GSMC Baseball Podcast Episode 414: Offseason Moves and What Comes Next


The three golden state concepts baseball podcasts. Cover everything majorly from sprint trees. The world series. Got your favorite club. Cover from new york to boston to la. Vix is the golden state media concepts podcast Welcome back to the gmc baseball podcast. Gmc podcast network. I'm your host column manley. Glad to be talking to you about some more major league baseball in what has been the craziest offseason at least of my life for sure. I know that there is so much that has been going on. Lots to talk about. Lot has happened since the last time. We've made an episode. It's kind of crazy. We've had some trades we've had some actual moves things have been happening and we need to discuss it all so we are going to make sure that we cover our news and notes. We need to be doing that. Get you caught up and everything around the league. We need to be talking about the rumor mill because with all of recent moves. That have been happening. A lot of things potentially going to be changing. I wanna take some time to talk about tommy lasorda. A baseball great. That we have recently lost and i really wanna talk about the next moves. What are the next things that potentially could be happening. But we're going to start things off with our news and noise talking about everything that's happened around the league and we actually have some news that has recently. Just come in right. Before recording as free agent outfielder kyle schwarzer has decided to play elsewhere. I shouldn't say decided. It was cut by the cubs earlier in the offseason has agreed to a deal with the washington. Nationals it's looking like it's going to be a one year deal that is worth about ten million way back on december third when she was non tendered it looked like it was the start of the rebuild for the cubs. And since that has happened he has decided the nationals are going to be the place where he's going to call his new home now. A tough season for schwarzer last year with the cubs with other people for sure but definitely not up to his standards in two thousand twenty bad one. Eighty eight with eleven home runs and twenty. Four rb is so we know that power is there that potential is there the year before and twenty nineteen was one of his best seasons. As he batted two fifty with thirty eight home runs and ninety two rb is. This is just another name another player that the nationals are ultimately adding to the middle of their lineup. It's a power bat now. Schwarzer is not the greatest defensive outfielder thrown out there. That's no surprise to anyone involved. But if he's at the top of his game offensive. Potential is going to help this team. And it's it's starting to look like i'm enjoying the nationals. Are doing so. This is a couple moves in the sense where they're trying to put things around trai turner one soto. As they've acquired josh bell bellamy a trade and now schwarzer. There's potential here and at the peak of kyle shorebridge game. We remember him and five games as a designated hitter for the cubs in the two thousand sixteen world series where he was a big part of the cubs winning the world series against the cleveland indians. So i'm sure the nationals are hoping that they can get something out of this and the discussion is also not ultimately dead. It's not over. it's not done. It could still happen. We don't think it's likely but we could be surprised here. So i like this low risk move for the nationals. It's one year. It's another one of those short deals we're going to be seeing short deals all over the place so this makes a lot of sense. No surprise there now. This is not necessarily overly new news but since our last show that we recorded personally had the chance to talk about it. S francisco lindor has officially been traded sending over to the new york mets. The indians are going to give lender and carlos carrasco while the indians are receiving pretty much. Nothing i hate to say it. It's not much some young infielders along with outfielder. Isaiah green right handed pitcher josh wolff. The mets only give up their number ten prospect. I do wanna talk about this more because this is on the flipside. Let's look at both sides of this. one side. the mets. I really feel like he walked away with a steel here. And just from what. We've seen with the mets in this offseason. This is just telling me. Cohen most likely is going to be giving him an extension signing him has no concerns. This is his big ticket item that he wanted on this team. That we've been hearing about an extension is going to happen. This is just like the mookie. Betts situation crass go is a nice name to be throwing behind degrom stroman whenever syndergaard comes back then across that is getting to be a pretty solid starting pitching rotation now. Losing him doesn't hurt the much because they have a lot of starting pitching but the indians return. It's it's young players that we don't know what they're going to be and they knew they weren't going to be able to keep lender the writing has been on the wall for a long time so they weren't going to be able to give him the contract extension he was wanting and so they held out held out now. They're at the point where it's just like well. If we're gonna wanna get anything back. We need to trade him before this season and the return is just ugly i. I'm disappointed disappointed. And i don't know what more was out there for the indians. I don't know if there is any better deals. But ultimately the indians shed a little of money and they get out from lender. They're going to move forward with this. It's just it feels a little empty from the indian side. I don't absolutely love what they did. But i think they were also in a position where they didn't have much choice. So i think the next discussions going to be. When does this extension happened out. The mets have a lot to get done because they're actually a little pressure now on their side after the straight is made because linda you're eligible to be a free agent after this next season and he's going to be a big ticket item now. The one thing that helps the mets a lot of shortstops are available in this next free agency period but door is towards the top of the names. He is a top player in this league. Especially at the shortstop position has one of the highest wars at shortstop for the last few recent