Understanding Veganism With Pro Bodybuilder Nimai Delgado


Midrand uh-huh and and thank you again for listening to the key bleeding podcast. Today's guest is a little bit different than previous so far and mostly because I really early on new idea anything about it and no knowledge of any does so the whole talk was a learning experience for me. He's a world-class bodybuilder. Nima I Delgado but what makes him interesting is he also is a Vegan and has actually never had beaten his entire life. We talk about that. How it's possible helping a bodybuilder is possible like that and also the idea of being a and how it's changed over US also see him documentary game changers on epaulets? Let's for those of you instantly hear the were Vegan. Inner turned off by even the word. This is an interesting. Listen we talk about that and that maybe the actual were beating is the problem. Not Actually that act of being so enjoyed as podcasts. Here we go this del. They helped you out done something extremely kind. Have you been recognized. Those humans are in your life won a message of thanks wall supporting a great. 'cause there's there's a growing movement of people spreading kindness making a positive impact. Julia my buddies over the kind humans movement right now by going to kind humans dot Com. Celebrate the human in your life and hope raise a million dollars per some great causes kind human celebrated humanity by cultivating a community of kind of promoting conscious consumption. Always giving back right now. They're building marketplace. For sustainable socially responsible products we can make our world a kinder place to our day-to-day purchases and actions. Go check him out kind. HUMANS DOT COM. Pick up some kindness and pass. Pass it on so the one thing that really interested me about senior day was that I know nothing about out being vegan. I know it's like I hate called a movement but it is kind of a movement and we all have those friends who were just every word out of their mouth is veganism some Vegan. That can just be your food. You don't have to tell me every time I don't care really for sure but I I am and I tried to do a bit of research before coming to see you a little bit about more about just Vegan miss and things like that and I'll be honest with you. I mean I'm not the smartest individual but intelligent enough. It was hard to tell what was real. And what was not on the white. When you Google it would be? It would be ten missing about being big and you're like are these ten missed that are true or ten months that are false and so I don't today I really liked to get a better pitcher what it is because I think most people think that it's not healthy uh-huh and I'm looking at you now and you look like captain. America had due to be honest like it has been getting a lot more attention lately. but I I think it's a great thing because it's showing that people are interested in people are more interested in becoming healthier for whatever reason there's there's a few reasons why people tend to go vegan But it's more like a lifestyle you know there's a difference between the Diet and lifestyle because for me it's always been a lifestyle my background's actually I was born and raised Minta -tarian. Yeah Yeah Yeah so both my parents I kind of grew up in this environment where You know I had very good understanding of why I was vegetarian. So you tell me you've never never never never never. It was weird like I know. It's probably you grow but obviously to me. That sounds and saying but on this night of the world does it seem thing. Do you ever wonder what that tastes like. Yeah I mean I've had those thoughts for sure you know but like again on this side of the world it's a bit strange but on the other side of the world. It's it's pretty common. It was like for me it was it was religious Kind of the ethical reason as to why we don't consume Animals you know and like I was raised in a very very unique environment in Mississippi where it was basically a farm community A Hindu farm community so both of my my parents they converted from Catholicism to Hinduism when there were there twenty somewhere around there and they renounced all their possessions. They join temple sample. That was going to be their mission. They're called called is probably the eighties and seventies and WanNa get it would have gotten classified as a cult. But it's just a it's a lifestyle you know. It's all based based on teachings from a vedic literature in Alabama Gita. And things like that and they have gurus and basically they followed their spiritual master Guru I'm from Argentina to they were told about an opportunity to live in a community in South Mississippi. And that is where I was raised. So every day Until what nationality of your parents are continuing their argument. Yeah they're they're fully. Rtd White Ball. My parents are born and raised fully fully Argentine J. Like this. You know Super Super Tina but I was kind of. I was raised in the south so like I had like a bit of identity the issue because I'm not really Argentinian. Not really I don't feel like I'm Hindu Indian or anything like that or have that like strong association with that like superstorm persona from that culture apart from the the lifestyle. But yeah one of the one of the philosophies of it was basically. You know we don't eat. Animal Products or animals is because we believe that every creature is a soul and the has a soul inside of it by causing harm and suffering than you and basically embody that in the future. So Karma right so so if you contribute to that it's going to be reflected one way or another at some point in time. It could be this lifetime. It could be the next so it's just choosing to refrain from causing living anymore suffering and being a little bit more compassionate and intern becoming a little bit more human to win growing up vegetarian than in the eighties. Right I nine hundred ninety nineties baby. Okay so in the nineties. Is that hard like when you go out to eat with friends and any parties or anything. Yeah for sure. Does I think that condoning consent. That was weird. Oh Hell Yeah Hell. Yeah so like. I don't know if you've been in Mississippi. Yeah okay yeah well I mean. It's doing that in California. I could see that Nineties these California teens. My nineties right. Yeah and so even then like war against final a two determines maybe yeah but Mississippi. That seems a lot appreciate pretty sure. The only the only vegetarian lamey tires fitted basically. It's what it felt like you know but In the bubble of living in the farm community it was really easy because they only serve vegetarian sharing food. All the other families are vegetarian but I ended up going to public school so I went kindergarten on up I was integrated into the southern culture and I figured out really early on that I was different. You know my name The close my parents originally put in school with my parents Kinda late. Very free spirited hippies. I guess you could say open minded people. They they brought me to school and kindergarten traditional Hindu garb. You know what I mean like. While a doting on my like also wearing necklaces and I can show you pictures. But that's how I showed up to school originally and it was like very like I stood out like a sore thumb. Yeah kids let me now. Kids are brutally honest. Yeah and it's one thing when you're a kid kid you mean anyways but If you saw also a from India Baggy Big O.. Kids might think it's weird but there are kind of an association. Yeah you'd like a white kid yeah exactly But I mean the the the authorization was still the same last raid so and especially to food because I would bring my own food to school and I opening my lunchbox in again my parents they send me to school with like Indian food. So it's like you open that up. It's like open up a box curry in in the classroom is it's my favorite food Indian food giant air. Mata all the spices and everything they use like the whole room would smell like completely different than anybody else's cuisine and they'd be like immediately immediately the kids would be like what is that like. What do you eat? Looks like machine sometimes like the dollar. The subject is kind of looks like a machine like what is that you know. It doesn't look like my groceries. Burnings Jelly or yeah. Ham Sandwich. Looks like yeah costly Kinda had learned early on the lake navigates conversations essentially and then extrapolate strapless nat my entire year little. Kid were you tiny small. I was small but I think that's just how I was later. I didn't grow 'til after high school. I was always the shortest kid in my class. And Yeah it was part of who I was picked on much on like not picked on like physically bullied or picked on no now he was more the light just comments and like it became a little bit of like a self conscious on my end to talk about that aspect of my life because getting questioned on it for Blake my entire life and then like having to dig a little people scratched the surface a little bit deeper cable. I don't you animals like try having that conversation I had with you with a you know seven eight year old kid the debut like yeah whatever I don't know talking about it now with an adult exactly exactly so for me. It was pretty easy to