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Trader Joes Grand Reserve Napa Chardonnay


Fighter Dot Com again and we have a trader Joe's wind today they didn't have a fareless flyer for a couple of months because of all the virus things going on but they have one now they have new wines for May and let me grab the bottle because this one's one of those grand reserve lines I always think are fun and this is the trader Joe's Gran Reserve Chardonnay Napa Valley La Twenty eighteen lot eighty five which is a nice long long title For what is a pretty good wine and up. I like the trader Joe's grain reserves even the petite reserves and all those types of things because they can get some pretty decent wines at a pretty good cost other the ferals flyer says the this is comparable to wines twice the price. This is twelve ninety nine Sarah looking at twenty five dollars for Napa Valley Chardonnay. And that's not crazy because any kind of winery. Why not a Napa Valley is going to be at least twenty five dollars now? You can get brand winds bessie for White Wines. And you know out of there for For cheaper for brand but from a winery you're going to pay the premium and they said in the Faroes flare gin and they don't give a lot of information nine nine take sip because I haven't had one in a while and it's it's a good wine. They said this is from one. Their longtime a NAPA winery partners. So this isn't according to them so winery. Sometimes you can get These wines from a company that just makes wines for whoever wants them. If you have the money you can call them up and say I want a Shannon Blanca. That's an ochre six months from this place and they will say okay. How many want one barrel two barrels and you if you want to pay the price? They'll make you wine in places like all these trader Joe's Costco even your local grocery chain. They all buy wine from these places. And then there's other types were a actual winery usually as leftover wine especially in the lower end where they make a lot of wine. You know they have. They have high end wines where they only make nine hundred cases or something and those hopefully always sell out for them but the Lauren. They should have some leftover. And that's what this one seems to be non guessing the trader. Joe's has gotten pretty good at hiding. Who makes their winds from over the years? I remember back in the early days of the cheap wine fighter dot com. I would look at the back. Label in Type it into Google search and what their role Whatever they said about the wine their description the wind would come up. Whoever made the wine they just they would cut and paste from somebody else go. That's who made the wine. They don't do that anymore in this one. says behind the scene wine company at a NAPA and they've been making wines for trader Joe's for about ten years at least You know without adding it up. So that's what's going on there so this is A winery that from NAPA. That made a twenty six dollar Chardonnay. You know somewhere along the line. Maybe maybe they sold somebody who then salute a trader Joe's Summary on the line. That's my bets. My guess in on like I said. I don't know what's happening on it but it seems to be you know a Nampa Chardonnay in the twenty s Going to because it's pretty good. It's not it's it's got Malo Lactic it's got. Oh and Scott all those creamy things going on but I don't think it's over the top. It depends if you like a shark. Now you're probably not gonNA like this before like flavor and maybe a little weight on the pal this going to be a good one tons of flavor. It's got apricots pineapples and lemons and and beaches and bears my and yet it's got cream. That's got the crumble. Lay thing going on. It's got flavor to get sweet. Flavors has got a little bit of sour flavors has got some sharper flavors. This is a pretty Nice Little Chardonnay for twelve ninety nine and though I suspect that at some point it was supposed to be much more expensive. You never know you know it could be the most predestine you know. A wine ever made in the neo but from NAPA. There's a good chance and they said it's a winery. They said it should be twenty six dollars. You know I kind of believe him at this point and tastes like it too. I mean the proof is in the pudding has a seems like it has some decent oak flair being taught by the color and the there's a darker yellow to it. It has some pass. Some oak influence going on it. Has the male lactic. The rounded fruited has the on lease whereas got a creamy thing going on there has been some production techniques with this wine. That's the between a twenty dollar wine and attend Wine Twain. Our wine does more processes which takes a little bit longer. It's twenty eighteen doesn't take forever To have the wind come together and bounce out or maybe a nine ten twelve. Thirteen dollars one. I guess Is going to come together? A little sooner can be sold quicker and trader. Joe's console the line quicker because these contract wines put her own name on it. They're they buy paid upfront. They buy whatever amount there is. They pay up front No advertising that all adds up and so you get a better price and I always think when every time you get one of these trader even the even six dollars or wines by 'em take the chance I I noticed that there was like a Napa Valley one that was twenty bucks wild back which I didn't go for because you know I can think of some really good a NAPA wines. Don't cost that much more than twenty dollars and here. You're taking a chance on a wine that You know you don't know made it. But when twelve dollars it's nine dollars. It's not that expensive. Heck you know it. Would you got to lose. Least you try to wine that you're you wouldn't buy an store you know. I think that's a pretty good deal. That's what I like about. The plus. You know bu whole since they don't give any make the line my whole review. What I'm talking about the wine just me with a flight of fancy trying to figure out who made it in Wi- and you know it's all nonsense. I made it up basically. But you know it's it's it's a guesstimate probably more than anything so there you go Don't have too much else to say. The prices Ryan's it's Napa style There isn't any really inexpensive vineyards in I mean The grapes are going to cost money from NAPA. And another thing. I just want to touch on just briefly. I just been reading that. There is a Cabernet Salvi on glut and NAPA. They have way too much. You'RE GONNA be seeing places like all the trader Joe's Cosco and any these Napa wines from these one off brands are GONNA last year it to disappear because there are people that can buy quality grapes at a inexpensive price and also castellane brands which was a huge Wine Spirits Company. So they're more value wines off to Gallo Who didn't actually need the entire lines of all the wives they bought. Which means is going to be like? There's winds that are redundant in the gala portfolio. They don't really need that. So they're going to move somewhere they have because there's always several vintages with these winds out there so be looking in the next year or so bargains out there. Wine like wine labels like these trader Joe Grand Reserves that just kind of show up because there's winds available out there. There's things happening. There's a there's people selling off good wines There's glutz lacob Rene. There's these brands that Castellazzi sold a gallon. Gallon need every single wine. So they're going to start getting rid of it if you start seen odd wines at you haven't seen before Winds it seem cheaper than they should be. Go for. That's happening. It's kind of one of the fun things about wind. Guess wrong and it's underpriced and it's not your favorite wine male big deal. You know what? It's not that bad you you drink it anyway go. Hopefully the next one's better so there you go Hopefully everybody's feeling why Well not too tired of the of keeping Secluded in wearing masks and starting to get out a little bit Don't know what's going on out there here. Everything bus things should open up before too long and get better but I think restaurants and everything else and summer gatherings are all going to be kind of weird this year so keep drinking get online. Have some fun and I'll talk to you later And this is the trader Joe's Grand Reserve a Chardonnay Napa Valley twenty eighteen lot eighty-five and this is cheap. Wine FIGHTER DOT com. I'm Dave check us out and keep it cheap and I'll be talking to later audio's by.

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