Cam Newton Injury; Biggest Training Camp Surprises & Preseason Thursday


With the n._f._l. Podcast can't figure out what exit bill stance. That's not true extreme in football league. Welcome to another edition of the around the n._f._l. Hard cast presented by sirius x._m. My name is dan this. I'm joined in a room filled with heroes mark cecil chris wesseling and greg rosenthal. What's up boys right access extreme right so the person so that came from a listener in the listeners listen to a series of shows and views us as has mental dolts. I mean maybe i'm wrong. It's all league also has been will please happy friday. Everybody buddy has done great. I'm great good until i heard that now annoyed now. No it i get it. You got the the winter cap on here in los angeles with nothing but this polo shirt on and then it was like a meat locker here so put the old gray shirt and a hat on when thursday and they get it and make sure you check it out if you haven't yet because i'm sure your fantasy draft. Is this weekend the week coming the fantasy extravaganza who's the twenty fifth annual <hes> fantasy extravaganza and what a celebration it was to mark that milestone so i didn't get a chance to bring it up but i wanted to make one more point point one more nugget that got mark from the wesseling rosenthal richeisenshow appearance which again went over like gangbusters everywhere you turn social media action around that the guys look great and i i mentioned this on instagram twitter <hes> but i want to say in person and you guys looked really good on camera fit. <hes> well dressed fit yeah. That's generous well-spoken. It was just a nice. It was a nice thing to see. Represented presented the brand well but did wanna mention mark that i heard through the grapevine that <hes> you know west c. E. positions himself as the man sitting at the top of the common man rankings okay sure he does famously birdie told me that he took a limo to the rich eisen sure the minute the limo not be true with that is eroneous. There was no limo and the poor driver had to take out a baby seat to put us in a car service. It was a co yeah it was it was a labor. What am i gonna do not take. Let's actually i i have. I have footage the west side of cincinnati a working class area. Let's cut to the west side of cincinnati their reaction to the news that was his mom bear worked up in west is defense. He doesn't drive an automobile these days which is kind of a common man thing so well you know if you get off the columnist over the pickup truck and rumble over to direct t._v. Headquarters or i would say just the simple uber x the lowest tier uber off expensive expensive easily with the company pay. I'm sure says it very cooked up appropriate response to this though i was told by the people on the westwood cincinnati that i was getting up. He wore doctors once in a while this one thing i learned that episode cd behind the glass. Ask that you guys are asking. I'd now understand going back here in i become onto but when i'm back back there i realized these guys are impossible to deal with total vote. They're living up on clouds and i just was appalled by what i viewed especially off air sobering sobering stuff stuff mark <hes> coming up on the friday edition of the around the n._f._l. Podcast some preseason week three takeaways. There was a handful a bushel title of games played thursday in what used to be the most important week on the preseason calendar and i guess it still is but it's different now. It's just different. It's just not treated in the same way it once was but there are takeaways and we will share them. Also greg wrote a banger eight. It was it five thousand words twenty twenty twenty five hundred really work anyway. Biggest training camp surprises says going city by city by city. Now mark would ask look at all the compliments i'm paying to the group today can up saying it so i have to go back and bleep all these words. I keep saying a word ask. Also i have to go back and do all this work. Whenever you are puttering anyone up it just four purpose snick tear drop right there so greg wrote about his his from his viewpoint that big camp surprises in each city so we'll hit that but before that let's do some news going broke by hype. I know what i like because i'm banking on the browns to be that winning type little wins to just credited swipe co had turned up chases stereo dorsey spin and at making the right imagination at work. Com general electric moves one after the other all this new talent show. Let me hear your bark that noise freddie ready with the cleveland boys maker in the back with the fashion poised to believe believe len got some brand a new toy wave brown making these shiver like illegal fire like the cuyahoga river flows pockets is bernie kosar hose. Wow that was not cardi b. That was connie fox zika the tiny box colleen wolf this morning on good morning football all about your brown's mark. I'm blown away in one little there's so much impact there but she mentioned shinzo baker mayfield's fashion poise and i you know what obviously he did the g. q. thing and i saw all the tweets everyone calling what the coat he wore. His grandmother's towed owed all this other stuff. Let us. Let's be real about one thing and it's now. It's his turn to be ripped apart for his fashion choices. Every one of these quarterbacks that does one of these fashion spreads and really any any rich male any male to become super rich or starts wearing clothing that is so beyond what any of us would ever comprehend putting on that. He's just like anyone else. At this point. It's not set new gimme a break with the mark sanchez spreadsheet that that to me was they had that level rate. He's not picking. The only question is whether he takes them with them. I think think bakers at the point he's taken those right was it was like a joke on on twitter that was actually his grandmother's coat. No it just looked very much like like a coda grandmother mother from any century might put on jess any century johnny facts where she wrote that i guess she did. She did it and she performed it and then i think she won the rap battle between her nate. Burleson is predicted and kyle brent. Wow nicely heritz nate you. You know the cam. Newton got hurt unbelievable on thursday. He left the preseason game against the patriots. <hes> with foot injury he he left the the stadium in a walking boot and rap sheet reported friday that an x-ray and other tests <hes> he was diagnosed with a mid foot sprain in his left foot general manager marty harney told rap sheets that the team is quote cautiously optimistic that newton will be ready for week one mhm against the rams week one which is now just over two weeks away and <hes> wes you know we didn't mention cam newton in in <hes> the fantasy extravaganza during the stay stay away chatter but he was on my list. Just gonna get a chance to bring them up. I just i'm a little bit nervous about cam because <hes> obviously really any thirty year old quarterback said to shoulder surgeries. You get nervous <hes> but he's also had ankle surgery now. This foot is right connected to that angle is it it possible that a guy. It's taken a lot of abuse over the years. He's breaking down. Is that a real concern to be having. If you're a scary one well i mean. Is it possible astle sure but i i don't know it seems more like bad luck to me than breaking down amid foot sprain to me. The greater concern is that i haven't liked what i've seen out a will greer the quarterback they draft third round guys like ryan finley. The bengals mid round pick and jared stood on the patriots mid round pick