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Hey remember to subscribe and follow my podcast are released new episodes. You get a notification and follow me on Instagram. Yes. King Oliver I am very active on their have a great day and enjoy the episode. So, I was ten years ahead of this. The property dot whatever right. Home tap dot me forward slash. John Whatever. Goats contact dot me slash John, which essentially the INSTAGRAM DOT COM for slash. Yes. King. Oliver. How was ten years ago? Okay. I was well at my game I spent four hundred pounds on this Guy Creighton, his website I gave he's not a bottle of whisky to code something that you could send a photo to the APP and it will appear on the category because that point there wasn't an ability to just upload. Like he does now and bearing in mind on talking about what it was the iphone four. Right so I mean, yeah, I should be a billionaire and I plan to always saying back then was going to create the biggest social media out that I was going to be a billionaire but I was just ahead of my game I was thinking too far full about always. I was drowning my own brain activity. That's what the threats was. It was just too much ideas too much. Brain activity was I can take you tomorrow's buying fucking rock here, and it was just like adroitness of crazy right a man So I kid threats coming off medication against doctor's orders against parents orders. There was get back on their neighbors friends he needs to go back on it. Because they just follow the system but coming off, allow my brain to process all those thoughts which the medication slowed down. and. And then the twitch disappeared. Yeah. No that's that's true. It's not usually medicine treats the disease and they do not treat the person. They do not treat the patient. It's It's a different approach definitely different approach I watched recently I re watched an interesting documentary about healing and about some people having all of sudden these rashes or skin cancers or a cancer in the brain even and the doctors didn't know how it occurred. Where did they come from? Well nowadays, we know exactly that it's shift of energy when you're. stressed or you're overthinking you're not taking care of you as a person and I saw some people who actually recovered while not say in no complete to the medicine but they decided to work on themselves as well that there is a way I can control my mindset and I can change my belief system and enjoy this process. They healed some of them. They had cancer skin that was never discovered before they do not know how to cure it in the person all of sudden they. helped. Heal, from Oden with energy that was drama from their childhood that was trauma certain relationships, they needed to take care of that in a normal Doctor usually is going to be treating the disease itself, but sometimes, it's should start with the patients. Probably they're going through a lot. They have had a lot of traumas you need to take care of those in order for them to be able to receive sometimes something that will help them more than the medication, Yup. So. Yeah. I was I was thinking today actually you go to a doctor and Say, I've got this probably would have A. Right here look on system topping the symptoms and it was say Elvis Word fucking down syndrome threats whatever. And then say, Oh, list of therapies or medicines or prescriptions that are the patients had it will put off his thing. He goes the the shop he hands on with thing and they give it to you right It's like they are trained to look for the symptoms provide the medicine rather than actually like Oh that was it. I was on very powerful at Caen medication because I had boils on my hat. Right my dad was like you don't need that. But almost like the head he's suffering, my bad could win. Because it was against him and so he just the bay took these toddlers talking everything was drawing my gooch, my nose, my eyes the fucking everything. And experts came back when I came off air and. I realize now that. For example dairy. Milk cow's milk. has of testosterone no, it creates a lot of testosterone. If got oily blocked pause, it will increase testosterone levels in your body, which essentially increases the oiliness in your pause. So if they're blocked, it will just build up and so I've always drunk milk my whole life. I've always had really bad spots. I came off milk for three weeks because I just for no reason, I was not stressed also eating bad had these tiny white spots around my mouth. and cut out bread thinking it was bread. It wasn't a milk sports disappeared and always having a milken milk and and then I came out on the milk for three weeks off the woods saw being having mookie in for like three or four days. I've got these white spots back and I looked online and it was. The increase of testosterone nearly skin. So threats was creating a lot of stress stress meaning pressure under my skin which meant hotspots mixing it with my dire. Didn't help, but to touching my face washing because we're told to wash off as which as knocking off the scabs making our face dryer. So then you put creams onto new moisturizer, which then puts shit inside the pause. It was like a fucking disaster no matter what I did I have bad spots and simply will not stop wash my face when I stopped taking any creams and medicines and I stop thinking meditating and a good daughter sports disappeared. So what I'm getting is that You said something about Oh. Yes. So we don't want the dog