Madrid underway, My Perfect Team Event and who should Andy Murray coach?


Hi this is billie jean king. This is marion. bartoli mats wilander. this is mary carillo. i'm stan wawrinka. This is yannick noah. And you're listening to podcasts. Hello folks and welcome along to a mid week tennis podcast. Just three days since we lost with you but an w j one thousand events. His kicked off in earnest since then This morning the you madrid open started as i look at my life. Schools app sunday lena. selena kiki burton's angelique kerber marquette vandross uva all playing tennis it's sort of relentless at the moment. Isn't it david. It's not about slate for first day but an event starting on a thursday. We'll never quite work for me. I don't think i feel a bit weird about it. Especially when there are two other events going on already are well into the kind of nevada co finals on me tomorrow and at the same time. The women's draw on imagery so strong and so interesting. I'm i'm old sydrome Just happens to be. I went round the coal celio. Bet and i sort of carbon visiting her though go and have a look on at all i got was an orange top fallen with splash-and-dash ring it and i could watch that live for as many as life so i decided to return. I don't like and it happens increasingly now with these sort of extended one thousand events. I didn't like it when the men's and the women's sort of out of sync. I understand why that happens And i am just thankful that the men's and women's events happening concurrently. I love a combined event. But i wish it would just it will be coordinated and kickoff at the same time the big funfair fair and coordinated order bitter lassus. This slightly sort of bitty start Not not helped by the rain sloshing down image matt. How're you doing. I'm very well thank you. Yes and agree with what you're saying it. It sort of works. These longer events during indian wells and miami when the men and women starting at the same time mid week. This staggered style in madrid. I'm i'm not a big fan of but thankfully as david said the round one matches on the women's draw Incredible i was. I was trying to tweet. A few highlights the other day and ended up practically tweeting the whole thing because every round is just so so good and feel so significant to the potential outcome of tournament as Yeah i'm going whizzy through pretty much the whole the whole round or certainly the highlights of which there are many. This week's today by midweek show is going to be sort of hof sort of around up the bitty news stories that we've had since i lost podcast does there's enough news that we don't want to neglect it But there's not quite enough news and significant matches to cover a whole podcast. So we're gonna treat you to some qna some cubans The correct the correct None of that was correct. Et's questions onces. Guest edited by manages appreciating real. And either google in the next ten minutes trying to make sure before replying Myself it's still. I must apologize rule if that to la quarterback he's a guest editor for this week's episode or today's episode and he is curated questions and not around is we have curator announces which i found quite hard reading through them. Because he's really that good targeting questions and we're going to be quite on the sports. I think not used having to do. Prep i i thought i can just just give my thoughts. Whatever pops is a better start having some thoughts in advance Say thank you for that. We'll get onto in a moment. We'll start they because we tease do with madrid news. And the women's madrid draw here is some highlights of round one matches in madrid ashkenazi shelby. Roaches angelique kerber versus marquette yvonne version but not much is currently underway in the first set tiebreak. So that one isn't disappointing at the moment year. Putin saver this is johanna. Konta cement versus source rebus told jessica gould versus surrounding costanza carolina. Puska very coca. Goethe that lanka's nets of a against pancake. jennifer brady is venus williams. Amanda and versus maria sacree and a of us is masaki where solar some of it so now. David's lose a first-round. Sometimes we read out. Sort of projected the drowned matches. And oh my god. How can these names be meeting so alien. The job throws off Strands that radius startling annot mattered listed. Them all in a single tweet. But my my mind started going off intentions when i was about three writers down. So yes a few. Those comes a bit of a surprise to me. i'd seen also some of the potential said ramat. She's in the fact that bought he could play. Film tech said the to last french open channel in facing each other in round three. I mean that really got my attention so it kinda missile as others. That you've just mentioned now. I've got cupboard against fundraiser As we speak. I'm not going to be able to concentrate on the way. I'm gonna just a madrid can give a little note to the social media team in madrid produce. These nice that videos with top players where they have to answer series of questions about things. I would like to do with other suppliers kind of basic stuff. Like who'd you go dancing with. Who would you sit next to on Australia that kind of thing. And naomi asakusa. I watched this morning and she'd made olek choices and last question. The last option was who would you call on a bad day and the last available to her was caroline place kebir and she suddenly decided she needed to change. Her aunt's is because she didn't want to go on a bad day so she studied rearranging. Everything just thought it was fabulous. He she did. She ended up fooling on a bad patrick of a. I think who she'd originally put down as who would you want to cook you. A meal during the press ended up doing the cooking and a sack was like. I think she's a good cook castle and cooler on a bad day. All that say great. I love that they get jobs. The the it's a very well organized tournament in madrid. I full disclosure. Don't love