understand animals younger but Yeah it was more just about like learning how to avoid those conversations have birthday parties and whatnot like you mentioned. I would just like choose not to eat or just make think like cheese and Dorito sandwiches. You know what I mean. I would avoid the hamburgers and hot dogs in his parents asked me if hundred now I'm fine already eight you know just Kinda like avoided it because because I knew if I didn't want to be a topic of conversation 'cause like I've been dinner parties enough times. As soon as the conversation gets started. Everybody talks about it. You know they start asking me questions and judging I just wanted to fit in will I mean jumping Ford till now I mean now. It's such a huge thing rate. Does it do you feel like. I don't even know how how you'd say but do you feel like you like this is how how it should be for everybody. Do you think when you we think we. Now you're so you your whole life so I'm assuming it's it's into second nature you don't think about it but with it being so popular now as it made your life easier as far as that topic being able to eat. Yeah I would say the the options are lot easier. The conversations are still You you know I still get a lot of resistance a lot of judgment alone like understanding that everybody has different views on certain things I had to learn not really early on some like. I'm pretty open about it. You know what I mean like if somebody disagrees doesn't see the same the same way I do. I never confrontational and I think that's like again dealing with that. Since since I was so young kind of primed me for what was doing now he now because I understand that you know nobody likes to be judged or feel like. They're doing something wrong just by living their life the way they've been living in you know what I mean so it makes me pretty compassionate to have the conversation in a very open. Honest non judgmental way And it has kind of been why. I've been a little bit more effective than other people at communicating. This message this lifestyle. I mean it'd probably not very many people from that have been vegetarian their whole life. I really I I know a few. Yeah I don't know. Ironically I know a few but thinking about killing few yeah and you are veggie would be writing stuff about the people who posited doing that more exactly. Exactly what the real question because this is unsure what everyone is asking. Why is it and that every person who turns Vegan is compelled all to let you know every me on everything they do is Vegan? Like it's as if they were encrusted or something and that's yes to me. I don't care because I'm whatever. I have a lot of friends who are Vegan and I get why they do it. I do think it's weird. You have to tell everybody and I'd ask my friend once. Why why and she? She said I'm going to keep tyrod until everybody is that way and I get that but I do feel like there's a part of that that pushes people away from it definitely just like being anything being shoved on the White Guy. I think is a attribute of people who begin to adopt this lifestyle. I I think there's probably comes from places I would say the first is probably. They're excited to share this information formation that they discovered you know it's like if you live your whole life with like kind of like a veil over your eyes and the veil gets lifted and you see other people that are kind of like in that position that you were a while back you want. They want to share that information with you and let you know I may not only be the best approach because I I've seen it a million times online and in person and all this stuff often it's just like people are just excited to share this information because it could be a few different reasons right. There's there could be feeling very strongly about animal welfare and they. You don't believe that any animals should die for human consumption or convenience or whatever you WANNA call it could be you know trash the planet all the kind of ecological l. reasons associated with animal agriculture. or it could just be for health reasons that people could feel really good. If you'll healthy. They feel happy confident and they want other people to feel that way so off again it. It's the way you convey the massive style because if if me we're having lunch when you order the steak in front of me I wouldn't bat an eye you know what I mean like. It's your life if you wanted to talk about it with me. Ask Me questions about my cuisine in my food and what I'm eating out totally be open to it but there's a thing that never once have I called my cuisine Eh. It's cuisine point. It's like genre young right. It's like now Vegan. Food is like its own bench genre. Do feel like They would they. That's crazy it feels they. They've you things like they've it's US versus not handles they. Because you're always is constantly being pushed basically shut down your throat about it. I think if I went into a restaurant and didn't tell me which ones revealing or not it would i. I feel like I would have not now but even before a much more open to it now. I would've. I would've ordered other things because I think earlier on years ago you'd see Vegan. This clue. There's nothing nothing in there that I would want. Yeah no taste no anything. Yeah and I feel like if they if you take that word out I might have ordered that. Yeah just because it sounded good I think it to me that such a strange idea. Vienna's a loaded word. It's a loaded word and a lot of people are afraid to even label like themselves as begin because of the association with because let's face it. I mean it's been around for a long time. But the REP that vegans tend to have is like this idea of people picketing outside of slaughterhouses deserved protests in the street or yelling people throwing paint on for coats and Mike. You know what I mean like barely on your face. Angry people and people are afraid to associated with that. But it's like in my opinion it's more about embracing the word in kind of leading by example showing people that it's not everybody. There's extremists in any movement in any group of of people that are passionate about living way. It doesn't mean that everybody's like that but nowadays it's like people are afraid to use the word that exactly like the moment. They see the the word like I don't WanNA touch it. I don't want to be part of the menu. Yeah this isn't for me for them or whoever wants that crap but make color Vegan secretly know that now people are using the word like plant based. Because it's more like friendly. Does if we read many a weird that that does the truth a couple a month and a half ago. I went tried to go Vegan for a week and I ended up going ten days and a ah I really just recently went to cut all meet out and and then I cus only drink dairy other than cheese and I had one day right. Choose somebody I'd forgotten and I don't sing. I mean other than I ate the same place every day because I I was easy. Yeah I felt like the choice to do. It was based on Until tries to do it was based on how easy was order right like him availability if it was maybe maybe that's because I wasn't. I wasn't super knowledgeable. About what places in my community. Serve that kind of food But I I knew a couple of places in one place. There's a couple of things as I really liked and it didn't I don't like I don't know if I didn't feel any better or worse but I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything which I to me. It was is more important because I do like. I do like the the effects of the climate in animals that tab not being vegan writing. I do that. It's important to me so so for me. It was serve as a little test. Like could I do this. And it was solely based on how easy it was to get down convenient inconvenience and and I think if I was taught how to cook that food or what it was. I don't think the choice would be hard. Yeah yeah well again I think people labeled someone and is like Vegan and they automatically have this idea what it is like carrots and lettuce like the idea that most people would rather food right but the reality is like. There's a lot the things that are Vegan or unintentionally Vegan and just not call that he made like pasta ordinary sauce like Vegan. You know what I mean. Certain types of cases of eggs. But you know it's very he's not like the same dishes at your normally familiar with and just make them in a way that contains no animal products or byproducts so understanding that is like kind of the biggest hurdle title for people because they feel like they have to eliminate so much of their diet and they kind of eliminate like a piece of themselves. Because it's like how many times you eat predicting like five six times. Yeah at least at least six times per day if you're like an active athlete stuff so if you basically eliminated that your favorite foods if you're eating I'm like you know like what would you normally eat. Today are lakes from NOCCO Tacos Burritos all that stuff if you feel like you can't eat those foods because they have cheese and in Carne Asada whatever in it then you're like what the Hell A. Yeah but the reality is the first thing what am I gonna eat then. Yeah people have ideas like. I'M GONNA have to eat salads. All dates like Brian Meat Salads. I