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and. It's time for Nicole. Sandler's what's news from Nicole Sandler Dot Com, and the Progressive Voices Network Labor Day. Is traditionally a slow news day but the Washington Post broke a big story. Monday reporting that Postmaster General Lewis did joy reimbursed employees for political contributions. The report says that former employees at joy's previous private company new breed logistics said they were urged to make donations to Republican candidates than they were later reimbursed with bonuses such an arrangement in case you were wondering is illegal but last month while testifying August twenty, four th before the House Oversight Committee to joy said that he did no such thing in fact he. was quite indignant at the suggestion of Mr Joy as a mega donor for the trump campaign, he were picked along with Michael Cohen and Elliott braiding two men who have already pled guilty to felonies to be the three deputy finance the Republican national. Committee. Did you pay back several of your top executives for contributing to trump's campaign by Bona sing or rewarding them? That's an outrageous claim. Sir and I resent it. I'm just asking a question, the answers now. So you did not bonus or reward any of your negatives. Now anyone you solicited for contribution to the trump camp now sir, not in whole or in part to. Actually with during the trump campaign I wasn't even working at my company anymore. Well, we want to make sure that campaign contributions are legal. So all your campaign, I'm not really aware I'm fully aware of. Illegal. Campaign contributions what if you're in the assertion? So why don't you accusing me off? Well, I'm asking a question perhaps the man doth protest too much Carolyn Maloney who chairs the House Oversight Committee said in a statement late Monday that the committee will now investigate. She also urged the Board of Governors of the postal service to suspend a joy saying quote they never. Should have hired him in the first place and added that he faces criminal exposure not only if the allegations are correct but also for quote, lying to our committee under oath, the Postal Service hasn't responded Labor Day also traditionally marks the unofficial end of summer such as it was. So lawmakers now begin returning to Capitol Hill for a short session before the November election. Senators were turned Tuesday followed by House members next week talks between Democrats and the White House stalled last month and Democrats, and Republicans remained very far apart on how much to spend in such a package House Democrats passed the Heroes Act back in May a three, trillion dollar plus relief package. But Republicans have sat on it and done nothing House Speaker Nancy. Pelosi has since said, Democrats would accept a two point two, trillion dollar package trump said Sunday that democrats quote don't want to make a deal because they think that if the country does as badly as possible, that's good for the Democrats trump said he was taking the high road by refusing to meet with the Democrats killed make this stuff up if I tried. But on Tuesday mornings Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said that he would force a vote on a new Republican plan. As soon as this week, the Republican bill is expected to include federal unemployment benefit another round of funding for the Payroll Protection Program, PPP more money for testing and schools, and a Republican priority liability protections from lawsuits related to the virus of course they are. Instead of the three trillion dollar deal the Democrats passed, this one would cost around five, hundred billion. Donald. Trump. Monday also responded to the charges detailed in a recent article in the Atlantic denying the heinous comments he's accused of making about people who enlist get hurt captured or killed while serving their country in the military. In his so called press conference Monday trump accused US military leaders of pushing wars to increase profits for the defense industry projection much. Loved. The. Top people in the Pentagon. Probably are because they WANNA do nothing but fight war so that all of those wonderful comedies sake the bombs and. Everything, else they have this attack came after news reports that trump had described fallen servicemembers as losers and suckers, which of course Donald Trump denies former vice president. Joe. Biden told Union members on. Monday that referring to US soldiers in those terms, woods quote downright on American doctors in Berlin said on Monday that they had polled Russian opposition leader Alexei navalny out of a medically induced coma his doctor said he was a responsive as. A treatment for his poisoning with military grade nerve agent although his long term prognosis is not yet clear. The doctors treating and mission statement reads quote. It remains too early to gauge the potential long-term effects of his severe poisoning. Nevada was thrown to Germany on August twenty second after briefly being treated and Russia. After he got sick on this flight from Siberia to Moscow German specialists said he had been poisoned with the substance in the Nova Chalk family of toxins that was developed by the Soviet Union and similar nerve agents were used to poison another Kremlin opponent former Russian spy surge as scrip Paul who was poisoned in the. UK. Along with his daughter in March of twenty eighteen. 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