Rock Candy Ep. 105: Death - Rock Fire Funk Express


Breath uh-huh oh. Yeah no I mean. I knew that already. Apparently not everyone is aware of this guy guys to to not know this key cedeno. No Gino Monet can do whatever the fuck she wants. Yeah 'cause she'll always do a good fucking job like she did. At the Oscars ha ha we watch the Oscars this is Lisa statler and Waldorf the shit out of the Oscar only watched about half of it and then we're like we need to go home. It's late but then I went home and then turn it back on just in time to see the best picture award. Being awarded works. That end words work bre parasite they won. They won. I actually like once we left the bar. I stopped giving any the for edvin giving. We should give fuck about parasite winning though because it was the first time a foreign language movie won best picture really and yeah it was a South Korean. You know I didn't know that a foreign film never blowing twenty very first time a foreign film won best picture at the Oscars I were doing it guys real progressive here really doing it. Whatever it's fine award shows are dumb? I mean the fact that we watch the Oscars and not the grammy's is kind of telling highlight watching Oscar's sometimes though I like watching the beginning of the Oscars and then the end and of the Oscars everything in between I don't give to fucking shits about but the beginning of the end. I like looking at the pretty dresses. I like seeing like best actor actor. Best Actress Best Director. Best Picture and everything in between Kim fuck off. I didn't watch any of the nominees for anything. Yeah I wasn't really paying attention all that much and the funny thing is if we watched the grammys at least we'd kind of understand what's going on. I feel like when I watch the Oscars. I'm just kind of honestly I kind of feel like I would know less about the grammys. Damn I don't know who have two people that show up to. The grammys are tools there. I think they were doing the. It's the only one because that's the only metal band that the academy new. Yeah they're like. I've heard of this tool band nominate them. This tool I understand this. The kids are into this right. Kids are in is like twenty years ago dude but it's fine we'll roll with it. They just put out a new album so yeah sure give him a fucking award share the deserves more awards to. Oh Yeah. She does because we're opening. Performance was pretty amazed by fire F. I. Ra okay. I can spell. Yeah I think that's actually why we start giving about the Oscars. They were like we know how to get Maggie nationally evolved in this genetic shit. You got to humid there right but they are. We are into it. Yeah yeah but I mean that was our that was our hot take on the Oscars. Welcome Iraq Handy. Aren't you glad you got that. Yup Your weekly podcast that actually will be bringing you. Sweet treats of stories and tales from the world of music now movies because we are not a movie podcast. Yeah we're hosts on me and I'm Ashley in today. We are not talking about movies. We're not at all talking about music And we were talking about a band that none of you've probably heard of. Yeah we're very few of you have probably heard of. Yeah but we also heard about this band through a movie that is true we did right. Yeah we went to such inception because we went to see Mandy. Yes and The group that was presenting Mandy hold on also was presenting the documentary. That I used for research wasn't Mandy though. Or was it. Lords of chaos. Oh Shit Outside yes lords Rony Kovac to our lords of chaos. Or if you if you want to hear that by the way guys lords of chaos is now on Hulu so if you want to see the absolute flute ship bomb up a movie ship of a movie yeah you can go and watch it on Hulu now thinking quotas on that lords of chaos ship. I'm of a movie movie. Yeah it really is really is but This ban that we're talking about. We teased it last week at the end of our episodes but this is a ban Dan that you probably haven't heard of and might make some people angry. Oh 'cause going to say it. These guys were punk before for punk was punk. They're very punk yeah. This band is called death death and they are not what you would expect from a band called death breath. Yeah but Yeah death definitely sounds like a black metal band. There is a metal band called death. But it's not as good as this death. It's not the same now. saw the same thing. I I'M NOT GONNA go super into it yet. Because that'll be spoilers you'll be spoiling. No spoilers oilers town spoil it being spoiled we can go into our beer at least yeah. 'cause it's actually really good scope beer this week. We're drinking death by King Cake from Oscar Blues Buoy tasks how I say guys is an Ale with vanilla cinnamon nutmeg big cacao nibs orange peel and Pecans and I just realized that it's supposed to be like a Mardi gras thing. Yeah if you don't know can cake is a Mardi gras thing in New Orleans Louisiana and it is a cake that they hide a baby in not a real. It is is a little baby. This is where I got are Lord of Misrule cake from idea remember we put a racist humor hop in it. Yeah so oh you put a little fake plastic baby in the cake and whoever cuts the peace with the baby you would think is going to get pregnant. They're not just. Oh the next king cake next year unless my coworker who's from Louisiana lied to me because she didn't want me get upset about being afraid of getting pregnant but either per per governent Propganda N. Antionette but yes. It's it's actually. It's a tasty cake I like it. I really enjoyed it and it's fun. It's fun little get together with your friends. Anthony King Cake. We don't have that we don't get that kind of fun. No upstate. New York in the northeast. We have to be cold and angry and bitter. Yeah Yeah we have to make our own fun which is honestly just. It's just drinking a it's laborious laborious but this beer is quite tasty and it was really funny how we ended up with it because I just saw it posted by one of our favorite bars or sixteen in troy. You around here go check. It is a great bar but I saw posted to their instagram. And I said all I really WANNA drink this I showed stash LE- let's go and then all of a sudden it's like wait a minute. This is a great beer for tomorrow. So we stood up way too late drinking beers watching the Oscars and getting beer for today so we're slightly productive. I think think it was productive. Yeah a lot of shenanigans surrounding one productive act. Yeah yeah that's usually what happens. That's pretty much. How most of our nights let's go anyway? So that's still on the beer. If you guys see it highly just picking it up. It's not even as like it. Sounds like it's a lot of bullshit but it doesn't taste like audible shit. So pick it up trinket and now in fucking like it fucking like it and you will like it that you you don't have to be forced you know we're not gonNA try this my arm but that's not what we're here to talk about. We're here to talk about the band. The myth the legend band called Death van called death and on that note I suppose I should reference Meyer reference for sources for my sources. Yes show me the receipts. Meyer receipts are a documentary. Called a band call death. Yes which I did WANNA see and I still haven't seen yet because now I'm like. Why should we episode well? I got a Amazon Prime Channel. Seven Day free trials. You can watch Eh. But it's it's worth getting the free trial it's a really good documentary and the boys in this band are delightful late fall. Yeah they're the kind of people that laugh after every single sentence and just like everything is great and funny and they you just make the the best set of like any horrible situation. 