3 and Out - Belichick Bounce Back; Free Agency Cash; QB Market Impact; Brees' SNF Future; FA Day 1 Wrap Up; Mailbag


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Three podcast middlekauff lot going on listeners. Dive right into it. All some thoughts on bella. Check some dots on just free agency in general. The league clearly does not have an economic issue quarterbacks. None of them as of recording this russell wilson to sean. Sam darnold jimmy garoppolo. None of these guys have moved yet by the time you're listening. Maybe we got a blockbuster but the moment one of those guys changed teams. That will immediately trump every move. There was made on monday or tuesday of free agency. Go through a couple of the moves that really stood out to me. I'll probably do a bigger version of that come later this week. We'll just attack everything. Now give my opinion on the majority of things but everything so fluid and moving so fast right now that it's just it's hard to keep up. It was pretty crazy. Let's just be honest. it was nuts. I didn't expect it to be fast and furious but holy moly could be an nfl player. Got a lot of cash coming your way and subscribe to the pot three podcast if you listen on collins feet. I greatly appreciate that to subscribe to three now. Podcast separate feet helps with the business selling of the pod. I'm going to do a middlekauff mail back. I'll do a big one on friday. So shoot me your instagram questions at john. Middlekauff is the instagram handle. And we'll go from there today. I'm just just talking football talking a little ball talking transactions and we'll just dive have a good time. Let's dive into belichick and i would say the biggest thing that's changed for me over the past decade since when i first got into the league to where i'm at now is looking at football much differently and if you've listened this podcast you know it's a it's a very business. Money heavy sports podcast. We talk a lot about the business angles of everything. Because the one thing i've learned is That's all that matters when it comes to the stuff. Obviously you want your teams to win. Team signed good players. You want good coaches that all matters but the reason this stuff exists is because of television because of the money they can make in the growing business aspects of sport. Right in the sport of football. Which is the biggest in our country. It's the reason that this goes on. The national football league to get games to throw them on. Television now potentially on amazon for thursday night and make huge cash. It is a television show. That is what the nfl is. It's a three hundred sixty five year television show and this this week is a huge part of the television show. Even though nothing is actually happening on television right beside tweets of schefter and wrap this guy. Sign this guy signed. There's no games no workouts. Nothing actually taking place beside a guy going to a different team for a lot of money. The television show truly takes place sixteen seventeen weeks a year and the play offs and because of the amount of people that watch the nfl right now. It's the number one television show in america football college. Football's massive to two huge television show. We talked about the coaches talk about players talking about. Who's doing well. Who's doing shitty. we love it. Obviously i do this. I talk about for living but the key to have a great entertainment product whether it's a television show whether it's movie something you cannot do without is having a great villain and when i think about some of my favorite movies my dad loved a few good men. I love the movie too. It's a fantastic movie. The first thing you think about when you think about a few good men is not tom. Cruise is not demi moore it jack. You can't handle the truth. He was an elite villain in that movie. It doesn't get any better so one of the bigger movies. The last couple of decades the dark knight heath ledger became a cultural icon. First performance in the movie he was a bad guy he was the villain like part of having a great movie is having good villains. You want someone to root for and you want someone to root against think about other sports. Who's the big bad wolf and the villain in baseball. It's the new york yankees college basketball forever. it was duke. It is very very important to not. Just have someone to root for but someone to root against in for a long period really the last twenty years brady and belichick worthy the nfl villains right. They want all the superbowls. They're winning all these divisions they were kicking. Everyone's ass if you're a steeler fan if you're a colts fan if you're a miami dolphins fan if you're a jets fan if you're a cheese fan if whoever fan of you team you are listening to this you know over if you are over thirty years old you have watched bell jack and brady show up either in foxborough or at your home field. Kick your ass. It's happened to everybody. And then factoring all the scandals. They became the most polarizing brand in the lake. I know quote unquote the cowboys. One of the biggest brand in the league from a financial standpoint. But from an important standpoint of the league's growth it was the patriots because a lotta people hated him and someone told me a long time ago. If you're going to work in radio television whatever you never wanna be indifferent either. Wannabe hated or you wanna be loved because both those things of oak emotion like with a significant other. The moment she stops carrying about you. You're fucked apathy. Not good for relationships. Were for sports and last year it felt a little with the patriots. Like they didn't matter that much and the thing that has looking back like tom really a villain. He's good looking. He's likable every all of his teammates like them. Really most guys in the league. Respect them. I