Training Camp, NCAA vs. California, Dame Lillard vs. Shaq


Everybody is extremely excited and looking forward to competing this year as a team understanding what coach Terry wants out of all of us from a schematic standpoint to a breakdown of where we should be defensively and how to basically played a game more efficiently this season people believe that college athletes should be considered immature. They should not be considered professionals and they should not be paid but I think most players and people who have watched the game and seeing the amount of money these games generating seen seen how kids oftentimes are exploited a lot of these major colleges and universities. There is enough money to go around when shack initially disdain. He said that it wasn't anything personal just more so words in ramp like shack challenge him in a distant. He's going to challenge. It's what emcees artists that like do and I. I think it was very competitive. Obviously there's no real malice or beef towards one another but I think they really went at each other. Welcome to the red grange episode of pulled. That's right episode number seventy seven back in Portland Oregon a season has officially officially started its underway many teams across the NBA are going through to it as right now which basically means you have a contact practice in the morning in a non contact practice at night. Do the rules in reasonings. We are not allowed to have back back contact practices into certain hours we can spend on the court as a team and I am very thankful for those rules and regulations that are in place and I feel sorry for those that came before me that were forced to go through much much more stress on the body mind throughout training camp. Jordan is back on the east coast. I'm sure he's enjoying the heat wave that has taken over the world and he may have watched the Houston. Rockets beat the brakes off of a-team eighteen recently and witness. James Harden's one legged three pointer miss bad. How could you miss it. How could you miss it. There's nothing on TV right now so they have to show preseason games make highlights out of pregame warmups well. He did it during the game and missed from the corner. Russell Westbrook looked like he was about. He would have gone crazy if he made it. It was entertaining not effective. I told you this summer having watched James in the five on five run it brick spot not in the city that I. I didn't think that was going to be very effective at all. maybe he's still tinkering with it but it doesn't look very natural and it only only takes like a two for seventeen start for him to say you know what this is not working yeah. I don't think it's a shot. He's GonNa try to do often. I think it's something that he's messing around with right now in in terms of trying to create separation being iconic in with his step back. I figured he wanted to make it more advanced so to speak but if you're north south with the one leg three pointer. I think it's it's a more efficient shock and be more productive. I know a lot of players in Europe. Shoot one-legged three brothers shooting one-legged threes these were for a little while now overseas and you see more often times than not in Europe especially when guards are coming down ball screens and are able to kind of get that leg square uneven. Steve Nash shot a lot of mid range jumpers where he was off balance. Maybe one leg as he's going downhill. We're trying to find that angle off the backboard but I think that the best s. part about this whole situation is that the NBA has officially started and that teams are now scrimmaging against each other some preseason games that are taken take a notice here shortly. I think in Hawaii we have the clippers and Houston Rockets will be playing each other we will be playing the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday and I know that that the Lakers are also taking a trip to China so it's GonNa be a fun time this season. I think I'm most looking forward to just being able to compete beat against other teams again being able to see the improvements players individually have made as well as teams based on adjustments in free agent signings. Have you got a chance to see some some some clips from the Brooklyn. Nets scrimmages with Kyri with the mask on yeah. I'm still trying to understand what's going on there. I have the nets are an interesting team for a lot OUGHTA reasons. The mask is like that's not a I mean. That's a temporary thing right like he's just doing that. He got hit. He got hit in his face. because it's it's a Cam Oh mask the reason I say it's my temporary because some guys after they play with it for a while start to like it and they'll and they'll use it longer than they actually need to from a safety perspective e-eh think depending on the severity of the injury and how comfortable players with it obviously he's he's had injuries to his face before so I'm sure he had a mask ask standby and it was able to kind of turn around quicker than normal but a lot of guys get comfortable with it and they become superstitious. WanNa leave it on or they fear that they're going to get hit in their nose. IOS Or whatever is bothering them again and they try to protect it but I think he'll probably playing it for a little bit and then once he's extremely comfortable. He'll take it off because there are some issues guys have with breathing in the mask and having the mass kind of fog up at times. Have you ever had to wear one. I haven't I haven't had to wear one. Thank the Lord and knock on Wood. I hope hope I never have to be in that position. where I have to wear a mask that means you had a serious facial injuries and as a shooter I mean there's you know that adjustment? It's one thing to have you know something wrong with your