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Never ever give up. Don't give up. Don't allow it to happen. If there's a concrete wall in front of you go through it go over go around, but get to the other side of that wall. Quake nuclear when everybody. How's it going? You've reached native opinion. We are an indigenous information and education radio show and podcast every week. We talk about current affairs related to and from our own native American perspectives. My name is Michael kicking bear. And that over there in Florida where it's windy. He is. That I lose Dave. How about now? Yeah. There you go. Yeah. That moment of panic. That's a major. When I start looking at all the screens ochre we on the air. Like like, I don't know what was going on. But. Minute button. Stuck for a second. Yes. Yes. Yes. My stepson kindly sent us that open. Yes. The cheetah chief giving some kind of address before he was chief apparently back down wall. Who needs a wall? Yeah. That's only like the fool in the White House. I said to myself well. Sadly, it was but another example of lies. More lies from Washington. What are you going to your when you're gonna do morning? Karen and chat. Good morning chat. How's everyone? But to see good to see you. Yes. So it's been windy and raining here east coast land and more to come later afternoon. I guess so. Guys, the water up there. Yeah. Yeah. Long as we. Not as we power in internet connection. I guess we'll stay with you guys. Absolutely. So. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let's say let's run through how to reach the show real simple host outgoing short housecleaning is. Yes, absolutely. You can Email us hosts with an S hosts at native opinion dot com. Can reach us through Twitter at native opinions are handled over there are Facebook page. Of course, it's Facebook dot com. Forward slash native opinion podcast. Our website native, opinion dot com. Of course, you can find our episodes out at new tube. Just search for native opinion out there. You'll find us. We're also a podcast. So you can subscribe to us through any of those lovely podcast, directories, whatever's popular of your choice, you should find his their last one. At least you can leave us a voicemail. Eight six zero eight hundred five five nine fiber right there. Eight six zero eight hundred five nine five cool. What you've been up to brother? It's been a busy busy busy week. Gardening stuff for sure. Gardens Goering growing like crazy of it. And. Trying to get ready to pour a patio which will eventually become Mirus screened alumni. It's not permitting process for that. And storing them little screened alot screened screened loam is it's it's kind of a fancy word for back porch. You've been hanging out with the French again. Yeah. We we we. Way speaking on a quick plug of Jacqueline Keeler put out a really really good article on our Facebook page of guys wanna read it puts a contrast of our sacred sites and the lack of attention that we seem to get. How they can people shell out billions of dollars to repair the cathedral burned. But the same kind of attention doesn't really seem to make it to like, for example, black churches. So yeah, it's a good good read. You can check that out there. I bred read a couple of similar articles. And they all at the nail squarely on the head as usual. And. Not that I'm on sympathetic. Yeah. Same here. Same her. But you know. No, Notre Dom burned. Okay. And like you said everybody goes nuts. Oh my gosh. Notre Dame is burning its. Yes. There's a lot of history in the air. But it's not our history. Correct. Directly. It's not our history. The history of this country. Had predated, you know, Notre Dame cathedral for thousands of years. Sacred sites in this country. I've predated Notre Dom for thousands of years. Not not one utterance of whisper porcelain so not one bad of a night. Nothing. Nothing. So I. I can't find one iota of sympathy that might sound cold and crafts. But I just I can't I can't sympathize. For the burning of the cathedral. I'm I'm happy. There was no loss of life. I'm happy for that. Especially the bees the beef survived. Yeah. I'm glad. Yeah. Listeners doubt. No. There was a large high of honeybees up in the roof with the. Of the cathedral and they survived. And I'm glad for that. But you know, all all the hoopla the wringing of hands all the the tears, and I just I'm sorry. I can't I can't find very much sympathy for the loss of the cathedral. I think people have to understand too that you know, when when we're putting it into some kind of context around organized religion. And and I I understand that experiences with Indians people, you know, it's it's mixed some degree, but it's. I think I would I was more raising an eyebrow. About was in Oregon. It's always it's always media positioning too. So you know, I recognize that as well. But you know, they were talking about the, you know, raising oil well over one billion dollars within you know, less than a week. And you know, what an amazing thing that was and, you know, again, I'm going to sort of without quoting specifically from the article, but you know, wanna Jacqueline's points. Specifically was you know, black churches are struggling to rebuild after those particular churches were burned. I also think about for example, and Dave, you know, this all too, well, you know, a lot of churches, especially if they happen to be indigenous churches because we have churches as well. Think of Narragansett nation, for example, through racism, where those churches were burned, and oh sure you think you think people were just, you know, shelling out money some may have. But you know, but they certainly struggled to rebuild. Those particular churches. So I think it's important that, you know, it's put into context special historical context because that was the other thing, I was raising eyebrows about they were talking about all the loss of history, and as you opened with Dave it's their history. Yes, I can be sympathetic to the, you know, a particular loss of their history. But I always have to bring it back and put it into context, you know. Oh, sure in two. Yeah. And so that's that's why I think what she wrote in others of road is apropos. It really really is. So I absolutely. And if you agree with us emails. Tell us tell us why again, it's not it's not that. We're completely unsympathetic hate seeing anybody lose stuff, but somebody when doesn't matter who the person is if they had a house fire, and they lost photographs that can't be replaced. I'm sympathetic things. Like that. You know? But again, I I always have to look at things sort of through in my life anyway and indigenous lands if you will. Be a bath wrote my brothers. I was one of those weeping is Notre Dame cathedral burned. I'm not unsympathetic to those that are are mourning the loss of the cathedral. That's that's what I'm talking about. Right. What I'm talking about? It's all the rush to rebuild. And you know, there's a blind eye even from people in this country. There's a blind eye turned to the loss of of history. If you will and culture in this country, you know, we just spoke about yes, I know, you do appreciate your your your sympathies in in sentiments, absolutely. But I for whole week I heard from family and friends and friends on my Facebook account about how horrible the loss was. And what can I do to help? And I'm asking these people did you make that same offer. When those three. Churches were burned in Louisiana. And I asked him did you make the same offer win the mosque in Santa God's in? This this nation were burned if they do make those same offers well while in than I just said, okay? You know, it's context again Agana. Sure absolutely is context. People just you know, and also, you know, not trying to dance on both sides of a wall. But you know, I also recognize that there are people that that generally try to give anytime there's a, you know. A tragedy. But unfortunately, it's you know, it's not equal by money. Stretching the imagination I think so now people are valuing. And again, we have to we have to bring up the inner the evil word of colonialism. And and we have to again put I keep using where context, but it's it's propo-. It's it's in that. It's under that umbrella. If you will it is, and my I'll drive my point home, and then I'll try to leave it alone. Not one word was uttered. Not that I heard or heard about from and I'm air quoting supposing leaders of this country about those three churches in Louisiana, not one word. And if I mistaken police say, so, but you know, immediately, they spoke out against you know, what was done or are. They spoke out how about the Notre Dame cathedral. And how horribly was I don't recall. President cheeto. Saying dump a bunch of water on top of the black churches. I do when the cathedral went up. Oh, absolutely. He did say that. So. Yeah. Gary. Yeah. Go ahead. Go ahead. Gary road as baptized confirmed Roman Catholic, but escapade talion I pronounce that right for thirty. Palin lori. Okay. Of course, the screen is a thousand feet away from me. So. Agreed. This broadcast is the place to quote, put things in context. Quote. It's frustrating to see a billion dollars go into Notre Dame. When there are when there is so much need elsewhere. But I'm also okay with restoring on Notre Dame. Right. Okay. Got it. Yeah. Absolutely. Restore it by all means. And your point is one thousand percent Bala, Gary. There is so much need. Elsewhere. I I'm not opposed to rebuilding. The Joe not opposed to it at all either mind. And I hope it is rebuilt. Unfortunately, that things are lost are replaceable. But I I'm not opposed to having rebuilt. Not not in the least. I love history just like the next person. But you know again. As my brother saved context is important. In just last point again, directing guys back to the article on Facebook. It's also posted on Twitter. She was talking about the the amount of emphasis placed on monuments in that context in in in certain society. So again, I think it's a good read. So please, please check that out. So we'll leave it there. Okay. Okay. I just I just peeked in the recording. This is gigantic spike. Sorry about that. You guys. You will edit. Soften where we call soften the edges. All right. Go ahead rather. Yeah. Listen to feedback time we have feedback from listener JOL and Joel says I'm catching up on the last three episodes right now. I love benge listening. But typically, I listen where right when you posted the episodes. Well, thank you. Holy cow. I just laughed that loud. It brother grey owl saying that someone formed their Venezuela opinion on the false assumption that Venezuela Venezuela, excuse me board as American Joel I kind of laughed too. And they did a face plant to. I am not a geographer. He says, but I at least look at a map before digging heels in. Have a great week. Thanks for reading my Email on the show, and it's great to vent. Sometimes. Yes, it is right now in Montana. Our state legislators won't allow a standalone Bill to combat the plague of missing and murdered indigenous women, and that's sad. They're only going to write legislation if the Democrats will allow a rider to the new DO I Bill. Just shows that the majority white Christian Montana. Congress doesn't care about our women. If white women were going missing at this rate. It'd be taken way more seriously me goes on to say, hey, brother, kicking bear. Have you heard anything lately about equa? Not specifically yet. But I know organizations such as Yussef United of southeastern tribes are on it monitoring of some coming cases again being perpetrated primarily by the goals Goldwater institute. And we hope that some people will wake up and realize that it's the only federal protection on our children, have grit. And he goes on Saint man, time flies my daughter. Just turned six will happy birthday little one. She such an adorable native girl that deserves to be protected, and you're absolutely correct post script. I just read the book called utopia for realist by Rutger Birdman. I know I totally spelled his name wrong. But it's the guy that got Tucker Carlson all pissed off. I think you'd both like the book. Thank you. Joe? It's good to hear from your. Thank you for the recommendation. That's a classic example of like when when a news media outlets personally cable news, or you know, that ilk loses control of guest. Thing has to be on, you know. Not only controlled. But you know, they have to hold all the cards, shall we say? And that was a great example where they didn't. And they got slapped profusely for it. So. Very very cool. Okay. So. Email here from a listener, Eric Eric. Rowe hello. I wanted to say thank you for having this podcast. You guys have brought forth. Many native issues that I have not been aware of and it will benefit my knowledge for when I go to work in ending country. I'm grad I'm in grad school, getting a master's degree in social work for the concentration in American. Indian slash Alaskan native studies wanting to improve health wellness for our people especially with physical health. I mean, male, and you guys because I'm a social wealth. I'm in a social welfare in policy class. That's having us write a policy brief and wanted to get your guys opinion. I started writing about tribal enrollment. And the first episode of native opinion was very helpful. I wanted to get more insight from you guys. What your thoughts are on enrollment with an increasing number of mixed blood children being unable to enroll into tribes of their family. I've lived through this scenario, and I have fifty percent total Indian blood. I'm twenty five percent, Mississippi Choctaw and twenty five percent Zuni. I was unfortunately, unable to enroll into these tribes due to the tribal requirements. I see how this can be an increasing problem for future generations, and how this can contribute to our own termination within. I understand how tribes want to preserve cultural aspects, but in modern society, many native adults are having relations and children with partners of other races or ethnic backgrounds. I also understand how this can weed out people or only trying to recap benefits and services without contributing or not having much association with the tribe other than their blood. I'm having to write about a policy change, which I will pretend to write a policy brief for the Choctaw chief and tribal council. I feel as we are on this decolonizing movement that we need to consider changing tribal enrollment as this was something developed by the government and was not an indigenous was not an indigenous way, how can we move forward and adjust to these issues. Thank you. So I ran back way back. To exactly December