'cause they're constantly laughing. They're just delightful people. Sir People you WanNa be friends exactly act like I would really like to go find them and just hang out with them. Seem like delightful. People already excited because you know how I feel about when we talk about good people there. There's super good people heart warming. It is good but anyway. Let's get into it student so if I told you the PUNK was invented by three black men in Detroit Michigan. You'd probably swear up and down that I was wrong. You're crazy pitch you crazy not the sex pistols fuck the sex pistols. We just lost seven. Listen I don't Care Ah but I'm here to tell you. That punk was not invented by the ramones in New York or the clash in London nor was it honed in the dark corners of CBGB's before any of that existed there was death. A little known band made up of three young black men from Detroit Michigan us us. The story of death is the story of a band that was truly way ahead of their time. They proceeded punk as we know it. At least a couple years but because of geography orphee and a hefty dose of racism. Death were unfairly relegated to obscurity without getting the recognition that they deserve Sounds about right yeah. That's a recipe for disaster racism. No America Nah Yeah. Death begins with the Hackney brothers. David David Born in one thousand nine hundred three and two younger brothers. Danis born in Nineteen fifty five and bobby. The youngest born in Nineteen fifty seven Danis Danis St a N N I S. Dan Is Dennis. Yeah okay. The Hackney's grew up with their eldest brother. Earl junior on the east side of Detroit Croix when motown soul and funk ruled the airwaves. Rock and roll wasn't exactly popular amongst their peers and elders. But the Hackney's were a little bit different this just a little bit little bit just enough different. Mr and Mrs Hackney were legit. They allowed the boys to listen to any type of music. They could get their hands on. Ace The the family were always listening to music usually pumping out of a small radio in their kitchen every day before going to school their mother would turn the radio on while they eat breakfast list. They heard everything from Earth wind and fire to the WHO blasting out of his tiny speakers and they loved it all. Oh that's nice. Yeah the heck feel like. That's really like doc comeback around now. That's really what I do nowadays. Like if I'm just cleaning my house or some mornings I'm just having a cup of coffee I'll just turn on my my robots by Google home and hey play this thing and it's like okay here you go your spotify and I'm like what could that. Yeah my lost that for a really a long time because the cable. TV My go-to Amazon Music playlist is just a fucking mishmash of everything right. Yeah yeah if we had children we'd it'd be good parents but we are not going children so we're not good. Parents were good. Parents are degree music. I think we're fantastic dog. Parents earns so the Hackney's encourage their children to explore all kinds of music. And enjoy every minute of it to them. All music was valuable from Arin. Be Too hard rock thanks. A huge musical awakening happened for the boys when their father set them down on February. Seventh nineteen sixty four to watch the ED Sullivan show. Oh here we go. Oh the Beatles were making their American debut that evening and like many Americans bobby in particular was captivated watching Paul McCartney play made him realize is he really wanted to learn the bass. Paul McCartney looked pretty cool playing the bass. They all kind of. Look pretty cool on the ED Sullivan show but everybody looks good in black and white. Yeah you're right though. Best Filter on Instagram is. God couldn't black visit that inkwell. Inkwell Moon Moon bad when you went that soft off black and white but if you want those deep charcoal tones you go well. Oh definitely we have a big instagram presence. Guys Fokker Instagram instagram presents. Guys we suck at Social Media Guy we really do. You know who looks good in Moon. Though the Beatles the Beatles some moon filter he changed. Set to just Ed Sullivan. But it was David that rallied to get his brothers to start a band with him. The only problem was they didn't have any the instruments. Well that's that's a roadblock but also like every kid when they were younger like started a band when none of them could play any the instruments. Yeah if we've learned anything on this podcast. I definitely did that when I was in eighth grade same and everybody wants to be the lead singer. It's like you can't sing. Yeah Yeah will. You can't play drums you know it's easier to learn drums and singing if you can't sing you're saying you're just Fox. The best they could do at the time was a random guitar that David found abandoned in an alley which he promptly took home and learn to play for two Disley or unfortunately depending on how you look at it. The Hackney's mother was in a car accident and received a hefty settlement from it with the settlement money she very much defined assigned cool mom and brought her sons to the music store and let them go ham. I'm a cool mom. I'm GonNa let I'm not like regular MOM's sons by whatever instrument they want. Let me sons go hard as a mother fucker. They can practice anytime but like she. That's a legit the Jit Kumar. Yeah she bought them everything. They needed to start their own band all sue now all three of them were learning instruments. David Guitar Bobby on Bass and Dana's US on drums. David in particular really took to his instrument practicing constantly and getting really good at playing lead before long the boys started a real man's they call themselves rock fire funk expressed much of like three. Turn your old boys. I feel like it's it's gotta be the name of some kind of like I don't know abandoned fragile rock or something rock express. Very muppets all very rock fire funk express or like something out of Emmet Otter something oh no we're gonNA have to play against the rock fire funk express way way harder hard more hardcore than the river bottom Adam nightmare band. Are you sure this isn't a story about the electric mayhem. It might be. It could mean. Are we just listening to muppets. It's spoilers this turns into them up. No it doesn't oh sorry. The deaths should be on the muppets. Oh if only if only they were the rock fire funk express and they played mostly funk and soul with Iraq edge well they were interested in rock and rock and roll the the music they played with still heavily influenced by where they lived. Their neighborhood was