Ep.6 - Former BOXER creates a "GLAMPING" SUCCESS! - Sharifah


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Once this whole lockdown circuit breaker hinting is over. I do plan on actually holding these. Podcasts live studio podcast which means that. I'll be having the guests. Come over into the studio and Redo a recording itself so there's a lot of course going to be involved and I hope to bring that kind of entertainment in that kind of value in content to you so if you guys do want to see more of that kind of content any kind of contribution is welcomed just hit onto anchor dot FM and the deep culture and you can search for listening support. I hope you guys enjoy the content of our. I really thank you for the support and I hope you enjoyed this episode. All right guys so BECA. Today's episode so today I have a very interesting guests with me. She's an old friend of mine from Junior College We have very few recollections of our relationship back then really knew other and then we totally didn't have any contact at all for the last couple of years until recently when I heard about her experiences in. Her Stories is an entrepreneur in intrigue me. So I thought you'll be good to have a on on this podcast. Basic story is that she loves trying new stuff I knew her a bit From JC when she was in the me culture society she was the President of Cultural Society. So she did a lot of military and stuff like that and then also Now I understand that. Recently she was actually the Marketing Manager in Boxing Company. And she left at job to start up a clamping company we. She's running right now. Of course no during the covid nineteen but she's currently doing during this period so without further ado please help me. Welcome Sharifa did culture. Podcasts Welcomes River Malini. Thanks to your most of us. Yeah because it's so much I really don't know you but I think I know you. So it's like I want to see more. I don't really know what I'm going to say I'm going to see is right or not let should maybe can you the y'all right or wrong okay. So from what I remember is. You seemed very outgoing. Was when definitely true so you were definitely outgoing. I remember you thinking putting a lot of activities in which which is why. I'm not surprised to hear that you're Now considered a lot of training. New Things From I mean to me. Boxing as students there I think it's breaking Females books but to hear that one of my one friend is in. It was something like. Oh interesting and then and anyone to the fact that you will start your own glimpse business right so that is also something that I I tried it once but I never thought the is a is a business to sustain your livelihood on so I'm interested to find out more about the lead the on yeah So Yeah I did boxing for quite a bit our stock into boxing not stuggle invention to Bosnia know so as a McCarthy manage in sheltered Municipal Debt. But eventually the coaches there to try. Boxy why not F- was just purely for fitness. I needed to lose weight. So and then yeah and then I get me be Kinda good in it so Microsoft you to just push me through goof off fights So not only on in boxing as the US a fitness counting but eventually I train up to go fights not like professional fi in just amateur boxing fight and yeah you can see the edge. Have my own fair. Share deal off. You know getting punched in the face and punches one. Yeah I think I I want three and I lose one or something. I did. Good Record Maureen loser so what would be okay so first of all. How did you get into the box? Company is marketing manager. Is that your background? Where Your Studies Marketing? No I it. The business review ill identity was working for Cinco for quite a very short wall and then got opportunity from someone who's a Humana working. Boxing Gym because she knew me she has. I think you can. I think you will enjoy this. Please Nord. I rejected that offer and then I do think though and then the dog Kim Kim again and say if he's obviously looking for someone you know at least you go and try again try. Id sort of my foot interviews. That she a boxing class. You Win for boxing to view. Yes I ran down classes I knew Tocado please I get to know the GM get to know the bars blah blah. I'd after the I'm Kinda Okay then. I go for the interview for an extra. Yeah what was interview for books so I came where prepared you know. I wouldn't do it all I think off the cheese land use planning on being. Yeah he's his. Tesa guy so he was kind of impressed by new venture. We talk a buddy then. I agree to the Simpson dead The work throwing them find. Okay then know and he was always can train for free. I don't so yeah. That's one of the books working in boxing gym. Because you get the trine the go between a an android. The classes La. Yeah Yeah but did you. Do you have any books? Ground over any boxing expertise to boxing. I think he asked me whether I'm into martial arts so before boxing I was in side. We meet I missile and before we can do so quite a range of Martial arts love for me Are you still into martial arts right now? Ever since I quit my job in thick Japanese food Photon don't have the time yet law. I do classes here and there but not as full on last time. Yeah so there was your period my my feet spirit of mix you lights superfit because this criteria is when you do martial arts especially when you're into fights new card and then discipline and you're a trian almost five days a week