seventeenth of twenty fifteen when we launched this show and so back. Back. So I so I grabbed a quick sound bite, which is actually Dave talking about multiplex. There was a gentleman by the name of Walter Placker. And he was the one that kind of gave rise to roles. I know everyone's heard of you know, the barest roles that the tribes use the dolls rolls. The Baker roles this role that role. But it was Walter placard that really gave rise to utilizing roles too. Career a paper genocide for American Indians. If you will because bad is when it's it's been used for and continuing to be used for. A world system was never something that, you know, our elders used it was never part of indigenous life. And. It's it's really sad. That tribes have adopted this non-tribal non traditional way of cataloging members. And it's become a tool in the tool woods given to them by the federal government to continue. I believe a process that the federal government could no longer legally do exterminate Indian peoples. Longtime ago at least in my book. Yeah. That would was years ago. Yep. Yep. We're on episode one six nine at one sixty nine. You want to add to any of what you just said. Oh, no. Yeah. I want to address something Beth said in chat. I bet. You're right. We need to be careful not to make a false choice, and there is money to rebuild black churches now, Moscow and Notre Dom. But you know, there shouldn't MIA opinion, there shouldn't be there shouldn't be a need to have something else happened to force people to feel guilty or or well, maybe we should do something kind of attitude because you know, they chose not to do anything. Substantial in the beginning. Yes. Now there for my late. My last check there's now been about a million dollars race to help build a churches in Louisiana that number may be a little higher. But the last time eight check that's what it was around. But my my thought might thoughts are how much would have really been raised to build those churches head the Notre Dame fire never occurred. That that would have been might might thought. But you're you're correct. There needs to be cared not to make a false choice. And I'm certainly not going to make one like I said, I'm hoping that Notre Dame gets rebuilt as I'm hoping that all the churches mosques and synagogues that have been burned because of hatred. Get rebuilt, but there's no need for people to have to struggle to do. So. These are these are community centers, and it should be, you know, in my opinion, it should be a concerted effort to help build these things. So that that's where I leave that. And thank you for your comments. Getting twenty two adds something or detractor. No, no. I think I think I'll just leave it there because pretty much I was just going to repeat myself type to doing so. Get into Eric's. Feedback. It's a. It's sad that tribal disembowelment and still continuing. For the reasons that it's happening. And as I said in the episode from again, actually, say years past. These are tools handed tools by the government. Tribal disin- role -ment as it stands today was never apart of native culture. They requirements that exist. For tribal enrollment today was never a part of native culture. And we are going to destroy destroy ourselves from within. If we don't stop these foolish practices. The goal is to to build community not shrink it as fast as you can. We're the only culture in this country to my understanding as far as I know, we are the only culture that do this to ourselves. Do you know any of the culture in this country that does that? I don't know not not not utilizing tolls. Given by an oppressor. No. It's just it's it's a bizarre sick behavior in it's got to stop. It's just gotta stop. But thank you Erica for your feedback. And I hope your project goes, well, I'd like to read your paper. If I may when you were here finished with it is it a thesis, or if it is I'd like to see your your thesis anger defence when you're done. Please absolutely on. I think I think it's it's tough in academic circles in the sense that, you know, you're required to when you write papers and things, you know, obviously, you have to show your sources, and you have to show how you came to certain conclusions. And that's where I think if I ever do make it to college I'm going to have a very tough time. Because basically, I'm submitting in my thoughts, which will be in from the. Perspective of what I know to be the truth. And the fact that I have to hand that to a professor for critique and also disagreement upon his where I'm going to struggle. You know, and that's one of the on being very blunt non us as one of the reasons I have really balked at going to college. In the areas that I that I was thinking about seeking a degree in. It's not an excuse. My father will tell me it's an excuse. But. But there are certain things that come from culture that I don't believe are open for debate in yet science says otherwise, but I'll leave it there. The other thing I wanted to add to what Eric was asking. Writing about was also. I I have to respect other nations. Independence in honor their how they choose to. Make decisions because that's their sovereign right? Might my personal belief. Of course, is is that the same Dave's where you know, blood. Quantum in percentages were specifically designed to limit the size of nation of an indigenous nation. And they certainly didn't want to encourage the existence of people like myself who are mixed. And I think that's pretty sad. It is. And it's sad. You know? What's even I'm sorry. Go ahead. That was pretty much my point, you know, because that that's you know, that's in my in my in my view. That's exactly what they were the intent was for creating a blood quantum system. Sure. But again, I still respect, you know, tribe if they have chosen to adopt that and have a different viewpoint on it. And I know there are many that do and do have an alternative Pinon to my own. That's fine in I in. I will never tell them the wrong. You know, you know, it's just my personal opinion that that's ultimately what ends up happening is. You know, you. You're diminishing. Three form paper genocide, your people. So that's exactly what's happening. We have another piece of listener feedback. It's comes from listener Lee. And this kind of made me chuckle spikes on trees in Oxford to stop bird poo. Yes. That's it said spikes on branches have been spotted on a tree in Oxford wildlife campaigner Hugh Warwick, posted the picture on Twitter after netting on Norfolk clip. Was causing SanMar. Martin's excuse me to get stuck in by. Why did they put netting on the cliffs? He said he believed the spikes being used to stop birds pooing on cards, and you have. Who MP? I have the audio from a video that also appeared in their let me see if I can describe this again, we're an audio podcast. If we are video podcasts, you could play this clip straight up need, see it. Some individual apparently strapped. Appear to be very long than spikes to a tree branch. And so if bird attempted to land there. Okay. I'll say it. They're going to get the shaft, okay? Okay. Sunday, plumbing, play the clip, and it's just pretty it's funny. But then again, it's not because because these birds are gonna get hurt if they if they literally tried to lane here. So here's the club. I have. The initial reaction walls goodness sake. This is ridiculous. Spikes already valuable to if you look around that there are many colleges many buildings which use spikes to prevent the buds landing that roosting droppings corroding the buildings but the presence of spikes on a tree is something which I feel is moving into a different league. It's preventing buds from using very natural. Habitat shows is the disconnect we've got from the natural wealth this great separation, and that is something which has quite wide ramifications. So sure there you go. But it's I don't know if you can build this visual, and you have there. Very sharp and not something that you know, is obviously helpful and and as he said, I think that's really the point. You're you're forcing you're forcing them out of their natural habitats. And. I just hope that doesn't get adopted widely. You know, I I hope not because why why put them in trees. Humans. That's that's that's my short answer humans. Well, moving on. We have listener voicemail from our buddy badger. Yes. Go badger. Here. We go queue this up. Alone. My brothers of to hear your Jerry voices on the air again. Hey, I just wanna to say, I'm so happy. The winter is over. Well, I'm not driving while meaner or North Dakota right now. So I'm not sure what they're happening out there. But out here in Utah to Oregon. It is over and guess what? It's construction season. Hey, I know it I. Don't take it out on the four construction workers try to keep an eye out for them. Those guys, you know, they have dangerous job. People driving by seventy miles an hour looking at their phones, though, if you can keep an eye out for those guys and give a break. And I wanna say. I really appreciate you guys talking about the date of languages. That is such a great thing. It's not easy. That it's not easy for old guys to learn a new language, and I'm trying to do that with Irish, and it's really difficult partially 'cause I've you know in short time, but I'm doing a little bit here. And there when I retire going to try to get get more into it. And the good thing about languages is it stimulates your brain, the great thing for us old guys because you know, we wanna keep our brains fresh, and and not those deteriorate and it's fairly easy for the really young so good. It's a good opportunity for the grandparents the grandkids to get together. And and learn some Kavulich anyway. Glad to hear you guys out here and keep up the good work through some of my brothers. I would inter when I was previewing the voice mail. Headphones often in the he was talking about, you know, give you know, they're starting to erode construction and stuff like that. Right. You know maintenance in southern about giving be patient with them. Give them some room step in a little bit later. I think it was radio swap, but it sounded like tars tire screech. And I was like oh crap. You know? Just picturing like giving us a voicemail. You know, all of a sudden like somebody cut him off or something just like, you know, what? What like oh. But thank you, bad your appreciation that very much. Absolutely, buddy. Thank you. Good to hear from you. And be careful. Definitely definitely definitely. All right. Good. Okay. I think you're up into native news, brother. We are. We are into native views. This one comes from. Some of my Kins people. And it's title editorial lack of transparency is a killer. And it's brought to us by Robert jumper. And it's from the Cherokee one further paper. The eastern basement and it's from day one feather dot com. Have you ever mentioned to you? How much you mean to me, I want to share everything with you? Don't worry. I'm not about to propose to you. I just think that if we are in a right relationship. You don't need to have any secrets. After all we are allowing each other to be part of our lives. What I do. And to a certain extent what I have done will affect you. And the decisions you make and by spur. Don't you want that in relationship? Honesty, integrity, transparency if you and I was starting or in a personal connection. Wouldn't you want to know my history? If and if there are bones in my closet. There's a television series that airs on invest based excuse me investigation, discovery whatever that is title evil lies here. It's a it's a cable network. We have it actually on on satellite. Okay. There are a lot of the run a lot of true crime stuff. I. Yep. Sorry, folks, I'm television challenged. Evil lies here. The tagline for the show is and I quote, what if the person closest to you where a devil in disguise? Ebl lives. Here tells the true stories of people who live with a killer. How well do you really know your family, would you recognize the warning signs or would you become entangled in evil in quote, and many of the modern crime stories many gunman slashers or bombers who destroy lives in ways ranging from mental anguish to physical death are in quote boy, girl next door, quote types, they lead ordinary lives in front of their closet. The closest friends excuse me. I'll be like, hey, hey, hey. And family while sinister mindsets from all view clo- boy, Terry Roberts. The mother of Charlie Roberts was dumbfounded by the actions of our son up a sign excuse me who she knew to be quite. And normal son. Charlie Roberts is they young man who walked into an Amish school in Pennsylvania in two thousand six and killed five young girls. She spoke out concerning her ordeal. In an interview by Joanna Moore, Ed titled my son, the mass murderer. When did I miss? She explains that the only outward signs that she could point to about Charlie Roberts is that. He was quiet. She referred to him as a loving, son. This son all this this loving son walked into a one room schoolhouse ordered the boys in the class to leave and then shot and killed five little girls and wounded five more, including a six year old who doctors expected to die but survived was to be our brain injuries. Charlie Roberts took his own life immediately after the shootings later. A letter was found written by Roberts admitting to raping two girls. Two decades before he committed mass murder, basically all from appearances on the surface. Charlie Roberts looked at acted normal. This is just one example of of even immediate family members. Who had no idea what was going on. In the mind of their loved one. Able in bad actress thrive in darkness, they use it like a cloak a way to continue the negative behavior and to push their agenda, which almost always to the benefit of themselves and to the detriment of you and me excuse me. From early tool, salt, psychological. Trauma? Those who commit harmful acts depend on lack of transparency in darkness to continue the Raver perpetrators and victims of domestic violence have one thing in common. They both will typically conceal their behavior. The perpetrator covers his actions because fear of being caught and stopped the dictum conceals, the perpetrators actions and their wounds for fear of retribution from the abuser. Recent legislation to address the issue of domestic violence came up to vote titled the violence against women act or Bauer it has passed the house of representatives. And now moves on for Senate for the Senate excuse me to discuss and vote. In the language of legislation. Some interesting light is shed on truths about specifically native American women. Excuse me. The report states that more than four in every five