look a lot better. I like i've been impressed with eastern. Stick a little bit from the chargers but will greer has not play and he got up rave reviews coming out of the draft. It's a bummer because cam newton got really good reviews in practice for his arm looking great like throwing the deep ball pretty well. He's got the new motion you kind of excited to see this new cam and now he's he's gonna be coming in to a brutal week one matchup as it is with an injury even if he plays you would think they're gonna try to limit him. Being their goal line you know back which he essentially is in that and you just hate going into the season. I don't blame them though like everyone says this shows you can't play your players in the preseason. I just feel like that's a little too easy like certain. Things like every team is a little different. Certain teams believe that it's gonna help if you're playing football. You're going to be a risk. It's a bummer when they get hurt in week. One too and it's not going to happen in practice. What got injured is going to happen. If you're playing football. The patriots thought it was important for tom. Brady you to play football. I think he did too and it's like everyone's gotta make their own call but that doesn't mean never play west nailed with the bad luck but i mean because newton in two thousand fourteen he fractured a rib and a preseason game and missed regular season action to to dance point. He's had a concussion icon so i get. There's some of these guys. I like to call them just like a bug because they're constantly getting getting the injury bug biting them left and right. We're always talking about their injuries cam newton up a buck like he got its december twenty. Four tina gets into a random car accident and you got bad luck. It's bad luck. I'm not saying that his point being is that the car accident perfect simple that's rotten luck and yeah injuries sucking their rotten luck too but when they start start to pile up for guy that his plays a certain way i would be starting to get nervous if i was a panthers fan but he might wanna reconsider. There's glamour scooter shoot shoots on his way to the stadium for multiple reasons and it is like you said he's got a very tough match up against the rams greg and and it was a bummer watching a diminished version asian of newton labor through those last five or so starts last season and now you have a situation where the panthers who just wanted to turn the page and now you might have hobbled newton week one. We'll see what kind of progress he makes as we get closer to that sunday moving on bad news on the throne of sleaze patriots safety patrick chung has been indicted by a grand jury on a charge of cocaine possession <hes> this this occurred in meredith new hampshire on june twenty fifth. The felony charges charges only one <hes> charge is facing. Excuse me the felony charges the only one chunk of spacing <hes> no other individuals involved <hes>. He has a court date coming up. He doesn't and have to appear at it his lawyer appear on his behalf. That's an august twenty eighth arraignment so we'll see how this get sorted out right but <hes> greg chung is important important part of that defense and this is a pretty heavy off-the-field situation be hanging over it. Yeah it's unclear what it's going to mean and for his status. Whether could he be playing week one. Could he be suspended. Could he just be away from the team for the whole year like no one has any idea but to your point a huge patriots fan who we all know well. Let's call them burke. I mean texted me apoplectic after this thinking that after gilmore stefan gilmore and tom brady that patrick chung might be the third most valuable page. I'm like all right. Let's let's calm down there. I know he covers tight ends well and he's versatile but let's calm down with that. It does mean though that doron on harman who's been a starter the last few years in some people thought would maybe not make this team might get traded to one of those patriot south or west coming out of camp. Looks looks like he'll make the team. I think that's kind of my take away because they're going to need him. Now it'll planning though because it sounds like from you when you piece together the report that an alarm went off or something thing that alerted the police who were going there to help obviously and assist and then bang. Your house is not put together. They're checking on a a burglar alarm. Civilian lives there instead the civilians. I think maybe about the the cops. Give a little wink patrick clean up the snow something like that. They feel differently meredith shovel era. You gotta get out. Operates knew how to get the snow plow back off the grid systems. This big lake the biggest lake in new hampshire meredith. This is lake winnipeg sake kind of wild up in up up there. It does and i don't know enough about it. I'm not obviously obviously making any comment about patrick chung guilt or innocence but it is interesting that i feel like every six to nine months. There's some like mega. Criminal charges connected to the new england patriots. Let's go you know. Connect the dots over the years. I know everyb- there's team players in front office. Officials get in trouble from every organization got got quarterbacks dispensing their phones and dumpsters because they don't want those to be examined. You know it's it's a broad i would just say take out the red string you know the registering and criminal investigations and then just go basically year to year is going to go through the through line manhunter season three. Yes no. Maybe it'd be so great that they get <hes>. There's been a lot. There's a lot of gates. There's been a lotta stuff grind to get more attention. They've checked all the boxes like at the level from petty misdemeanors to capital murder and everything in between like tumbling naked into a police station that to the ones the more humor based okay. I'm gonna do bad chunks integrate star you know he left. He left he came back is one three ring since he's been back is what's been much better since they originally originally cut him back in the day or trade him. This is the deepest patriots defense. I remembering years. They're going to be good again. Let's move on michael crabtree. He's back two weeks after working. After the cardinals left without a deal the veteran wide out of reach the terms with arizona on a one year deal he joins joins a group <hes> receivers led by veteran larry fitzgerald christian kirk <hes> keyshawn johnson not keyshawn and isabella oh and hockey and butler kevin white the former bears first round pick he got cut. I guess that's <hes> crabtree. Essentially replaces kevin white on this depth chart crabtree thirty one years old mark spent last season with the ravens had a big role in the offense at least until lamar jackson showed up and had six hundred and seven yards receiving three <unk> touchdowns a guy that maybe finds a way to catch the ball in the end zone but not the most explosive guy at this point of his career. I mean i i gather that they brought initially a obviously he's available but that he played under mike leach texas tech so he's very familiar with the offense and i think you know you opened cardinals annals camp and there was this buzz about kevin white and where kevin might white men might end up in the offense for us. It's all wait and see and he's gone and they also lost to kim butler so there's there's a spot out there but the keyshawn johnson instr- news is interesting to me because it was josh wine fuss of e._s._p._n. That said he may have had the best training