finger of your hand or an ankle but when you're talking about your vision and depth perception I mean these are things that really can affect you. I I never it had to have it in college either but I just I can't get over that look I mean it really is something I think he actually looks Kinda. Good with the camel. Oh mask I kinda hope. He wears it for a regular season game just for the reaction of the fans but it doesn't seem to be hurting him very much. Cj what's it like being back in in Portland being around the coaching staff the players all your guys because I imagine it's dad the camaraderie that you really miss over the summer. That's probably the the best part of camp at least right now. It's definitely a cool feeling. Everybody is extremely excited and looking forward to compete in this year. I always say it's like the first day of school and obviously this is my seven and season so it was like the first day of school going into high school going into college or going into like the next level of the workplace understanding the the game that much more understanding what I need to accomplish this season individually collectively as a team understanding coach. Terry wants out of all of us from schematic standpoint point to a breakdown of where we should be at defensively and how to basically played a game more efficiently this season you know than I did an impasse. Yours is always physical but it's been great man. We've been getting up and down getting after defensively offensively scrimmaging there's a lot of talent on this roster without a lot of new players come in. We've lost a lot of players so getting everybody acclimated with our culture how we do things in Oregon what time we show up to stuff the film aspect of breaking down the Games and figuring out how we can be more sharp how we can push the pace shoot more threes so it's been great man. We got a lot of new pieces a lot of guys. We're going to contribute this season and I'm really looking forward to the challenge of trying to get to the NBA finals the two guys I'm really interested in from a new you know changing teams perspective is is this on Whiteside and obviously nice here a little coming in as a draft pick. What's I guess. What have you seen from both of them? Although it's very early early and what do you live from I've seen a lot from both of them especially why side early on a guy who's played. NBA for quite some time who's lead the NBA AH in blocked shots who's lead the NBA rebounds obviously the numbers he put up last year were in. I don't know twenty twenty one minutes a night. He's getting the double his ability to alter shots. What's is is something that's special unlike anything. I've seen from teammate of mind before great lands you're talking about a guy who can basically hang on the rim and have his toes session the ground so that gives you a perspective of how long he truly is and you add that Athleticism Eddie. Has You had that frame in his timing and he's a he's a problem right away on the defensive in on the offense event he knows how to carve space knows how to seal. He has a jump Hook. He can catch lobs and he's a threat around the basket where you have to respect him on the roles if he's not available what he's been turning in ceiling and doing a great job and we're getting him more acquainted with cashing in the middle of making quick decisions whether that's a flow or hidden into the weak side so it's it's been it's been a lot of fun. We're all adjust to each other and figuring out what type of passes we have to make certain guys and in figuring out spacing angles we'd like to come all screens but overall caused great and little is going to be very talented yes questions. He works hard. He's in the gym getting shot allowing nights when I go in and double back tried to get some work can he's in the gym trying to tighten up some of his deficiencies any wants to learn. I think that's the biggest thing for young guys you know their work ethic and how eager they are to learn learn and be coached so his athleticism is already off the charges skill set in terms of what he'll do in the NBA is still developing involving so I look forward to seeing you know nine zero zero as he continues to grow an age. I told you from the GECKO that I love that pickup in the draft for one he from a talent perspective. You could have made a case. He should've should've been a top five top ten. Pick you guys get him at twenty five. I believe and then you know he's GonNa be very motivated. He already plays with chip on a shoulder. He's that kind of player plays very hard and he I just love these you know young versatile wings that can play in garden multiple spots. I think he'll be a perfect fit for for are you guys and I think he'll grow offensively and then you mentioned whiteside he owned. There's a lot for him to prove. Cj You know because he was five years ago. People thought this guy was going to be five years ago. People thought he'd be a perennial all star. you know he things did not end very wall. MIAMI. You talk about him not playing a ton of minutes. He's got fresh legs. He just turned thirty but he's got a lot of tread left on those tires and he's going to be very motivated so I love both those pickups. I'm curious for you. you know how does Nurk look feel. I know he won't be playing right away but what's the status of of Yousef negligent great he's in a really good spot from await standpoint to movement and the things he's doing in the weight room. I'm I'm really impressed with the transition he's made from crutches to not being able to walk to being back walking with his boot off to being on the bikes do not actually get to court and doing some movement stuff I'm really impressed with our staff and in the way he's approached this tire process. He's