native American women eighty four point three percent a victims of violence in their lifetimes. Ninety six percent of female victims report being abused by a non Indian. According to the Bill riders tribal prosecutor's report that the majority of deaths domestic violence cases, involved children, either as witnesses or victims and department of Justice report that American Indians and Alaskan native children suffer exposure to violence at rates higher than any other race in the United States. Exposure of these facts is helping to move legislation forward. It also it is also excuse me, educating Washington DC, the general public of a long hidden truth. My question is well, they adhere to that education. Those are my comments in the movie wind wind river, young native woman, loses her life due to the vicious acts of non Indian men working at or near the reservation at the end of the film. They following text is displayed, and I quote, while missing person missing persons statistics are compiled for every other demographic, none exist for native American women in quote, that's true. The movie was a work of fiction, but based on the real situation that faces tribal communities and native women. We are traditionally stubborn when it comes to sharing information. Part of the reluctance to share comes from our distrust about ciders and particularly the local state and federal governments. But are secrecy is not limited to those entities. The one further regularly runs into roadblocks barriers when it comes to data that should be readily available to the public. We have talked with citizens our community who request information that never see it or must take repeated make repeated requests until the data is turned over. Remember, this is about transparency. We live in an information world culture, where formation is the currency of the day. Knowledge is power if we're really interested in bring power to the people, then as a people we should demand transparency from our leaders organizationally each person responsible. Should be responsible for seminarians of information and know their spectacle. Close session of leadership should should be taken seriously by communities, and we should hold elected officers accountable for anytime, we are not allowed to know what is happening or going on in a meeting be at a council session school board meeting appointed board meeting or even meetings held at the executive level. There are certainly things that we as a tribal community should allow Our Lady leadership to keep out of the public eye for our benefit. But in the name of the public good. We are becoming a culture in a people of secrecy and silence. And that's true across the board. As I recall every candidate for every office, and at least the two past elections campaigned in favour of transparency in government. I would say also if I could just interject real quick. Because I don't think it's unfair to say this. We struggled with this within our own tribal governments as well. Oh, sure. So absolutely. It is time for you community member constituent voter to assess how well this campaign how well that campaign promise was kept. And how prospective candidates will keep it moving forward. It may be the most crucial question you need answered to decide on your future and the future of your children. And the rest will be. In the show notes. But it's it's it's all about transparency. I think I mean, I think that's obviously good advice that you know, keeping track of. Not so much what they promise because especially if you're going into office for the first time. All right. You don't you don't have access may be his first point. You don't have access to what all of the circumstances are around a particular debated subject, right? Or at least, that's the presumption. And but I think I think transparency ten is actually more apropos to those that have been reelected in have been in office for quite some time. Absolutely. Because they are the ones who at at some point you have to take off the veil of. Newness in the or the veil of I'm a freshman, congressman or woman, right? I'm using outside standard. But you know, the same could be said within our own tribal community troubled governments as well. Whatever election process one may use. You can promise the world anything. But then you have to fall back on what good. They really do. I hear progressives as of lately again, talking more specifically the outside in in those standards saying that they're focused on, you know, a voting record in what the issues are in staying confined to that. Because you know, on this show we define issue and problem is two separate things. But. If we're talking about transparency, what has to go with that in my opinion is accountability as well. Absolutely. So if someone is being transparent. But the decisions that they are making harm. Not only myself, but our communities. Our tribal nations or are. External country. Then I have a responsibility least in my view to help try to ensure that person doesn't get reelected. We had another point. I didn't write it down. So I'm sorta reaching guys. I'm sorry. So. I think you have to have transparency accountability go together. I think it's the accountability. Part that always gets missed and forgotten in my my my reason for feeling that way is the number of people that continue to get reelected. That when you look back on their records is the stork Louis a bad person to be in those positions. Than the individual voter has to be blamed. In again that that that's cross-community. Because the accountability side of it is your check and balance whether or not that individual was transparent or not. Or your government was transparent or not. That make any sense it does. So. That's all I wanted to say, well, but you know, I. I'm just hoping that. People are. Demanding more of their their local governments excuse me. Whether it be. Town state or federal or tribal? We kinda have to demand transparency and accountability more than than anything. Because what somebody does or what somebody says that's in a position of the decision. Making power does affect those around them and in some cases profoundly. And there's something that's said done or committed by supposed- leader. And it harms the public at large. They should be held accountable. I mean, I mean I've been trying so hard to avoid bringing up the subject of the Muller report. There's gonna be a little piece of that later in the show. But I think I often think about something my father used to say a lot when he was in office. My father was on our tribal council for nine years. So I have rather good insight into how that government works. And if we're if we're asking for transparency, we are asking for we are asking to be given all the facts that we as individual community members and voters can base the decision on. Including judgment of whether or not the person we asked to be in office through our vote made the right decision or not. Accountability side of that goes with it. Because if we go on these sumptious that we were given all the information through the through the transparency act specter that then some that responsibility falls on us. In. So I remember Dave said last week regarding the Cheeto how could anybody have would with their right mind, put this individual in office, and that that that goes to talking about, you know? A country divided prior to him taking office already existed. But the question became I don't care if you're democrat Republican or whatever can right. You know, how can you be sure you had all the information to make the right decision. Particularly if now they're saying that, you know, there are outside forces influencing what you saw on what you're using base your decision against. So transparency has a awful lot of broadens to the folk the focus of the article was really was a lot on missing emerging business women, but we have to talk about how we're getting information. So we have to fine. What we mean by transparency, I think is what I'm trying to say. And then holding people as you said accountable based on that information. So that's that's the challenge. I think. Well, it can be a challenge. It can't be a challenge. But it would, you know, transparency some people's idea of transparency may be something different than someone else's. And they're, you know, like, the article stated there are some things that that leaders. Shoot hold close to their vest for the good of the tribe. And that's that speaks to you know, the amount of what kind of transparency that. You just mentioned. I'll say I'll say, for instance, state secrets some of those things should be kept from from public public view. But i'm. And there has to be some level of trust. If you will given to those who are voted into these positions to make the right choice. But they are again it goes back to when choices made that harm the body at large than accountability has to come into play. So. I'm -greeing with your statement in a different context. But we're saying basically the same thing. No, no problem. That's only totally understand again. I wanna welcome in new folks that came into child. So I see Joel David welcome you guys. Yes. Good morning. The want to comment on your comments on Mesic while you're absolutely correct. Anytime a victim remained silent does empower the perpetrator and this country has never made it easy for victims of domestic violence to come forward. Not that there aren't resources available. But this country is just never made it easy. Case in point the lousy Ford. I can't remember Nancy. I'm so sorry. I should've I should've researched that ahead of the saying, but but Dr Ford, I mean, you know. The media circus and on top of that, you know, I have to blame the politicians to like why you know, it was hard enough for her to come forward to talk about an experience that was real for her. During the Cavanaugh hearings and. Became this this spectacle, and then didn't need to be no not at all. We, you know. Brought to light that you know, the these these are user, a real factors. But also, you know, I mean, I don't know. It's it's. I think the victims have to be heard in and how we hear them matters to heard and protect 'em protected. Yes. Absolutely. They have to be protected. They have to as bet stated they they have to have resources in safe shelters. Those things are absolutely essential. Absolutely. And then one other point law enforcement. I was just kind of reading with Joel just row he said in Montana right now, they won't do stand alone Bill to combat missing murder women. They will only add a small writer to a new DUI Bill. Disgusting. He says, and then he said if you're elected officials act like they care about missing murder digits women, ask them if they plan on doing anything more than getting loud about it. Right actions matter in what I was gonna say is, you know, so many law enforcement agencies in the country local as well as even at the federal level are not doing anything. And and they're not giving tools to do anything as well. So so it's it's a it's a compounded problem that needs you know, that has to be dressed, and then some of them just don't want to do anything about it. You know, there's an element of that as well. Against selective. Selective? Justice. If you will. And I guess just as strong word, but. Our people, you know, deserve every bit of attention that they get to the outside. Brought this analogy up in the past as well remote from a media perspective. You know, if look at all the media attention any time, it tends to be a white girl in particular will will stay with females. They will roll out the carpet in resources in media attention, both locally and nationally. But if it's a person of color. They are silent on it. And again, there is the television show cop cops, excuse me, life meeting, and like it or hate it. They do segments for missing children often on that program but nine out of ten times. It's flipped. It's usually a person of color that they're doing a focus on. So, you know, so we have to we have to also acknowledge that when when they're doing right. But there is so much work that needs to be done out there equally that just isn't. So I'll stop there. Thanks. No problem. Thank you for your commentary. Joe's about I guess. Article. We've done some work in the past about it and reported about it. So I just thought this was appropos for this particular time. Yep. Absolutely. Title this article from New York upstate dot com. Senate commission ordered to pay two hundred and fifty five million dollars to New York state. So the article on hearsay Albany New York in arbitration panel Wednesday ordered the Seneca nation to pay the state of New York two hundred and fifty five million dollars in lapsed casino revenue sharing. Proceeds though it remained uncertain. If the stalemate is actually over. The same to arbitration panel members of who in January preliminarily sided with the state in the dispute on Wednesday said the tribe also needs to restart quarterly payments to New York as agreed in the original gaming compact that pave the way for the Senecas to open casinos, Niagara Falls, buffalo and Salamanca. Well, I'll get into a little more of that in a bit. It's it's it's it's in the compact in what they agreed to the third arbitration panel member who was appointed by the tribe did not sign off on the order issued Wednesday to lawyers from both sides, the tribes precise tab owed the state through December thirty first twenty eighteen was two hundred fifty five million eight hundred seventy seven thousand seven hundred forty seven dollars and forty four cents. According to the arbitration panel, however, sources recently said there could be some additional legal moves the Senecas are considering that could keep the dispute from conclusion Seneca nation, president Ricky Armstrong said Wednesday, excuse me Wednesday night that the nation is reviewing the decision earlier in the day in a meeting with reporters. Editors at the buffalo news governor Andrew Cuomo. Seems to signal the arbitrary decision might not end the matter. State officials said the Senecas have put the disputed money into an escrow which is true. That's exactly what they did as required by the casino, compact signed by the state, and the tribe, but that isn't certain. The Senate commission will make the payment. Quoting. The do they had said they would honor the patrician decision, and they signed a contract saying they honor the arbitration decision. What does that mean? Apparently, not much Kumo said. Governed the state. Some connection in two thousand seventeen stop paying the state. Twenty five percent of the proceeds it makes off slot machines at the three