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Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast addition watch what happens. Live with me Andy Cohen and she started in broad city. And she's the toughest brought in Hollywood watch what happens live with Kathleen Turner and a lot of Glazer. Now the on Everybody Watch whatever inside of your host Andy Cohen live in the Rabat's one guest who started romancing the stone and another loves getting stoned over over the course of my I guess career. She's UH countless killer performances including one turn as a serial killer. Mom catcher in Dolly Parton heartstrings. Premiering on Netflix afflicts November twenty second. Please welcome Miss Cathleen. The city we all FAM- and if I understand what she means she does. She's definitely house catcher in green eggs and ham on Netflix. Now now say hi to Alana Glazer and behind the bar not only the owner of Clementines Naughty and Nice creamery and Saint Louis but one of them was my neighbor growing up literally right next door so he probably has some Nadia Nice stories. It's about me. It is my friend Frank Ewbal and Tim Rocky away. Clementines creamery justifying just named best ice cream in the United States. And they're on Oprah's favorite things last very excited for you proud of that you're from St Louis and you can order it they ship. It's amazing Alana was so excited to be on with earner. I just WanNa give the opportunity to gosh over this icon and okay I like burst into Kathleen dressing room and I was like The H. Thank you for paving a path by existing but not only have you existed in industry for forty to order. Thank you better slab really thrived and you've continued to beat not only be yourself but continued to discover who that is. It is amazing and being vocal about your political views. Amazing amazing us being is then. Now we're going to link up and do some of the word we do together. I love it all right and love it. Okay that's these forever by the way. Don't forget that Ms Celine Dion will be joining us in the clubhouse for the first time ever next. Monday's that means they're dion your questions questions for Kathleen and a Lotta are coming in but before we get to those. Here's what three things. I am Szeswith tonight. I Kathleen is portrayed so many iconic roles throughout her career feels feels impossible to remember them all but we can try. It's time to play Kathleen credits. Forget it I'm going to present you with various movies and TV shows you gas gas whether Kathleen was or not okay. Okay was Kathleen in nineteen eighty. Three's the man with two brains now. Yes scum wing leaving nineteen ninety. Five's too long food. Thanks for everything Julie Newmar now no she was not okay. Kathleen in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven a simple wish. Yes yes she was. Was She baby geniuses. Zuma's yeah yes you ricky Friday in two thousand three now yes no oh she wants it on a dumb and dumber which she downward to own. Yes the Goudie Alana now no does. She was not was she in white chicks now which she no she was it was she and Marley and me. Yes she was thinking in in Vegas Sue got married Kathleen Kern character had the chance to right the wrongs of her pass. Oh Kathleen. I'm curious if you ever wish you could do the same. I may not be able to create a time warp. I do have a speed round of questions of challenging experiences from your past prior tired acting. What was your worst job my worse up? I was attempt at a Jewish travel agency during Passover season and everyone ruling was talking to me in Yiddish and they were all right What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever been caught hot doing in your trailer? I'm never telling anyone that. Utah The in two thousand twelve on this show. You said that Bill hurt was your her absolute best onscreen kiss. What was your worst onscreen kiss? Burt Reynolds what Phil was Switching channels really it was he sought why he just I rehearse with Michael. Cain yeah I supposed to do with Mike okay good toys yes well McCain got caught on jaws four okay short kept breaking down and so I was pregnant and I had a stop date not right so we got everything we could without him and then finally the producer went and hired and he couldn't kiss. Yes not a good that mustache. Wow Wow what's the dumbest thing you've ever blown a ton of money on his coins. Why would I confess these these? Do you have to worst What's one piece of great advice ice? You regret not taking. I suppose if would be. Don't take these so seriously. Don't take things so seriously. Thank you very much. Second City. Alana's character loves station