come offer like close to five down almost five years. Now it's like. I rarely eat salads burritos tacos eight pizza's sandwiches smoothies all all his stuff like normal people eat but just the version of it and it's just like making those small replacement because normally only one or two ingredients of any dish is not even what helped me with the mindset. Is Ice Cream okay. Sounds dumb but I someone deter me onto a like a non dairy yet the Kawkab. This tastes right and somebody had it like glue. Couldn't tell the difference. Yeah and so I get these tuft ice cream and I think the idea that I the thing that was going to be the most delicious to me still tasted delicious. Every could to And that I I eat meat still but I could easily easily sixty percent less than I did two years ago easily early year ago. Yeah and that's a lot like like huge as a huge amount and I could see going vegetarian. I hope I could do without cheese because I really liked cheese. Yeah but I can see going vegetarian. -Tarian and I don't like Vegan cheese and my friends told me to be confused delicious and unlike an I in my head I'm like I don't think it's delicious. I think you've just decided you're Vegan. This is all you have during the best you can and I think you learn to like it. Yeah but I am fallen it ship. I'll be the first one thing. I don't like the brands though that I would say are better competitive with with real cheese. And there's a reason behind that why people like cheese so much while it. It's addictive so basically basically milk or mammal milk is normally Comprise of two different types of proteins. You have way protein. You have casing protein so casing have These these these compounds called case of morphines which basically attach themselves to the same part of the brain that Other drugs attach themselves to the addiction. Part of the brain right so the theory behind this is because you know a cow for example. They have the CAF. The CAF wanders away. They have to give it a reason to come back back to the mother. So these case morphines are much stronger much more available in cow's milk because it's meant to bring baby cows a couple of hundred pounds back to the mothers will keep feeding at the others so keeps you coming back so there isn't addictive property. It happens the same thing humans though we get addicted to cheese because it's like the hardest thing we can give up but once you eliminated eliminated. Then you kind of like for yourself. That addiction is that makes sense. Yeah so you can't replace it with like Nandi Vs It may not taste as good for some time but once you kind of get over that hurdle it will taste better in. It'll be a little bit different. That make sense. Yeah are there any I mean is that a is that a thing that happens a lot of the same thing I would. I don't I don't think meet has like addictive properties. I think it's just like you said lifestyle the way you're raised the cuisine that you normally eat a daily basis convenience. All those things have like a strong influence on your daily routine like what you normally do so changing like you're flipping living down head endurance on totally different. It's a big undertaking. And that's why like I'm always a fan of doing the approach like the reductionist kind of approach where reduce a -tarian just slowly reduce the -tarian But you slowly eliminate one product at a time you know life. It's like find the alternative for your favorite. You know if you eat tacos every day you have ground beef in them. They have like a few different alternative options options for that. Now that tastes similar may not be the exact same but you won't really notice a huge difference and if like if you were presented with the choice. This one's a Vegan plant based on this one non Vegan Vegan. You know that this one comes with certain health side effects environmental side effects on welfare side effects and this one comes with none of that. It's still may not be the healthiest thing than you. But it's a step you know I. I did see somebody talking that the tomatoes to grow that much plants all the rodents that had to be tilled was off. aww You're just killing the same at apple's now but there's there's that is true there's always going to be some kind of Footprint that we as humans make on this world right but the reality is the efficiency behind raising a couple thousand pound cow compared to raising a human the amount of grain and the amount of plants takes to raise the two is gross. I mean it's grossly inefficient like it takes up to like six or up to sixteen times more grain and and resources to feed one cal in the amount of calories it produces so just let that sink in as opposed to a human you know human ways of fraction of as much as a cow and it can survive off those grains in those vegetables and everything else so really all that death and all the destruction in the insects and rats in the road. Is Everything like that. It's primarily being fed to cattle. So Oh there's a lot of embedded resources it takes to raise these cattle. These pigs fish everything you know what I mean so by cutting out the middleman those crops and everything everything else could be reallocated or repurpose for something else. That doesn't cause as much you know deforestation. It doesn't cause much environmental damage. And you could repurpose it. You analyst like I think a hamburger caught it like takes almost like two thousand gallons of credit for what happened for one hamburger two thousand gallons of water about that when you extrapolate out look at the funnel of where that goes. It's like that's because it takes a lot of water to raise grain or to raise soy crops to raise all these other things spray the field. That's water. Then they got they got a cultivated they got a branch of the catalina feed the cows and they got to feed the cows a lot of water a couple of thousand pounds so it all kind of trickles was into this like this one hamburger. You know what I'm saying. So if you can just skip the cows part and just go straight to the source. You'd save a lot of resources. Do you think that the you'd probably isn't working. As one workman is there is there a number family begins in America. Do you not as there's figures for him. I don't know how accurate those things are is. It is it is slowing down the beef industry or the tissue. It sure. Yeah I mean that's the beautiful thing about is okay so this isn't working yet. One hundred percent one hundred percent. I saw some figures of the day that said that the the milk and egg industry and taking billion the losses in the past couple of years because of these alternative plant foods and it's they're being essentially threatened now because now they're even putting the Gatien to make it illegal goal to call plant based milks milk. So it's going to be illegal to even say soya. Milk is milk because they identify milk is being derived from an animal. You know what I'm saying. Is that to get people to not buy it essentially eh but I mean you call Burger what it is I mean what is a burger. Berge word for you know something for count as chop it up and shaped into this patty and then they call it a burger. I mean it's no different. People think that just grow on trees. Freeze is not the case. You know so calling something else wise. It's not it's not gonNa make a huge impact but it just shows that there were its its effect. The alternatives are in such demand that it's affecting the traditional beef cattle milk and egg industry. That makes you think ever possible to get that number down down get get. It's an appeal becoming Vegan. that it wouldn't be worth the money to do it worth the money. How for them to to have a farm arm and to have Alba's cost for either to be not selling them? At what point do you know what point is it is the cost of raising account. Count all that stuff not worth with yourself. It's not worth. But they're selling for a while. But it's subsidized that means subsidized by government handouts essentially. It's not what it costs a lot of money to raise cows and all these steps but they get breaks they get tax breaks from the calendar. Because it's so ingrained into politics. A lot of these politicians are vested did supported and backed by the dairy industry. The beef industry coalitions have a lot of money. And they get the brakes from it. But if those subsidies some subsidization whenever you call them weren't in existence and they kinda reallocated those for let's say plant based crops or plant based alternatives. Yes or whatever that would be a totally different story about how much it costs to have hamburger. You know what I mean. So you think we're going to get to his place just population wise it. Does I have no choice but to do that. To be a huge amount of plant based just because it will require less to do it. Yeah realistically I don't I don't know if it'll ever be one hundred percent. I don't think the whole world of the one hundred percent be in or anything the more developed countries but I meant enough people where where the public can no longer. We can't make them be. Vincent can't support that much so we'll have to have these other alternatives became cheaper. And it's just more cost effective like in my head. I pictured like thirty years now we would only