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Hi there, you know. I have been to this radio thing for so long matting your stories, your dedications to the perfect lump song I couldn't begin. To guess the number of times that today's guest on my podcast love someone with Delilah was the artist behind the song that I chose to pair with your call. She's performed a total of four hundred and twenty seven amazing times during her Las Vegas Residency from twenty eleven to two, thousand, nineteen, making her, not only the most beloved performer on the Strip, but also the most profitable accents, Elvis, Presley and late last year she released her twelfth English studio album because she has some infringe, but twelfth studio album entitled courage and launched her courage world tour, which will continue through twenty twenty in North America the UK and Europe courage. Courage such a fitting title to a beautiful new album. Many of the tracks speak to where she is in life right now. A widowed mother of three growing boys, who is learning to navigate life without her partner, her husband, the love of her life, no longer by her side. But forever in her heart. She is a powerhouse artist and performer who loves loves loves loves loves loves. You've ever seen her in concert. You know this is true. She loves entertaining her fans. She's also an advocate for children who require special care, but before I get around the phone lines. I'm going to take a few minutes to tell you about the sponsor that makes this podcast possible. My good friends at. At the Home Depot, our friends at the home depot are changing the way doing gets done the newest innovations on the home depot APP are so good. You can now snap a picture with the APP and find what you need or what you need replacing that same home depot APP gives you a product locator to which tells you. How many are in the store you shop? Shop out and tells you right where it is down to the aisle and the shelf that how things can get done with the help of the home depot download the APP today the Home Depot Doers. Get more done. I've loved her for years. You have loved her for decades and today we have the great privilege of sharing a little time with Miss Selene Dion Delilah, Salim Hallo. Hallo beautiful hello. Delightful Delilah Hawaii you I am wonderful. What a treat to get to talk to you for a few moments. It's wonderful to speak with you as well. Thank you so much, so before we we start the PODCAST I. Watch. Some of the videos from your new album from your your tour in your album. The courage album and I sat here, crying sobbing. Praying for you going. How am I going to have an interview when I'm hot mess? Oh! Thank you such a compliment. Thank you so much. And you're still crying. I'm I'm I tried to pull myself together and then I looked at the tour dates. And saw the The day here in my area it would be my son's twenty first birthday, and then I started crying all over again. I'm like. Okay, God. Help me out here. Sorry the video that you did that. You released. The courage video, wow! I of all the things I've ever seen you. Do and I've been playing music since you started. Since David Foster. I brought your music to me a long long time ago. Of all the things I've I've seen you do and I don't know how many times I saw you in Vegas. And Salim. That video is so powerful and so beautiful. Oh thank you. Thank you so very much. I really appreciate it I. Read a review. Some author said Salim Dion has moved on from her heartbreaking loss, and I wanNA I wanNA. Call this person say you don't move on when you lose the person that is your world. You never move on. You learned to coexist with the pain, but you don't move on well. I think you move on in a way that you try to live with them differently. You don't move on. I mean it's only depends the way that you see and you hear and you Won. The meaning of the word itself It's like we some people say a new chapter of a book or a new book or turn to page I mean. I had to move on to not. Saab every day. For the sake of my children I'm a single mom, I still love to sing for my fans I have to show them courage. I have to show them. Independence I have to show them. Everything that I in my power to tell them that to stand for themselves. And they have a voice and they have inner strength. and has three boys, three boys, and two of them just had your twins just had a birthday recently? yes, actually, my twins! They just turned nine years old, so you move on in a way that You just learn how to live differently with the person. That's not next to you, but he's in with with within you. Within you within your boys. He's Yeah Nice See. Through the eyes of my children every day there's such adorable. The the twins are so adorable and Charles rene-charles such a handsome young man. Yes, he has a girlfriend. Yeah I know I know, I don't know who. You you know you know some I. Mean some kids today. They're thirteen years old they they already have girlfriends. while. You think about that. Yeah, I don't I. Don't let my. Eighteen years old and And he has a wonderful girlfriend at. And she's beautiful and she's. She's so good with him, and she's so good with the twins and you know it's like. I I I want him to to find love. Him I mean it doesn't mean that they'll get married and that's going to be the. To together for the rest of their lives, which the same time it's like you hope, but at the same time lets enjoy life and discover and. Spread your wings and but at the same time. It's like when you want to know if the person is is nice as much because she's. She's pretty outside. He comes inside out. And you know like not too long ago. She was she came home, and she she she got RC no outside with the twins. She brought Pumpkins, and then she said come on come on I. See what you do this. It's your brother and let's go. And there were carving Bumpkins and they were playing basketball. I'm saying to myself Oh my God I would have asked him. To Carve Pumpkins with his brother, say mom come on a best the age of doing dad know I'm not doing that, you know the girlfriend mentions girlfriend. She said no, no, no, no, no, no, we're doing