Respect Your Spouse Enough to Tell Them "No" (Hour 1)


From the headquarters of ramsey solutions broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios. It's the dave ramsey. Show where. Data's dom cash is king and the paid off. Home mortgage has taken the place of the bmw as the status symbol of choice dr john baloney ramsey personality and bestselling author of the redefining anxiety. Is my co host today answering your questions about your life. I'll answer your questions about your money and we'll probably both answer your questions anyway. Open phones triple eight eight to five five to five. That's triple eight eight to five five two two five. James starts off this hour in tampa florida. Hi james welcome to the dave ramsey. Show dave and dr d. How are you guys great man. How can we help so my question for you guys today I am planning on proposing to buy girlfriend's And then coming near congratulate. And i appreciate that. We've been together for about three over three now And so yeah take that next. Step forward Started looking at rings and things like that and my question though is i am debt-free But she has quite a bit of that and so. I'm trying to figure out how to start planning for that after we get engaged got married to buying bank accounts and all that stuff. How do i plan to tackle per day for basically going back from baby step or debut set to launch. Exactly what you'll do whatever money you have in savings when you come home from the honeymoon you will throw it at the debt snowball and the two of you will combine your households your incomes and you're you know you're gonna work her dad off then the two of you answer. How much data. She got Probably going to be around six. I guess five to sixty thousand dollars okay. And what's her attitude about all that Well it's funny aspect. I've been trying to ease this conversation and with her And trying to talk about or have dreamed of precision. That you guys talk about a lot having had that conversation yet But she's on board with it but she she's not believe that i said we can do it in less than five years and i told her i said okay. Well don't jump on board with me and you know we'll do it under five years. I can promise you that. And she. she doesn't believe me. Remember what is your. What is your income. So my i make about fifty thousand dollars but mission so they should probably be around sixty five which measures nurse. She's a nurse probably makes it a fifty five thousand okay. So here's a simple thing that a nurse can do. Anybody could take okay. Is you make a hundred thousand if you put if you put thirty thousand out of one hundred on your debt. You're debt free in two years exactly checkpoint and she that if you say that sentence and she rolls her eyes then you've got a problem right and i think i i'm wondering how you've been with somebody for three and a half years and you're still you're about to buy an engagement ring and you're still tiptoeing around any conversation like you don't tiptoe around dreaming conversation brother you've been together for three and a half years like what is stopping you from sitting down in having that that should be a point of joy and appointed coming together. Not some sort of apprehensive moment. Why are you waiting to have that conversation. I really don't have a reason. I just i just haven't done it to be completely honest. Give her that gift. That's a gift to any prospective spouse male or female for the other person to sit down and say. I want a dream together with you. That's awesome man. That's a good place. And as dave said. This is a math problem. And another thing i can do especially in. This universe is work saturdays for another nine months and make a whole bunch extra money and you can do something on the side and y'all take that to two years and cut it down to eighteen months or maybe even fifteen months. If you'll get bananas i left out. How much have you got in savings. Doubt about forty five thousand okay and she has fifty and she has fifty thousand dollars in debt. So if your check for forty five thousand or only ten thousand left right after you're married and you're making one hundred thousand so you should be debt free in two months. This is the greatest call of your life brother. We've solved all of your eye. And then you're going to rebuild your savings and she can't be nervous about using your savings because she's not gonna savings so she's already should be nervous right. Yes completely agree. You are gonna have to work on the pronoun problem. Which is this is going to quickly become not her debt but y'all's debt our debt our debt our beyond your savings our savings. That's right yeah when you are married and come home from the honeymoon the pronouns chances are now french we we do stuff now. We do stuff together right. It's your stuff my stuff. It's unless the dog goes on the floor and then it's your dog other than that. It's everything else right about. Oh my gosh. That's your child is misbehaving. that's right. he's your son. That's actually a rule. My wife and i have. Yeah whichever whichever be standing in the military paying. He's your son ever behavior. The principal calls us on that person's got to go to the guy. I'm just saying that's right. I agree with her on that part. Yeah now change your pronouns as soon as you get married and you can say and you can even do that in the dream meeting and say how is life going to look like for us we. What is it we're going to do. And what if we took after