beat Mike. We insect cockroach burgers because it would be so much easier to how. How was that many insects in one building? You be able to do it a lot cheaper and techno would never be able to tell the difference. Do you think that we could be headed that way with more plant based just based on population aid. The trend is going that way for sure I mean they say is one of the fastest growing industries or sectors of any other. You know I think beyond meat just IPO and strong Ip launch in the last twenty years of any company. I don't like the Spurs. It's weird to each their own. You know what I mean I I wish I did but I don't taste but then again I don't eat. I bet you is a not as good. Because it's it's just hitting the real thing but not the real thing thing or it's not that I don't care I don't care if it just doesn't taste what I hope. A Burger tastes like okay and my another bridge. Like what you've never had this. I JUST WANNA say not cooking it right and we've had enough of them to know that like you know I like it right. I'm I'm old enough. Thanks thanks guys. I know what I like to eat but I wish I did. And I'm hoping that something comes out that tastes a little bit closer to what I hope. A Burger tastes like but then again I probably have cut my burger intake down seventy five percent in the last year. which makes me feel better but when I do buy two birds the most delicious thing I've ever had but I I know that I do feel that shit afterwards? Yeah Yeah I mean healthwise. Earning in general. Yeah I mean even the beyond me stuff is not the healthiest by any means. Now it's more of a Transitional Food for people that want to make a replacement like a like for like switch. That's non animal based you know and I see great value in that because that like like you said opens at the door for convenience I can go to Carl's junior and get burger and when I was growing up you couldn't do that. Testing is cooked on the grill though probably probably but again that the only people care about that or the vegans and chances are most of those games aren't really shopping at Carl's junior anyway. You know. They're already supporting the Vegan restaurants and shopping at Red Cresent. MM stores and buying the stuff themselves so it's like it's more about. It's not talking to the Vegan. Crap do you now that you can't make them more Vegan. It's about kind of opening the door in the conversation for people that Ah may have never been interested in it and are now willing to try because the food is familiar. It doesn't have that kind of hippie Super Healthy Stephanie Virus Gateway Taber exactly exactly so other companies are catching onto it. Because now I mean in the last probably year or two probably been so many more companies that are jumping on that train even Tyson. They were investing in plant based meat. KFC COMING OUT LAWS CRAP. You know what I mean it's like KFC. I know I know rolling over in his grave right now but it's like at. That's a huge step for to get major fast food chains in America on board with that because global coming. I love fried chicken but I rarely eat it it because it just seemed everything about is so terrible. Yeah there's not one good thing about fried chicken that could possibly good for you for every- everything's everything's Monday. Yeah anything for my health for the infant for animals. Jagan if you're at a way to make fried chicken all head to really worry about the Frie- bits. Yeah you know I that you would need it a lot more. They've got one actually just had like fried chicken in a bucket by. KFC for Dame's from a food truck. On I can't remember the name of it but I'll see if I can find out. What is it it was Satan so Satan so they say this is the NFL Tannock as if we are not enough the the third part I don't know who the word whereas derived from I agree? It's terrible terrible word Satan. It's fried so maybe maybe more but yeah at Saint just essentially vital wheat gluten. It's just like the the weak protein that's extracted from the week greater What is it called the one of the week plant But it super high in protein It probably get the most realistic texture to the real thing you can like it's fibers. You can rip it apart. is kind of like the whole experience like chicken. I guess at a different color. Maybe we'll darker I would say we just make it crazy colors you biting in your chairman just of purpose of why not playing. Yeah I don't know if it will do that well if you did that terrible. It'd be great pictures. It's great for kids. Yeah exactly remember that I thought about this the other day that had green and purple catch up back in the day in the ninety. S hines hines came out with like purple catch up I'm sure it didn't last very long holiday thing as colleen and I wanNA I wanna get to two things and then move on to some of your your body. There are some bis about the to miss that I think are important with with being with the one is at because you're Vegan Vegan. You're eating healthy. And that's a huge huge man. That's a huge myth. How how does that? What is that right like? How was it that I could cut all this Stuff out still beating terribly. Yeah I think I posted this thing in the day. It says like being vegan means being classified or stereotype as being extremely healthy not or extremely unhealthy at the same time so people tend to think that a Vegan Diet lax. I mean what. What's something that's unhealthy? You're getting too much of something without enough of something great. So the most common misconception is that Vegan diets don't provide enough nutrition to live to be alive let alone be an athlete or anything like that just to provide enough nutrition to repair yourself. Recover have energy levels in all those things and there's only like maybe one thing that is not abundant in in diet and that's B twelve and b twelve is basically something that originated in in soil soil. A lot of people think that B twelve comes from meat and you can consume animal products and get traces of B twelve. And that'll be enough for your body to operate properly in providing of of cognitive function. And everything else but be made by bacteria and originally it came from soil. So the problem is when we're early. Humans used to scavenge forest and get dirty soil vegetables. We consume it or we drink water from streams in it nowadays the soil in wire or so sterile. All our hygienic. I guess whatever depleted so where the bacteria don't exist so even in the annal agriculture those animals aren't grazing zoom in open fields and getting dirty vegetables and getting B twelve there actually being supplemented so majority of the B. Twelve supplementation is pro is made for cattle. So they inject the cattle or put in their feed so that they get b twelve and then it was b twelve Dugan. It's it's a lot plays a few different roles in your body but a lot of it has to do with cognitive function. So if you don't have cognitive function you can have brain fog. You can get loud. What's the word like lightheaded? You just can't think very very like functionally so it's a very very important supplement. But you don't need much of it so even just taking one supplement like a pill like like once a week should be enough for you to be completely fine and to ever be twelve shots. Yeah what are more are is a supplement pill More effective than a shows definitely more effective Yeah there's always absorb issues with with pills especially if multivitamins people multi-vitamins or like some kind got a panacea in his garbage of studies on multivitamins. Show that they're not affected at all. He just you're just basically wasting money in buying expensive urine. Wow Yeah so if you were. If you WANNA take supplements I would suggest taking the isolated form you know like like a like a powder of ham you like a dedicated b twelve pill or dedicated dedicated iron pill or dedicated Omega three pill as opposed to doing like a multivitamin has like each one inside of it. If that makes more sense I mean the best. The Best S. approach is always to get it from food because your body will absorb it much much more effectively when it's combined in its natural state. You know there's nothing like how as Ligon Or to implant there's nothing can give you twelve You can get twelve through nutritional yeast which is like you see a lot of people a lot of beacons use it as like a like a spy is like a condiment you can make cheesy sauce with it as probably one of the most abundant sources of B twelve. But the reality is you should probably supplement everybody should supplement. Not just everybody. They did a study in that. I think like forty percent of population is low on B twelve deficient but they're getting sub optimal levels so it's not a Vegan thing it's like a general population think and for the reasons that I mentioned earlier because we live in a sterile environment nowadays. Another thing that I'd like to clear up with begin. Begin is that you can't be strong but you're not getting a protein. Everything's GonNa be stronger need protein and look at you and like I said you look like Captain America like you like to do the kid captain America's ass so I mean when you see a picture when I when I first officers like dude as ripped and not even like ripped like like. Oh this look you