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827 Sound + Color Therapy Walking Meditation for Inner Stillness


You are listening to episode eight hundred and twenty seven welcome to the daily meditation podcast. I honor you for showing up for yourself to spend some time meditating, it's an honor to share these meditations with you. And I am Mary Mickley. I'm a meditation guide who shares a different meditation technique every day on the podcast and each technique is customized around a weekly theme. So you get to explore a particular topic in depth experimenting with different meditation techniques to see what might work best for you. And our topic for this week is a seven part meditation series a meditation for every day this week on inner stillness. So this is actually the final episode in this seven part series. We've explored affirmations breathing techniques mood dress and herbal tea visualization a Chuck graph. All kinds of meditation techniques to help you create inner stillness willing to dis meditation you're going to be guided in a walking meditation every single Saturday, I like to share a walking meditation with you. This may not be a Saturday for you. And that is fine. I really enjoy allowing you to connect with your outdoor surroundings. And I know it's not always easy to get outside for meditation. But if you could meditate with a door or window open, I think you'll find this will take your meditations to a different level when you meditate this way. So as you get ready to do the meditation today. The meditation the same way we begin every meditation where there were seated or standing, so if you're seated just go ahead and closure eyes and visualize yourself getting ready to walk somewhere where you truly enjoy spending time. And if you're walking good for you. Go ahead and stand up or you can sit down as you do this part and closure is and as they're closed. Gently lift him upward is will keep your thoughts. Uplifted as you meditate, and we'll begin to relax the different areas of your body where you are likely to hold tension. And let's infuse those areas with inner stillness. So as you're standing or seated your eyes are closed your spine is straight. Relax, your face and feel the stillness and calmness wash across your face. Feel this stillness. Relaxing your job. He'll this stillness emanating from your throat and your neck and shoulders. Feels stillness run down your spine. Feel this stillness spread through your arms all the way down your hands to your fingertips. If you're seated you can rest your hands on your lap. If you're standing just noticed how they hang at your sides. He'll stillness wash across your whole abdomen and stomach. Relaxing, your stomach letting it go letting it hang out. Feeling it with Ganor stillness? Feel inner stillness spread across your hips. And down your thighs. Feel it loosen up your knee joints. And spread down your calves. Circling your ankles stretching to your feet all the way to your toes. Very nice just notice how you feel for a moment. You may even tingle. You can open your eyes. If you're getting ready to walk. If your seat it just keep your eyes closed for the meditation. And began to take your first few steps. Swapping noticing how your feet strike the earth? Noticing how your limbs feel as you stretch them out with each step higher arms? Hang at your sides. Notice how your head is settled on your shoulders. Our heads are pretty heavy. Try to stand as upright as possible noticing your posture as you walk. Again, if you're seated just visualize yourself as if you're actually walking in your favorite location. Take a look around you. Your environment. Engage. Your senses. And do so in a way where you noticed this stillness? Look at the colors. See if you can find colors in your environment that. Give you a sense of inner, peace, and harmony. C which colors connect with you. Maybe you're in a city. And it's exploding with color all around you notice. What makes you feel this inner stillness? Maybe you're at the beach or. In the forest or a desert or a mountain. Just notice colors. That's sue the you. Call me. Oh. Go deep within those colors color has such a tremendous impact on our mood. Give yourself a little experience of color therapy on your walk today. And sound therapy, noticing the colors calm, you that soothe your soul. And notice this sounds. That. Create a sense of peace and calm within you. Focus on. One color right now. That's a round you. See? What it feels like within you to go deep into that color. As you're walking could be color that surrounding. Your environment. Go deep into this color. Noticing texture. Play of light darkness in this color. Notice what? Is this color? Where do you see this color? What objects are what people are what? Parts of nature. Do you? See this color. Now, take a look out you I show are going deeply into this color. Allowing it to sue the you. Allowing it to blanket you surround you with peace as you walk. Imagine yourself surrounded by this color. You can imagine yourself. Colleen, fourth this color in your mind. Anytime. You want to tap into your own inner stillness? Surrounding yourself with this color, maybe wearing this color. Having objects around you that represent this color soothes here. So. Now as you are absorbed in this color. Let's combine it with a sow. Is there a sound? That is soothing. Notice. The sounds around you. Pay close attention to the saddle sound to here. Allow yourself to be drawn into one of these sounds. Where do you feel this sound within you? Why does it land within you? Notice its influence on your mood. Chess try to distinguish this one sound from all the other sounds allowing yourself to be pulled into it. Focusing. Can you imagine? Feeling within you your own inner stone, wrapped around you. Whenever you want to tap into it, just as you. Absorbed yourself in collar. And in a sound around to taking the sound deeply within you. Can you imagine drying out your own inner stillness in this way? Okay. On this. As you continue your walk feeling within yourself. Yaar unique. Inner stillness. Pay close attention to how it feels and where settles in your body. What thoughts provoke it? Dried out as you continue your walk. And as always you are so worth slowing down for.

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