marriage and applied forty five thousand to fifty five thousand with debt and in the meantime you work like crazy and you've already paid it down ten from working weekends and so when we come home from the honeymoon. We're like debt-free a coolest that that would be a dream. That's better than five years five years kind of sucks. Yeah and your life right now. Kind of sucks. So maybe we can fix this thing. Expand dream not a bad dream. We're gonna put financial coaches and counselors out of business. If we solve people's marriages like that man. Now well let me sharon in our own about our third date. I was driving a monte carlo with two hundred eighty five thousand miles on it. Third engine second transmission was going to say. That's back when i was i. I mean i had driven this car. I it was on its third life and i was explaining to her. I had a dollar sixteen in my checking account. And i was explaining to her how someday i was going to be a millionaire in about the time we went across the railroad tracks and muffler fell off my car. So this is. This is a dream meeting right. The dream the dream meet. What could this look like and and you know the strange part is the moment actually believe me and she was right right. Because i'm so dumb. I've done it twice a millionaire twice two different times now. Oh my gosh yeah. That's that's that's the dream meeting. That's what you're doing and it's okay. If the muffler falls off the car in the middle of dream meeting but just Have it and sit down and change your pronouns and start laying out some math plans and start talking about going through. Maybe you go through ramsey plus during this year While you're planning and getting married and finish up then revisit after the marriage and that kind of stuff you have a whole year lined up to do all that very cool man very cool open phones at triple eight eight to five five two two five. This is the dave ramsey show. Yes folks mortgage rates are really low. And wow that's great news. Watch out for mortgage lenders with a slick pitch claiming they have the lowest rates. Those deals often come with bad advice in hidden fees. Instead i want you to call churchill mortgage to buy a new home or refinance because they think like i do call today triple eight loan two hundred or churchill mortgage dot com. This is a paid advertisement in. Mls id one five nine. One in molest consumer access dot org equal housing lender seventeen forty nine mallory lanes. One hundred brentwood tennessee. Three seven zero. Two seven dr john loney ramsey personality bestselling author of the book redefining anxiety. What it is what. It's not and how to get your life back for taking your questions about your life and your money open phones at triple eight eight to five five two two five. Jake is in san francisco. Hi jake how are you. I'm doing good dave. Hey thank you My question is i just sold a rental property all close next week and i'll be set free for the first time in my life alright and on unexcited i I just sold this property close. I'm going to have about a half million Cash to put. And i'm i'm thinking of putting it just into retirement into mutual funds and i have about two seventy five or more in mutual is right now so give me about. I may be close to eight. Eight hundred and my home is free and clear. And it's worth about a million. And i have a rental in newport That's about inside and we're both free and clear paid for. Why are they killed graduations. Thank you thank you. yeah A no happy about doubt and thank you. I've been on the leadership team for potential teach times and love that program and anyway Just trying to figure out When i do this is that. If i put it into the mutual funds right now i i meant basically story on chip growth fund and then the snp index and then a balanced fund. That's about thirty percent bombs. And i think the blue chips up about fifty two percent this year. S p and. I think is probably around fifteen allen the balances of their team. So i'm thinking about splitting that money and putting in there Nervous because i've been real estate my whole life and i sell. It is an agent. And i'm retired now and so i'm just trying to figure out Whether that's a good move to to split it like the rest of this stuff. I have those we in neutral funds and drake. You got you guys. Reform million dollars I think you're not gonna mess this up such spreading it across those threes. Probably all right I could do that. I have my mutual funds. Four types growth growth and income aggressive growth and international. I'm not big on bonds. Because they haven't kept up with equities in terms of long term track record performance. I'm not a fan i'm sixty years old. I don't have a diamond bonds Just to give you an idea. So i'm seventy seventy six right now so you're not gonna use this money somebody else s well see what i can do to spend it you know you. Can you take a run at it. But you're have to get pretty crazy man to go through all this but you can do that. Here's the thing i think you're looking for. I think you sit down with a smartvestor pro. Click daveramsey dot com. Click smartvestor and sit down with an adviser. That and. here's what i want you to ask them about. Look at some what's called low turnover mutual funds. One place you can always find. Low turnover is with an x. S and p five hundred index fund. Low turnover simply means. They don't sell the stocks inside. The funds. Very often almost always. It's a by hold strategy. The turnover rate is five