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The Hashishans Pt. 2


Something to note all of the groups covered on this show operate in secret. The details included in this episode are based on extensive research but ultimately can never be one hundred percent verified except by society members themselves in eleven ninety three C e Henry the second of Champagne King of Jerusalem traveled to meet Rashid. Al Deen Non the leader of the order of assassins in Syria for nearly thirty years see non and his assassins had spread fear through the Holy Land but when the Christian Crusades reached Sunanda doorstep he invited Henry to the assassins fortress to broker peace. Henry knew that he was walking into a pit of snakes although he was heavily guarded one of C. Assassins could be lurking anywhere ready to strike from the shadows. The men that Henry could see watched from atop the castles towers see invited Henry to sit then nodded to two of his assassins. Suddenly they throw themselves off the towers and plunged to their deaths. It was a message. The Christian Kings Army may have outnumbered the order but see non had something that Henry didn't complete devotion and a society full of men. Who would die for it? Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson Greg pulsing. And this is secret. Societies a podcast original every Thursday. We examine history's most exclusive organizations from around the world and try to shine a light on the truth behind the mysterious groups from the illumine. Nadi to the order of nine angles will explore how much impact each secret society actually had on the world around them. This is our second of two episodes on the order of assassins for nearly two hundred years. The Society of elite killers terrorized Persia and the Holy Land. They murdered at the behest of their leaders. In an effort to create unrest and paranoia amongst their enemies they followed a new branch of Islam misery. She is last week. We examined the origin story of the order of assassins and its founder. Hassan e Saba with a mysterious devoted following Hassan and the order dedicated themselves to entering the Eternal Garden of Paradise through the Gateway of Murder. To start they set out to quell the sell. Nukes a sunny Turk empire which rose to power in Persia this week. We'll explore the order struggle to maintain influence in Persia how most radical leader brought fear to the Holy Land and the orders sudden downfall at the hands of an unlikely force from the east. The Mongols will also investigate the mysteries. They left in their wake in eleven. Twenty four Hassani Saba. The founder of the order of assassins was struck down by an unknown illness and for the first time in thirty five years. The order of assassins had new leadership. The next few leaders weren't able to inspire a devoted following or the die the way that Hassani Saba had for fourteen years the order toppled on the verge of a downfall and then in eleven thirty eight Grand Master Muhammad came into power. Muhammad was extremely conservative in his attempts to expand the reach of the order under his rule. There were no major reforms or military campaigns many of the FA FIDAAI found Mohammed slack of enthusiasm troublesome. The orders purpose was to expand and spread. Their faith does Arias Miley. She is a historian. James Waterson posits that Muhammad's trepidation may have had something to do with a ceasefire with Sultan Sanjar which we covered last week. He didn't want the assassins to spread their teachings too far and invite backlash or even another siege on Alam moot that could lead to a famine but the order of assassins didn't fear famine or their own mortality. They were trained to die. Day welcomed it. Mohammed hesitation incited unrest in the organization soon. His own son Hassan. The second gave him trouble Hassan. The second was named of course after the orders I leader and like his namesake Hassan. The second was a fanatic. He devoured the original writings and teachings of the order. It wasn't long before he started rebelling against is Miley tradition drinking wine and disrespecting his elders in his eyes they didn't deserve respect dade grown week. Hassan the second wasn't alone in his discontent. In fact he was able to convince a number of men within the order that he was the Mahdi the Mahdi also known as the Kayem or hidden. Imam was the redeemer. The Mahdi's return with signaling age of spiritual knowledge and the Mahdi would cast evil out of the world if nothing else Hassan. The second was charismatic and charming. With each passing day he gained more. Fahed dice to his 'cause they saw Hassan. The second is the leader. They had long desired. Meanwhile Hassanzadeh seconds Father Muhammad felt that his son was a threat to flex his power. Mohammed did something unexpected. He ordered five hundred of Hassan. The seconds followers to in the courtyard of Allah moot he executed and tied their corpses to the other half the two hundred and fifty men who kept their lives were banished from Allah moot carrying the slaughtered on their backs. Hassan second understood his father's message. He retreated from his more fanatical teachings and bided his time until he could become head of the order despite the internal struggle Mohammed named Hassan. The second his successor