2020/08 The President of Austria


This is Fox. Tros live on. Amc grandstader James. At man with your house band Michelle three and the door orchestra another week of Self Isolation. But he's in light at the end of the tunnel the Formula One. Have you left the light on in the spare bedroom? Money's Michael Manado joining me as always FRY satellite Israel. James should be so lucky to have a long had a blackout and Aragon battery on this laptop. Yes and this microphone. It's good he thought ahead. You keep your things charge. You always have to be ready for the apocalypse. I really wish I had the foresight like the some of the great people that we have worked with over these markle. Who is stashed books about stave war stored cans of Campbell's Soup? It of Stockpiled Fax Torna in the uniform shelter. Maybe not the unabomber south one day. Never know the end of the world. You're GonNa get spam facts so you're going to be ready. I did you Nari and I read this on twitter so it must be true. And I haven't verified mark but I believe it to be true. Is that The good people At Wimbledon Championships. They have paid are the lost ark in seventeen years Some something like five million dollars per year in pandemic insurance them like thirty million dollars. Apparently they get cashed at one hundred forty million bucks. Hattie alike it. Why didn't we take out? David cheers. We really should have done that. We really should have gone ahead. We'll answer that question would probably weren't over the course of this week's episode plus what will be the first race of the season. No one knows but helmet vodka reckons. He might plus how he's one copying the NFL draft is much difference between driving. And I felt cody. Yes there is but maybe there's less than we thought. That's all of box of mutual. When I was young Bob Sean McGinley fairness he said F one his bullshit because just go round in circles. They don't go anywhere. I wonder if DOT Biz talk took out for Wimbledon to invest intended. Can sure it does pose. Adoptees have insurance that is an important question unite tomato while since on box neutrals. We've really mentioned bit. Beause adoptees which is alternative website now. Yeah actually legit website name. So I was very conscious of that. I did have to check it with our made. The McGinley Motorsport IRA delivery of actual because I'd upbeat was sort of one of the primary sponsors of the rice team didn't go to a porn site thankfully not. I would have made more money out of points ought to be honest. So maybe maybe I should. Maybe I should do that in future. Listen learn bainer big booming. Yeah that's an activity. You may not of course you mean getting rid of your good your excess goods for cash. Absolutely absolutely absolutely does a bit of a Greenpeace. I've done the same thing. So all my subscriptions you hit the sort of cancel busted and Microsoft. Three six five comes up and says are you sure we'll give you a three months free exchange. Should you do the same thing on porn hub as well with different? Aw Aw I appreciate how long the setup along with three five three unusual Jesus good are real real hot for actually for eight episodes. I enjoyed that. Those were good Look let's talk a little bit about laced at least a little bit because we still won't they have is your every week. I think I've got to put a share together. There's nothing going on and then actually things do happen often. Things are happen immediately after the end of this recording. So probably everything we're talking about. We have the diaper. It's just a classic box of neutrals way. Obviously the formula and season hasn't started yet. This was meant to have been the Chinese grown pre weekend. The weekend just passed. It wasn't obviously. That was the first rights to be cancelled. And we're still at least what I'm looking at my calendar now two months away from the first race that hasn't been canceled but that would be the French grown pray. Mary's bad news almost certainly because France is likely to be cancelled soon because the French government has banned mass gatherings up until July. I believe it is which would encompass the twenty eight June dice Belgium to even though that's why further away. That's at the end of August thirtieth of August. Dave extended their bands on these kind of gatherings until the until September I think with the end of August so they also in-depth neither has at the time recording confirmed the cancellation. That's two more European races. On account of that doesn't really feature that many European races gone. Yes certainly over in France as well very outspoken member of the media fellow by the name of Sam. Well Newman protested on the trumpster allays. I wearing a foolproof where fireproof suits protested against to wine in front and then update this feature full Gary when he was really purchasing instituted in France cancel can net net. So this is one of the things I've been learned of. It tried skills my workplace have said today also you. You should try to learn something of the luck Dan here yeah. I suggest that I wanted to play the piano. But instead I've learned how to do a seventy impersonation and I'm