years combine. How are you going to get this done. I think it's the first thing he walks to the door. Hey francisco happened to have here let. Let's start talking about how we can keep you here and that ultimately is going to be the next step. I think it's gonna get done. I don't think you'll be any surprise to this. Like i said it's going to be very similar to the situation with mukhi bets. I just. I don't think it's going to be very different. So unfortunate to say we also got to talk about some moves. That unfortunately did not happen. Tomoyuki sugano the right hander. Who was a high. I want to popular name. I wanna see quite high price name because prices have necessarily been up there for a lot of free agents so far but he was a popular name because behind trevor bauer. The starting pitcher market was thin and so coming over for the nippon professional baseball league. I'm sure that sugano was very excited about the potential to pitch in the major leagues. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like any team was willing to offer the contract that he was ultimately looking for right. Hander turned thirty one years old on the other side of thirty. That's scary for some teams. I understand that but he was fourteen to two with a one point. Nine seventy ra. Three shutouts and twenty games last year looking to be equality pitcher heard connections to many many many teams. We even heard about some recruiting pitches happening from toronto. We knew there was interest but ultimately before his signing deadline adeel was not able to be completed so therefore segawa is going to be heading back to the nippon professional baseball league most likely. And maybe maybe we'll get the opportunity to try this all again next year. I look at this. As a very missed opportunity for many teams he was gonna be a quality starting pitcher for some i. Just i look at some squads and i think you really had an opportunity to get an unknown we we may be in a situation where sigala was maybe asking for too much money. The years the total it might have been a little rich for a lot of teams but i actually am genuinely surprised that this deducted done. He seemed like someone that was going to be a guarantee and was potentially the second best pitcher on the market and those no just usually walk away all that quickly so we might have some more information come out in the future but as of right now very interesting very interesting to see now free agent signings one that happened when the did not a trade but also there were other some lower level traits. That happen as the new york. Yankees get greg allen from the san diego padres for lefty james reeves allen. Who's a switch hitting outfielder. James lefthanded reliever most of the time. Twenty-seven-year-old alan bed at two thirty nine with eight homers fifty seven. Rbi's and five hundred fifty seven at bats in two hundred twenty one games over four seasons with the indians and one season with the padres. He batted one fifty. Four with one homer is in twenty six at bats over last season only played sixteen games was ultimately designated for assignment on december thirty first. He's a san diego native. Not quite eligible for salary arbitration. So this is just a well. The yankees are seeing what they have here. Maybe they think there's a little potential from his mostly cleveland years reeves twenty seven years old. He is twenty seven with a two point. Three era in twelve starts and one hundred. Twenty five relief appearances. We said mainly relief guy. But that's over five. Minor league seasons did not get any games last year. When the minor league seasons were cancelled the coronavirus pandemic. we didn't get to see him pitch at all so this is literally just a hey. This guy isn't gonna really play for us. Hey this guy. We don't know what we have. Let's just flip them and see if we can revive something or make something happen here. A trade trade people we. I'm excited to see any possible transactions happen. Hey that's a big one. That's a big one. That i can ultimately get behind but if there's one story that is ultimately caught my attention. It has to happen with the former los angeles angels clubhouse attended as we have some names coming up for some guys that are potentially doctoring. The ball now. If you're someone who's been around quite a bit this is nothing new. But it seems like brian. Hearkens has submitted some evidence that garrett cole along with other pitchers were using a special substance that he was creating for doctoring in baseball when they pitch the messages from january seventeenth of twenty nineteen so ultimately pretty recent it reads. Hey bubba it's garrett cole. I was wondering if you could help me out with a sticky situation and they had a winky face emoji this is just kinda cringe awkward to read but it is what it is. We don't see you until may but we have some road games in april that are in cold. Whether places the stuff i had last year seizes up when it gets cold so it ultimately is gonna come down to whatever is in this situation. Harkins was fired because of some connections with some questionable things and this happened last march he was with the angels for nearly four decades new organization informed by major league baseball that he was providing pitchers with an illegal blend of rosen and pine tar rosin sorry and pine tar and they were violating a rule but it ultimately seems like hearkens being a little upset with what happened is not going down without a fight as he is identified. Many names now. This text message was from garrett cole but hearkens is also named justin verlander jackson max scherzer felix hernandez corey kluber job a job a chamberlain adam wainwright in tyler chat would among some other pitchers who had previously asked for his special blend. That was being used. It's something that we'll see where it goes and the thing is hearkens seems very very upset. Which hey when you're the guy that's blamed for everything that happened and there's more people involved i understand. He doesn't want to go down. He's named several current players even for the angels that are still using his stuff so this could end up being a bigger situation now. It's obviously not on the level of the steroids and pd's but if this is pitchers trying to find an advantage an unfair advantage that actually is illegal when it comes to baseball standards. It's something