that. Venue is not the most charming venues. I think most people that have been able to tell you that is very very functional. Lodge venue I'm very thankful that it's it's got multiple reads but it doesn't it doesn't inspire poetry. Does it the the magic books. The kyw magika but they did fantastic job of organizing that tournament and kind of think outside the box. Yeah they really are always remember being feeling really looked after. You know yeah. Yeah absolutely the and they've really embraced the media in the press. I think in have had good respect for them and see. That's that's always appreciated from all perspective. I mean let's just take a moment to enjoy and praised me for the fact that the madrid open this year is not a gaming event. Quickest bless bless them doing that last year and for Trying to do something and trying to get themselves into people's consciousness. I'm not criticizing for that at all but that was down late. Point wasn't it. That was a real light would is happens to the world that we will I was looking at trying to get ourselves accredited yesterday. 'cause we complete forgot some guys or the old emails and put in madrid just as in the surge and it came up with twenty twenty virtual madrid open clearly blanked out. Isn't kiki buttons. The defending champion from both events didn't win madrid proper mattress that line into my into my opener on sunday on prime. We'll check it. Make sure it's correct. You telling me that you didn't save that for matt stats in the newsletter. He's the men's defending champion. I recall andy. Murray leasing in the final to someone who certainly losing at a critical stage thought. Mary might have one. But didn't they think there was some sort of jinx in the game and he handed victory to someone else because he thought it was unfair holtzman. I don't know i'm just liked asi last night. Feel like cavaco found was involved the latter stages of the virtual madrid open. Happy happy memories sadavi anyway. Those days off firmly behind this let never be a virtual anything ever again say actual tennessee's happening thank goodness they have reeves because is outdoor Slick thoroughly miserable. So those are the round one highlights on the women's side. The men's jewell takes place tomorrow. Friday evening From a very selfish too selfish perspective not to halt on about this but when i'm broadcasting on the tournament and having to keep track of the round the men's and women's right when they say staggered and fragmented it so difficult in i liked to have this really sort of binary thing in my mind. I see a draw. She and i see right. Were around three stage in the gist of imprint. On my brain whereas this is busy and confusing and Yeah apologies in advance for anyone. Watching prime video from sunday on was thinking. We'll just go out wrong. It is not the fun the second round catherine in terms of other madrid knees they jock which is out dating. It's any huge surprise. Given what he said following his loss in serbia Belgrade open last week. He said he couldn't face thinking about madrid really the time he was put on spot nas if intended to play and he said he was finding making plans. Exhausting in that moment and reiterated his office on the grand slam so he'll play rome and possibly belgrade to In the lead up to roland garros which it's not great surprise but it's it's disappointing for for the madrid open isn't it. Yeah yeah it is. I think maybe a a small consideration in this is the current ranking system means that he can skip madrid and still maintain fifty percent of his ranking points that he won in twenty nineteen when he won the title. he'll still have five hundred points from madrid on his ranking which i don't think would be the main factor in this decision but it certainly makes it easier for him to skip madrid An is belgrade to the week before the french open directly the week before which is something. djokovic doesn't do very often well lots topless dendur at play the week before grand slam. I think i did read the. He's never won a grand slam when he's played the week before But oversee the circumstances are quite different. I think if he played the week before in the past it's probably because he's looking for form looking to maybe recover some fitness or something or maybe pat when he was much younger Says probably not too much to read into that but it is interesting scheduling wise. That he's straying from what are usually does. And there's probably enough uncertainty about the. It's not even certain that he would be able to play the bogor. David i mean. France is in a pretty strict lockdown. At the moment case numbers have been on the rise. The reason they moved the tournament the french back with to try and give themselves the best chance of having a crowd in because the country is going into lockdown at the time so if any kind of corentin is required for the players prior to starting the event than than playing elsewhere after the country before is not going to be possible Hype for the belgrade to sake. That isn't the case but Yeah we are still in still in uncertain times loves a reminder of that day lest you get ahead of yourself and think things getting back to normal no nine i nine. There is still a pandemic estoril and munich have been getting underway in store very much. Well underway these t men's events taking place this week. My favorite thing that's happened. Is that david. Predictions pick lost Minutes often the knees lesser David without being accurate unitive time to use. Well yeah about one hundred and eighteen minutes if you wanna if you wanna talk about that and your uncharitable manner Yeah for sebastian courter. Who was lumbered with my now. He's lost when when you were picking him. It was all said. Oh okay with. I'll give colder he. He's my man i've seen. It was very impressed with him. Because you'd nick mine. Con lay claim to casper throughout the clay court season. Pick him. That's the evidence we all know. I'm