casinos officials with the tribe. So the Compaq's terms did not specifically state such proceeds had to be paid after the fourteenth year of the original two thousand two Compaq deal. The Compaq included the revenue sharing in return for an exclusivity deal for casino gambling in a large region of western New York. Two of the arbitrators including one appointed by the parcel by the state said in January the tribe was wrong in its interpretation of the contract of the compact excuse me. The final decision issued Wednesday put specific dollar amount to the state by the tribe. The state shares twenty five percent of what it gets from Seneca nation with host communities, which includes three cities that are home to the casinos as well as some other local entities, including school districts now, some like Niagara Falls came came to heavily rely on the revenue sharing payments to balance books and officials in buffalo are hoping to use a result hoping to use a resumption of the Seneca payments to help finance raises for elected officials. Onto down. Compaq says that the disputes between the state and the tribe. If not resolved through direct talks will be handled by an arbitration panel giving blind decisions. The compact includes language that Pernet excuse me permits the state to sue the Seneca nation in federal court in buffalo. If the tribe should not abide by the decision of the arbitration award. The only thing that the state and Seneca nation appeared to definitively agree on in the dispute the amount of the money at stake, the two hundred and fifty five million back payments covered the period from January first of twenty seventeen through December thirty first twenty eighteen an additional quarterly payment covering the first three months of this year is due soon. The arbitration panel's work was not free. It ordered the two sides to evenly split a payment of three hunt. Ready three hundred thirty eight thousand dollars in compensation and expenses. So that's on top of the two hundred five million. You guys. This decision was sense. So again lawyers making good, right? The decision was sent from the American arbitration association to a private lawyer in Manhattan. Cheap manhattan. Cheap to live right round. Aunt. Thanks. Representing the state in the lawyer for Seneca nation, the arbitrators siding with the state were Henry, gut men. A New York City lawyer appointed to the panel by the Kumo administration. And William Basler professional arbitrator selected by the other two panel. Members wonder if he's a member of the do we cheat him and how often? Yup. Well, when I read one of the questions I because they they mentioned that one of the arbitrators was selected by Seneca nation. So you can guess where the other two folks were coming from in. And yes, they again, we have to understand arbitration is supposed to be neutral. Okay. Which means, you know, sides are supposed to look at all the facts come to a consensus agreement and then execute on that agreement. I mean, that's generally y you're supposed to work Nanno. Not not with a quarter of a billion dollars at stake. Right. But anyway. Siding with Canadian with Kevin Washburn. The university of Iowa law school dean and member of the Chickasaw nation of Oklahoma in January Seneca nation, which sharply critical of the initial findings in the states favor and stopped short of saying it would immediately pay the state when a final order which came Wednesday position in the article. Yeah. Initial thoughts brother. Yeah. I'll say one word ransom. That's about it. Because that's what it boils down to in. What context give us more? Give us more. Shut you down. If you don't give us our money will shut down. If you don't give us more. We're gonna hold your ransom until you pay us what we want the compact. I mean, supposedly that that that's how the compact was agreed to both by the nation and the state of New York as to if there were any future disputes the money would be collected in place into escrow. And that's exactly what Seneca nation dead, you know, but they're trying to they're trying to dispute. Seem very clear to me. You know, we we even talked. John Cain about this. Remember closer to it than we are. And you know, right, right. He was like the the. Is Claire you know, it had a m clause. They're like, you know, we stop paying. So. Now now that money's missing. Shits missing. They're concerned. So. No there have been other feuds between the state of New York and Seneca nation, for example. There was a dispute about highways and sovereignty so quote, this is a. The next from New York Times article back in twenty eleven over the last few weeks. This stretch of highway has emerged as an unlikely flashpoint escalating disputes between the Senate nation of Indians in the state of New York disputes over sovereignty and money that have led the tribe to seek the intervention of President Obama at the time and had twice prompted governor. Andrew coamo to send high level delegations to western New York in an effort to make peace. The tribe saying that it's leadership was pressured fifty seven years ago into accepting one time payment of seventy five thousand dollars to allow the throughway to cross its Cada Ruge. And that's exactly what John Kane is from the Calgary. Gris reservation is now dunning the state for more than eighty million dollars one dollar for every vehicle that is crossed the reservation on the governor Thomas e Dewey throughway since twenty two thousand seven the state is seeking hundreds of millions of dollars says the tribe os as a share of its cigarette. Sales and gambling proceeds so you know, that was that was back then set of conditions also been accused of spying. New York governors have had a hick ups and downs with the states and tribes over the years and had appeared the relations between governor Andrew Cuomo and the Senecas of western York is heading for downturn. Again. This is from an article of times, union dot com. And this is from twenty seventeen let's see so coamo and the Seneca of western New York is heading for downturn. Latest flap comes with revelations that Erie county district attorney is investigating allegations that eased dropping device was found in the state gaming commission offices in the Senecas. Buffalo creek casino in Buffalo, New York. And amid that backdrop was the abrupt cancellation of a meeting between KOMO and then Seneca president Todd gates scheduled for Tuesday. At that time KOMO said the meeting was placed on hold due to the district attorney's investigation. And Todd gates noted that the investigation has been ongoing for months. So. This stuff has been going on for quite a while. And then also in twenty seventeen the city of Niagara Falls New York, which has one of the three Seneca owned casinos located. They're asked Kumo for financial assistance amid the disagreement between the state and Senate conditions of Indians. And here was it was komo's response to that. Request. Governor Cuomo was in Batavia today to hand out ten million dollars in economic development funds, which the city says it will use to approve its downtown area. Meanwhile, as we've been reporting there is another western New York City, that's facing money problems due in no small part to a dispute it has no party channel. Dave mckinley. Was once again asking the governor about help for Niagara Falls. Well, Niagara Falls continues to face financial incertainty due to the conflict between the state and the Seneca nation, which is cut off the flow of casino revenue sharing to the city of Niagara Falls, which finds itself in the middle of conflict really has no party the two sides down moved to arbitration. But no one can say with any certainty how long it might be before decisions rendered. And what happens if it doesn't go the state's way, especially to Niagara Falls, which is expended most of its casino revenues. The governor's aides informed us he would not take any questions, but paying them. No mine we asked when anyway my question to you is is there any chance or any way that the state could or should help with some additional financial aid for the false, which is caught in the middle of something. They don't have anything to do with. It's not a fair request. They had the upside they got paid when the state got paid. But why would I have a guaranteed their loss? You know, maybe they wanna make up the shortfall to me. Able to the governor. And additional question about the state's sponsored casinos, which he pushed for and how they're faring which is to say not all that great a review of state records by the USA today networks all the bureau shows that those state-sponsored casinos could end up the year in with revenues two hundred twenty million dollars less than what they projected to state regulators when they were awarded the rights by the state to open those casinos in two thousand fourteen in Batavia, Dave Kelly channel two news. Gonna say so. Yeah. So that's that's basically what Kumo thinks of. One of its top grossing cities on tourism, Andrew as gentlemen. Did anybody catch his condescending remark about maybe they should? And I'm quoting or paraphrasing. Maybe they should make that short ball to me. Oh, yes. Yeah. Absolutely. You should see the video. It's got talk about scum, right? Hey, always has been. So so this is the mentality that that Seneca finds itself trying to interact with that administration in and of course, the state of New York, you know, and it's like going back to like the us dropping anything that they can they can try to pin on the nation to make them, you know, we dealt with this in ending gaming for quite some time. The act the continuous accusations of organized crime on reservations and whatnot and data's been proven time and time again that we have some of the the highest standards in stringent of mechanisms in place to combat that. But meanwhile, New York state's out there. Right. So there. They're just playing these games on. But yeah. Komo's got the the king complex. Oh, yes. Yeah. And you know, of course, he's fuelled by his is good, buddy. The Chito chief, right? So it's it's you know, matter of those. Although I I'm not mistaken. I'd have to quickly Gogel it might actually be them. But I'm not sure. Somebody can fact check may on that. But anyway, you know, Trump comes out of New York. Putting together, but. All right. You know, we mentioned earlier John came, and, you know, in his usual fashion, as we say native radio's John Cain of let's talk NATO. John Kane as weighed in on his show about this story that we that we just walked you through my providing alternative you with respect to the state of New York's so called Seneca gaming exclusivity with the state of New York. So I thought I'd play a little piece of that for you guys this from his show maybe two weeks ago. So here we go to but four and a half minutes. So all right. All right. So I really would have been any difference to the Seneca nation's gaming market. If they didn't get a thirty two. Could compete against them on their own law. They did they did it with their racetrack. Casinos. They would eventually call receive knows year. But the, but they couldn't build casinos. And and even even the the prospect of doing so there was always debate on how much the market could bear guy got into into a debate on television with these pigeon who who said, oh, no Nagara falls. Good support two or three casinos. Well, no, they could Niagara Falls already does in a way because there's there's a couple on the on the Kadian side, but one of things. That people forget is that if the Senate goes did not pay the state. And the did somehow rush through a end they did change their amend their constitution. So they could do classic gaming. But if they if there were they somehow could have done it earlier, which is doubtful. But they could have. It would have been very difficult for a casino to try to be developed been any real proximity to Seneca gaming knowing that they were gonna have to compete against a gaming facility that paid nothing to say while they're gonna pay thirty forty you know, forty plus percent of their of their revenue to the state. In fact, once the state did finally approve classroom gaming and the four got built none of them have done. Well, none of them and the one closest to the Seneca nation, the one on the outside of Rochester Delavaux that. That casino kit make enough revenue the coverage that service, they're only paying the interest. They can't even pay the debt now and they complain. Again way wrongly complained that part of the problem was that they they had to pay the state in the Senate Cruz weren't well. Look, if your belief was is that it goes weren't paying the state and that they were throwing that extra revenue into promotions and marketing and free plays, and they're gonna you're wrong senators were setting money aside, they they weren't dumping back into the business. Although if they didn't have this revenue sharing in the first place, they could have but the the owners in the operators of the Lago casino in right on through while we can't compete if the Senate cause aren't paying which is which is ironic because rather the Senate goes gaining the competitive advantage by buying exclusivity for all purposes their competition saying, no, we're more competitive when the Senate when they are paying than if they weren't. So they knew the exclusivity meant nothing and that making sure the Senate has had to pay would reduce their their profit margins was the only thing that could make they believe would only gonna make competitive, but that wasn't even the case, none of them. I'm even the one the ones that are well outside of the what we you consider the gaming market from goes, none of while the went out near Albany. It's it's underperforming. None of the even come close to their to the performance on what the project reverend's gonna be including the granddaddy, the big one the one in the Catskills that was developed a billion dollar enterprise from what I understand developed by getting corporation Malaysian corporation, the ones who actually finance the Foxwood at at some point. And I think even put the money up for Sanca gaming this art off of this was a gaming corporation is a corporation that that was probably the most experienced gaming operator in in the world, they build one in the in the Catskills, and they're not doing well either. They're they're not meeting meeting, Mark. So the belief that that the Seneca nation needed to be in. A how heaven exclusivity provision which already had by virtue of the state prohibition on gaming? That the belief that they needed this to to be competitive kinda shows proves that that that's not simply not true. All right. We go. Sorry. I got looking at something here. So. That perspective. I think is also important. Particularly. With the fact that you know, they've allowed casino gaming in that state non-indian owned. In other aspects of the state and doing so good. So I think it's a matter of you can't have your cake and eat it too. But well, you know, that's what they're all about. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. No question. No question. You know, I. I just realized I did not program any music for this week. I can probably find some real fast into a home along if you want. I wouldn't recommend it. But we could not coming from me, y'all. Don't wanna hear me saying trust me. I feel fake BIC something, but I'm sure it can grab something. Actually, I had started file because I was trying to find new music and stuff. But yet it's just one of those things. Let's see. Frequently played like this. Let's. Do you like to hear some try gold read I liked that there? Let's do read why not do read. All right. So here we go be back with you guys about. About three minutes. Rian have minutes. Gold red. This. We are. We are. DNA earth has. DNA? Two people to people. The five is the bad. Elephant the DEA the minimum in the. People to people. Protect. People. The women. Put into the violence. The report. The was. Michigan perspective. But rather disappeared? The people the people. The people the people. Nation. We end the call. We have been called. We have been called. You're not a good people. Galled read. Most of their videos on YouTube or you can visit our website you guys at a tribe called red dot com. Please do so they would appreciate it. All right. All right. Right. Right. I was just chuckle. Everytime. We come to the segment. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And. Let's see just trying to get my bearings here. So what segment are we talking about? Racism in America. Yes. Yes. Yes. Boy. Here we go. Has our new to the show? This is a segment we try to do every week if not, you know, every other week or so to sort of illustrate through example. Racism that occurs here in the United States, sadly on a daily basis, but with some emphasis returned to make it a little more mainstream by grabbing examples from mainstream America cable news could be any number of things things that largely go ignored overlooked. And then we try to educate. To hopefully, maybe bring more wariness. So the other people can see things the way we see it. I just I wish. This particular topic would receive. Excuse me. I say this often, and I'm gonna say it again would receive more open honest acknowledgement. And. Joe only way it's going to stop. That's the only way it's going to stop. You don't talk about something. It doesn't get fixed. That is correct. That is very correct. I have to get. Our page up here, brother. I'm sorry. That's ok p while you're doing that. Okay. Talking. People aren't willing to be educated about it and knowledge that it exists and do something about it. It's gonna continue. It's it's just a plague in this country in it's part of the colonial illness. Yes. In some adjustments. You guys sure. Going to bring this over here. And we're gonna go over here. And then we're going to. You know, there's there's a mindset in a big part of America. That kind of ignores one aspect of racism. There's two factors to racism, a perpetrator and a victim. Two. And when people are taught racism as part of their normal upbringing. They don't see it as that. Correct. Correct. And then those that they commit those heinous acts against. They don't even think about how it affects those people. Exactly, it's not even thought it's what are they upset about? What's what's the matter with him? Yep. So people that. Are recipient of a particular aspect of culture. Aren't really sympathetic towards those that have racism committed against them. Either overt covert every day. They really have no concept of what it's like. Exactly. Absolutely. So that's why it's important to acknowledge that it's it's a sickness it happens. And we have to have open honest conversation about it and be willing to do something about it. No matter how painful it is. There you go. Going. More wisdom as usual. Don't series. And I think in it would be nice if the rest of the country would would see things that way. Instead, they, you know, they hide behind the cloak of ignorance in the sense that you know, I didn't know in you know, we're here to say is that that can't be used as an excuse me. More thing called Google. Most people have access to. Other than sadly, certain indigenous communities struggled to get the same level of internet access that that the rest of us have. But today's example of racism in America is actually a bit of an interactive one. We're looking for participation in this one and running a poll right now on our Facebook page as well is our Twitter presence regarding video segment that aired recently on the Jimmy Kimmel show on the network. You guys I've got to watch TV more. Contained a cartoon satire remake from popular show in the nineteen eighties called school house rock. I remember that. Yes, truck guys might remember this. There's a little taste. Body gross. Big. It's great to learn now, just power. So if you guys remember your Saturday mornings, you probably remember hearing that now one of the most popular songs from the schoolhouse rock series was a song called conjunction junction which taught right, okay? Taught children sentence raising. All right and found a short documentary that explains how that song and actually the schoolhouse rock series actually came to be. So I wanted to play for you guys about five and a half minutes. Here you go picture this. It's Saturday morning. And you're sitting in front of the TV probably to close wearing your pajamas and much on it co fobel of cereal then in between such classic cartoons super frames and Hong Kong hits goal house. Rock suddenly dancing singing. And what's more? You're learning. One of the many people we have to think for the songs that rocked their way into American hearts and minds over forty years ago is David. Call the ad agency owner noticed his son could sing every single Rolling Stone song yet couldn't memorize multiplication tables McCall head moment. Why not combine music with math and record an album for kids McCaffrey McCall's, creative director, George Newell new just the man for the job. Jazz musician to Rome like this. And when I wanted to write the first song pinned on the idea of three being a magic number three. And suddenly, I thought a man. Oh, baby. Ho that's good, man. Yes. They did. They had three family. At that point on you, edit we were sitting around ghosted being with the grammar rock, and I didn't know what to do George. Newell said I got a good title. For those little words, you know, conjunction conjunction junction. Ride home ripped it off in two days. This thing I'm just a Bill. Jack, Sheldon, also saying the number one all time favorite and get this. Both songs were recorded on the same day with the same band. What's your? And. Got three favorite car. Can you? Megan milk and bread. Dirty happy digging. In your shoe, Anna button or Q four on. One when you say something. Either. Now later. Joins. Never mind. I wouldn't do that. Phrases and clauses that balance like. Out of the frying to the fire. The fan. See should always. You. Phrases and clauses and complex like mornings when I'm usually wide awake. Walk through the gardens the. I wonder just what they say. Cars. Joe joe? John. House and I got three cars again. Motionless? Can you? I got. All right. So you guys remember that might remember that? Admitted everybody was bopping along with that. Saw a little. Absolutely. I credit. I seriously credit that for, you know, a lot of schooling point, quite honestly. So so everybody's probably okay. So where's the racism part? Come in. It's not directed. At those guys. And. One assumption that many people had made for many many years was that the person you heard singing conjunction junction was a prison color. It is not. Net. A gentleman by the name, Jack, Sheldon was jazz musician. But also a singer. He's actually born out your way, brother, Jacksonville, Florida. Okay. Don't have a problem with these guys at all that it was your thing. But you know, but however. Roll the clock to current. Okay. Jimmy Kimmel show their writers decided to write and design a satire piece a remake of that same song that you just heard and tied to something from contemporary news. And that of the recent release of the mullahs report. The segment features a cartoon in a similar schoolhouse rock animation style and features a superhero black magic marker. A character called reduction Jackson. Drawn and away invoice. That looked like it was inspired by black, man. The magic marker characters teaching a little white girl. Whatever d'action is. So here's the audio from that video play that for you right now. Said to be almost giddy. The president even had some fun with this on Twitter. No collusion. No obstruction for the haters and the radical left Democrats game. Pig even knows game of aid probably picture back up getting probably thinks this was taken in the steam room at mar-a-lago. You know, we've heard a lot this week about what to expect from this report, and what we would be not permitted to see much of the reports redacted, which is it's difficult concept to wrap your head around. So as a service those owners, and what redaction is we put together this informative and musical explanation that I hope will help. What are you doing young? Wait. I'm delivering the molar report to congress though. No, no, you gotta let me take a look at first are you I'm reduction Jackson. This report needs some heavy duty redacting. Jack del. What's actually with me? Redaction jackson. Words and phrases in closes. Action jackson. The peel t you west doesn't wind up behind bars. Jackson. Money laundering points, payoffs. Shady deals rushing the hackers and straight up cool losin-. I redacted this sentence. So the president doesn't get this sentence. Not necessarily this passage was about resident secret lovechild with spy from Katie. What? Now, it says trip KFC. Love KFC. Euro real American hero were Dakshin Jackson. You wanna sniff? My tip. Yourself action Jackson. Never never say is. All right. Your homework watch that video. And please answer. This question did the satire cartoon in this segment of Jimmy come alive? Cross the line racially. I found out about this because it was played as one of those lead ins from commercial actually unsealed this morning. Of course, Jimmy clemen was on ABC. And that morning. Gail was co hosted by two white men. You know, Joe John Dickerson somebody else? Remember? And they asked her as did you find that funny? And she clearly was not happy. And said that she loves Jimmy Kimmel death, but she didn't find that funny. I understand humor is you know. Subjective. But thought I'd throw it out to there to you guys. And what we've got back thus far here. Let's see again we posted this yesterday. So we only had six responses. So. A few ten responses on Facebook six people say, yes. Absolutely. And for they're saying, no, no way. And then we have it out on Twitter. And it's pretty much weight. Absolutely. It's funny or no way. It's not funny. Absolutely. That it is racist. Okay. Four people saying, no, absolutely not. Unfortunately. Twitter's better with their polls because you can add as many different questions to try to you know, I try to have a neutral response on Twitter. The response answers would be either absolutely no way or it's on the border but Facebook in their infinite wisdom, make it an air b choice only. So on Twitter fifty percent of the respondents say absolutely in fifty percent of the respondent say it's on the border. So we're gonna leave for a week. And then we'll revisit it next week. And see if we have anything of a conclusion, I I don't know did Kimmel's team assume the singer was the person color. I don't know. I would think that many heads in a room as he shows have somebody would have done research, but I don't know. If you guys have a position chat, but. I don't know. What do you think? I mean, again, I know you haven't seen the actual video. But. Yeah. I think it was in poor taste period. Definitely import taste. I not seen the video. I'm basing my my comment on hearing the audio. Yeah. And to assume or choose to use a person of color as the character for redaction Jackson. And even the title it. It's smacks of racism. And it seems like they did everything they could to cast a person of color in that role in the character for whatever their reasons were I don't maybe they're using that role or that person personal colour as character because they assumed that conjunction junction was, you know, song by, you know, personal color. Excuse me. But I it was done in poor taste in my opinion. And I did take what's funny. Yeah. I think it was it was an attempt to try to capitalize on you know. And it's no mystery that these shows are competing against each other. And, but but in the case of Kim along just going to say straight up, you know, they've been ball. So the wall trying to get market share back from Stephen Colbert, just figured it out when it comes to political humor. And and I think that this is just another example of a very poor try and doing something funny that isn't an on at least from my perspective Joko. So it wasn't Samuel Jackson. No. No, you know. And so I just you know, when will it stop? Only Gwen when will it stop? Well, it's said until there's knowledge meant that. It's a problem. It that's win. It will begin to stop. But it's long as people look at it as something funny, or you know, they continued to live racism as part of their everyday life in bringing it's gonna stop. Well, also, here's something else that I noticed with shows as well is I think when they go to throw an Cobra those as well when they're going to throw something on the air that they're not sure it's gonna be. Well, received they don't use live audience response the us track. And that's exactly you know, you heard laughing in the background, right? That was that was simply track that was not his life audience when the aired that night or whenever they did the recording. Usually record these things in the day in the air them at night. So you know, that wasn't a measure of whether or not it went over well or not with his live audience. But the question still remains, you know, should it have been done at all? At least for my bench. When I say, no, if people think I I don't have a sense of humor. I differ. I have a great says a few. On a lot of things. But you know, something's I think he just don't don't think twice. But anyway, so there you go to interactive. If you guys would go to either Facebook page or Twitter and look for look for the polls. There would appreciate. Your feedback. You know, there's by answering those questions, so thank you. Thank you. Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, I think that it's. Time for our native. Late news is gone. But may how about may contents. Let's do that. It's. As we scroll furiously. No. All right. This article is the truth about dentistry. It comes tools from Barras. Jabbar. In the may nineteen issue of health. And I for some reason did not get the. Gratuitous? Byline or the tagline for who came from. So I apologize for that. Okay. No problem. It's launch law magazine. That's where it came from edit saying. Okay. It's much website typic- in more prone to gratuitous procedures than you may think speaking of dentistry in the early two thousands, Terry Mitchell's dentist retired for a while Mitchell in the Tristan in his fifties. Stop seeking dental care all together. But when one of his wisdom teeth began to ache he started looking for someone new a new dentist that. An acquaintance recommended. John Roger Lund whose practice was a convenient ten minute walk from Mitchell's, home and Santa California loans. Practice was situated in a one story building with clay roof tiles in house. Several dental offices the interior was a little dated dated excuse me. But not dingy. Waiting room was small and the the core minimal some plants in photos. No fish. Lon was a good looking middle aged guy with arch eyebrows round glasses and a green hair that frame the youthful face. He was charming chatty. And upbeat. At the time. Mitchel and Lund both own Chevrolet chevelle, and they bonded over their mutual. Love of classic cars. Lund extracted the wisdom tooth with no complications at Mitchell began seeing him regularly. He never had any pain or new complaints. But mon- encouraged many additional treatments. Nonetheless. A typical person might get one or two root canals in a lifetime. In the space of seven years LAN gave Mitchell nine root canals and just as many crowns. Mitchell's insurance covered only a small portion of each procedure. So he paid a total of about fifty thousand dollars out of pocket. Yikes. They number in cost of treatments did not trouble him. He had no idea that it was unusual to undergo so many root canals. He thought they were just as common as feelings. The payments were spread out over a relatively long period of time. And he trusted Lun completely. He figured that. If you needed the treatments than eat, minus will get them before things were worse. Meanwhile, another of lunch patients was going through a similar experience. Joyce cordy a businesswoman in our fifties at London blown through one eight hundred dentist. She remembers service giving him an excellent rating when she visited lawn for the first time in nineteen ninety nine she had never she. She had excuse me never had so much as a cavity to the best of her knowledge for teeth were perfectly healthy, although she did have small dental bridge installed. To fix a rare congenital anomaly, which he was born one with one to trap the side another and had had them extracted within a year loan was questioning the resilience of bridge and telling her she needed root canal and crowns. Corti was somewhat perplexed. But the sudden need for so many procedures after decades of good dental health. When she expressed uncertainty. She says lawn always had an answer ready. The cabinet on this tooth was in the wrong position to treat her typical to treat excuse me with the typical billing he told her on one occasion, her gums were receding, which headed the sorry, which had resulted in tooth decay. He explained during another visit clearly she had been grinding her teeth. And after all she was getting older. Doctor's daughter. According to have been raised with an especially respectful view of medical professionals Lund was insistent, so she agreed to the seizures over the course of a decade. Lund gave cordy ten root canals ten crowns aches. He also chiseled out her bridge replacing with two new ones that left a conspicuous gap in her front teeth. Altogether. The work cost about seventy thousand dollars. Ooh, I masked figure looms OB recumbent body wielding power, tools and in sharp mental instruments doing things to your mouth. You cannot see. In early twenty twelve Lund retired Brendan's Zayd ler. Young dentists looking to expand his business bought lunch practice in assumed responsibility for his fations. Within a few months Zindler began to suspect that something was a mess. Financial records indicated that long head bents spectacularly successful. But Zedler was making only ten to twenty five percent of laundry reported earnings each month as e limit more of lawns. Former patients he noticed disquieting trend. Many of them had undergone extensive dental work a much larger portion than he would have expected when Zedler told them after routines exams or cleaning that they didn't need any additional procedures at the time. They tend to react with surprise. And concern was he sure nothing at all Hetty checked. They're -ly. In the summer Zealand decided to take a closer look at lunch career. He gathered years worth of dental records bills for lunch. Patients and began to scrutinize them. One by one the process took him two months to complete when he uncovered was appalling. We have a fraught relationship with dentist as authority figures and casual conversation, we often dismissed them as not real doctors regarding them as more mechanics for the mouth. But that disdain is tempered by fear. Moore's for more than a century dentistry has been half jokingly compared to torture survey suggests that up to sixty percent of people who are apprehensive about seeing the dentist. Perhaps fifteen percent are so anxious that they avoid the dentist almost entirely. And the smaller percentage have percentage excuse me. Have genuine phobia requiring psychiatric intervention Yikes. When you're in when you're in a dentist chair the power imbalance between practitioner patient becomes palatable. A masked figure looms Oviir combat body wielding power tools with sharp metal instruments doing things to your mouth. You cannot see asking you questions you cannot properly answer, and judging you all the while the experience, retain, Asli invokes, physical danger, emotional Boehner ability and mental impetus. Can I can I tell quick story? Okay. Relates to fear. Right. Okay. So I may have revealed on this show of your times. I did live down in North Carolina for a number of years and early on after moving there, you know, I had to secure certain things like doctor like a dentist. Right. And so I found a dentist because I needed some root canal work done, so bizarre. Basely you have to be evaluated for strike. So I go into this. Dentist's office. And there's a old man sitting, you know, receptionist ask so give him my name, you know. And until I was there on watch them, take my name down stuff. Like, then back down didn't think anything of it a nurse. You know, a regular, you know, a dental assistant. She asked me to go in the room. I went in the room, you know, she put the. On the whole nine yard in walks in the same old, man. And. And. Leibels? Dave, also boy, right? It goes any goes. So the problem is, you know, my mouth hurt. I have you know, something going on this too. And so he reaches onto the tray to get one of the little round mirrors on a on a long stick. They call it. Right. The and the man's hands are shaking, dude. No. No. So much. So he's got one of those little pointy tools. You him. It's rattling ten and his hands are. His like this. And I'm looking at this guy. I'm like, oh my goodness. You know? So he picks them up answer shaking as he as turns towards my mouth does. No lie. I my mouth open. I said, okay. Let's just gives her this. Right. The minute. The tool went in my mouth his hand. Stop shaking. I mean, rock solid steady. And then takes it out and shake comes back. And the only thing I can think of is like a folks that stutter. Okay. But when they sing the star goes away. Right. It's is that same kind of thing. But doesn't instill confidence lease initially and I had to make decision right? Then in there, do I trust this guy or do. I not. Right. But I would've used the, oh I've got to go to the bathroom. Gone, right. But a true story absolute story, and but I actually kept him because he was gentle, you know. Good mannerism. I was comfortable with them. You know, but anybody that wasn't ready for that? I think they would have second guessed them for sure. But. Well, in my dental story is in my chart, I'm listed as a biter. Seriously. I was drinking that oh. Make notes like that might biter wear thicker gloves. This. I don't know. I don't know. But it's it started my mouth the inside of my mouth is really sensitive. I'm my dental wuss go when I need to but I'm a dental, right? And you know, I tell each and every dentists that I see, you know, what the inside of my mouth is really sensitive. So this one guy was being, you know, he didn't listen he was listening. Obviously he was being really rough. And I said if you heard my mouth, I'm going to bite you. And he wasn't paying attention. He was listening. So he takes the anesthesia needle any jams it in gums strike one. Always hate that. Give it time to take hold and he starting to drill strike to they sticks his fingers in my mouth to look at something jabs me with something on a clampdown on his fingers. He's yelling. Down even tighter. This is a true story. Then when I finally let go he's what did you do that for that? I warned you if you hurt my mouth going to buy you three opportunities. I can't work when you anymore. So I'd get up and leave. Hey, I mean. There was one other incident where it only took a slight clamp down on the fingers in the person guide. Oh, yes. Yes. I forgot. You told me said, okay. So I'm having a little anxiety because the dentists that I've had for the last ten ten plus years is retiring, so I've got a break. Somebody new in. So that's my bento story, and I'm sticking to tell tell you one more, but this isn't dentistry. This added to hopefully preface in warn people had time, so I'm going to be a little graphic, but not overly. So I hope anyway, I had I had always had an ongoing problem with one of my toes. Okay. Like, you're getting like nervous about should. I if you're if you know if you if you wanna stop maybe I should have good relation. Should. I had an infected toe. Okay. And here, here's an example of how I think people can prejudge people. But this was a situation where I was not gonna fall through with this appointment. Okay. So. And it had nothing to do with the doctor himself. The doctor's name was Dr Singh and Dr seeing one or turban right nicest guy, don't get me wrong. You know, not a problem at all. But it was it was the technique. He was planning to do. So, you know, had a very thick accent. So I'm not gonna I'm not gonna hopefully gonna offend anybody. But it was it was really cool way. But so he asked me what what was the problem? I thought my my toe is literally twice as big as it was supposed to be my big toe. Right. And it was infected he had to you know. And so he looked at a very very, very inflamed. Women take that right away. Cooking from right? Goes to a drawer, you guys know lie and pulls out this needle that was longer than my toe. And swings. Around me. I'm like, what are you gonna do that? Just love this accent. I really do. In order to take we must. We must use entry to get to drain the affected area. I go with that. All very standard technique. I'm like, no, dude. You got to put me out. I have got to be unconscious for this. That I promise I'm like, dude. Telling you, you know, and then he then he proceeds goes, you know, this is a month. Much better than having to set up a hospital visit and set up operating room. And you know, he he tried really hard to get me to stay there. I couldn't do it. Couldn't you saw the needle because it was like, you know, imagine if you hold out your thumb straight right away body this needle went down the length of good on the length of your thumb and stop like somewhere in the fleshy part of your hand. That's a long was. Quite a long needle. And I was like. Not doing it anyway or so dome of the horror stories, but there you go. Comments. You're welcome. I'm glad. It was a great one of the stories was great. Thanks. One was enough. Thanks, Mike for pushing the envelope. But it was one of those situations. You should not sure like this. No. Yeah. That would have been I've got to go to the bathroom excuse number two. Exactly. So. So I I was not. That's quite okay. Again, the experience simultanously invokes physical danger, emotional vulnerability and mental Linda says we just score. Oh, yeah. Cabbie or receiving gum line and subtly feel like a personal failure when dentist declares that. There is a problem that something must be done. If it's too late before it's too late who has the courage or expertise to disagree. Yeah. That that's kinda like when I head right? Could take our does right now. I'm sure he could have. But. When he points at spectral smudges on an x Ray, how are we to know what's true and other medical contexts such as a visit to a general practitioner or cardiologists, we are fairly accustomed to seeking second opinion before agreeing to surgery or expensive regimen pills with heart side effects. But. In the dentist office, perhaps because we both dread dental procedures and little their medical significance the impulse it's comply without much consideration. Excuse me. To get the whole thing over with as quickly as possible. The uneasy relationship between dentists patient is further complicated by an unfortunate reality common dental procedures are not always a safe, effective or durable. As we are meant to believe as a professional as a profession. Excuse me. Dentistry has not yet applied the same level of self scrutiny as medicine or embraced sweeping an emphasis on scientific evidence. And I quote, we are is related from the larger healthcare problem system. Excuse me. So when evidence based policies are being made dentistry is often left out of the equation in quote, says Jane Gillette. A dentist in bozeman mon- Montana who worked closely with the American dental association center for evidence based dentistry, which was established in twenty seventeen. And I quote, we're kind of behind the times, but increasingly we are trying to move the pardon the that the use of the word needle forward in quote. Consider the maxim that everyone should visit