Reed Wins WGC Mexico, Bob Menery


Walking Mattie and academy. I met buried today. The podcast. Catty cuts it up with comedian Bob Memory and we're talking about Patrick greed. He won't go away. That's what happens when he woulda tournament week after people are talking about you or going to discuss his win at the WDC Mexico and a couple of things. I need to know before we get started. Please subscribe to rate and review this podcast. Wherever you listen to podcasts. Tell a friend tweet Addis. It helps us out the more people that find the show the better. Even if it's your father-in-law posted on his linked in do it. It helps also WanNa let you know that baseball tonight. That podcast with buster only is back on Monday through Friday. It's a grind but it's baseball season. They love it today. They've got jeff passing on to talk about his fascinating fifteen days in Astros Cam. That and more find it wherever you get to your podcasts. 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Why Gulf can't quit Patrick Reed and neither can we because this fundamental question about this too because the second you think that you're gonNA get under his skin and he's going to become a controversial lightning rod. He goes out and wins. Wgc Mexico in my opinion is becoming one of the great tournaments engulf because of the elevation. And the course. I was thoroughly entertained all week. Wdc Mexico even though start with hit here right. Genesis had a stronger field nine of the top ten players in the world. Play Genesis right for two top ten players at a world skip the WG see how. How's the schedule working out? They convince schedule. You love. It doesn't matter it does melt or does matter because listen if the most important events for the PGA tour the WGC's and your best players are skipping them to play a regular PGA tour event even know the genesis has elevated status. You're talking about guys who would rather play a tournament that has a cut cut then to go play a no cut free money. All the world ranking points. That apparently was not as important to some guys as the going to play the genesis where you weren't even guaranteed the weekend who's payroll are you on. I'm on I'm on honesty payroll payroll. I'm on like I'm not. I'm not going to sugar coat things I'm not going to blow sunshine and rainbows up people's behind just because it feels good and sound like Jerry. People they were. Here's really wrong here. But I'm not how I was wrong. Then W would have a stronger field. Okay did you look at the leaderboard? I didn't say the leaderboard was an Hatrick. Read Bryce into Shambo. Jon Rahm at your three worry mcelroy. Decky and Justin Thomas Right so what Gary Woodland Major Zander Shop. What does it? What? What's your point. My my point is I'm just saying it's Kinda strange. How more guys in the top ten played in Genesis then played in the WGC? Why is that because it's a WDC? That's why strange you would think if the top ten players in world we're all. GonNa get together isn't that what the WGC's were designed for? But did you get a half the left this new schedule narrative go because the new schedule is it new anymore? And it's not going anywhere. I tried out a WGC. That's got that type of leaderboard. They don't care they don't care I feel you. I just think there's some irony there and I still think like this is still new because guys are still working their schedule out which we are now seeing so yes. It's still new because it's what is the third year maybe with the new wraparound schedule. Like how many events are there now or their apparat schedule? The rapper schedules stupid. I'm talking about the schedule. That was implemented last year removed the players to March. And we'd we made some adjustments and where tournaments are slated wrap arounds gonna be stupid forever said we'll we`ll? We'll feel the way that we feel about the schedule and the wgn Patrick thing I said it before and I'll say it again. People still haven't learned they haven't learned that as soon as you start. Open your mouth and running it throwing shade at Patrick Read. It makes him play better. We learned this from like no one. Everyone forgets history. This is what I can't understand people through say to him so it all goes down Saturday at the hero. Golden Sand Castles. Do want so you think what it's done. He got no chance. Nah The next day she'd sixty six now. What happens when we go to Maui Century? Tournament of champions Patrick read everybody talking about. Here is the controversy. First Time we're going here seeing blah. It's going to be crazy. This dude almost wins finishes T to. This is what people yelling at him. The whole time that people people learn then no get to the genesis. Everybody's still talking smack here. We here comes Peter. Kostis here comes brooks kept. And what does he do? What does Patrick Redo win? I don't know maybe if you're a patch agreed hater and you really don't want to succeed due to Carlos Correa and shut the saying front door. I don't understand here's my and this is what makes him on. This is what makes him great. This I love agree because I love the fact he embraces being that guy. Well Yeah I love it. When they didn't embrace it Brooks Brooks kept gum braces. It through Patrick. Reed doesn't like it. He just shows up in wins when it happened like bit. Patrick Reed would just as soon. Just give everyone the bird. I mean he would just rather just flip everybody off. He doesn't like being criticized critique but he does the talking when with his play which is fine which is what Brooks does but Brooks legitimately embraces being the guy that's GonNa say things other people won't and then fires back at them verbally and this play read is the villain by his own doing an action and backed up in moments where he needs to most remember at Augusta when people were all over him and the family stuff came up and all the the past experiences that we in college in that area cheating and again he goes out wins the green jacket. There's just who he is any embraces it but we don't know if if if Brooks Kepco had to deal with what Patrick Reid is having to deal with I don't think provide up. Good comes through saying I don't think you could compare the two I just because Brooks I thought you were saying that Brooks embraces like being the I don't give him he while and Patrick. Patrick doesn't like the fact that he's not liked. Here's how but here's here's how about you. GotTa you gotTa look the difference. Between the two Patrick's problems have come from. On course behavior yes brooks is embracing. The villain comes from press conferences. Where he says. I've got like five people to be completely different. I I completely agree with that. But he and I have a fundamental question of what went down because people are disagreeing with the context of everything that Peter Kostis said. And I have a fundamental