don't really think he was the villain. He just happened to be there. The villain was belic. He's cold no emotion says nothing in press conferences hates all these other coaches has relationships with guys that worked under him. That got fragmented like eric mangini. He's the ultimate villain but it's hard to be a villain in sports when you're team sucks in the weird part about last year for the patriots. They actually didn't really suck. They went seven and nine with lead league and opt-outs with quarterback who couldn't really throw and they still win seventy nine. The league needs is for the patriots to be relevant for the plate patriots. To be in the playoff mix so when i look at social media and all these people thing. I don't understand if iran. Espn or iran. Any of these fox. I would not allow my news breaker to break the news over twitter. I get why you're doing that five or six years ago. But it's two thousand and twenty one. No revenue was done twitter. Eighty percent of american adults are not on twitter. It feels big. listen. I'm on twitter so it feels big when you see whoever schefter tweet. I like schefter. But if i was his boss and iran espn. I would say we're not breaking any more news on twitter. That's kind of an antiquated way of thinking. I'd break it on youtube. I break it on the network. I break it on the website anywhere else that we own not on a platform. That one guy's getting rich and his name's jack like again. I understand why it used to happen that way. But in two thousand twenty one. It doesn't really pencil. Sorry to get off on the tangent. I just don't understand why we continue to break news on a vehicle. It doesn't matter to me but for these companies that do it. They don't make any money off that it doesn't make any sense but sorry back to bella check. Today he splurged. Jonnu smith who i be honest. I mean he's a very talented player. Hasn't been that productive. They paid him a lot of money. A lot is for his projection. He's young twenty five years old. I saw someone say that it's the most amount of money he's ever spent on a pass. Sketch matt juden. Who is not some true outside. Pass rusher a very versatile. Defensive lineman fits the patriots jalen milk. A versatile defensive back fits the patriots base. Still need a quarterback. I still think as of recording this right. Now my spidey senses seeing think somehow over the next couple of months maybe this week jimmy. Garoppolo ends up on their team. We will see. But here's what. I do know if the patriots are good and i don't mean like thirteen fourteen win good. They're just nine or ten win. Good the nfl's better off because ballot check being relevant. Bella check people root against bell. Jack which like i said in movies unita villain in sports unita villain and look around the nfl. Right who's the villain everyone loves. Mahomes people like tampa bay tampa bay but most of these teams like the rams. You don't think people hate sean mcvay. Now who p carroll and russell wilson aaron rodgers and matlock floor. We don't have one now luckily the nfl so popular. It doesn't matter but you like having that character in a movie. And i think bell jack if you can get this team back on track all these opt out guys coming back in. They signed all these guys that are devoid of some talent. Have a bunch of draft picks if they can just get a functional quarterback it will be refreshing to have bell jack back in the mix because let's face it last year after the first couple of weeks they just were not and you can say the patriots got caught with their pants down or whatever when. Tom laughed and they thought it was gonna be the quarterback then the handed cam contract one million bucks. He it was just a disastrous season. The opt-outs grown virus. It backfired for the patriots. But i actually think five million dollars for cam. Newton good backup. Money doesn't have to be the starter. Everyone's i can't believe they resigned. Cam i can't. You can't mean marcus. Mariota was a backup last year. Made seven and a half million dollars can't make five and unlike merodehe you can bring in cam and short yardage situations he can get you score. Touchdowns lakes actually think he's a fantastic backup especially if you think. He can be a little healthier this year with a shoulder. Clearly check really likes them right. So does josh mcdaniels now. It'll legitimate starter. Are we talking to wildcard team. Because i don't think it's out of the room. Possibility i bell jack being aggressive. Here's what you know. I say this all the time all rich guys. They're impatient like what are they waiting for. Bell checking trying to lose. He's in his late sixties. Like he's not doing some reset rebuild. Not that's for the jags. The cardinals do bell jackie. Doing that robert kraft not about that life so we need the patriots to come back strong. And i'm looking for the league to have a little bit. The edge back of belgium teams relevant fox. Sports radio has the best sports. Talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com my friends that linked in the new year's finally here and marks a fresh start. 