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From NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman President. Trump's impeachment trial has opened in the Senate Chief Justice John Roberts and most senators have been sworn in. NPR's Jim Newman. Reports opening. Statements are set for Tuesday. The Senate has issued a formal summons to the president to notify him of their trial and the charges against him. Trump's legal team is likely to respond this weekend. Trump faces two charges after the House voted to impeach him. Last month allegedly abusing his presidential power or by withholding military aid from Ukraine in order to pressure that country to investigate a political rival and the president is charged with obstructing Congress's subsequent investigation allegation. House Speaker Nancy. Pelosi pushed the impeachment process forward after a new government watchdog report yesterday found that the trump administration violated a a budget law genuine. NPR News Washington. The articles of impeachment accused President trump of abusing his office by pressuring Ukraine's President to investigate Joe Biden and his son. Another figure has emerged in the Ukraine affair. The FBI has Robert Hyde candidate for Congress in Connecticut and and trump donor this week house. Investigators released documents. That hide sent to Rudy. Giuliani associate. Live parnasse these suggests that Hyde it was monitoring the former. US Ambassador to Ukraine hide. Later said he was joking in his first Friday prayer sermon in eight years. Iran's Iran's supreme leader says Germany France and Britain our enemies who cannot be trusted. NPR's Peter Kenyon says the remarks come after a move by the three countries involved involved in the nuclear deal with Iran. The three European signatories to the deal invoked. It's dispute resolution mechanism in the wake of a series of violations of the deal by Iran Iran. Tehran said the violations were in response to President. Trump's move to pull the US out of the deal and return to sanctioning wrong. I told the Alabama also said the. US I said failed in its efforts to pressure Iran and divide it from its neighbour Iraq. NPR's Peter Kenyon Reporting Florida. Supreme Court has issued an advisory opinion again. It affirms a State Law that says if people convicted of felonies want to vote they must first serve their time and pay all of their fines for member station station wwl. RN Danny Rivera reports. Up to eight hundred thousand. Felons could be affected. Republican governor. Ronda sent this asked the court if the law define the word sentence accurately currently the Florida Supreme Court's ruling holds that all financial obligations including fees fines and restitution are included in someone sentence and they need to pay all obligations allegations related to their conviction before they can vote in a separate case. A federal court is looking at what happens if someone is incapable of paying the money. They owe that court says people who are genuinely unable to pay should still be able to vote for NPR news. I'm Danny Rivera in Miami this is NPR gun rights. Groups are asking the Virginia Supreme Court to Block Governor. Ralph northerns temporary ban on firearms next Monday at the Virginia. State Capitol in Richmond Gun on rights advocates are holding a rally there nor them says the state has received several credible threats of violence these include reports of potential militia attacks on the capital capital gun rights groups. Say the governor's temporary ban will make people less safe scientists and policy makers from around the world or gathering in Paris to look at managing inching wildfires in a changing climate and beers eleanor. Beardsley spoke with one of them. Colin Prentice is a professor of bias fair and climate impact at the Imperial College allege in London. He says it's ludicrous to say. Climate Change has nothing to do with increasing. Wildfires is there. A wildfire is a natural phenomenon has always been there but we know the extremely sensitive to changes in temperature so if the average temperature increases then the intensity of the extremes also increases uh-huh with apprentice says Australia has warmed one and a half degrees in the last few decades and the current fires are a combination of weather events. Superimposed does does a warmer climate. He calls it the perfect storm. Eleanor Beardsley NPR. News Paris the US military says that eleven US troops were injured in the Iranian and ballistic missile attack on US sites in Iraq last week the US military says that they're being treated for concussion symptoms. No one was killed in the attack attack. It was in retaliation for the U._S.. Killing of a top Iranian. I'm Korva Coleman N._P._R.. News in Washington.

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