question for you. Okay because I called it a cop out when someone uses this. Excuse so Peter. Coss this no longer works for CBS. Let go yeah. Didn't get brought back now. He said on the podcast that he was on no laying. Up that he has personally witnessed. Patrick read do something improve the lion. Four four separate time. Yeah he's seen it four separate times and he said that the reason that he didn't say anything other than the one time he said something on the air that made Gary mccord speech. Listen couldn't say anything for a minute. He said the reason. He didn't say anything to a rules official or tournament for doing it was because in his words on the podcast. He doesn't WanNa be this story. His job is not to become the story just to reported. I say that is bull. And that's a cop out because as a person that is. They're not only covering the tournament but watching the tournament. Everyone's job including the people that are playing the plane. Competitors is to protect the field. So if you see someone have a rules violation and you don't reported at the time but then years later or once you don't have the job now. You're going to start saying I seen this and this do did that. Like Nah Bra. Sorry you know what the fundamental question. The fundamental question is is data legit in your opinion. 'cause this is just in my opinion. That's not legit in this situation. It's not a legit excuse in your opinion if you are there covering a tournament and you see someone. Break a rule not hop the gated to report that. Here's how I would handle it. He'd I will tell you that that costas is right and wrong. He's right in that he as as anchor as an anchor of sportscenter as a as a someone who fronts program it is best for me to be the stagehand and not the star of the play. Okay let me finish. Let me go to be the stage. And not the star if Kostas goes and reports this then he becomes the guy that ratted out. Patrick read. That's heart one. So He's right about that where he's wrong is if as a steward of the game covering the sport. I would if I were the field reporter the Dottie Pepper Peter. Kostis the David Ferte. I would tell the truck guys. I just saw Patrick and prove his lie. If you have a camera shot I would show it. And then they do with. It is up to the broadcast in the rules. Official but cost is not a rules official. He's an encore reporter. His job is to report when he sees so. Let me ask you this if you're a journalist year reporter and you see a crime committed and you don't report seeing that crime and your excuse is well. I don't want to be part of the story. That's not being a rat. You know what you are. You're an accessory to a crime God by not reporting it night. That is not becoming part of your right. That's the word. The operative word you used there that is correct is reporting it like it is his job to say okay again. You tell the producer in the production truck guys. I just saw Patrick. Tweak is ball move is ball role as ball improve his lie. If we have a camera or you can go. Show it rolls official. No no no no no. His job is not to go to the rules official. It's absolutely not his job is to tell the TV truck what he saw in report. What he saw is job is not to report to a rules official. What he saw. That's where we disagree. He is not out there to do. He's not he's not out there to do that. He's out there to report is out there to do that. No one is out there to go get a police officer when you see a crime committed like you're not just out there to be Johnny on the spot cop. Well he's out there. Speaking about comparing crimes and Patrick reads liberties on the Gulf of Maine. Of course it's two different things but this is the example that we have because in this year saying Kosta should go to a rules official. I'm just saying that you have to you have to report it to someone yeah the TV truck. Like I said and then you do it on the broadcast and then whatever happens because of the broadcast is what happens but if you don't do it at all then what then you get to take liberty with it later on. I'm never a big yes. I never a big fan of after the fact guy after the fact approach well a decade ago and I I just now. It was wrong decade ago. Yeah you didn't say ten years ago you say something now that you don't have a job like come on man like don't I don't WanNa hear that I don't WanNa hear about like. Oh five years ago so and so got me in this like. Nah and that's not in our sport that is not becoming part of the story. Like that's a cop out to say. I can't report it because I don't want to be part of the story. That's not become part of the like you don't have to say. I was the one that reported it. I was the one that turned him in. And no one said you gotta do that like when you use the term. You ratted him out we. That's not Bradley. I I WANNA know what your problem is. As you probably have been reported to a rules official as you probably didn't report it during the tournament dirt to the truck on the broadcast. Either both okay. Yeah both I don't think I don't think he should. I don't think he should have reported it to the rules. I think he should have made it a part of the broadcast in one case. I think he he did a small part of that. But I don't think that's enough. I mean what happens if you're really especially a guy like cost who's had so much experience and actually teaches tour pros so now you're gonNa tell other tour pros like what does that speak to on your integrity will see something. But I got a job and I'm getting paid. I WANNA save my job. I ain't saying nothing. How about the fact like now man? Sorry like what does that say about your integrity like you are more. You are more concerned with yourself than protecting the field. And what do we talk about when it comes to golf and the integrity of the game and protecting the field and now you're saying that well because I'm on TV and because I'm out there walking? I got a microphone like I can't do that. So how did it's not my place? It's not my place because I got a microphone and because I'm on TV. It's not my place to protect the field. I just gotTa sit and watch like I had it really haunt me okay. So how did we get caught at the Bahama? Didn't that but what I'm saying is cost. This went on to say at this tournament. Read ended up winning. So He's saying I saw him do this stuff and he did. He like here's what he did. And if you're if you're there as a reporter and you're covering somebody television you ain't walking without cameras you. We both know that correct. We both know if you're out there covering in event in your own course. They're not this. Ain't radio for CBS. Cbs Don't do radio for Golf. Siriusxm does so sorry like there's probably cameras was going to be there because you tell the guy walk over and get a look that lie. Did you get a look? Yeah I looked down and the lie was he wasn't going to be able