camp of anyone anyone on the cardinals roster veteran rookie alike so they need they need people to step up and turned into glue for tyler murli right away he mukisa johnson's a six round rookie very shifty quick. They wanna play with four receivers and this show is why when we project the starters i do this at fantasy. The owners are draft in india's a bell well. They're going to have four receivers and they like the college evaluation of andy isabel and they like kim butler and that's going to be there for and you just never i know with rookies. Isabella just doesn't look like he's ready to go into me. This is basically we don't wanna play this guy. We like johnson and crabtree's gonna be in there and that's our the top four with with kirk and fitzgerald. I'd like to point out that in the last two off seasons the two teams with among the worst wide receiver core is in the league have said the way to get better is to get rid of michael crabtree and now a team with one of the worst wide receiver core is in the n._f._l. Is a way to get better as to bring in my i think he can still play he savvy. Though you know remember the there was a report where they couldn't get a deal done with crabtree two weeks ago. What has he done. In between he fired his agent and then he hired the same 'agent who represents cuyler murray and cliff kingsbury spot which seems like a conflict of interest when you're representing the number one overall pick in the in the coach and there's a lot of that agents there's a lot of young wide receivers on that roster and a young quarterback crab. She feels like to me was bill. Parcells coined it once upon a time progress stopper stopper. Perhaps perhaps let's move on. It's also a big play stopper. The cowboys cowboys make a big deal. Oh man a big ed contract but not with one of the players you might expect. They reached agreement on a long term deal earlier this week with linebacker jalen smith the cowboys is <hes> made the deal official after a rap sheet report. <hes> steven jones said tuesday. The extension is for five years and it's worth sixty four million including thirty thirty five and a half million guaranteed. He's under contract through the twenty twenty four season. If you're a listener of this podcast you've heard chris wesseling singing the praises of of smith all throughout the two thousand eighteen season any such a great story after what happened at notre dame where he was. He looked like a stone cold top. Five pick suffers a terrible knee injury and you're not sure if he's ever going to be able to play in the n._f._l. Does affect his draft stock but the cowboys took a chance to us. They took him high in the second round. He sat out his rookie year and became one of the best linebackers and football yeah. It's a great story. At one point. He had dropped foot syndrome and he could barely he had no range of motion in his lower leg. Ah it's an amazing story. Nobody thought that he was gonna come back and be one of the best linebackers and football which he was for the last few months of of last season along with late and bandra. He's he's a guy that you could tell even in his second but definitely last year his third year. He's such a leader for that team that he impressive human. He's off to a member right and end in the cowboys in training camp the just the way that they would talk about even in even in the second year you could just tell the influence he has overall them in the way he approaches and kind of joy he has and the way he talks about latent vandrau's in the two of them seem like just a perfect pair to to sign forever and and i saw some criticism that's like this is a relatively team friendly deal like it could have gotten more money if you waited out like this is a guy who had his entire career rio flash before his eyes is happy to have it. He's two years away from free agency and i hate that where you're like china get into someone else's money saying that you you should've tried to get more money. It's like he's his generations are secured for you know his son is in is the next generation after that like don't don't tell how people not to sign a big contract if they want to shut up and i mean the cowboys you know i can't think of a team in a person with more than jerry jones who was attracted to high risk high reward or draft picks and they don't like randy gregory not working out at this point and then they essentially you can look at them and say maybe you stretched on that one but this was viewed you that way too and it has worked out beautifully and i like a team that once you find that position group that is stacked you don't decide we're going to keep one move someone else and go lower money at the position so a lot of teams do that and their general managers can't figure out a way to keep all these guys keep this group together. The defense has gotten so much better and i'll give smith the last word because then his press coverage you said pointing back to the cowboys essentially taking that risk on him in the second round. Here's what he had to say. You took a risk. <hes> you know a a four point five million dollar risk you know had never been able to play again so me understanding that it was my duty for them <hes> to get the return on on their investment and they've been able to do that and you know now fortunate enough to <hes> to to really be a cowboy for life is this is what i wanted. I like those stories now. Cowboys keep doing work so they have to talk about contracts any more and more to discuss. It's not going went away tonight. <hes> injury news from the preseason <hes> drew lock on monday night football pre-season edition sprained <hes> his throwing hand and that's going to cost them a lot of time. It sets back the broncos <hes> second round rookie to the point where he could start the season on. I are boomerang right mark. Yes but i hear some flack. Some people are saying. I prefer ira. Boomerang and people are telling me that they like a boomerang. I are the without rolls off. I always thought that sound a better person. I like boomer again. It only goes back to the fact that it's not sticking on any level as a true term because people can't even describe and what rights happening right eric if you could describe in thirty words or less what is i are boomerang. Put it on the spot like in football all terms yes bounce off and on the injury report mean. That's about seventy percent right. She's very close. It's like a new. It's like a new role for new listeners. Injured reserve used to mean you're out for the season but now you can put a player on injured reserve and they can come back as early as i believe eight. Weeks is the earliest isn't it to players now. Yeah you can do to players now that and that is i are boomerang. I believe you said bounceback. It's sort of like idea that the boomerang you're sending them far out of field and in return frisbee that part that things in the woods this is almost like it almost takes a vic fangio n._g._o. And john elway off the hook because it would have been embarrassing when kevin hogan was their backup week one which i think he would have been whether was hurt or not. I don't know i don't know that for sure but i just think lock one of my takeaways from this. You know a pre season is just there joe flacco blame this season. I would've thought i will right but even if the rest of the team's terrible or some you know if he doesn't play as well if they were like one in three. I would have expected okay now. Everyone's going to be talking lock locks. It's not playing until it's week sixteen in it. The broncos are out of like i just