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Star Fox 64 - GMMF 32


<music> everybody walking episode thirty two of gave my mom bone. I mike alberton and who are the pilots with me tonight. Slippy stephan gado j._d. and our special guests. I guess that makes me the what's the falco kendall. You guys become gonna have to sit this one out. I heard that along the way too yeah i'm kendall and that kendall where people know you from listening to the show i was was on an episode or would we talked about goldeneye so my mom found shaking but <music>. I'm also yeah. I've also i also do other podcasts on the kendall casts network. <hes> kendall casts dot ninja stuff. Yes i wish i guess start word on a bunch of his episode of detective tickets you episode good t- yeah go check that out cast and before we get far. You're want to give a quick shout. Another podcast called zack and dean machines podcast for geeks of all background whether consumed by common script by game. You're burning for beers ears taking in their pockets. It's pretty funny definitely got some. You need something else. Pass that time and i think i'm going to introduce a title that we're gonna be talking about this week unfortunately <music> but this was originally wanna d._j.'s picks that was star fox assault but then i changed it to another star fox game. We went with star fox sixty four. It's a classic. It's classic that as a kid. I could never get anywhere because i suck at these type of games well i so. I never never really played later. This kid i try. I even had strategy guide for him. I could never get very far off those couple. Life's just with stephan you play this back in the day <hes> yeah i actually got surprised <hes> with a gift for this because usually on easter we just go get eggs with like dollar bills in because that's my family and they just gave us a basket narrow was just sitting. There star fox's four like oh leash nap. I wouldn't have been cheapie knockoff cheap when this came out back in nineteen ninety seven so where they like seventy any bucks or something golden. I eighty ninety beckmann <hes> insane better well. It's been sixty now. How as a starting price for a long time. It's like sixty base now. Standard like the dance game any game basis sixty and then almost every game. We'll have a hundred other fucking collector's editions and special editions is that you don't need a lot of people. I mean the only make such a limited amount on anyway like if you're going to buy a game like susan comes out like if i buy a game that day it comes out it usually means. It's a game that that i really want erv like really care about and so i'm just gonna go on the collector's edition. I'm gonna go ahead and regret not having stuff. I'm actually the opposite. If i buy a game day. It comes out chances are i will never play it or because because it means if i because if i bought it the day it came out that means that i was completely just wrapped up in the hype and not the actual contents of the game because nobody do conscious the game and i also i'll add. I'm like super pro d._l._c. and stuff because most of the time. I only get halfway through video games anyway so so if you know if if you're like yeah you can pay thirty dollars to get the last third of the game. I'm like save thirty dollars because i wasn't going to get to the last third the game anyway. This is an interesting yeah. That's that actually brings up an important thing that if star fox sixty four it was released today all those other planets in this game would probably be d._l._c. out. No they'd be they'd be seasonal updates but you have to have the season pass tastic them so it wouldn't be d._l._c. but you'd be spending money for part of the game that came out later but it's not say microturbine engines ship colors. I decided isn't isn't there literally game that made star fox the deal sea of the game battle for atlas starlink. That'll are in the name and it comes with an r. Come with a little model are wing zero to now the only reason i wanted but i don't have a switch on the parts of the ship even connected. It's all the other parts of the ship are this o'donnell was granted. This game held up really well visually yeah i actually i actually sixty four is always like a weird era to go. Oh back to because it's that i like three d. era of games for i like real three year. Stay and some stuff just looks like garbage bridge some stuff kind of it kind of works with it like all much zelda czar fox even like some old mario's look brand. Zoe <music> certainly has like a style that i think it's actually no the graphics did look like i did enjoy visiting looking at this game. I still thought it looked oh cool. I mean confession compared to the super. Nintendo version looks wonderful still if this had been a position one game world like garbage the playstation one game as as as as well no well akron world still looked kind of cleaning. We played that crash team. Racing looks pretty pretty good but it's a like it's a super late installment. I think playstation is one of the systems that like they kind of it got better over the course of its life span. There's there's something about like adding polyolefins or it's like if you have the minimum amount polygons. That looks good. They have the maximum amount of pythons. It looks good but if you if you like two thirds of the way it looks like shit term for that. It's called the uncanny valley that kind of makes sense well. No wouldn't it be when it beat the stuff. That looks like the best would be the most irving new tomb raider would be unerring. 'cause it looks so human so that's okay specifically as specifically when you talk about the uncanny valley. It's like it's like stuff just when you're talking about like a._i. And how human stuff looks you're right that like the more looks human but it doesn't look human but i guess but the thing i guess where i was the way that i was using the metaphor was like there's a there's a cut off point somewhere you know just like just just like eight bit looks really good but you know somewhere in between there somewhere between eight bit and what we have now looks like garbage. You know the the very basic. That's what i liked about this was it was like elegantly designed using four polygons yeah <hes> it's me most of his game. Somehow always hold up at all games all the time now talk about this games it. It still looks good. I mean even though i don't like the game play of star fox that much it's still plays you know i'm time like you're still on rail. Shooter still holds up well. You still fun to play if you're if you know what you're doing pretty good for him and sixty ivar that controller is like the further away we get from the sixty four to one of the hardest to go back to that like it's painful. The more like you forget it over time you start like repressing memories of that awful controller you go back and he hands to shake. I think i was playing on a on a u._s._b. And sixty four controller because i need say states should this game. I would've never made otherwise but i thought it i still controller still just just hurts me. 