this. Come on, we can do this, you know come on. They're gonNA. Make GonNa make them so happy. They love you so much. All my good and she bud them sweaters and they. That's the only sweater that they they wear now, so they basically basically My three boys are in love. Girlfriend, it sounds like all three of them are in love with her. Takes all three of them. Which took a shortcut? I? Don't know if you remember many years ago. I came to see you in Vegas and your oldest son. Our see was a baby and was back in the dressing room and I got to hold him and play with him after year performance, and he was such a happy happy baby, and now you're going on tour. That was when that was many years ago. You're going on tour now. Are The boys touring with you? Are they staying at home? They've always been with me. They've always been touring with me. It's the first time actually that I did not bring my children first of all my son, my three children are home schooled. My son has a girlfriend and he didn't really want to. Go on tour. It was heartbreaking, but at the same time I have to tell you that destroyed the way that it's been arranged is that we don't usually we base. We're going to be two months. Three months in one hotel in one city in one country. And then I will take the plane and I will just like travel back and forth, but this this time is like one show after show, go to the. Next the next day I mean it's. One show when they opened joined a up on your when they often show a day I mean I. Don't want to drive my my kids. I say Oh my God. My mother was in show business. We did not have a life now. I want them to go to school. Do Experiment and and go play basketball and go swimming and they loved their teacher and. And it's OK that. We miss each other a little bit because when I come home. It's so intense. It's so beautiful. It's just amazing and you know we skype. and. They don't they're so. Busy. They don't even have to hi. How are you good good I did a good show. Yes, and we're reading now a book and We want to show you because it's a four hundred and thirty five stages and I'm like. Are you kidding me and I? Like them and they're like so proud. Send me pictures, so you know what Debbie mom gotta go gotta go because we have to a project, we have a surprise for you by we love you. They don't even have time to talk to me. You know what? It makes me feel good knowing that they're good. If my kids are good I can go on stage and do my my singing and have a good time with my fans, because I know that my kids are well taken care of the Godmother is my sister, Linda For my three children I know they're in good hands their home. They're safe and I miss them of course, but you know the hardest thing to do that sometimes you have to. What's what's the best for them? It's not just you what's good for me. Only keep them with me all the time. But they need to learn and they need to. It's hard because you. You try to teach them how to fly, but you never want them to take off, so it's like it's very difficult, but you know what. I really I don't have a hard time because I know they have in the last right now, so you? You are giving them routes. So that. They know that they are grounded. And you're giving them wings to fly the the apple. The apples did not fall far from the trees. Because the Munchkins of mine, they love music. They dress up every day de love fashion. They play all the time. Kerry okay, here we go. On on my Gosh, you should see they send me pictures. I'm like. Are they serious? They're they're dressing up to go to bed and I'm telling my sister. It's okay it's who cares. It's fine. Good boys the fall asleep. Atop had like a big big hat and a cowboy boots, and like a a pink went off at who can't and then when they fall asleep, she them and makes them more more comfortable, but when they watch a movie, they want to be the character. You should see their closet to get dressed if you think I have close. They have closed Selene, your an amazing mother I love the fact that you encourage your children to find and follow their own creative pathways when we come back I want to spend a few minutes talking about the song imperfections, which really resonated with me, but right now we need to pause for this important message, an it career at ddat means owning the opportunity to play a crucial role in transforming how agencies operate join DDAT for challenging and impactful work that advance your career apply now at GD dot com slash careers ged's players. Billy community and faith are both essential. It lifts us up and it brings us all together even when circumstances may have. Have US apart a new and exciting Christian social media platform has just launched called faith social. It's free safe and speaks to my Christian faith of love and acceptance. It's what we've been waiting for. Please join me and sign up today at faith, social dot, com, or find us on the APP store today we have the great privilege of sharing a little time with Ms Celine Dion. Thank you so much I wanted to talk about. You know you've got this fashion sense you've you're at the met year at these fashion shows, and yet you are so stinking down to Earth and humble, and the song that I'm playing on my show right now, imperfections. Talks about that and in the video you you, you bear it all you. You wipe the makeup off in there. You are in all your reality. was. Was that your idea to do the song that way? Yeah, I wanted to do this for a long time. Actually and I asked them if they would allow. Please give me keep some time in some tape in some some some time. During that day of shooting I really want to. Because we all have imperfections. Nobody's perfect in this world And for me, is that because love fashion so much because I borrow characters when I'm on stage and I pretend that I'm like this and that and with the songs, and I'm singing and you know like. It would playing. We're doing music. I mean I'm doing this professionally but I. don't take myself seriously. I'm having a good time. I'm playing but when? I wanted also that message that everyone has imperfections but the infections. You have to to to kind of feel. To accept that? Because