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Gordon Murray T.50 Hypercar + New Chevy Tahoe


you're listening to castle car cast on podcast one well we have a lot of subjects covered in today's car cast we get into the new t. fifty supercar riccar by then mclaren f one designer very interesting piece pat knows about it lots of stuff about the new i think it's a new chevy trucks are denali or whatever independent rear did not know took a while if you more space anyway listen it's all coming i bet online dot AG december she year and every NFL game has a playoff well playoff implications aren't there i mean even if a good teams teams playing a bad team for the good team their playoff life could be at stake bed online dot AG use that take advantage of the best bonuses in the business used the promo code podcast one for a fifty percent sign up bonus matchups week fifteen houston tennessee my rams at dallas oh come on rams it's a must win buffalo at pittsburgh oh there's some good ones indian new orleans i'm gonna go baltimore at home versus the chats i'm gonna call that want to lock i know i'm brave prediction forty two fourteen we've got five hundred bucks and rewards to give out each week to five listeners and a five thousand dollar season-long charity contests so once you join the conversation tweet tweet us at hashtag sports sports net challenge if you would use the promo code podcast one get fifty percent sign up bonus today bet online dot AG they get it on gotta get on get on monday get it on and welcome to carcass man proletariat the motivator andrea over there hello oh man so much to get into i wanna thank eight sleep and castrol and geico's welfare sponsoring this show we have updates on jay leno chick fillet some some of you may heard the news may have heard the news we had a pretty wonderful other than the chick-fil-a incident and we had a wonderful night with the jay and his people jay's fairy very complimentary toward the documentary documenting yeah shelby american he's he's a sweet guy and i've also been around him when he's not liked to something yeah and it's not you can tell how he he does not like a backhanded compliment but kind of a criticism like compliment sandwich he doesn't ask a dozen have a good poker face and he has a little sorta mouth of babes like he kind of speaks his mind and he i was with him on the tonight show god max paddock paddock look this up i'm gonna guess two thousand in two thousand and seven or something and maybe six tim allen made a movie where he wrote directed yeah and cobbled you know got a whole bunch of people to be in it like somebody somebody said hey tim you know instead of getting paid to be an all these pixar movies and disney movies and stuff i like that why don't you do your own movie like raise the money and whatever and it's called crazy on the outside i think and and it's a star studded affair starring tim allen sigourney weaver in it yeah liotta rarely and i think he wrote it and directed himself and he did ride a director he directed himself and produced it or whatever and starred in it and it came out must you may know six or seven or somewhere in there and i was and i don't know max bat of what it is on rotten tomatoes it's it's in the thirties maybe the twenties when he's like it didn't turn out as funny as team probably wanted it to turn out instead eight percent eight eight eight maybe maybe it hasn't really just taken off where the where the people with twenty eight okay so these are not good signs and the and the comedy department just hasn't found its niche yet so given a few more years critics have it at eight and the people have at twentysomethings so this is not good and i was like staining ah i was doing the tonight show when tim was there to plug that movie and i was standing tim's dress you're talking walk in cars when j. walked and like tim's like eh you see the movie and james i did see them started with a joke he got into it started with this start i wanna i wanna like crawl through the heating duct and out right now but it was i would have been funnier to go hey buddy all i ask is if you saw the move here it was a j. j. throwing a couple like good stuff gets that but it was pretty clear to me that he wasn't a fan and and i think the internet is now spoken iran tomatoes so i do know what it's like when j isn't a fan yeah and he loved shelby american and he was really complementary and he was explained he's a really good filmmaker now mak- which i thought yeah so such a nice it was nice and then also he he's pretty up to speed on the shelby story and he said that he he liked watching it and learning things he didn't know yet yeah you know it's there's always something special on it you know so i mean new of course i everything was great except for no chick-fil-a for j. or any of his crew because we just screwed the pooch and he did not listen man i gave them my nugget get your nuggets thank god max pat la- in the eleventh hour throwing the thirty peace now get yeah which seemed to take the edge off jay but no burgers from humor crew there was an email didn't afforded