SUSHI PHONE WIGS and Andy. But there's one thing that fires are up most of all we need so a Lotta as a catalyst store. Here's what I'm going to present various celebrities. Ladies you've worked with you tell us what kind of stone or you think they would be. The I guess yes. Okay what kind of stone or Wood Scarlett Johansson would be your rough night. co-star a nervous. Not Chill Steiner. Okay what about Rupaul. Chill and probably I believe performance and a funding Quispe. What about Hillary Clinton? I honestly think she'd be. Do you think she will be Diane Keaton also voiced ingredients. Super Chill Beaujolais with ice. Yes Seth Rogan well. Pleased the king. Yes the what about Amy Schumer I think emmy she just had a baby right. I think she'd be like chill and happy to to talk about Kate. Kate McKinnon I think it would be nervous about I. Hannibal Chill thank you very much. Okay finally. It's a serious treats have Kathleen in on it and the clubhouse so here's what I want to ask some questions that are seriously silly. It is time for outside the Actors Studio Kathleen. What was your first concert? You ever went to. Oh it does Hausky count. I'll take it okay. Okay Yeah Piano Concerto B flat minor. Wow a a lot of what was your first concert My first concert was James. Taylor tape what celebrity was the first celebrity. You too that you had a crush on Richard Chamberlain. Richard Chamberlain him on stage. When I was growing up in London in high school he was doing the ladies dumper burning was a swashbuckling pie with us. He had no idea g you know yes I know he broke and then he was in the thornbirds and then everyone found out that way took me a long time ago. I worked with him and he said you know I'm by the way AH been. Oh my God a lot. Of what celebrity do I crush on Lake Mark. Paul Guzzler Ella Law Francine I remember saying to save my Yeah it makes the most embarrassing nickname you've ever been given Kathy Kathy. Kathy you do really think of a new dot care for Kathy's right. Oh I won't I wrote a lot of what is the most embarrassing. If you call up Elaine Elaine. I'm sorry rather please dominate terrible. What is your irrational pet peeve? Leuze like all that okay. How about you a Lotta Gum chewing gum chewing gum earlier? Thank thank you for playing ladies. Let's take a quick McCall Bass from Philadelphia Four Kathleen Turner Beth. What's your question? Hi Hi Andy. Hi Kathy Schwinn. Yeah absolutely adore. How he little connections really bad? Tell us your question real quick again. She she loves you. What is your fondest memory of working with Michael? Douglas fondest memory highs. We've had so much fun but it was never just my. It was always Mike Lynn. Down on Ame. Yeah so we were kind of like a little club. Yeah you know and I was. They let me be one of the guys which is always fun. I suppose some of the stuff in Mexico. Yeah because I grew up in South America and they really needed a Spanish speaking person. Oh right yes We got a question on twitter from Margaret Thirty once you and Michael Douglas wherever romantic during those films. Your chemistry okay. Let's go to the phones Sam from Texas for Alana. What's your question? Hey Alana Sensors the new green eggs and ham series. Do you think Dr Seuss was donor. Yes Joe Oh by the way it looks so. I'm so excited about this and it's on Netflix. Yeah it's so pretty and it's like there's just such great actors in it. I really impress my mom cut together. What did you ever in the studio with any of these people or it was all right? Let it's very leave from Vegas for Kathleen Turner. What's your question? Jerry Lee Andy I love love. Love Love you and my the question is for the Kathleen Turner Miss Jessica Rabbit. Just I just want to ask her. How much did she loves train? Chandler's father on friends law was quite groundbreaking. Yes and of course. I wouldn't do it now because I there would be real people. Yes but at the time the one of the creators of friends I was doing a one woman show base Lubang cat and he came up. See The show in San Francisco and came backstage and said you have to play. Chandler's Dan Lewis Dad and I thought okay we think a woman playing a man right being a woman rate. I haven't done that so I guess that's great episodes right. Yeah Yeah I think four okay all right well. It was an iconic part and it was really out of its time I mean it was. It's still close. We Dad. I love a Lotta Georgina. Oh emailed was there ever abroad. City storyline so out of this world. That comedy central put the Kyw Bosch on it. You know actually comedy central didn't we were Going to go to Israel for the episode were On the plane caught