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Shed are confidential in toll free helpline at one eight five three two three five hundred. Let's make it interesting with william hill sportsbook and within the iheartradio app search f. s. are to listen live. Okay i just because of the ferocity of all these transactions and they are coming fast and furious. I mean i know. I am recording this podcast. Later in the night there was no point in trying to do it during the day. Still as i'm recording this anything could happen at any moment. And just out of my so i will probably go through individual transactions and break them down. Maybe the friday podcast. It'll make more sense. Everything will be installed. We've got a lot of moving parts right now. It would be difficult but one thing is very clear with all these transactions is when corona hit right basically a year ago today give or take right in the middle of march and nc double a. Tournament was cancelled. The nba can't every stopped. There was a lot of talk even going into the summer. How the nfl is gonna pull it off. They they obviously canceled. Ota's an offseason activity. They were able to free agency in the draft. There's a lot of unknown and then they powered through it rocky at times. But they did paid a ton of money for testing much smoother. Than i'd say the other sports right basketball's been champs games cancelled left and right the. Nfl did not cancel one game. Now they had to push games back but zero cancellations now. All the sports are different. Nfl more players that the setup of the games are different. I'm not trying to say one. Did it better than the other. I just think the. Nfl is less beholden and save a baseball. The thing with baseball last year they never pretended to care about the virus. Not that they didn't care about the virus but the reason that they were having so many issues between the players and ownership was strictly money. It was all about money. The nfl was just more worried on functioning with the amount of players and the setup how they could pull it off and they figured it out basketball clearly much more worried about the optics and that's a whole nother conversation but baseball strictly cash football cash and complications with just the practice schedule of the sport. Everyone close together but they pull it off now the majority of teams not allowed to have fans all these teams had to refund sweets seats. You name it so money that they made they just didn't get they didn't quote unquote to me lose money. They just didn't make money that they would have made but they still made money because the tv deals are so big. And what things pretty clear. And i read this a couple of days ago still kind of unknown. But it's pretty clear that next year the salary cap could jump up dramatically from one eighty three this year when he five it could fire up the to twenty to twenty five and whether that's in writing whether people say that it's clear teams are spending like that's going to happen. Teams are spending today like the cash is going to start flowing because this fall the stadiums are going to be full. That's pretty clear. I mean hell. I think baseball is poised to have a huge summer. People are going to be dying to go outside. Get outside sit in the sun drink beer. I think baseball's really going to benefit. People are just gonna wanna get out of their homes and do things. And i'm sure many of you listening like half the states in america middle what are you talking about. We're out in our out of our homes true. I mean in california there. We can't attend to game yet but it's coming even and even in my state which is by far the last one to open fucking anything but it's inevitable and football so far away the cash is really gonna flow and these teams today spent the money allocated the resources like not much happened typically. I've never gone bankrupt. I mean. I've been fired before and so yeah didn't have necessarily the same money coming in than i did. Sometimes it can take you six months a year two years to kind of get back on your feet. I know people have gone bankrupt and gone on to make millions after right but that first couple of years making take awhile. I mean your business goes under like just six months later like oh. Everything's good money's flowing again. That's not usually how it works. But the nfl was lucky that they're league was situated because it was the least dependent. Obviously baseball was the most depended on attendance. So the nature of the sport right. They're very attendance. Based a revenue model. Basketball is much more than the the nfl to the nfl's lucky the majority of their revenue for the sport comes from the media rights deal so as long as the games got on and as we know they didn't miss game right. Some got pushed back didn't miss any. They made a bunch of cash so they have a bunch of cash on hand plus the last nine years have been the greatest economic boom in the history of the league. So even the poor teams. That didn't make much from the stadium. Had extra cash. And then the rich teams like the jerry jones of the world can give dak prescott seventy five million dollars in a first year of deal. Not even blink twice teams like the packers have no issue paying running back and really quick on the jones deal. I don't have a big problem with. They can give them that much money. And here's the problem with football contracts that it's hard to discern real money and what is not i say it all the time and the other sports. It's very easy when a basketball player signs are baseball player signs we know if his contracts one hundred twenty million one hundred twenty million dollar contract if it's a forty seven million dollars contract it's a forty seven million dollars contract what i see aaron jones lens four years for forty eight. What the fuck does that mean. He got thirteen million dollar signing bonus so is that i mean basically a one year contract because most. Nfl deals even at most or like a two year. Deal beside the quarterbacks and as you saw today a lot of money kind of gets frontloaded in the bonus they use the multiple years to amortize the cash over the life of the deal so they can mess with the cap numbers but most of these contracts being signed. Today there are four and five year. Deals aren't really five. Year deals the majority of these players. Aren't gonna play five. Know five for that given team. We know if it goes well. Maybe they'll play three if it goes poorly probably two we see it all the time but all teams the chiefs. Pay anthony up. You know the patriots