don't. I don't think there's any i'm saying if you know boomerang. I ars sort of like a side piece. You can keep them there. You know you kind of keep him out of the limelight. You don't knock yard for right but then you know what they you say west. They always you can always take them back up the hallways big backup sidepiece and someone back yard and it doesn't cost you all this mommy right it doesn't you're not you're not going out to yeah. You're not in every week. Ken costs money. I would've moore's little devastating. I mean they're they're paid a full salary so breaks down on a little there but has anyone ever seen they come back as anyone ever seen someone successively throw boomerang. It's impossible. I owned one child. Did you ever throw it in back to you or not. Really now you can go straight and then hooks right and then lands about thirty seven feet away from your running a suckley yeah and australia and listeners you know oh to. I was just gonna say over under one hundred tweets. You're going to get from australia right and it's another reminder of how much better life is just in general just in terms of like quality of life now than than before in most of the work. This is such a greg set all the mental illnesses now. There's a lot at some point though the when they invented the boomerang boomerang it's like wow that's the best entertainment option. We've got like the biggest revolution. We've had it entertainment decades. Wasn't it minute. It was a hunting tool. I believe the garbage so it's for sustenance and survive combat it with facts finally in the news step behind the red velvet gentlemen matt nagy is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. We've been tracking this. I mean no podcasts has been hitting this story ardor. How the bears have been handling their search for a kicker occur after the double dunk cody parkey sl drops a hammer. I don't know if you guys had a chance to read this required reading. This is a saga that interests you <hes> breath really digging into what exactly bears have done <hes> this offseason they brought in nine kickers nine kicker is brought him in like cattle oh for slaughter and herded them together and use that bizarre scoring system that byzantine is that work in the total area perfect to try to explain how they re progressing then cut them it will had little notes humiliated the mendon a treat them like football players and then they were left with four and now we're down to one poor poor guy. Who's the last guy there eddie who i'm really scared for <hes> he. I don't think he's gonna be there air week. One kicker usually you bring in like atmos- three or four kickers if you're really looking the best brought in nine and and it's a really the story about this in some way coenen dude this is it was all the kickers real old hollywood casting call if you can't take the pressure of a kicking competition and what are you gonna do with five seconds on the clock. Here's what notre dame's justin you while you're in lockstep with matt nagy but everybody else thought it was ridiculous. I was connected to it. Just in unit kicker for notre dame had this just to say it's not efficient for the team to continuously beat that one dead horse the whole time. You have to build a system of confidence for your kicker. I don't think that's how the bears are running and shout out to you for actually speaking out a lot of other kickers. They and they spoke anonymously june. He's there other bears kickers. If you go look around their comments i think what what they were sort of saying. In general as camp press on was exhaustion with the day to day pressure the forty three yard stuff augusta silence. How soft are these is. I'm not arguing that they're not our job or lets people. I know that's what that's the point but bill parcells used to walk up the as a rookie in start putting and voodoo autumn and walking across his path in the results business and the bears coaches have gotten terrible results so tonight they bear some blame blame here that whatever they're doing. I've million dollars at a good kicker. It's not working yeah. Someone's should assigned your buddy myers. He was available. Jason myers can we. We like do that players. Can we start gains before. We say it's not working. That's fair. I don't well my point is this whole process isn't working because if i could i would. I'm guessing none. One of these players will play for the bears in regular season game including eddie panero their their their kicker. We'll be someone that's on another roster yeah because then you are how how much money if you sunk into airline flights and hotels and all this other. You're just gonna take matt ryan off the golf course in a week absurd. Why why isn't that brian plan for anybody. I i didn't wanna bring it up because i want. The jets quietly signed him but you know i were responsible. Listeners the mention that he would make sense the theory is that great audience audience great state front office. Men in the mayors are now going to figure out the matt bryans available sh when going to florida park. That's what's happening in the news all right. Let's do some quick preseason thursday takeaways. I am so tired of preseason and i respect you guys. If you have a ton of notes to share on this and we could do a beefy twenty minute segment on the seven games are played last night but i'm not gonna share it too much so i'm going to let you guys handle. The bulk of this greg geddes going what was something from the third action week. One there was a very significant development in the redskins game which is that various guys played football law at the pro level for the first time and looked good and that is a big step for a guy who still hasn't been cleared until this week to be in a game and and look like it kind of the guys that we saw and highlights in college. I mean there. I wouldn't say he looked great but there were enough to build off for a first appearance that you're like okay. He's gonna be factor week. One that's a big that was developed. A couple runs where i wondered if his speed was all there but he laid a farm on someone they gave him the first six carries and eleven in all and they gave him a catch and for me after you. You know you talk about them. You know it what behind the scenes how hard they're working to get their body back and it's a good story for a team that is to weapons depleted than a team that could use some good news team nice tight end last night. Jordan reed eighteenth time. You know we joke about when i make jokes about tyler effort in how i believe in him and he gets hurt every year so don't take them seriously with jordan reed. I mean and i hope this isn't a serious head injury. I mean that was one of the worst hits i've ever seen a player. Take to head. I think i mean i feel really bad for him. And i've seen some tariff joking. Jordan reed stuff today but like that was a vicious brain injury in these how he sat a lot of of them but man that was a tough hit to watch on replay ended a preseason game west mark and i can tag team this one because we both watched jaguars dolphins and i thought that josh allen the jaguars number one pick there. There may be a couple of teams regretting not drafting him. He is a huge player. The size speed combination is is very impressive and he to me. He looked like i told mark like a roadhouse woodhouse balancer during the middle of a midnight melee just hip tossing guys out the saloon doors while somebody's breaking a chair over his back. He's just going through the dolphins offensive line like they weren't. There is benefit esque. Yes i for