that could be. Looked into an lead to some suspensions fine. Whatever so it's something more that we're going to keep our eye on moving forward. I don't know necessarily if it's going to be major stuff for a of these people in might just slap on the wrist right away but they'll be under a microscope. It's just not on the level with some of the scandals we've seen recently even with the astros and the stealing signs using technology. It's not that higher up. I feel like i could ultimately be wrong with how this happens. But it's something that we need more information more needs to happen. We'll see where this goes but interesting nonetheless. That's for sure so it's to be that's going to be all for our news annoys around the league. Get you caught up on all thirty teams in some of the major news that we have. We're going to take a quick break when we come back. We're going to talk about the rumor mill. What is happening lindores has been traded. What are the next steps for some of our teams in major league baseball here on the gmc baseball podcast. This is your ultimate stopper. Everything sports the golden state media concepts or podcast. Should i say more from the nfl. Mlb the nba mma. All in here. Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen all the news around baseball right now. Has to be dealing a lot with francisco. Actually being on the mood so with lindores being moved our attention is going to shift to a lot of different players for sure. The first one that obviously comes to mind for me is going to be trevor story. And we're gonna talk about him for sure we're gonna we're gonna make sure we break that down but there are going to be other names that are involved as well so i want to keep everybody up to date on latest. Free agent in trade rumors and linder was a target for quite a few teams. That's something that i find very interesting. And one of those teams. That i thought was very realistic and could happen. Was the toronto blue jays. Well now that the blue jays are out on land door whereas their attention gonna go so far. The biggest move they've made is resigning bobby. Bray which was a good contract. one year. Eight million no big deal but since they are the runner up and they missed out. What's the next move. Well it looks like the blue jays mostly are being connected to george springer. His reported asking price is one hundred. Seventy five million that might be too steep for the blue jays that might be too steep for a lot of teams but with what we saw in that trade market and trade value. There's a chance at some of these asking prices could come down a little bit and springer would be a good fit. I liked it. But i also like the idea of the blue jays trying to help out make their infield a little stronger with the signing of dj lemay hugh. I would like to see people get aggressive with that. Now with lindores. Going to the mets. I do have to bring up. It's a weird construct. Alright mets and yankees. You're trying to share that town of new york. This is a big splash move. This is the mets making some noise. They are the team. That's making noise. If any this offseason does this lead to the yankees making a little bit of a counter. Move to be like we are still the team of new york. Maybe up their offer to digi lemay you but at the same time if dj lemay who gets stolen away from the yankees. That could be an interesting that i imagined. They don't want to see happen. And it seems like the yanks have made very clear top priority. We want lemay hugh back so with all of this happening. We don't know what the blue jays are gonna get so. I think it's time for toronto to start looking into trevor story. Now this would not be the first time the the blue jays made a big move for a shortstop on colorado member troy lewinsky right before they made a big playoff run. That was a fun. Toronto team but like door stories of free agent at the end of the year. Colorado was not very good last year. They had a strong start but they fell off. Big time dodgers. Very good padres made their team better. It's pretty likely to say the giants are better than the da the rockies right now it's time to sell and i know that the iraqis are going to be looking at a few guys blackman air. Nado they're going to move some of the bigger contracts for sure and try to see if they can keep story but story is going to be the guy that's going to be a little more valuable just because of the fact that he's younger his contract is inset yet. No real guarantee what it's gonna be and just from what we saw the price for lenore. It's not much not much sorry. Colorado you guys are probably still a little upset for the fact that you lost me hewitt. He turned out to be that good. But you can't get caught up on that one move. You need to move on. Need to try to rebuild. It's unfortunate that the asking prices for some of these guys are down but you're not competing in the west this year anyways. So see what you can get for a return. Tried to get the best return possible. And you're gonna most likely have to be moving on from trevor story moving on to some other teams around the american league. The houston astros. We haven't heard a lot of noise around them which is interesting. Considering their whole outfield could look different next year. But our first real news is that the astros are starting to be aggressive when it comes to relievers and they are considered to be one of the most aggressive teams in this situation. Now houston lost. Roberto xenia brad. Peacock and chris key to free agency their bullpen. Wasn't that great last year. It was okay but not great missing out on some other players. It seems like the astros are a team that is starting to zero in on the players like liam hendriks. Brad hand alex colom. They are trying to add a solid reliever to the back into their bullpen. And it would be a good idea to make their bullpen. A little bit stronger because let's look at what their starting rotation is you have. Zac ranking getting older. All right let's let's not fight the fact he's getting older so he's not going to be going deep into games. As in the past a lot of your other. Starting pitchers this year are going to be younger. So yes they might be young. It'd be able to go deep into games if things are going well but you might also have some hiccups and ups and downs with that team. Justin verlander also is not going to be a part of