to hit three. Would the first time I saw it but then hit three without afterwards and no one else. What what. Now you're saying now after you like this. That doesn't feel right to me. It just does not. It doesn't sit well with me. Yeah I've never in a sport that prides itself on Gentlemen's accord and integrity and keeping the other players score and being honest it does not seem to fit the narrative. This ain't the same as football or baseball where you as an as a journalist and analyst you can sit there and be like well he got away with one on that one but you don't go to the REF and be like hey man is dude. He was holding on that one. That got face masking. You gotTA call that like. That's of course in that sense like no. You're not going to become part of the story in that way but we're talking to golf is different sport. It's a sport. It's that gentleman sport and a game of that. We talk but I again i. I don't like being both sides guy but I do see both sides. It's not Peter Kostis Job. I UNDERSTAND. I completely agree. I do understand what you're saying. It flies in the face of everything. The sport likes to stand for. Yeah and now. You're and you're a teacher as well. They don't come that same thing. If you're going to say something now you should insist something in like you. Don't get your. Your soapbox is made a Balsa Wood. If you're going to stand up on a soapbox and start screaming about you know you saw Patrick. Redo this and you saw Patrick Redo like Nah man. You didn't say nothing in. Don't say nothing now. I WanNa hear like I don't WanNa hear I don't WanNa hear about your integrity now because you didn't have any at the time if you just trying to cover your butt and save your job like that. That's not okay. It's not okay. It shouldn't matter whether or not you have a microphone or not. That should not matter that is not becoming part of the story in the sport of Golf. It's just not not if not if as a lover of the game of golf in the big picture of the game. You are trying to protect the game and you witnessed something you gotta say something you have to. How do you think? Cbs handled this. After the fact I don't know what we don't will never gonna no he don't work form no more. It's kind of. That's what I mean. That doesn't doesn't not seem funny like if I got fired by. Espn tomorrow and then three years later or a year later came out was like let me tell you all this stuff about espn but there are cases well there are cases were NDA's or signed very no NDA side when it comes to like what would that tell you. What would that tell you? Somebody said I can't talk about my old company signed. Nba will. Why is that like? Why does that not send up red flags to well? Yeah well there you go. That's saying gives me a firing or a dismissal. Doesn't put up red flags. Something happened situation. This do just got let go because they said they wanted to get younger. They wanted to go on the different direction. Which okay. That's fine but you know there's sound little bitter Lopez Lopez when when like okay. You won't get your name back out there again. Patrick easy target but what did he do after the fact Melinda Lid it should should we make should? Should we get cost us on so you can? You can have this conversation with him. I I'll would love to talk to him about it just to to get. I will be fine with getting that perspective. I got his number. You know like I'm I'll hit him up and see if he wants to come on to talk about it because I do want to. I do want to understand that more and I know there's plenty of people out there. I got into it the other night on radio and then on social media there was a bunch of people who you know if you heard the whole podcast. You would say that he didn't want to be part of the story. I'm like I'm sorry. That's just not an excuse man that's not. There are some cases where I completely understand that our job as journalists. Watch and just be to to watch what happens and report. What happened began. But he should have reported again he should have reported to the TV truck. Here's what I saw. Do we have video of it. This job is not to report to the rules official. It's not it's not a field reporter's job at the NFL to say. Hey that dude. That dude is offsides all night. Watch him no see. That's different if you if you're saying watch him compare like this is present different because the reporter would be inserting himself in rules. And that's not the reporter's job but here's the deal so if you have to look at it as fans as well okay. You're you're there as journalists. You're probably there because you love the game in your fan gear. You're not there as a journalist. You're there as the Bronkhorst team as as as a reporter you for your reporting under no no hair. Egg is a reporter cost. This is part of the broadcast. There's a difference between credentialed media reporter and broadcast team different. What's the difference in a spectator? Seeing a rules violation and casino rules violate Luckily Golf's. I'll how dumb that was in. God No no no. I'm not talking about watching it on. Tv I'm talking about in person because that rule is still the same dude. That rule is still the same. And this is my point if they WANNA LISTEN TO JEFF from Madison Wisconsin. That he saw some dude improve his life. That's on the sport. Yeah but that is the sport you don't have to like it. I'm sorry you don't have to like it. But this is the way that it is like. If you if you see something say something would quit. Quit clutching your pearls. I'm not clutch my pearls. I just like I said what is your deal. Who are you going? I gotTA SQUIRREL PROBLEM. While I've back porch. Yeah honestly I'm trying to UAE. What's going on you have like yes? So there's a whole screen and there's birdseed set out and my wife who set out the bird seat my wife that's by no it is but see ain't taking care to squirrel could see now here because he's at work so only one of us has to hear this squirrel coming through the screen. So yesterday as I was interviewing Bob Memory I hear the squirrel. I'm like hold up. I got an idea so I take. My cat was an outdoor cat flashing our like. Yo you earn your keep this time. Do you think and I put him on the back porch with the Squirrel Squirrel. Have out right. Because he's freaking because now the cat's there and the cat is just looking at him so now I'm like this ain't going cash is looking at the man what's going on Squirrel. Don't know so you know it's freaking out. Now the cat is like maybe there's something going down but now the cat gets a little bit lazy when the Squirrel goes behind his thing. And the cat just sneaks back there and I'm like yes. He got him and just pokes his head around everything and then comes back. And I'm like what are they man. It's finished the job dude. What you're going outdoor cat to you. Ain't GonNa take care of this thing like you