by eleven sixty to the thirty five year old was the formal leader of the order of assassins until eleven. Sixty four it was business as usual. At least it's Mars. The records show but then on August eighth in the middle of Ramadan. Everything changed the assassins had been told that an important proclamation was going to be made. No one knew what Hassan the second was going to announce so the eagerly their grandmasters arrival then all eyes turn towards the front entrance of Amoud Castle. Hassan the second dressed in a white robe wearing a white turban and wielding a sword. Walked up to the pulpit. The crowd fell silent with a deep breath. Hassan the second announced that the end of days was upon them. It was the time of Kiama. The resurrection life on Earth would soon be swallowed by sin and the followers of Missouri is Smiley. Azam would be the only ones to enter Paradise. Everyone else would be condemned to eternal hell. He continued Sharia Law. The religious rules that came directly from the Prophet Mohammed was now nullified on his Ariz throughout the Middle East. Should build an internal relationship with a law. This meant no more. Outward shows up devotion like praying five times a day the direction of Mecca Hassan. The second went on to claim that he was the Qaim the bringer of the resurrection. According to James Wasserman's book the templars on the assassins. Islamic doctrine generally holds that Mohammed is the last of six prophets the first were Adam. Noah Abraham Moses and Jesus each with increasing power and authority the Final Prophet and Shia tradition was the qaim by declaring himself Qaim Asanga. Second said he was above the Prophet. Muhammad it was blasphemous after his announcement. Hassan the second held the festival of the resurrection. Since the end of days was upon them there was no need to continue. Ramadan Ramadan is meant to be a month of fasting charity and prayer but Hassan. The second turned it into celebration. The resurrection of joy the key Yama Jabbar tree filled the halls of castle. Harps played loudly for all to hear and the assassins who for decades had been forbidden to drink. Wine now drowned in it any Missouri. Who FAILED TO FOLLOW? Hassan. The seconds directive called the new dispensation was publicly chastised or worse stoned to death. At least that's one account however historian James Waterson notes that much of this story comes from Sunni chroniclers for all intents and purposes the Sunnis were the enemies of the order. Men who had motivation to spread propaganda against them. That being said most nizara Smiley Shiites enthusiastically accepted the message of the Kiama and Hassan. The second does Qaim they were already seen as fanatics throughout the Muslim world. Hassan the seconds declaration was just one step further but the message wasn't only intended for followers of his Arias Miley Azam living in Persia Hassan. The second wanted to reach all who followed the sect in the Levant and Palestine with that in mind Hassan the second sent out missionaries to all the communities beyond Persia to help spread the word. One of the most difficult missions was the one to Syria a region embroiled in turmoil due to the ongoing crusades. Missouri is Smiley. She Ism had a toehold in the area now and Hassan. The seconds proclamation was only GonNa make it harder to win over converts. Luckily for him one of his closest disciples a man he'd befriended during their training was more than prepared to spread his message. That disciples name was Rashid. Aldean's see non with Synon- non leading the charge. The Syrian order of assassins would become legendary. Not only would they strike fear in the Holy Land but they'd extend their power to Western Europe over two thousand miles away coming up rush. Eldeen see not casts a spell over the assassins through the hustle and bustle and stresses of life. Finding the path to positively has never been more crucial at the more fulfilled. You feel the more grounded you become. Well podcast as a wonderful series. That can help you in this quest. It's called daily quote and it's a quick two to three minute daily. Podcast for you to get inspired. By every day on daily quote you'll be given quote meant to motivate uplift and renew your outlook on life. You'll also I'd deeper into the context surrounding the quote learning more about its origin and the meaning behind it have already been so many inspirational quotes featured so far but hands down. My favorite has been by singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. So whether you're jump-starting the morning searching for midday pick me up or trying to finish the evening off. Strong daily quote offers. Some of history's most inspirational quotes. Whenever you need them. Three hundred sixty five days a year. Follow daily quote free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story in eleven sixty four. The order of the assassins grandmaster Hassan. The second made a controversial declaration. He proclaimed that the end of days was near and that he was the foretold. Qaim the one to bring the resurrection in Persia. The announcement was met with enthusiasm among his followers. The NIZARA IS SMILEY SHIITES BUT HASSAN. Second needed to spread his message beyond Persia so he sent his disciple. Rasheed al-Deen seen on to