a. I'm a casper. Rude person and i've just had him taken So i ended up with colder. The west thing about this week is casper. It's gonna win the title. Catherine is gonna get actual points and david's gonna get in a kudos. I dispute that lowest point across. We'll cross the bridge from me. Come to say other than david. Humiliation is an anything else notable happen safe for. Oh this week in australia munich. Waiting full drama to unfurl. If the weekend one thing that has caught my is a couple of decent wins. Full marrying chile which an kevin anderson who players. Who have really not been on the radar for quite some time have been struggling with fulham fitness and anderson. Beat frances tiafoe and chile beat carlos alvarez. And i think he's actually back that went up and now into the quarter-finals so don't think the major players really in the men's game anymore be surprised if they if they reached the hype. They've already reached in the spoil. It does failed like they're on the way out but it's nice. It's nice to see them doing better than having some good results i discovered yesterday along with outcries win matt that there is a twitter account called marriage twin today and it just either yes or no merit. Maron doesn't deserve this. I agree that it's nice to see him playing better as he he. I find him really tough to watch the last few months 'cause as a the and he's been really really good plan for a long time. I don't wanna see his career. Peter out and him to be getting beaten 's in in matches won't after another week after week and just not look anything like the plywood remember. I hate it when that happens to plaza. I remember it happening to michael chang. Lots at the end of his career. Light and hewitt's his singles career united adrada. If that happens that they politico Just leave and draw a line and say okay. Moving on had a great career. But he's he's really stuck his hails. I watched the alcoa's mansion. He he was the boss for for the most part in it. and he he. It's a at caught. Let's talk to him about it at a match in his view is you know. He's got enough experience to build some blocks and some foundation soul. Maybe a run things again in the in the in the months to come a keep an exciting time for the marriage win today. Twitter account and say how many wins in rhode. She'll need to have for that account to be shut down. I don't know matt. i believe. I'm later dr. This can't believe it's been going for quite some time. So it's it's weathered some storms put it that way before before we move onto a cuban a portion of the podcast Probably the the biggest waves in tennis been created this week. Fine not matches but by headlines coming out of wimbledon announcing that from twenty twenty six next year middle someday will be no more. It'll be a normal fourteen day. Play right the way through tournament. They will say had some news on a slightly different things for the twenty twenty one edition of the tournament. Snow hawkeye live this year and That will be quite a strict bubble for the for the players And around about Is it twenty. Five percent capacity crowds possibly Without increasing throughout the tournament as they is they gather information and confidence. Hopefully about about how it's going having crowds in and they will be fines of twenty thousand pounds for players entourage members Staff anybody violating the very strict bubble that they will have in place So that'll be wimbledon this year and next year we think festival middle sunday. What do we think about that. Those kind of things play here on this the very selfish perspective. We've lost our lovely day off and then this will say the the bigger picture perspective. How how do the two sides of your brain much react to this piece of knees. Yeah it interesting. What a big response it provoked. I think people do feel strongly one way. Or the other I'm trying to see it from some different perspectives. I think when. I was growing up a tennis fan. I hated middle sunday because it felt like the tournament lost its momentum and sunday was a day when i could watch tennis and it wasn't on on the other hand. You did get a bit of a payoff with the second monday. Which was incredibly special day of tennis. I think now that i've started working at wimbledon covering wimbledon. I feel The complete opposite. And i as you said quite selfish. They enjoy middle sunday. It's a nice sort of acis of calm innova busy fortnight and yet the second monday i've come to think is too busy and matches which have a significant matches get lost in that schedule and those big problems. About the way the women's matches have been shunted on the second monday in comparison to the men's matches on those main calls. So i do think it's good decision I think one of the premium tennis events not playing on a weekend was an example of tennis shooting itself in the foot moment When more people can go more people can watch. I think you have to be playing at the weekend. I think there's even argument that the french open gets it right having that tournament's spread across three weekends So i think. I think it is the right decision for that reason. Well on that point. But the the friendship point i was caught by a point. Bentham bugs making on twitter. This week is that. I love the idea of a grand slam having arrestee but it shouldn't fall on a weekend tennis already enough to make the sport hard for folks to watch without taking off the days when people are actually free to watch while we hear re slammed scheduling. No major. sporting events should be starting on a monday. Morning starts on the weekend or friday night and have as few much during the week weekday workday as possible tennis cons ford just to be for the leisure classes and i want to say i haven't thought of that before so i'm so institutionalized in tennis that grand slam store first thing on monday morning and still even after many as will very very weird that the french open starts on a thursday