but you need to take into your own hands. You could shoot it. I got the daisy Red Ryder. Yeah I gotTa Daisy Red Ryder out and so I was trying to but there's things around there's windows and like you know so. I'm looking to see because I think I put. I think I put one. I think so but I'm not sure yet so and yesterday after it all went down. The boys came home and they was like out there with plastic bats but then when they had a shot they wouldn't take it so I was like I knew it. I knew y'all wouldn't do of course then. They just opened the door to score runs out but I'm thinking to myself. That squirrel just learned his lesson. Like I gave you a pass you got you got a reprieve from the governor like Jesse. Hint. Don't come back here no more so you and now today squirrel came back so we did. Yeah so that's what I'm saying. I'm and I went out there with daisy. And I think I think I neutralized the target. You do how I think. So what I got a couple of good ones and now the the the target when behind a little something and I haven't seen the target since and there hasn't been any movement or noise out on the back porch I but I haven't been able to go check because I wanted to. We're doing our thing. So do you want in in a state for the past couple of days and yes like all this Kostas in Cabot stuff? Put me over the edge. I love the Squirrel is getting you like the Squirrel is outsmarted you and your cat. It has outsmarted narcissistic little beast anyway. Well that's the thing like cats are all they care about is themselves. You know what I mean. And that's the part of you know You D. Yeah we give them a little something out like I said. The cats are outdoor cat right. There's no litterbox in the house. But the cat does come inside. We let them chilling here. When it gets real cold he sleeps inside when when it's raining or thunderstorms and stuff and this has been with us for like eight years nine. Maybe more than that hot dog. He's been he's been with us for a while not declawed. 'cause it's a outside cat right and sometimes the cat will come and like. I want to donate to the buffet to dinner. Time and the cat will come up and have a bird or like a and it. Just come to the rings a rabbit to your door. Yeah he go. Y'All WanNa get on this. You not see everybody's eating entree some salad. What kind of play? Where do where do you live? I told you I live in Gainesville mayor this dude this. Your cat is bringing. You is like one hunter gatherer from my family like every cat. The cat is a killer. My cat is straight co killer except yeah apparently was it's not like he hasn't taken a squirrel out before but it's like you. I need you to take out. This Squirrel Squirrel didn't really do anything to me. Wait wait what he's like. He's like a Jacuzzi Hiller. Those are the smart ones the ones I like. So just give me the food and stuff and I'll decide what squirrels liver died. I'm Brian Rib. I should be one laying out the rules on if I need you to take something out you know you wanNA keep getting him a little treats. We would as we tape this the you have. It's ten thirty or ten forty. Am Wednesday morning. Yup Do you have. Is the Squirrel back today? The Squirrel was back today and we had another battle. I should say where I had the target that I had to target in sight and took a couple of liberty stores where I thought I made a good clean but apparently i. I don't know if I did but now there has not been. I am literally looking out my back porch onto my screen porch or I like. I have one of those glass that goes onto the back screen porch from a bedroom. Yeah and so. I'm looking out there now. And there has not been any movement out there for the last thirty five to forty five minutes. You think he's telling his friend no because the only way for him to tell his friends will be to get out. And there's only two ways out and I blocked one of them off because it was a hole in the screen and then the other one they climb up the screen and going his little hole and the birdseed has been removed as well so I put the bird seed in the garage but this dude still came back to get the scraps so now it was like all right. See what I'm saying like I did and he made a mistake. I'm trying to fix it. But now this dude come back and like when you come blowing up and the cat didn't take care of the problem so now. Olympic let me tell you. The cat has not been in house today so this you're obviously not covering behind the classic this week. We've because the videos that I did for. Espn DOT com. I did yesterday from the Locker Room here at the country club. Gainesville Country Club. And you know I just said I'm in the locker room there. Well Yeah Big Time. I pay to go in and boy. You're a member. Yeah never you've never invited voice. Welcome back Bra. Stop It. You're always work and we play all over the place anyway. Yes so but it was funny because yesterday the weather was nasty and there was no one at the country clubs in the locker room by myself so I said in the video to weather outsides nasty. So I'm hanging out in the locker room with all me and Brooks kept his friends because it was empty. I got the job and then I heard some laughter giggling outside and it was somebody that was working there heard me doing. The video was laughing at what I was saying. Because Brooks say in same thing like when Brooke said he goes when the whole Patrick. Green went down thing went down. He came out and said to. I saw some things and was just patrick reading. I other dudes breaking rules and I didn't say nothing either but now because my status now I'm going to say something like wait a minute dude. That's like dude that murder six people and on death row before he goes to the electric chair is like found. Jesus oh now you found deathrow. Okay all right dude. It happens nine times out of ten. That happens I know. Yeah okay you barely. Jesus hangs out on death row. So like Bruce can now if I see something I'm GONNA TURN PEOPLE IN. Well you didn't sign up before like and now you're saying. I don't need no but he doesn't need to be that he didn't need to be that new up and come like now that he's established himself he can be a you. Don't want to be the same again. That's not how this sport is supposed to work. I only I only report people when I'm somebody like what's look. That is not the direction that I that I feel the sport that I love that. It shouldn't be like that. It shouldn't matter whether you're two hundred ninetieth on the money list or I on the money list. It shouldn't matter whether you're number one in the world or whether you're one thousand five hundred twenty eighth. It shouldn't matter if you see someone break the rules. You should feel comfortable saying hey. You can't do that. We're GONNA put this out. Put this out to the patrons at Mit y the word and CAD is. That is what the instagram twitter. You let us know where you weigh in on this. Please and coming up next. I want you as succinctly as you can as the caddy. Please give an introduction or at quick tease as to our guest today Bob Memory so everyone who you all know who this guy is and when was this plane though you all know who he is why because of his voice so he has become an instagram sensation because of his fake calls of sporting events and demand? Now he's the voice of Buffalo Wild Wings. It it. He's he's hilarious. I hate that I missed it yesterday but I can't wait to listen to the memory interview that more coming up next and a couple of things. I HOPE THE SQUIRREL PROBLEM. We were you. Update US on. Scroll Gate next week. Yes I bought nery coming up next on Mattie and again before we move on we need to talk about blue guys. 