predominantly black. And most people there listen to this type of music. Rock and roll wasn't really of interest to most black communities in Detroit. It was fun console. That really spoke to them. Make sense it's Detroit. It's the home of motown that's All of that changed in April nineteen seventy-three Dan is mom. Were at the Cobo Arena in Detroit Karachi. An Alice Cooper show. Wow she brought her son to an Alice Cooper show she is a ball she is capital. T. The cool mom. Yeah one hundred percent. Yeah and Mrs Hackney. Blue Alice Cooper off as some kind of crazy person. That's fair. The Dennis was captivated. He went home and told his brothers about the show. And how great this hard rock thing was. But they weren't feeling it. Oh data's would have the last laugh. Though a few months later David went to see the WHO on their Quadrophenia tour and was equally blown away after that he was convinced the brothers had to go in a hard hard rock direction. Okay so I'm coming coming back on your whole thing about hard rock. Maybe it's pretty awesome. Yeah I might have been wrong and hard rock might be great and we. We might need to try. This and David was really into Pete Townsend and the way Pete Townsend played. I'm in every other boy. Growing up in the sixties and seventies basically. Yeah and girl I shouldn't I shouldn't presume. Gender Indian space was at a premium in the Hackney household household with six people living in one small house but the brothers convince their parents to let them convert their tiny bedroom into a practice. Space Wait did they share one bedroom room. I think they did hole and it was a very tiny bedroom. It was if it wasn't the three of them. It was at least two of them sharing one bedroom. Well they packed it with drums drums guitars amps speakers recording equipment and there was even any space left for beds and sleep on the floor. Let's get I kids. They're fine they don't have back problems they don't though bounce right back from this exactly but they made it work every day between three and six. PM They would the practice that was their time to play in an exactly six PM. Everything was turned off while they didn't want to Piss off the neighbors by plainly especially because they were already kind of angry about the raucous general. Sounds like you're cool parents. I like that looks like you. Let your kids explore explore who they are. That's weird. I don't like that. We have a very clearly defined idea of what young men should be the. And you're not doing it. you're not upholding that Why are you holding my strict family Christian values what dare dare you? What is this rock and roll rubbish rubbish rubbish? You know people in town definitely noticed them like I said before they lived in a predominantly. Black neighborhood that favored motown. Yeah their friends. Family family and neighbors did not understand why they wanted to play rock and roll or as they called it white boy music yeah. Why couldn't they just be nice? Black boys and play are and be. Ah Ha so it was kind of a reverse. Racism thing that they were still experiencing like they were still like on the receiving receiving end of in a weird way from their neighbors instead of white. People saying you're black you should be playing R. and B. They they were getting flack from their black neighbors. Saying you're black. You should be playing our be. It's very strange is really strange but they just didn't want to play our NBA. Right was in their souls. That's what they wanted to play and no one was going to convince them otherwise they almost continue playing rock out of spite because a pissed. Everyone off so much ah now. They're hitting them teenage years. I'm GonNa Piss you off now. Yeah you're pissing me off I'm GonNa Piss you off there. You go despite the naysayers. They I started getting fans. Their friends knew they practice everyday from three to six and people started showing up for the practices from these practice. Sessions Song started to form one called keep on knocking was inspired by people showing up for practices. They would stand outside the door knocking to get in and hang out with the band but space was limited so it was almost like it became a super exclusive club. Oh my God that's great and I think now's a good time to play some snippets. Yeah here's an example of keep on knocking uh-huh and keep on knocking is a really good tune as a jam It's not as punk as their other songs are. But there's definitely a more hard rock almost blues. But they weren't. They were definitely playing faster. Oh then then. Most rock bands did definitely there. The that was what was making them. Unique was how fast they're playing. Yeah they were playing kind of frantically if they slowed slowed that down it would definitely have that hard rock blues for sure. Yeah very kind of classic rock. Yeah Eric Clapton. -Ie I don't know. Aw Yeah Ish kind of cream. Who Yep that kind of sound for sure so yeah you could definitely see their influences? Yeah in what they were playing with several songs in their repertoire. They started playing small house. Parties around. Detroit's east side. This is when they're sound started morphing from St Rock and roll all to something. No one's really ever heard of especially in Michigan. Oh no they played faster and more frantically with no soaring vocals vocals does that were more spoken word or barked into the Mike Okay. All of the hallmarks of punk rock are in deaths music But the thing is they created aided the sound completely independently of New York or London and they started playing this in like nineteen seventy-one So like really on the precipice purpose of it. Yeah so really. You could say that death was one of if not the first punk band. Yeah these guys were out on their own. They didn't have any up and coming punk. DOC bands to be influenced by in really like the ramones and the clash and the sex pistols like the sex pistols income around until nineteen seventy ninety. Four right so these guys were making this music. Nine hundred seventy one. The clash wasn't really sounding the way they ended up really sounding and closer to the late seventies early eighties right. They were heavily influenced by bad brains right and she was a DC punk band. But I think the thing to really drive home here is this is the seventy S. It is not like it is today where you aren't going to hear music like punk on the radio race. Not even if they're doing it at the same time I think they are doing independently of this movement coming out in New York and London even if flake bands like the ramones were in New York in that area and doing their thing. They were probably doing it around this time but nobody knew who the fuck they were right. They were probably still playing house parties too so they weren't playing CBGB's and something like that not that wasn't a thing and whatever they were doing it wasn't getting back to the Hackney's in Detroit no most of the punk movement I feel like did start with with house parties with just going to somebody's house like hey I got a ban. Hey come over and play on Saturday because I'm having a party right and