and it goes runs counter to everything. I know to be right in the world on a sunday. What did i say says. You're madrid institution already sunday. But actually. That was the first time i'd really thought. Actually it is really weird. The grand slam just sort of kicks off without much fanfare at ten. Am monday morning. The that is strange. Isn't it when most people assassinate desks probably just hating on the world thinking. Oh well not only am. I sat at my desk just wishing i was in bed. I'm also now missing tennis i. It's a perspective. I never thought about before. And i don't know what the solution is because it dry can't grand slam over. Three weekends feels too much. And having days off in the in the middle Feels like a loss of momentum. Biddy quickey. I suddenly think that having a grand slam starts at ten on monday mornings radi silly david. That's you're right. we're just so used to it that we don't question it and yet maybe maybe we should be questioning. Personally i'm i'm fine with introducing play on the sunday for all of those reasons. I i do remember back when i was just fan and also in the years since what Coming to the second monday in and all the things you're supposed to say about it being the best. I in tennyson sporting calendar oldest stuff and then getting through it and thinking yet but it wasn't because of missed most of it i've gotten are many is is sensitive to be able to properly pickle the stuff up properly enjoy it. It's just slack channel hopping. I'm not watching anything. And i don't want to do that so It was always billed as more than what ended up being some bit like christmas. This madness enough on morning Yeah yeah. They cited the improvement in gross technology as one of the reasons. I think why they're doing this and how they can do this now. I think simon breaks in his article for the telegraph pointed out that they're actually a load of big financial reasons. Why they would be coming into effect now. They've they've just okay. Yes they go their insurance payout. They will suspend about sixty five million buying the lease for the gulf cup land and taking a hit this year on the revenue and an extra day's play with fans attending buying tickets buying food and also the tv money. That would come with an extra day. It's it's beneficial for wimbledon. I think as well in many ways does make it interesting. In terms of the precedent it sets and wimbledon being prepared to let go of its traditions. I mean in the last couple of years. We've had the introduction of fits at type of deciding set tiebreak and now Plow middle sunday. I mean nobody that feels like more change in just a couple of years and have happened in several years. I just wonder whether it would lead to anything down the line Next year will be the announcing an all fluoro- clothing policy. Then we'll white they do. They dany either play. The do evolved the do updates from the day. Take the time and they do it in their own time. And we've seen it so that's seven wake of the is whether it be prize money and all the rest of it but I think i think this is the right move well. Let's remember this time. Last year we were talking about. The girls could season not happening and trying to convince ourselves that tennis players playing video games with an acceptable replacement for actual tennis Say hooray for twenty one. At this moment right then i think that's all the news rounded up from the week so we should move on to the question and answer portion of the show and curated by kronenbourg thanks to everyone needs sending questions on email on social media ally his very hopefully read. The all is come up with a few of his own. And he's chosen what he considers to be the best of all other listener questions as well and then meaty song. I'm going to get right into it. They all intimidatingly meaty. He stoltze with the question. In light. of the recent invading in subsequent unraveling if the european super league which threatened to dismantle the very structure football. What do you believe if currently the biggest threat to tennis as we know it will innovations im- most worried about being implemented matt. Yeah it's it's very interesting question. I like the way he's bought in the european super league. I saw a lot of tennis people when the european super league was sort of happening for those forty-eight hours saying that they felt the that was football was equivalent of the davis cup. And i think jack. Pk route few tennis fans when he tweeted about the super league. Football is for the fans and it feels like the people who've been most upset by the davis cup changes are travelling fans Would i would say to that is to may. It's not an equivalent. Doesn't feel like the davis cup destroys tennis's structure in the in the same way that the european superleague would have done full. This this question is no paternity for may to talk about the ultimate showdown and full matt changes in tennis and what i would say is i really don't want to be completely opposed to potential format changes to tennis. I think tweaks could be good for the soul unnecessary. For the spol- there are lots of examples of other sports. Where format changes have been introduced to certify alongside the traditional game and that's a lot of benefits But i think the biggest threat i say. In terms of potential format changes is is a desire which would probably come from tv to introduce a full map which puts tennis under a certain time limit whether that be one hour two hours whatever. It is this oversee a lot of reasons why that would be desirable particularly for tv. Perhaps for some audiences. But i just think when you set the finish line in a tennis match you dismantle tennis as we know it to use the terminology that allies used in his question of very very recent example. Was that gallon versus cool to match this week in a thrill. Don't bring that david. And i caught up watching the reason. That was an absorbing tennis match at the end was