me. I have question marks about how the john filipo and nick foles offense offense is going to work in their overall doug marrone world and everything that you know leonard fournette looked good last night. I thought which was which is a nice development but they're going to need to keep restocking defense supernova and josh allen. There's a play if you can go find this on twitter. Obviously your plane to us at the listener anymore. You heard that there is a dolphins oftens right side of the line with jesse davis dion calhoun two guys that just got absolutely josh allen just to kind of both of them with his arms and just swept them aside and buried a running back like nine yards in the backfield. This is a guy that i think anyone who drafted anyone else above them and they all the reasons to pick her. They did are going to be measured by how josh allen <hes> in the in the most impressive to me was one where he flex uncovered a running back in the passing. I think it was kaelin blige and destroyed him. Yes and you just don't see that from guys that are essentially playing a defensive line and the the announcer kept making forget who was a good point that allen's going to change up the way they do defense because they're always very traditional four three but he's more of a stand up guy and when he's out there it just makes them more flexible not as if that defense needed any more we're good news be fun when josh josh rosen led that thirteen ninety nine yard drive which was impressive. I thought all right that's cool and they'll do it with josh allen out there right. Josh rosen gotten some pop and we'll we'll switch into that last few weeks in he's may man. He makes. I said this even in arizona. He makes some really impressive throws and he did that in this game but i didn't watch that game and think oh like oh josh rosen made his move. There's no it's one drive and it was against the backups in fitzpatrick has not looked sharp up in the preseason which is worth noting but florus seems to have already decided to be based on practices that there really isn't a competition and troy aikman. I you tweeted about it. I mean tori made a comment and you know you obviously he's hearing stuff spending time with the coaches that it made it sound like josh rosen just has not really league grasped the offense or picked it up the way that you'd want him to and that they just feel more comfortable in that ryan fitzpatrick is look bad and games but the whole fitzpatrick experience silence has the coaching staff feeling much more comfortable. I read i read his i read his common and basically said fitzpatrick starting week one barring him getting like a rock landing on them from the sky the way you get the vibe that they're still hopefully not too big. You get the vibe that he the the baggage connected to them. Is still there charley casserly <hes> you know our own charley casserly was on the show. We didn't get a chance to talk about it but charlie made news <hes> earlier this year <hes> for making critical comments or based on a conversation he had a on josh rosen and you know you wonder if he's gonna get it rosen <hes> but he's gonna start right. He i mean he will totally italy and he has made some great throws aikman who has seen in rosen play u._c._l._a. I mean he said he thinks he's one of the most towns at throwers abc's ever seen period broza rosen coming from troy aikman an atkins kind of see why you would say that man he has he has two or three every game that are just i. They're unbelievable place at some point. They're just gonna wanna see it so bad that there are no one's gonna succeed. They're the most mobile guy and <music> but he made a nice throw and he kind of rolled out and put one right and the receivers hands role to his right <hes> yeah. The tools are definitely there. Speaking of tools young quarterbacks daniel jones continues to look really good for the giants dimes. Danny dies which is nice. I saw they liked the pop up and you know he's twenty. Five of thirty don't read too much into prison. Season stats obviously but twenty five thirty three sixty nine two touchdowns. He's lost some fumbles but hasn't thrown an interception taken two sacks and the is barely played and this is the best possible outcome for daniel jones. What's happened in the last three weeks that he is planted that seed now in and not just pat shurmur his mind but all the way up the front office chain that you got a kid here. That looks like he can handle it like he is not. You're not hearing any reports about daniel jones and <hes> he's not he's to rise not ready yet and on the field. He doesn't look that way and i was thinking about it with when you take a look in the last. Let's say you know year here and a half now when the giants made the decision to take saquon barkley <hes> and sam darnold wet the next to the jets let's and if darnold turns into an all pro and wins the super bowl and all that the giants will always look bad but you know what at barclay who has all the tools the hall of fame running back. Let's face it and he had the best rookie year arguably of any running back ever last year. If even if daniel jones what andy dalton you can't really kill the giants <hes> for the decision they made if barclay is a special is that if you went the next year and got a quarterback who can be good to pair with attention all time running back. I don't wanna get too hyperbolic there. Maybe they mess it up so bad well at barclays jim brown for instance then okay. You're going to look back. I can say no. I don't think anyone says that barkley is the suspect part of what they did. It was just not planning around the quarterback or hoping that they looked into one this year. If daniel jones works works out it's dave gettleman and we already you know there's already the jokes out on twitter which make a lotta sense about dave gettleman sitting back in his easy chair in his office saying f you to essentially essentially every mike francesa in every single media person ever that rift on me. That's how it works works. He's got to enjoy it like i. I'm kind of a dana. Jones makes the giants more fun to watch one of the things i liked in this game because he's had really good pass protection in general so quarterbacks are gonna look better that way but he did have a couple throws against pressure in this game and he's not afraid to just rip it down to thirty thirty five yards with with basketball and it almost makes it made me think about that i yeah i think i've been a little anti giants over the years on this podcast but i think once the daniel jones era starts that's all over and i'm going to enjoy dave gettleman bringing up the daniel jones draft pick in every conversation and talking trash to basically every reporter forever if that happens and you delightful and i think that you know you can talk about him all day but you mentioned it there line. You've got kevin zeitler will hernandez looks like they've found someone very stable for their line was such a disaster for so along that he stepped in at the perfect time nato. There's a problem though i think that's under the radar loss giving them the business there was a sequence with jones where he completed a downfield downfield pass about thirty five yards then got wild got destroyed on like almost like a devops hit from each side lost the ball got up and then one or two plays later standard stood tall in the pocket and put one right down to the goal line that led to a touchdown like that stuff is pretty impressive one note on eli. I think it's worth noting that david deal former former giants offensive lineman told