very happy with it for wake one awake one debut Sam well new modern impression. Negeri alright actually just once. He's not like your sentence or whatever the sentence you need to get into the impression and Yeah correct Gary Anyway Sam. Well Newman's not not happy that he comp like Gulf War Guy motoracing in that inning gets on these protests city. It would've made pretty good if he had. When did you can get one in the mail? Everybody all so those rights a likely to be off the calendar one rice so far that he's suddenly looking very likely to happen. Increasingly likely to happen is the first race of the season. He's The Australian growing pretty which is currently scheduled for the fifth of July. So that is a long way away. That's two two and a half months from now. I think that saves me not only might be going ahead. These according to quotes from Helmet Monaco reported by F. One insider dot com is a hyphen. That if you want to look it up as well. They seem to races to whole races in Austria. One on the fifth of the original date and one of the twelfth which is the subsequent weekend obviously because Australia. I feel like they're doing ripe. This whole virus situation and beginning to loosen restrictions. The government's already said that it won't stand in the way of hosting the Grand Prix providing can abide by social distancing rules and those kinds of things which is good for the race. Obviously it's red bull backed which means it doesn't matter how much money it loses. It can afford it. The only question really is whether or not anyone will be allowed to leave their home country to attend the race direct and ED spoke. Australian may remember Feld. He's here you've got to kidding that we're going to have a motorized financing Josh. Nick stole to Australia Australia. Hungary right right it's Do speak the same language. They speak the same way late. Okay so the Angela. Austria like the more popular version of Jimmy like they've got like Nice Mountains and the Internet faster so people because I guess it probably kind of the Canadian Germany kind of isn't it. Maybe that's right. He's Austria to mail a box features DOT COM. He's Austria Germany's New Zealand. That's a terrible said to lay said Cola the Chancellor Chancellor Alexander van der Bellen someone's had a quick. Google doesn't have a chance la. I know it's such a better name isn't it? Like a premium is pretty good sheet wrong. Chance Saw Tyler. Chansa could actually. How many chanceless you want NASA Talk Shit? I heard some people appreciate that. I appreciate you that we'll get help someone looking so just to clarify with as chancellor and then there's a prison officer is well. Okay so which one is letting the rice happen the bell and is the president. Saddam carrots is the chancellor of government. It's a good life. You don't boggles my mind is that Russia has a prime minister and a president and sometimes both Ladimir Putin he was Prime Minister for Walter. Remember it's like get out of its fraternity was what he's nineteen seen as president allegedly announced personality and he essentially. What you do with Netflix? Whereas you just change the email to the free trial try the same big. Exactly what you're doing a lot of that. For the past month exhausting. The population diverse pretty big recently valid. So the Austrian Grand Prix seems likely to be the first race which is good news. Obviously if only the one and for Australia formula would then go to Great Britain to Silverstone assuming that could happen and you'd think that if they could all leave and go to Australia considering most of the teams of based in England probably they'd be allowed to go home and then maybe do that rice. Maybe who knows? You'd think they think about this beforehand. But this is one they do silverstone. They wasn't report from race. Fans that silverstone was actually being investigated as to whether or not they could have three races in a row. Incredible twelve to the twenty. Sixth I think was the weekend. They're looking and then hungry could happen. But who really knows what's going on. In Hungary these days on the second of August and then it'd be the midseason break but then forget Ross brawn whoever's in charge of the sport these days has said essentially that you should forget about the counters. We know it because it won't look anything really especially by the time we get to the mid season break. That gap will definitely be filled by something. Hopefully we'll be fooled by something so really. The calendar will look very different. Once we get past those first few races if indeed they happen. He's saying that's from rice fans dot net marco. Well the three superstar in three races in a row was a race fans dot net story. I believe Yeah Right. I think you'll cash must be differed on your computer because all I could say at the moment is an eight thousand word Virgin Australia. Why Say Bureau? Data Rankin doesn't worse than Aeroflot's is a very rough very rough description. I would sell. I have to say you can look it up but Data's twitter can't tell him that he's wrong because I've never flown era. Has Anyone here? Flown Aeroflot mate. I saw on the news in