nobody's perfect and for me, that okay I should have done that at twenty five. Well, what is it going to be proven? What okay! That's fine. That's fine, but it's happening now and I really wanted to dewitt, and it was the right timing, the right song and Nobody's perfect and I wanted to have message for the women. Who maybe some of them have a hard time to accept that. They're a little like this little. They're getting the aging or whatever whatever they feel sometimes not very a self esteem about themselves. And knowing that nobody's perfect. You, Ha-. You have to love yourself the way you are. If you know and I and I'm not against people who go and try to want to try to stick. Some whatever things there is the out there to go to doctors and fix things if it makes them feel better. And I encourage that, and that's fine, but it's also okay. That time. Our youth was great. And also at my age is wonderful, because it brings you knowledge, and because I have children, and it will keep going, and we'll have more to show, and that will have more things to discover. But I wanted the women to know that. A We all have our imperfections, but are they really imperfections? No, it is who you are I love the line I've got my own set of scars to hide. And I think all of us have those emotional scars. That we try to hide from our childhood or from mistakes we've made or from abandonment or from grief, but it seems like in this tour in these songs that I'm listening to your not hiding those scars. You're sharing them and saying it's okay. We're all in this together. It's okay it's okay. Okay. Yeah to Soom yourself and it's okay, and it's GonNa. It's GonNa. Be Fine. That's that's just just grow one day at a time. It's GonNa, be okay, we have strength we. We women were strong. We raise children. We just we he we are. It's go. and. That's good. Get hold your heart one on sixteen mine off great line, and I ain't GonNa save you. I, love that line. How many times did I enter into relationships? When I was younger thinking, I was going to save someone from their addictions from their bad choices. Thank God I outgrew that phase, but I want my daughters and other young women to hear that and recognize that your job into to save somebody baby. Oh. Here job is to be the best that you can be so I know that you selene have your own organization. Your own philanthropic organization and my producer Jamie said Delilah basically she gives to everybody and his trying to save the world with her goodness, and that really that really touched me. What are some of the projects that you are really? Pouring your heart into. Well actually I. Do have a foundation and I try to help a lot of. So. Young children to the Godmother of cystic fibrosis. actually, and I have my own salvation to which I raise money to to help sick children. We have UH. Some in our family carries the gene and we lost one of her niece my sister's daughter. She was sixteen years old, and when I was asked to participate and to try to raise some money eventually after that I wanted to be more involved and try to have my own My own foundation to try to help even more and also it's just that Not On needs to be the spokesperson for saying to stain, which is the the hostile of children in Montreal but the thing is the thing. Is that I think it's A. a responsibility of human beings to if we can try to help if you see somebody struggling if we can try to help to be part of foundation and raise some money, we don't even have to think about this. We don't even have to talk about this I. Don't I don't want to talk about that because it's like it's normal. It's natural. I WANNA. Say Yes, I have my salvation and I give a Lotta money too I mean. It's true, but at the same time. I think it's just normal I mean the fans at given me all through those years an amazing life. I'm trying to raise my children the best way I can. And I'm fortunate enough to have an extraordinary life in Belize that I can do. Is To pay back in the best way that I can and to to raise some money for people who are struggling and the kids who are having a hard time with my not have a future. To whom much is given much is required. You have been blessed richly and as a result. You give richly. You so sweet! Thank you so much. Thank you so much a lot in life. You don't WanNa be a taker. You be a giver. I definitely want to be a giver, and you have given so much beautiful music to the world. Selena and I am so excited for your tour. I don't know how you do it. I looked over your schedule and it's a crazy schedule. I would love to. I would love to I find the courage to come and see you on my son's birthday. Yeah, I'll be around dallying, and you know what thank you so much for playing my music for so long I really really appreciate it, and we'll see each other again real soon. Okay all right God bless you, and if you got love, you bye, bye, honey. How Amazingly Fortunate Are we blessed? Are we to spend time with a musical icon? SELENA's talented. She's beautiful. She's kind. And she is very very courageous. If her show the courage world tour comes to a city near you I. Encourage you to get tickets and go, but until then I encourage you to slow down and love someone. Community and faith. They're both essential. It lifts us up and brings us all together. Even when circumstances may have us apart a new and exciting Christian social media platform has just launched called faith social. It's free safe and speaks to my Christian faith of love and acceptance. It's what we've been waiting for. Please join me and sign up today at faith, social dot, com, or find us on the APP store. acoss twenty twenty. We know things have been super weird lately. You were robbed of a graduation ceremony, so we found some people to write you penton speeches. John, Legend he said Hillary Clinton She's into over twenty of your favorites from Dj College Coach K. Abby, Wambach two alsi. They're all here to give you the wisdom that we could all use right now. Tune into iheartradio's new podcast. Commencement speeches are out now. iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcast.

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