anthony moon ios current bengals <hes> analyst that he hasn't seen eli throw at this much philosophy in a number of years feel like accent former giant. Eli teammate says i mean but what's every quarterback is getting a compliment this summer. It's got a little hair. It looks you know then you watch you. Watch anything he's throwing deep and then you watch daniel jones and who do you want. Thank him <hes> anybody else. Throughout i would say i looked at the the ravens it's eagles game and who knows what's going to happen with either one of these quarterbacks this year but it was interesting to watch the journey of my boy trace mcsorley who i've brought up a few times on this show number one i love with the ravens did here. There was one play in the very early part of the game trace where they essentially handed it off to a running back to justice hill where on a play where they had three offensive linemen in front of them and six people like split out wide the play totally totally failed but i loved it but mcsorley in general like looked interesting to me enough where i think you could find ways to use him to some degree on the field in places if you were going to do that with r._g. Three i would rather do it. Try it with trace mcsorley at this point may that team last night. They're not cutting now. He should've and then on the other side. Josh mccown kinda just just shows you that i mean there was a play where at some point they feel like in four or five days. He's learned the protections and the entire scheme to such a degree an an audibles that he did so much pre snap that he walked over during a time out to the sideline and carson wentz and the coaches were all giggling with them because they couldn't believe how much he'd picked up and that you can just room around network television for awhile or cable television and then if you've done this long enough rollback into a team and unfurled two two hundred yards and make j._j. Are siga whiteside looked like he should be on the first team offense and a quarterback. I mean but mccown still has it in it makes me wonder some of the backups around the league and say you did not yank josh mccown retirement some of these clowns rominger kevin hogan. Please the played against first-teamers last last year. I couldn't play anymore. I'm not seeing josh josh. Mccown is always going to be josh mccown though he's going to come in and do some i love josh mccown some bad things coach on the field right as i three drugs last night. It looked looked like he should've stayed in retirement and then all of a sudden he caught fire. If the eagles front office decided to do it there in front office i buy into right now and so i like the move i am wary of a <hes> hate the move i like it. I'm wary of buying into any preseason high but this does look like the best patriots defense a little while unless in that game again it's preseason but if cam newton and hadn't got heard the story would have been the panthers starting offense got steamrolled they had they averaged offers less than two yards per play against the patriots when the two starters were out there like they were just guys are flying all over and it's guys who have been in the system a long time and it's a very deep secondary area. I think ballot check is loving that. He's the coordinator for this specific defense because i think they're primed. Can i ask one question. Why are we going up to is at the ottawa blue bombers field and finding out hours before the game that the n._f._l. Teams don't like where the end zone is position. Suddenly we're playing an n._f._l. Preseason game on an eighty eighty yard field. That looks somewhat suspect to begin with. I know there's probably even inside this building that would be annoying and bringing that up but like why aren't we three or four months ahead of time scoping scoping that out and saying this is appropriate and we have teams sign off or we don't i was like are they gonna count the stats from this game. This is ridiculous. They're played on an eighty yard and this comes. What is comes a year after mexico city fiasco where the field was wet so they couldn't get a safe enough for the players. I mean the packers for for those who hadn't heard the story. They were gonna play their starters. In this game. The raiders were not anyways but they decided not to because of this eighty yard funky for the packers lost. I first round linebacker sean garrett where we don't know how serious it is but carted off the field. Can i do it. Real quick eighty or outfield sure <hes> ryan finley bengals quarterback. I think they have something in impressive. They're they've got something interesting behind any. He has looked really good three weeks. In a row i accurate savvy. <hes> <hes> hollywood brown ravens rookie first rounder back in plain finally looked pretty good and my favorite thing of the preseason so far matt millen back in the booth. This is great. We thought he was on death's doorstep. He was to quote damasec not survive in but live and he's dropping lines like like later raiders linebacker drop interceptions and he says i got i've seen better hands on a clock great broadcaster and it annoys me of course he's going to be remembered for his time as the general general manager and he's gone to college in terms of broadcasting but people who i listened mellon like as abroad. It's like what does a lot of broadcast it doesn't. It doesn't doesn't mean that you're not as smart person who's really. He's always been one of my favorite <hes> announcer. It's a different skill set right and running. That millon got a heart transplant. You cannot be closer to death store. No then when you you literally have your heart taken out of your body and your given the heart of another another human being. That's pretty cool. Live it up matt millen by the way it is winnipeg not ottawa for the people in canada that we're about to tweet at me. Don't wanna hear about ah love candidate beautiful nation. That's what's happening in the preseason. Let's go week one get here. Greg wrote a banger. There's hello <hes> two ways around it two thousand nine. Here's the headline n._f._l. Dot com i mean i don't do the headlines. What is something to do with it two thousand nineteen n._f._l. Preseason colon training camp surprises for all thirty two teams. I like that little bit s._e._o. But quite direct so you went through every team you threw out a surprise greg wanted to kind of steer the ship here with of your list of thirty two surprises and actually if you read the piece market you read. It did outline how this highlight i. I like guys prepped fire say if you read it the way mark. Did you know you get more than thirty surprises here. That's a thirty eight fifty-seven surprises abridged. Let's say forty six to fifty seven surprises in this content greg of that list of forty six to fifty seven. What are some of yours that you like. The most or the most interesting intriguing well quitting williams is star are at nose tackle didn't take according to connor hughes of the athletic they thought they'd hued start inside between henry anderson and leonard williams and i think they've decided that's not his best position. I don't think this is a huge deal but i think he's gonna probably start the year rotating. Maybe coming off the bench which to me was a little bit of a surprise learning that and they're waiting doesn't mean he hasn't looked good in preseason but he's not going to be a guy who steps out there and his playing fifty snaps may be trae leonard williams to the texans or david clowney and then slide over quinton williams to the end or it could