that was just how you got got your name out. There wasn't clubs It was parties. It was still very early. The sixties and seventies wasn't unless you were in a big city city like New York or London. You've aren't really playing clock. You weren't getting that shit in your ears in a mid west state. No just as they were starting their journey into Proto punk tragedy struck their father. Earl senior wasn't electrician by trade one day. Am One thousand nine hundred. Seventy three URL senior was working on power lines with a trainee. Who being a Newbie did something? Stupid like Shalva screwdriver into a live wire saying the trainy electrocuted himself in the joke catapulted him off. The poll earl senior rushed him to the hospital. Past is too busy bar where people were leaving. A drunk driver pulled out of the bar parking lot right in front of earl senior. He didn't even have time to react and and he slammed right into the drunk driver's car and earl senior died instantly. Oh my God. That's just a fucked up sandwich right there. Yeah I think he's trying to fuck in help. Somebody and this asshole drunk driver kills him. Oh my God I feel like. That's he's already the deal with a lot but then cool drunk drivers like you know what though I'm GonNa draw. I'M GONNA JUMP IN MY truck. That's fine. His death had a huge impact on the family especially especially on David. David's personality changed quite dramatically. After this He started getting really deep into spirituality. Not Really God or Christianity per se but more like the afterlife and spiritual philosophy interesting so they were Christian but it was more like the metaphysical metaphysical stuff in not really like God in general or anything like that Interesting he kind of became obsessed with death after after his dad died. That's he was still a teenager. I think he was in his early. Twenty s at this point still young. Yeah this prompted David who is arguably the leader in driving force behind the band to change their name from rock fire funk express. Wait no but it's such a good name. It's so you'll know you don't know please don't change it. Oh No oh what could you ever come up with that is as catchy as rock fired funk express. I can't even remember anymore. came up with simply death. You know what I like it. Yeah but at the time it was a hard sell. Not just to their fans but to bobby bobby. Indiana's themselves When they ask David Y.? Death here's splendid because Israel which is fucking but that's deep real deep. No they've cut. That is a deep cut. It's one of those simplistic obvious statements that someone says. And you're like Whoa but he's right. Yeah Shit that's got layers the fucking onion onion of a truth. There is an onion of a band name. Yeah he wanted to change people's perception of death and turns something negative into a positive through their music. It's good it's good reason. I I like it. In the spring of Nineteen seventy four. They officially changed their name to death. They had the songs they had the controversial name. Now they wanted a record contract contract while that would seem a bit more complicated than anticipated death. Chemistry gold on the first. Try What David took the yellow pages back where we still had phone books folks phone what books you know the things with paper Ryan but you are there in their phone book anyway. I know what the yellow pages long are actually still. You'll get a phone book really yes I don't I they have actually. They didn't send me one this year. I think I think they finally got the fucking hint. I think it's done. Yeah it's over over. It should be because fuck. We have the Internet in have since thirty years ago. Anyway so we took out the yellow pages ages he ripped out the pages with record labels on it stuck them to the wall in threw a dart at them. What whichever label DART landed on? That's who would they. That's who they would call. I The dirt Nailed Publishing Company called GROOVES Ville productions right. So that's where they went. They auditioned for Bryan Spears. Second can in charge at grooves Ville who absolutely loved them they were signed after auditioning a couple times and they went right into the studio to record as many songs as they could could sp- that doesn't happen. It never happens. I'm telling you it's just like a lot of times. It didn't last very long. Oh anyway what. I'm saying. They're not super talented. Because they are they are they had the talent to back up the lock and they recorded a handful of songs including this one cold rock and roll victim. Now that's so arguably pretty fucking punk at this point. That's it's like quintessential essential Lo fi punk recording right apple P.. punk yeah capital exclamation point. Everyone at grooves Phil was impressed by deaths. Let's enthusiasm except for the CEO. Don Davis fucking dog and horse. Don's not impress. GotTa they do to fucking impressive John. fogging Jerky Mauve. Fuck you don. Don hasn't been impressed since his wife jerked him off that one time the one time the one time his wife gave him a handy. You lay show. That's Nice Doc. And he hasn't been jerked off sin or impressed saids 'cause he hasn't been jerked off. Todd's wife Mrs Don can you get on that uh-huh oh he's dead Dead Mall Don's wife don't don't don't do it. He doesn't need it. I don't know what about the afterlife and Shit at maybe if they're both dead shirt jerk Amaafuza okay. Maybe maybe you'll get you guys into heaven. It'll be great jerk offs anyway. He he didn't like the music and he was really put off by the band's name still with Bryan Spears pressuring him really hard come on onto. ooh Hindi if you do it. He never gave him that Henry from the fucking handy but anyway don agreed to try and find a record label for them. Hey Hey unfortunately. Most people were onside. No one would touch them. The only person that showed any interest coincidentally was Clive Davis Arista records. He offered to sign the band but he had one stipulation they had to change their name know and we will find doubt what their response is after this commercial break. We'll be right back Hey we're back I'll come back. You know honestly more than anything. We need those breaks the PE- yeah exactly if it just feel so good afterwards so empty battered. Yes it's hard work holding it in while you're talking so a lot to focus on yes it is so anyway I left off is Clive Davis wanted. The band changed surname. So they would sign with Ariza records. David flat out told Clive Davis to go to hell. Good yeah the name of the band was extremely poor into him so oh he was insulted by the demand change it. It was directly connected to their father. In how dare he gives them that ultimate item and I just I. It's just the word death ask the seventies but it's just the word death. Yeah it's just like fucking word as long as they call them like ball liquors or something that cock suckers. Here's right. Yeah it's fine. They're not kitty did LURS. They're not a big. I hope they're not so we could be a lot worse. Clive rank lively. Yeah you did a really good job with Whitney but maybe like stick to the rooms you know. Yeah anyway they