd cover. That's lame commercialism of trying to sell the product with his picture. If you can forgive that cutting classes a great be horror flick. That's well worth a look for stars. What a great review right. allie times. We really really take the piss out of some of these reviews As a nice one. I feel like i'm gonna. I'm gonna be revisiting beans and things at some point. Yeah i feel informed. Thank you beans and thanks making my beans and things feel real comforted Sorry it feels so much like something. I would rate is cute. Have you ever felt like single. I wanna know where that line house in the movie. I can't help but this have you ever seen i. Just sorry folks. i'm just gonna talk to my friend about movies for a second. have you ever seen faculty. i haven't i heard all about it. Yeah we should a doubleheader faculty. they're both like schoolhouse. you know slashers. who's the slasher thriller kind of over one being cheesy b movie and thrashes. Kind of a thrasher. what am i saying. What's faculty fact Jeez sorry my these reviews. Today are really just gas at my brain. I think faculty sort of you know sort of in the way that Like shana the dead in those movies are oh marshes to like Faculties will be like that. It's not as silly. Obviously but it's a little bit. You know it it. It has reverence for the fun elements. Josh josh with harden. He's maybe speaking of Seeking a heartthrob tasty boys judd. The nineties heartthrobs it. Josh hawley whole yeah. he's handsome. Sob the real question is how many wet bubis scenes are in the fact. How many what. Movies are in the faculty. i think. I might have only seen it on tv. No shit wet. Booby scenes Colon question mark question mark for the web movie scenes and those folks i know are what eighty percent male audience enjoyed address. Yeah and you know some of the ladies. I'm sure to enjoy good web ubi scene and we're not judge it we've spent. How many episodes brad pitt. And now josh hartnett year. Oh he's kinda. He's not as cute as he used to be. Sorry josh here's lucky number seven that will be cool to me. Brown is all right. Before i just looked at bruce willis is smiling. Face number seven posts her audi page and before i got gotta walk away. That's a whole nother rabbit hole folks. I got a review here for something near and dear to my heart. My favorite board game risk. All right deserve you for the risk. Sixty s anniversary edition on amazon. This is a review by written by lady neiman. She titles it. Idk kid wanted it for birthday. Bought for hit no clue how to play it. And i'm too old to figure out new stuff but whatever kid liked it wouldn't normally pay this much for board game but the quality of the game is good so i'm not totally mad. Five stars year all over the map lady lady neiman. It can want him for birthday buffer kid no crew this. Her child areas this. I think this is a like a forty year old man that lives in her basement aching ago. Yeah for her forty year. Old child was in her basement. One play risk with his forty year old bros. old hundred year old lady neiman gave birth sixty. Yeah sure it's not outside the realm of possibility but right right To assess the sidebar. This the this version of risk is beautiful. Is it like a fancy box too fancy box. It comes like a war chest. the is all hand-drawn. The the cards are all. Sil- is sorta like world war. One looking like on parchment. yes. I love risk. You have got risk memories. You risk guy. I'm a decent risk guy Like strong amazing stories of risk. I have some cool strategic. Oh memories. I love go man me and my me and my dad loves stratego stratego. Yes some good times playing the but risk mostly we played it and this good somebody wins. Let's just watch seinfeld episode. That's true you carry this week. I am from ukraine. You will up this. Oh we can't help but to go to our favorite things. We have some star wars. Some salsa now are feeling cozy at home talking making seinfeld quotes yup arm bad like a warm flip bass cone seinfeld. I mean it makes sense that this game cost more if she's paying for the pristine edition and not just go into target and buying a twenty dollars off the show most of the reviews all the positive views are like. I love risk this additions. Beautiful all the negatives are this is way too expensive for a game. This is the reason that sits on your your home library shelf right. Pull it out with the fine cognac. It's honestly only forty bucks. That's not bad. I don't think so for like a. This is a game collector's edition. I feel like and it's a game. You can keep playing again and again and again and again eligib- you wanna you wanna do a quick year. You wanna you wanna get out of here. I'll do a quickie phantom blushing. He i have a review for the book. This is technically a a listener submitted review. I got this for my birthday. Someone gave it to me and and they also said also i got this because of this review and they sent through view so this is an amazon review for the book how to be the greatest improviser on earth and chuckle head. A top one thousand reviewer on amazon. Fungi rates to politically biased. I really love to read. And i mostly read paper books. I truly respect books. I read over one hundred bucks a year about anything. I want understand on more about. I bought this book to introduce myself to being more in the moment. So i set myself outside as it was a beautiful day open. The book in anxiously began to read with the sun on my face but from the start. This book is politically biased and made me