play every snap and then you have a game changing cloudy in the mix as well not that crazy. I warmed up to your trade idea. How many defensive lineman or are they gonna move over the course of four or five years that they do. There's a churn. It's as always churn the n._f._l. Mark the cowboys and you re sign the entire position group and stay strong for the next civilized six seven years. What was that the sons of anarchy what wilkerson enrich so yeah yes that was a run up and moved on what else <hes> how about a d._j. Charq you remember having the first round pick of the jaguars a year ago who had kind of a disastrous he wasn't i or was he. At the top of the second round second <hes> he is now one of their top three receivers came into the season knowing who their top three receivers are and it doesn't include marquee sleet and it doesn't include keelan cole who we used to you know right. Hosanna is about a year on this podcast and so it's now chris conley. He used to be with kansas city. It's dede westbrook who marks boy john. D. filipo boasted the best route runner he's ever coached which includes the findings and adam feeling is as he's falling your stable of two thousand eighteen no reason not to think he's a great guy and <hes> d._j. Shark who e._s._p._n. Called their preseason training camp m._v._p. So he kind of came out of nowhere and he's going to have a role there. Speaking of preseason and training camp m._v._p.'s and this was a bit of a saucy subject on the fantasy extravaganza both the athletic and e._s._p._n. Named sean jackson the eagles eagles training camp m._v._p. Which greg students points out not a sentence the expected to write in two thousand nineteen. Is it possible all that we get a vintage jack. Yes i thirteen hundred. I came in tampa last year. He's been so underrated that he's looked like the same index the whole time but jameis winston is not great throwing the ball and that just wasn't a very good offense in general and that he's looked really good. That's my opinion. What is a vintage and i'm going to look that up. All oh you guys argued west eight hundred yards four touchdowns his at his peak he was a guy could average eighteen to twenty yards <hes> percents. I can't remember a guy that old fast darryl green. Certainly there certainly been some but man. He hasn't lost any speed. He led the n._f._l. In yards perception last year at eighteen point nine over forty. Anyone catches danny take you're not. You're gonna like this is out there but this caught my eye down and carolina longtime hero yeah us us to veteran kicker graham gano could lose his job to someone named joey sly sounds fake which is an even bigger surprise and cam. Newton's deported deported looking better than ever during camp until on dan's corner. Well say you're welcome on the kicking corner but i want to keep these good kickers. <hes> gonna get air. You need hush scenario around here radar kicking bear ray one of these guys is for the bears. You know maybe i wouldn't mind the brown guys sam fixing i don't want to maybe slide is someone got a trade for sly who has repeatedly he's looks so good and gano had a pretty iffy year last year and goes. It's not healthy yet. That's that's part. The issue slides got a leg. I want that's a good jersey joey sly. That's what happened to have a great name sam thicken or you. I want joey slash joey sly. Joey sly could trust him. He'll get the job done. Maybe can't trust them actually but it he'll get it done. He'll get what he wants. Which i think it was sort of the upright noted all these for like the third or fourth year in a row this pile up of maladies and injuries in san francisco i feel i feel like ten years from now. We're gonna get like an erin. Brockovich type movie about what is happening to the drinking water around the facility. I mean it's it's like something is going on here. Here in it's ridiculous brockovich exter- noble but i mean something unusual isn't showing that one. That's it's the football movie we need. You know carlos hyde not so long ago was the golden boy in san francisco and didn't work out in cleveland bounced around and now greg quite a surprise potentially that he might not even make the final fifty three in kansas city. He gave him eight hundred thousand guaranteed and this is where our editors genaro police. What a great job. He's great. I had the wrong side sonus. You just eat is fixed. It didn't even say in the brag about it. I noticed it when i reread it. I was like oh sorry he almost a million dollars and darwin thompson and former cornerback trayvon smith who's like a special teamer who converted to running back just a few weeks ago is going to make the team over carla side. It's a bad sign. Kyle quick breaking news breaking news hollywood teller luanne who the all pro titans left tackle who made an impassioned plea when <hes> <hes> where it got out that he was going to be suspended for violating the league's performance enhancing substances policy well. It didn't work out his his appeal to the league didn't change anything so he's he's out. The first four games of twenty nine thousand six did a lie detector test which many people apparently don't believe in also if you re i understand scientifically right up on teller luanda i mean i know many facts. There are some interesting facts about till the one out there. I just said eh guys. I believe some guys at all. It was an impassioned plea. Have you watched the current season of mind hunter. I will be doing that soon. One one of the serial killers they find a stash in his in his drawer how to beat a lie detector test and then proceeded to beat the lot of a lot of <hes>. Let's go on greg. How about the steelers defense west jump in here to talk some sam lavin okay. Now you know how to say his name salmon well yeah. He's been running with the starters. The dolphins this guy's while kiko alonzo is out with an undisclosed injury and greg it has opined may not even make the team sammy guava n- former n._f._l. Player is playing alongside sam baker who looks really good. Ah jerome baker who looked jerome break game and he's supposedly look this is what happens when new coaches come in sometimes the add a second round pick and rake one mcmillan who who might not make the team kiko alonzo who is kind of you know the old regime and they've got their their new guys if nothing else they gotta try some young players and see what happens hugo allow those kind have a good villain to have on your team. He's a he's a esther. I could see landing with the raiders. So how about the steelers defensive back. I feel like that's been a trouble spot forever. Maybe this is just cam pipe like i'm not too excited about steven nelson who they gave a lot of money to chiefs cornerback but they they're saying cameron saw in an burns who are pretty high draft picks both had really good camps especially in edmonds their safety who has their first round pick a year ago go to is really coming on his second year joe haden who they've really loved. I think they're going to give him a long term contract since he's been in pittsburgh. Suddenly that's secondary looks pretty good. Mike mike tomlin has the has the defense. Why is this defense not good. It should be really good. I don't know why it like. There's no excuse for it not to be a top eight to ten defense. It's i think it's really talented. People are very annoyed with our ability to consta- league bag on the detroit lions but you did note the matthew stafford's practice it just reports etc have been up and down s- throwing with a lot of zip this summer well. Where are we are. We feeling good well. That's