'em play just fine i was but i don't like it couple times. I think i confused how to do things like buttons. Do what again yeah. I've got that i've got that the thing i kick started for. I forget what it's called but there was a a retro fighters end sixty four controller that i i use it for golden is while that <hes> <hes> that makes it makes playing and sixty four games a lot nicer. Although i did end up meaning save states and i would encourage this game is actually like i think it's like good with save states like it's like the really the only issue that i had was that you get to live like if you had gotten five lives and then like gotten an extra life at the end of every level like if there were just more generous with the lives. I don't even think i would need save states. Yeah instill can get extra life through levels. How if you get a high enough. Kill count or hit your something right but it's like but it's hardly as when i was playing through it with you know with save states so theoretically never dying. I got an extra life like every other level which is not enough like. Are we talking about star fox sixty four here because this is like i mean you could play this with your eyes closed this game all right. I'm sorry games online so you not. It's not that it's it's it's hard. It's just that like i was trying to play it and i was trying to beat the entire game in two days <hes> and <hes> <hes> i mean that's the other thing is if i was if it was nineteen ninety-seven and this was the only game that i owned and i was blown away by the graphics i would've been happy you know playing through the first two levels over and over again until i got through the third level and then over and over again until i got to the fourth level you know i was just trying to power through it. I just think that it it actually like it. Holds up as a modern like the difficulty is is such that it holds up as like modern game if if it has save states it had or if it was more generous with the lives matter error where every game was like in arcade game that you had in your house like correct correct. That's how the game was reviewed back in back in the ancient days of nineteen ninety seven or ninety three because this is a remake of the original star star fox really that's why they never really star fox two yeah it's yet or it's not a remake of star fox but the same basic premise so it's like a rail shooter that you find in a arcade that you could just play at home so realistically you just like going out again and again and again for like over the course sources couple months and said you could be without dying but like the different says you know we live in the world. We live in the world of of of a free to play arcades aids. I don't know how many how many free to play arcades around you guys but others there's several of them and they serve alcohol and it's awesome near me on on your mind play through you know everything david busters play through the x. men arcade game which is like universally loved but it's free to play mode and you're just brute forcing your way through it like that's the game like it sort of reveals the weaknesses to the game play and i feel like this game having played through it with with save states and stuff like it actually revealed how strong the game play was is because i didn't actually end up like it was just like these little spots where i'd have to reload my save a bunch of times most of the time i actually did kind of cruise through it with minimal difficulty with with reasonable difficulty. It's not it's not like training training wheels like easy. I mean there's some like bosses are not easy all admit to that but bounce of throwing a shitload of mike nobody minions at you before eight big boss by it with an actual character do a lot of dodging ole. Oh you will bear little my only complaint is that the the about the boss battles like it was very awkward to tell like like when my ship go close versus far like back and forth and then like a one point mike gun at places like i don't know i feel like would've been better if i was chasing the boss or if he was chasing me or even like you you like the trench. The death star trench run after the boss. Oh my gosh when we get to talk about that. I got a story about that guy before we go for one thing. We should say that we haven't mentioned yet what we did mentioned ariza map this game actually it has different paths depending on how you play. If you play a level a certain way or destroy a certain thing you can unlock a harder path versus an easier path. I thought easier path of course i didn't yeah i didn't unlock anything yet to say. This game is just a real shooter would be significantly under selling. There's there's a lot going on. There's three different ways to. I think there's three different pass to get to the final planet which venom which is also something. That's really cool but a game at this this time which i mean this game if you're good ad can take an hour two hours to play through it. I want to say if not less hours but you're also you're the only one onscreen like it's funny. We we probably should have put this in place of like ace combat because this is so much of an east coast but like this game has like the wingmen system where you like you've got peppy falco and slippy like fly around the screen as well and you've got to you've gotta help them out like no have enemies jason yeah yeah how come i i always had to help them out and they never once helped me. Is your thoughts fucking clouds an towed the level where you have to destroy the the core every time i turned around three of the bosses we're following me and yet still all of my wingmen got destroyed in that level. They are not. I don't think the very good when they die. They're out for an entire mission so yeah which is annoying which yeah yeah which makes things easier. I guess because you're not having to freaking out console. It's almost more like when they're alive. They're more of like an escort mission type thing yeah. They don't provide any assistance well and like in the first the first two levels when i was playing it. They'd be like help l. I've just got destroyed. Actually where'd you provide. Some assessments very minor like sloppy will give you like the bosses h._p. Debare on the side of your screen after a while oh yes scamming shields but he does not even one of these dead yeah the big ship the great fox falco stop helping you after they they die <hes> <hes> but peppy is just annoying to me like his advisors always really obvious or shitty where he's like. Don't get shot their tax and it's like shape tapie like just like your father yeah. Everybody's obsessed with