Syria. Since the days of Hassani Saba the order of assassins had attempted to gain influence in Syria with link success for about twenty years be assassins had held control in the city of Aleppo but they were eventually expelled by the cell jokes. That didn't stop the order from fighting to regain their lost ground beginning at eleven twenty five. The assassins had slowly acquired castles throughout the mountain regions avoiding major cities throughout the eleven. Forty s during grandmaster Mohammad's reign as leader the Syrian assassins actually allied themselves with the Knights hospitallers a Catholic military order. The hospitallers may sound familiar. We covered them previously in our episodes on the Knights templar but peace between the assassins and the hospitallers didn't last for long at eleven fifty to ten years before Hassan. The second took power. Count Raymond the second of Tripoli became the first Christian to fall to an assassin's dagger his death shocked Christendom. Regicide was uncommon in Western Europe in response the Christian Knights templar massacred the NIZARA Smiley Shiites in Syria. The order wasn't prepared to defend themselves to stop the killings. The Syrian assassins were forced to pay the templars an annual tribute the Syrian. Assassins seemed like they were on the verge of collapse once more. That is until the early sixties when Hassan second scientists disciple thirty year. Old Roy she'd aldean's see non to Castle Mossy off. He was supposed to bring stability back to the order than to spread the message of the coming. Kiama legend has it that when Rashid al. Dnc Non arrived at Mossy off castle. He wrote into the courtyard white donkey. Which according to historian James Waterson was historically the color of resistance for all Shiites? The message was clear. See Non was going to make sure the assassins flourished in the Sunni region. But instead of resisting right away seen onslaught to amass a loyal following. He didn't think the Syrian leader of the order would appreciate his reform efforts so rather than challenge them directly see non waited for him to make a MISSTEP or die meanwhile back in La moot a growing sect of assassins were growing of Hassan seconds. Blasphemous declarations this new conservative. Kabbal turn to Hassan. The seconds brother-in-law believed to be named Hassan Bin Numb. Were to lead a. Who in January eleven sixty six four years into SAMBA seconds? Leadership non were approached when the time was right and Hassan. The second wasn't looking. Non were revealed his dagger and stabbed Hassan. The second repeatedly killing him instantly. The brutal murder was supposed to bring a sense of normalcy back to the order of assassins instead. Hassam the second son Mohammed. The second squash the insurrection and executed his uncle for murder and under Mohammed. The seconds leadership. He announced that Kiama was to continue even in Syria. After seven. Long years this Syrian leader died and it was time for C. non to make his move he produced a secret letter from the deceased Hassam. The second in eleven sixty nine it named see non as his successor. He was now officially the head of the Syrian assassins but CNN's takeover of the Syrian assassins created a split within the order as a whole see non had believed in Hassan the second and his Kiara doctrine but he didn't have the same faith and Hassan. The second son Muhammad the second therefore the Syrian assassins under rushing ALDEAN's Synon- cut ties with castle. Alamo Muhammad. The second was enraged by the challenge to his authority. Cnn's disobedience and blasphemy had to be stopped so Mohamed the second dispatched men to eliminate him throb. The eleven seventy s assassin after assassin was sent to murder scene on but according to legend seen on and his men either killed them I or converted them to his ranks. Apparently Synon- was incredibly convincing. He was said to be the embodiment of the order's founder Hassani Saba as charismatic as intelligent and as hypnotic rumors circulated that he may have even had supernatural powers. It wasn't long before he took on a mythical persona he was believed to be psychic with the ability to read people's thoughts and speak to animals. According to one account see non once began talking to a horse when he finished the horse dropped to the ground dead he then turned to the crowd of onlookers and proclaimed that the horse was actually a reincarnated princess. With the help of a law. He'd freed the princess from it's cruel master. It's likely that Synon- played into these rumors. He may have even used some of Hassani Sabas tactics to encourage fanaticism and devotion amongst his followers including the famous garden of Paradise. If you recall from last week the garden of Paradise was parlor trick. Hassan used on his FIDAAI. Using a garden theatrics women and drugs. He convinced his men that they were given a glimpse of Paradise. Then he tell them that if they tied for the orders 'cause they would once again be granted access in addition to the garden of Paradise Charade seen on was said to have more tricks to convince his followers of his powers while there are a couple of different iterations of the tail. The gist of it goes like this. Seeing on would bring a group of his eye into a chamber in the middle of the floor. A