Meditation: Healing Shame (2020-07-01)


The following meditation is led by Tara Brach. Tax More of meditations. Join my email list. Please visit. Tara broke DOT com. So the key. Inhaling toxic shame. and to be guided by healthy, shame is self compassion. And inevitably this is true for all of asses. We're going to be practicing together in a moment. We will continue to fuel badness when we encounter the imperfections of our coverings. The the habits of in different ways getting caught in anxiety or lashing out or judgment or whatever it is. If, we can remember our basic goodness and I often. My mantras often just trust the goal. Trust the goal to you know. Instead of reacting instead of defending instead of sinking a shame if we can remember that. We can then respond to what comes up and away. That further aligns our heart. We all need pathways of self compassion in response to imperfection. We all need ways and we all need to help each other. Realize that these difficult waves we experience. They're not our fault. And if we trust the goodness, we can actually become. The being that we WANNA be. So at that words, let's practice a little. This meditation is on healing, toxic shame and trusting the gold. Take a moment if you will to pause. Light Yourself Saddle. Closure is. Might feel this body breathing. You might scan. Notice where in your life. You might be reacting. Tamper faction. You might be feeling down on yourself judging yourself. Feeling Shame or version? And if there's a situation that triggers. Let that be in the foreground. Issue might be of a situation. Where you turn on yourself that has to do with. Your relationships personal relationships are. Your work, or maybe it's an addictive behavior. Are, you might be turning on yourself. In relationship to your group identity feeling shame about that. Judging others. Could be related to raise their sexual orientation gender identity religion ethnicity. Some situation where you turn on yourself. New might sense the worst part of this when you're turning on yourself. What really feels the worst? And being guided by the rain acronym, we start by just recognizing whatever's predominant. When you're turning on yourself. What are you most noticing? Is a shame. Is it a version? Is it fear? Mentally Whisper whatever you notice. Begins to call in the mindful witnesses. And then allow that create. Some space allows like sang okay. These coverings are here. This belongs. To wave in the ocean. Let it be there. Then as you approach investigating lead, there be a quality of gentleness and interest. Real curiosity about how reality is playing out through your body mind. You might sense what you're believing. Would you believing when you're turning on yourself? Isn't that you're basically unworthy. That you're. There's a sense of basic badness. Should that you'll never be close with others because of this. The are not lovable. What belief comes. And as you sense, whatever belief is there? Let yourself feel the unpleasantness, the pain of of shame of that feeling of badness. If it helps. Put your hand on your heart. Just to feel connected with what's going on inside. Please do so. You might imagine you could look right now through the eyes of the body, Sada. A wise compassionate being. The self that feels ashamed, not okay. The eyes of a wise grandmother. The eyes of a Buddha. MAYBE IS OF A. And loving friend. And see the suffering that they're. The suffering of of self aversion. and also see the streams of conditioning that shaped. The very behaviors or feelings that you're judging. How did you learn to be the way you are? This is modeled from caregivers. Shaped by messages from other. Whatever you're judging. How did it get there? You weren't born as a bad person. What's the conditioning here? was their past trauma. In Your Personal Lifetime Pass Generations To the eyes of the body SAAD FA seeing. Conditioning that created the very thing that you're aversive to. How did the society shape it? Our competitive. Over consuming aggressive. Divided society. How did that shape? Your inner experience. Sends in the presence of this. Body, satisfy this wise and loving being your own away cart. You might send the message inward. It's not your fault. Offer Real Compassionate presence. Send, care right the place it's hurting. The place that feels bad. Let it be! Bathed with a compassionate presence. Sense this possibility leading in. That loving. That, healing. Letting go into becoming one with it. With, after the rain, just to rest in that open, hearted presence. That which sees clearly. The suffering and holds with love. You might sense. Who are you when you're not believing? Something's wrong with you. Since the possibility of trusting. The awareness and compassion here is really your absence. In from that place of trusting the gold trusting. The goodness of your essence, you might look at the patterning. That, you were judging aversive to. Whatever it is about the coverings. That you're not liking perhaps ways you heard others hurt yourself. You what's my deepest intention? From the gold, what's my deepest intention? And what will help me align with that deep intention? Let me live from loving awareness. The poet Rumi describes the gold is loving awareness as the secret self. He writes. I must have been incredibly simple or drunk guard Shane to sneak into my own house and steal money. To climb over the fence and take my own vegetables, but no more. I've gotten free of that ignorant fish that was pinching twisting my secret of. The universe and the light of the stars come through me. I am the crescent moon. Put up over the gate at the festival. Might take a few full breasts, and as you're ready, opened her eyes. So I WANNA. Thank you for your attention or exploring this together. And to issue all loving blessings as you move through these next days. Now, mistake!

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