refuse the contract and that was effectively the end of any prospects for a major record deal. The man would have Bobby and Dana's supported David in his decision. Asian but in private they tore him a new one. David stood his ground in his mind. If you allow the record company to control your name you gave them control over everything in. He didn't want that he's right. He's not wrong. He is one hundred percent right if he goes in and says night. You're not going to change her name. They know they're not going to be able to influence. fluence you to write the music the way they want and furs again as much. Good as Clay Davis has done for artists like Whitney Houston. He's not going to do death any favors ever so he's not gonNa do a punk band. Fever was hundred percent sacrifice quality for like he into a pop and they weren't he try to turn them into R&B town absolutely and that's not what they want so really they're still fucking Hella punk. Yeah because is they refused a major label contract and refuse to change good for them. That's fucking punk. Yeah that's Punk punks fuck while the next day Bryan Spears told them that groups Ville was no longer going to work with them. They did have some sort of luck. The boys asked for the master tapes from their recording sessions. Nations and Brian agreed to give them back and that was virtually unheard of usually the record company or the publishing company is like not these are ours now. You've wow did they gonNA do with them. mm-hmm right skill to them. If you have no interest in you think that this is a band you're not gonNA. You're not going to work with them anymore. Than why would you keep him back back from those master tapes. Death pressed five hundred singles by themselves. Not just to sell but to send to radio stations. Nice basically they were doing their own promotion now radio would play their music sporadically but nothing ever caught on the radio. deejays were put off by the band's name so again they were a tough sell I. It's so funny. Because nowadays band naming death is nothing nothing absolutely nothing. Oh your name's Jeff that's Q.. I mean there's some pretty fucked up names is out there yeah cattle decapitation comes to mind. That's a good one but like that's how popular orgy was. Yeah Yeah they did that blue Monday. Cover on sleep still a good cover to cover but also their name was orgy orgy but also they were cheesiest fuck but also we all looked like Frankenstein. It was hilarious. We talk about limp biscuit. Because that's a that's just a pet name and hot dog flavored flavored chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water and everyone was like. Oh yeah say it was yup but you had to explain it to them. Oh yeah he did so. I'm pretty sure a band named like death. It's fine small beans. Small Begins Smoking's smoking's guys not even medium beans. Their beans won't baby beans. They were pretty down out at this point they were broke and didn't have a record occur. Contract and morale was low. They had to sell their equipment just so they could pay rent. Oh which sucks. Yeah family came to the rescue in the form of an uncle offering them extended vacation in New England new in England Cape Cod aw lighthouses vacation on the came. It was an opportunity to get away clear their heads and move Yvonne from the disastrous Record contract tobacco as fair. They had nothing left in Detroit so they went and they stay with their uncle in Burlington Vermont for the summer. Merve nineteen seventy seven but hold up BURLINGTON. Fuckin- kicks it does now. Oh let me let me tell you something you'll let me. Why don't you tell me about Vermont in the seventies though Burlington was a progressive town with a sizable hippie culture? So they thought maybe BURLINGTON would be more receptive to the kind of music they were making. That's legit when they first arrived David went to downtown Burlington and put up five hundred flyers with a black black triangle and the word death printed on the new ominous and no other explanation at all. The boys found out very quickly. That BURLINGTON ELLINGTON wasn't exactly the epicenter of Progressive Culture. They thought it was hours. After David put up the posters. Police officer arrived at their house. Ono having mistaken stake in the posters for a court related death threat. They told the Hackney's that this is a peaceful town we don't have gangs here and gang behavior would not not be tolerated because you know they're black so of course they're in a game. Oh furling ten. You've disappointed. They also Burlington is still extremely white. it is you're right. I'm much like Burlington. I honestly slee love Burlington but also Burlington is exceptionally white. Like fuck in white bread. Yeah it's the most milk toast place I've ever been. It really is but it's Kinda great but also it's. It's I would say that now it's far more welcoming to people of different races races But at least back then fucking white. Yeah fucking Roy so again. This was a huge blow having experienced rejection after after rejection from everyone in Detroit to the police in Burlington all their enthusiasm for the band disintegrated. Oh felt that no one was going to see beyond the band's name mm-hmm or beyond their skin tone which is stupid. They're both so dump. These are also dumb and we scream. About how fucking dumb they are two. Were blue in the face but it doesn't change it. Yeah it is unfortunate because I feel like at least if they were in the DC punk scene or the New York City thing they would get a little bit more notoriety. Yeah death finally broke up in nineteen seventy seven. Oh really after moving to Burlington Despite the rejection racism that they experienced in Vermont they decided it to stay in Burlington and they also started sperling fun. It is fun though. It's real way even though it's extremely fucking. Oh aw but anyway. They started a new band. This band called the fourth movement was similar to death however it was more traditionally rock and roll and had on an unmistakable spiritual bend to it interesting but still still they face criticism. This time people like the music music but didn't like the overt references to Christ. Honestly I don't either I don't either but I here's the thing I imagine the people who didn't like that they were called death. BEC- oh Jesus you literally the complete opposite of death is Jesus Jesus. So you're saying is that I needed that middle ground. Yeah they they was one extreme or the other. Honestly that's why but it seemed like no matter what they did. There was always an element of subversive racism in the audience's reactions. What no way now in America? Nah they released released two albums under the fourth movement but David took the rejection really hard. He was fed up with everything and wanted to go back to Detroit Bobby and damnest. I didn't want to pack up and leave. Though they planted roots in Vermont. They were starting families and they wanted to stay. So David who is now married when back to Detroit Troy with his wife in one thousand nine hundred eighty two bobby. And Dana's didn't give up on him. They continue