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A lot of y'all are going to recognize as soon as you hear the voice and you're going to wait. How do I know that voice buffalo wild wings but more importantly instagram sent? I don't I don't know how would you describe what happened to you on Instagram? And you gotTa tell me. The story like how it started dude. I started first of all. Thanks Raby on here. I appreciate it. You're the man we can't swear on this right. This is the no man we can say whatever we want. That's why we got a Taylor. Got The bleep button whenever we need it. So we need a job f-bomb we could be like and now he's not leave that out all right. Well I need to get out of my system and so all right so anyway. I started Basically I got really lucky. I went to Los Angeles private actor comedian and Kinda failed miserably with back with Boston. It was two in the morning. I always had this schtick did I did run up to the people and do this kind of fake podcast voice that I did and Ended up sitting next to some kid. I never met before on a on a couch at two in the morning during this music videos. Shoot Kinda did this spiel where I was like Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady of the shotgun. Whatever didn't think anything of it. You recorded it the next day my Kinda just went viral. I guess and Ever since then I don't know what is going on in my life. It's very strange and I have no idea what's going on. Do you remember the first light? Nfl seeing that you did and what that response was like. Yeah I started off doing video game glitches and then I transitioned to to-ing dubbing over like NFL NBA. But I start off college football and a lot of people ask me. What was the clip? That kind of got the most traction and one of the most traction was when the quarterback rolled out to the left side and he leaked in the end zone. I said he leaps over those p. Word it was the P. Word and And I pretended that 'cause I had a little momentum but I pretended that I was a real sports announcer. I wanted to try and trick the world. That are real. Sports announcer got fired on the air. And so I made up this whole thing with my color commentator Peter who doesn't get to speak because he has a horrible drinking problem and we don't allow to speak and Yeah we just kind of made that video and that was the best. What we were had was a college clip. That's awesome. Who's the I like. Pro that called you or reached out to you after doing a highlight that made you go. Holy Shih party like Baker Mayfield was in the early stages. Alex Bregman was a guy who was kind of support early on But yeah probably. I probably like Justin Thomas. I think he's he's been pretty Pretty supportive he's the man justice. A good were you surprised. How many pro athletes love what you do as well? Even though sometimes you make fun of them. Well I was psychotic when it comes to like getting in touch with these guys. I was like very good and one thing I will give myself credit for. That was a very good debt worker. And what I did was I just like. Emt and bothered them so much until they recognize me And so what I used to do. Was it gets awkward. Like if I go up and see somebody that I never met before. Like say it's like wrenches drake or something and I say what's up to drake. And then he falls in grammar looks at his messages in any that. I spent like sixty four psychopath. It gets a little weird But Yeah I don't do that kind of space. It's all good now. Of course you're in the golf world as well but it had to be weird when you did every other sport and you go yeah. I'm GONNA do some golf stuff and the PGA tour goes yeah. That's funny you better stop. Yeah Yeah I got shut down fast the PGA tour doesn't mess around but we're not backing down. Yeah why why do you think they were like that? Well no I mean because well they you know they keep moving my stuff which is fine. I mean it's it's understandable. They own the content so there should be able to do whatever they want with it. But like I say I mean look at. I have obviously a large audiences falls me on all social media platforms and look at it if you're the PGA tour. I think that they are always trying to any of the other leagues. Make It cooler younger sport attracting a younger. They want to skew younger. So what? I'm trying to convince the. Pj of is that. Hey I have a younger audience. I have that audience that is playing fortnight and do a tick. Tock dances all day. Well guess what I want to get him off that and I want to bring him to the golf course and I WanNa make the PGA tour younger and more exciting and more fun but they could probably just squash me with the flick of a finger. So I gotta be a little careful with them of course but it's funny. How golfers younger golfers are really enjoying. Everything that you do as well and now like you're going to some series parties and stuff dude so I gotTa Talk to you about this wager that you have at. How's it going so I did sixty days. No drinking challenge. 'cause I went on this really big bender there during the super bowl and I said I was GONNA stop drinking out the super bowl because it was wild and Miami and then after the Super Bowl I went back to La with intentions of partying. And I continue to party. So I'm like I gotta change this and I'm like I WANNA see if I can get the value out of this with this. This prop of not drinking. So I challenged Michael Rubin I said hey if I don't drink for sixty days You have to get the house Coachella for the weekend. Twenty thousand dollars value. You got to donate fifty thousand dollars to saint use charity for cancer. Research I have a bet with Christian. Mccaffrey the running back for the panthers that if if I DRINK. I have to go into spitting machine spins you around like you're training for the moon. Basically I have to go in there hammered like out of my mind that if I win the sixty day bet against Christian he has the namedrop be three to six interviews throughout the NFL season. And I also have a little bit of cash on the line so on Day. Thirteen and right now it has been I. My body feels good