so he didn't say oh Are you drinking milk? Are you drinking bread? Milk and bread before you this fucking powerful medic medicine. No he destroyed the prescription and it was like is the same thing for everything people treat the cancer they give chemotherapy whatever they didn't ask like. Are you fucking like. Traumatized by abuse when you're a kid or they did ask any of that and that's because they're not trained to ask those questions and I blame the doctors that Drops Goats University about twenty years ago that's twenty is outdated. Provide prescription should you wish to get therapy? Department I don't blame the doctors. It's just crazy when it's so obvious and when you so aware. It's like. Even if you wanted to be like, okay cow move because he's not a Dietitian he's qualified is a Dietitian yet dietitians shit because again following outdated knowledge from the day and we're the smart ones you just. It's just this or snow. No matter what you Saadi is still comes down to just keep it natural. If Man Ray is probably bad fear if. Applauds. That's amazing and. I see the difference for example, between myself and my parents especially my dad. So I grew up in Morocco. So of course, until certain age until I was I was sixteen seventeen who were not still in our food stores colonized by motorization and importation all of that. So I remember my mum going out and picking fruits vegetables like four that day cooking us the meals like fresh. We never had any problems. I never had any spots never had anything. And, then we started including our dietary new elements. You know all my God this is coming all the way from France. Let's try it. This is coming all the way from Mexico this is new fruit. This is new this new that and my dad was always always on the defensive that he was like, no, I like my own voile, my homemade bread and Mitee. Thank you. But no, thank you. I'm not gonna eat that you guys enjoy it. And he is eighteen years old now and he never had any major diseases probably he's losing a little bit of his eyesight because he used to be a taxi driver and then then he used to be working a lot with his eyesight all day long, which is comprehensive he overworked is but other than that he never had any issue Niki reminded us of that I'm like, no dad we need to keep up with the trends. He's like the TRANSA- killing you don't you look at yourself once I started eating all of that like look at Your Body Weight Look at you faces look at this because that it he loves bring it old pictures and showing us like. That you guys would good out send eight. It's just so so funny but it's so true. Yeah I definitely agree if it's planted by person probably it's not good for you but it's like if it's a nature, do eat it in nature is going to provide you the essential things seasonally. That's why you should eat follow in the season and what's required in U. S. fruits and vegetables. For example, during winter, you're gonNA find lots of lettuce and oranges why? Because it's flu season and you'll buddy needs all the nutrients inside of those elements for your body in some you're gonNA find one nowadays people are eating watermelon all year long mangoes all year long it's it's definitely not a good thing. Yeah. It's like it's wise. So many allergies or everything like peanut. Dairy allergy everything in is because. For example, Chinese coach. Chinese people let's say two former from the first eight to Chinese culture. Now, it could have been like, say fifty thousand years ago. Right Africa you say it was only say twenty thousand years ago Spanish ten thousand years ago English. To one hundred, thousand years ago right? Different coaches, I've I've kind of Ah vo from different diets, overtime, different countries, different tribes, different biological systems. So the Chinese are used to having tumor it can lots of routes like ginger and powdered spices English people we don't really have much spicy shit because forever reason, right? We're just east to digest. Assistant Job Right. So India Asian cultures, Jesus Spices, and herbs. You can say silly lots of grains and French lots of grains and French bread. So you can have you got more tolerance for grains and. England more tolerance fodder. No one ever. So when you go to another country and have grains from Greek can. Amazing fruit from Africa miss her from China in this thing from India just because it doesn't mean an English person or an Asian personal Chinese person or a black person doesn't mean they can eat it because we're human. But apology, our biology is not the same. They've had generations of ancestors eating the same type of thing. And that you'll give him his person like specific not from. Zimbabwe which no one's ever and it's like no one is reacting because. Never. Heard of this down. So, again, he's slightly you bringing stuff that your biol- biology hasn't had time to build up an immune for hence why so many kids as I have allergies to everything because they're not just eating. Vegetables in, GRANDMA's. Garden they're in fucking vegetables and all this other ball shift mother place around the world, and he's like you're not supposed to be not. So much issues. So yeah, your. Eight is old, is correct stopping as you think, he might be no in my apple for my garden. Why he's eight years old because he knows his shit. So yeah. I should be following. That's totally true. Canadian. Polo this Portuguese Mellat Meddling Canada lot wherever we more like fuck you. Yeah Yeah. That's true