my dad. I will take you got damaged the first thing you would hear the apocalypse started just awful. They're coming yeah. I didn't mind peppy as much as i as skippy skippy and then i just realized i just put two and two together in <hes> in that level where you have to destroy the core skippy got destroyed like said that she was leaving like like way early on like embarrassingly. I didn't realize i was supposed to destroy the core in that level so is on that level for a long time and <hes> <hes> and she was just flying around and i'm like why is she still flying around and it's because of the story reason is that she crashes after that i think or something is actually ed guy. Oh yeah i yeah that's the thing fast it's like shut. The hell up said the most like i mean he has been considered a he is considered one of the most annoying video game. Pick says not me saying that just like general general knowledge a lot of people put him on most annoying here. Here's lists the consensus just annoying and me fox going down like seeing behind the fucking stick cured. Stop talk. Anybody even played this in first person at all. I did a couple times just because there were a couple of parts needed to help me scituate where i was at. Oh ooh that's kinda like rogue squadron every once in a while you just wanna flip it over and try it out but then you never really stay in it. It's not like the best way to play. He goes back and forth between is the same thing star wars battlefront does where like first person in the ships is really cool. Will you realized very quickly that you need to see what's going on around you. I also have always easier and any game unless you're inside a building versus. It's always easier. Most of the time i was in first person was when i was trying to do like a barrel roll or a flip or something thing and i went through and i pushed the wrong button okay so he's talking about this real quick. It's it's actually not a barrel. It's an ailment role taylor a._l. Leon role they call it a barrel but they are wrong but this is is it. This is a this is star fox language. It's not real world. She has is true piloting our aircraft in in the in the in the the air force yeah every predator drone has a fox duct tape to the airport. That's why they cost money to catch a fox time and train them pilot on ashes. Send a team to rescue the fox snake to go rescue the snake fox or it shouldn't have been but it made me laugh. It was a <hes> star. Fox does have a connection with metal gear national. There's well yeah that too. But where are we going with us. In there and smash brothers sl- slipped shows up in he's just been malian background right but in brawl we're all like he in snake will talk about the shadow moses incident. Oh i just realized crap. I was gonna make a joke at the beginning of the podcast and i forgot to you can make it now. I can edit it in the beginning. I won't say i was gonna therrien that it was so weird that they just used super smash brothers music in this in this video game and it's kind had a funny yeah but apparently locally owned my gosh mesler level. I mean come on yeah. It's your own ideas star fox. That was also one of my ice. Thank you bringing that up. That was one of my first introductions. Star fox was sixty four but i never never played the superintendent game. I knew of this game but i kind of stayed away from it because i i suck at these type of games well i it. Will it really was. That's what pulled with me in the district of my main back in the day. It's match those people yeah. You seem like you seem like their main. I can't talk if i play smashed the only i can play his hit. Just as the only way i can not die just played. I never touched the ground. I'm that asshole man. You played in the original. Smash brothers does a crazy. Oh one thing we had mentioned the japanese. These version is others is different game since you have you have your team which is dr faulk slippy falco. Oh wolf team yeah. That's right. I forgot also i couldn't and happy and the wolf team which is wolf star wath pig mma don addresses nephew. I think couldn't be a santa's nephew. It's <hes> wolf o'donnell pig medine gar which is a star wars joe. I'd never had at before then. God is the bounty hunters honors young guys wrapped up in toilet paper. Yes has in my den gar with blaster car ryan and in my is in my star wars card deck that i'm going to be playing out in continentals next. I love them. Guys weird history style whereas like a weird cult following despite just not really having any strain time not saying anything and just being guy wrapped up in toilet paper. I mean he's cool. His tells the bounty hunters story was was was pretty very good. It was top three his jokes in the <hes>. The robot chicken star wars specials are easily my favorite star wars jokes. They may where he's like. He flies a giant toilet and he's like look. Everybody didn't what is the name of that chameleon guy that no one cares about lost okay. He's the one that's part of that. Little crew star. We'll <hes> bosc. Boss had the worst tail in the tales of the bounty hunters yeah no not boston. Bosc denver's cus for lomb i._g._a._d. Eight bubbles as my favorite jeannie s. zach komo the chameleon for the star wolf team. I know i know i'm on the fox and this is a great star wars where show where ship and crashes into a warehouse and is just filled with assassinations. Oh oh i need to watch that right so so the thing about star wolf and his team is this show. That's your the the thing about starwood. I did this show up you. You don't kill any of them or at least i didn't like you. You can lose the first time and then the second time you blow up the u blow up the core like they're not at all related to the objective and i spent like like forty five minutes trying to fight them on the one where you blow up the court and i was like i just hit this eight times. It's still at full health was going on here yeah. I i always had this weird idea that it would be really sad if somebody donated and sixty four like an orphanage and the kids were playing through that fight because those guys talk a lot of shit and one of them says like the fox badgen dad's not here to see a fail at-bat would be playing that game and having to hear that <music>. I killed three of the four in that level where it blows up the reactor. I couldn't kill the nephew. I never did kill i. I never did kill nephew by almost killed them then twelve. When did it goes back and forth between i was i was very confused by the time line because james fox's dad for some the reason the other fox games named james. There's fox in james hardie creative. That's like oh yeah. My dad's name is casey and my name is human human. Yes yeah james gets killed and then it's like a couple years later and fox's fox's grown up and it's like what it was supposed to be a kid what is going on here. I mean how many years to fox's