what i mean. I don't know what to expect. It's darrow bevill vol. Who's con- you changes. His offense is depending on what team is at but they've just been you had those joint practices with the patriots stafford and just in general the writers is there just been saying the offense just hasn't had a going and you worry about that a little bit with a veteran quarterback. Are we sure they've shown up. The camp outs that it was a few years ago. You've got them for not showing. Have we seen their first team offense at all they didn't. They didn't even their second team. All were their first team. Defensive line is just just now getting back healthy. Almost all of those guys <hes> have been heard at some point well. They're playing the cardinals in week one so we know that arizona's keeping it under wraps detroit saying we're going to do the same thing we're not gonna show you anything and we're gonna unveil our mess massively run heavy offense surprise you just as much carl's defense and you know what get fast enough well well against the cardinals defense. They might be fun. James woodson has always had a you know a bit of a sneaky. Dad bud remember hard knocks shirtless scenes. You know he's obviously a well. Bill is incredible. You know athlete but not cut out of stone like other professionals. Well car arms now. No it doesn't have the pipes of derek carr but he's got the bod working right now greg and you know what that means. You can just tell it in his face. What does it mean. I don't know he's gonna win. Have you picked usually doesn't mean anything. I mean it doesn't it doesn't take much for me to find something positive to say about james winston going at least you're hoping that he's going to turn around but you could tell how when he was scrambling and he's always been underrated scramble. I think he's pretty good scrambler but you can just tallies quicker this year. I mean he's lost some weight. His face just looks like it's college college james eight. You know what they have. They're going to have such a hard decision the box let's say he has a better season and he's a little bit more consistent. He keeps his nose clean and turn the ball over a little bit less. Maybe the bucks don't go anywhere but he shows some growth in the bruce arians era. Are they going to give him a massive contract. The thing i'd say in a very tough spot and this decision it was jason lights pick. He's just been extended if if he has that good year it looks like your interest sanchis tech right. I mean well really do you think yeah me buys them a year to make up their mind. Whether it's real or not fair thought idea oh you could go to kirk cousins rope up or what signed for that kind of more of the blake bortles rap or the buckskin just drag it out if they don't believe they don't believe that you know they wanna give him mega-contract west now. There was one say what if that team goes five and i don't know at some point. Can we not be totally roster. I five eleven. I don't think you need to start a need progress for sure <hes> anything else anybody wants to jump in with one of their own or greg another one of yours <music> all right that it's friday take good stuff greg. Check it out n._f._l. Dot com slash rosenthal. Thank you a real banger. You'll you'll notice the bangers. There's an uptick in bangers now as week one approaches mark. You've you've had bangers wess. You've had bangers last night a great piece on all the other rookies to keep an eye on that have good training camp. Thank you this week. We should talk about that. Let's get into. Let's extend the pot. Let's do it next week. By the way of a surprise that could come out anytime between tonight and twenty forty. Go watch out for this press. Mark not known as we can't say anything more say more. No we absolutely cannot well. We say that you pre. He wrote an obituary people do that. In new organizations also won't say forty batista is generally the go-to pre right. Oh bit writer at this company. How many she writes a lot of it. I'm not even joking but they they trusted mark for a big one. It puts you in a weird spot because not that but it's like. Do i really wanna wait thirty thirty five years for this piece to come out. It's like you. Is it okay to call an obituary banger. I mean that's how i would call it. The last word the last word indecent not a bad at our texting. He called it a long form either at thirty five hundred words or something on what's well. It's it's a a major figures individuals that are you know at some point expire because that would just be a waste of a lot of work at some point they will it. Just we'll our organization. Still you know the file could get lost in the mix i like. I hope this doesn't happen but it certainly possible that you could perish before this person or or total remarks <hes> mark's status of employed loyd company comparison not going to run it then i did think about that like it's like what should have turned this down like i don't wanna get into someone else's business but like being if if judy let's say so you know there's different you know everyone knows talent as contracts so when her contract is up. Can't you just be like what are you going to do with the thirty five obits. I wrote you. You gotta bring me back. You can't run those <hes> if i'm no longer with the company good negotiating leverage. I guess you could yank the violin so i'm a businessman and that's how i've been thinking. Save it for the morbid humor podcast all right before we go a couple of new greg. You want to get a little plug in your little side. Pod is coming back. Oh i didn't i didn't know where you're going to <hes> promote. Oh yes she'll be leaving soon enough. Opportunity jessil nick and rosenthal vanity project is coming back to comedy central podcasts for season two starting september third people should catch up at the old episodes catch up now and rickie by the way connect. The dots ricky's doing this unnamed fantasy project with rank was she's on camera. She is a big part of the the jesuit rosenthal breath all show. She's going to be sitting behind the glass too much longer. It's just more like when you're you're in middle school and move to a completely different part of the country you go to a different in school become a high school person. You say you're gonna keep in touch with all those middle middle school friends back in minnesota by the time you're in a sophomore in high school you you will never speak to any of them ever again. See he's not kind of bird cage. You know no but i'd never leave you guys. Well you say that now we'll we'll play that in the episode where we say goodbye to you. It's like that clip back and we heard connie fox earlier. She used on the latest throwback pod where we talked about her seat her senior of high school august two thousand to you some bangers in that. Are i mean you're revealing her age. Which i don't think is a problem but <hes> just on that she is you know connie's. She's without any type of move. Some people get sensitive about that. Colleagues that one of them i think fair assessment testing guessing differently. I was just saying factually people could put together what her age is. If they were curious you probably wouldn't have thought about it but then you brought up from the show politics uh-huh so check that out at throwback pod and let's. Let's all have a nice weekend. Let's have a safe weekend. Okay all right got ready to go heads off or quite the mailman the old boss. I could sit here all day. You guys ready to go and ricky glass. Go for it until monday.

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