boxing five days a week S. Nc treat time so was a strength conditioning. Legs Jim Ryan. Jim Tillerson wheat since audit so I will replace less time like squads and all that. Because he had to turn up my when I do about Five days boxing to this strength and conditioning. Yeah and then one day like a running the check the check near the trick to the this extra the no I mean in between us. Oh fights in boxing and maybe I do boxing. The morning and evening would be cincy and a fulltime job. These was on top of your marketing. Joke magazine. Job Lies so it was. It was a village for me because I I will do my work. And then when the desert class going our class because he's done I'm back to my job serious so this tweets perfectly of the line you mentioned before we started this call. What was it has no? You would think about grinding right. Biggest grind no has the mid no hassle to see. You should cook dateline. That's right. Diarmid hustle nicely. Nice touch okay. So when you enter the gate. Sorta boxing marketing but I think is pretty straightforward. Was there any new from marketing perspective Actually I learned a lot about marketing when I was working in boxing. Jimmy so there's a lot of things I learned from from scratch. There's not I I'm the only getting Sunday. And then there's not much experience with around. We help me so I have to learn my own. Like how to Ed's how to code those videos From scratch so that. What moved me as a marketing person. Right so you went off. The I left. The job was being feelings marketing on my own and even for my car businesses on remarketing from acquaintances and all of that is because of my foundation island from my thumb during the boxing gym as marketing manager. What kind of marketing is Social Media Marketing? Content Marketing Thing Offline online sheep's whatever. You also NAD. Genie facebook Lyndon Let me pick your brain here. Midday marketing grew. So what would you what your people? Now let's say an individual who's just that that he's podcasting career. What kind of marketing should he do? I think for you. You just need to keep on giving use discount on green. Yeah just keep on doing more podcasts. More use Post your content in a few in a few forms in we became putting ide- naked. Push your facebook. You can create Lyndon posted. There have a youtube channel posted there so that want sauce of oneself container you can spit it out with sober content become contents. Monday from platform as a beacon. A- I mean nobody knows you that will yet right so people need to constantly hear what you're talking about so discontinued reaching out and then get more organic stove. Personality organic growth is better than Bit Growth Because Pete growth is very fast but Maybe the commission is smaller organ griffis slower but conversion is greater Yeah watcher good I like it. Thank you know. Okay Okay. So then nothing so. We'd covered the marketing. Expect now share with me. A bit more about going into the ring is a boxes. Any stereotypes was Did you face any difficulty like I mean I see on? Tv nowadays like they're promoting a lot of them but you have female fighters or one one fighting championship premium. Fight this but what is it like for you when you enter the boxing see? I think for me a amateur by arguing that you mentioned right so yeah and I've actually have feel mushroom background. Say wasn't so difficult for me. I was like you know boxing. And try it. Because it's something I like very the very very rough and I'm very run in trying to get your take on the challenge but as I'm working there right so I free love clients that come in leads that come in right and then the always see that the intimidated by by the whole environment. You know Yeah because when you go my is a is a boxing gym down. So you know. Boxing Gym two types. This fitness kind or renew like no real rewarding gene. Where you go the Alinsky with maybe go fight. An audit by the fitness one is just purely for fitness. You'll see a not Is The is. The is the the reporting Jim that you had to to fight nothing on not that. Yeah Yeah Yeah so most of the poverty heavy that you feel very intimidated and if it cannot be as good enough as what they see. Yeah especially if wants to go into books Jim. Everyone has an shit. You know supposedly the time to talk with them and say no worry. No your time you have to Because ISS- different learning cokes SOM- Excuse some people are very long wall to commit but for me for anyone out there who wants to try martial art of boxing on meet Dia Whatever I think the most important thing is how comfortable you few in the truck crosses so just go to own That's been working jim that you find me on Google. Go for ten. And then you re options and you Let these Jim the WHO actually these. Jim is allowed to coaches the stick to the gym. I go to the gym. That makes you most comfortable and you stick to them with a regime. Thinks of your common in. And if you don't like the place you will you drop your comment. You might go for one month. You said now for one year I see you only have. Yeah so yes. It's very what they need. Let you go to a gym. You lie and you're comfortable relief and you can make friends and then you can feel motivated to go and it is true. In most of the Games I go to our I see is mostly men and then even even lumine what seeing Of Women can do right but why boxing no honestly for me seeing this a lot of a benefit is one hundred percent cardio workout. Strang disciplined loose weight. Make friends even. My Mum Delight me doing boxing because she said Oh what are you doing you such men being you know roquette because boys only do this kind of thing and then for the goes I should be like going for baking. Classes are still in classes or something. You know very sort that. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Is this a voice? Don't do yourself where you in a big drew Type or you just you know when it comes back up to view you know. So what is it about? You did wants to try new things like much. Even though it's you know that there's a stereotype when you have resistance. I think is resistance from your mom. What is it you still want to go for it? I have these motoya alive. La The Edward regret not doing. Oh okay yeah the light if maybe Don't fit into actually I should have done. Boxy should try boxing. I don't be debt in Cairo position so I was young Always have these They might just go for it. Try It you know if I don't try now then later on in life when I wanted to try it when if I have more these water community I can do ya. Yeah even now. I'm I'm so committed with my business. I'm so busy I cannot do boxing. Unity good regret it because I have done it. Yeah Yeah Yeah okay. So what was he like stepping into the ring for the first time competitively second up there being right but I will fight right. It was. Where was it men was did Was it maybe two years ago or three years ago my foot and when was it the venue? I can't remember by Mike. I will fight was for a woman's boxing championship. Amateur ABOVE SABA is for some amateur boxing for women. That was my Yeah Okay and I was fighting at fifty one key yes. I was walking at fifty six K. D. so I had to drop about five G. for my fighter. What class is it Prime the like this is the g What do you need nine? Fifty one fifty four fifty six minutes for ANA was fifty six Dan. You participate in if I do Kiss G. G I'll be facing people who because stronger. Okay yeah I'm fifty six. I'm really this bill a I dropped. I dropped my weight but I can bet. Gained back that with a major deal. Well isn't the we in S- usually one day before these? My limited knowledge of boxing have one day before La to come back. You're you're if I need to lose five K. D. I probably gain back maybe three. Ag didn't day renewed Denka dealer. How do you? How do you recover three? Today is amazing because Oh five digital me that I had a hard time. I need to lose to foggy. I went through this forty eight. Dd Our lights style being all that The thing is get the what do we ma. You do the day before you start fasting to days before I can remember what meetings before La and what your what the mind. What we alone can be who. Yeah Yeah so is quite dehydrate. Lower we go for will be in is right. And then the woman finish finish with We begin our water. What is I and then we start. You think you gain weight before your body feel much like a bit disoriented because you fast it for today's indentity you dehydrated tomorrow in the of then you have all the nutrients your blood vs pumping when you. What if you disoriented during the tighter? I mean when I wanted to take I was because I had to spend more time losing the weight. I'm losing the weight at to train was more tire. You just five gauging cookies. You wasn't do better. Why you love this crazy love kind of the kind of dedication. I really okay so I follow right now. I'm for the heavyweight boxing. See so I like the the tree wants Anthony Joshua and not it. I'm also I also read a couple of comics box unusual emphasize on these weight loss. The cutting of the weeds is it really happening. Like do people really have the dedication to go through that kind of pain in sacrifice so to hear from you. It's like I said I don't know you very well. And then now I understand that you actually met respect for you out. You know those time I'd be like what the hell might weaned but when he comes to fight you still then you feel is they will file anyway experience. You can if I want to go up the Ring Right. That a suit everything. My question is I see an anonymous source review. Our scam cry onto crash up. Panicking to crown to crash was like Microsoft. Will he already? You cannot really you. Just get to go so young Owns I think I had a book to your own three minutes. Okay I think you might go. Rent is going to add you. Four the chimneys to any know Yeah I mean we've been focus. You have to have also late in insane. Because you are consciously punching or you're consciously getting bunch. I did read. Something of a boxing day was interesting. Is it true that boxing is small game of the mind than it is? The physical body to is seated. Boxing is Is a what's called a solo spot? It's not simply as for. It is only one percent you go up. Is this you and episode and no one else? Okay let me get some help. From your coaches stopped dead. But it's your own self inside the when you are doing this a loved one in your hit. No you're thinking about what you have learned. You're thinking about the punches that you want to do is dead and then the point where you are getting oranges Being now we know why should I do? Need a lot of these winning it in your head in every step forward from there is your organization we on even if you lose you lose is you can blame. Everybody else is really is yourself. Are The my game inside during seven. It's is a nothing going on your just