look. You look like a cartoon character role the perfect that the ultimate male draw you Okay humbled but seriously so when you tell me that people with your that. You've been a Vegan Vegetarian. Your whole life. Does it shocked them. You can get in the shape that you're in. Yeah for sure. And how. How's it happen like what in? What is it that people are missing that? They can't understand how the sounds examples out examples because because people have never seen it before you know it it's like you were talking about it. So is such an unheard of thing to even see like vegetarian is thriving you know an athlete fleet or anything like that. But now you don't want to have further and you hear the word Vegan and again an I an image pops up in your head probably guy with dreads loose tie-dyed shirts and stuff like that and it's just not the conception that's been built like the Paradigm Bigham so when people find out I'm Vegan. They they're kind of like like in disbelief. And that's one of the reasons why chose bodybuilding is an avenue for for talking about. The stuff is because I grew up being told my entire life that I needed me to survive and I need to meet to. He's stronger athlete and even younger. I mean I played soccer house. I'd competitive weight. Mortar semi pro skater. All all these things that were like I knew. Oh that lettuce and I knew I was just fine but I was being told my whole life that I needed meat. I needed animal products in whenever I went fully Vegan already into fitness. And I knew that I could do it and I just wanted to prove to myself. And that's why I stumbled on bodybuilding in light did a competitive bodybuilding show. And after I won I'd like kind of like printed it to myself and I was like you know what if I can do it. Anybody can do it. They just need to know how when you say you did a bodybuilding show. What was that so basically where you no you prep for a competitor a competitive guessing? TV show no no no no stage Arnold there you hit poses which which another question I mean. This one has just body tricky bodybuilding question. And I hope you don't take offense to me. Why does everyone who body builds? Why are they all orange? What is going on? Yeah this this this is probably the this is one of the aches eight hundred ninety one of the worst whatever orange sprayed why are they all orange so basically when you can on stage. You're in front of these like stage lighting And if you're white there's no contrast so so you WanNa look as dries possible like these you skins paper than you see every stride Asian everything else if you're white you get washed out by the lights okay. But if you're dark then it shows up a lot more you see. All the shadows you see all the crevices they pop a lot more so the dark you are the more the better you look on stage. So the WHYS gorringe. It's just daykitchen. They tried to get you as dark as possible man. I I figured out the Tim yet. Some look good. I don't know so but I looked like a totally different race. Whenever I'm on stage I look in the mirror might women even what am I doing? The my like what. Are you doing enough. But I mean it's just for the sport and you Kinda get to. I never respirators before. I did bodybuilding the moment. I saw myself in the mirror with light. They do. They do two coats. They do a A cult night before the base coat timer and then the next day they do a competition tenants super super dark and then that washes off at the base code always stays on base. Goes Day off for a week his smellier the girls get Girls you spray Tan. You may look you think you look great you stink. A stink is thinking. It's it's one of the most unattractive smell. Yeah you're and I and God forbid that you don't let them sleep on your show us on the run they sweat it. Just you'll buy. Yeah somebody just jumped in the muddy water. Your latest growth tends me. He's like gross thing. I never been a fan of it but if you look better on stage in fair enough I get that it had my question was a making fun of it. It's it's always always Agent Orange Nuance. It's all your thing and I'm like the people I know Wannabe town stage I didn't realize it was too and it makes sense. I should've said No. Just pop fans is prevented weird to me. That orange is the color. Yeah the joke is intentionally origin. The people people that are like more fair skinned and looking orange. Because it's just not how long's it take you to go from. You started bodybuilding to where you're like. Oh I'm competition ready and now I WANNA world tight overall. Yeah overall title overall title so long as your first question I i. So I started lifting mouse basically sixteen recreational lifting. I go to gym do a few curls into a few bench presses and I did that pretty much all the way through college in my last year of college. I made friends with some Some personal trainers and they really taught me kind of like the mechanics behind weightlifting during proper form programming workouts to see results a lot faster after that I kind of fell in love with it and then I moved to California and then Bakersfield is a really unique culture. I mean it's like blue collar workers and the body builders and to really unique makes people in the by going I guess seen in Baker's pretty big so I go to the gym and they had these massive dues tattered up everywhere Orange as all hell not anymore. They weren't competing. You couldn't see if they work there but it was motivating for me. I was like I get shape too. You know so like push myself and then somebody else suggested they gotta show him bakers local show. You should you should see you can compete in the ashort. I'll try it so that was kind of like what happened happened when you compete because for someone who knows nothing just go pay me flex. But I don't know what they're gonNA like. What are the how did they? How did you guys? Yeah like that by that. That guy was tanner's this guy looks like you've probably seen it to be honest. It's such a subjective sport. You know what I mean like you have the same guys is lineup. And then the same judges in the next day. They'll have a different places like I will get third. Secondly it's really subjective. But mainly they look for like cemetry balance fullness dryness I mean dryness yes so basically how paper thin your skin is so you basically want to have as little body fat as possible civil okay. And that's why guys trained for like you know sometimes sixteen weeks for one bodyguard show. It's it's conflict 'cause he trained for sixteen weeks for sixteen seconds on stage to do your routine and then you're not even looked at sometimes. They're like your mom used onstage. Look at the judges in their spare X.. Thirty now the guys and I've always been a little bit aggravated surveyed by judges 'cause like some of them are former bodybuilder. Some of them have never competed. I don't really know what gives his bodybuilding judge credentials of judging people So you gotta yeah have thick skin because amphion skin thick and thin skin at the same time. Great Craig well but you kind of like put your heart and soul into something any. You've sacrificed a lot. I mean you diet like hardcore for sixteen weeks to get onstage and just to be told that you're not worthy of like even being called or looked at against free like heart wrenching announced for some guys it's like girls it's heartbreaking and other guys motivated. I gotTa do better and better. So you gotTa Kinda had understanding before you get into bodybuilding because has it can be pretty brutal you know. The people in bodybuilding can be pretty brutal as well. Can you make a living doing that. I wouldn't get into bodybuilding to make a living now now I never got I got into it because I was just it was a hobby are the to make livings smart ones you making money. You can do a lot now. I mean before before before social media it was probably really hard to make a living bodybuilding. Because you'd have to live off sponsorships you'd have to win contests even if you win bodybuilding contest. You only get like three thousand dollars and you the first place you get like three thousand dollars. It doesn't even cover the plane ticket. The Food I the hotel room to get there I understand as he has no biker in the nineties I know yeah exactly so go to contest I remember. I went to like eight of strove in event all the way to Oklahoma all our bikes cleaner bike rack. All the bikes and people in the van and we slept under the rams at the park and first place was four hundred dollars sow which none of us know assess with all the negative. But it's like you understand though because because you have this deep passion and desire for this sport whatever it is even if it's killing you as making you're broke you know you're you're miserable. But that one little outs of like happiness that it gives you it's worth chasing and Ns kinda similar to bodybuilding. Because you do put yourself through a lot you kiss your social life goodbye and good luck if you were dating in like sorry. I can't bring you to dinner because I'm not gonNA eat sorry I can't hang out but I gotta I gotTa Sleep Neil prevalent and stuff so it's definitely not for everybody. I I always say you gotta be really extreme like an extreme personality to be a body builder and again