feel uneasy. It began with little things like peculiar phrasing of pronouns then went onto belittling christian beliefs. I personally am not a christian faith but do not feel the need to knock another person's religious belief and need some puke of an author trying to influence my thoughts in this way. If i wanted political bias all need to do is turn on the tv. And no thank you to that. I expected a book on humor. What i got was let down. I literally tore this book up and threw it away. Its content offensive and i never want to see it again. One star and and attached to that review is. What i'm saying you now i don. I don't believe that this improv was talking. Don't you not religion. He and matt has sent me a picture of a beautiful book torn into pieces and thrown into the sand. Yep he went to the beach to this day. Chuckle had is quite dramatic. Person going to check it in the ocean and he didn't get far look like his girlfriend broke up with them. This is the one who starts their review by saying. I love to read most read paper books. I truly respect books and it ends with that. That's what you call ironic folks such carlo tasty irony live you don. I don't believe that this book has offensive anti christian christianity statements after i haven't cracked it yet. Sorry if if anti christian rhetoric in their out here on show let you know. Yeah If you don't hear anything back folks just assume that it was just some joke about jesus that that's kind of what i'm guessing they. You know just a quick little. Jesus snipe you know that it's all in good fun g take. Yeah take it. He's taking a lot worse than a little quip year. Hecklers let's be honest layers concentrate. He's the standard comes on after the guy who kills everybody and brings the crowd back to light back to life. Make some water in the line as you. Jesus had to have had a great sense of humor. I don't know what he wise people that that don't is what i'm saying. That's true yoda's funny motherfucker. Every sense of the word except The last two words they're digging through shit just thrown it around little noculars. He's looking through it. Yeah that's the time of jesus a little more aloof the the common depiction but who who say you know. Who am i say. Everyone's there's a lot smarter people than me with a lot more cooler pictures of. Jesus i think jesus he's to be pretty cool still is yes. I just read in his childhood. Yeah yeah young. Young jesus young young dude cooler than that guy. That guy's office rocker lately. Oh yeah anyway before we start duncan on all i'd like to thank you to our beautiful wonderful listener. Please feel yourself feel your vibe years near wonderful dude and or chick or whatever you want. Whatever you want do someone Offended by his about what booby scenes. First of all lane beans and things for putting that in our heads second of all less. Know if you're yeah that'd be funny but if you've got you made it through the wet booby content to hear. I'm impressed matt pressed Hey so absolute pretzel. Tell you to follow us on twitter and instagram. Though instagram at review party dot com twitter at review party pod and as i mentioned before i have been happy enough to to the guests on the. That's what i meant. Podcast is trivia podcast where trivia name of the game and. It's it's not so serious just you'll listen to some funny people you'll hear some fun questions and you might learn a thing or two about wales or apples or halloween or weap- mls can find there will. Halloween can find them anywhere. Just just search. That's what. I meant trivia on instagram or google You you you know. The host. Mr chris brewster if you've listened this podcast. He's he's the voice of our intro. His lovely does. Would you say baritone very very very very very very chris chris very bruiser. Listen to his podcast. Do it too if you enjoy this podcast. Purely for the first twenty five seconds or so and then come on. Your enjoyment gradually declines. Then you'll really like here in chris. You know command. Steer a podcast. Let's listeners. I would let the level of research he does and preparation is is astonishing. And i'm always delighted to join him and brenton. I may be joining him both in tandem in the future. Why we let you know we just put it out there. It's dropped it. We just teased it. We just we just nip slipped that is fo look out colorado and i'd also like to thank our buddies nosebleeds for lend us use the jam bread for breakfast. Thanks guys thank you. You can find their great tunes on spotify. Its nose bleeds. One word and If you'd like to send us a review to make fun of to you know. Say his pre wow you. We'll say we'll see. Wow thanks for senate Senate's review party dot com at gmail.com. Include your name Because we'd love to give you credit and as always you can check out review. Party dot com dot com to find all of our episodes. There are blog musings. That are all. He's center reviews in one way shape or form and sign up for the after party review. Newsletter were there are even more musings. We we got so we plug so much good shit at the end of the show but i think everyone is a little favourite is review to see us out to play us out. We'll do it live. let's go. This is a review from amazon floor. The kingsford bag to eight pounds. Pack of to the reviewer jasmine rights. Not that easy to light free ours but interesting but the greatest charcoal interesting. I'm brad i'm matt. Thanks for listening. Everybody take it easy.

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