decapitated head waited for them. Then to the shock and horror of the FIDAAI it spoke. It told them what paradise looked like the trees. The milk and honey and the beautiful maidens when the head was finished the Dine left the chamber in all of see non mystical powers and the promise of Paradise is in reality. The talking head was actually just a man buried in a small hole up to his neck once the were gone from the chamber. See Non actually decapitated the man as proof that the head had been severed the whole time. The theatrics worked with seen non in charge. The order of assassins were once again feared in the Holy Land particularly amongst Christians to them. The fanatical allegiance of the order was unimaginable and that devotion was never more on display than when see non had his assassins. Perform ritual death drops with a simple nod from synon- assassins would jump off fortress towers a cliffs. Such demonstrations were allegedly put on a show of strength. The clear sign that the FA die were willing to die for Synon- at any moment for any reason they're commitment was their strength and yet according to historians. There's no actual proof that any such demonstrations ever occurred the most famous account of the death shops and many legends surrounding the order actually comes from Marco Polo. Polo's visit to the Holy Land occurred in the Twelfth Seventies almost twenty years after the order's eventual collapse many of the tales that Polo had been passed down through generations of Europeans who visited the area prior to his arrival famous. Crusader chroniclers like William of Tyre the Archbishop of Tyre from eleven seventy five to eleven eighty six and jock. Db Tree who was bishop of Acre from twelve. Sixteen to Twelve Twenty eight William Jacques and other European historians often embellish their stories not to mention their sources are often Sunni Muslims men and women intentionally spreading anti assassin propaganda historian. Farhadi Duff Tari notes. The death drop legend likely stems from the belief that the assassins drugged themselves. They were in such a state of intoxication that they plunged to their own deaths but as we discussed last week. There's almost no evidence to suggest drug use amongst the order at all doctoring notes that the death drop legends have also been attributed to Hassani Subas son in fact almost all of the legends regarding see non in Syria have been conflicted with stories. A pass Tani Saba in Allitt and vice versa. So it's difficult to assess the truth behind the claims which assassin legend originated with Hassan in the ten nineties and which originated with see non in the eleven seventies. It's sort of like a medieval game of telephone. That being said there's no question that Rashid Aldean's see non reignited the assassins fearsome reputation and not long. After his reign began he found himself at war. With one of Islam's most fearsome general's Salahudeen Yussef better known as solid the man who reclaimed Jerusalem for the Muslims. But his victory in the Crusades didn't turn many allies amongst his own people solids controversial life made him and the assassins into some of the most hated and feared men in the world. Coming up the Syrian assassins. Go to war with Sunni Muslims and Christian Crusaders. Now back to the story in eleven. Sixty nine rush. She'd aldean's non became the leader of the Syrian assassins and broke ties with the Persians in Allah. Moot channeling the order's founder Hassani Saba. He created a cult of personality that led to a growing loyal following in the process. He brought the order back to prominence in Syria. A once volatile region but as C. non-secured his own power a- powerful Sunni leader was doing the same Salah Dean Yousef better known to history as solid in in eleven. Seventy one solid dean. A general for the Zanchi Dynasty entered Cairo and declared the Fatimid Caliphate over the zone keys were proxies for the Celtics who ruled over present day northern Iraq and parts of Syria in place of the fat amid solid in created the new a you bid dynasty named after. His father. Najim a deny YouTube with the snap of a finger the first and only is Miley. Caliphate moves over for three years. Salahuddin ruled over the region as vizier. And as a proxy to the Sankei but in eleven seventy four with the death of the zone keyed on Mir Sullivan seized the moment to declare himself Sultan of Egypt. His mission was to unify all of the Sunnis under the IU Bid Dynasty and expel the Christians from the Holy Land One by one the cities and regions that had fractured under fought amid or a cell joke rule. Fell to Saladin will many the cities like Damascus. Even willingly pledged their loyalty to the new Sultan. But residents of Aleppo Syria weren't so willing their allegiances were still with the Sunnis on key dynasty and so Salahaddin turn to the order of assassins for help. But he didn't get it raw she'd aldean's see non and the assassins hated this on kids but solid was the larger threat so the order. Amazon kids joined forces as they say. The enemy of my enemy is my friend while his kids faced salad. And in open combat. The assassins tried their own proven tactics in October. Eleven seventy four Sullivan was on his way from Damascus to Aleppo when a group of assassins rushed into his tent. The