because gallon had to finish it off. He was six one five one up and the finish line was right there but he still had to cross it himself and that element is. I don't know whether it's completely unique to tennis. But it's fundamental to tennis in my opinion and the struggle to see him closed. That match out was what made it. So so exciting and thrilling by the end and gripping really so that for me any change the imposes a time limit on tennis which i think is possible with the tv demands these days. That would be a big big worry for me. I have to say. I came up with the same thing i looked at the the european sleep league and i thought the vociferousness if the response to that was because the proposals the specific specifics of the proposal violated something so fundamental to the sport that it's never even been called into question or examined as a potential for change before it's that fundamental to to the sport that that capacity In football it's the promotion relegation the jeopardy That that was the inviolable quality about european football that the european sleep proposals put into question. All threatened to completely run roughshod over and so i was trying to think. What is it about tennis that would fall into that category and for me. It's the scoring system. It would probably possibly take what he said my even further and say any proposal to do what they've done in doubles with no ad scoring all of that some of the things. They've tinkered with on the scoring in the next gen finals. I four all of that. I don't think any of it has worked. I think the scoring system is a thing of absolute beauty and it is completely fundamental to what makes tennis. Whoa a sport that we all love. And and i would say leave the scoring system elaine. I don't quite extend that to festive five versus best israeli more in micro scoring rather than the macro as i've expressed before my ultimate scenarios that we keep festive five but we adapt how often it is played. Best of five men women second. This is three first week of assam bus. I would sacrifice best-of-five for equality if that will require require. i don't think it is required but if it were Equality familiar is more important. But the the the micro mechanics if that school ring. Leave it alone david. Well i agree with you both I think the only other thing. I would add because i have a specific concern. It's more. I'm more concerned. Aside from what. You've already put forward a more concerned about anything that can drive the sports apart and make splinter any mold already. Is this too much splintering going on with with with the numerous team events and i feel the opposite needs to happen it needs to consolidate it needs men and women to come together uh more often and mole would more direction and so anything that increases in fighting disharmony and promotes self interest for few from here is i think it's imperative now more than ever in in the the remnants for most of the pandemic in some parts of the world it's proliferating but i think it's it's so vital the In it's the people that care about it stick together. Well davis speaking of consolidation. Eve eve led me on beautifully to second question he asks you frequently discussed the need to consolidate various team competitions which are often close to identical in format to create a singular co. Ed competition that would serve as the world cup of tennis if you tossed with creating this all important event. What format and structure which you choose. How many teams or does the title at the group stages are not One event all year long etc. He wants detail disraeli. He doesn't he doesn't just want a wafi general proposal. He wants to drill down into the details. Why won't your complete manifesto for combined team competition. You can choose you guys. I do david's grinning. At me off you. David wealth a put the detail and whether all adds up is another matter okay. Here's here's my my detail it would be. As as described tennis world cup it would be a combined mixed events men and women it would be colognes by various stakeholders the it atf atp. All four slams the live a cup that all have steak and that all pitch in their own individual team events in two it said they can come out with the one best one that we all need. So the benign live. Cut the benun. Morici pickup billie jean king cup. The davis cup and you come out with with the ultimate it'd be played every two years You would have ties. Featuring four platt teams of two men and two women nation You would have i in. In the every two years scenario of the finals it would be a two week events in one location which sixteen teams of as site to two to image and I'm not one hundred percent. Sure yet. Whether i'm going to have a group system or knockout between between this it's going to be sixteen team knockout or whether it's going to be full groups full than thirty two semi finals and final. Some still working that out but the matches themselves would be played. Over the best of seven rubbers. You'd have won men's singles. One women's singles you would have won. Women's doubles won men's doubles right Then you'd go reverse singles and if it's thrill you'd have mixed doubles to decide the tie that that's what we have now in the non-playing kid in school it's extra homework. I'm feeling like the katie's got here's got to give their presentation next suddenly realizing i've done i'm so sorry my i didn't know this aca. In the non-playing year you have. Two rounds of qualifying is sixty. Four nations in total trying to get into the knicks gis sixteen team finals. So you've got two rounds and you just play against single nation and you have that type of of matchup that i've just described of the course of walk full five days in a you do that twice to get into the sixteen group And then those that are not in the sixty four For the off year they play during the finals year themselves in order to try to get into the sixty four the following year so there is a