the wake. There was footage of an Arrow floatplane handing sidewise. Ed Court did see that. That's never happened here. You're telling me you're telling me that. Aol On these worse than arrows flow to fossil headed and you can tell the serious because there was no impression to them. She you float on on kids. Get Real you blow. What was the old joke? Would we have paid to begin on the show? We had McGinley airline sort of early sixteen facilities at a sixty one passage or something like that because the other way around actually blonde that Clinton apply comical. Yeah we'll find it. We'll play it if you hearing it now than we founded soaking congratulate. Us plays really. Someone didn't do them. That's probably so. That's the state of play with degrading at the summaries. That Formula One may be able to start in July. There has been a date set. I don't know if we'd been in the program before by. Ross Perot and that. If we stop by October you can forget it. You can stick it right and left because the questions still leaves win so that so okay. Let's say started nostra that Austria do silverstone. Let's say that can happen hungry. Maybe not Belgium by the sounds of it in Italy who knows considering wonder is pretty much right in the middle of the worst affected regions of Italy. So that's the one two three three three European races. We need ice and need to be on three different continents. I don't think there hasn't been brexit yet. So England Stupidity Europe's that's not gonNA count unfortunately for them and then so you still quite a challenge is what I'm saying. It's still quite a bit of challenge to make this count. Come to come together because unless you can squeeze maybe I mean Spain's pretty badly fixed point. I know we were talking about months in advance but still maybe unless you you squeeze some European races then back into August. Everything's better or September but after that it's too cold so it's still very challenging for the season to come together. What about the back to backgrounds prayed? Let's say we have the full versions of the British roll. We'll call them different names. I one ones the you're paying growing parade. One is the Republic of Northern Ireland. One is wild. One is a Protestant grown for a hundred S. I love man all of man. Could you call one? European pray co won the English chrome. Yes the Gripe break. Why do you not growing the chaff? Grown busy four nine hundred. Do you know do you know what's crazy? Is that out of all the sporting event in the world. The one that laced expected them to cancel on. Health and safety grants was the was the of man in the band cancels their event because they concerned about health and safety dreams of the corona virus. You know your sheets going down the aisle of like. They're you know it's pretty. We've got to wait and say hey this one just quickly as well. We don't mention it very often on the program. Max Moseley your. There's a documentary made about him at some point and it came in. Well maybe you never did because of the virus but it was meant to come out in a film festival in recent months as anyone says anyone even heard of it. It's anyone saint because it's blacklisted. On Google you say the search for it anyway. He's talking to someone and he says they should just cancel the whole season. Pretty much. Like Bernie ECCLESTON did. When's the last time they agreed anything all the time and he says it'd be good anyway. Thought we mentioned that but one positive bright note perhaps is that someone's also being talking to old maid Sapang International Circuit in Malaysia. Which why not? They've got either changing administrators old mate whose name I forget. I'm not even GONNA. He also ran. Emoji pays him. He's left the circuit to run motor. Gp full-time and so they've got a new administration. So the guy who said if one was no good as gone and this new guy who says if you might be right in the right conditions is in charge and he said Look Sapan could host sniff wondering if conditions are correct that is important potentially withstanding the militias also being affected by this of course. Because who's to say that if one rocked up in October when we used to go there maybe they could have a race there in building up the rice in climates. That would be good if they could do. Motor J. used to do with testing at Phillip Island Internet November. So maybe we could have you know the Estrela growing pray Sort of back to back we have a we have a motor. Jp Random Phillip Island and then Yeah Albacore on pre unluckily to happen to tell you the truth but but imagine it but imagine that imagine that is coming Full Circle. Is it really circuit? That will be responsible for discussions. Our is immortalized in government to get involved. Well you know. The second would probably negotiate. But it's eventually going to have to ask for the money you'd think and look. I don't know a lot about and it depends. I guess on what the travel restrictions aren't Tim's of you know foreign people and and stuff whether they need to have the NRL's saw or insane hub. Somewhere in Regina well. This is the big question as well. This is the thing that really comes down