live. That's point actually yeah dizzy. Did they grow up the agent dog years. I mean at first. I had thought that the original star fox was a story of his dad than ever played your tender until i found found out that no that's not how this works now still boss yeah i mean the first level on of the super nintendo game so that it would unlock the star fox two in in <hes> my s._n._e._s. classic but then i never played fox too from what i ever games or the games aren't cannon this one. I like to this game. Why does she think i didn't like this game because our conversation before oh because i was yeah well yeah that was that was what i was playing it. Okay this also goes back to you might not being survival horror fan 'cause they'll talk like like i imagine if you talked about any game or like fuck this game god dammit oh uh-huh and then later oh man it was really fun idol on fun pointing a game yeah yeah yeah there's a lot of that especially if mega man and resin evil yeah i think my game play experience with this would have been better if if when mike told me that i was going to be talking about this game in six months i had started ordered it before yesterday two days ago days ago because we're recording on sunday. I thought we were recording on saturday so i been through the whole thing on friday they night except for the final boss and then. I realized that we were recording on sunday. I mean that's you can well. You're meant to beat. This game doesn't have saving in between levels either. It's many played in one run and you'll one of the three pass at all lead to venom that planet will have different bosses news and different things happening like i'm right now looking at trine shots and i'm seeing levels that i'd never even i didn't go different paths right so he became and said fuck it. We're done so for example like the first level. I think it's karn area you yeah like right before you get to the end boss if you turn if you lean right there's a waterfall right there and you can just go through it and i don't take you to a secondary boss and then after that secondary boss you'll go down down at different diverging paths in the galaxy the that makes up the world map which which makes the game longer and difficult. I like that colline through a waterfall and that somehow leads to a different part of the galaxy like realistically still planet and then go to the next planet that at no point was you going all right. Well you defeated the waterfall. It's time to go better butterfly butterfly flaps lapses wings and you know it just completely changes your future. I immediately flew into waterfall because this is an old and sixty four game. There's always a secret behind the fucking waterfall. I also star wars star fighter and when you're on nabu there's a bunch of waterfalls you can fly into and and get better ships and stuff or upgrades to your ship so i was like yeah. This is the flying game. This is most games based off star wars. It's got the star wars mentality. There's somebody that wonderful dot above that. I don't even remember this. Waterfall is winter the whole first level beat. Why did you want to go easy path anyway. 'cause i suck a game like this like and i had to save state a plan in the first level. I had a couple of issues and i got the hang of it and i was okay but i mean it takes a second to get used to. It's not super slow like some of the flying in some the levels in berry from lake superfast the super slow plus. She also factor in the fact that <hes> some some of the levels don't you dare not even flying. You're in a tank or you're in a submarine. There's one submarine level which i didn't play because that's on the hard path by did see a the youtube video of a speed runner. Doing it looked annoying extra content. That's like the other paths and stuff is the multi player so bad multiplayer. Oh man they after signed yet but that's what most people spent most of their time on thought. Uh-huh this game was known for yeah. I don't know maybe it was like goldeneye and it was just kind of tossed in like multi-player but it's like what is the what is the multi player in this multi player. Is you have either point match time trials or battle royale <hes> which basically point match is you fly around in the stage and try to shoot each other for like forty five minutes and you get to three points and then time trial you have a limited amount of time which sounds like a good idea <hes> and the battle royale. I think just people just have one life which is also a good idea for all what life which by the way i'm good on my soapbox here for a second because everyone always says now that like pudgy and his game started the battle royale <music> gain movement fucking battle-weary modes around for ever like i've ever played halo halo and saying to one life multi-player with like going in with mike for people and that was that's battle. Royale started the battle royale thing next bucket. No it didn't always been a games in star fox even called it the the battle royale mode and actually i will say i will say that it's actually not that bad i i was. I was exaggerating. My only complaint is that there are only two stages. There's only there's a cordon cornelia or whatever the first planet is and then <hes> like venom or i forget if it's venom or one of the other later stages and it's really bad with two players because literally you're literally. Just it's one on one dogfighting. It's better it's better now that i've played through the campaign and i like kind of actually know how to do how to do a barrel roll or do a somersault or whatever i was able to. I was able to beat my wife so although although just barely because we kind of both crashed because i i got i kept running into buildings <hes> when i was shooting her but we both crashed but she crashed right before me so i one but it's it's just like they have all this all these extra all these extra maps that they've developed. I mean i think it was mostly just a the the two maps that they had were mostly just like existing maps from levels where you fly around. I mean you could easily have have just had the not the one with the planet the one with the core astronaut where we'll see how this game today all those mass would that would actually be. I thank you like the season pass to get the mavs. I don't know it just it just like because. I felt like i mean i. I didn't realize that there was a i mean i knew there was a campaign but like a meaningful campaign in this. I thought most of the game was the multi player because that's how when i was a small child the same jerk owned goldeneye and kicked all our butts would kick our butts at this and i think i presented it because the because it it wasn't as good as excellent versus tie fighter which is probably still true. Probably excellent type is a really good game. The multiplayer for this game was also always bizarre to me. As a