I was immediately decapitated by one. A Saladin guards but more made their way inside to finish what the I couldn't to kill solid. Unfortunately a host of Sullivan's men had come to his aid. The assassins were outnumbered one by one. They were put to death not to be deterred see nonsense more of had to end salads life in. May Eleven seventy six solid and went to rest alone in his tent. An assassin disguised as one of solid bodyguards rushed in and attacked but his dagger didn't meet Flesh. Instead it came into contact with the chainmail protecting Solomons neck solid and fought back overpowering the assassin enough to allow his men to kill the intruder but in the midst of the chaos a second assassin rushed into the tent hoping to finish off the sultan according to historian. James Waterson. The two assassins were literally hacked to pieces. Sullivan survived but the attempt showed solid in that see non and his assassins were more than just a thorn in his side. What they lacked in strength in numbers they made up for in stealth and fearlessness in August solid and launched a retaliatory attack on castle Moscow off a siege around the assassin stronghold. It's unclear exactly how long the siege lasted but there. They're two stories as to how it ended both accounts come from. Cnn's personal biographer. Kamal Al Deen. The first version is that Synon- sent threatening letters to solid in but letters implied that non had no fear of death. But promise that Saladin would be killed by a man in his own ranks in other words. See Non had moles and Salads court fearing for. His Life Solomon withdrew his siege in the second version. Cenon sent ambassadors to solid Sullivan's camp to negotiate a truce paranoid that they would try to kill him solid in added extra guards to his tent including a couple of Turkish. Mom Luke's or enslaved soldiers. When the assassin ambassadors finally arrived they demanded privacy to deliver their message solid and ordered everyone to leave except to with the Turkish Mamelukes when the ambassador asked Saladin why the mom. Luke stayed solid and replied. I regard these two as my own sons and they and I are as one one of the ambassadors smiled and turn to the MOM. Luke guards he asked them. If I order you in the name of my master to kill this all tin would you do so to solid in shock and horror? The mom looks drew their swords and responded command us as you wish whatever. The story solid in was paranoid that an assassin could be anywhere he decided it was smarter not to provoke the order so he packed up his troops and left. Mossy off castle the war between the order of assassins and solid in had come to an end. Synon- never ordered another assassination against solid din again. Instead the two seemingly joined forces. They set their sights on another enemy. The Christian crusaders but the assassins didn't immediately engage the Crusaders in combat. They patiently waited for solid in a massive army to most of the work for them. If they're newest ally and former enemy happened to lose met along the way the better in fact the assassins likely didn't actually fight alongside solid in until the battle of Houghton in July eleven eighty seven over a decade after they supposedly made peace in a strategic blunder. The Crusaders had moved the majority of their forces away from Jerusalem and searched for solid in the desert there. They succumb to thirst with each passing day. They grew weaker when they were at their lowest solid. Surrounded them at the horns of Houghton. The Crusaders didn't stand a chance. There isn't definitive proof that the assassins were present hockey team. But it isn't hard to imagine. The order still paid tribute to the Knights templar defeating them in battle would mean killing their debtors. Which would've been reason enough for rush? She'd I'll DC non and his men to show up in droves. After the battle of eighteen Jerusalem fell to solid in which led to the third crusade beginning in eleven eighty nine Christians from Europe flocked to the Holy Land to a once again. Reclaim what they'd lost. The influx threaten the orders ability to carry out their mission of expansion and conversion. They were outnumbered everywhere. They went by eleven ninety two. The Crusaders had reclaimed quite a bit of land for the Kingdom of Jerusalem. By April. They only had to conquer Jerusalem itself Marquis Conrad of Mont Ferret an Italian. Who'd helps defend the Christian city of Tyre was appointed the new king of Jerusalem as soon as the city was officially taken. Conrad would be crowned. Unfortunately his coronation would never come. April twenty eighth. Conrad was returning from lunch with a bishop when two monks approached him. The men suddenly brandished daggers from their robes and stabbed Conrad in the heart repeatedly. The assassins were soon captured but before they were put to death. They confess that they'd been sent by their master. Rasheed aldean's on but since the brutal killing alternative theories have arisen as to who actually the assassination it could have been the British king. Richard the Lionheart who jealously orchestrated the assassination when he wasn't named King of Jerusalem himself but the most prominent theory remains that Synon- ordered the death and his motivation was revenge. Conrad had previously seized a