like I competed in division. Where it's not? It's called men's physique. So it's like Kinda like the the lowest and I guess size wise the smallest of the different categories so it's it's a little bit more attainable compared to the heavyweight bodybuilders at our two hundred sixty pounds on stage bone-dry bone-dry just look like gorillas. You know what I mean so for me. It's a little bit easier to have a life balance between being professional in that sport and also like leaving my life Pavley and enjoying different aspects of my life. You know so I I like it. But if you're trying to get into bodybuilding for money I wouldn't do it but nowadays in social media it's a lot easier to make money because you can build up in the following and if you have credentials of being professional bodybuilder people are GonNa look to you like you're talking about for health reasons right. Yeah how does that's the difference though like you talked about earlier. Just because you're six back shred it doesn't mean you're healthy. Yeah how unhealthy is are. They can't be very unhealthy to there. Is I mean you can see. There is turning yellow. Their skin is crawling with acne. You know what I mean. It's like this is why it's it's kind of like a double edged sword when it comes to bodybuilding because so many guys do have that passion where they're willing to do whatever it takes to get this plastic trophy or to get his title where to get this little bit of cash cash prize that they're willing to destroy their body because that's what they're willing to do you know they're that passionate about it but that's what's cool about like the approach approach is that you can achieve those same goals but you don't have to destroy your body with light. I get asked all the time for the exterior royds. You know. That's that's the number two question I get asked right after. Were you get your protein. Do I take steroids right. Because they see somebody like myself who has a little bit of muscle mass. And they're like yeah. There's no way that this guy could build muscle without meat and and the difference is like I just have to understand what you need to eat if you can provide your body with the same on nutrients and macronutrients micronutrients to build muscle. Then there's no reason why you can't can't you know it's just choosing a different source for it because it all gets broken down in the same you know most basic components amino acids right but to help people understand. That is another story so people automatically assume that you do steroids or anybody in bodybuilding steroids. But don't run a lot of Surrey abuse in the bodybuilding industry but it doesn't mean it's the only approach you know normally comes down to mindset if you want to take that approach and if that's something that you are willing to take the risks on or deal with the consequences of that stuff then by all Means do what you WANNA do. It's a personal choice. But doesn't mean that everybody's taken that route so you can have that option of doing many working a little bit longer a little bit harder being a little bit more regimented and the best part is that you don't feel the same health side effects you can actually look good and feel good and promote longevity as oppose was to decreasing on jeopardy. 'cause I mean there's a lot of light abuse that you're putting on your body especially when you start taking exemptions hormones a lot of the guys arnold rate obviously sourcing he he's had like his heart upbringing on a ton of times and that's I'm assuming I I I was told once and I I. I don't know if you I don't know at all that he had everything up Reno's heart many times because heart strong. It just couldn't pump anymore because it's is too strong muscle. I don't know if that's true but I'm doing that's caused by steroids. Hgh and things like that that used over the years it could be it could be. It could be a combination combination of that. Plus the dietary choices most of their cardiovascular health issues in America caused by lifestyle so choosing foods at a very high in saturated fat that caused so you know artery plaque buildup in your arteries affect your parts ability to pump blood effectively to the extremities organs and that's what causes heart failure right so so a lot of that is really lifestyle related so with the plant based diet or a Vegan Diet. Whatever you WANNA call it All the studies show that it's it's it's health promoting and you you can reverse those those cardiovascular diseases with eggplants but and even army of an article out of the number of harder to breathe I love even arnold endorses like a plant based Diet on. If you know he just announced his game changers but yeah so. It's a film by two guys James James Wilkes and enjoyed pace. They're the two creators of the film and Basically James is a former UFC Ultimate fighter winner. I think season nine or something like that space especially his discovery of how the plant based Diet affected his recovery and performance. After he went plant-based he recovered from certain injuries and he was just curious as to why not other. Very many athletes are adopting his diet. So it's it's a really powering like powerful story of highlighting different world. Champions Olympic Athletes Olympic Olympic powerlifters have been to the like the only representative for USA. The last two Olympics was Vegan His name's Kendrick Farris. And they have cyclists. They have strong men have bodybuilders. So I'm actually one of the bodybuilders at speech from filling in it right. Yeah Yeah So. It's it's a real honor to be part of that film film just because of the other athletes associated with it but I think an arnold in it too and it's it's just changing the way we look at fruit for performance. Because I feel like it's a bigger issue. It's not just looking at me and having doubts about being plant based I feel like it's more centered around the identity behind what we eat this masculinity I wouldn't say toxic masculinity but this is a masculine identity surrounded with eating meat and being powerful unlike. You need to eat meat raw. Meat makes you a man and hunting makes you a man. I think it's kind of reversing an stepping back from that and showcasing these like really bad ask dudes I mean they got snipers James James. Probably the deadliest Dune on earth. He trains like Green Berets. He Trains Navy Seals and he's Vegan so like seeing something like that apple change. Somebody's mind because they'll kick your ass. Mainly is dude you know. I think we need more examples like that. And that's really going to change the perception of like the young people to do to the even the females. You know what I mean. I do think that we're Vegan is is a crutch for that industry. Think about it when I if you told me that guy's Vegan amid wow. Wow but if you sit plant-based thought anything about him is he's healthy but the way I look at it is you can't the the word is not going anywhere is it's not going. It's not but it could if needed but one of my friends on instagram. When they hashtag something put plant based Vegan? I would say I would trigger a different emotion in my head. I just think it needs a rebrand rebrand. I just think plant-based is the rebound to an extent. Yeah plant based on my talks about the Diet. Plant base is strictly really in relation to the food that you eat. VN transcends the Diet and it's more lifestyles basically trying to reduce as much animal suffering our footprint. That you you can do. It doesn't mean that you'RE GONNA be purchased is so weird because when I when I think that that doesn't even come into mind you just think diet. Yes either one. I think the Diet and then whichever one. I know that the Diet affects affects all those things it does definitely like. I wonder if might make things a wonder if that only means that the people who are Vegan. Because you've thought that your whole life but people were just experienced it from the outside that I did when I. I don't think anything other than food. I don't think about leather or animal byproducts audio doesn't really it's not as much and so I just feel like Maybe that's it maybe that maybe that'll be what what changes people a little bit of a rebrand because it definitely doesn't seem I hate to say doesn't positive because I think that's wrong but it definitely. I think people who are tired of hearing about got it here it negatively whether it is negative or not. Yeah I and again I think I think it boils down to the emotion that somebody feels when they hear the word. That's what I'm saying so with something like the game. Changer is such a powerful film. And it showcases veganism in a completely different light than ever before is not like you know I love. I love the documentaries. About veganism and showcasing like you know the hornsby lifting a veil behind animal agriculture dairy industry. And all that stuff. But it's it's really it. It makes people close up when you see something get killed in front of you and you let your helpless like like. I don't WanNa Watch this. And you WANNA know it exists. You know what I mean by is also mandated. I was assaulted. Pigs is being that had some sort of disease pig like bird flu. Whatever was and they really pushed out of a truck down a cliff alive into this