i again i also had a friend that was a jerk that had this and i remember we had to do the in order to unlock you can unlock different vehicles or like. I guess you play as the arguing spacious. If you play through the story and get metals you can unlock different ways of playing multiplayer so you can play the wing spaceship or you could upgrade to the tank. The land master tank can also upgrade to just being on foot which is not how the progression is supposed to work spaceship to on foot with zucca is we're the put that in because nowhere else in this game but they multiplayer do you do that. You do not have this game at all and you have to unlock that. It's so bizarre to me. This was so for someone that doesn't like flight simulators or these type of games that i would love to see like star wars battlefront. Try that tattoo where everybody starts in our fighters and the more the more damage you do the more likely you are to be put on the ground on foot. Another thing star are fox. I mean that's the kind of more general but attends the these characters are always return the kirk leave us in this game. It was star fox team star wolf team. Just whatever the hell the sergeant is. They stay in photos andrew. I think andros always the villain. I think what's an engineer so it's not like yeah just like mario. One of you say that so forlorn part concept didn't come in my head as i start talking. I'm like oh yeah. I felt like an idiot now. The the bad guys are always the bad guys except until just recently <hes> the bag is the bad guys. Good guys are as the good guys and the bad guys millions will eventually join your team. That's like the rules of nintendo and like i mean they do like one thing. I think we kind of touched on a little bit like there. Were so many different bosses. This game which i thought was pretty cool and i know some of the boss fights were in. What's called all arrangement. We haven't mentioned yet all range mode where you have this big arena to fly around in and you can turn around. If you get to the edge of the arena the stay in it you can break slowdown or boost to shoot the guy who's going after alridge besides the first boss the couple. Were i know the generator fight that you hated so much sure the core fight. Though is that house the boss. It's the only was just sitting there in the middle. It's just a it's just a cylinder with. There's other arranged aren't there. I'm not crazy. Not in the i mean the the crappy not in the the i'm bad at this game mode easy mo maybe not. I personally like most of them. Were like that awkward like they're right in front of you and you can see it's kind of jammed ones would be are you can move to the left to the right up and you have the whole area to move around but you stay in front of the enemy and they something we'll jab at you with something or shoot at you yeah that was strange so he played the easy route mike so you didn't get the true ending. No i what it is but no i didn't get it at this game had two separate endings depending on what he played ez or i think there's also a medium robert. I don't know who the good guys won in my ending. What happened in your ending. It's the same it's it's just a slightly different yeah in the easy ending fox shows up and kills andros but andros like survives and is just like drifting in space in the hard mode you like fight andros and it turns out you fight him and it's like a second former. He's a the floating brain along with is is yeah. Your dad appears in his like yours. Get out of the planets john. You have your star wars moment. Yeah literally sours. It's just it's really like yours the g._p._s. use the map. You have a mapping it. Yeah i know that the fly through a tunnel nerve things trying to kill you or close on you or something right. It's escaping the death star. This game is so star hours where she did. The entire star wars star fighter. I like to the part in the in in star star wars where luke was driving down the death star trench and there was somebody in front of him and he didn't realize he was supposed to shoot that person so he just driving straight for like twenty minutes. Luke totally could have saved wedge. Luke wedged die because he was kind of annoying. I mean luke. Luke's does save wedge. Wedge edge survives else. I'm thinking of the other dude who's like her gins. There's something working for kids. Yeah these one of the dumbest parts in this game though that leaves emeals locks a level but it was so stupid if there's a boss you fight in space of course and and slipped people drive into the dumb ass boss and get hit by him if you don't do something and the nephew unlock get one the level because slippy crashes you have to little drive the landmass drink to go rescue. Oh no fox bet okay. Play that level so stupid. Yeah fucking crashes every time because slipped. He's a goddamn idiot fucks you. Just can't i never saw cat in this game. The purple cap yep <hes>. I'm looking at the screen star for sixty four with cat the purple cat in this game <hes>. I don't recall her. I don't either somebody out there talking about this. I'm not real. She wants pinball. I don't think so katmandu as a female feline acquaintance of falco lombardi having past history together as colleague pilots but it has ever been revealed with a used to save that they were both in the hot writers uh-huh. I'm reading the wake debates where she had like move armor. I she boob armor if she's walking star because i do you need armor and all of your starfighter your what shrapnel yeah but like in fox and falco and peppy slippy don't have armor. They were like normal close. The cat gets blue armor. If you've got shot get shot it wouldn't matter just be dead wouldn't matter what the hell you're wearing just over. I guess i'm asking too many questions of i mean we were just talk about a level where a character gets shot down and lands on a planet so i am i immediately yeah no although although he is picked up by a plant monster while he's still inside of his ship they can't game was cat in the great fox was like she wanted to listen there at the end as it shows you. It shows you like who's in the ship okay. Also i have an issue with that because it shows you like who's piloting ship as a robot on their name rob sixty before that rob that'd be a it's such a perfect like nintendo self reference. Why isn't it rob. I the joke is a reference to rob but just make it raw like nintendo owns rob. They could just make it rob. Nobody wants to for those are confused by i rob over and over again. We're talking about original character. Those in super smash brothers brawl yeah he they don't know rob was a weird game periphery that was designed scout like clap along and may funny noises when you're playing a game duping repaired and he was play along with it was packaged with the early any ass consoles to make it seem like the n e s was not the video game system but