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number one that there won't be an apocalypse in my lifetime so ever since. I was young among In My dad used to tell me stories he would tell us stories about what we would do after the apocalypse like where we go and how we survive that it was like our nighttime stories. So We'd be like dad tells the story and he'd be like okay so after the nuclear workers. What we're GONNA do is get in the van and we're GONNA drive up to Silverton Colorado. 'cause there's minds there and we can live in one of the minds and in the morning earnings can be. Charlie's job to like go like collect honey and conduct bears and he would go through this whole thing and it was so comforting like I know what to do every good morning. It's my job to go collect honey and you know what as long as I don't die like pretty much I won that day doing okay. So like Katie's job. oftentimes times was to like on was to spy on the other bad humans who want to come and kill us. Because of course in a post apocalyptic landscape the humans are the most dangerous and Danny would help build traps to catch people they were coming through and I I got to do. The agricultural jobs like I would fall asleep thinking about like Kelly. I'm GONNA like solve the water problem and then we're going to defend ourselves in by the way. If there wasn't apocalypse I would be dead within twelve minutes. I have no rain gear. I have no idea read a map I like. I don't even own a compass like I.. Yeah you know number two that I won't remember the most important moments of my life number. Three ooh Oh my God. I can not handle pain. I like when like I am the worst human to be around. When when I'm in pain you know what I'm just sick. Oh God number four that all of electrons will never connect up correctly number five. My Wife Life is a marine biologist and she delights in telling me there's actually a website that collects all the different ways that like natural so died died in the field and it is stuff like your snorkeling and then someone got tracked down two hundred feet underwater by leprosy like. How do we take our right and she? She loves to do that. She loves to like be a Marine biologist. She loves to do field work and she goes to the Congo every summer. She studies fishes that live in rapids and so they take these like canoes. The News on the rapids. You know people get malaria in their civil war going on on a regular basis. Oh my God. I'd be the worst single-parent being apparent is it's hard it's boring and it's like. I have no the idea of I'm succeeding or failing as a dad. In fact I won't know for like twenty years and there's no criteria for whether you're doing a good job or a bad job Bob except whether they happen to be crying at this very moment number six when my children are in their forties can get whatever tattoos they want. I just don't want them to get anything before. They're in their forties number number seven that I worry too much number eight. Six years ago I wrote a book called. The power of habit did really really well and at the same time I started rated working on a series for the New York Times it ended up winning the Pulitzer Prize it. I've got a lot of years left and so I worry like like when I look back at my life is like that can be the peak like is everything kind of a downhill from there. I'm just I'm scared that It may be like not as talented as as I wish. I was Number nine they won't have a deep and meaningful relationship with my the children. My Dad loves talking to me. I always felt bad because I didn't love talking to him even though I loved him and I also like sort of dreaded calling him because it was like super boring and he would talk about like nonsense and he's like just just like I I when I started a company with him and he made me crazy. He's terrible businessman. He was like like the worst. It was the worst choice. Ever my father passed away this last year towards the end of his life. I feel like I had a really close relationship with him. Maybe that's why I think about. This is because yes I want. My kids feel like they can have that with me. I don't know how to do that though like like how. How do you be a friend to your children and without screwing them up a number ten that the people must admire. Don't admire me. My name is Charles Charleston. And he's ten things scare me Charles Duhig is a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and host of the PODCAST. How to from sleep during our conversation he happened to say the phrase have a cadaver and I thought what is that. Where the magic word Abracadabra comes from the ten things team includes Amy Pearl Daniel Gamut Odilia. Ruben sarasombat emily teen and Polish Shuman Music and sound designed by Isaac. Jones scares me what comes after terabyte. What are you scared off. Tell us at ten things. PODCASTS DOT Org. I made it to the mindset. Don't tell anyone else if you liked today's guests on ten things. Check out his weekly podcast. How to with Charles Duhig from from slate in each episode Charles. Along with an expert guests tackles are thorniest questions and offers life-changing advice recent episodes include how to stop being anxious how to cook one perfect meal how to stress. Here kid the right way how to win online dating and my personal favorite. How the not be scared. Subscribe to the show at. We called the interview hot. CAST of the year. Wherever you hear podcasts.

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