to cave never did have the conversation nation there's many there's many ways to sort of parse out the the blame but what i would say in general in general sort of circling back to gabe when he put the key fob on the tire and i ran it over and crushed it a simple communication simple hey here's where or what a simple see here's the problem it's sort of like i remember one time the only time the only time i've really really really been angry at mike august like the only time i've is really really pissed like i've been frustrated by mike august a few times been perturbed baffled mostly baffled at the only time i was just shit i was so pissed at him at the heathrow wpro airport that later on when he announced that he lost his expensive jacket or left it on the plane or fell off his luggage luggage i said good that's how angry i am the only time i wanted to really choke him is when we landed at heathrow airport now what what happened was blesses you can't get through customs like where where's your itinerary had a and mike unbeknownst to me had collected i i put it in his backpack and had it and he just took it and so that the customs agency was the agent was saying where is your itinerary where's your paperwork whereas wearing is turning my backpack inside your in line customer a separate line or already i don't i don't know where it is and i'm pick maybe i left it on the plane maybe i left it you know it's a twelve hour flight have a few drinks you fall asleep maybe put it in the seat in front of me in the back where the guide goes or whatever and he has the line was building up and that guys like i'm not letting you come through you know and i was there for a half hour and is big line and at a certain point i like waved mike over and i was like i lost my itinerary i can't get through security i have to do a show that night by the way looked that day it's like five thirty afternoon i'm like i can't get through i lost my tenor i guess i left it on the plane and mike goes oh i have it and i said we're why do you have and he's like you fell asleep and i put it in my backpack and i was like why didn't you give it jemaine go why didn't you ask for it or say something and he goes i go i didn't know you had it and he goes i didn't know you didn't go well how would i know you had it i don't oh no how would you know still baffling like oh always why don't you you took it like you took it and put it in your backpack fine fine this is what happened to your sunglasses with nate he took them from where you let them he took it and put it on an upper black shelf in the back of his office where no you'd be sure not to find it and it's like i was keeping it for you you were because i never stayed you searched the fucking warehouse three time so my aunt had everybody but date because it wasn't in the office out of town mike kept saying to me i kept saying why didn't you give me my chinnery he he kept saying why didn't you ask court and i kept screaming i didn't know you had that's why i didn't ask you and he's like how do i know what you know i love that one fucking idiot so i didn't know the key fob was on the tire her because lynette said it was in the couple there and i didn't know we'd ordered nothing for jay leno or his group but i'll tell you who did know we ordered nothing thing for jay leno and his group game gave so gave could've said i don't know if you're planning on bringing nothing but i do know there's we have nothing on this order order for jay jay leno or or his possible crew now people kept saying to me why didn't you bring it up or why didn't you give the less because i in my world whether it's gaber mike august you would immediately say something to me for just leaving to jay leno shopping we have nothing for jay leno right and if you in fact had my travel itinerary that i needed to get through security you would surely bring it up to me when we're walking walking off the plane not asked me how do i know what you know do you know what i'm saying yeah or even a confirmation heading out the door dr here's the chick-fil-a here's the address i ordered three sandwiches and two things and nuggets we would've went doesn't sound like enough breath so anyway yeah it was the controversy but the moral of the story is i guess don't fall asleep on a transcontinental flight fly with your itinerary out yeah and if you're going to jay leno's get a list check it twice check that box and go ahead an idiot proof everything because ultimately you shall be the one who's either standing in customs or standing at jay leno's kitchen going jagan gone sandwich about you and mike artists were already two bites into the only two sandwiches in there going well i don't know what to do now al already into this savage i'm like well here's grilled nuggets and then here's the thirty peace and and for some reason the bag was full of fries i don't know how we got like six orders of fries is a no sandwiches because the bag was big and it was huge it was heavy it felt like it had nine sandwiches in it everybody got a lot of fries is there was fries leftover nobody really wanted i