pathway in order to get into the sixteen team finals and everybody gets behind it making it more importance than all of these. Little splintered team competitions right now every two years so that those are guaranteed to be in. The finals can have a year off from it and apply the singles career without just being over saturated and suddenly. You've got this thing you've got the world cup you don't if you nation. You've got a chance of winning it all. That's that's what i want. i'm not short. Change a single thing about that proposal but then when it all adds up i mean there. There are some details on. I'm not sure in action adopt such. But that's a draft at a draw. Which isn't i didn't ask for such details. But since matt mentioned the possibility of introducing a draft to tennis. I've been really taken by that. Because the draft isn't exciting thing so some sort of draft ahead of the finals where the captain's pick their four players. I would. I would love that. But yeah i. If i had to pick the things that i most wholeheartedly went to shout from the roost reef tops. My agreement with about what david said its biannual and one location one big tournament and mixed hurry but i like the detailed as well david. I'm here for it from roper. Match work seven rub is quite a lot. It does work that. Let's let's see. What matt scott well. Mine is very similar to david's. I completely agree with you. Catherine like david's allot an important aspect for may was mentioning some kind of qualifying system to take place in little ties around the world. Just as david scott in his off year from the finals. Because i i've been so those events and I think incredibly important events for those locations and people feel very strongly that they need to stay in the spoiled. And i i agree I have no reason why those ties couldn't be seven rubbers. I think during the show world cup i would perhaps which. Use the number of rubbers. Personally i would definitely have just a straight knockout just because for made that's more interesting than groups. Sixteen team knockout competition. Sounds great to me And then i guess the only other thing is when in the season it would come and if we're talking in a real fantasy scheduling land. I would pretty much stop the regular tennis single season as we know it off to the us open in an ideal world and then october would be team and that would be the time for the world cup. And then you could have a proper off-season nothing else going on. At the same time all eyes will be on this big world cup team event and i think that would be amazing yet. The system in my head looks very similar to david's well we've solved that so you welcome tennis. Authorities as the blueprint make it so Next question from eli is the longevity of plays like serena williams roger federer and russia on the exception or the potential new norm. Is that late thirties. Success more than to advancements in physical training science or the ability of these specific players to manage their bodies. David i think it is the potential new because i think not only are the sports science steps progressing to such players feel physically. They're able to play some more years in the nutrition. An accent tra I also failed Just this seeing others do it and they are saying that is what you do. It used to be pleased. When the hit satu- he felt like that probably got ta because i think it becomes psychosomatic. You you become Tha that's what happens. You get physically you deteriorate. And i think that the taste just that they've got no real reason to think that because they're seeing these plaza shining the that's not the case and so the new norm is to play into your light statism and you can have a longer career in. It's sunny seems to be shifting in terms of the life cycle of the career from the teen years to the is is if the mid thirties. Very interested for instance. What happens to someone like golf when she gets older whether the zanny with she tiles off sooner just because she starts it. So abby They're all cases of that. The only other thing. I would say i'm curious to see is what impact covid has in that. I think it's it's reducing the careers of some people who just don't want to live this life. Will odette one to have this as their sporting life once they've had a decade under their belts. I think we're seeing that with someplace and so that may end up. Starting a new trend of players just retiring earlier again So we'll we'll say. But yeah i i think generally speaking i think it will. It has created a new imminent. Will that will continue for for the foreseeable. Yeah i mean. I agree i think it. It probably is a new nome. The best explanation i've ever seen for this gonna give a note to catherine's brother. Oh you you've stolen my research. Well i'm happy to. I just remembered it So i'm happy to hand over to you to explain it. But it's if i'm correct. The premise was essentially the top players. Getting older over the last thirty forty years considerably older. But the if you look at the one thousand in tennis generally has actually stayed the same. So it's something to with the top players and maths. Explanation is the way that wealth has been distributed in tennis so heavily in favor of the top players they can afford they ca- teams to keep themselves healthier afford to skip tournaments when they don't necessarily need to play and can therefore kind of avoid injuries and things like that that that data break down that math day. Maybe we'll put that in the show notes. was was a very convincing explanation for me. Fans of visual data representation will not be disappointed by what we've got in this week's show nights then because yeah i mean i should say he wrote this article for fun at the end of twenty seventeen so things have things have changed little since then but no. I don't think the overall landscape is any different now to to how it was in twenty seventeen He says the results are striking. While the top one hundred