percent or less therefore all of your growth is going to be capital. Gains growth are almost all of it is going to be capital gains growth. So you don't mean taxes on the growth until you cash it out and when you do cash it out if it's been in there longer than a year it's going to be taxed at the capital gains rate not an ordinary income rate so fifteen percent instead of whatever your tax rate is thirty or thirty five percent and so i personally do a lot of low turnover mutual funds. I'll throw money into an s. and p. five hundred and just sit there two or three years and then go piece of real estate with whatever it grows to. That's what i do with it but if it just sits there the point being that if you buy a sheriff's stock for fifty dollars goes up to seventy dollars you do not pay taxes on the twenty dollar gain until you sell the stock right right and so it's growing like real estate does with. Oh you're you're getting a tax deferred growth. You don't have to pay taxes on growth until you cash in and so the low turnover. Mutual fund keeps you from having to pay taxes every year on the growth. Where if you buy a high turnover. Mutual fund like for instance aggressive growth stock mutual fund. Times they'll have like a not a five percent turnover but they may have a two hundred percent turnover. They may turn the whole thing over twice a year which means every bit of gain that that thing has his taxable that year and not taxable at capital gains right cap taxable at your ordinary income rate. Which is at least double of otherwise. So you're paying twice as much taxes and you're paying them on your and you're paying them every year rather than letting it leading the tax money grow more money for you by letting it sit in there so you have to pay taxes on gang growth on on the gain before you even cash it out on a mutual fund. You do if they have cashed it out inside the mutual fund okay so like a mutual ninety two hundred stocks and if they're selling out every time they saw one of those stocks whatever that stock has gone up in value. That amount is going to be taxable for you that year. Even if you're not holding a cash in hand even if you are have not cashed in they cashed in inside the fund so you could conceivably pay cash or pay taxes on a mutual fund year over year. That ends up money. Some day you'd pay taxes against something went away but holding that money and You know if you buy sheriff home depot stock. And i don't even know what it goes firms making this up and it goes from fifty dollars seventy dollars and you sell it right. You're gonna pay taxes on that twenty dollars on that twenty dollars right but you're not if you hold it okay until you shall it and if you hold it longer than one year it's only taxed at fifteen percent there you so multiply that times ninety two hundred inside of a mutual fund. And that's what's going on all those things spinning out or not spinning out gotcha. So as long as they're sitting there and they're not selling them and ninety five percent hold rate is considered a five percent turnover rate is considered a low turnover or no turnover mutual fine an almost all your s and p five hundred of that. Because they're just trying to model the five hundred k. They're buying them and just keeping them and that's one place you can find them but you can also find other mutual funds that have a low turnover rate in them. But that's what i would look for if i were in that. Mix in that. I know look for because this is what a freaking because i do anything i can to be tax efficient and get good right of return and some other is about so much real. Estate is i might. It goes up in value. Don't pay taxes on the growth and value. My net worth goes way up and i don. I don't have the cash in my pocket right when a piece of property goes from one hundred thousand two hundred fifty thousand in value. I don't have that fifty thousand in cash. But i do have that value. They're gonna get to it if i wanted to sell it but i don't so open phones at triple eight eight to five five. Two two five joshua is in knoxville. Hey joshua how are you. Dave dr dawn. How are you all right man. What's up business for eight years and i'm wondering if i should go ahead and build a warehouse for business. What's the growth curve on your business. Been about fifteen percent every year besides for this year. I'm down about thirty percent. The some of the virus if we didn't have the pandemic in the last five years your business is tripled. Yes pretty close so when you build a warehouse or you're going to build it for five years from now three times as big. I'm hoping agree. You're going to have to move out of your own warehouse. Well are currently rent. And i've got about two thousand square feet to build around thirty five hundred. Now you see my point is you're gonna to be out of that thing in two and a half years because you're gonna take right now. I've got quite a bit of room. It's more getting more orders in really you know. Yeah any okay here. Here's let me let me give you the brief synopsis on real estate. As you know. I love real estate so your brief synopsis. That your business is growing so fast that if you're not careful you're going to own a piece of real estate and you're going to go. I don't wanna move 'cause i own this now. The real estate is wagging the businesses to the business wagging the real estate the dogs wagging the tail or the tail wagging the dog or bashar bag at the hackers. But anyway you shoot him. Saying i