happy again. He's excited about the opportunity who needs be back around the team. You know when you go through the Rehab phase is very difficult on you mentally and physically physically worn down your depending on others again and it's it's hard for you to to really be self sufficient and then you're you're not really around the team as much as you like to be because you're rehabbing so you're secluded not traveling so for us to all be back in town again for him to be able to come the practices workout while we work in galaxy. US interact with us and continue to progress in the right direction. It is is amazing so what we're really looking forward to get him back. Obviously we're not gonNA rush him now. We WanNa make sure he's one hundred percent in he has he has the right end de each chance to take as much time as he needs and when he comes back we'll be ready to go. We'll be often running and we will be able utilize big fellow again and he'll make us that much talk better because of his versatility people forget how dominant was before. He went down. You know he was really dominating. Both ends of the court his passing Ding his his touch around the basket. He showed improved jump shot. He's making his free throws. In he was really turned into a corner putting up all star caliber numbers. I remember when he went down. You talked about how you went to his house and spend some time with him and just tried to make sure his mindset was in the right place. sounds like you feel as if he really maintained that positively despite some of the struggles he definitely he definitely maintained a positive mindset and outlook on the situation understanding. There's nothing he could do about the injury. Besides move forward besides focus on his rehab been just trying to get a little bit better each day and he's done that. He's approached it in you know with with great will and determination. I remember seeing him in their six seven eight. Am He's doing on the Rehab side trying to tighten up especially Ashley when he was going through those phases of having to be on the altar g you know which basically reduces your weight and allows you to kind of progress quickly in terms of maybe using sixty percent of your way starting to walk. Maybe running on seventy percent instead of the four hundred that you have a normally off the treadmills and things of that nature so I'm excited about. He's hired artist chef. He's really tightened his his whole his whole life up. He's tightened up his mindset. He's tightened up his his approach to the game and I've always said it when you go through traumatic. Matt experiences not that I've been to want to this extent but injuries to where the game is taken away from you. It changes your outlook on everything your approach changes in how how you value things changes and your work ethic a lot of times for the better changes because you're so focused on coming back better than you were before you left that a lot of times you come back but a better player. Klay Mentally and physically what's funny. We have an array of guys. Come on and talk about it last week. It was Alvin Cook. You've talked about it. I know that it seems like no matter the sport if someone has an injury at the professional level an injury that makes them. Let's say Miss Significant time weeks months. There is a you know learning process that takes place if you're willing to allow your mind to be there and get there but a learning process that takes place which is extremely beneficial so that when you come back you've now seen the game different way that you can apply it and then maybe more importantly pardon me you appreciate the game and your role in it more than you did. When you were healthy yeah absolutely I think we've all seen that you know by we all I mean players that have gotten hurt and just watching the pace of guys when they come back from injuries watching obviously Daban Cook situations different being football player but he was able to have a fool summer of actually training and that means something a lot of times when you're rehabbing. It's hard for you to really work on your crap because you're focused on you know equal equal side of things you're making sure equilibriums right making sure you're working the right side versus the left side keeping the structure and its attendant issue trying to strengthen attendance in then you have to mix in the appropriate amount of rest during the recovery to where it's hard to really train and focus on adding strength focus on adding WanNa do focus on adding quickness because you're really just trying to rehab. Get yourself healthy again so I think in in in nurse case he's been able to Rehab. He's been able to also work on deficiencies. Get stronger tighten up his is balanced and now I think the last phases comfort comfort ability and being comfortable getting the conditioning aspect back and continuing to feel as as if he can go out there and play without thinking so in terms of well. I guess this is there's really no way to transition but the NCAA has been in hot water. Cj and finally some progress is being made in case any of our listeners have been living under a rock the NCAA's defeat in California basically says that in twenty twenty three there is a good chance or a fighting chance that college athletes will be paid in California. What is your interpretation of this I think just my opinion that nobody cares about. I think it's great news. I am so excited about this but you're the one that is in the league now and had to go through on what many athletes do so give me. A sense of your think is definitely is great news and it's a step in the right direction. I think based on the conversations intersections that we've had as athletes with outsiders with people who are involved in college