and I noticed that people when I came to Canada for civil my digestive system was like all over the place. It was like going nuts and the other thing is people especially in Canada we do not necessarily have a country that is known for its agriculture. So everything is imported everything is important. So I see I have witnessed so many allergies in here that I have seen in around the world i. BEEN IN EUROPE HAVE BEEN IN AFRICA I've never seen people with so many allergies as I've seen in here in. Canada which explains itself usually back then with minus sixty degrees minus fifty degrees they used to eat bread because they have cereal and here they used to eat potatoes and lots of cottage cheese that's it but they didn't gain weight from it. They weren't sick from it. They weren't having any issues from it because they were. In all of it with minus fifty minus sixty going out there trying to grab a salmon from Lak-. I duNNo. A rock of ice out debt. You burn that nowadays, they kept that they added everything that's imported from USA or from Mexico because that's all of the agriculture is coming from Canada. All kinds of allergies sometimes I'm sitting on the table with some people on in a restaurant and they're like, no peanuts no gluten. No dairy note I mean, what are you giving that chef to work way these kind be creation a bus, the PC it's like insane. It's really insane Sassa thing. I open up a restaurant in today's society I'll, be. Shit. Scared. Like fuck open use a spoon that had not on A. Person Dies and then you Sumi and then I lose everything like opening a restaurant is scary and why see like big businesses like my donaldson calf see that's that's suiting everyone the Vegan they've got the fuck converged off they've got. Dairy free the fucking everything free because they want the business. Forgetting. Is that a small minority of people who have allergies? So it's almost like door want to gain an extra ten tempus of business knowing that one person could sue baby and I would lose say five years of prophets. So it's almost like you just have to shut your doors and say look. If you're Vegan politely fuck off and you can often path and be like Uber. So Me Veganism Vegan that you will racist for Vegans let bullshit you just got be look. But you have to basically put your foot down and say, I can't serve you kindly go elsewhere sue everyone's need yukon like create a fucking transgender toilet and a fat toilet and the black toil and a Chinese toilet because where does it end a toilet fucking midgets the toilet for disabled like this is going to be ramps and fucking everything everywhere it's not realistic it's. Like I used to work in a restaurant right? You'd have a disabled which wouldn't get clean because no one ever uses it for one person occasionally who rose in in a wheelchair and it's like all that space all that effort all of that is just like as a business, he does not make sense to have that one toilet because I'm disabled, my might fit your. Boost the word against disabled people and it's like it's like it's unfortunate. But. For a business is just not viable to do a mason peanut free this and Derek because it's virtually example somebody on a somebody had a sign witch right and they died as a demon Jane UK. Right? They had a sandwich thing and on the wall not on the Sandwich Labor on the war says, please check for allergies. She presumes that it was okay because she was a fucking idiot right and she hates it I mean, she died and had sesame in right Amanda Suing the company. Responsible it's up every company to sue every fat person black person to save a person to person Guinea person what Wi fi fucking ipads for kids is not for the business to provide everything be responsible. Don't just presume that that thing is going to be a Kafer you ask questions but blaming serve you one. The labels yeah, and read the labels. So many people they forget to read the labels I'm like, read them for example, sometimes I'm with a Muslim friends and they all the time they say I do not eat meat anyway. I need. And this and that, and I'm like, listen you want in Canada. So by definition, meat is processed differently than what you used to. If you're not asking the question, you're making the presumption that they did it on your own turns, which is not okay because you're not living by definition in a Muslim country. So you need to be asking those questions. If you do no longer want to ask questions stop complaining afterwards when the plate is in front of you and then you're going to start asking that waiter waitress. Is Suitable for me as a Muslim I mean is it her issue to be with you need to be asking before you are already served and this is something that gets a little bit on my nerves sometimes when we're going out until they seated everything and then they start asking the question I'm like nowadays especially with Internet you have menus of restaurants, specifications and everything you could even call ask before going all the way they bothering. So I agree with you, you should be responsible of what goes inside of your buddy if you are. A precise as a person that you have. So many specifications you need to be taken care of. It's like going into a fish shop and asking how they got safe and then they say what you stay customer I is about the customer customers raw fuck off to a birch this the fish monger, you won't stay Goto Birches is working restaurant. It was a chilly restaurant truly chicken restaurant somebody