that it was yeah occasionally crash occasionally. He'd like turn around and look at the screen but that only work if you put your e._s. In front of the screen if you put rob anywhere else he would stay on a wall those ashley curious all about the rob. There's a video on the game. Historian on youtube talked about rob. It's it's pretty good liberal way. It'd be i. I wouldn't mind something like that coming back a fun little thing to do. I mean all the amoeba. That's true true yeah but like there's a bunch of weird per free that into note puts out. That's always really fun. Strange like whole nintendo card work thing doing now level f jeff sledding yeah. I like in great fox. That's like piloting. It named rob. I'm sixty four but it's not the rob that intimate. It's like a different robot that is also named rao as it'd be such an easy joke for them to just put robin in there. You can just on the ship like playing atari. Yeah i guess playing tari notice occasionally turns around the shift of spirals out of control the wall behind him this game. I just don't know about this game. I i don't know why ancestor advances from a development standpoint. It seems like it'd be such an easy thing to do. It's really it's really funny because i thought it was. I thought it was clever just that they were referencing rob because this would have been. I mean this would have been like in matt in that time period where it was like long enough. After the the original nintendos stuff like people still really remember the original nintendos at duck hunt with it on account account these people who are nine years old playing it five years earlier yeah. I don't know i just remember vision michigan in like a daycare in when i was in like fourth or fifth grade and then like yeah like the twenty five year old the twenty five year old <hes> chaperones were there like talking about the the original nintendo that they had played ten years earlier like it was like it was a an antique antique like but anyone curious by the way i looked it up a fox year is one human year is about five point seven fox years. Here's a few years later would be like twenty years later. Yeah one one human year is ten guinea pig years and twenty years guinea pigs exist way longer than nasdaq sounds about right switching its a guinea pig facts now able to this why oh but wolves actually live longer than fox's so all right star fry going to be around a little longer to get the feeling that maybe we should go to the listener feedback now barack. I saw guinea pigs. I just wanted to. I just wanted to make one more comment before we move on. I really liked the i haven't. I don't know that i've ever played i'd like a an on rails like you start at the beginning and you go to the end of the level. Three's shooter like this. I i know it's a whole genre but i don't know that i've ever played played it before and what have played his the tutti shoot-them-ups ag- radius sil- stuff even as older space invaders and stuff and i really really liked the the way that the they they sort of translated the types of aliens that you would see in like radius that were like you know some some squares next to each other and they made it into some polygons next to each other it just like the way they moved even like there's the one there's the one guy that like is like it's like like like draws lines and it goes goes over and then down a little bit and then over the other way down a little bit like that looks like something that would ban in like in like an atari game but they've translated it to three d. and i think that's a really a really neat aesthetic that that this game had <hes> during those during those battles yeah it's essentially like nintendo didn't really create this game. It's kind of like three d. Gallagher is essential right right but it still looks awesome for being sixty four game yeah yeah and it it holds up. It just holds up really well. I think nintendo sixty four is like the even though it's the first polygon console it's got its foot in the past. Maybe it's because it's a cartridge. Maybe maybe it's because of whatever else because the you know the game doesn't save. There's no load times like it's got its foot in the past in a way that i think that the playstation why did not like the playstation one was kind of trying to look forward which you know obviously looking to the future is good but also sometimes when you look when you when you when you have your foot in the past year you're you're doing things. That are a little more timeless because because you're you're doing things that have stood the test of time place. Issue was an important sacrificed to get us where yeah i mean and also like just sort of inevitable because the playstation wanting to me felt felt the most like a a p._c. You of all those early of all those older systems that make sense at least up systems up to that point and i was i even thought i thought the playstation one and i thought the load times were feature is i had played like p._c. Games and i was like oh yeah loading. That's like what my computer computer does did. It was always kind of had their their finger on the pulse of like arcade games more than anything else that you make. I mean the nintendo events comments. I'd like more than anything else. They just wanna make games. That are fun like regardless of anything else that goes on. I think <hes> arcade games. They're only lend themselves to that more than like every dramatic story okay. We're just gonna make gallagher. We're gonna make it this way with fox's -at's whoever always attracts me good so let's back in school. We normally listener questions. Only it's not but this week i wanna do something different to ask people questions and memories of this game. A lot of people have fond memories of this us not. I don't think as much but i i do have a question from david from david dump mary's in this game. How did you enjoy the greatest game ever. We're gonna find this. We'll tell you about ten minutes when we shop for bossa offering the time aren't we weren't playing you but i didn't. We're camario world. Oh there we go. That is a great game. I would i can take that. This game is not on that one comment. I did have here that i that lee stewart stewart can relate to is from andrew bro. Zack said how i feel right now my non air conditioned apartment and he and he posted a little video where they can't take it anymore. So tape drives day with my lack of a._c. And i should you want your dream. Course we were playing of course worse. That would have been a microphone. Just make sure it sounds really like awkward when you do it. It'd be alight weren't playing kirby's dream horse. Kirby's reports not as dream course is dribble or it's a raising simulator kirby's dream. Course you know this is going to get it out right because i don't have a dream horse. Course i say that the best way to know that your your content is