buying all these guys. The raiders by yonathan dock. Way the rams by paying letter forward to stay all these guys getting huge cash. These owners know the cash isn't stopping and we really weren't in that big of a pinch. We just had to take a little bit of a hip for six months. Just refund suites which we're going to get the money right back when they start coming this fall and obviously the new television deal is doubling so next year. The money's gonna flow because the thing that i've noticed watching all these free agency deals if you would've told me corona never existed and you just took john middlekauff from two thousand nineteen and you just plop them on his desk chair right now to record a podcast and you gave me five hours a day. I never knew her own existed. And i was just scrolling through all the transactions. I would say dad just looks like a normal free agent year. You wouldn't know anything is different all year long. I mean all january and february heard you know the top guys are going to get money but everyone else is screwed feels like everyone signing for cash. Everyone's getting paid their their multi year contracts for a lot of players the doom and gloom which is natural. When you're you're in weird economic times but you know who doesn't not really affected by weird economic times the super-rich their unaffected. They're buying everything. I see it right now. in california. the middle class got destroyed during corona. We have more poor people in california than any other state we lead the country and people under the poverty line yet are richest people in the state have never had more money. The suburbs right. Now are booming. Throw up like twenty thirty percent in the bay area in southern california. It's insane the real estate market. Here it is a great place for super rich people because even during the shitty last twelve years they made a ton of money. That's kind of like the nfl. It was awful year for a lot of people except like the internet business and the nfl. And maybe some other. Obviously there's a couple other industries but for the most part most of us we're fighting for economic lives the nfl is. We're gonna have a rough free agency. And then we all check our social media accounts were like sure feels like the money's flowing and people were just jumping into the you know the the tuba coins donald duck. That's what's happening here is he's been paid. He's been paid. He's been paid. He's been paid. It's i opening but when you take a step back and think about it. It's not really. They had an unlimited amount of money for the last nine years. They made a little bit less this year but then they just signed a contract that doubled their biggest revenue source. So you think any of these owners especially the top half of them are worried about money or worried about cash because it's clear they're not now the one thing that i think a lot of fans overreact too and it happens every year. It happens with every nfl contract. Like i can't believe they signed this guy for three years and thirty million dollars until we have the details of every contract the legitimate details. We don't know what any of these numbers me. so i. i never overreacting numbers like god. The chiefs gave thirty eighty million dollars. I bet when we see it it looks like a two year contract right. Oh my god they gave this guy knows magloire twenty six million dollars and it turns out they actually gave him six million dollars because who's pushing out the contract numbers. It's not the general manager. It's not the teams contract negotiator. It's the agent. It's why the number you always see a guy that runs a team told me this a while ago. I always want the agent. Put up a number because i want the player to be happy. I don't want the contract a four year deal worth forty million to come out well. It's actually only really six million dollars. You know why because all of us would then make fun of that guy teams. Love it when it comes out for years forty million dollars you nailed it. Turns out you know. He actually doesn't have true guarantees of over ten million dollars. The team doesn't want that out and the agent will gladly give out the fake cash. It's very fraudulent. Probably the wrong word. It's very hollow a lot of the numbers you read and it's why if you notice the team's never argue no. We're actually not giving them that much. They don't care they're laughing all the way to the bank because they know that they can get rid of a player they know the contract is not binding for four or five years. Most of these deals are one into your contracts and we see it year in year out. It's hard not to overreact. When you see. Adam schefter tweets joe thirty five for eighty like damn. They gave him sixteen million dollars a year and it turns out as basically a two year contract. But it's human reaction. I'm just glad that the nfl you know they treated this agency like it was just any other normal year. Because it's pretty wild it'd be one thing of just. The cowboys had the money. But it feels like the majority of teams in the nfl if they want to if they have the caps space can spend on whoever they want the patriots. Long saving money. They've had cash in the bank for two decades. And pay you you you you you i today was and don't get me wrong. It was very entertaining. I enjoy all these transactions about them for many of you like talking about him like reading about him entertain. It's great entertainment. Actually it's awesome. Glad today happen because it didn't. I don't know what the hell i want to talk to you guys about so thank you. Nfl for having free agency. Here's the thing history would show us that. This week doesn't make or break teams. It just doesn't why. It's a quarterback leak. You win you go. As far as the guy playing quarterback right a. restaurants. Only as good as its food