to is even you an increasingly countries getting the virus under control the some amount even if under control does mean still thousands of people reporting you infections daily as is still the case in several parts of the world. Even if let's talk about by August then we start to get those numbers back down to manageable levels like Ustralia for example. A sitting at this point in time restrictions on travel is still a big question. I know that might be less less difficult in Europe given that they essentially act as one giant block for the purposes of travelling at the moment. But you think that that would come back relatively quickly compared to the rest of the world in an international sense but once Europe is got done once. You'd have as many races in Europe as you can. Will you be able to travel internationally and freely because we can earn really? Take these straightening example. It's the example we know relatively intimately on this program is that we're being told essentially forget international travel for the year pretty much and if we're being told that and everything's pretty override in Australia. What's the rest of the world going to be like? That's still the big question here. We talked about this. Gradual comeback to normality physiologically. It probably will return to fundamentally a European championships so for those who long lamented sort of the international expansion into we'd wonderful territories around the world. You may get his info big wish but seriously it could well. That's that's what they're gonNA have to do for a brief period of time and then it but that's always up all sorts of know what if said Butts for all the other events so I could save what happens to. Let's Melvin for example. We if we don't say international travel for twelve months for example so familiarly that runs into twenty twenty one as well. So does that mean. We could end up posting rice in October November incident. On that to tell you the truth I wouldn't mind meld them. Main the season call us up. Big Interesting wouldn't it? It'd be pretty good well as an example. I know nothing's being confirmed but he's straight and open which is in January is already making plans for the situation where they might not be La have fans. They haven't talked about having the open but just show that these restrictions are extending into the new year. Who knows the bottom line is a no one really knows anything and delightful place to be before. We don't want a wonder which is when the which is going to be the first four in the one driver. That says I don't believe in. Vaccinations will opt out. Just quickly mail. Box Dot Com. Not only where have you know? Pain vaccinated unusual. What would comprise? You'll ideal let's call it the colonial world championship of just European races. What tracks would you go to want just like tracks when with a lot went to in the nineties email everyone talks? I don't want him a la. Don't talk about him La. Don't talk about Portugal. That was just give me some. Give me some Skua. European cirque was. Listen yes what about that one? We're talking about a couple of weeks ago. Those essentially job happy. That was pretty good. I can't remember when that were Donnington. WanNa know mailbox you just dot com or find a twitter facebook all these replaces. What would make up your colonial world championship. Trials like eleven auto enrolled James. Nobody else. It's box of neutrals eight weeks pretty much into isolation and not you loving it especially considering that we're probably several months away from Formula One. Good I'm you know what are actually In terms of at least box of neutrals land mine the inside add Saad broadcast. We've got ended up. Here's the thing is that I don't want it to be over just as I've adjusted to it. I wanted to go for a little bit. It's almost like someone was trying to convince you to do these ages ago but it seems silly at the time that was when we were in opposition. Now Larry Policy when we're making the Best Marco Kurz. Now here's the Guy Judge of Australia suggestion. Kitson related taste speaking of Sebastian. Figure that same. We'll remind he's he's speaking to the former the website or welled up and he says a new deal for him at Ferrari is the likely before the season starts hard to know if that was more commentary on whether or not the season will start this year but he seemed confident in text-form he'd be speaking at Ferrari and I guess everything is pointing in that direction. If not just because this seems like maybe this season we'll get underway and we'll have the right number everything we find but this is like a bit of a we'd season isn't it feels like really we want to look ahead to next year the after to reset all these contracts and stuff so sorry. I got distracted by Mike. Robinson wearing a She looks alright. Giggling fishing he's making a political protest. Now he's the he's not he's not he's not he's literally just GonNa leave that. I don't WanNa get sued account or no Kaunda Ferrari. Oh yeah yeah so. He ruled out when he was asked. Would you return to Red Ball? He said we'll never say never a said there are many things in life. You never say