and then there was violence happening there and like the last minute we were like no right right so like couldn't do it but it was funny episode. But I'm glad we didn't do. Great it Greg Johnson said Kathleen. Can you still do the comic bird whistle from serial mom. Oh God you know all right. Where's my daughter? She's it's Rachel. She doesn't have a mic on. Yeah she's only got it. John my God we you know in many anyways. Kathleen is a screenwriter's dream. Not only because she can actor face off because she can take any line and make it a thousand times matter just by saying it with with her voice. So it's gametime everybody I want to give the Kathleen treatment to some famous films. It's time to play last. I got lead. You're going to recite Famous movie lines a lot and I will both shout out the name of the film and See who right. Okay you gotta ask ask yourself one question. Do feel lucky well do your punk lake the movie that MacAulay Culkin's watching at home on I have no idea go. Andy you gotta run right also just the girl standing in front of a boy not alive. I Have Hippos Greg. Could you could be. Oh the faulkners. The falker close meet the parents have any. I'm not bad and I'm just drawn Jessica Rabbit brand new but when I do I have a very particular set of skills skills. I have acquired over very long career skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. I feel like it's a woman talking back to a man taking in November twenty second i. I had five layers of age makeup on Buddy padding and is is immensely do an hour and a half get this shit off my face. I really really was it was it was so hot and you got to work with dodge. I'll tell you a little story about Dolly because you called. She's telling me all about Obon character because she says you know the Bose is important Gordon to her in her life and everything and she's she's saying now she lived up up to cabin there with an old dog named blue and a one eyed cat name winky and I said I don't know where I say. I always travel with my cat. Simon Oh all right all right now what we do. IS WE PULO sugar water on his I in the hurt him. None don't hurt him and he can play winky. I didn't know he can you know. I don't WanNA winking cat I do is funny I love I love Dolly Parton. I'm really excited to see the movie. I'm really only says sweet. Alana Adam J wants to the best part of how being Ellen Degeneres for a boss awesome greetings and am I guess not interacting with her I thank you yes there you go all right. It's a clean relationship exact there you go okay. Good all right it is time. I'm for my Mazal. As the day goes John Legend. Who was announced tonight that he's GonNa be People Magazine's sexiest after looking at that sexy? Swimming Pool Shot John. I have one thing to say. The CHRISSY teagan husbands in the floor. Jack Do you get Jersey. Using housewives to humor. Tonight's talks are apparently underway for an unscripted friends reunion special initial. This gets the Jack Hall because they haven't asked me to host even though I did one in two thousand sixteen if only I knew someone who played a prominent role on friends runs who lost Kathleen Turner Guys John Melissa here. We have something really cool. 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We're back with Kathleen Turner from heartstrings streaming on Netflix streaming on that flakes likes to greet eggs in the bars. My friends from St Louis Frank Hugo and Tamara clementines. Thanks Naughty and nice cream. Mary and Saint Louis available for purchase and chips. Nationwide and Oprah loves it so GINA THE OTHER No. Yes exactly Let's go to Josh from New York. Josh what's your question. Hey Andy My questions for Alana okay. Along one one celebrity that you always wanted to have guest on God's city that you never had a chance to I mean you got Hillary Clinton. Yeah I mean like we pretty much maxed out We madly caffeine's you ever was. We never got. Aw chopped liver who shares maybe a whole nother like avenue for coupling Turner. What's your question? How their hi? My question is Kathleen do you have any memories of working with Ricky Lake Ontario. Mom Yeah Good Pussy. Willow no I I will do the second guy I you know. I think that that's with overdone. Since boring don't he was a good a group. I think the funniest funniest one though sometimes was waterston because he took it all very seriously and he came very earnest. Any any he came over and he said now. Do you think that we might be immortalizing. Glorifying serial killing up DOC. It's a movie John. More specifically that was great Spencer they're from Wisconsin for Alana. What Questions Spencer? Hi Alanna If