pit to be burned as terrible? Any everybody can can empathize but again. It's that emotion that you feel that is associated with that word so if you remove that emotion and make it a positive emotion so if you think begin in your think while world class athletes like elite strongmen motivating inspiring then you have a totally different perspective on the word Vegan. So it's like a rebrand in a sense you now now I don't I I don't. It's weird because I have A. I live in the middle somewhere when I really think about. Can I go vegan again when I was here like okay if I say to myself can I go be instantly unlike. I bet do that but when I think about those week that I did a month ago. It didn't feel any different than I do now. Adults so easy so I guess for me. The idea of going plant based Vegan is all on convenience. Yep and I also do think that like the idea that like Vegan the leather and everything the only thing I buy leather shoots in my tennis shoes and I think that I would buy those. If if they were just more. Maybe there are are more available. I just needs to be not. I don't think I think that you could. I don't think people are buying that shoe because leather the buying it because it looks good. I feel like it's like the electric car. Electric cars remember but for some reason they've made them look like Shit jetson status cars. Ever Tesla. Why would you just make it look normal and an idea like that is a ploy to not get by? Yeah it very well could have been and I. It doesn't make sense to me but I just made just decide you're not making other making out of new Buck Walker. Some sort of synthetic. Then you wouldn't be doing think about it. Yeah expe- I think the best way to get something somebody to do. Something is is. I don't even have to think about it. It's just an IT. Seems it seems seamless. There's isn't there's just not an option for the other thing yeah. I don't think there's people that are going around. Maybe they're either I have to have leather leather-shoe yeah like there's a bit of a status behind having like like leather or Vitton or something like that you know what I mean. I don't live in that world so doesn't count. Yeah I don't I trust me. I don either lasting by Nike tonks. And they're made out of Suede or something. I don't think like I'm getting those because it made us look cool. Yeah I'm a ghetto. Yeah but see now. Now the industries are changing so now for reasons like that. Now it's it's about What is it a supply and demand right? The whole country in the world operates on supply and demand so if the demand is there the supply will come in now. Same thing with the food. The demand is there so now all these companies are getting on board and then it's going to become the new standard you know you'd better have a plant-based option along with your me based option if not you're losing out on money or profit so the same tablets not going to be shopping. They're they're going to go to the store that does you know so now. It's the same thing with clothing and makeup and all of these things reason why Kylie Jenner came brand new vegan makeup line because demand is air and now that opens a door for everybody. Not just the veganism is like a huge trend. So you're just missing out on all those potential clients. It's because it's not cruelty free makeup at what point is it. IS IT NO LONGER A. Is that a painting. I'm getting all stop is a painting of you offering Alfred around you. Referendum looking like the fittest humans. And the this is I wish you could see his. In fact I made for. Elderly gift fills a gift from a fan. That's that's a gift to me. A thorough what point do you think or do you think there'll be a point win that we're Vegan is disappeared because it's just light or no. It's just normal. Is the goal of his life. That would be awesome. That'd be awesome but I don't know if it's ever going to have it in my lifetime. Maybe the next generation slightly as their next generation that's there it has to be an inflection point. Now with what we're doing and I think that's kind of why. Maybe the movement maybe the the new millennials in the new generation or kind of a little bit more aware. You're because it's been talked about since they were super young as opposed to more like a you know the previous generation our parents just like all the warming. Fuck is that like nobody cares about going to be here for the next twenty years. So what do I care. But now it's like this is their world like they have to live in it and it's basically caused by the damage that we do. So it's like unless we make some kind of light direction. Like vector change you know to either prolong the damage that we've done or maybe to stop topic reverse it. I'm over. We can but we have to start taking steps now and the only way to do that is to have money behind it. You know you can't just stand outside of a building with assigned signed and think that it's going to change the world you know you have to have policy change. You have to have government officials on board you have to have the infrastructure for that to be sustainable same thing with these farmers that losing money on their industry you know those have to have like an alternative like other people like Doug. I Love Animal Welfare. I'm all about it but like a dam appeal appeal person too and I I care for everybody you know. I don't want those people to be out of business and Mike homeless stuff but there there should be some kind of light alternative option for them to step into you. Know it's not just about shut him down down you know it's about like shutdown provide them with an option yeah medium saying totally because people who work in like meat and dairy very or the coal industry. I don't think we should. They could be their only option to have been born into originally. Yeah but like all things some things just you learn there are insufficient anymore or not needed. There's plenty of industries that happens to and then we just evolved in something better and I think that although it's unfortunate for those families and for things need to move into but that is such is life yeah right like I. We can't continue to do things that are terrible because you can't lose the job ride like yeah and sometimes I'll take one generation difference. I don't know if you know What's his name? I think Ocean Robbins use the guy that was like the air to the Baskin asking. Robbins like dairy ice cream the whole formation and like he's Megan and like he just completely discrepancy. I'm not doing this and it's like well that's just not he's he's completely not part of that family. Says it has business yet. He like rebranded doing all kinds of different things. And it's like that's just one generation different I'm surprised he didn't instead of doing that. Why he didn't go all takeover every ice cream? We have there that. Maybe that's the plan. I don't know I don't know if Baskin Robbins and has the options yet or not but I assume that they probably will be given the fact that like. What's what are the brands that Ben and Jerry's has like the ice cream all these new? The vegan ice cream brands are coming out and destroying numbers. Good I mean there are some some that are like this could slightly better but it's a spectrum just like anything yes I want to eat them more on Michael. This is now my this rocky road tastes land and this is what whatever. Yeah that's what it is and I think you sort of like you said you've accepted. This is your option but soon as I made that and also where I shop I mean even just going to sprouts most of the options of economics a lot of them now so I have less. I find myself less looking at the what the Vegan option and more with the flavor is. Yeah 'cause it doesn't matter but that's that's the beautiful part about link. Expansion is that it brings competition right so like the brands that were like dominating that market and have been around for forever. The only option vegans like. It's is an option. You know what I mean now. It's like these other brands are coming out and they're destroying those flavors and they're making a fucking taste amazing and they're like screw the other brand. Let's let support this one and then another brand comes they just Competing until it like they perfected. You know what I mean but you can only do that if you have the research. Statistics financial backing to actually perfect. Something like that. So that's why it's it's a beautiful thing that there's all these options now because it's only gonNa make things better to the point where people are like as Burger tastes identical to the real. Thanks what do I care if it comes from cal for comes from a plant right. Yeah long as it doesn't cost me ten more examples. It's going to go through their head on exact. Exactly where can I feel such such a vast amount of knowledge in could never get to it. All where where can people leave a podcast with is. What are the kinds of things that people listen to that they can learn about on the on the on the generation? V Generation be podcast. So I I hosted quite a few different guests and Originally when I first started the podcast I just wanted another outlet where I could talk about things much greater doubts and in the beginning it was more associated with light health and I