think there were sort of a throw in some extra fries you didn't order i didn't order fries i just said i wanna plane grilled nuggets but because you saw the back when i got in the car the bag was overflowing out of the top and i asked him because you guys said i don't go to chick-fil-a guys you've got to ask for the sauces so it was like gimme emme the sauces the guy said what kind gimme everything yes i don't know we got to look at the picture of the receipt maximum try to figure out how many fries reorders yeah it's a little felt like it was it was a big bag of stuff right because you couldn't you could barely hold the handles at the top and in this assay throughout the night jay brought it up three times throughout the night beginning middle and end yeah at his guy is just like it's okay it's okay i'm going to go home and he didn't with my wife anyway we're like well the the movies two hours long and he's like oh well she she might she might be up she might be waiting i'm seeing you guys got to spicy sandwiches three spicy chicken sandwiches for adam august august innate one grill nugget for matt one nugget one thirty piece nugget and four four large fries for large and i guess the four large was that's an extra because i didn't order fry and matter of fact i even said i want plain grind you're on the carb diet yeah now that's kind of an extra bag of fries on their gee maybe the fries came with a thirty piece nugget that that was the extra seems weird i feel like the thirty the bucket of thirty nuggets zala car that feels allah cardi jimmy who knows all right well to adam you called called me that night saying very rarely are you utterly humiliated this is embarrassed case those embarrassed and matt i'm sure you're embarrassed nate to it mike august you've you've mentioned he has zero nerve endings no he was fine he never brought it up again even in the car it was a non issue he was fine he was full to that was nice enjoyed a sandwich so the the j. loved the movie enough fries and nuggets thank god mex- pat attack ah topped off the thirty bucks now gets and that's what j oh by the way for the future j. sandwich is the plane not the spicy okay yeah noted incur sent him gift certificate you said of a gift card you said if a chick-fil-a gift card yeah hundred bucks i guarantee he will use every cent of that card has certainly early him and his crew gordon murray's got the t fifty hyper car and that's the one i see on bruce canopus list ah website you i don't know what those two together yeah so i talked to bruce about multiple cars there's been an image released of the t v fifth there is yeah and it's just this kind of rear shot and the reason why is he said a couple of things about this gordon murray because gordon murray sorry is the the guy from the clarita the mclaren f one and racing four and oh the fucking gift certificate the leno leno bought his mclaren f one six fifty seven twenty five thousand coming in thirteen million dollars or thirteen to seventeen like depends on what trim you got but i mean that car from i'm the mid nineties that jay paid under million for is sixteen million dollars yeah a- ah two hundred dollars worth of chick-fil-a somebody go to the mailbox in front of jay's place and wait for the mail guy so so interesting about this car is going to be very very lightweight i think it's like three thousand pounds or less the second thing is a three seater you'll sit in the middle title again like at the two seats backwards a little bit and then back yeah kind of backwards yeah yeah back i'm sorry back yes kind of mhm hit your elbows against you know and i think it was f. one that tested i don't know if it was gordon murray's design but i believe it was was he wanted to use a fan to create downforce side skirts on the race cars that would almost like a hovercraft and when us fans and it never got approved for racing because they said well what if the fan fails fales or the side skirt breaks off then the drivers would lose downforce and become immediately dangerous but three-car world erased them i i wasn't it was probably tested i know it wasn't approved you are talking about a kind of canam car that's catholic is at a texas shadow not shadow faulk who made those sixties fan cars with the big wing on the back and they they raise them in a couple of wasn't mclaren and wasn't shannon caporal shop shafran chaparrals yeah chaperone so your brain works show yeah chaparrals and they made a few of those fan cars and they weren't a few races yeah okay probably out loud i don't know if it was gordon murray design but his so what he's doing on history car he's saying there's a fan we're going to use it was a fan in the back there's vents through the car as you would imagine and then it's the when the fan works it sucks air from underneath the car and save fans through the car through the bottom yeah through the bottom autom the car through the size of the car but the fan here we're looking at a graphic of of the arrow when the fan is on it can create downforce by pumping all all that air out the back of the car the fan can also be used for