bought a piece of real estate and it became me keeping the company in the real estate. Start mess up the company. I started trying to take care of the real estate to try and take care of the company and so the only way that's going to work because if you buy big piece by a bigger warehouse so that you can stay there awhile and then when you move you need a marketable warehouse that you can sell it or rent it out when you move out of it because that's what we did with our old building. We had to move out. I we outgrew it three times over dr johnny dot. Dr jonas. dr. John loney That's his name is my co host. Jeannie i can. Dr chachi journal chachi joining own. My gosh open phones at triple eight eight to five five two two five on the debt free stage in the ramsey solutions lobby. Tyler and jessica are with us. Hey guys how are you good. How are you better than i deserve. Welcome it's good to have you guys live all the way to nashville so much debt to pay off two hundred eighty thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars and twenty six cents scored mitch. How long did this take twenty three months and your range of income during this twenty three months. Eighty four thousand two hundred and thirty five thousand. Oh okay and what do y'all do for a living. I am a middle school counselor. I'm in sales. Okay cool okay. So you did not make two hundred eighty three thousand during that period of time which tells me you must have sold something. We sold our house right. What your house bring. We sold it for one hundred. Forty thousand okay. We were moving so anyway. Yeah so when sold that paid off the mortgage debt. Obviously so you're renting now we we. We now have bought a house since then saying yes. Okay yeah and what was the rest of the debt. The other one hundred forty sallie mae all sally ten thousand dollars a car loan but you stood out there so that's better and also alley show. What happened twenty three months ago to get you guys on fire we well. We decided we wanted to move closer to family. I took a new job and we decided with the house we had. we weren't getting anywhere with our loans. We're doing day this. We decided to go all end. This is the perfect time and we sold our house. We put everything we made from the house into our student loans and just went after from there. Okay all right and then after that you were able to save up a down payment and by later okay all right way to go you guys. Wow i mean that just took off so what i mean when you made the decision to move what made you decide to say okay wall. We're moving we might as well clean up this mess. Yeah there's a couple things. We were looking at houses and where we're moving. Houses were more expensive so we decided to wait and we have a little one at home aurora. When we found out we were pregnant. Were like let's get it done and we're going to change her life man so he got more jobs. Yes more and more jobs. What do you tell people the key to getting out of debt. If if you have a spouse communicate be okay with telling each other. No respect each other enough to tell each other. No you can can get it done. I remember we would sit there and ask each other vice stuff and let me. Just ask the question. Does this align with our goals. And if it didn't we didn't buy it so we literally did nothing for twenty three months. You had no life correct basically now. Now you're free and you live like no one else on now you can live and give like no one else and aurora has a whole different future. Because he it's amazing. How old are you. I'm thirty three thirty two impressive. He's gonna say. I would affect over twenty five and twenty six. I wish beautiful as you feel right. How old is now. She's gonna be ten months next week. And so how much of this stressed you feel like she internalized versus what she's going to be able to live with without you know that was one of my biggest things is. I didn't wanna live in a rental. And now i'm thinking she's never going to remember right and we get to tell her this wonderful story someday and she's never going to have to live like we did before so eighteen. Your mom paul. Who came to who with the idea. We my brother's been doing it. My he's he's out of debt. My sister did it So it's kinda started with my family but our support group of both of our families I've known of it. And that's why we've been doing dave ish for longtime and we decided this is enough. Let's get it done so there's no big your salesman for a living so there was no big sales job here. It was as much as of a math problem in Honestly didn't i mean he told me about it when we were you know going out and then college and i was like that doesn't seem like that will ever happen. I have over one hundred thousand dollars in student loans. And i remember the day we sat down at the table and finally rolled out all of our loans and i just cried and i thought that moment would never end and i can't believe we're here. I can't believe it happened euros. Complete heroes you completely stole today and so proud of y'all inc jerry. Well done very well. Who are your biggest cheerleaders our family and then his brother and sister guys brothers season in the middle of this story for sure just kept telling us to to keep going and keep living where we were living in it without him or family. I mean especially mine and hers as well. We got so intense christmas. We were like no gifts because 'cause they got it and they supported s. So that's very cool. Well congratulations after