hell podcast only good as host. An nfl team is only as good as coaches quarterback. And i think the craziest part about this free agency is. We still have a lot of quarterback questions is sam darnold going to be going to stay on the jets gonna get traded as ever recording. This i saw jameis. Winston went back to the saints. So i think it's fair to say that saints are gonna roll jameis winston this year. Maybe they draft a guy. But james going to be the quarterback what happens sam darnold or the dolphins gonna grow with to tunga by loa. I mean the dolphins won ten games last year. That's a pretty big question. do they roll to. And he's not as good as ryan. Fitzpatrick was last year. And they take a step back and then the patriots pass them. It's got to be on the table. How about this one of the best players in the nfl a hall of fame quarterback which we've talked a lot about on the show as recently caused stink is russell wilson gonna get traded from seattle. I'm not necessarily expecting it. But i'm not i don't have it in the back of my head. It's not going to happen because if he does move. That changes the landscape of the nfl. Who would they trade him to. I know there are reports. The bears are ready to all in. With what if seattle is gonna trade. They have to trade him to a team with the quarterback. We've talked about this. But do they actually pull the trigger. Does he. end up on the raiders. The raiders ended up with derek carr. What about shawn watson. Is he going to move. Teams because of shawn watson russell wilson and even sam darnold or two on different teams. That has huge ramifications. Who's drafting these rookies. A couple of these rookies could end up on good teams. Who knows that is going to determine this fall because the other thing about this fall is an extra game. We're playing seventeen games. So the war of attrition. a lot of these guys sign contracts are gonna get hurt. You're only as good quarterback now more than ever. You're going to need good quarterback seasons. You always do but extra game in the packer. The teams will gorbachev gonna win twelve to fourteen games so the late works and i mean as of recording this. I was nervous to do this podcast because by the time. You're listening it. Maybe it's like boom. Sam darnold's been traded boom. Jimmy garoppolo has been trader. Boom the bombshell of russell wilson got traded. That'd be one of the biggest trades in nfl. history. I'm not even talking about the compensation i'm just saying if russell wilson were to get traded this week or before the draft that would easily. I have to do a research project. This probably be a top two or three trade ever because if you just factor in how many hall of fame quarterbacks have been traded in their prime it would probably be a small list. And i'm not talking about like steve young when he got traded you know wasn't viewed as that great. I'm talking about a guy that is elite gets traded in his early thirties in a league. Now where you can easily play the forty that that would be pretty nuts. So today was awesome. I expect the next couple of days to be cool. Lot of movement but the league in the landscape of the hierarchy of teams is determined by your quarterback and so far no quarterbacks have changed teams breeze retired. I'll get into that in a minute. Obviously they just kept james so nothing really change their. I think they'll be solid james. James might be better and drew brees but what about the pro bowlers. Do the two pro bowl. Marquee guys move teams. I think we all assume deshaun watson will eventually move teams. My guess is he does during the draft. But russell wilson is one of the great curve. Balls in the history of the offseason. Because it's not like you know. Remember when air rodgers got traded at thirty to remember when you go through some of the league is that never have never even conversation. It's just something. I'm kind of keeping an eye on because if that were to happen i suck for seattle fans. Can you imagine being a seattle fan. Especially if you you're like my age like thirty five most of your life. The team sucked and then even when they were good for a couple of years holmgren. It was just a well balanced team. It wasn't hasselbeck. Was the quarterback. You finally get the star guy. You have a stud coach a stud operation in now. Eight years in. It feels like it's deteriorating. If i was a fan of be like guys fucking figure it out. Russell getting room and i've said over and over the problem why it's gonna be hard to figure it out. It's too rich alpha males with no mediator with no one to mediate the conversation right. The owners passed away toward john. Schneider can't it's a tough position to be in. But i know if this. If i was a diehard fantasies and ticket holder i under no circumstances would i be okay with any sorta trade. Hey guys figure this out. Russell wilson cannot change teams. But i mean it doesn't feel like that he's like dead set on coming back. Obviously seattle would have to trade him but who knows. I mean pete's in charge. Pete is the boss makes probably twelve thirteen million dollars. A year can do whatever he wants. He wants to trade russell. Wilson russell wilson we get traded. So that's for. Like i said today was really cool. But if any of these quarterbacks move teams that won move would be as big as every single move it added geico knows there are many reasons why you ride from the exciting adventure of the daily commute to the peace of mind. 