cooling benefits and what we've seen conventionally is we use wings things to create downforce but wings caused drag he saying i can create downforce and eliminate drag so i can go for a high top speed and create downforce when needed and the car with computers and stuff and all the technology we have now can determine when you need it and what you need very interesting tristan so it's it's kinda cool i think the car is going to be like two point six million bombs i don't know there's twenty of them are fifty of one hundred road cars is it eight hundred road card one hundred twenty five track cars and so it's an interesting design and so he released the this one photo what what also found was interesting was the engine i believe is a four leader chris verify i wanna say four liter v twelve alvi from cosworth that's gonna spend at least ten thousand rpm maybe it's twelve lukasz it's worth so it's gonna be a four cam for later small pistons small displacement on for twelve cylinder ferrari you know famously had a lot of small displacement v twelve probably in the six hundred fifty horsepower range mhm you think it's a flat twelve v twelve that i don't know i think maybe just for size cosworth three point nine liter v twelve producing six hundred fifty horse power and reading to over twelve thousand RPM wow that thing's going to sound crazy and so you know mercedes AM g. he has their project one or whatever they're calling it and the engine and that is about one hundred RPM less but it's derived basically pulled right from their f f one engineering team they're putting it into a new AMD supercar so both of these cars are going to sound crazy f one cars there's nothing hi revving nothing better than naturally aspirated with lots of i mean i mean i i you know obviously car that red lines transit eight grand is high twelve whatever oh yeah insane yeah imagine putting six motorcycles than the line why talking to bernard about inside hand yeah he has a kawasaki or yamaha engine in there that does fourteen i think but that's one leader you know that's one leader four cylinders so this is obviously if it's twelve it'd be three leaders this is three point nine bigger bigger a little bit bigger i let me hit eight sleep aid sleep dot com every every podcasts as mattress adds thousands of them but only one uses technology and temperature to give you the deepest sleep the pod by eight sleep i bad to combine dynamic temperature regulation and sleep tracking research shows the link between sleep performance and temperature boy i didn't need need to research asthma entire child rolling on a porch with 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i read for the hundred cars that a lot of them are already spoken for i don't know how that works deposit wise or just a list or or you know some application application you have to fill out but i don't know that they're all gone so get your wallets of ready you had the kemp group will be the official importer for the new murray car and and be responsible for all aspects of customer service including sales repairs maintenance and warranty work sent him over chick-fil-a gift card and see if that's enough i mean i know yeah i would say i have a relation i mean just to get on the list as talking to him about the other way if we get off the list who want the gift card hardback about the GDP nissan he has over there is talking about and i think it was seventy four are SR porsche that had done a lot of winning in in europe over there the was like two who point four million in the GDP nissan one five very nine thousand nine hundred ninety in PT ninety very winning nissan nissan forgot that people nissan and toyota for that matter jag they had sort of GDP war in the early nineties late eighties early nineties and a lot of famous guys drove a lot of those cars famously fast yeah and that's a cool looking car except for the kind of weird looking norcal it's sort of this submarine periscope that's coming up on the side and it's it's a little interesting but it's a cool piece is a cool car and they haul ass and it's also a car that formerly eight sort of i would put it in the this is from nineteen ninety sort of reminiscent of my three hundred z x. clayton cunningham car yeah the ones that all have the turbo v six is in a mine has a infinity V8 eight in but formerly those cars were considered not vintage and kinda complicated and didn't really really have a place like in in a collection or vintage event they were just considered sort of technological cars that had i it's kind of funny because the old cars like if there was a mercedes mercedes goal wing with some race history like everyone got that car are understood it in that collection and the vintage world you know and if there was up sixty nine boss mustang that had a bunch of trans AM history like people understood that the kind of understood all the yuna bodied stuff and of course anything porsche whatever whatever and then they got into the tube frame stuff into the nineties GDP stuff and lots of turbos and lots of cooling lots of computers futre's and lots of fiberglass