the dentist twice a year for cleaning. We often hear it so often from such a young age that we've internalized it. It's truth. But this supposed commandment of oral health has no scientific grounding. Well, the cleaning. I'm kind of. Concerned with. Am I still alive? No, you're still here. Okay. Because I believe that cleanings actually scrapes a novel off the tooth. That's that. In my opinion, exposes the tooth too. Decay. I would think it makes it porous for one. Couldn't tell you. But. Scholars have traced its origins to few potential sources, including two toothpaste advertisement from the nineteen thirties and at illustrated pamphlet from eighteen forty nine that follows the travails of a man with a severe tooth toothache. Excuse me today. An increasing number of dentists acknowledged that adults with good oral hygiene need to see a dentist. Only once every twelve sixteen months. Mini standard dental treatments to say nothing of all the recent innovations and cosmetic extravagances are like ways. Not well substantiated by research. Many have never been tested as tick Yetlis clinical in meticulous clinical trials and the data. That are available are not always reassuring Kapran organization highly respected arbiter for or of evidence based medicine has conducted systematic reviews of oral health studies since nineteen ninety nine in these reviews, researchers analyzed the scientific literature on a particular dental intervention focusing on the most rigorous well-designed studies at some casings the findings clearly justify a given procedure, for example, dental sealants. Liquid plastics painted onto the pitch and grooves of the teeth like nail polish reduced to decant children have known risk despite this. They are not widely used possibly because they are too simple, and inexpensive to earn dentist bunch money. But of the Cochran views research one of the two disappeared conclusions. Either the available evidence fails to conform. I'm sorry confirmed the purported benefits they get given dental intervention or they're simply not enough research to say anything substantive in one way or another. Fluoridation at drink water seems to help reduce tooth decay in children, but there is insufficient evidence that it does the same for adults. Some data suggests that regular flopping addition to brushing mitigates gum disease, but they were only weak very unreliable evidence that bats play a plaque excuse plate. The word plaque is bad enough. The way you just pronounce that. Room made me it's not playing folks actually plaque. I have played. That's where common but invasive dental procedures increasing number of dentist questioned the tradition of prophylactic wisdom teeth removal. Often the safer choices to monitor problematic teeth for any worrying developments little medical evidence. Justifies the subsitution of tooth colored resins for typical metal amalgams to fill cavities. That's interesting, and what limited data we have don't clearly indicate whether it's better to repair root canal tooth with a crown or filling when Cochran researchers tried to Termine whether faulty medal filling should be repaired or replaced. They could not find a single study that met their standards. This is a lengthy article folks, and I'm going to. Tell you that it's going to be in the show notes. But it it warrants reading because it's a great article. So please, please. Please look at the rest of it. I think I think for me, and I'm speaking in general generalities. Because again, obviously, I'm not a medical profession. Never would even. Consider myself by this is long. I'm still scrolling. That wasn't going to say, I think the things that concern me a little bit as you know, the little pop up shops, right? The ones that are converting standard office spaces certain noticing this. If you years ago in a lot of different medical related fields. I think I think the I don't know if you know, some standards were changed to allow this to occur, but you know for. Same day surgical kind of stuff. You know what I mean? Whereas you're not going to a regular hospital with full facilities, and that kind of thing, you're they're converting standard office space into you know, outpatient facility. Yeah. Yeah. And I've just often wondered about you know, is that safe denture trees, no different. You tend to find it more in a better avoid using an actual brand name. But these services that are really promoting things like. Implant procedures. My throat, you know, so I'm just wondering, you know, from that vantage point, how how save some this is what what standards those dentists slash other types of doctors. Depending on what the procedural thing is, you know, is the same. You know? I would imagine supposed to be the same. But it still makes me wonder, I don't know. Maybe maybe maybe I have a false sense of security going to a hospital versus something else. Yeah. The patients Scillies have to adhere to the same hygiene and sanitation practices that a on. Oh, our room does and hospital. They have to hear the same practices in rules and regulations. Having said that I've been in some ours that are. Kind of nine cleanest should be 'cause I've I've sat in participated in a in a few surgeries, and I'm just saying not all the awards clean as they should be. I've been some place, I think, okay. As an example that typically don't hear in a hospital operating room aside from the equipment beefing, and that kind of stuff usually don't hear cars going by. Follow me. So so for me, it's not usually perspective right in not per, maybe that's wrong word. But perception when it comes to going into a room, right? Where it's you know, I mean, a hospital going into an operation in my particular case, it's been made for major stuff mean joint replacements things like that, right? I I'm sort of used to the environment that I assume to be sterile, for example, some of these other places the the outpatient stuff same day, but you're still having things done like, well, we're going to temporarily put you on conscious, you know, to me that constitutes surgery. Okay. So and I still hear cars going by. I get a little nervous for some reason. You know, what here's something for you to ponder. Okay. Some app in some African countries they perform or or there's records of brain surgery Bank were formed out in the open. I've seen I've seen the actual photographs and videos brain surgery being performed on patients right out in the open like in the middle of village. And it made me stuff with what's all, my my medical training and education. It made me stop and think well damn. It's like, it's you know. What what is sterile in our? In our limited. It I say limited because we don't always understand. What sterile really is a word. Because our bodies in themselves are are generally sterile environment. Right. And and we have all the mechanisms in place to keep our bodies healthy. If we if we let it do its job it, we don't fight against it. For the most part. So when I saw this. That's the first time I had ever seen a, you know, photographs at a video of a a brain surgery going on in the middle of the village and the patient was fine. No, no anesthesia, they would just sitting there. Like don't do. Look look in. Okay. Thanks. Yeah. Okay. I'm done. And you know, part of part of that has been adopted into modern all western medicine, all say and a lot of brain surgeries. Now are being done with a patient wide awake. The were saying I'm sorry. And I don't wanna be awake. When you take the top of my head off. I'm sorry. Required that the patient be awake. So they can measure brain response than what I just might serious. Trouble. If Iran's brain aneurysm or something, I'm a lot of trouble. That's different. No. I know, but I'm being facetious. But you know, what I'm saying? I just anyway. Where Madame just like, you know. Major put me up put me out. Yeah. I I prefer to be you know, I prefer to be asleep. Exactly. All right. Strange subject like copy. Yes. Let's talk about when my favorite pastime. But pastimes thought it'd be what I what I yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So actually, we have a positive store here. And then I'm going to I'm gonna put I have an opposite positive. I have an opposite story to this. Okay. Both of these next two articles deal with cultural procreation. All right. The first one as we said is positive and so the title of this reads Kickapoo coffees founders announce a name change. And this is put up Indian country today and. Through their press poll says. The article goes on to say founders say that by using Kickapoo they claimed name that was never there to take the decision to use the name and to continue to roast under. It was an act of appropriation. Kickapoo coffees founders and co owners TJ surname. Symington and Caleb Nichols announced. Today, their decision to change the name of their company after fourteen years now, let's think in because if you know anything about brands. That's a big deal. You know, if you've developed a, you know, if you've been able to keep your business going for fourteen years, and that businesses associated with a specific name brand. And now you're like we're now this. Okay. Think about the impact on the business in that sense. So kudos to these guys. Seriously. When Kickapoo coffee was founded in two thousand five we chose the name with the intention of honoring the place where our businesses has its roots. The Kickapoo river valley in quote sa- mansion explains quoting him again, but Kickapoo is not simply the name given to a river. The Kickapoo are a people and quote. The native American Kickapoo nation is composed of the Kickapoo traditional tribe of Texas. The cuckoo tribe of Oklahoma the Kickapoo tribe in Kansas and the Mexican Kickapoo. Quote, by using Kickapoo says a mansion we claimed name that was never ours to take the decision to use the name and to continue to roast on route was an active appropriation. A mansion in Nichols. Have a I'm sorry. Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt. I was surprised by their admission. Yeah. But I mean, that's that's what makes us. Oh, impactful awesome. Seriously. This is an example where education worked right? You know, with enough effort going on out there in this space, you know, and the people working towards his like, you know. So many people is just absolutely awesome. Som engine Nichols have apologized directly to the three US based Kickapoo tribes all of which were unaware of the name use until the company reached out last fall and have shared their decision to change the company's name with each tribes leadership quote. It was surprising in this modern day that they didn't know about the Kickapoo tribe, and it's not just us. But also in Kansas and taxes and quote said David pa- Cheo, chairman of the Kickapoo tribe of Oklahoma quote. This announcement is just the first step nickel said Nichols note. Excuse me, we are dedicated to educating ourselves in approaching this work with humility and vulnerability. It is our intention to hold space for a thoughtful dialog as a company committed to social Justice. And the pursuit of a more fair and equitable world. We recognize that this work begins with us, and quote, under new names mansion stated the company does not have one to announce at this time, quote, we have just begun the process in we'll roll out our new brand early twenty twenty a pride in the place where we live roast and FAM and razor family's remains at the heart of what we do. Our new name will better reflect this in an honest authentic and respectful manner and quote. That is awesome. Any way you look at it. Absolutely. Again, it reinforces by the tribal chairman's response, it just reinforces how far also we have to go. Here's two owners that knew nothing about a an Indian tribe by the same name. And we see this all the time. We report on this all the time. And as we said earlier in the show. Can you claim ignorance in the day of Google? I don't know. You know, it's much harder. So can't do it. So we're gonna we're gonna at that. I wanna stomp on a great positive story. But we want to also share where work needs to be done. Right. So here's an article out of AP, news dot com. Title. Reads who owns Aloha Hawaii is protections for native culture. Articles by Audrey MC Voy. Honolulu last year much of Hawaii was shocked to learn a Chicago restaurant chain owner had trademarked the name. Aloha pokey. I think I'm pronouncing it right polka polka. I'm going with. And wrote to cute and check this out that's bad enough right trademark that name and wrote to cubed fish shops around the country demanding that they stop using the Hawaiian language Monica for their own eateries. The season desist letters targeted downtown Honolulu restaurant and a native Hawaiian operated restaurants in Anchorage among others. Now Hawaiian lawmakers are considering dotting a resolution calling for the creation of legal protections for native Hawaiian culture, intellectual property. The effort the effort predate Aloha pokey, but that episode is lending a sense of urgency to a long festering concern, not unfamiliar to native cultures and other parts of the world. Quote, I was frustrated at the Dasan of people from outside our community using these legal mechanisms to basically bully people from our local community out of utilizing symbols and words that are important to our culture, and quote, said state Senator Jarrett and. Looks like Keough Coeli pronounce it. Right. A native Hawaiian representing Ken. Oh, he and he. Right. The resolution calls on state agencies native Hawaiian organizations to form a task force to develop a legal system to recognize quote quoting here again recognize and protect end, quote, native, Hawaiian, cultural intellectual property and traditional cultural expressions. It also seeks protections for generic resources such as taro a traditional crop that legend says is a ancestor of the Hawaiian people and the scientists have tried to genetically engineer it in the past. I hate the word legend, but I'm sorry. It's in the article the task force would be commissioned to submit its recommendations and any proposed legislation to lawmakers in three years the house passed resolution Thursday the Senate is scheduled to vote on it on Monday. And again, what was the date of the sort? Do not have a date for you guys. But there's more here link will be in the show notes for you guys. But they go a contrasting. Continuing unfortunately problem. So. Let's see one more brother that. I have. I believe here. Yes. To the one to touch on this a little bit. One talk about measles. And. Title of this article that came out of Brooklyn eagle dot com said measles, outbreak Brooklyn