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And i had a show in the bay area from ten to noon for like four years and i was. I never really took vacation because when you take vacation and you have a show and it happens on television to someone s to fill in for you and i was just the way i was wired like i didn't want someone else doing my job. The only other real job i ever had was an nfl scout. Well when you take the summer off like scouts do. No one does your job. That's the entire time. But the moment i go on vacation for a month in the summer when nothing's going on her radio show you fill in for you and maybe i sounds good. Maybe i'm paranoid. But i know a lot of media people think like this. I don't wanna give my show up. I never left. Unless you're established guy like hong then you don't even think twice about but i was very very paranoid doing that. Why because several times. While i was doing that show the morning show would go on vacation and they would move us to the morning morning. Drive the highest paying radio job. I mean it's a dying position now but a forever. When radio was in his heyday. You wanted to be on morning drive. And they'd put us in for a couple of weeks and then come back. God your ratings are really good. And i would hear some rumblings thought about maybe moving you guys to a drive time spot. Obviously because if you're paying a morning drive guy five hundred grand. I would've gladly at that time taking a lot less money than that. You know whatever the money is right cheaper option who can do the same numbers if not better you see tv you're like you know a guy a tv host. Take some time off happen late night shows and guys get to fill in. It's an audition even though it quote unquote is not an audition. Everything i think about in life anytime you get the opportunity to do anything. You're always auditioning whether it's not even talking about to get the job. Future clients future business partners like people always paying attention if you keep that mindset helps keep you on your toes and so drew brees retired. He went on the today show. I had a text from my mom this morning. Like seven fifteen like played perfectly to that audience like wow drew brees going broadcast. I'm like thinking to myself. Yeah mom be announced a year ago but for the casual fan. They didn't know. And then i saw what he's doing for a job and he's he's going to be calling notre dame football with mike tirico. I'm gonna give you a prediction right now. Within the next twenty four months also known as the next two years mike tirico and drew brees will be the sunday night. Football crew on nbc. Because you can't mike to. Rico could do sunday night football. He has done it. I mean he's called monday night football. He could do it tomorrow. He could do it in asleep but drew. Brees need some reps for example louis riddick. Before he got the monday night football job in two thousand twenty he called college football games in two thousand nineteen. Al michaels is getting up there in age. He's closer to eighty. Then he is seventy chris collins worth who is good. I no issue with chris. Collins worth is sixty two hasn't played a meaningful down in the nfl. Since i was a kid. I'm thirty six year old bulb. Those guys are on borrowed time. Now it's tough. I think they're going to our would have to kind of retire. But it's clear what's going to happen. Drew's gonna get a year. Maybe two doing notre dame football and they're moving those two guys to sunday night football. That feels like to me. The biggest lock going in college worth. I'm sure is not. He's a smart guy. Realize what's coming. al has been doing. Hell he called the usa hockey game in one thousand nine hundred so it's not like algorithm. He's old retire. Hang out in la and chill but it's clear what they're doing they are grooming a big name now. Maybe there's a chance the drew stinks. Because i don't know if he's a lock to be good like. I think philip rivers would be excellent tv. He just has a huge personality. He's just very very aggressive with his words. He doesn't swear so he doesn't even need like thinking he can just talk. I don't think drew necessarily does either. But i just wonder and it'll be interesting like what drew sounds like on television. I don't view drew. Brees is a made for tv guy. Andrew is i mean druce in very impressive individual. Obviously he's not as a hall of fame player. He's a hall of fame person. But i heard like just get in front of mike given your takes in rapid fire college football game or an nfl game but it's cleared the good ones and the bad ones like it's not an easy position to be in. You have to give quick takes on the action that just happened in a smart comprehensive. You know angle that is digestible for the average fan. The broadcasts are not for the die. Hearts are not for the guys that want to dive into the xs and os of the deep all twenty two film. But you have to be able to talk about that like an elementary level. It's just difficult. There are many good ones right. it's an entertainment position. When i think about the best analysts of of my lifetime it was maddening grew and they were very surface level guys but what were they huge personalities. Just huge alpha's in the booth. They just you just felt their presence. When you're watching a game they were calling and like troy is good. But he's just kinda smooth. He's just i just call troy aikman appro right like to me gruden and madden were rockstars and i'd say collins worth is a pro so you could argue. Nbc is not looking for a quote unquote rockstar drew brees by name rockstar. Huge name very very famous. Will he be good enough to do this. I don't know but you know anyone that knows anything about this business. It's clear where they're going and if he's if you watch notre dame's games this year and you just to rico and brees feel like nansen romo that first year romo was unique right. He just immediately got the never even had to basically never united audition. Maybe i do like an audition tape. I don't even think. I mean he just hit the ground running. It was on drew. At least i mean asked to call some games to earn his quote unquote stripes with the with the company organization. Slash