and people looked at that and went that's not a goal wing this is not this is not a vintage car this is a piece use of outdated technology right so those cars didn't seem like collector cars or vintage cars they seem like old technology it's sort of like what we did with the space shuttle's we retired it and you kind of look at it and you go it's not old and it's not new yeah and it worked pretty good at the time but we're kind of done with it yeah like yeah but how much would it cost go out and launch it you know like yeah i who's going to maintain that thing so that's where those cars were a few years ago yeah they're not there anymore somebody's decided these cars have a history and there are guys who are like i will go down to the track and i will bring that car and i will drive that car and now the rules are allowing that right these cars are getting old enough that you can start to do some vintage racing with them and then like tear point there was a time not too long ago where how many times did we see a stockcar some really cool nascar our stock cargo across the block at barrett jackson and not really pulling money and you're like oh why not it's a cool piece there's a lot of history there and i was like well what do you do with it right now there's there's more you see now that they're old enough you there is cool stuff you can do yeah so in the prices go through the roof now that's why they're on canopus with everybody everybody understands the seventy four are SR that's unibody that's vintage portion you know that's it's a cool looking piece i've probably had that guy in my race feel like that guy was in my race or a bunch of green porsches that looked exactly klay like it that have been in my race before but the new one as the GDP nissan and that kind of stuff and i am glad i got that cunningham cam car 'cause it's kind of the same difference yeah that car and the porsche up there that looks great i just posted a couple of pictures on on my i social media of your of neum in nine eleven asked your seventy four nine eleven s with with the big body work and stuff on it the big flares on it that's a bad ask and i don't remember if i recall posting many pictures but we've talked about it a few times so it was like hey by the way here's the the new newman porsche nude you new new collection over here yeah and i'm now very intent on driving because of had a lot of conversations with a lot of people about how satisfying those cars ars art drive and we've got a chance to kind of look through the book and look through the history and study the photos and figure out what's right on the car and what needs to be updated and now it's becoming very very interesting as a as a piece worth driving and it's pretty close to being ready like the sean is as we speak equals the other shop sort of putting the dash back to as it was i don't know there's certain parts of a car that for me me or important and in a vintage sense and dash is one of them yeah i don't like a modern dash in a vintage car or i like it as as it was and thankfully we have some pretty grainy black and white pictures of that car and that dad but and it got updated this year's war on but sean is putting it back to as it was it's funny you mentioned that because somebody guys my ass like how how do you do it how do you go back to where it was how do you know it that's it you grab some old photos and a magnifying glass and try to figure out what's going on and and that's the only shot you have doing it and the entire a apple computer porsche nine thirty five that you want to recreate it's just to a story board of photos of the car in various states of various races and pictures and and whatnot just to try to piece together as well yeah i'm just making note here because dave stone guy we do some racing with sent me sent me an email l. of punch it just old pictures on ebay and it was like paul newman's lounging around at lime rock or something and then one of them was it was a picture of the apple car like stuff just floating around out there and yeah all right do your business yeah i would tell you guys about geico you've got a to do list to maybe these days you're doing some holiday shopping and food and presence and things like that well here's the thing you can add your list list you can save hundreds of dollars on car insurance and you don't have to go to any stores you can just go to geico dot com and in fifteen minutes you could be saving fifteen percent or more more on car insurance so if you want some extra money in your pocket for that holiday shopping this is the most rewarding to do you can do today checkout geiko dot com so the new silverados out and tahoe tahoe there's a new silverado the twenty twenty one models or out they'll be available mid next year and it's kind of what you'd expect there's a face lift there's a nicer interior but the big change that's been coming for a while now is an independent independent rear suspension why they're catching up with the silver auto but the tahoe in the in the and the suburban or the SUV's that are are coming out with the and and three