Courting the Older Vote


Tired of spending hundreds of dollars prescription glasses visits any today at Xeni Dot com slash C._N._N.. Welcome to the point for July eighteenth. I'm more into PENSKE CO author of the point. I'm here to cut through the political spin to bring you the news you need to know with age comes wisdom and apparently the urge to get out the vote and to do so consistently often attention is paid most to the group least. Is Likely to actually make it to the ballot box. Younger voters sure in the twenty eighteen midterm elections participation among the youngest voting group of eighteen to twenty nine year olds climbed from twenty percent in two thousand fourteen to thirty six percent in two thousand eighteen. That was the largest percentage point increase for any age group but there's one age group that is consistent and reliable in showing up to vote people sixty five and over the difference is staggering on average since nineteen ninety-two the highest turnout among age groups has remained the over sixty five crowd with turnout on a presidential year never dipping below sixty eight percent compare that to twenty sixteen national average of. Sixty percent just behind them turn out wise is the forty five to sixty four year old crowd with their turnout rate staying solidly in the upper sixties since nineteen ninety-six turn out dips for the younger age bracket the thirty to forty four year olds and turn turnout is lowest among the youngest voters hovering at or below fifty percent turnout for eighteen to twenty nine year old during presidential years. All of these numbers go to show just how valuable older voters are to any successful campaign and in the twenty eighteen midterm elections voters over fifty meet up fifty six percent of the electorate that helps explain why nearly every single Democrat running for president the cycle is appearing in forums around Iowa. They're all dedicated to addressing. Housing issues for older voters in sponsored by the A._A._R._p.. And The des Moines Register which brings us to the point sure the younger voters are getting coverage but the older voters are the ones who are more reliably turning out to vote and that's the point for July Light Eighteenth Twenty nine thousand nine. Thank you for listening for more updates throughout the week including our Sunday night campaign edition subscribe to the point newsletter at C._N._N.. Dot Com slash point. If you like this audio briefing you can get on Google home or Amazon Echo or subscribe stitcher or apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP see. You never miss an episode.

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