going to be included in a podcast is by saying to edit it out yeah yeah it doesn't give uh-huh cut up and land casting another one from andrew rafalski. This just should just be me butchering people's last name. That's it but he said. I know i'm in the minority. I don't think he has a beating the game with the true ending day i got it will never not sting. I mean a lot of people find that whole thing kyrie like another guy posted on here that i thought was pretty cool. After you finish the game that we talked about where his dad rescues him pepys like what's wrong. Fox foxholes nothing. Nothing's wrong. I'm just been led to safety by the ghost of his father. Someone else had posted that and i. I didn't see that ended of course as well one. I didn't care why i can see how it's like. Gobi one little star wars. Can i just say that. If i beat the game day that i bought it back in the nineties when it was like seventy dollar game probably pretty bad yeah that's what stings that he paid seventy dollars for it and only got two hours of content and then meeting arts six hours yeah okay all the metals multiplayer or but. He said he got his. He's we got the true ending. So that's like almost the end i imagine not the first time and then and then he's so good at it all his friends don't want to play multiplayer with them. The are that good to start and then he's like cal. We got an x. box because it's actually two thousand two in your loser. Let's say we're gonna go play halo without you. Go play your game. If you're the kid that's bad at multiplayer games you just you're in charge of morale. That's what i always this. If i'm if i'm bad at anything in a game and our guests sam who i play every game with can attest to this whenever i feel like i'm not doing any work in any game. I just decided that i'm in charge of morale stupid shit to bring the morale of the team works for me my morales on another isn't that really question or but this is i do her kind of feedback from caren ri- rial man. That's going to be named. I don't know that's the game that i played for the first time on national t._v. And then someone else and then people had asked and i i had mentioned because i thought it was pretty cool apparently was on a ninety s could canadian show called video and arcade top ten. Did she play. The game was played by her for the first time on t._v. Or waited for the first time and it was on national tv game. That's awesome. That's really cool. I wanted to bring that on national t._v. And i played sixty four for the first time while i was on it. That's what i meant but i think that's what she meant. If either way it's cool none of us have been it on national t._v. Well hey wait a free. Who says we haven't been on national t._v. I was on slime time live. I think i was on the news one time. That's why i think kendall story was more more press was in the bleachers. I wasn't it wasn't like i was but you could see me because i was sitting in because i was like it was like the at the back row of the bleachers and the the row was like the handicapped throw but i was like sitting in the handicapped throw cmih yeah all the other people there so you just taller zoo yeah yeah i was like i was like an eighth grade. Everyone else was like twelve. I mean it was like eleven. I can say add in on <hes> i think every known a few weather channel reports because they always do the i- for those who don't i live on the east coast in virginia and so they always do like the bay hurricane reports out out here and john hill yeah basically basically actually is really foggy out right now so it's creepy but now there's a hurricane coming always like go onto the beach and they they find some like random koelner like oh look at the waves because it slightly windy outside today and so whenever we saw that his kids we'd always like trying to drive down to the beach and find them so we could be the aids in the background of theirselves walking walking by hers. His cooler hers actually like she was actually talking to her. Not actually sure that guy rides his bike tobacco yeah. I was like a personal event. We like to be the idiot to like while they were talking about. How a category five hurricane was going to kill us off. We'd like to be the guys who are just walking casually in the background not carrying anything. It's way less impressive. I got a couple of questions. I wanna read memory here from the overblown group one for sparky jones each monkey boss yell something just before they explode which of these phrases is your favorite hell. I didn't even know the yellow anything until i just read this question. There's is one that just screams like explodes and that's what i would do your blowing up my back. I think it'd be a lot of screaming involved going up my life about the flash before for my eyes head one where it's just like the over the top joke about your dad being dead like i don't know i don't remember. I don't remember if this if this guy what he said when he died but i really liked the <hes> the one ship that <hes> it's got like three different three or four different phases of the it's like the first one that you have to shoot the yellow boxes. I think it's the second level <hes> and he's like i give up. You're better than me. Oh is writer if do juice does not work. Buddy guy's new quiz obviously like he's like obviously fakes entering and peppy fox watch out. He's he's clearly blabbing something i can see his shields are at fifty percent right. Now i might as well have been going. I surrender you got me and turning around and you got a knife and go ahead and put the handcuffs handcuffs on me. If you dare i are going to say at his fingers crossed use obviously trying to get one of his hands. It's finger crossing the one he's just holding in what we do in the shadows or something where it's i'm surrendering. No you're not yes. I am no. You're clearly not what immanuel <hes> he said. Can you even barrel rural bro. Yes yes i can because you're an ship canadian star fox land i. I think it's aileron. Are they going to say it but it's i prefer on well rutta <music> all right you more things. I wanna read one from daniel. Jones was on the show last week. Have you played startling. I've been wanting to play it since it seems like a spiritual successor to star fox but just haven't had the chance was we got nothing star like the one that has has the arguing that we mentioned earlier in this episode. I just wanted to mention it because he was on the show anyway. Yeah i haven't played it but i will say like just sort of in general. I wish that there were more high profile flight simulator games out there. I feel like it's bad yeah. I mean i'm sure that's good. I probably should play some of them. High in their over the top way japanese like story game like in the last in the last fifteen years twenty years the shooter. I think has developed over time so that like controls