never four. You'd hopefully never say never going back to prison for example but in terms of going back to Red Bull. I think he would. He said he would entertain that thought. That was more of a philosophical question for him so it wasn't a yes. I'm speaking with Hell Marco and coming back with Talbot's corona camp. We're imagine if he did it. It'd be weird. I mean. Imagine if Sebastian went back it'd be anyone who goes back to red bull. It's weird especially Sebastian. Because because Alex like why would you get rid of Alex smiling because Max because Max step and is going to be safe houses but there's no room for Sebastian? Even even if you wanted to come home. It's sort of goes against the purpose. If what Red Bulls if they said no to Fernando old man Alonso truly the same has to be applied to all Manville. I don't think Ferrari against winning. Now the drive is on China Red Bull against putting young drivers and teddy younger scrape anymore. Well they're trying to kill them in cried. Avars can't religiously Christian for Red Bull is that let's I and I didn't think it will happen and I hope it doesn't happen. That doesn't do well this year. Right let's see bombs. He does what he lost. He wasn't very good. I think it's GonNa Happen. I hope it doesn't happen but let's just say for example does guys. He's looking at Tahrir also but he couldn't cut red bullied. They couldn't next Amax. Maybe they give them another guard because you know he's learned but probably the way then you drive. He's had too many chances as not going to go back at that point with no one else in the junior talent pipeline ready to come to Formula One. Then maybe they'll be forced to look at drivers who are already established but it is very new. You get the sense that helmet nocco would really be going back through his contact book to find anybody who would do it other than a driver. He doesn't own. He's like Rupert Murdoch and Prime Minister's own them so I I wonder I wonder what the conditions would have to be if they would bring someone in. That wasn't part of the program. Well Sebastien border was what example ridden hotly so basically you have to you have to be sacked there or have a somehow had a loose connection and tested with payment on point and impress them but I think I think the question is would. Is it really going to be case of? I'd I'm still of the opinion special for Ferrari. That's that's that's stumps boys he. He'll be done with one. I think. I think it's more of a Aric in the Non Wad will will sports comedy year rider right now. I only want od be peddling that Danny Ricardo. To Ferrari Ruben meal. I'd say more than usual. Whatever geeze I started a exercise bicycle has always say to get to the maximum gear. So you're you recognize it's going to happen you're on the money I reckon roadster Damase dramas failty me waters my recording from the toilet. We've got trouble for that well. Why didn't say why didn't say that they'll be news? I guess one way or another. He says new deal likely. But you don't know what the deal is. He could become an engineer. I don't know the answer in the middle of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend. What L. Before if he won three. I don't even remember when the taxi. That's all I remember. Do you remember we're in that taxi? Was it that taxi. Taxi driver kept trying to frighten me by shouting at at my face. Sorry sorry markle molly distracted. I'm trying to. I'm watching a car. Having argument with the retrial was he made the truck tried to reverse to to the establishment across the right so the perils of Hamburg passing. I get distracted by the outside world. So why rightist? I should padded walls. Aaron I is it a bigger sheet forty I saw. We got in the way of a tram as well. You buzzer. Now you've just saying the very Nixon of a complete systemic collapse of the Melbourne public transport system the one true Delights Palace every tomorrow type guy to work. There's no point you're not gonNA get the bike. It probably running on line now. Let's see what other Madison format and they could be an error dynamic draft of sorts in Formula. One talking of is still trying to figure out ways to save money for some reason. They don't want to accept that if they just say they're going to spend less that they could do that. But they WANNA call with complicated ways to do it one of the ways and we mentioned this last week is that they might have tokens on how much Arrow development you can do. You currently changed so much of the car between twenty twenty and twenty three one one of the ideas and expansion on that idea. Is that the lowest placed team Williams at the end of this year. We'll be able to develop more than the highest place team. The Sadi's by being able to do more era development of because the season it's not confirmed or anything like that. It's something that's apparently raises potential talking point but that would be interesting and it kind of makes sense. Doesn't it that the the team? That was the worst should be able to have the most opportunity to be better draft. Basically so it's like you have the opportunity to I we. We've sort of hit rock bottom in terms of