all of this house. Your field amazing amazing screen. You can see it on their face. The glass lightbulb. right man. yeah well done. Well done. Are i tyler and jessica des moines iowa. Two hundred and eighty three thousand dollars paid off in twenty three months making eighty four to one thirty five. We've got a copy of chris. Hogan's book for you every day millionaires. That's the next chapter in your story counted down. Let's sarah debt free scream to so maybe i love it. Well done well done well done. That's so cool. everytime never gets old. Today's the last day to enter our ramsey christmas cash. Giveaway could be your chance to win our grand prize of five thousand dollars now. That would make christmas special. Wouldn't it inner daily to increase your chances of winning. Today's the last day so it's not daily it's today and go to daveramsey dot com slash giveaway. Our team is using every reason to give stuff away. 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Thousand bucks is awesome in five. Thousand bucks is awesome and it's called the be thinking about gifts that actually going to be something other than a plastic toilets gonna end up in a been somewhere or some knucklehead. Something or other gives them. That's actually going to help. Somebody's life when we were kids. Mom never in the real estate business and we moved so much that we had. We just kept all the boxes that were labeled And we had two boxes. That never got unpacked. Seldom used kitchen items. But we're going to keep them when we're going to keep on your seldom-used we bought a bunch of crap in our culture that is of no value none so don't buy them a seldom used kitchen item by them. Dr john loney book and you'll change their life actually usable. They will not go into the box. Seldom box not not say. Seldom this is the dave ramsey. Show up dr john. Baloney ramsey personality is my co host today open phones at triple eight eight to five. I two five devon is in denver. Hi devon welcome to the dave ramsey show. Hey done better than i deserve. How can help so my wife and i. We started your program at the beginning of this year. We're currently on baby steps number two. we've paid off a little over twenty thousand So far and we got right at nineteen to go Aside from our house but my question to you is My wife is currently expecting and a. Yeah who who who for us right so but we know we're going to have to pay a seven thousand dollar deductible next year to march Because of the way that our interest is so i'm curious. Do we keep going away on this debt snowball or do we stop and start saving up for the seven thousand dollars that we inevitably no. We're gonna oh in march you got you got really good instincts devon. Yeah you stop your baby steps you push pause on your total money makeover baby steps okay and you save up as much as you can save up between now and the time by becomes whatever. The expenses are out of pocket that you have to cover like the seven thousand dollars. Obviously you need to cover that. But i'd love for you to save even more. I mean what if you saved. Seventeen thousand dollars okay and You know mom and baby come. A baby comes mama become home from the hospital. Everybody's safe everybody's good and you write a check and you pay off the seven thousand dollar deductible and you have ten thousand dollars left you push play on your baby steps again. Your debt snowball is where you are and so you would take the ten thousand dollars out of that account back down to one thousand dollars and you throw it at your smallest debt and game on again and you lost a very little traction on your overall plan except your deductible in the story. I just told perfect. Yeah sounds like a game plan. Yeah congratulations man. That's awesome good for you. How proud of you good stuff open phones at triple eight eight to five five two two five. James is with us in redmond california. I james how are you. I'm focused certainly not finished Dave that john. How the heck are you man. We're doing good today. How can we help some I have a question about baby steps. For i am not there yet. I'm baby step two. So i am not contributing to my retirement yet My company offers very juicy match. That i intend to take advantage of when i got there. Good yes. I had a question about about this because they only offer a traditional 401k. Spore that retirement and not ross. And i i get the logic i get the logic and totally agree with you on roth contribution. So how do. I take advantage of the match. When the company doesn't offer a four one k. Through you know through the servicer van but in this case right they don't have a roth option doesn't matter you still take the match but i wouldn't take more than the match. So how much is the match. What percentages so it starts. It starts at At eight percents And then after three years of service to the company jumps to ten. Okay so you have to put in eight or ten to get them to match the eight or ten. They they match up to i. I have to look exactly how it works. But they match up to ten percent of your eligible pay. If i recall correctly but do you have to put in that ten for them to match. I yes yes. I believe so. Okay so you're gonna put let's just call it ten. Let's say you're putting ten percent into a traditional but you have a one hundred percent return. The instant you do that because they're gonna put in another ten. There's no mutual pay hundred percent red return. So that's why you always do the match right. Then i would stop