exhausted mentally as you are physically correct correct. I mean this is my own experience. I mean I'm William Mitchell boxer. There's a lot more people who are doing professional boxing and stuff like that. Maybe would be for myself what I have. But this is my own opinion on my spirit's while I was in fighting for for gymnast. Did you ever get knocked out? Will I feel nope? Nope J. should run up my where I didn't get knocked out and I didn't get knock someone who's Oh. Yeah so you won't be on the what they call it scoring. Cutter appoints a unanimous decision. Yeah night so yeah so my my my students for my fighter so it was very very scary for me. La even for me know who innovate Goncourt. Everything under threat in the last minute or cry can you so. Yeah it's based gay is basically even fall fall For someone who thinks very debate. The intimidating I was that we you know you just how you overcome bed in all overcome that feel in an estimated that step to stop. The most important thing is to start. What did you like it or you don't like it. There's a second edition by your physician or this. You need to stop. It could be for anything right you when you WANNA start new business unit spot. Obesity just getting started. You know if you fail. Then there's a second second party if Right but you need to start a lot of people focused in this evening. I'm so guilty of this. Even before I started my business I procrastinate that a lot of things and then I have so many ideas in my hit list and I needed a lot to the point. Where Somebody is duty to remind you Yes aloft. I'm war. Have these good to these then. You drag Somebody else men then. There's no longer can be anymore. You know yeah okay so since you started on there. Did you also start businesses? When did you start doing businesses or being an entrepreneur doing nearing? Y'All was being business as our remorse for weekends. Maybe three s back yard. The my business voice sexually a makeup business or doesn't do what you were doing you boxing. You hit a makeup business. Going on I think our with this. My said wants to be onto formula. I want to be my own boss in something on the side business so I just took a business degree and then when I go out From from school okay. That's not the story but give you that. I just initiate this become a police officer. Oh you're three everything you talk with Sir but hours rejected about seven times. I apply until last last last year. Generating my last Straw Kilifi. If the one the one needed do not mean to mindset really is not that I don't try I did try seven times and Mike you thing for me I just stick it like maybe this is a sign. Maybe I'm not meant for this path. You know no matter how much you try. It doesn't go away. Maybe it's not your discipline. I fully concentrated on the Businesses Server. And it is there for the one year years been been very progressively. Gula until and All right so going back to business. Experience you mentioning boxing makeup. Why Yeah I just realized when talking. I'm all over the trial of user. So yeah me up. I just saw it at the dealer because I know someone who's so. I think the anti was. The MANGAM was McCarthy's so I was thinking of a business opportunity. I do not end up on a lot of workshops going on I mean I was even for myself I was. I'm not really into a COUPLA but I want to make up and going online. Linear Youtube doesn't really help for me. So what can help me? If I can attend something you know. I was looking through for classes A very high range of workshop process feel was too expensive. Dude That you a problem too expensive expensive and as a consumer. I was finding something that like a class for me to know because of the problem for me. I don't know how to make up. I want to learn how to make up. I cannot learn online because I just don't get it. I want someone that is me so discipline. I think in every other businesses that you want to do you have to start from. Identify was a problem. You know there was a problem and then you are problem solutions. So you know. What if I'm having this problem? I'm sure there are more people all day. Who's having this same Macedo so taught so I I under the joint venture like. Can we do this makeup shop so I literally did it here in my living in my hawks really yeah in my House? Yeah any was saw. It was big too big bic fed in the morning. Then nothing attending the morning Ends it so looking Monday to Friday and Saturday Sunday. Do the business again our just day to help you know. I don't know anything about me on the thing. Is I just run the show? I just do not stay adjusted a marketing just the customers but the one who did it is my is my business. Partner Noah the makeup on that it was very good for a couple of months until a point where When choosing partners as it can get difficult if envisions cooker Thing that that I want to go ahead with and accepting things Deputy party is. I'm not agreeable to the parties things like that so we just didn't continue that. So then you. Then that's when I go to the Knicks Business Opportunity Knicks once. They couldn't anyone out there who have the skills of makeup. You should really go in and and no you don't every right you you have used for yourself if you can money Tyson skew. Why not your I know that Something people don't have the skills Don't have the marketing skills. The have the the the the key for putting makeup skill. But you don't know how to monetize to