people who are not involved with college sports. I think the reoccurring theme Liam is people believe that college athletes should be considered amateurs. They should not be considered professionals and that they should not be paid but I think most players and people who have watched the game and seeing the amount of money these games generating seen how kids oftentimes are exploited a lot of these major colleges universities there is enough money to go around and I think a lot of people aren't breaking down the actual number. You look at some of these. TV deals that these colleges and universities these have have partnered along with CBS. You look at the shoe deals you look at the apparel deals that these university to designing and obviously there are issues with title nine is trying to figure out how to balance the money but I think for respective athletes in student athletes to be able to receive money to be able to to be paid by local car dealerships be able to receive funds in from from local sponsors. I think that's a step in the right direction. Obviously everyone's not created equal. All athletes are on the same level so the star player at Ucla is probably going to get more than the small school kid at Loyola Marymount or whatever the case may be but but I think it's a step in the right direction because of the amount of money that's being generated because of. I know what it's like to be a kid in college and struggle struggle. Sometimes you struggle financially. Maybe it's the background areas where you come from. It's not often times not enough you know based on tuition wishing based on pell grants or whatever the case may be and I think this is a step in the right direction especially for California with it being such a major sports state date. I think this is great news and obviously I don't know the INS and outs of what this law or this bill will entail. I'm sure there will be some pending challenges towards it. I think it's a great step in the right direction for a lot of student athletes and I think it will begin to start some nice bidding wars for local sponsorship sponsorship in in in potential deal opportunities the fact that it happened in California to me says a lot because you have very connected it did politically connected schools in that state whether it be cow Berkeley Stanford. USC UCLA THE UC school system as a whole and I love the fact that Gavin Newsom the Governor California the fact that he played division one baseball at Santa Clara he understands what athletes are going through and you know guys not sometimes having the opportunity to pay for their food. I mean basic stuff that you would think is included in a scholarship but isn't always the case and I understand that the NCAA is its own. I guess corporation in that they have operated like that for forever but this this is now this is a I guess you could say their armor being tested because for the first time ever you see that the NCAA's vulnerable and that you have like a Tana backing for student athletes that wasn't there before and the fact that the governor of California of all people people is that the is spearheading. This is just a great thing so I'm excited about it like you said there's a lot that needs to happen still but this this is good news for me. I think it's great news and obviously doesn't go into place until twenty twenty three so they can continue to ways to Kinda tighten up this new law that that will potentially go into place. I think a lot of other states will follow suit people talk about the unfair. Recruiting advantages may create. I think this is just more so a challenge to competitive universities around the world to potentially look at this. You have a lot of football players who have name and likeness you have a lot of basketball all players who have named likeness from sport to sport and I think Lebron had a great point Zion Williamson a guy who played in college last last year was in a situation where his team was constantly on TV. ESPN games CBS GAINS PRIMETIME Games and the ticket sales alone the tickets gets are being scalped. The amount of money per ticket was unbelievable. It was unlike anything they've seen comparable to super bowl tickets comparable to NBA finals tickets in a college game solely because of this kid people wanted to see him play and he wasn't able to obviously receive any benefits or anything of that nature is your based on his name and likeness but you Could Buy Zion Williamson's Jersey without his name on the back and what's to say that he doesn't deserve a local the car deal in Durham a local Jimmy Johns dill local starbucks deal how is that hurting the NCWA if a guy is the inner city and he's able to capitalize on his ability to generate funds for not only himself but for his team and gives them a chance to make some extra money to help support his family family. Give somebody an extra opportunity to be able to make money while going to school while playing a sport because you can't go to class and go to work. It's not enough time in the day hey for that as a as a full time student athletes so and play exactly and try to play this gives people an opportunity to really take advantage and obviously everyone won't won't be. Eh accredited the same opportunities but it's a step in the right direction. Your Times has a really interesting article. I'd recommend everyone interested in this read. says years of public polling that showed rising support for compensating college athletes for their talents did not go unnoticed in Sacramento which of course is the capital of California and even then there were still some question marks as to how this vote would play out It's in the infancy stages. You talked about potentially having an unfair recruiting a You talked about potentially having an unfair