men may have been getting older over the past thirty years. The average age of the top one thousand players has betty shifted hovering between twenty three and twenty four so the aging trend. It appears only to affect the very top players. He then there's similar analysis for the women's game and the trend is ever so slightly ever so slightly less stark but similar and he says the disparity between the top and the second tier players is even more striking when you plot the average ages of the top ten say and very similar in the In the in the women's game. So i think i think the premise of the question. And it's not. Yeah i think this sort of general acceptance that all tennessee's getting older and it's possible for everyone to play to play late now because if string racket technology etc etc perhaps not as true as we will accept it to be an yes you say Into some some speculation with data analysis on on why that might be so. I probably i think it will. I think it will Those exceptional player will shift something in the minds of all tennis players. They weren't necessarily assume that that career will be over by age thirty two. You know when you're a young person turning pro you sort of think in terms of a ten year career. Perhaps you'll have a more open mind about what your career might look like but in reality see whether they've actually changed anything Palpably the game. I question whether that's the case via will we'll pop that article in the show tonight. It's very very interesting and nazi subject. I think The next question it. It involves predictions. So i feel like it should come with an attached apology but allies putting us in this Position and we will valiantly go into battle. He says rank lease full players in order of who he thinks will win a grand slam. I if ever the plays oh. Alexander zverev yanic center arena blanca and jen jennifer brady slava. Yesterday's i i well. I'm going for settling first then cinna and brightens very went win. One said the two on the list that have reached grand slam. Finals will be the ones that don't win them chris. Such an interesting so of planet has been enough. Have been having headache over this question. 'cause to me the only one who feels like a banker as much as you can be to win a major is absolutely yep but doesn't feel like he's gonna win one this year. I'd also be a bit surprised if you want one next year. One in four years. I actually got one diary now. It's about what alcatraz over the fridge. I from by twenty twenty five april twenty. Second i yeah. I think since probably will win a major within the next four years that dumb country. This is a public podcast. David it's out there. The stays between us but at least konae style brady to me. Feels like she's made some big strides reach the final if the last sorry she's lost to the eventual champion at the last two Majors so if Feels like her. Time is now in a way but just what strikes me that there will be someone better left in. The draw is how i and i end up feeling about jen jenny. Jennifer brady sampling I just find it difficult to see her putting it together for the for the full two weeks. And she's got a major problem. She's never even reached the quarter-final at some very specific or she's got to overcome verifone's at the obvious one who should be. I shaved the most. He's the highest rank he's Been to a final recently at their chinks in his game that i'm beginning to wonder the might not be able to overcome so i'm probably thinking cinna and then the other three one. Yep i agree with that. I think that's the very cautious answer because if the other three win one though probably win it sooner than cinema will but the one i feel confident putting in that list is gonna say change since the start of the year i'm saints of recall more optimism a few months ago about settling winning. It's not. I am optimistic about. I think she's gonna be a big factor. I wouldn't want to have my credibility or any of my money on winning a slam. Never worried about credit. We're running out of time. Fake so we're gonna go quick fire on the remaining questions because they're all good and i want to get them all in so quickfire onces please. None of this showing off about the homework. You've done. david t be on twitter. Can you talk about the camera. Angle from the corner mba's line. I thought it was outstanding showcase the speed of the game versus the review. Should it be the new default camera angle when possible Doesn't like it. And that's why he's particular find if this question. David's matt's greg greg question I absolutely love it as an occasional angle. I don't i certainly don't wanna see point upon points at own assay game full of it. I want to see a point. Every full five games of it. Because i think it shows you something that you just say from the normal angles you get to see what the crowd that happened to have that seat looking at. And i realized that yet a sprinkling in hit here and there is is fine for me. I thought the man camera angle in barcelona was one of the best tennis camera angles. I've ever seen helped by the wasn't a great big stand so it wasn't too high but it also wasn't really low it was just sa- below enough to be immersed save and to show you the to retrieve the ball but high enough that you could see the lines. I thought it was a perfect compromise. Agreed no nate's Which this is from art. Wild on i on wild onion wild. Yeah move on which teenager or next gen player. Would you love to see andy. Murray coach he gives film tech. Yeah me too. Oh that's a good one. Yeah he loves a result when you talk about well. This is based on your experiences. Catherine when you when you talk to andy murray about young players that he's excited about he's thinking asuka sheffield tech undress rescue more than he's thinking very of rube left etc definitely and i think that sort of cerebral tennis player that's tech is would suit murray and she's also interested in other things outside of