market their business. Will you can find someone who is good in the an up and then leverage on each other and then you can start so needed. It was my my my step so I was looking for ideas and stuff like that. I wanted to stay on beacon process as well Find I couldn't find someone who can work well with me for the became class so I just want to send it to start. A business is not that difficult People always say is capital is. The capital is the capital but honestly Will do it. Kapika will attorney can find you go five hundred four from from someone that five hundred is enough to study business to business. Yeah of course as small small business those open up and yeah. Yeah so yeah if you if you have these skills. Makeup is very lucrative. I'm telling you is very lucrative for my own. Experience is very lucrative. This a lot of people out there who are looking for for for these programs Shops in it. But I mean people let me so. Are you open people contacting us to be banished from the marketing side show Okay so you guys whoever's listening if you guys get into the market makeup seem sheriff. I can help you guys out. Yeah Ken show. I'm always pushing people start business if any of my friends. A deduct that something. I'm so happy know now auto by their dogs but by Dr. Because yeah it's is again for someone who have Sheep the ginny come from year is is very different. From having a nine to five job very nutrient and fulfillment and dissatisfaction. That you you receive. It is very different even though you buy them. But maybe you're not to five you earn. Maybe it kid can key again. But you'll be snow. You probably in five Casey ski but you not stress. You enjoy what you do. You have more time for your family. If more time for yourself the thing that you sacrifice for to enjoy more things though right for me I I agree. I totally agree with you. But this entrepreneur journey entrepreneurial journey for me the thing that stands out for me is actually the lending about myself. But it's the if something's not going right in the business is something that is down to you so like if you know marketing is not doing so well is probably something that you're not doing. Right is the fact that you're not consistent in your marketing skills. Is it that your marketing is not a direct contact that you're putting out you know then there's also time management skills is also the fact that you're not going out enough to meet. New People so everything. Why findable entrepreneur and entrepreneurs everything boils down to you and what results you basically what you do if you don't do anything you don't get any result if you think then you get results so to me was very interesting because it's totally different from the nine to five job that you mentioned nine to fire. Even if you don't do anything you probably get eventually you'll stick it. You still get your result. Which is the allowed to get? Entrepreneurship is a totally different ballgame. And so for me. It's it's the Jenny of discovering yourself in getting to know like what your strings the very interesting for me correct correct England saw much about yourself model still Ulan Mobile in. You're right troop may from for you from being an entrepreneur. Sofa might biggest. Tickle me Honestly these Johnnie. Everyone see is is good but is not easy. is easy. Everyone would be doing a group and a lot of up and down Indus Genera is just how you how many times you fall. How you yourself in this journey you're GONNA be hit to meet Amino Aloft. I'm GONNA hit over and over and over again and not everyone can take this sub you will think once or not for me one three for me by going to hit you ten twenty them able to get back up and out again instead again. So isn't it something like character ability keurig building? This correct discuss Syra into panels. Think reduced For independence. Yeah so what's your best characteristic for being in Trivia The For me I tried not to take no for an answer if something good if there's an it I should not take no ignore answer. You know if somebody comes to me with obesity okay. Why not? Let's talk it over and see whether we can work things out and then go for it if if it's not good for me now for my business then there's a second story is the first thing for me than what my character deadman signal for for Knows WE IN ONE. You will find no always tried to like look at your seat you anything that can benefit me or my business that we can work them for me is being by arguing that you say everyone knows me as auguring Young I is this the correct thing sale because I think outgoing helps you to be more adventurous. Yeah Yeah and then the Lee is. You've over severence no. I had to fill businesses. That didn't you know that I didn't go to all the way we did. And I'm this is my good business that I started again. An umbrella is figuring will. I mean I was hot. Voice your very hot in is as we are to woman going. East Coast Beating mid June. Yeah so when I feel is literally. Hoti no is really very difficult and it was hot off. And then you just keep on Nearing and then we start to see the fruits of second wits Zoya. Let's north one answer. Don't take no for an answer. Again is off my second going and is yeah so you mentioned that. I hear it was rough. I think a lot of entrepreneurs people who are doing startups are going through that especially right now we did. So what was your mindset like being just two people heavy to set up