the league but the league wants a big name star on sunday night. Football and calls again is really good but he's sixty two years old. The average person under forty couldn't tell you what team played for big name twi romo such as easy transition. Hell even troy aikman like everyone knows treatment played. And what position. Quarterbacks moved the needle now you gotta be good right. The nba is full of really famous. Broadcasters analysts who are chris weber from sacramento. he's one of those overrated players of all time. He's terrible on tv. Reggie miller also bad like they use former players. There's not any good but it's hard. I mean it's a tough position to be in. I think about baseball. Baseball's hit or miss. Some are some are better than others football. I think it's fair to say the majority of them and again. Maybe i'm too hard on these guys. Maybe i'm negative. I think most of them suck. I think most gas that i watch are awful. I mean they really are now like i said. I don't think it's an easy thing to do. I don't think the majority of people could do it smoothly. But i think the way that it set up. It's very difficult for guys succeed. Small amount succeed now. You could argue most things in life. A small percentage of people actually have success. So that's the way in any high level industry your profession but if drew was just like a seven or eight out of ten it might be a year in the news on the in the nbc booth. So you heard it here first. Prediction drew brees. Mike rico sunday night football next couple of years. Okay said i wasn't going to do it but you know i saw a couple of things and i got excited and i want to talk about some transactions. Some specific moves and listen. Free agency is about filling needs. The draft is about picking great players right the draft. Bpa take the best player available especially early in the first and second round. Don't force needs. Take the best players on your board develop them. Hopefully they become stars or just really good starters on your team. Free agency is about plugging holes. You need a wide receiver go by a wide receiver. But don't just by any wide. Receiver picks the scheme fit you. Know what offense you run you evaluate all these guys in the nfl and you watch what they do. Well and you pick the guy that fits. This is what we want. He does that well. Boom plug and play same with linemen defensive line linebackers whatever. The draft is about projecting. How's this gonna work. How can we develop them. You're not developing bud. Dupree or yana or nelson agholor like. They're ready to play right now. And they have strengths and weaknesses in the best evaluators and the best teams sign the guys weaknesses. They're not going to ask them to do and their strengths are going to be. What hopefully the coaching staff. Ask that guy to excel with right what he does well. That's what i'm going to ask you to do what you don't do well. We're not going to waste time on that. That's what free agency is plugging holes on your team. Okay i mean a move that just had to happen. We talked about this guy last week. John group their defense is atrocious. It's slow they generate no pressure so they they signed janaka to actually very team friendly deal two years twenty six million dollars the twenty million dollars guaranteed as a buddy in the league told me he's basically a healthy d- ford he's a speed pass. Rusher mike mayock someone ripped when when the draft was going on however many years ago in two thousand sixteen when jahic was drafted called him a note in the. Nfl has a designated pass. Rusher known as you can't play the run. I'd bring you in on passing downs. D. ford made the pro bowl that way speed rusher. That's what jahic does. Well gus bradley been around this guy. They should know him if they asked this guy to play the run. He's gonna get rolled if they ask them to come in second and third long and just pins ears back and chase the quarterback. They got themselves a steal. Because this guy can rush the passer and they didn't really give him that much money. I liked the deal for the raiders. Now their defense is still not very good but that makes sense. The chargers star quarterback. What do you need to do with the young star quarterback what happens when you don't protect them. They can get scars. They can get derailed. They can not live up to their potential. So what did they do today. They signed corey lindsay from packers. they signed another offensive. Linemen from the pittsburgh steelers guy with position for stability going heavy on the offensive line. You know why they got a good defensive lineman they have a good defense. They have a head coach. Who coaches on the defensive side of the ball that unit he was just with the rams. They were number one in the league. Have good skill guys keenan allen. They got mike williams. They need to protect. Justin herbert so props to them for not being quote unquote sexy but just going with good players. Up front to protect the franchise. Because for many years with philip rivers their offensive line was terrible and it hurt their chances to be a really good team. I give the jets credit. They have a long way to go. And they have a lot of draft picks but they signed to solid starting players today. Kara lawson of the cincinnati bengals pass rusher in corey davis wide receiver tennessee. Titans one thing the jets really lack was evident when you wash play. They just didn't have many. Nfl solid starters. These guys are high. I wouldn't say high end but above average stars and they need to continue to add impact players. Right you think becton can be an impact player. Can they land a couple more impact players in this draft if they keep sam darnold as recording this. He's still on the team if you surround them with enough quote unquote impact players. You can be a competitive team because