the team this year so strengthening your bullpen. Be a good move to help your whole pitching department this year. So i like the idea of the astros diving into this. We'll see if anything actually comes from it but this is a report that the astros are now deciding. We want to be more aggressive in this sense. Moving back to well. Hey the indians moved couple players out of the al central. Is it time for another ale. Central team to take another stab. The white sox being one of the teams that are starting to be connected to trevor bauer and this is a move in the sense that i would believe the twins and the white sox think all right. The indians are not this. They are not contenders in the central this year. It's down to us to. What can we do to make sure that we are the stronger team going in now. The white sox have been great so far. This offseason upgrading. Their team they need to figure out who's gonna be there closer but also another starter. Wouldn't hurt them. We also need to figure out what they're going to be. But that might be a rotating door with guys that they already have on the field playing a lot of depth all over the place the twins they need to figure out some starting pitching as well but they also need to figure out nelson cruz going to be back. There are some ties connections to believing that trevor bauer. His agent was implying that the white sox are now in a position to make a big move. You have to be careful with everything that's happening with. Trevor bauer. he's hyped up the mets. He's hyped up the padres. He typed up now white sox. He's just making it known that a lot of teams he will consider you. I imagine this is the keep conversations on going but it is something to bring up as one team falls out of the race in the american league central. Yes you could stand pat and say that's good enough but also it's not a bad idea to get a little more aggressive and think about. Hey do we have the potential to maybe even get another player in being a better spot something to watch with the white sox yada your molina has been a guy that's been on the free agent market for wild and we've heard some connections to a lot of teams and we've set it on here before it would be very difficult to picture yacht molina and a uniform other than the st louis cardinals. But that doesn't mean it can't happen but indications as of recent seemed to be looking that yati are staying with. The cardinals is an quote unquote in evitable status. This is coming from cardinals. Beat writer derek. Gould speculates that the idea. Molina re-signing with the cardinals is approaching. This territory. where it's just inevitable. It's going to happen. He knows though that there still is an opportunity for a lot of other clubs to come in and try to steal molina over. Catcher is valuable position. There are still some teams that are contenders that would love to have a guy like molina ultimately going to come down to. I think the total amount of years you would offer. I don't think the dollar amount is going to be any surprise or anything. Hard for teams to swallow is just. Do we really want to give you multiple years when you are getting up there in age at a position that let's be real once you hit that wall. You hit that wall pretty hard. So we'll see what happens with that goal also said you know the cardinals still have the trump card that he wants to years in wants to return to the cardinals and those stances haven't changed from what i can tell talking to. People so is a mystery team to come in and offer thirty year. Most likely not going to happen most likely not now. Gold also went on to talk about adam wainwright resigning with the cardinals. He believes that want to be less clear. And he notes that there's other teams. They're keeping the door open for a possible return but with colton long. Also there option was declined for twenty twenty. We know there's going to be a lot that still needs to happen for the cardinals. That's another team that just staying very quiet very quiet but there's still a lot of things that could happen there. I want to go back and talk about those mets for just one more second. I have to do this. The mets i give them credit new owners and he walks in the door and he talks about this team and he says we're going to be aggressive. We're gonna make moves. We're going to compete sooner than later. All right that's cool to say that will wait for the moves. It actually make it happen. Then he goes out and gets james mccann one of my favorite under the radar players. He's going to be a solid catcher. He's fill in that gap for them. We heard about real mutual lot but mccann he's gonna cost less and i like the idea of it. They go out and get a good reliever. Trevor me solid solid signing and then they swing this move for francis cool. Indoor and carlos carrasco adding a superstar and adding starting pitching depth. All right. i'm buying in a little bit more on the mets but it seems like mlb networks insider. John heyman is reporting that the team is not done which seems unbelievable. Think about these are a lot of big moves. There is some connections to george springer possibly going to the mets. They're still thinking about him and he's been named also has been popular with new york. Ever since the start everything you know we we talk about connections with the blue jays and everything but those connections have been there with the mets as well. There's also been some rumor. Talk above well kris bryant being in discussions now this would not be in the same situation as lindores. We make this trade for a guy who's going to be a free agent and we're going to give the big extension. Bryant's coming off a little bit of a tougher season so this might be a situation where be like. Hey can he bounce back and help our team this year. And then we'll talk discussion or an extension discussion or is it really not going to be worth it. We'll try them out for a year at. We'll test the waters and see what happens. I liked the idea of the mets are not done that. At least the braves are good. All right the braves are very good but the rest of that division is really a discussion. It really is. And i like the mets are doing. I think they're going to be a strong team this year. They're making all positive moves. And i i like every single one of them as for sure last one. We're going to talk about the angels. Now if we know anything