suspensions you basically a base coil spring suspension and you can get a magna ride suspension and you can get it with the air suspension as well which does some load leveling it it's good it looks cool because you can have a because you have the independent rear in the back now there's a lot more cargo space you don't need room for that live axle is there right now so there's no room for the third row and yeah so i'm trying to think of how the independent makes aches room versus the live rear axle right because the the center section of the rear end can be fixed it's hard rebounded the difference the differential doesn't need to go up and down an entire axel doesn't need to go up and down right you can mount the the ad the basically the differential you come out at a pie new chassis and you can use half shafts that may go down a little bit toward the suspension and the suspension on on control arms can can kinda swing up and down so most of the the movement if you if you imagine because the center section is we're looking at it yeah i just i never really thought about the virtues of the live versus the end up i always like independent dependent obviously 'cause it's two thousand and gatt damn twenty so twenty one i mean it's out next fire but but it always drive me like khuda guy yeah okay you like the leaf springs brakes and live rare access okay but my point is this i never thought of it in terms of space saving and now i do that's a big difference when the suspension goes up and down now it's all of the up and down as for the most part out at the wheel right right right awesome and i'll tell you i'm interiors a big upgrade on these two i i used to be very staunchly against most american products like i remember as is a thirteen year old maybe fourteen my best buddy chris bom mom just brought up bought like a brand new like seventy eight mustang brown or something like i remember being thirteen and i remember being thirteen gone to barbara why'd you come on girl you don't have money in hanging buying us and it's funny because his like his his his his sister had a like a chevy monza that they bought new like like in the dullest drums of the american car seventy seven seventy eight eight seventy nine there were buy a new chevy monzer new mustang yeah that'd be like and it was such a piece of shit you know and you know at that time you could have got a a VW rabbit that like had much more room and with much finer honored drive and it was about the same price point and the rabbit had been around for about four or five years by that point sort it out a few things interior looked a little euro grow and it's like i'm trying to think like i'm trying to be you know i'm trying to think there was a nissan dots and had a couple offerings toyota had a couple offerings offerings you know they weren't any great shakes but i was like why the mustang and of course it just was built like shed was falling apart and and i used to be like pretty much and then then it just went from i mean you have to understand my youth is like AMC matador chrysler cordova yeah it was like a junkie big boats and then and then the mustang stang and even the vet was junk back then and all the stupid pacers and just a novelty yankee american whatever late seventies what what do we have a transam transam but that had trouble getting out of its own way and then there was like and then then then lee iacocca coco car we're coming back america's back in cake are shed and then it gave way to like all that chrysler stuff that was shitting the convertibles lebaron convertible and so you have to understand from age eleven till like age thirty i was like it's all jumped to terrible timeframe and it's a terrible time for me it's worse time for america i was like everything everything that comes out of dearborn everything that's made in the united states is fucking chunk and so i was immediately zi qar datsun in many trucks you know five ten roads there's this whatever all the time toyota land cruiser toyota forerunner whatever whereas all like toyota nissan nissan toyota and also i used to get i didn't get i'd go to my mom's house and taker consumer reports magazine and i was like hey man i gotta buy used pickup truck and i got thirteen hundred bucks and and i can't afford to have that thing breakdown like i don't have any money and i'd be like twenty five and go through consumer reports and i'd look at the stars like like i think it was hey max pat save you can find consumer reports like small pickup trucks circa nineteen eighty eight eighty seven you know eighty eighty six or whatever and look at them and it was towed i'd always be on top it's like five read full dots you know and then underneath it'd be like nissan me like three full dots two circles you know you get down to like chevy lover ford whatever black circles at half filled in black circles aw couple of black circles other like black dots filled in so you weren't in for your precious rampage today don't you ever smerch the the good name of the shelby dodge i would drive it now ironically by the way shawn on knows a lot about cars