for the first year itself. What what was it that drove you to continue to keep going. Was it that you such believe in the idea was going to be successful Partly yes I think if you don't believe in You don't believe in your services in the first place should start. The business drew from you. And I thought that the business plus Bayer Glenn so my Business Glenn Business. Right now right. So don't follow. Who was limping. Essentially glamorous camping so you see you east coast. Boggled push his his those light triangle white or Beige Catanzaro Limping dance is not owned by one company. That's about five or six companies right now doing limping services and I'm one of them so my company's wondrous limping Ambi around for two years. Yeah there was tradition for being caught up in your introduction. What what was it kept you going during that first year when he was stuff also again with the C Howard. We've talked about limping. Yeah I am signing saw. Because I'm Young. I'm very very adventurous. so seconds wasn't sec. So I do a look at things. I don't carry my go. We'll pitching in schools or But I remember being very uncomfortable so like yours had to sleep on. The ground is very high. He was very hot. It's by enjoyed experience Yeah no pitching but the which is a very nice experience is very different from from By wanted to make it more comfortable for people that I came upon this idea of lamping. Hud such a cool idea you know and affected when took a body not people nobody even do? The first ever company has been around for. I think but department was trees. Revilla were for three years. We did not talk to so many people still don't miss. I find opportunity I This had for three years and they still don't student more push not to be done Oh yeah so what I did someone. What was very drastic someday okay. I'm going to limping business in one man. I got everything together and I start. Find everything in one month. What was it like always like? So I do love research I see either companies. What they do what they was the was the process lie. You know have to. And then I'll do all the all the auto buying all one shot. And then he's off from China attend but about I started then this loss thing that we do not know the place. I don't know how many I don't know how many fans I've trite. No I think the OH friends update. Today we changing the bit. The amateurs using A kid interesting okay. Dev- trailing Erica. There's a look areas when you do a business business. Oh because you you you do know what your country planet in your. You plan okay. He's going to be like this behalf. You think he's not working so new it'd be so the how is love? There's enough was that they always think. How are we going to bring these two a yeah? Richardson Slip. Why how you? And then you found his metro trying all different mattresses couple of so So yeah this law logistics reasons behind business in figuring what how an Things to do so. The idea of limping is an fashionable achey. These vape a passion about Your Business or fashionable. Your product official service is. What GonNa help you to Pacific Ocean available that you'll love the either you love camping. You look limping. You want other people to experience. It was my mean mean mean idea even in business in our say oh. I love camping so much. I want one more people to experience these especially nowadays pizza. It don't go camping anymore. Yeah people are with addition can being this. When you're when you're doing camping you know things you go cycling. Swimming fly barbecue when I can do a lot of things that treasure high in all that so I wanted to do get recreate this experience of fall for my consumers for my customers. Yeah having Betaine in providing fans or reading a bid you know applebees like booking for your and if you WanNa do a kitchen August Services net mix your costumers. Experience much better. So what keeps me going is? One is my passion. Secondly is maximus so as more people. Norberg limping is more people. Experience limping. pushing me on and the fact that when when. I knew extra money for Mackenzie McRae's own. Thank you so much appreciate you this when you you get satisfaction fictional unlike this. Why do too because I do it for them and again the FBI satisfy heavy mice obese. And I'm happy as well. So you mentioned something about Wondrous glimpsing having having its own identity sharing their identity for promotion. I think are as is We always believe that what shows for his aesthetics overestimating venue of the tiny Because every company has their own design every company has their own. Our I know so we have these particular uh aesthetic value that we give to that showcases. He is always very food. Innova vibrant an and the Always very vibrant WanNa go for. Every relies our audiences. Our customers does differ. Different degrees loose will go fall for Mike. Limping company really values at value. Coker because limping desk companies is a fuel companies. Right some For those who findings Some who have the money can spend luxury Lee on a more expensive limping. So for me. It's more for the masses something affordable and for value. GonNa let you go there. You only have been you know. Bid One of an-an-a-and. Oh me really into your get colorful beats for you In it was most more. Tiny Land Waikele pin being to really make like a rube of course. Of course Roy I. I know people asking me what I have very like. Yes we do have fairy lights