talked to a lot of doctors and basically ask ask the same questions that I get asked and they're able to answer them from a medical point of view that they go much deeper into the science that I ever could. You know my background's engineering earn is not medical at all but I like talking with them because they break things down to where I can understand if I can understand it then the listener can definitely understand it but I. I've got all all kinds of topics related to mental health gut issues Performance I talked to former Olympic Mr Olympia. Dorian Yates yes I mean. I've got a pretty wide variety of different guests. But the whole point of the podcast is just to broaden people's perspective on topics you know whether that's it's health whether that's compassion whether it's fitness you know because I feel like I'm I'm so much more than just a bodybuilder and that is something that I built my platform around around but it's not something that I want to be forever known as you know. I want to expand into many different things. I'm really interested in business being new entrepreneur and like leaving the corporate world in starting this whole journey by myself my eye opening so I mean I host a lot of different people and topics and mainly people that I find interesting and inspiring is. It's kind of a main ethos of the podcast and if someone who really maybe was interested in this plant based or Vegan in order GONNA call it Trying to make it as easy as possible. There are a lot of like meal preps or things like that That people can look into Germany as suggestions. Yeah as far as meal. Prep like delivery services. There's a few I've never tried them just because I like to cook for myself but I would suggest like like maybe going online and looking up different recipe databases that you can find for free and just trying them out this zig trying to cook you know your favorite meal but with a Vegan option leg instead of doing you know Fried Chicken Fried Tofu or something like that. You don't even have to go the healthiest row. But as far as meal prepping goes the majority of questions I get asked answer in regards to building muscle and I got asked so many times I even started a separate food page so I could just show people. How much protein has been how much carbs vats and fiber and all these things? And it's just called Vegan bodybuilding food. You can find our instagram facebook. I share tons of recipes there I also do online coaching through through my company called Vegan fitness dot Com and we have transformational coaching where we've seen incredible resulting in eight weeks. People are able to achieve achieve much more than they ever thought they could just buy kind of following a structured program and combining it with a structured diet and plan and all the foods that we recommend on on the programs are predominantly hopefully plant based meaning that its little processed food. So if you don't WANNA eat beyond burgers and all process crap you don't have to. It's all based around beans legumes. Lentils fruit veggies potatoes. Like all really helps us. That are available everywhere. It makes it really easy because people feel like veganism is so so expensive. They think that they had the restaurant. WHO's fifteen dollars meal? Yeah it's expensive. You know but you can make the same meal your house for less than two dollars you know. Beans and rice is is the cheapest thinking get you know that's kind of a staple in my diet. Same lentils Tofu and all that stuff you can buy really deeply so it's just about learning to combine those foods and then the following program. You'll see results really quickly. I always tell people I don't you don't have to go the just try it. Just try it you know. Let the results speak for themselves. That I'm I'm an eight ten days and I felt good. I I didn't feel I don't know if I did it long enough to really get get a feel but I know that I didn't feel like that was lacking at all I would say normally around week three and week four. You can probably the biggest difference because you have allowed your body to detoxify digestion in has kind of like made clear itself out. You know 'cause you're eating a lot more fiber at this point and then you'll start to notice the difference in your sleep the difference in your daily energy levels goals because the reality is like meat is very inflammatory and disease cancer. All that stuff can only live if there is inflammation so if you can reduce inflammatory markers then you'll naturally feel a lot better so for example if somebody wakes up in the morning and standard American Diet Radio but have like the eggs in in the morning first thing right if you're bodybuilder. That's probably what you're going to have your egg whites right and then by mid morning your washing down with away protein shake and then for lunch or Heaven Chicken Chicken and rice and then the same thing for lunch number two and then for dinner. Maybe you had like Sirloin or fish or something like that. So like each one of those animal sources they elevate your state state of inflammation to the word to the point where you're in a chronic state of information because you're constantly feeding it inflammatory foods so if you actually eliminate those foods introduced anti inflammatory foods which the fruit vegetables things contain antioxidants would basically reduce the amount of information your body. You'll naturally feel a lot lay course later lot clearer and not only that you allow allow your body to spend the energy instead of fighting inflammation it. Allow it to recover faster. It allow it to sleep better allow for your hormones to produce more in being a better environment for your internal organs to operate in your digestion. You know digestion is like the biggest key to living healthily and we know hello this much about digestion but just scratched the surface on the gut microbiome and how food affects the type of bacteria that we host in our from our mouth to our so. If you can optimize that then you can absorb nutrients better. He can recover quicker. You can be a happier mood. Because seventy nine percent of our serotonin levels are generated from our gut so Serotonin Light kind of balances are mood and makes us in like a jolly disposition or not. So if you're lacking serotonin you could be in a depressive state. So there's like there's so many levels as to what you could experience on a Vegan Diet and again I'm not doing this for any kind of propaganda like I get not. Everybody feels comfortable talking about animal welfare fair or ethics or things like that but from a purely health perspective. I think it's worth shot you know. I think it's worth a try. If people are willing to do Kito into all this other crap in like why not. Just try this other this other guy. It's been marketed poorly. It has a take anything anything I mean. People people by the dumbest Shit they do. And you're a whatever it is whether it's food or closer ideas or whatever he'll buy into the dumbest shit because it's market well and I think veganism like I said like even at word just just been poorly marketed early market and it's it's it's crazy that It all comes down to just what people think of it what it can really do for exactly exactly exactly marketing and science or to totally unrelated fields. That's why like the supplement industry would be blowed garbage. You'll ever come across because they make all these claims that have new. Look at the science behind those supplements. And it's like it's purely garbage. You know they're just making claims just claims or it's all relative so we're actually doesn't infective. They sell it for seven dollars a bottle and people like Phil Placebo and they think it works when it's not doing shit so you just about like merging. Those two in combining the science was good marketing. And then you can have like a really powerful kind of boot you know while I was go get lunch at big Nice Burger. But they're gonNA pass but thank you. Thank you so much for having me over today because it is this this podcast in particular is gonNA is so different than the rest of them that I've I'm doing but I I do believe that it's a super important topic and I believe that is it is something that is really something that is healthy for everybody whether I can buy into it or not and I think the point of be buying into it is has nothing to do with anything about what it actually is dull my mind. Yeah yeah of whether or not I believe this so thanks thanks for dropping the knowledge that we were able to get to which was a lot In this last hour or so and and If anybody wants to follow you get your tips. They can find instagram. Yes first name last name is me my underscore Delgada. That's what a map all platforms. uh-huh Youtube Instagram facebook twitter And then if you want more advice for food you can follow my instagram food. Page being body going food and then if you want are interested in coaching and learning more about Kennedy evidence behind performance from a plant based diet or Vegan Diet then you can go to be convinced dot com and if you WANNA listen to talk a lot more generation V podcast. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me Eh around eighteen uh.

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