that's his favorite pickup truck of course so that said the nissan truck the datsun trucks like many truck long bed yeah so i would like look at that stuff and go well i can't really afford a toyota the toyota trucks were another five hundred bucks you you know whatever ever was there a couple of bucks more like they were just a little more expensive five years older eight years old or whatever but the nissan is almost as reliable well and i can get it for eight hundred bucks cheaper and so i just sorta got these years was a manual oh yeah how everything was manual all the time how does a guy your size your height drive a regular standard cab manual datsun pickup truck i had a seventy nine the knees must be way out to the hitting the door and everything after everything everything was always manual and because a friend had one a little bit later version i had eighty four and eighty four nissan and and i had a seventy nine dots and they just had a bench seat with no head wrath and and it was if i had headrests i don't know if i could have drove the car arm and my head was against the rear window much and the whole bench just slide for ride back and i just pushed myself into that car you're i wasn't that comfortable and it wasn't very safe but i put a put a lumberjack on it at some point did add a leaf in the back and fucking drove that thing into the ground just drove that thing all over the place and and you know they never broke on me and they never bring never gave me a hard time and i'd be going up i'd be going up laurel canyon ten sheets apply what on that rack man fucking bumper dragon get in the back after drop it and only really worked later on it broke later on it came off and ripped the tire up when i was on the four or five but it's a story story for another day but i'd have to drop that thing in the second earn pegged you know fucking go yeah it's just like kept going like i pile it would be a line of cars behind you oh i'd be like i it was like the grinches sled i'd pile up man and i would always work they don't always work and so i never was down with any american anything i was like this stuff salt junk i remember from my childhood and still true today day and i've turned the corner mean they've coming out a lot of good product now they've come around and by the way this wasn't me this was is them they were just coming out with bad product and it wasn't it was an inferior product and now they're back and it's good it's more competition and more more no pictures of consumer reports best we hear of you by by the whole year of magazines on ebay for thirty bucks but nobody that's funny consumer reports does that plus wasn't anything online back then even their website now you have to no one shoots a picture of a page from the like the used truck page and just posted or anything can't can't say that was a very popular cert- that's wrong with this country the eighty-eight mini truck consumer reports are you guys looking at porn what consumers behind a paywall to jesus i'm confused by the internet because this was ubiquitous estimate like they would they would rate toaster ovens they would rate cars rate blenders and my mom would look at all now not that my mom ever purchased a new new version of any it but she was at the any of it but if she was at the yard sale saw the blender that did well and the consumer reports she would then get that blinders lender she wouldn't go that's a good blunder and keep probably after cap and a few blender under eight dollars everything my mom bought ought was at a yard sale everything everything in my house was was used every plate every mug every glass every every fork every rug sofas were taken from the curb your entire place with bernard with pocket change i didn't even ma a lot of stuff was just shit from the alley that my mom shoved a sheet in after she dusted it off and like brought it in like lada bedbugs my mom didn't even have my mom didn't have a bed for my mom actress my mom had on a plank floor slept on the floor on a mattress on the floor which dip dad slept on a weird sofa bed thing that kinda had to weird pillow and you throw the pillow off and then it turned into like a bed on castors wasn't a bed oh i never thought about this my sister my sister's room is so small that my my grandpa built or like a loft and they put a mattress on their four human beings oh my dad had four humans in a house yeah no box springs now oh for box drinks do you know that there are no box springs my mom slept on the floor and a mattress chris i slept on a mattress where cotton mattress thing like on a service porch my sister slept up on a weird loft of the mattress on it my stepdad slept in in his room on us on a couch converted couch ended up pull out bed but just like a couch we through the big pillow off late on top of it no no box brings the boxspring expert how they get yeah you know how many stick it to the band and at a three adult families living in the san fernando valley grandparents father mother all living in separate free standing dwellings in the san fernando valley zero garages zero driers clothes