TAME. But let's use this opportunity to at least bank of the Tokens. They're famous word for the one in Connor revitalize system. Now I find it interesting. That Christian Horner has come up with the regime solution of introducing customer cars to the former the one grade. Look you can call me ropes to drama so comprehensive still distracted by the PRU truck but I still maintain that idea has merit because to be honest. Like Yeah Okay You. I could literally by Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes. Jp developed car. Whether I know how to run it if I took it to attract that Sandy. I'm sure there'd be played pay faster than me in that car because I wouldn't know how to set it up for that track united so it still relying on a team leading to understand it and bring the most out of that car. I do like that. I mean he said Skysports interview or something. Whatever it was as you meeting probably and I only read some reporting on. I didn't say because of Geo. Blocking of course they still kept that up in the corona virus and he mentioned it twice in two very distinct separate parts of the arrived there and really just wanted to say it. Good I if he wanted to Jeddah. Almost like is pushing agenda whereby red bull technology would make money by selling cars to other people incredible but on the other hand and they will. It's an expansion on this kind of thing pretty much the whole grid except for the top. Three teams obviously who make because and McLaren and right off the grid so half the grades already do by a lot of stuff from other people racing point or whatever they can be called. Maden actually know. Williams doesn't cynically actually no not that many people buy cars. It's not a good I don't like it. They should just make the cards just because they're not allowed to change very much. Between Twenty and twenty one williams. We'll be able to do more development. Maybe that'll be good. That'll be good. And maybe they'll keep that rule if they delay the new regulations. Ill Twenty three. Maybe they'll key for another year and actually it'll level the playing field just in time for the regulations of J. Sinai. I break in not like Williams is still going to be that twentieth on everyone else. That's probably true probably true. Just grab a couple of other quick talking points from the wake preseason testing could it be axed or at least reduced? It was only six days this year. I think six eight six something like that. But if the season was remarkable we've had more praise content then we've had any insight quite literally. We had dr in season content For from any from any Grand Prix. So Bay glad that Scott's bulls had wall-to-wall coverage and test. It looks stupid. Now do hi. This is the longest preseason we've ever had it's going to be very long strategies and now they're gonNA they're gonNA rush laws if they're gonNA run on instead dea. Could it be axed if they WANNA run the this year's season the twenty twenty two twenty one into January? They could that'd be right. They've got to keep the same chassis. Don't forget the arrows going to change. Because you're gonNA say the same. I think it'd be good. We don't need praises and testing time and time again. The teams proved that I really needed. I think that'd be Good Friday practice. Get Rid of practice as well. Getting rid of it. All just have Rice's just have a rice. I qualify qualifying. That's pretty good. Three Racist Story guys get it done. Get it out of the way in three different countries. Give it to Real Challenge. Shells the clerk. One the virtual Chinese Grand Prix I forget his. I think that's what they call it. And formula virtual there too many different virtual a-series virtual e series. But that doesn't make any sense because a series already virtual to save virtual e series. Doesn't mean it didn't happen. Yeah exactly it implies that it's not real easier a-series it's a pro. Nazi is the brand name to come up with something better than that. It's not good. Come on now. Sorry I take that back. It's called the as virtual grow impre series L. Except that ritual raise the virtual chinese-grown pray happened and shells. Leclerc one and these results. Quick because only like two weeks ago he'd never played seamy light and now he's won four races in a row in one. He won the Vietnamese home. Free OF ELVIS. Pock lost weight which is pretty good and then he won the charitable rice for the world which I think he set up so you could argue that he cheated but I don't think he did then he were on the voluptuous not the GP race whatever they probably Vietnam as well So that's another parallel series. And now he's one the Chinese Grand Prix which was in China. So he's doing very well however he did have a big crash quite a violent crash with George Russell in some kind of truck racing gates racing highway and they had to take the offer him and they both roll. Their trucks was quite aggressive. Go look it up. I've no idea what it was I. I literally watched my mates livestream euro truck simulator two good. Maybe you know what the best part was. Despite the fact that one of my mates was upside down and roll. Roll these truck over my other. Might got