playing as death back in Vermont. Hoping David would come back someday. Oh when they finally accepted that David wasn't coming back they fully abandoned death They moved on to form a new band called Lamb's bread. A heavily reggae influenced wingspan. That finally got a response from people in Vermont because of course reggae would why people are weird fucking weird like we oddly. I love reggae. Yeah what makes me really uncomfortable. When white people are like I'm going to speak with the Jamaican Patois and I'm like and I'm GonNa again reds no stop it start like I'm sorry you have dreads? You're not okay with three men of color playing punk music but you're like oh but they can play reggae in that. I can go in dance to it. You know what I bet. If they were Scott Band they wouldn't have had a- all these problems so much also skies just the happiest music and it brings people together. It's no it doesn't Maggie. I'm pretty sure pretty sure that Tuscon Museum pretty sure I've definitely been in some real friendly mosh pits of Scotch shows. Scott shows those don't have mosh pits. Maggie they have scant pits. I know what you mean but also feel like there's a dig in there. You are correct. Look Paul I skate. I understand you have to defense to the death because it's the only thing you could dance to. It's the only thing you can put your fingers to the sky and everyone's like yeah do that too. What a good show over there? She's like a muppet this as you're suppose. She looks like she should be in. Iraq should've been in death. It should have been death. I would have been there hype. Woman one hundred clear that like the guy in mighty mighty boss. I just like stated cut. Pick it up pick it up. Good Yeah No. I missed my calling in air trumpet. Yeah I also wasn't born in time for my calling. Reincarnation happened a few years too late for me. So lands read did very Welford itself. People love the music. They were getting city gigs and positive responses for the first time ever. I'll take it while bobby and Dana's were prospering. Spring and happy in Vermont. David was jealous and resentful. Back in Detroit. I mean that's like okay fair but also do just go over over there they're gonNA come on. Let's just do it or just start. Some melts. Yeah so he had no job no brothers and no bans he. He did continue making music under the name Rough Francis which by all means is really good but it wasn't the same as a solo act it. It wasn't the same as being in a band. The Solo Act wasn't the same as being in a band. Yes that is what I'm saying. In David started going downhill He became became a severe alcoholic and felt abandoned by his brothers and it was brought up in the documentary that he was possibly suicidal. It seemed as though he was now a genius. Yes without an outlet. So what are you supposed to do with yourself. Then then you know life. The most depressed and suicidal people are generally the smartest. Yes thank you very much. And he was the one who got brilliant to death he was the driving force one hundred percent behind the concept of death. But like that's that's what I mean like. He had this whole entire concept around the band that he was super into and really tried to drive drive home. Like this wasn't just like some fun band. That then they were making whatever music right. He had this whole idea whole concept surrounding rounding death that father their father and spirituality and like it was deep. Of course it ran fucking deep and when everyone was just like no this is stupid. It's kind of like a okay. So you're basically saying my entire existence is stupid right because he had just hit this level of of. I don't WanNa see enlightenment but just this level of maybe intelligence not to say that. His brothers aren't intelligent. But sometimes when you go goes through life experiences just everybody reacts to them differently. It's hard when year lake going through something and you're almost hitting this enlightenment in mint in seeing things in a different way and the people who went through the same experiences. You aren't seeing it that way and you kind of look them say but why aren't you having the same reaction is mia so that must have been frustrating in it of itself. Yeah I think. His brain operated on more of a philosophical level definitely in other people's and when people fail to understand the complexity of his thoughts a just couldn't relate to him. I am very sure that he is someone whose brain never stops. Yeah he probably has to be something to shut his brain up at night. Yeah and that's all Altino. Shade like plenty of people have to be on some stuff to shut their brain up sometimes absolutely but this led to a noticeable decline in his health. He was frail Elon Haggard and his family was very worried but he insisted he was fine. He was acting weird at Dana says wedding in two thousand insisting his brothers take the master astor tapes death got back from groups Ville saying one day people are going to come looking for these and I know you'll take care of them. It was as if he knew something bad. I was going to happen to him and he was giving away his prized possessions. Before it happens Yup and something bad did indeed happened. Only a few months after Dennis's wedding after a long battle with lung cancer. David passed away. Oh he didn't tell anyone. He had cancer so his death was a big surprise to everybody. Did he know He. He knew absolutely knew that he was sick. That's why he was giving stuff away and like telling them to take the master tapes because he knew he was GonNa die all but the whole time he was just insisting he was fine. 'cause he didn't want anybody to worry about him. Oh and he didn't want anybody to do anything so many mixed feelings on this. I get it like you if you're the kind of person that David was right. You don't want to make a big deal. Glad of something like that. You just want everybody tack normally and when you go you go but also the same time. He was always so big into the concept of death but maybe this was part of his philosophy. And maybe it was. You're right because my thought process is just like if you know you're going to die. I feel like you know the the open about got it so you can talk to people about it but that also makes you face it when you really don't want to but if he's where he saying he is so spiritual up spiritual about death. I I would imagine you would be able to talk about. Maybe this was his way of putting the positive spin on death. which is what he wants to do with the band by just acting? Like everything's fucking normal living your life the way you've always lived it it in not thinking about your impending death. Yeah maybe that was his way of putting his positive spin on it. Okay Yeah No. That's fair that's totally fair. I honestly I don't know but that's kind of what I figured. Yeah for for a reason why he didn't tell anybody right was he married and had kids he was married. I don't I think he had any kids wife now. I don't know and the toddlers definitely they didn't they knew something was up but they didn't know it was that bad she's she must I have known right. They