came in three hungry children right and he said if you got anything that's not Chile I'm really sorry chilly fucking restaurant I feel great. It's going to pay Jerkin. Yes. As marinated in a sauce still. So they come into Chile restaurant expecting to have playing chicken and go into a fish place asking for steak getting on a grump when we have there is just outrageous. Outrageous. It's a it's expectations people nowadays we keep on speaking about client is the king and the client comes first, but we need to educate the client as well that you need to be rational with your asking at the same time. The this is so funny. The other day I bumped into someone and the shampoo and like shower or I'll and she was looking every single item and she wasn't like really knowing what she's looking for, and then I was like excuse me look if some specific I'm not working there but as another human being scared for her like she was turn it every single jointed something and I was like, what are you looking for and she was like, Oh, I don't want anything that has been tested on animals. I don't want anything that is. Cruel I want it to be Vegan and I'm like, okay. These are like your standards. Yeah. You know where she was buying this she was trying to find all of this in a Walmart. which comes from China. This is like whole chain of cheap items I'm not saying it's cheap quantity, but it's not your precise Vegan shop for everything that was related to bath or anything no you're not gonna find that necessarily and I was like probably go to a more specific placed that serves those things. This is like Walmart we're going to find a shampoo so five dollars. A two dollars do you expect the company to be cruelty free, Vegan and all of that shit which dollar is it's it's politics. It's impossible and thank God I knew some Brandon and I was like this is the least harmful thing there is in the whole place you can use it but please be aware that this is not the place for you. It's been looking for what you're looking for g she looks at me in a disappointed way and I was like, yeah, life is disappointed disappointed when you keep on having such expectations. Yes I could because we live amongst people who are as aware, we shouldn't attack these people. Flight for being like that because we still have to live by the basic late. Symptom, you can't teach a a deaf dog to to listen to a whistle because he's deaf. So there's there's a middle ground. I cool. Let. Taking the piss out somebody. Feel own amusement. We've no not give. You not doing it maliciously is almost like somebody fools over yes. That's painful and I would wanNA fall river and how come for you but in a situation, which is only negative. Make it fun. Right make Joe, how how she slips on a banana and the shampoo went over the one and the ad on someone's head fell off my make make it fun. Right this person pull person looking for vegan stuff amongst the Walmart. Yeah. Could say she's not aware whatever reason but. Make. It enjoyable. Because we're gonNA live amongst these. Mindsets for the rest of our life you can't be like. Mutual. Because you you wasting an opportunity to be on a high if everything is going to be your dumb people versus pose people say rather than getting pissed off about your friend going into a place sitting down and saying, are you allow no and then you get up just often be like Fuck you need you not read the menu on the line Jesus make make a joke of it because it's reality and it's going to be stressful and when you see someone complaining about their peanut dairy allergy August stuff just be like. Is it worth even? Being alive like just trump. Jokes stop because it's negative and it's not fun. As long as you don't mean it maliciously and negatively. I believe it's okay to take a piss off somebody who's not seeing us at the piss out of them. If it's making you laugh making friends laugh as long as you don't have any malicious intent like stand up comedies on stage, they always say the most outrageous stuff but you're laughing orders laughing you don't mean it. Essentially making light of a situation which can't be made lie of an I feel is okay because you have to find positives negatives because otherwise you're left with negatives neutrals. That's true and sometimes that is the best way to transfer message I find it especially with comedy it's really really beautiful to to to be able to deliver a very, very strong important message up-to-date without offending anybody and everybody's laughing at it. But whether you you, you were aware of it or not as a receiver comedy, the message has been delivered because you'll laugh aches there is nothing higher of energy that you laughing at something it's going to stay with these. You'd like it or not. Yeah right plug anything you want to plug. Well. Just enjoy yourself skies. Any of you who are interested in mindset communicational wellness. Oliver will definitely add in the links for my facebook and my instagram other than that. This is always amazing. Thank you for inviting me. Say You instagram link say. It's my ellen sleigh and my facebook name is Samara Severe Essay H. E. A. B. I. R.. COGGIN Kuwait there and I'll say goodbye. A right. Enjoyed this episode IV many more futility Suppo- back another look at the old ones aside make sure that you have subscribed notifications turned on C. You know one released a new one follow me on instagram. Yes. King Oliver have a great. Day.

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