cargo ship with goods belonging to the assassins he'd then executed the entire crew men with ties to see non and the order but regardless of who ordered the assassination the death of Conrad of Mont Frat changed the course of history in response to his murder. Peace was made between the Christians and the Muslims effectively ending the third crusade. Jerusalem remained under Muslim control because of this most historians believe that Conrad of Montserrat was Rashid. Aldean's CNN's final assassination the following year. Conrad's successor Henry. The second of Champagne allegedly visited seen on at Mossy Castle to broker a truce see. Non allegedly staged an assassin death drop to dissuade Henry. Second from retaliating for Conrad's murder legend has it. The demonstration worked not long after seen on died of unknown causes however some believed that he went into hiding viatical tation about means rather than entering paradise or Hell. His body and spirit simply vanished to wait until it was time to return many news. Arias my lease still await. See nonce second coming. In the meanwhile sign-ons followers needed a leader to guide THEM IN HIS ABSENCE. His death in eleven ninety three the Syrian assassins reunited with those in Persia. Who were still under the control of Mohammed? The second their former disagreements didn't seem so important now that see non was no longer around but the merged order of assassins could never return to its former glory. No other leader could capture the enthusiasm that Hassani Sabha or Rasheed aldean's see non had ignited within the Organization for the next fifty years. A series of inept leaders weakened their position in Persia and Syria even after the collapse of the Cell Joke Empire in eleven ninety four the assassins were unable to capitalize on the resulting power vacuum instead new Sunni caliphates or dynasties took control of the region leaving the waning assassins on the sidelines. Once more for the order of assassins death arrived on two fronts. The first the Mongol Empire from the east after three years of slowly making their way through Persia the Mongols reached the steps of alum mood castle unlike past seizures the Mongols managed to make it inside and when they did in December twelve fifty six. They destroyed everything. They burnt the assassins libraries and demolish their gardens. They wanted to erase the order from history. And in the process they brought the once great portraits to ruins. Meanwhile the Syrian assassins managed to hold on a while longer until the rise of the MOM. Luke Sultanate in the twelve fifties in September twelve sixty. The Mom Luke's expelled the Mongols from Syria and gained control of the region. The Syrian assassins survived by paying the mom looks tribute for the next eleven years in twelve. Seventy one. The Mom Luke leader learned of an assassination plot against him by the Syrian assassins. And so he crush them in the span of two years he captured every assassin fortress in the region including their last stronghold Mossy off. The order of assassins was officially no more. But unlike the Mongols the mom luke's weren't interested in erasing them from history in fact the Mongols found a new use for their captives if they needed someone dead. They paid a former Sassan to do the work for them from ten ninety. Two twelve seventy three. The order of assassins rain brought fear to the lands. They inhabited in the process. They turned assassination into an art form. Legends about the order have fascinated westerners ever since crusaders brought their stories of ferocity back with them claims of fantastical garden of paradise ritual suicidal death deathtraps and drug induced mind control methods shocked. The world to most the order of assassins was a fanatical. Religious Group led by a cult leader a fringe movement within the Muslim community to others. They were an elite group of holy warriors regardless for nearly two hundred years. These specially trained killers spread fear throughout the Holy Land and Persia. The order is gone today but their legacy lives on. Their tactics have been imitated and replicated for centuries though we may never know the truth of what actually went on inside the walls of Alamoudi Castle. One thing is undeniably true. The order of assassins was one of history's deadliest secret societies. Thanks again for tuning into secret. Societies will be back on Thursday with a new episode. You can find all episodes of secret societies and all other podcast originals for free on spotify. Not only to spotify already. Have all your favorite music. But now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals like secret societies for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream secret societies on spotify just the APP and type secret societies in the Search Bar. And don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you. Next time secret societies was created by Max Cutler and podcast studios original it is executive produced by Max Cutler. Sound design by Michael Langner with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden and Joshua Kern. This episode of secret. Societies was written by Joe Garra with writing assistance by Maggie. Admire and stars. Greg Paulson and Vanessa Richardson.

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