recruiting events. Cj that would be in California. I would imagine which is the. NCAA's point that for example if Sanford at USC we can pay their athletes in Washington Oregon. Can't why wouldn't a student athlete. Go to one of those schools. what say you on that yeah. I mean they have a point but at the same time somewhat GonNa go where they WANNA go. They don't like California. They're not gonna go there just because they can get some extra endorsement deals. I feel like a a lot of times. People are picking universities based on feel the vibes that it gives off. Obviously the coaching staff makes makes a difference. The educational aspect type of degree. Can I attained from this university and was the competitive nature of the university out of conference schedule in conference schedule. What type of supporting supporting cast will I have as a player and a lot of times. These guys are trying to team up now. So you have people who are friends all the way from grass roots and a lot of times they want to go to the same universities in schools together other so it's just not about just the endorsement deals side of it because California's a beautiful place but does ucla get the best talent every year. No This cal Berkeley the best on every year absolutely not because there's a lot of things factor into the ability to offer certain players scholarships obviously cow. Berkeley's is a prestigious university which means the requirements to get in or higher. You have to have a higher. Act Sat score against the have a higher GPA so I think players are going to pick schools based on feel based on Opportunity Based on coaching staff. The endorsement deals side of it is just a bonus but I don't think more players are just going to go to California just for that. Ah I don't agree I don't think so I asked a a highly decorated high school basketball player that question just out of curiosity he didn't get the sense at all that it would affect him obviously he won't be there in twenty twenty three but basically the thought being if you could go to ucla or USC and have money that was legal and not you know get the same benefits from going to. Let's say any other school outside I California. What would it make a difference. The answer was was really know. I do think that you're going to see other states now. Start to be aggressive and make the same push. That governor didn't governor newsom in California have. Would you be surprised if let's say within a year or two years that most states did not try to create eight similar legislation. I think the NCW is pushing to get rid of this. They don't like the thought of this This is like their worst nightmare so I think they'll discourage universities around the country to to put this type of practice in place but I think the Ohio states of the World Old Middle America will definitely relish the opportunity to kind of create an even playing field with the California schools. You look at football. Football is most prevalent in the south. You got you got the Ohio states of the world. The I was the big ten and then you have the south with Clemson with Alabama MMA with all those types of schools so they're looking obviously at this twenty twenty three year this is going to be enforced and how many great football players could really take advantage of this deal and then how many maybe lower level division one players. Could maybe get a local endorsement deal or just be able to you. You know. Maybe it's a car dealership. Maybe it's a sneaker sneaker deal because the universities are already sponsored by the Nikes the UNDERARM CDs anyway so why not be able to get a little bit more. cash will decide from that as well. I totally agree and you know people smarter than me. I'll leave it to these these folks to figure out the distribution solution from let's say football and basketball to tennis and baseball or softball but I I don't know I didn't play Major College basketball but I spent my first two years at Seattle which was a scholarship school and I remember guys struggling like middle of the semester late semester to get money for food food because the scholarship money was only so much and it bothered me then it bothers me more now now that I've become more educated on it and and you mentioned Zion. I mean you know if he if he had I wonder for players like Zion's caliber of Zionists caliber and RJ Barrett. If these guys were getting paid. I wonder if it would impact them or maybe other players to stay in school longer. perhaps in football basketball because they felt more comfortable about their financial situation and that was maybe more induces to graduating or at least staying at school in the year two. What do you think I think guys would still gopro regardless of circumstances because it's still pennies on the dollar you know even if they're able to. Let's say they get a six-figure Cardo which is high end so the six figure sneaker deal which is on the high side of what a lot of these college athletes will be offered as amateurs if you go to the NBA or NFL You're being paid top dollar. You're making millions of dollars in their Garin in its guaranteed dollars over three years over two years over four years depending on the structure of the contract so you're not. GonNa turn down to fifteen million for three hundred thousand. Stay stay an extra year to stay an extra two years to make six figures when you're going to be making seven figures with a potential to make eight draymond and Lebron have obviously been very outspoken on this issue have you talked to any players though CJ that don't agree with this new law that are maybe saying you know what let me you push back on this besides Tim. Tebow going on TV saying that he did. He didn't want people accept money. He didn't agree with it. I haven't heard