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Crusade Channel News News you can trust because the truth can be trusted from Crusade Channel News. Desk here's Stacy Cohen. Good Morning Crusaders. Tuesday December seventeenth two thousand nineteen eighteen. I'm Stacey cohan reporting from the Crusade Channel News Desk at the Cohen Ranch in Winkelmann Arizona. This report is brought to you by McClure tables using Michigan hardwoods. It's in Michigan to make the best made in the USA shuffleboard on the market shovel on over to McClure tables dot com. That's M. C. C. L. U. R. E. Tables Bulls Dot Com. Here's what listen for this hour. Everybody wants to have witnesses. But Neither the Democrats or the Republicans can agree on who the witnesses should be. Recreational Marijuana may become into New Jersey. And now you can get coke for ten bucks a month. coca-cola Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Said said during a news conference Monday that any Senate impeachment trial should be focused on the facts that the house presented not on conspiracy. Theories Schumer said this just hours after after publicly releasing a letter that he sent his Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and he outlined how he would like a Senate impeachment trial to proceed in the letter he specifically asked ask that four witnesses be called during the trial guests who they are Mick Mulvaney. The Acting White House Chief of Staff Robert Blair a senior Mulvaney adviser John Bolton the former national security adviser and Michael Duffy of the Office of Management and Budget Republicans in the Senate however have signalled their interest in calling in different witnesses in a trump trial. Guess who they won't let Hunter Biden and former Democratic National Committee consultant Alexandria Chalupa both of whom Republicans in the house tried to call only. They were blocked by house. Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff Boeing is going to be suspending production of. It's seven thirty seven. Max jets starting in January. The company announced this Monday. They said there will be no layoffs. furloughs expected at this time. As a result of the decision the decision comes after Boeing Board members met Monday to consider suspending or shutting down production of. It's seven thirty seven Max jets which have been been grounded for almost nine months. Now coming up our sainted the day. She resolved consecrate her life to prayer and other good works and to devote her fortune to the poor quoted. The day the more a man uses moderation in his life. The more he's at peace for he's not full of cares for many things. Saint Anthony the great. 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Call us at eight four four five two seven eight seven two three. That's eight four four five seven eight seven two three or Mike Church Dot com forward slash. Men are seen of the day is saying Olympia the glory of the Widows in the Eastern Church was of a noble and wealthy family. She was left an orphan. A- tender age she was brought up by Theodosius a virtuous and prudent woman Olympia reflected the virtues of this wonderful woman. She married quite young though but her husband died just within twenty days of their wedding. I think she modestly declined any further offer for hand and she resolved a consecrated life to prayer and other good works and she devoted her fortune to the poor. The the archbishop of Constantinople had high esteem for the saintly widow and Saint Chrysostomos made her a deaconess of his church. The duties of which were to prepare the altered linen and to attend to other matters of that sort Saint Chrysostomos who succeeded. Nektarios had no less respect than his predecessor for Olympia. ps but refused to attend to the distribution of her arms are saint was one of the last to leave Saint Chrysostomos when he went into banishment. On the twentieth of June June four zero four after his departure she suffered great persecution and crowned a virtuous life by a saintly death about the year four ten dozens dozens of people in Houston potentially were exposed to the toxic metal mercury after it was spilled outside a Walmart a sonic drive-in and a gas station Sunday. Federal and local investigators were trying to determine if the spills were intentional fire. Chief Sam Payne is set up to sixty people were asked to take decontamination. Showers and in a pregnant woman was taken to a hospital. Just as a precaution. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin but health affects depend on how much mercury you're actually exposed to you and how long you're exposed as well as your age. Small children are most vulnerable. Exposure to high levels can permanently damage the brain kidneys and developing developing fetuses. A supermajority of New Jersey lawmakers Monday pastor proposed ballot question to legalize recreational marijuana putting the referendum before voters was on twenty twenty ballot. The Democrat led assembly. Pass the measure forty nine twenty four with one abstention while the Senate passed the question. Twenty four sixteen. The proposal proposal need not go before Democratic Governor Phil Murphy though. He supports marijuana. Legalization coca-cola's launching a ten dollar month subscription Griffin Service. The first one thousand insiders will get exclusive first taste of some twenty plus new beverages the company which is seen as a dominant player in the soft drink market launched its Coca Cola. Insiders Club on Monday in which the first one thousand insiders who signed up. We'll get the first taste of some twenty plus new beverages that they're releasing starting in January insiders will get monthly shipments of beverages with can include anything from ahe flavored sparkling water coke energy for six months the packages will also include other surprises. Though the company didn't specify with those are shoppers. Have the option to pay for the limited edition edition boxes for ten bucks per month or prepaid for all six months and save ten bucks for a total of fifty dollars up front. Send Me Your News. Tips to news at Crusade Channel Dot com stay tuned to the crusade channel would live breaking news updates all day. The best live talkradio anywhere up. Next the Mike Church show continues. I'm Stacey Cohan for the crusade channels seeking news and finding truth.

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