talked to her in the documentary and she didn't say whether she knew or not I think I have a feeling she probably did and he was just like. Don't tell anybody anybody. Yeah wow in living so far away from each other. It was pretty probably pretty easy to get away from them and this is back in. Like what the eighty so. It's not like you had skype in two thousand okay. But you still didn't have things like we don't even have smartphones. No so it's ninety. Could look at them when him when they talk right so if he talks him on the phone and kept up with them and right wrote them letters even emails at this point. Yeah you're not seeing what he looks like right so it's easy to put on this face. Ace of Hey. Everything's Fine Ray. That's why they were so surprised at Davis's wedding there were like he looks way too skinny. Wow like super frail in Haggard Lake and I think they knew he was an alcoholic so they probably attributed a lot of his looks to that. Yes Oh Jesus that's crazy. They must have been really young yes he was born in fifty three. I think you died in two thousand. Wasn't even fifty. Yeah that's fucking looking so young. Yeah from can't lung cancer. Yeah she says with David's death Bobby Indiana's assumed the ban. Death died with him him but they were quite wrong. Things were only just beginning for them. Oh unbeknownst to them their name was gaining traction in the underground punk scene in a few people discover their politicians in my eyes seven inch the one that after getting the boot from groups Ville and slowly started introducing others others to it before you knew it that seven inch became a hot collector's item and it was selling on Ebay for eight hundred bucks. And you know. Here's the thing about that song to is. It's that is the most fucking punk ass song. Yes that is like you. Listen to these are fucking punk band. Maybe we should play a little bit snippet of a bit that we're going to. They want to be. Yeah yeah that's that is the fucking most punk ass song and it's crazy because it's still one hundred percent hold up today. Yeah you could release that song from any punk band today and have it be relevant. It's super super relevant. Because that was the first song of theirs. Listen to and you said you're going to death and I thought okay. I need to listen to music and I listened to that and I was like Oh. Is this hunger in three weeks Sokoto because it could've been could've been and that's dat is the element of punk. That should never really lost. Anyone is it's Abou. Oh going against status quo in telling you the status quo. Yeah like this ain't good and saying how fucked up our Our political system Thomas and calling out bullshit when you see bullshit. And that's exactly what they did. I think it's pretty funny that we were saying that. Now Considering Green Day just released a single with a sample from a For convicted child molester. Yeah and they're supposed to be the punk band and everyone else is being real punk about it and being like no probably shouldn't of Fuckin- sample. Now oh I don't care I don't care if you came out after. You really sit and said Oh he's a pedophile. No it doesn't work that I don't care if you're giving the money terrain you could just put out a single that doesn't sample pedophile. He could have done that to you. Maybe you should have done that for. Yeah but there's I mean that's the thing about og punk to and is they're not doing it for money. They're not they're genuinely sitting around me. Like fuck this yeah. They're not doing it for money. They're doing it because they have something to say and they want people to fucking listen to it. Yeah Yeah and that might have been even been half deaths. Problem is that they were coming out and saying real things that are honest and harsh look at the world and nobody. He wanted to see it that way. Well they were coming out and saying these harsh truths as black men and racism had a big hand hand in the reason why they were not as big as they should have been in America. I feel like this is a theme. We don't laugh. We cry guys live. Laugh Cry Tears of sorrow because the world sucks. Yeah pretty much I need that on a plaque So yeah they're single sold was selling on Ebay for eight hundred bucks a pop. That's amazing thing fast forward eight years. Don Schwenk I think sway drink swank showing a musician. An old friend of the Hackney's gave copies of the politicians Titians in my eyes single to a guy that owned a record store in Detroit's at the same time chocolate magazine wrote a chocolate. I was like did you is that that it's chocolate magazine. Sorry what chocolate. which just makes me think of like a really lead small child called shown winch? Oh my God you name a pig that You quit anklet own Own Chocolate the teacup pig. Oh you're welcome to cut pig own area. Go Gotcha next instagram star. The chocolate magazine wrote a bit about the band and posted the two songs on the death single to onto their website. Now anyone with with an Internet connection could hear deaths music and people were definitely listening. They were clearly way before their time very much too much before time. Unfortunately Bobby Danas were living their lives as normal raising kids and working normal jobs in Vermont. Then Bob like you do like you do in Vermont Vermont. Then Bobby's son. Julian moved to Northern California. His roommate would go to these rare vinyl record listening parties. Which I didn't know was the thing but sounds kind of boring but I know it sounds kind of fun if you're at a bar and get some beers and if you're at a bar yeah? Isn't that technically and what we do at Reforma Mondays. This not really just like going to somebody's house to have a record listening party fair enough you know. Yeah there's a difference difference. There is difference but she came home one night going on and onto Julian about this record. She heard by a band called death. Oh my God Jillian was really interested in Google. The band's came across the Chocolate magazine article he listened to the song clips and thought. Hey sounds exactly like my dad's voice then and he read the article that described three black boys from Detroit named Hackney and he thought Yup. That's my dad. Oh my God. He didn't know that it is no. You did not no so Julian called Bobby senior leg. Widens you tell me about this. That's crazy and bobby senior. Thought that the I've been holding senior thought that it just wasn't important. They didn't see much success at also. Why bother mentioning? Oh my God and Bobby. Dana's kids couldn't believe that their dad and uncles were in this punk band before punk was even punk and people were just now finding out about it and losing their shit over it. Bobby Juniors bubby. I can't sit normal now bobby. Juniors friend wrote a blog posts about the whole situation with circulated around punk websites. It eventually caught the attention of drag city records. Who wanted to put out a whole death album? Wow thankfully bobby's still had the master tapes. Because David gave them to him. Oh my God just sitting up. In his attic gathering dust they were doing nothing with