any current current players of Jek this mainly because you should be compensated for your work like if you're good at something and you have an opportunity to sell pants you look at their house state. Michigan rivalry get gold pans have these awards and rewards that are given out for victories. If you WANNA sell it this year item you can sell. If you WANNA sell your a big ten championship ring. It's your ring. You should be allowed to sell it and make money off of it because you worked for exactly and there's no other job in the world where you you perform. Moore paid in our paid for it. No one's no one's doing free labor exactly end and if you're if you're a regular student not a student athlete you're just at at Duke or you're at Washington. You're at Michigan. You're at Ohio state. You can do any of these things and not have to worry about it but if you're an athlete you do so if like if Coca Cola or Pepsi wanted to sponsors I on. Why couldn't he said let me let me take this deal? I mean not not all the senior companies as in soft drink. Makers are going to want to make deals like this. There's GonNa be a select group of players in both football and men's basketball that are going to have this opportunity. Andy and hoop far for us to say you know what you can't do that and the NCAA CJ I have been probably as critical as the of the NCAA as anyone It's President Mark Emmer. It used to be the president of U. Dub. We got to know him a little bit in Seattle. I thought he had good intentions. He's been very very clear that if you abide by this law for instance California schools there will be a punishment if they're the reason I asked if other states would get involved with this this legislation because the more states and more schools that do so the harder it is for Mark Emerton the NCAA to penalize a few select group of schools right and these schools are we're making so much money they can afford whatever bill is. GonNa throw at them. They want to try to find universities or whatever the case may be. They can afford it. I think people are getting so all caught up in the kids should be paid or kids shooting me paid. I think they should have the opportunity to explore it. If that's what they want to explore to to just take awaited opportunity completely is unfair especially when these universities are making millions of dollars and when these sponsors are generating millions and millions of dollars. I think think it's important that respective student athletes have an opportunity to benefit on their name and likeness. That's all they don't have to but they should have the opportunity to to decide if they want to. WHO ARE NOT IT'S UN-AMERICAN. It really is in the bedrock of college. Sports has been not paying athletes but this is just un-american to me. I I don't know how else to put. That's the simplest way let's not. Let's not pay the athletes but let's pay their coaches eight million dollars a year like come on yeah. I really I listen listen I will we'll be monitoring this. No question about it but I I'm. I'm happy to hear that we're on the same page I think most people most reasonable humans especially anybody that played sports in college could understand how how how much good this bill could do do okay so it's been a fascinating week for Blazer fans for the blazers because a camp but also because your teammate in all. Mba Point Guard in pull up guests Damian Lillard has had a few words exchanged wish Shaquille O'Neal. Have you noticed this J I have I heard the district mm-hmm when shack initially this dame dame told me about it said that he already made his response or whatever in the WHO's GonNa put it out shortly and he said he's GonNa go at it and that it wasn't anything personal just more so you know words in ramp like shack challenge him in the distant. He's going to challenge shack in a disk as a response was what it's what emcees in artists and like do and I think it was very competitive. obviously there's no real malice or beef towards one another but I think they really win at each other and and when a dame's funny bars all the money in the world trade issue for Penny and I think I think they both you know has some pretty solid lines but the funny part is that Dame ame really wraps. I think obviously shacks on platinum. He has a history of avenues hand in lots of different pots. He's an entrepreneur is an analyst on TV. He's a hall of Famer. He's one of the greatest players ever played the game and I think there was just confusion or maybe a mix up in you know how shack perceive an answer from Damon. I'm an initial button interview dame basically said I don't think people look at him as an artist people look at him shack. That's how I look at him as shocked a global figure and I think Jack took offence to the end. intern made a disown so I think it's it's good for the culture is it's good for both of them to be able to get back in the Bukit back in the studio and and and make art and I think it's good for fans to be able to listen to it in common judging Integra what they like better for what it's worth who who's distracted you think was better ed thought. Dame's we don't even think it was close but but I also don't think there's any malice shack he. He's not he's just a big lovable will guy like this is how he operates. I I met Jack. Cj when I was in must've been sixth grade and this is a crazy story that I've never actually told I must have been. Let's say eleven years old and I'm doing my homework in my bed or on my bed. I didn't even have it. I don't even think I had a desk and I'm basically let Sam reading writing and all of a sudden I hear footsteps right and I'm like what is going on. 