but I still have a long way to go and the temptation is there. Because I just got back from Vegas and it wasn't easy you can't saying in Vegas and not drinking it especially with March Madness. Coming up It's GonNa be tough but you made it you. You already did one trip vegas and you made it through without drinking. Well I just wanted to put myself in through hell right away and see if I could do it like I went to a lot. I mean I went to parties biggest bunch of different things that I said you know if I can get through this I can get through anything so but believe it or not the hardest thing and I'm not saying I'm an alcoholic. I mean there's a lot of people that do say maybe bothered alcoholic but Which maybe is there yet but other people. Yeah denial is I guess. The key factor to establish an alcoholic or not But yeah no it's been it's been easy. I feel healthier. I'm on this workout plan. And I believe got Arnold Schwarzenegger and I don't think it'd be. Arnold Schwarzenegger is is going to be training me For a few seconds to get in shape company ladder which will be good. Are you going to go back to drinking? After the sixty days is over. Of course sixty Thursday is going to be out of control. I mean it'd be like twister to the movie on moving out of the draw on fifty one. Tell me about another good bet That you I I would say you lost. You had to wear Jersey for thirty days. Yeah so I played steph curry and golf. We were talking smack back and forth because he thinks she's a good golfer but he actually really is like ridiculous ridiculously good Golfer and So I challenged him. He gave me seven shots and it came down to the eighteenth and I lost on eighteen and the stakes were the same kind of one with McCaffrey. If I lose The Golf Match Steph past the name of three six interviews. But that didn't happen. I locked the debt. And what that meant was I had to wear his Jersey for thirty days straight. And when I tell you it was the coolest thing for the first five day. Says I get to walk around lost the Steph? You know after five days I wanted to literally jump off the cliff. It was the hardest thing to ever do on planet earth. I like had meetings like nice restaurants. They let me in and so I had to reschedule meeting because I go in with sports memorabilia in La and then. I'd have these diehard warrior fans. Come up to be like well. Let's go pick here this year. Warriors all this stuff and I was just like I can't take it anymore so I made it through thirty days straight. I wore the Jersey every day. I took it off only to shower and if I watched it I kinda replaced it with another Jersey of backup Jersey. Oh boy is added to my life. It's Kinda screwed up. Always do what is my life and like what is this what am I doing. It's all blurred. Is that the worst? Bet You've ever made because I could've told you before you made the bet. That steph curry is a really good golfer and you were probably going to lose. I haven't won any this thing. I'm a I play. Especially the seven shots. He just played out of his mind that day. I played good and I just shoved put on Eighteen. Or we would've went to a play and it's like a six footer and whatnot and then I just got beat by Lexi Thompson. I played her and got rock. So I'm not gonNA make these profits anymore although it was. Kinda good for me too because I got I got a little bit of traction of it so but still I'm not. I'm going to be careful making wages. Now I'm GonNa win the sixty day drinking one that one ask facing you can win that one. Golf is in your life a lot and as you said when we started you started out as a comedian. So has golf. Been there since your comedy slash acting days in the very beginning how to golf start for you. Well I used to be three years ago. I was a caddy. I caddied for four years in Los Angeles so three years ago. I was carrying golf bags for rich. People and I used to incorporate while I was caddying like sports commentary so I would carry these golf bags for these rich guys And I would just sometimes do commentary of their swings and sometimes they liked it and sometimes they wanted to push the face so I always. I always shot by shot. That's the beauty. This is why we're Fred this because you look at these my way when it comes to life you like. I'M GONNA get mine like hopefully we're both just goofy goofy idiots just trying to make it in this crazy world. Yeah Comedians. Who decided there's gotTA BE OTHER DOORS. That's basically what's happened. That's realize we realized we both were that funny. And we panicked. We had to figure out what's so like that. Yeah you ever think of going back and getting on stage I had a lot of fear and anxiety with doing stand up stuff. 'cause I wasn't really I was kinda thrown into the fire with all this stuff so like I would always I would go to stand up comedy shows. I put my name on the list and I would just get so scared. I'd have a panic attack and I just run away so I never really like. Didn't he shows. But as I'm getting more comfortable with our podcast ripping Magoo's podcast and other different things I'm doing. I'm getting more comfortable so I have every intention because it kind of makes sense what I'm doing gonNa live tour whether to take the podcast on the road or Kinda do standup. I just don't think I'm that funny so I don't want to bomb. If I bomb I know it will just bury me into a hole and I'll go back to caddying most likely. Oh see I still sneak on stage man. This is like my. It's my safe-space that's my therapy. You're you're mentally. I hope that I don't know about that. I just I sneak on stage. The beautiful thing is you've found something where you can do where people want you to let loose. And especially in golf now sub. I would love to have you if you remember Patrick. Read at the hero in the bunker. How would you have called that with me at the when I dropped the beer? Can you remember? Yes yes well. Actually I had a funny thing when I first went to my first golf event. I don't know if this is what you're talking about. But I did screw up by mistake I was I had to aluminum. What life bottles in my hands and Patrick Reed was like right next to me and I just I. It was my first time ever go to golf event. And he was writing his back swing and I didn't do it on purpose. I just fumbled the aluminum cans out of my hands. Right his backswing it was like playing Kling Kling Kling Rightness backswing and he actually thank God a good shot but I got stared down at and It wasn't it wasn't fun and then I think his wife was there with them and kind of gave me the deaths there too and I I just kind of panicked. Yeah well if you were going to do a call on Patrick. Read moving sand in the bunker at the hero. How would you do it? Give that one to me. Well you can see Patrick read here. standing over his shots God. He's gained a little bit of weight lately as you can see his gut hanging off