about the angels their offense is very good very good. They need pitching but the latest connection that we've seen is actually not with pitching at all as the angels general manager. Perry minnesota is looking for ways to improve the team and get rid of that playoff drought. They've had and they're looking at the catcher position now. I always liked the idea of team improving catch position if they can. Why because it just seems like a spot where a lot of people just try to plug a hole in hope. It works out whether you pick offense or defense. If you can get a solid player there go for it. And it seems like wilson contraire as is being the name targeted for the angels. Now there's connections here. As joe maddon. The manager for the angels was with the cubs and was there with controls for a lot of years so it seemed like madness making a push for him and there is some interest that the angels are now going to go in and at least test the waters. See what they can pull out of this now. They're catcher last year. Max desi was okay last year. Eight eighty six s thirty one games. Only twenty nine years old came off hip surgery so he's not awful but continuous has been a little bit more of a consistent presence. He ranked second among catchers in. Ps since two thousand sixteen and that was his debut two thousand plate appearances to qualify for that in contrast is up there. So he's been a solid player. Think the angels would greatly looking at this as an upgrade and while he's a little different from some of the cubs players that could be on the move or could be free agents. He has one more year of control than the rest of that core. So if the angels went on this they would have them now for just this year but most likely next year before free agency hits so a little bit more control as they're trying to break into the playoffs upgrade the catcher position i love it i i always think it's a great idea for a lot of teams because there's just not that many high quality catchers out there so my thoughts on that so that's going to be for the rumor mill. We're going to take another quick break but when we come back i want to talk about the next moves who are going to be the players that we're going to be talking about most now with francisco indoor had no new york coming up here on the gmc baseball podcast tired. Searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than podcast lists with endless hours of podcast coverage from news sports music fashion looking entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build that. Podcast is whatever it may be visit. Www dot gs mc podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and google play all baseball baseball baseball baseball. You just don't disappoint when the big moves happen. you know. there's one thing that i do. I have to actually say about this off season that we've had so far even though the big names actually signing has been slow which has been a bummer for. Sure something you don't wanna see happening. Ideally i can't say that i'm quite happy about the moves that have we've had some big splash traits and that is something to be exciting about. And with our most recent trade of francisco lindores getting sent over to the new york mets. This is one that we knew that was coming. We knew before the season was going to start. He was going to be on the move. And the thing that exciting about it and this was a potential of numerous suitors in play when it came to lend nor but now that it's done we have to start looking at. What is the next things. That could possibly be happy. And i wanna throw this warning out here because this is going to be a little bit of a bummer when it comes to a lot of. Mlb fans these moves that have been happening when it comes to san diego when it comes to the mets. Any real trays. I think is going to happen from here. On out is only going to be involving mostly mostly big market teams. And i'll give you my reason for that. Look at how little money has been spent so far in free agency. Nobody wants to really be dealing out massive contracts to anyone at the moment now. Cohen is situation in which he said we want to contend. We want to be big time right away. They made the trade for lindores knowing we are going to sign him to an extension right away. Why are we able to do this. Because we really don't have the trade much but we know we can afford him so honestly when it comes to bigger names being traded from here on out. It's going to be risky for a team to take a chance on trading for a trevor story. A nolan aaron auto a hobby by us a lot of these players because they may not be willing to offer an extension right away. Now we'll see what happens with some teams may. Maybe we'll have surprise thrown in there but it's going to be hard for these middle teams that don't have as much money to spend around to necessarily make big splash moves. That's why the padres moves. Were so surprising but again the padres were making these moves for a reason. They want to contend right now and yes they are taking on some money at the moment with darvish but in reality they're not taking on that much money when it comes to snow so with that said we have to talk about well. What are going to be some of the things that are potentially going to happen. What are we going to turn our attention to. Now that the franscisco lindores saga is done. He has moved on while. I think there's a very obvious move. That comes next very obvious. And it has to deal with those san diego padres. These things are connected even though you may not see it right away. The next move for san diego is their hand was forced. The mets went traded for door with the idea that i'm putting a ninety percent. Well we'll go ninety percent chance that they made that trade thinking we're gonna sign him to an extension rather quickly. Well that means the padres are going to want to get the extension done with fernando tatis. I why would that be important. Will we're playing in a different ballgame from before. They want to get the extension done first so that they can make him. Potentially the highest paid player in baseball highest paid shortstop. His contract ends up so that they don't have to pay over whatever linda orbits. And i'm sure the mets are going to be sitting here in a similar situation in the sense that they want to pay lindores. Now before totti's contract gets done it's going to