'cause sound like it was almost felt like it was an earthquake and in. Seattle we had earthquake so us. That's what I thought and then out of the corner of my eyes see this massive human being walking to my room duck under the the door and and just kinda stroll role in and sit down on the bed to which almost broke and it was Shaquille O'Neal he and my dad had a had a good relationship and he would would come over whenever the Lakers were in town from time to time and have dinner he used to just eat loads of food and cake and he was so good to me as a kid that I just loved him for it but even then I will say I thought dame got the better of him and dames dames in his prime as a rafter shacks basically retired tired so I I am not surprised yeah I agree I think I think dame's wordplay was better. I think his punch lines bars better but I liked. The animation. Shack Shack. Put the little puppet there. He had some intimations he say he's a showman. He's he's definitely a showman and I look forward to seeing. There's a response. I'm not sure if she kill will responds. I'm not sure of Dane with a back to back drake style but either way. I look forward to seeing what happens and we don't have a game until Oh the twenty third so there's plenty of time for them to get into studio if need be they got about twenty one days until I first game. The real question is why do people feel feel the need to come at dame. Now I know that he went on Joe Biden's podcast and said he's a better rapper than shack but guys feel like they want to get the best of Dame and I'm not sure anyone has yet yeah. I don't know I think we live in a world now. Where people were very sensitive. People are very sensitive especially usually when when it comes to comparisons people don't like to be compared to others. They don't like for people to express their opinions on themselves. When it involves putting someone else down I think the last last time somewhat distant was Marvin and I think he was upset with something. Dame's interview or another and intern put out distracting they went back and forth for a while but it was more so in in play playful attacks jabs bars and in this this next case it was another instance insa where someone felt disrespected responded. We live in an era now where people are quick to respond to be angered. Quick the two one two one up the next. It's kind of funny to me that under the world has come to that but news to say I enjoy it and I hope he will continue to diss each other and make song so that I can have some entertainment in my spare time. CJ mccollum ever consider getting on creating attract. I'm not a rapper. I I have been boop loop before. I've actually made song before as younger person but you never hear them. They'll never be released and it was just more so fun because we enjoy art and music is definitely are it's. It's a form of expression something I enjoy being a part of but I told Dame told you bud and the other day Joe Biden has facetime D. and I I was like I'll do some ad libs and that's about it. I might do like a little intro. You know maybe some spoken word in the intro to where I'm really just talking. It's not really rapid me talking and basically setting the scene for what's about to happen on now. Maybe interlude or an altro but that's about it. I have no desire to pursue that field mainly because I know I'm not very good at it but also because I rather listen to music to make it I really get the sense that he enjoys this though he not only enjoys being in the studio but he enjoys the extracurricular activities like this. I'm sure he he was happy. He had he had a chance to get back into the studio quickly a an put something together because of shack. I'm sure he really enjoyed it and he really does like he really does. Enjoy in writing music making music the whole process of being in the studio. It's it's SA- therapeutic for him. I think it's his escape. Obviously obviously we work so hard at their craft works hard today that you need another hobby we call him healthy hobbies to where you were able to be productive but step outside of your normal space. I think music is is that for him. Absolutely I mean for you. It's probably I mean wine net flex. I know you like to read Yoga Right Reading Netflix podcasts Yoga. There's a loss of you can do outside of your normal day to day activities especially if it's running up and down a corridor getting hit and football or swinging baseball. Everybody finds a healthy hobby or something outside of that dre. Eh uses an escape speaking of hobbies. I guess close on this your Cleveland Browns your favorite team had I- shocking knocking blowout win in Baltimore I was on the Ravens. I could not believe their performance. They put on on the road and by the way you know your your twitter instagram was was to fine look like you're at some bar with several very uneven rated browns fans and also on twitter making gene batch with people and apologizing profusely Freddie Kitchens. I mean it was an eventful Sunday afternoon for you. Super eventful. I JUST WANNA shout out the fans here in Oregon. There's a bar we're all the browns fans can gather at in Oregon. They watch games every Sunday to get together as about. TV's connected that make like a huge big screen slash ashby screen to where they're all able to eat. Do our dog pound cheers dog. Check engine support our team. There's a lot of people from northeast so high that have moved got ordinary people from all across the United States that are fans of the browns and able to kind of come together but we really enjoyed the victory. It was a team victory where defense really we stepped up. Obviously Denzel Awards still hurt. We got we got Randall back and he showed up showed out. are run game. Jobs is utilizing the run game. We didn't run a drawing forth nine in we actually ran the ball on the gold line so we're taking steps in the right direction and Baker got