and we have a light and then some one outside the are then you know and they want to we and they WANNA s wow. There's a lot of things that people requests idea maybe share with share with me because I'm curious now. What's the process? Like when they say I want to book clamping experience because this is still also still quite relatively unknown experience for many into it yet. I don't know about the will. But at least for Singapore so like what was the process of the journey like forecaster different company is very threatened but for my company is if you go to one just limping website. You just need to fill up the foam and then we will continue from. They'll hookah specifically customized for each customer. Yeah it's customized for each customer by the booking form is very basic like did you on a book read. It is any occasion. Spec PACKAGE YOU WANNA choose you know. Feeling the basic one and after customize for Gyula maybe you see you do you somewhat things or you want to add more things or you want. Some things are also As amazing yes. And there's another point. I don't think he did a customizable. Yeah okay also like this new package of since this. Is this a fixed peckish late? All of us have feast packages at Peckish. E bookish be picky see but was not E you at on some stuff we can do for you or British. Any Is a flower for some black How I'd one flower car. You buy a box of chocolates instead. Yes we can for you defensibility around so long. So people have more choices you see right but then oh. I'm sorry I only look so. This is basically your. Nisha is willing to be affordable for customers in for basically your aesthetic identity. Is Your Niche Right Very cool I look forward to try. Need once this breaker passes so how's is okay so this is the thing though. I'm also wondering for blimpy. Experience is it overnight. So what was he like? A Wendy thing is is is overnight but it's up to the client nasty for the Khokar also usually. You're you're by an overnight book England of. Yeah we just launch a Glam Nick is Glenn Ping Picnic so the one is a six hour Jewish in a hospital for didn't so you have picnic set up inside. The tenor is is basically for those people who wants to do picnic but wants to be the shelter. Glenn will you know when you mention the defense earlier about the experience I did have so I remember because he was supposed to be A? What do you call the thing when my sister was going to get married in India but advisement mature but that one so me and my cousins were organising sister and then we got the you are somewhere during you be in much la basically so the weather was really hot and we had no idea that the tense the site of the tense could be rolled up? No so we were all stuffed in. You're trying to surprise in the heat outside. It was crazy. The Fan wasn't working and then we were all boiling to death in these out. We were all sweating. Lenore this you literally dying so now that I hear this. Another limping company owed ended the scale of all the needs best day. Be a threat again after expedients over with this. Okay wh I think we covered a lot? Today we went into sink in an Ryozo. Covered your Journey so anything else you WANNA share. I got nothing else. Basically on my side I think I picked the your brain enough all my questions. I've runoffs doping Things that I wanNA see about Independence Sheba once studied Met THE WATER. Going to talk good albeit. If it's good of course you think your accompaniments and people support I have. A few friends are very supportive. We don't you think it but you're going to be people we're GONNA put you down you doing you know. Not even those who are close to me Families or close friends. We'll be asking me. Why are you doing these? I think better. If you find a fulltime job Should because his job is hot they see as I do it but it was the enjoy this right now and then is like no matter. What you do it people going to talk about you buy you buy a pussy. Never by Blue Cup know you had to find a job. Why do you do business name? We do not five five so the main thing you just need to Pocock Edina or you just need to does shut yourself you the good the goodwood the one you just shut it off. Yeah because if I have listed due to the Dose Bet Bet comments or bit. I wouldn't be here so when I wanted to leave my job right. Someone's committees is not always going to be on our stay listeners. Now a go for this fulltime and then USA. The me is not always been under. The site. Modernising is that it is always under the site if you know how to take the opportunity true. Yeah so whatever people say about you don't just if if his bed to listen to them if he's good ticketing go And then if you haven't T and then you're thinking you WanNa start or not I'll see will really deliver. You want to even think about it. People do this. No start dating body but the thing about the things they do not. I was there once again. What the law. Even before I started thinking your feed this kind of Pablo I am. I WANNA do Gertrude. This you know and my able to am. I able to overcome this. You know people always thinking of the negative things first before depositing And then we wait and that's when your pocus nation so I think if you have an idea you just stopped leap. You know if you believe in your at least not believe your product at least to Bolivia so vs how he goes after. That is another question because once we start the problems that come