Bridge, assured me converge. Sorry, tried again Brooklyn judge the Smiths anti vaccine lawsuit against the city. And this is just a little. Snippet here. And then I have a clip the play to set this up. So a Brooklyn judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a group of anti vaxxers against the city on Thursday as number of confirmed measles cases, rose to three hundred fifty nine on April ninth of this year, New York City declared a public health emergency ordering mandatory measles mumps rubella vaccine vaccinations for residents in parts of Williamsburg, as the number of confirmed cases at that time in risen to two hundred eighty five since September thirtieth last year. Before you play that. Yes. Go ahead. I'll hold my comment until after. Okay. So what I'm about the play was a story broadcast by CBS news about three minutes ago. Officials fear Americans traveling for this weekend's religious holidays could worsen the growing measles outbreak. The CDC says there are at least five hundred fifty five confirmed cases in twenty states. Most are said to involve school age kids, a judge in New York dismissed a lawsuit yesterday, the challenged and emergency declaration requiring residents of certain card, hit neighborhoods to get vaccinated Mola langey is in Brooklyn New York, where he spoke with the mother who is part of the suit all good morning. Good morning while the mandatory vaccinations are still in effect. The criminal penalties have been removed from the order of the city has issued civil summonses for fines up two thousand dollars to three families in New York City for failing to vaccinate their children the only way to stop. This outbreak is to ensure that those who have not been vaccinated get the vaccine mayor. Well, New York City is. Facing the largest measles outbreak in the country, the measles vaccine works, this is against the civil rights at some parents are suing the city over in order to ban unvaccinated people from public places. Two thousand eighteen we should not be having to be forced to hide from government. The outbreak is centered around the highly concentrated ultra orthodox Jewish communities in Williamsburg. We're more than two hundred fifty cases have been reported in the last seven months, they said, we won't be bullied these very brave people came forward attorney, Robert Krakow represents the families in the suit where all for the appropriate measures to control and upper of disease, but New Yorkers are not going to accept criminal penalties for vaccines. That's not appropriate. People have a right to make their choice. The city has ordered people over the age of six months who live or go to school in parts of Williamsburg to get vaccinated or face, a one thousand dollar fine and Rockland county. Those infected with measles must avoid public places and stay in their homes for twenty one days failure to comply can result in a fine of two thousand dollars per violation per day. This is about consent and medical freedom. One of the parents involved in the suit who did not want her identity revealed says it's not about religion. But her rights and believes she's doing what's best for her child. I teach my child that our bodies our own. We can say when and where yes, and no whether it's in the workplace or an intimate moment that doesn't stop because the government says you have to do x y z. Now, the mother I spoke with says, she cares very much about the health of other children. But believes that hers is also healthy and would not expose her child. If they were not healthy on Wednesday, the Washington state Senate passed a measure that would remove an option parents have to not vaccinate their children against measles, mumps and rubella John Mullah. Thank you. So I like in this to know, you know. Not in the not in the same context of content, but women's rights choose versus conservative, you know, anti-abortion abortion, right? The difference though, is that aside from the content. Fines are being levied. For people choosing to live a certain lifestyle, in my opinion. The subtle difference. As you heard in the piece is that? People who have children say presumably at of not contracting, the measles disease. Risk being fined thousand dollars. If they don't keep their children to public places. The second fact that had a higher dollar value was children and. Children who I'm assuming bent to a doctor in declared that they had the disease. Those parents were being charged two thousand dollars if they allow their children to be exposed to other children. Is that what you understood that article? I mean that that's exactly what it said. Yes. Okay. Thoughts. Yes. Disclaimer, I am by no means antibac- sred. There are back seems that are necessary like the polio vaccine, and the rubella mex- vaccine those in my opinion are necessary and some others. But. Viruses, like, the measles, the mumps and the chicken pox. Those are child I called the been called childhood illnesses for decades, decades generations and. Those are illnesses that children should be exposed to. Now. There are exceptions where children are not going to fight off those infections as as well as some other children. But you'll understand when I say this. When a vaccine nation is given it's usually given what the weakened very rarely alive, virus, strain, but are back here. But a weakened strain, whatever they're trying to protect you from in some cases, the organism is dead that theory behind it is to inject the person infect the person intentionally with that same buyers and let them build up antibodies against him. The problem is it doesn't always work. Like, it's designed to. That's the problem the caused the body won't build up enough antibodies in a well-known build enough to kill what that organism is. And that's it. Whereas if somebody's infected with a live virus that that's exposed to alive virus like a child contracting. The Beazley's the body's gonna go cod wild to fight that that illness. Therefore, giving that child stronger immune system against the measles. Mumps in the chicken, pox, natural, natural, immunity, absolutely. So for them to, you know, get paranoid about a child getting measles. It's ridiculous. Like, I said there are some exceptions where children, you know, are affected in other ways. But those are exceptions. That's not the rule, and I'm sad that that happens. But it happens to those same types of children if they get vaccinated or not. So. In order for them to act insane because parents refused to have their children back stated against measles, mumps, or chicken pox. That's that's just stupid. That the child Bill the matchel immunity to those things that's what bills more healthy immune systems. What's mumps? That's I mean the polio. That's different. There is no natural munity against polio. None they exactly and see that those what you just said is so important because it's not communicated that way what so ever now it's not today because I remember when you explain the David conversation, not verbally but over over Facebook a couple days ago about this. And he explained this to me, and it triggered something to me that I remember as a kid. From my mother who is was a medical professional. Not wasn't she passed on. She she's very much alive will thank God for that. But she was a registered nurse. Okay. She said the exact same thing that Dave just said. That our bodies can fight things off better in many cases. Then then, you know, something that's been injected. Manufactured. No. I've been paying attention this mostly because it's a rights issue. Also. But let me let me let me say a couple of things before I get into that subject just a little bit. As we've got basically, fifteen minutes left Michaud brother alive. By all means of a child is sick. Stay home and not spread that to other kids. So there's at the very least I'll call it, a courtesy. Okay. But the reason why I I opened an essence would that clip and explained what the two fines were and how they were applying them one is not sick, right? And they're being told you better get out of here or finding you thousand dollars. That is wrong. Anyway, you look at it. Okay. Well, you know, break your train of thought just one clear made if I may you know, when when I was a kid growing up I've had the measles mumps, chicken pox had three and I wasn't vaccinated against them. Now when a kid in my school system got the measles, mumps, chicken pox. You know, what the mother or the father went to the school and got the homework assignments and reading Simon's for that kid for the incubation period that that kid had to be out. It was that simple. That's what happened you still digit schoolwork. So we kid didn't fall behind because they had to stay home for twenty one days or seven days of fourteen days. So, you know, they're they're making mountains out of molehills over something. That's bad a natural occurrence for forever since since it was brought here to this country. Exactly. So let me let me bring in Joel's comments because he's going direction that I was going through his well, he said if big pharma is offering free vaccinations in a capitalist country you need to question their motives, absolutely. They don't do anything that doesn't give them data or profit absolute, it is there it is nothing more needs to be said, honestly. Absolutely. Because that's where my concern came from. I started talking to about this a week ago when I was an. Okay. Well, you know, this is what you have to look at what is the motivation. To the point of affecting leaders. That was the mayor of New York who are actually respect quite a bit. But he's being influenced by big pharma form absolutely standing there. On local news and saying they work. Yeah. So understand what I'm saying. And what in clearly Davis saying we're trying to be responsible in saying if your child is sick, don't expose other children potentially further. That's the that's the right thing to do. It will help you child. You know, get healthy without a vaccine. Right. That goes with anything the flu a cold anything? Exactly. Keep the child home simple. As Dave said, if it were different type of disease like polio. Whole different ballgame. Absolutely. By the way, these two came from Europe. Okay. Thrones. Cannot forget throws some history in there. But. That's ultimately the point when when we especially when we're getting down into the rights issue. Now, the other thing that people haven't been jumping on especially in the media because once again if failing new jobs. It's discrimination. And there are laws against that. So how can you find a parent of a child who is not sick? Discrimination. They should have a lawsuit. That's exactly what they should have done. But yet you have a judge. I'm sorry last point brother who dismissed the case. How can you dismiss it? When it's when it's discrimination. You have clear laws in this country. Federal and otherwise. Here's here's one for everybody that nobody knows and big pharma doesn't tell people. Everybody gets backs. Naked with measles, mumps and rubella. They are are susceptible to infecting other people within seven for seven days after the vaccination. Nobody knows that. And why is that possible? Because that person that got the injection has been infected with them easels for the repel. Exactly. So now that person is a germ carrier because they've been infected with an elected virus, and they can affect people around them for seven days after the junction. This is the same argument that I make with people time every single year starting to get your flu shot. It's like routine. Why because big pharma gets gets charge somebody. They're not gonna make this vaccination for free. No. So yeah. Nobody wants to think about that way. And why why is major news networks not positioning their stories that way again homework for everybody. Watch local news when they break for commercial count. Do this for thirty minutes show count. How many drug ads ucy into thirty minute time period. So I gotta do. Email us backers. You know, but there's your answer. Beth mentioned from a couple of articles ago. Terro an excellent potato substitute. You're absolutely correct bet than I liked tarot. I grow tarot route. It's a plant, and it is it's delicious. And high is he is he made it. About fifteen minutes. Okay. She sent a story. I haven't on my phone here. Sorry. And she says wonderful show today, I'm super busy. But here's a little quote. Meanwhile in Canada. Love it. She said on the on the on the use of indigenous languages for profit. This company isn't indigenous owned and cheese talking about. Maple what? Dot com. So they're using mohawk language in there in the title of their business, and they're not acknowledging the appropriation of that. So it's everywhere guys. Not just confined here in the United States. You know? It's kind of like well. It's kinda like a disease. Yes, I had to do that. Right. Basically. That's what it is. And we as indigenous people are the vaccine, all right? When it comes to cultural properties. All right. I guess maybe I shouldn't have done a dumb joke like that. But anyway, I did. I'll make a choice to read it later. But anyway, that's all I got. Oh, that's that's all I had. Thank. Wave given our listeners in our our podcasters not to think about. Yeah. The time of the show just up to think about that's right. We ask episode one six nine. That's right, there you go. Appreciate that ever so much. You guys always for coming enjoying this here as we wrap this one up. There would say we have the greatest listening audience in the world and podcasters. Thank you so much for being part of our world. Yes. Podcast listeners. We love we love you guys. You can reach us any number of ways hosts with an S hosts that native opinion dot com or Email address you can also reach out through Twitter. Follow us. You can send direct message, and we will respond their Facebook. Of course, you have that option as well. You can mess. Just there through our Facebook page, which is Facebook dot com forward slash native opinion podcast, and our episodes published a YouTube every single week. And also, you can subscribe to the show as podcast, of course, through any of the major podcast directories, some of which are, oh, I don't know apple podcast, Google, podcast radio Republik, Stitcher. Iheartradio. Spotify analyst goes on. You can find us there. My name is Michael kicking bear from the Mashantucket Pequot travel nation that guy over there. He is David grail from the Cherokee tribe. Alabama. Don't that go? We appreciate you guys. Again, so much have agreed upcoming week. Take care. We'll see you next weekend. Bye. Bye. Will.

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