it's clear right. The bills are really good. The dolphins are solid. The patriots added half the free agents on the open market today. Like you to be good in this division. It went from the division sucked for twenty years. It was check and brady the now feels like the divisions a lot deeper especially the jets if solid good and joe. Douglas is good. The division can be this division. Could be deep. It's weird to say about the nfc. We think about it sucking but who knows the tennessee. Titans one thing that tennessee titans lacked it last year. When you watch them play was their defense was not good but their pass rush was awful and a huge part of their. Db's often got people talk shit about their db's couldn't cover anybody when you can't rush the passer it's hard to cover. So what did they do. Today they went out and they got bud dupree who did tears. Acl which not ideal but as we see in the nfl guys come back from tornado. Seattle's pretty seamlessly and he was a guy who was going to get a ton of money if he was one hundred percent healthy. So i like this move. And i like the move a lot for the tennessee. Titans they also added nickel autry. Who's good versatile. interior. You play at multiple positions. He's he's a good pass rusher. he's long he's cute. he's like six six remember. When he played for the raiders. This first couple of years. I really liked had a really good kind of career renaissance with the indianapolis colts so team. Who's defense wasn't any good. Who last year. Clowney was a disaster for them at a two. Really good defensive lineman like i said the key to free agency is to plug holes raiders speed outside russia. They desperately needed that chargers offensive. Line the jets just players good players. We obviously talked about the patriots. Had a ton of holes the titans multiple pass rushers the chiefs. What happens. They cut to offense of tackles. They sign an offensive lineman about plugging holes. That's the key in a lot of these teams are just doing smart pragmatic not giving you eighty million seventy sixty million dollars guaranteed just signing good players. Who can help you win now. None of these guys. That i just mentioned are gonna make or break teams like we talked about about the quarterbacks. It's gonna come down to the execution between your coach and your quarterback but to win in this league big double digit games to win the playoffs. You have to have a good team. Like what has been the downfall of the packers they just. They haven't been well rounded enough their defense always let them down right always this year with the white or the chief losing super bowl the bucks were just way better to win the whole thing. And that is the goal of all these playoff level teams. The titans obviously chiefs but make long runs in the playoffs. You have to have a good team when you have major holes in the nfl. It gets exposed the moment like these coaches get all like half. The league's coaches are make an eight to ten million dollars a year. If you have a major weakness that coach will expose that weakness over and over and over all game. Some some of it's out of your control the amount of injuries we're going to add a game. Who knows how. The off season plays out in terms of Training and otas but depth on your roster is sochi because evitable. You're gonna lose players. They're going to go on. I are they might come back. You're gonna lose them for a month. Lose this guy. Lose that guy as long as you. Don't lose your quarterback if you build your team the right way if you're good on the lines to me. That's the key. Be good on the offensive and defensive lines now. I love linebacker tight end. I love good corner. I like all these positions but to me it starts there once. You have the quarterback offensive and defensive line. Then you've got a chance to be really good and you got a chance to compete with anybody. It's so cliche like all win. In the trenches shits true tampa bay buccaneers they fucking dominated in the trenches the year before the forty niners walked su book because they dominated in the trenches the chiefs that you're ultimately took down the niners because they were pretty good office line. It's about winning upfront. it's never sexy signed guard. it's never sexy. I one of my biggest quote unquote mrs as just someone that talks about this stuff was. I thought chris ballard was an idiot. Idiot would be strong. I thought the value was crazy. For drafting quinton nelson in the top. Ten a guard in the top ten. I was wrong. Because if he's an elite hall of famer. It's always worth taking an offensive lineman in the top ten. Take a you take hall of fame. Offensive linemen number. One overall guard center care. I'll take elite offense lineman all day. Long one thing i've changed. My defensive lime obviously quarterback the most important position. But there's not another position that holds a candle that any of the opposites of defensive line if the guys in the league player because those guys make such a big difference and it makes us the whole unit much better so i love teams just in the trenches. Because that's again we one of these guys. All what a cliche thing to say. And then that teams usually winning and the team with no offensive lineman but a bunch of sexy skill. Guys goes six and ten. That's it what you have a great week. Stay positive and see a little bit later. This week piece Cousin sal here letting know that. Nobody does sports like vandals sportsbook all new users get a one thousand dollar risk free bed when you sign up and make your first deposit just place your first bed and get up to a thousand dollars back if you don't win. Sign up today. Vandal dot com slash sal twenty one plus in president. Virginia i online real money wager. Only refund issues with real site credit that expires. 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