after you can find solutions but you never thought you can never find a solution studios public because he never happen. You don't even know about this program drain because he never start even for you. I know you stop focusing. You may face problems you may face. grew business. But there's a problem when you to do you just need to find out how to grow business or you find someone who can help you grow a business if you don't post this focusing. I won't be here and you. We have problems. Go nobody to tell me how to grow. My Business in Europe is true. I have the media is a good point. I think it's very important point for all people. Everybody who is trying to do. A startup will begin entrepreneurship. All right. Thank you. Thank you very much for sharing element. I'm oris is is really great. What you call it episode is really great so I really enjoyed this light. You even touching things that I'm really interested in boxing. And he got me interested now into limping to find out more about it. So thank you very much for taking the time on this Friday evening late Friday evening and for we think we hit the finish what I do I do Salah. I realize a lofty that. Discover so aside up more about myself but yeah maybe you should start. A podcast can be Biden's you know you know you never seen no streeter era. Were okay since you mentioned Starting podcast as well. I'm starting a podcast. Purdue interested to the staubach right at the end. I'll be putting small on how you can start a podcast. So you interested. Just stay onto the end S For this episode. Once again I just want to say. Thank you very much for your time for sharing your experiences. I think he's been very deep inciteful I really loved the chat. I have to be on this but this is really really fun. So thank you so much anything malicious. Amin just WanNa say thank you to you as well. Thank thank you to this listening in. I hope it benefit you guys us in one way or another spy you guys in one way or another something. Maybe do a bit of a push to start or if you guys need help instructing. Oregon's need help in getting To start You know you can quantify or you can take me so you saw If we can help you we will help you. And also so before we end. What what links do you want me to put up here? Yeah instagram email. Yeah I think you can put my company a instagram. My company email. And my a you mean. Yeah can so. We'll set a little leaders. I'll put it right at the end of this episode. So you guys can contact her. If you want to find out more about clamping or you to find out more about her. Boxing experience or just about basic entrepreneurship genie. I think she's grid She has so much experience that even I mean all I have to say so. Don't forget to hear what you find out. Lucy Deals Okay. So so much once again. Thank you everyone for listening in hope guys like to discontent let us know what you think of it. Don't forget to light in subscribe and don't forget to join us on the next episode the Culture. I guess thank you bye so basically. Since I started the past couple of weeks ago I got an a lot of people. Reach out me and ask me. How did you start podcast? How did you do the recording? And editing and distribution of the podcast to various platforms out there and I thought I think it's time to share just a little bit of information for you guys listening in case you guys want to start up your own podcast swoop so my recommendation would be actually to use this platform called anchor. Don't have it's platform. I'm using in a highly recommended to you. And here's a couple of reasons why I is because it's free when I see free I mean free. Don't have to pay any subscription money. We don't even have to put your credit card details in for you to get an account right just putting in your email address and you start your com- strata with second is because it's a platform that allows you to do everything you need for. Podcast all in one place. What I mean by that is that you can record your podcast. You can edit your test. You can transitions. You can use it. You can do all sorts of things on the platform itself and it's available both on your computer and on your mobile phone. Yes behavior mobile for you to do all that Israel so it's really really convenient and really easy to use needs because once you're done with the recording and you're looking to publish it you're probably thinking. How do I publish it spotify? Publish to Apple. Podcasts how do I publish it Google podcast all these various platforms and anchor does debt for you all before for simple quick about it so it's really really really dead simple okay and lesbian is because if you're looking to make this a site income and could also allows you to get sponsorships and eggs with no minimum listenership like Youtube where you have to have one thousand subscribers or forty four hundred hours of content that before you can actually videos no this one as soon as you start you have an event or you have sponsor you can straight away start to get to put into ends in your recordings start getting money for me so it's a really really convenient air really convenient platform for you to use to start a podcast highly recommended. I'm using it myself so cool. Hit give it a try. If you're looking to start a podcast and let me know how he goes. Because I'm interested to see whether you guys share the same opinion about it as well.

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