them. UNFED seventeenth two thousand nine thirty six years after it was originally recorded drag city released deaths very first album called for the whole world to see wow to promote the album. Bobby Sons Bobby. Junior Julian and urine put together a band to cover death songs in in play them live. They called the band rough Francis a loving tribute to their uncle. David all since then drag city records. Words has released three more death albums the most recent having been released in two thousand fifteen bobby dance got back together to perform shows as death breath with lamb. Spread member. Bobbie Duncan on guitar. In Twenty nineteen they embarked on a tour celebrating the ten year anniversary of the release of for the the whole world to see and bobby sons continue playing shows as rough Francis and as far as I can tell they are still playing shows. That's awesome. Yes so they were last year so they're still doing it very and now that the legacy continues with the sons. It's why stop. Yeah that's crazy over over forty five years later. People finally know who death is before bad brains and before all the white boys wearing leather jackets and snarls death was playing Proto punk in their bedroom. It's infuriating that such influential band was relegated to obscurity because no one could see beyond their name the color of their skin whether it was Detroit or Burlington. Racism played a factor in how the audience viewed the ban every at every turn. Yeah in all honesty it probably still does. They need to be recognized for their vision and their contributions to punk. If we don't then we are exactly where we were over forty five years ago and more people need to know about these guys like credit to bad brains for being who they are such such an influential band all around not just for pump but in rock music in general but people can't say that they were the first all all black punk band death was and but but most people just don't even know that they were right and and more people need to know about death they really do. I'm really glad glad that the documentary was released but a wish. It got a wider release. Because if it did then maybe more people would be in needs to be on Netflix. It needs to be an music all the fucking streaming. Because you're right. This is such an influential band. And now that I've listened to the music music is killer. It is this music. Zeke is fantastic. I will totally love to pick up a vinyl all this and they're talented. They have seams that still stick today ahead of their time. Yeah and they're insanely ahead of their time and they're incredibly grateful for all of the people that do recognize them. I'm like they never really intended. They they were never upset that nobody knew who they were. They were just like no. We're just going to get on with their lives because that was just you. You know we could have had success and we did it. But whatever has how their kids were in a fucking band and almost had a record deal and all this and they he didn't even tell her fucking kids and then for their kids to discover early eighteen twenty years into their lives. My Dad was in one of the first fucking punk band. Yeah advert ever and it. has this huge resurgence. And it has this huge influence. And it's such good music it's not op bullshit. Yeah it can you imagine discovering your parents did something that amazing yeah. It's like discovering my dad was in like one of the most innovative and influential bands to ever exist in. He just didn't really mentioned success but we didn't it's fine. Oh and I guess the question does come up like it's so crazy because the clearly at the time didn't have too much of an influence right and they also weren't getting too much of an influence from outside sources because again in the early seventies. You're not really going to hear the sex pistols or whatever other bands so they're in the Midwest just making punk music on their own. Yeah and it's kind of weird to think about it in that aspect of anybody could have done this. who was inspired and motivated? I guess you can still stand by the way if you're inspired and motivated fucking hone your craft and see what you can do because who knows what you'll discover and also don't listen to any anybody who's trying to tell you that what you're doing isn't worth it. Oh my God like all their neighbors were like. Why are you making this music Maryland because because we fucking love it and we're GonNa do it right? That's awesome yeah they really need to have a Little more notoriety than they do now. Yeah seriously go ahead go to spotify only have fucking plays on spotify. They're even have a million place on spotify. That's pathetic guys. Not because of them but because of you people fucking listening talking this up. Yeah we need to fix this. Yea they are there. I mean we played you some music because we figured here you go if it sounds good to go dig him out there very good. It's worth your time but also I kind of just WanNa go hang around Burlington and like find them and be like Yo. Can we hang out. I will. We were like sent be your friend they are. They relying along the sweetest nicest people they probably are. And just genuinely fucking happy to be alive and frankly I need more people like I need more Wtma just like with that. You're happy to be here right. Sure but also I am going to keep up with both death. Andhra Francis to see if they're airplane any shows up there soon because I will one hundred percent take a day off of work and fucking go. See Them Bay Burlington be great music here for it. Yeah Yeah therefore it nice an awesome fucking story. Yeah super into that. I really need to watch documentary now. It's very good. Good definitely get that seven day. Free Trial Documentary documented on it yet. It's definitely worth it was. It was a very good documentary. Nice all right. Well you got your homeworks for you. Go listen to some death. Listen Death Watch documentary and just support your local punk bands guys. Yeah also like fan names. Don't mean nothing unda color. Your skin don't mean nothing king just embrace good music go fuck yourself. If you're not gotTa guys it's twenty twenty. What are we doing? Yeah I mean come on get the fuck out here redoing but thank you guys so much for listening we love you and appreciate you come back next week for more for another very obscure artist. Oh Yeah but next week is going to be real fun. I guess it'll be interesting. It'll be interesting it'll be interesting sing much like this honestly like I like that. We're covering some more obscure people. Yeah because these people need their do. Oh yeah absolutely. Wow yeah this next. We're going to talk about next week. Needs they're fucking do and he has a very interesting story. I am very excited. Needed to learn about is very interesting. And Wow like such an influence for a second week in a row. We're hoping this episode. We're hyping it up. I I like like hyping up the lesser known. Slow because they don't get as much love and they fucking show. Yeah come on guys come back next week for that. 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