and for the other five percent to get you up to fifteen percent. I would jump over and do a a personal roth. Ira in good mutual funds now. What is your income So my job currently Pays me fifty seven. I'm i'm doing this allenton. So i'm also doing mortgages And delivery. So i think my income will probably be at about one twenty okay then. Five percent is going to be about six thousand dollars. Which is a roth. Ira oddly enough right. And so if you do if you make if you make one hundred and fifty then you're going to go onto the third step because you can only put six thousand in your off and and you've got your ten percent match but you still need to put more into something and you've run out over off options and run out of match option. So now you've got to the third option which is just a traditional so that means you're going end up putting more than ten percent if you make more than one hundred twenty into you might build eleven or even You know eleven percent whatever it ends up being to get you to the actual dollar amounts that equate to fifteen percent of your income. And so that's very good. And don't forget to hold the taxes out on your side hustles if they're not being done already to. That's a good point. Sneak up on because you can get to where your key cabinet that ten ninety nine russ you in the head metric. You get that puppy. In 'cause i mean it sounds like he's making some serious bank if your mortgage brokering in their ten ninety nine you're contracting that as well then more than half your income you got no taxes coming out right and that's a good call. Suddenly you look that big mega number and it says one hundred and twenty. Eight hundred fifty. It feels so good but it's not that much right. Yeah well. I mean you do need to do the fifteen percent calculation on the on the gross number right but yeah you better be setting those taxes back in addition to what we're talking about so really cool man you're hustling you're hustling good for you get after it. Lyle is in meridian idaho. Hi lyle how are you doing. Good dave how are you better than i deserve. What's up so I just had a question for it because I i graduate student Here in idaho. I did the thing that every financial penny pincher would have a heart attack over. I went to medical school and medical school and But before i was accepted to medical school. I did or door sales as an undergraduate and i made a good chunk of money and i put some money in investment towards a like a part ownership of an airbnb and nashville And i just kinda wanted to hear your thoughts on the hope of of investing in Nashville property was. Have you know some residual income every quarter. And we were my wife. And i are planning to take that residual income and you know put it mainly the main folks put it towards our daughter's future. We have a two year old baby girl and but since cova has a Mayor coming up your feet thing didn't he. Yeah i did. But i mean the first year we had. We bought it in two thousand. Eighteen is more. Yeah yeah sell it. Yeah so yeah so. It was working out shelat salad. You live in freaking idaho. It's in nashville. Do you are spread so thin. You have your you so many things are garnering for your attention. And you're do none of them. Well you need to concentrate on med school getting through it and paying cash and use that airbnb to do it. You got too many balls in the air. You're juggling rose. One going to stick you in the i get rid of that thing. And it's that nashville properties. What it is and yeah so just let me. Yeah you're right every financial penny pincher in america. That would be me. I'm the king of them. I am the king freaking penny pincher. I'm not cringing about. You're going to med school. I'm cringing about you going into debt by a property entirely across the continent for airbnb in a city where the mayor shut down the whole economy. The only city and tennessee where that has happened by the way so. And i've got friends who are doctors whose kids are college and they're paying off their student loan still and so when. You're borrowing money to go to med school and your borrowing money to buy an investment property. So that your daughter. that's just priorities are on wack. Yeah too many things going. Anything's you're the best thing you can do for. Your daughter's future is get through med school debt-free and or pay that debt off asap. One of the two. You cash life trying to borrow your way into wealth. It's not the shortest method. This day ramsey show This is james childs producer. Of the dave ramsey. Show on your smart speaker. You can add our skill by saying alexa opened the ramsey networks skill from there. You can listen to all our shows. Ask dave money questions. Like how do i invest my money. Or what is the debt snowball. Find out more at daveramsey dot com slash smart be. Hey if you've got questions about retirement investing becoming an everyday millionaire. Go bigger and broader with my man chris hogan on the chris hogan show. I am excited to be able to talk to you all weekend and week out. We're going to focus on your calls and it's going to focus on building wealth investing and how to become an everyday millionaire. Subscribe to the chris hogan show wherever you listen to podcasts. Hey it's james producer of the dave ramsey show. This episode is over but check the episode notes for links to products and services. You've heard about during this episode. Thanks for listening.

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