the side of his belt line. Let's be honest. He looks pretty disgusting. Wait a minute did he. Just move a little sand here. Peter he might WanNa just give this guy a shovel. I don't know I make this stuff up as I go. I have no idea I'd even paid my zone. Michael I know I need to be cocktails. Deeper do this well. That's the other thing that's what I was GONNA ask. I was GONNA ask when you sat down and you started doing all the highlight stuff and doing like fake calls. Did you have a script? How many times would you watch a highlight and then go through it and be like okay? I got it I got here we go. What was the process? It used it a pet on how drunk I was. If I was tipsy I would just do one take and not give a crap series but yeah yeah normally. It takes like three or four times. I don't really write anything just as you can tell. Because it's not that materials just going downhill But you know I don't usually write a lot of stuff. I just kind of go in and improvident do whatever comes to my head and if it takes too long to do. I just put the clip away and don't do it because I just my head will explode but You know I'm trying to get more structured and trying to make you know like we just did the David Spade show lights out on comedy central and I do sports update at the end of the show. And it's amazing. What these writers do. They're like Bob come in here and You know kind of do what you do and I'm like I don't know if you really want that. They wrote all this stuff for me. And it's so much better when you actually have writers so I am going to be implementing writers into my sets. I guess you could call it of all the clips that you've done. What's your favorite one? My favorite one was the time the Joe Flacco took the snap. Roll to the right side. There was running room and he gets popped by Kiko Alonzo and his head falls off or looks like his head falls off and Then you cut over to Harbaugh and I think I referenced Kiko Alonzo. Looking like a Marine fighter pilot or something dumb. That was my favorite one. When Joe FLACCO head fell off Ed's Larry's who's been the coolest celebrity slash athlete. That's come up to you and say a Bra to do you know what I mean. Who's been the coolest or most of the I think? The coolest moment was on super bowl on the when the eagles are playing the Patriots. I wasn't there. He didn't come to me but on the podium. Chris Long Had mentioned me on the Super Bowl a media day. I think somebody asked what his favorite social media follow us. And I think he said Bob very underrated or something like that. It was like the coolest moment ever I was like. Holy Moly that's That was predicts Chris. Long probably on the Super Bowl Media Day was sick data. Awesome and when you looked at when you realize things were starting to blow up. Like how many followers did you have when you were like? Oh my gosh this is I think this might be something I was when I I I'm psychotic and when I like actually get hooked on something. I believe anything can happen. Which is actually kind of an issue for me but I when I hit like ten thousand followers I was like I got something here and then I was growing like twenty five twenty thirty thousand a day. You know for the first year because it was kind of a product that nobody had done before kind of already did sports commentary. You know what announcers WanNa save can't right and So yeah I mean I think early on. I kind of knew that I was onto something that not anybody really touch before I mean. Yeah like Ozzy. Man Who's done kind of reviews and stuff the Australian guy who's Larry's but he never really took it to sports so I'd say early on like literally like a ten thousand followers. I can do something with this. Has Anybody liked Joe buck or any guys? Any broadcasters ever reached out or have you ever had any conversations with them were. They've said like one time. I want to say what you say all the all the broadcasters. I might say that. I wish I could say what you do. But I'm like I wish I had your job though But Joe Buck actually to play golf with. I played golf with Joe Buck. I think twice actually I played pebble. Beach is great dude. And it's so weird playing Golf Joe Buck 'cause like I have to put a voice when I do it because I don't like talk that normally Joe Buck just talks and it's like eagles giants Sunday snowing in December like when he's talking voice weirdest thing ever like I'm ahead of him walk ahead on the fairway and you hear buck talk and it's just like Oh my God I'm literally it's Game Day. Yeah Jim Nance has the same way gymnast's no matter where he's at when you hear him talking you're going is the master starting. Oh wait no. It's the weirdest our in food I know. That's why it could be a good skit. I WANNA do a skit with NASA buck. And if I'm lucky enough to be in it it would be cool to kind of do some sort of like announcers just living their daily lives and commentating random things and get all the four guys in on it. I would want if it's my dream and I get to have a say in something that you would do. My dream would be for you and those announcers to videotape going through a drive-in getting is a great idea and I'm going to steal it. No you're welcome. Just all I ask then. Give me credit for going to be in the car. You'RE GONNA power. Hey I'll film it. It'll be perfect. Yeah it'd be you Joe Buck gymnasts and me and I'll film and you guys order and I'll be in the back like complaining like the person that never is ready with their order. Yeah I think the problem is getting bucket. Nance to approve this but worse case scenario me and you can just roll up the Burger King and straight up. Just fuck with people. It's up to you. I would be cool with that but I think Joe Buck would be down to do something like that. Nancy would be the hard git. Nassar's hard one bucket the Blackwood B.'s. Your yes correct. I think because Nancy lives at Pebble Beach. Maybe we if we if the four of US went to Hebel or three his leaning on the horn. We'll they're leaning on the horn. Yeah it's like we know when he's going to be home so if we go out there. Hey Man we'll just we'll go run over to chick-fil-a real quick Komo Megan the car in and out. We're we're treating in and out Burger. Let's go what golf courses are on your bucket list now because now that you've exploded you've gotten to go do some dream. Things experience some amazing places in hanging out with some of the coolest people in the world. What is still on your bucket list? I'd love to play. Pine Valley Obviously Augusta. I haven't got a chance to play. I'd love to play down there Yeah I went once it was It was really really cool experience. I mean it was a little airbnb down there. My Buddy Ahmed. We all went down. There's really just not much to do there. Besides like the Buffalo Wild Wings and hooters right across the great about it but yeah but but masters is fun