be a race of negotiations now. If you're from the players side you may want to slow play this a little bit just to kind of see. What the other person's gonna get but regardless it's going to be some tough negotiations i. I'm very interested to see what happens. Because when mookie betts was traded i thought he was going to be in the wheelhouse of getting a contract similar to bryce harper similar to manny machado. Both for what he signed for like he gave the dodgers a little bit of a discount. And why did that happen. Well there's not as much money to go around at the moment and with ping said teams are willing to spend as much. You're gonna have to take a little bit less but maybe we're still willing to give you that security if you're a generational. Mvp type player for a long time. Mookie betts signed a twelve year deal which was to you more years than what machado and harper got for three hundred sixty five million but but the money is going to be making from year to year is going to be not as much so the signing bonus is going to be divvied up he gets five million dollars signing bonus from here until the end of the contract for every year but seventeen point. Five million is what he's gonna make this next season and the season after seventeen point. Five for mookie. Betts is kind of a bargain. It jumps up to twenty million in two twenty twenty three and then from two thousand twenty four to twenty twenty seven. He's making twenty five year from two thousand twenty eight to twenty thirty. He's making thirty million a year. Twenty thirty one and twenty thirty two. He's making twenty seven point five which is still going to be below the yearly money that machado and then was making but the contract is also going to carry him until he is thirty nine years old and we'll probably look at the deal very differently. Then it's going to be a very unique situation. But i think there's a good chance that these teams are going to want to get something done quickly. It's gonna be in that similar range of thirty million a year. I would bet it might be close to a ten year. Three hundred million dollar contracts similar to let machado. And then. If i'm tease i am going to the padres than i am going okay. What machado signed for is. We're we're starting let let's be honest. He's a great player is ten year three hundred million dollar contract. But that's where we are going to be starting our negotiations. We can get a little bit bigger. Maybe not too much. But we're not going below that his machado is getting thirty million a year with two million dollar signing bonuses throat that until twenty twenty eight so i want to be something very similar to that. And that's very deserving very deserving. so that's going to be the next discussion. Who is going to get their contract on first. Lindores totti's these teams are going to be racing to get this done racing. Because they don't want to have the pressure being all right. Well they got that deal and the other one turns around and goes. Hey i deserve that much. Probably more. Because i can already see the argument for both of them. One lindores going to say. Hey you just traded for me. I know what my value is here. Also look at my production as shortstop compared to all other shortstops over the last five years. I am the best one while to tease will be able to go. Did you see what. I just did last year at my age. I know what i'm deserving of all of the leverage is on the players side. It's up to the front offices in getting these deals done. So that's going to be the first thing that we're gonna be watching for what's going to happen there. The next thing we're gonna be watching for is some players actually being traded my my focus right now. I can't get over the chicago cubs. I don't truly understand what they wanna do now. They won the nfl central last year. And when you look across the landscape the rest of the nfl central teams. None of them got better. None of them did anything to improve their roster. But yet the cubs got british wilbur. Yes he had down your understood but the season before was kind of big for you so that one was confusing kris. Bryant is an all the trade talks. You don't wanna give an extension right now. So i don't really know if you want. Keep him if you want to trade him but if you've learned anything from the last few weeks his trade value is pretty much nothing. So what's your plan there. We also hear a lot about wilson control as being in trade talks all over the place. Is he a part of your future. Hard to say and then on top of that hobby or bias is going to join that big time shortstop market next year along with anthony. Rizzo so you had a core of how many players that their future with the team is basically massively in question. What do you truly want. What do you want to stick around. And this is where the cubs job is so difficult. Because i don't i don't know if these teams really knows what they want. You traded away you darvish. Which is contract was bad last year but after the year he just gave you a cy young candidate quality pitcher but you traded him away. You got some younger players. You're hoping they developed but now you have zach davies. And kyle hendricks you've two guys. I can barely throw ninety miles per hour. As you're starting pitchers your bullpen also was not very great last year and jeffrey who was one of your best players out of the bullpen is a free agent. So what's the direction. They're i don't know if the cubs are gonna genuinely go into this season just standing pat. That seems foolish to me. That seems like they're playing a little arrogant. And they think oh. We're just the best team we're gonna win when your team most likely got a little worse. And you have no general direction of what you're twenty twenty two roster is going to look like so i'm waiting for some moves there whether it's trades or extensions for players. That is the thing that i think we're gonna see coming with the cubs and the other team that needs to figure something out and they need to figure it out quick is the rockies we. I'm going to keep beating this dead horse. I'm sorry you're not contending. it's not happening. You are not even the third best team in your division but she got some players that are value to other teams trevor story. Whatever your value is for the rockies is going to be a free agent at the end of the year right now. I would say the