dry one washing machine anything in in the modern era in the modern era and you slept like upright in a wardrobe like vampire like where did you get everybody i opened the doors in their sleep i slept on august stealing your shit i slept on his service porch with they water heater in my room and washing machine dryer and the meter so that the meter man and would come into my room and read the service meter the electric meter from inside kinda cancer is that thing giving you i don't know meter ida watch worried about the cell phone followed with a meter next to their head there's a reason why they put those things outside it was outside we brought the outside inside by putting a a two by four roof yeah with no insulation and no drive all just a two by four roof with with with with god what was it roofing rolled roofing asphalt roofs paper that add a two by four roof with no installation no drywall just two by fours and a piece of plywood up there wasn't plywood it's like one by eight or something and then rolled asphalt a rolled asphalt roof you see my room my room is a shed that's in the back stuck in the back of the house that's where you put a rake not a person that's right it was it was a lawnmower i slept in the shed that was attached to the back of the house and that's why so you're saying you had your own room i'm amount room i had a meter in it because it used to be outside the house built a shed around it wasn't permited or anything because i would have never let you build old the fucking meter into the fucking house when you got a motorcycle did you park it ended or with you i got a motorcycle rally later later on when i moved out of that house yeah then i then i lived in life living in the garage fire me another shot shed i'm gonna get depressed asked by the way was fixed up obviously obviously these sweet then you'd probably out by reading it to somebody else that room airbnb that ramos like seven foot by nine foot but the first three feet were used up by closet where washing machine and the in the meter and the cast the water heater was you that gel that room whatever was outside ride that was the temperature inside that room there was no insulation there was no anything there was no heat there is no duck for heating or anything there wasn't any there wasn't any heat would if you put the washing machine on now if you look at this picture will throw it up on where we thrown it up car cash show dot com do that i if you look up you'll see two by four ceiling joyce yeah as a blue if you look out you'll see a big door that's where the meter guy would come in if you look through the left you'll see closet doors that's where the old washing machine and heat water heater was and then the rest of the room which is now been filled up with some shelves and some other equipment and books and junk like that the rest of the room was my room this was my room what's to the right of the door i slept to the right of the door i had to foot yeah two of of bed no no box spring he had a working lightbulb about a plane lightbulb on the ceiling and i forgot there was no heat there's no air but there's no heat 'cause there's no ducting because it was on a slab with a thing over it was outside yeah so the temperature outside was the temperature mature inside the hot day be hot cold day because yeah awesome okay awesome well done yeah i don't now sean discussed my white privilege for it here the points been made castrol edge everybody he friction viscosity breakdown an all the enemy of your engine that's why we got castrol edge engineered with fluid titanium technology physically transforms it'd be stronger under under pressure helps fight friction deliver maximum levels of performance for your car three times four times wrong against viscosity breakdown and leading full synthetics it is the edge it is castrol edge oxnard levity live tonight and tomorrow as well december thirteenth and fourteenth so come on out and say hi milwaukee pabst theater january twenty four th and chicago argo park west and it'll be january twenty fifth and shelby american man go get that blu ray lot extra on that blu ray go to chassis c. h. h. a. s. s. y. dot com yes i'll also add the posters for the twenty four hour war shelby are available at chassis dot com as well those are great little gift look look fantastic i've been signing them they've been selling it's been real kinda cool so get a poster for someone you love give it a nice thumbs up on net flicks and twenty four hour wars well and check out our newsletter sign up at adam corolla dot com and matt what do you got shifting shifting steer and and follow me at motivator parked car and no safe-space is still dot com and a theater near us very good film check that out very proud of that telmex i'm adam corolla for math motor andrea saying keep the air in the spare bag the wheel for the latest updates and call in times follow the show on facebook twitter and instagram at car cast show if you'd like to ride in fill out the form on comcast show dot com and don't forget to give us a 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