kicked out of the server. Though applying multiply he got kicked out of the on our why because he didn't have his head lots on because the guy was set off the six. Pm that doesn't tell you about the very particular audience soccer. I say they take the logistics very serious injuries monitoring fines. Imagine a series actually accused monitoring finds correct. That would be so good. That would be great just quickly on these strategy and erasing front supercars had their second weekend was a Wednesday so it wasn't a weekend of racing in two different countries. They could do it in Barcelona and Silverton Susan Bassolino. Yeah I think that was it and maximum Stefan was in it. He was a guest driver and he did really well a finished second three times. I think it was and if the back one because it was a risk but forget about that one it was. It was just interesting to say I regret. They didn't have a camera team like they had other drivers. I feel like it lacked a little bit there but it was interesting to say. He drew really quite well in this game again. It just it just shows the the level of experience required for full. They gained by rover. Any kind of taking your auto. Well Max Max is an absolute gun on on these things. Like the supercars thing. He had barely done any writing on A. He said Oh actually struggling because he was complaining that the cause locked up to as far as liking. Obviously the level of green is different to sign if one car but he was able to use. I guess he's racing knowledge credits to to very good use and and he could do it all racing not shape although I wasn't it now there's a subscription but then you go to buy different 'cause and tracks like that charity is cost me. Oh really yeah. It was like living dollars. Us Dole is so it's with the dollar a month at forty five dollars. Yeah so you're by the crap I wanted to but now it's like know I it's like a I don't want us. It's not an open source game. I think that's the wrong term but anyway but it's the simulation it's it's not like a it's not a game there's obviously a little work that goes involved into making the cause of the tracks really released and delivery via deliveries very good. Louise Community developed rather than something developed by on I. I don't think I don't think true but it's Somewhere in the middle. It's very it's it's yeah. It's not like a boss or something yard. Look at that some series champion and finding some money talk wolf after saying he wasn't GonNa Bind Aston. Martin he did less than one percent though. Mercedes said it was okay. He's still working beside these and Daniel Ricardo's apparently taking a pay cut. According to Cerullo beat bowl he says ricotta was amenable to suggestion. They should pay considering the situation considering most of the Renault Formula. One team in the UK is being food load. I believe the tell you pronounce that word and especially considering the Ricardo's estimated to in something like forty million dollars a year so that's a that's lot of money on him taking a pay cut. Everyone's GonNa take something I guess. Especially if you earned that much cuts. Who knows chosen? It's mcdade Lima. Driving and set and free thousand agrees. It's almost set and hear more trips into the sun and Formula. One AT BOOKS UP NEUTRALS DOT COM COM com. Sorry I got into a priming patent. Excuse me while I visit my local cheap easy to find out exactly why I talk like this. I had to tell by why this is my only voice. Sit Down James and nobody else. I was episode. Eight of the box. Mutuals preseason to form it on twenty twenty point of this year of baby. If there was no this season we ever end up getting talking this token shaded until sheet flathead side window not going I've concluded NAP. Traffic is flowing freely much traffic around what who was sponsoring not traffic It was Positive awake show. Who Knew he had seventy assets that could be stripped so quickly Boxing you can post your dot com find links to subscribe to the podcast day. Listen to the previous episode because none of them are tightly. Because there's no racing so you'll enjoy the mole as much as you've enjoyed dissuade. Maybe have enjoyed it. Why don't you write it and review it on your podcast of choice with the apple on Google WanNa one? We'd never heard of way everywhere we've managed to get onto the platform. Some voice when not on your favorite one made us know can. Have you ever socials as well? Facebook twitter instagram. This week. What would be in your colonial European Formula One world championship? What tracks should Formula One? We're going to the cannot leave your interesting lobby Not Maligned banning. If you don't raise the man gotta put that out there right now because we all die. That's whatever you said that it'll be like the radio competition on that radio station where everyone into the graph only anywhere in Europe. I'll accepted the. I'll accepted without on that when we got an bullying food. It's good that should've as a slogan by we should want it but once I explained rocking of inquiry Mentha and nobody else has been bucks. Nuchills team I go. Oh Okay CINCI.

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