best guesses. He's not coming back nolan. Aeronautical could be a free agent or he could be on your books for massive money for a while. And if you lose trevor story. Yeah you might want to keep aaron auto but then. What's the rest of the team going to be. Charlie blackmon is also getting older. You have started the last few seasons hot out of the gates and then you flop every single time and there's been no room major changes made. So what is the direction that you want to go with your franchise your similar to me and the cups. I don't know what you guys really want to do. But the thing is if you are understanding that you need to turn things around and start contending and you want to do so quickly. We'll then some moves need to be brought in have players this year. Or if you wanna start the rebuild you need to move is now gone after year. Black getting younger aeronautical could stick on your books but he's going to have more value in a trade if teams willing to take on his money now he just had his worst year of his career. And that's something that a team's going to try to talk you down on me like hey stuff to take money right now. And did you see how he played last year. But you hang your hat on yet. That was his worst year but he still looks pretty darn good last year considering if that's going to be his worst you're looking pretty good with him as a solid defensive and offensive option. You'll have a little bit of leverage. Their the thing with totti's aren't at t's belinda. And story is whatever team. You're trade him to is going to be like well. Yeah he can lead after the year. You're right but you could persuade are not to stay. If you are a good enough team. He has the contract already on line. He can stick around. Are you willing to pay for his production. Those are the those are the ones that are coming next. And that's something that i strongly believe in. There's there's a lot of other teams that could definitely think about moving on trying to move some players. The red sox could be trying to see what they can do with jd martinez. But i don't think that one's likely i think they're going to give them a chance to bounce back the yankees with mayhew. That's going to be something to watch for. Sure are the blue jays can actually make a stash the the a big time move. I just think the american league. It's very interesting. There's a lot of teams or dislike all right. What's next what's next nationally central. Gosh i feel like that was a mess right now. The nfl west. We already know what it is. The our team's going to try to make a move to compete with the mets. I think the nationals are making smart moves. But i think philly's got a little pressure on i. I also believe that they're going to maybe be like. Is this the time where we offer the deal for real mutual. The mets just signed their guy. He's gonna be there for a long time. Is it time for us to go in on this guy that might be the next free agent. The he is looking more and more like he's going to be the first free agent assigned to me. Because i just don't think i don't think any other team is going to pop in other than the phillies. And if they do it's going to be a surprise move fine but phillies. Let him go. What a mistake. What a waste. It's going to bother me quite a bit. So those are just the things that i got my eye on right away going to be the next step so we're going to see we're gonna wait. We're going to be patient. I got my fingers crossed for another great week of some big time news and action. It's picking up guys. It's picking up. I like the direction the mlb is finally going. We knew it was going to be slow. We knew this but now that we're starting to get the news. It's been big news all over the place. So we're gonna take one last quick break when we come back. We need to dive into some tommy. Lasorda gibson memories. Talk about some things. He's got some cool stuff so in his career. It really is fun. So we're gonna take one more break. We'll be right back with that here on the gmc baseball podcasts. Want to know the latest and soccer. That listened to the golden state media concept soccer podcast l. s. is the world of the premier league. We've got you covered. The latest update hottest matches news on the league's top players. It's the state media concept soccer podcasts. Listen it's never quite fun to talk about. A baseball icon being lost on these podcasts. Say that. But i don't know if i've ever really had as much fun reading about a player slash manager that was so involved in baseball for his entire life. I felt like so. If you've not heard the news tommy lasorda hall of fame manager. Who is a big part of the los angeles dodgers having two world series titles spent seventy one years with the franchise has died passed away at the age ninety. Three dodgers said friday. He suffered from heart failure at his home in fullerton california. He was in the hospital before the kind of sent him out said he was fine. It's something that you know. I talked to some people that i know in the medical field. Said you know they sent him off. Probably knowing it's not going to get that much better and it was just only a matter of time sucks. It really is a loss for the baseball world. But i gotta. I gotta be honest. If there's one thing that i genuinely brings a little bit of a smile to my face is knowing that the last possible dodger game that lasorda saw was the dodgers winning or another world series. I do find joy knowing that fact. And he's he's just a guy that i was very young very young in my lifetime when he was doing a lot of them do a lot of his managing is he was there from nineteen seventy six to nineteen ninety-six. The dodgers at a record of one thousand five hundred ninety nine wins to one thousand four hundred thirty nine losses. Four one world series title at eighty one and eighty eight four nationally pennants eight division titles seventy seven ninety six. I should be careful with that in winter. The baseball hall of fame too long after nineteen ninety seven also guided the us baseball gold medal at the two thousand sydney olympics. He's just kinda resume that's long effective. He was around the game for so long. He was the franchise's longest tenured employees. Since hall of fame broadcaster been scully retired in two thousand sixteen after sixty seven years and he was just a popular popular guy when it came to the dodgers you