though the virus all you got to be on your best behavior there you gotta respect Augusta. They do a great job down there every year and it's definitely a tournament that you know. I'm definitely going back to again this year. So Pine Valley Augusta National Golf Club. Where else is on your bucket list? I mean Shit o'clock I'd like to go play some golf in Scotland. I I just I just am not at the point where I can go and play golf now. I'm still building up building I try and sneak out as much as I can but My goal is to build down in the first ever already sports network. And that's the goal so if I can do that then I'll be able to play some golf and can't an R. Rated sports network where players and announcers can let loose and say whatever they honestly think. Yeah you know you. Cut down the sideline in the sideline reporters all hung over. It doesn't matter like you know it's like you went out last night whatever. Roll the tape. I wasn't necessarily going to go with the hung over sideline reporter but a sideline reported that could actually ask coach coming out of locker. What the were you thinking running such and such play and the coach being able to be like. I don't know what I was thinking either. That kind of honesty. I don't know people always talk about you. Know I'm so sick of athletes being vanilla not telling the truth how they really feel until you actually give it to them. Yeah well you know I mean I'd. That's the goal. That's the end goal of all of them an R. Rated Sports Channel Man. If it does anything what your social media has done dude you have hit the Jackpot. I also man. It's so good talking to you. What the next tournament you're going to be out to. I'll probably go to Augusta. That'll be the next one. I'm boiling masters. That'll probably are not going to go to anything until that. And hopefully we get river Magoo nation rallying up there a little bit but still stay the same time You gotTa Ripper Magoo Hat for you boy. Can I get a? I got a Magoo package for you. Baby You just helped me worshiping. Hell year bring it to the Masters Bra Bring. I'm beat into their done. I love it. Yeah that's awesome well. Congratulations on the podcast. Man All the best you are killing it in everything everything so and it had to be cool to getting a call from buffalo wild wings when they go. Hey we're looking for a voice and you're at a guy like atrophy fit there. Actually yell at me right now because I'm actually doing this in the broadcast recordings. We're getting ready to March madness campaign so all right man. I literally to Work Bra. I gotta get back. I gotta get these checks baby. I gotTA TRY ROMANCE WITH NO FINANCES. The Damn New Sands get your damn money. Homey love it Michael. You are the absolute best man. Thanks brother thanks again. That's Bob Battery the infamous. The famous the greatest voice in R. Rated sports that there is in our friend. Make sure to check out his podcast. Thanks again home. Thank you brother. So that that tells you when I talked to Bob. He does everything pretty much off the cuff and normally with a little bit of drinking which is why. I know you said that you wanted to hear him. Do like a call of check reads tasks and he was did a little bit but was like Nah the kind of whatever but still was hilarious and funny and his story of wanting to be an actor and a comedian yet having such severe anxiety about getting on stage where he's actually trying now to go. I think live shows would be good and we. It was a good talk about kind of guy who it was funny. Hearing him say he was gaining thirty thousand followers on a day. Like that's when you know things blowing up. Yeah he look his story of just how he ascended and they posted that video one night when he was in a commercial shoot magazine. It's one of those great stories He Loves Golf. I think he. I believe he's a Travis Matthew Ambassador so he loves the sport right. He's trying to come up with that rated R. Sports Channel. That'd be so fun. I that's what I'm saying like I and honestly how someone like. Hbo Or Showtime hasn't Gone that direction before is beyond me. I'm sure there's you know here's why kinds of rights I do. That's what it is their feelings. Yeah it's right's fees because L. Donkin and I my co host further noon eastern sportscenter daily Monday through Thursday. Espn U. The we talk about it all the time like how it'd be just to just to cosimo highlight to get a little fun. You get a little loose highlight. But here's here's why. I don't think it's happened. One right's fees to do you really want like if you're doing a baseball highlight do you want? Do you want that kind of language and stuff while you're talking about said sport from the from the sport from the play by play guy. No but from if Alex Rodriguez is in the booth and he sees something that makes him freak out. I would be totally fine with him letting loose letting loose on like what is driving him nuts about what is going on in front of him and the same with the NFL. I mean how many times the we hear stuff on the sideline and NFL that people got to apologize for anyway imagine now having their analysts in there you know having you have much boy. Tony Romo Imagine Tony Romo. Losing his mind going nuts trying to figure out why clock management or why they're running style of play at this moment and how ridiculous it was like. That would be appointment television to know these guys are going to let loose like NFL and giving people. I totally agree to it. Has To be on a pay per view type of thing because you can't just let everyone flip the television on and now kids are like I. I mean it's like anything it's like. I mean you would know anybody could turn on. Hbo If they haven't I think it'd be fantastic. It would be. I think it's a great idea. I just think it's going to be costly but I think in the long run. It would probably pay for it. So it'd be a lot of people WANNA see. I saw the Honda Classic. This week kept going back in the field that we've got bay hill all kinds of fun. Florida swing is here. Just inching closer to the players in that first major championship. We will have that for you. We have a tentative scheduled guests next week. We won't say yet until we figure out which firmed if this guests shows up. Yeah if we get to have this guest on. There is a huge subject. That has just come up with this person that we will have to ask them about. It is tentatively scheduled and everything looks good. But we'll we'll be able to put it to bed Coming up next week. I hope everyone enjoyed memory. Check him out an instagram. He's fantastic for the caddy Michael Kyle. I'm the Mattie. This has been another edition. Oh that indicate thanks for listening to the caddy check out more green. Espn podcast on the ESPN APP. Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Matty Anna caddy.

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