rid of the ball faster. He got the ball out. He wasn't rolling right right. He was poised he looked like baker of all he'd like. Baker who is determined to prove his doubters wrong. He looked like the baker who was confident himself and the craziest part about all of this is that Odell Beckham wasn't really involved in the offense he attracted a lot of double teams yet help top targeted five six times the only ended up with two or three catches and we were still able to kind of dominate the game so I'm looking forward to a Monday night. I will be in attendance shall be great game aim and this is our role to to ten six two and two right now top of the AFC north and we've got a tough opponent and the Patriots and then I think we go on cruise control crews attend six out of all the great things that happened offensively defensively back to catches for twenty yards. I means in his last. Two Games eight catches for seventy six yards and only about ten yards a catch. Are you concerned at all that he has yet to find his rhythm. I'm not concerned because does he's an elite player. he's a game breaker one of the best athletes ever playful ball so when he gets the ball in space he'll have success obviously played against the rams defense that was locked in shadow and him and had help over the top in cover two and against against the Baltimore Ravens he had someone following him around on the field as well and and that opened up things for juice that opened up things for the tight end that opened up the run game for jobs so as a player especially as a receiver. You don't always have to have catches the impact a game. His presence on the field alone draws two sometimes three is sets eyes on him so he'll figure it out still be a thousand year receivers. It'll be a pro bowler at the browns winton Games and get to the play offs. I think he'll be happy if production is the same as it has been historically because he's such a good player he will have of success couple news and notes before we close out today's episode. Lebron James is Oh to high school. Jersey was put on auction speaking of northeast with you still high. Oh and the bidding of Jersey. Cj has reached thirty seven thousand dollars. I hope it gets over fifty pretty pretty cool. I I wouldn't mind having that on and then second of all congratulations to Tim Anderson a friend of the show and just a great all around Goud who just wrapped up the Al American American League batting title this week three thirty five batting average pretty cool man s dope male. I think that him coming on the show really helped. He's going through an injury career. He was recovering from his injury. They were clear as my come on the podcast and then continued to bat better than anybody else in his division region. You talk about greatness. That's great being able to accomplish those things now. He deserves a nice nice nice glass of wine speaking one. Oh there it is acute. Why music please Sir Perfection Jordan. The off-season gives us a time to reflect on accomplishment. Look at what we want to accomplish going forward and celebrate special moments with family and loved ones as the season approaches. It's important that we always sit down have some food and potentially some why so recently I sat down with with coach Terry D. Mato Gaucho shot the Gaucho great steakhouse here in Portland and coach. Jerry was kind enough to let me pick the wine so naturally literally I went through and I tried to find something that I hadn't had before and I found a Margot Pinot noir two thousand fifteen from the chalet mountains. It was a solid solid finish. depending on where you look for online it'd be about thirty six thirty seven bucks obviously in restaurants up charge you so you will we will be prepared to spend more. It was more bold than light more smooth in tannock more dry than sweet and higher on the acidity side of things which means your mouse. GonNa Water. There was definitely some fruit notes is in there along with some out a more of a fruit guy personally so I was really excited about that. Nice and light it appeared well with the stake I had and and I also have some oysters and it was really really enjoyable one of the top twelve percent of wines in the world and top twenty percent of wise in the mountains and it definitely definitely goes well with red meat if that's what you're into but you can also pair with veal tear things of that nature and and as for most Pinos I say you store it around fifty eight to fifty nine degrees okay. That sounds great. I'm going to need some of that and I actually actually also had a great Pino. Cj Ironically C. J. from the same has the same name of the school. I graduated from dental as you know I graduated from Occidental College and it's called Occidental because it is a it's basically a vineyard that has been a small vineyard that has been turned into a Pinot because the kisser winery which is a great I mean they make excellent wine and especially Pinos their family has adopted did or I guess created this this new vintage and it's excellent. It's about sixty eight sixty nine dollars and I don't know the details of it it. It tastes very similar to literal which is a wind. I've given you that you liked. It's a little less expensive and you know it's basically right next extorts illiterate in terms of the the location so I I loved it and I'll send you a picture and make sure you get in your collection. I'm looking forward to a man. I'm looking forward to tasting. Nisa and I appreciate you sharing man. I do and we appreciate all our fans out there for tuning in fans and listeners alike didn't catch us on Apple podcasts spotify dot com back slash pullover C._J. Or wherever you get your shows and don't forget to all all up.

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