tennis yet also completely dedicated to tennis. And i think that's that's a by mary. Approach as well agrees somebody somebody different but yours is better than mine. Net carry-ons statement mineshaft valve. Which because hey sorry to say that my mind immediately went to man which makes me feel Radio embarrassed now but it did And an centers you've mentioned That makes follow sense and rescue makes more sense to some degree. Although i just feel that she's away to self confidence to to need murray or in the way that value that input otherwise. For half of all of this. Because i it's just curious to see what could an andy murray brain attitude do with a game like that. I just love to know and love to know if if that tennis plan. What is what is his potential. If somebody could unlock it. is it. Just what we're seeing is. The no way beyond the barriers are already that all is the mole because it's exciting spectacular. It looks amazing and yet it's so dispiriting moment i will say throw in. Fund caroline garcia. No not next gen anymore. I'd love to him to pick up the phone. Carol stitched you right up with my prediction. The number one. But i'm now going to pay you back real systematize michelle a sad sad comment final question and a mean quickfire and this or multiple people and social media and email about reports to the atp looking to stage a masters one thousand on grass thoughts on this. Well it's the seat. I work at queen's hampton done for many years A say hand on heart. I've heard nothing about that in terms of something that might be imminently about to happen What i would say is that for many many years just being talked about in in the media as amongst fans isn't a masters one thousand grass wouldn't that be a good idea. Why is the grass court season size short. These stories that we always talk about and yet the have been times. I think when people put together all the bain some conversations about that really should be a thing that happens and obviously the to the number of good tournaments. Been there two real standouts in terms of queens and halla into that. They've been around for a long time. That strong tournaments. Why isn't one of them thousand. I mean i think there's a few reasons. One of which is do either of them need to be a one thousand. Those get great crowds. Great fields are now. It's it's an interesting one. The andrew guidance the head of the acp is the one who mentioned in his interview with stu fraser for the time side interesting but not not heard anything about that. Imminently happening matt. Do you have anything quick. Phya to add. I would say i'm big on swings and i think in an ideal world if we swing should probably have some kind of one thousand event joint between the men and women so tonight to world yes i love some sort of masters one thousand event on gross. Yeah i agree. I think the more you can build grasping great econ into the calendar currently stands. You need more time gross. If the calendar is going to be three weeks in between them defense we have a completely sufficient but if you can create more of a swing than show in the most is thousand spice spice it up. That is it for questions that be good when they were really good. Thank you aligns. And everybody at midday questions on social media and on email we We are very appreciative of the input. We always get good questions very grateful for some housekeeping is our mascot. Max is a lovely cat in new zealand Details if max winter newsletter. Which you've missed if you don't want to miss the boat on future mascot photos Newsletter and for multiple other reasons. It's great it's matt start. It's got all of our shoddy shoddy predictions as you stay. We are still alive. This week with casper route It would bring us much. If casper reid he'd come through forest. David has let rogue down badly as documented earlier in the podcast matt. Here you aiming to please Skeletal muscle and i have Akina they sweet you who is into the quarterfinals. Taking out jeremy shoddy yesterday. I still smoke vendors. Friend of the podcast. Jeremy show deal setting the friend of my dad. I felt like i should have a separate text group with my dad entitled the plight of shabby shoddy shoddy one today. Chris lee is executive producer. He's a top bloke. Billie jean king is billie jean's sponsor for the as she's not with me she's with my brother refusing to eat anything but roasted meats as pleasing that. She's trying it on with my brother. Just as much as she is with me he made her a liver paste omelette this morning and she just looked off the liver paste. Looks disdainfully at the remaining omelette. So that's how she rolls. She is nothing if not discerning matt. Who are shoutouts for pizza swenson. Ooh swedish not doesn't have the answers to any of our questions. We we all the letters of their in his surname. I'll tell you that. Does he is great. Hello to possibly swedish. peter. Support jeremy zooey demo. Ally is is is pizza. Sweidish just happened here. Is he swedish. Was i know jeremy. Jeremy sorry. Jeremy i'm a bit beyond jerry. You okay david well. It might be swedish. I'm curious. Jeremy i was going to go with shares in asia. We show you. You went in a different direction. David's and let's move on quickly. Thank you joe me field support. Sorry the you shout out with so weird and the fun of one. Today is barbara backer number. Five hundred and ninety eight just barbara that that's barbara with five hundred ninety eight tattooed about her person someone. That's that's how it works. If you only go with your first name. Barbara swedish his arm. It might be a trio of swedes. this week. we might never know David's govern get some rest. See dr something a will. we enjoyed. They slightly bizarre terrorist. Podcast subscribed to tell you friends. Leave is an apple podcasts review. Keep listening enjoying it. We will be back on monday. We'll be talking about madrid speaking to them.

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