you could change anything about the series finale abroad city what would you do differently. I honestly wouldn't change a way of the broad city failing. Yeah that was the privilege to end it when we wanted the way we wanted. I would say it ended. I mean you knew it ended before its time but that's the way to go out. Yeah let's go to Andrea from North Carolina Andrea. which question? I mean it is. Yeah Yeah Hi from Raleigh North Carolina. You know I've gotta start by telling you that I am so proud of the menu are and your choice of bringing in a life into the world take solid thoughts and just being the type of menu. Are you someone to be very proud of Sir my question my question is for Kathleen and I wanted to know if there's anything anything that she has ever turned down or has ever done that. She wished she had not in her career because she is an icon. Aren't turned down many these none of which I have regretted I would tell you about one guy that I was on the phone. My agent called I was home within my I suppose he was my fiance and it was. They were offering me the role in Solomon's Woman's minds. Yeah Okay with Richard J William by the by. Wow Anyway I would. I'd read the script and it was terrible and so I said all right fine. We'll sell them my one five billion dollars and there was his paws anyway. Well they started their. Okay then tell them no. Just tell them right right and I hung up in my fiance's did you just. Did you just do them. Five million dollars. The film sucks you know and I usually. Yeah and you were right now Google and find out who took that part Sharon Johnstone thank you. We had to close. We had to. We had to guess like okay. We'll just that actually works as punch like it's That's Tommy from Buffalo. Tommy what your question. Hi Andy Love You. Love you on on How was judging Ru? Paul's drag race. Nash Ashley Okay. So it was so fun. Have you done it kept saying no but I have been sort of on it. Well Yeah yes. That's right because they do fight eh one of them for the love of Kathleen Turner. What part of Kathleen tournaments right? Okay so you want to hear what happened the day grace. I got a crazy hot water. Burn yes I was staying at Eric. Andres House poured like hot water into a swell bottle of his. Is I get in the car it pours on my leg and I'm I'm losing my mind. It was a second degree burn. And I'm like drag race right literally and unlike have a doctor meet me there. Whatever and I'm like I got like a bag of ice and then I it was so crazy this disgusting thing all day and everyone was nice enough to pretend they didn't notice it and I like walked I was like I turn around. I was like please don't know because I was like So I was was like blind pain right. But it was dope like Russo sick and like you know having met him on broad city it was like oh Cool seeing ru in drag. You had gone through. This is how talks and talks to the judges with like a fan. There's like I think she should win. And actually watching reproduce was such an awesome and Michelle and Rosser so last caller caller tonight. Oh wow it's our friend. Mike from Cape Cod. Mike how you been. Oh my God hi Andy How are you. I am very excited to speak. I've Seen Oh my John. You were just announced today as account work at Camp John Waters. I have been all Yes and Tanjug. We all know there was a camp. John Waters can get on September eleven eleven to fourteen. We are beyond excited. I I see your question Mike. The day I love him. I'm GonNa Faint mytalk attack me. Turner please what what. What was your favorite memory of working working? Mitch Nicholas Cage in Peggy. Sue got married. That's a tough one five or call from your last appearance parents. You may not have a favorite memory from experience. Well Good I. We call the came in the last night night of shooting and with a bottle of Tequila in his hand and fell to his knees. Those sorry absorbs sorry. I got one more scene. Come on God yes. Your favorite memory might have been wrapping the film. Yeah it was a big that that and then after all that it was also was thing because will know because Francis contract he would lose final. Cut It. We didn't come in on time but no he said anywhere on budget so we'd worked six day weeks of twenty hours a day. How how because because we we didn't want him blues cut right right but it was devastatingly difficult? Yeah Yeah and a big hit was good field yes it is. Yeah it is I want to thank Kathleen Turner and a lot of. Yeah thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four P._M.. Eastern time make sure your subscribe to have a great rusty or not.

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