he would frequent dodgers games. He always talked about how he would bleed dodger blue. That was his thing. He was all about dodger stadium and it was his life it. It's it's a guy that started with pitching. He was a professional pitcher. You know you he was able to be in triple a. Never was quite a big major league guy but he was around the game and the game was his life and it was just fun to read about everything and the major league level and he said about he owned four six point. Four eight year. A thirteen strikeouts. He wasn't the most dominant player. But even with that said he was just such a well known manager that so many people loved around the game. One of the craziest stats. I saw and i thought this ridiculous just because in the sense now in major league baseball you have a lot of times were franchise really groom players and bring them up. Compared to other sports. I mean it happens in the. Nfl happens in the nhl and happens in the nba. But these guys really will broome for one franchise until they make their professional debut but then once they get to the pros. It's it's a big change. It's a massive change in his twenty years with the dodgers. He had eight national league rookie of the years performing at such a young age and that is such a cool story to see to understand that and he is so big in baseball. I just. I can't get over the fact of what he did for one franchise in his tenure but if there one thing that is truly really cool about him also is just so much of his life outside of baseball. He's got a lot of connections another thing that just staying with baseball real quick than i also saw is that he has a connection to mike. Piazza that isn't quite piazza. Was a for the dodgers for a short time. But he's actually the godfather from mike piazza's brother and there's there's this weird things all over the place but again reading about him was so much fun because some of these statutes. Do you live such a fun. Life like eight honorary doctorate degrees. He had an asteroid that was named after him by caltech had a wife. Seventy years still making appearances at every doctor's game he isn't a total of seventeen hall of fame's seventeen hall of fame's how is that even possible. I don't even understand how someone could have such such an ability to do all these things in their life and yet he was someone that just live to the fullest. And i greatly enjoyed every little bit of it. The there's even more to dive on top of tommy. Lasorda was known for a massive friendship with frank sinatra and other hollywood stars. I mean if you're going to be spending twenty years as a manager for the dodgers and spending how many almost seventy years with the dodgers franchise. I mean it's no no surprise that you have a lot of connections when you're over in l. a. At sinatra sang the national anthem on the opening day. Nineteen seventy seven season to be a part of lasorda's debut as a manager and there is just a collection of autographed photos of a bunch of celebrity friends with lasorda. The guy just live the most unbelievable life and there is so many things and Even win tonight. I i just dug it up now. I have to take back. And i have to fix my staff when it comes to the rookie of the year. Nine national league rookie of the year winners. Not eight nine. Even better mike. Piazza steve. sax. Steve how eric karros hideo nomo just to be a few of them and he just continued to make it look easy make it look so much fun and he continued to be a strong presence. And i just. I'm so sad to see such a big name go away. It's been a tough year at twenty twenty two twenty twenty one. Can things are going to start fresh and ninety three years old and that's a good run. That's a good life. If i make it to ninety three i'll be very happy camper but it's just a big loss for the dodgers organization and you wanna give him some credit. You wanna talk about him and give him his validation because this is just a budget a legend in baseball that we lost over the last few days. And it's just hard to talk about but he's still brings a smile to your face when you read and see all the things that are going on man. He's a fighter too because he's had some health issues before there was some heart issues when he managed a little bit he had a heart attack when he was in. Two thousand twelve was able to get through that he he is someone that has just been through a lot of things and i'm honored to get the opportunity to talk about him today. It's a lot of fun. One of the best one of the greatest time of the sorta sadly passing away be remembered. I'm sure the dodgers are gonna give some great great great recognition to him to start their season and twenty twenty one and i look forward to seeing it because one of the best in baseball gone away from us hopefully not forgotten. So that's gonna be it for this episode of the gmc baseball podcast. Gmc podcast network. I want to thank you once again. For listening. it has continued to be lots of fun. We love doing this stuff without your support without your downloads. Without your information coming back your feedback on the show you know. This is all done for guys. I i love being able to sit in front of a talk for microphone but when it comes down to it. It's for the people that want to hear this stuff and i'm very grateful for all of that. If you have that opportunity would love to hear from you guys any type of positive feedback that you liked about the show. Maybe some things you'd like to talk about in this offseason maybe break breakdown some other things you know we we look at all of these contracts and all of these people that could potentially be traded. These deals in are done. Maybe wanted to look into that a little bit. Maybe wanna talk more about some possible trade targets. We could see maybe some trade targets that you'd like to see those lower butts teams that they can go after our. Maybe maybe you just want to hear more about what's going around with rumors around the mlb. Whatever it is any feedbacks great and want to thank you once again for listening to the gmc baseball podcasts. In the gmc podcast network hose colin manley signing off. Have a great weekend day weekday whatever it may be. Thank you once again. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts baseball. Podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot. 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