those are really good at it feels really good. They've kind of almost perfected the genre where i don't feel like that same evolution has occurred in flight sim games and i mean really i just you know a to quote my to quote my best friend nick. I just wanted another excellent versus tie fighter like i want. I want a game that is 'cause 'cause in the nineties. These games were the best of the flights microsoft. Flight simulator was like like oh yeah this game that everybody loves you know i remember when i came out and you've got google earth just play fights flyer liar cessna into to the twin towers back when when that was a funny joke because the nine eleven hadn't happened long ago yeah yeah i mean i mean you know oy but there was a whole like the whole this whole era of of these like really great flight games and i mean honestly as as as well as this one holds up. This is one wasn't like even at the time wasn't even like one of the best ones like but but they sort of i mean i'm sure maybe maybe the maybe the innovation has continued. Maybe yeah maybe you're right. Maybe i should just shut up and play as combat or darley's combat but also i feel like a lot a lot of it's it's been like it was like a divide in the path where like shooters kind of develop a standard and they all fall basic standard now whereas white texans were like i feel like they're still all the place where you still have your ace combat games which are pretty pretty like basic controls but then like a bunch of other flight flight simulators wanna go like all out and require to get a bunch of periphery with it like the actual stick like the actual stick in like headset and it's just some of them. Ask you to spend and so much money on just like stupid stuff that you don't need and it's like if you didn't do that. Maybe you'd be selling a lot. More copies of your game came if you weren't asking you to buy cockpit build around their computer. Yes some smaller stuff. I yeah as comment is pretty <hes>. It's pretty good. I think i haven't played world warplanes but absent people who've said it's it's fairly on the problem is like an ever. There's a flying sequence in a game. It's always secondary to some other aspect like star wars battlefront do the new one which <hes> don't awful but yeah it's it's basically it's mainly the shooter but also the starfighter mode which is slightly better. I <hes> i've heard that i've heard that <hes> battlefront the battlefronts who has gotten a lot better since its release and it's ten dollars. It's better but it's also like it's better for the wrong reasons. It's better because they are so desperate to make it a good game and it's like well. Why don't you just do that when you release it. I don't i don't care one of these goes. I got one last thing to read and actually if another good flight sim is a is actually a rail shooter within the republican. That's pretty fun. Oh yeah play you go play lehrer on p. S. three with a move controller to get flights later. Everyone remembers that i own it. They successfully control and i really want to love dragons but just just find out if you can still google earth clinton. I'm sure it's out there somewhere all right and last memory that i wanna read it from kyle hillard. I used to ride my bike up to up to my local blockbuster in play the game on the stores in sixty four display unit. I played it long enough on at least one occasion to beat. It and i remember one of the employees being impressed. I was able to finish it. I just thought that was really cool plus. It's pretty impressive. I wanted to show that i think that's before they had that internal clock in it to where it wouldn't reset after twenty minutes yeah the first demo level. They were at that time. They were just normal like you know you could use. This system hooked up to a t._v. And that's all it was. That's how that's the first star wars battlefront sue initially was on like the denim inside of a walmart we go to walmart <unk> shopping and i was just immediately run over to the like the gaming's naming section by the demo over and over and over again at some point my mom was like do you want to just get this game. You can just you can just get this game. I play it so much that i think at that point was already down to like thirty dollars a little spend thirty dollars on you really love you son uh-huh i will make the effort to spend thirty dollars on your child. I can dollars mom that super nice lettuce lettuce or the app then i had beaten tire game and thankfully they change the demo shortly after so i didn't play battlefront walmart anymore <music> ready for box and so sure all right i'll go. I think it's quite obviously i've been talking about this off off and on this episode it's going into box. I mean it's a good game. I liked it but i have no attachment to. It and i honestly can never really much as i'm curious to see the hard hard to see the hard path to see the ending. I can't see myself ashley hooking up an insecure controller and decide to do it all over again i just i don't see that so it's going into blocks in today's game but i want to do with it again. I'm steffan yeah so like i said i got this for easter. And of course i went through every single path you could possibly do you can even divert paths in between paths to create other paths and even after like years years of not having played it and gone back to it. I mean it's still holds up as a good game. It's not like it was bad or anything so i i put it on the shelf off just for being good competent game but i i don't plan to play it again for maybe a long time. I don't know but it's still a good game so i'll i put it on the shelf. I want you know it's a it's a shell for it's a it's a shelf underneath my copy of superman for in sixty four usually but it's still on the shelf or should not be on anybody show but i mean but really everything favorite game. I would say i would say that i would. I would pull this out for a for a for a party. The best the best thing about it is i feel like the controls are simple enough if you've played it but like still like not intuitive enough if you haven't played it that if i practiced for a week i could be good at it and then people would come to my house and we would play multiplayer and they would be bad at it and then i can feel good about myself because that's really my dream is to like how is to be the guy that owns the game. You know be that asshole this whole kid. It doesn't usually work though because i'm just so i'm so inherently bad at video games that even if i get a game in practice practice practice and my friends come over having never played it before they still kick my butt but i feel like this one might might be different. I just make mike play survival horror. That makes me feel good. It does not make me feel good. I'm going to put this on my shelf. Actually i <hes> <hes>. I had a lot of fun playing this game everybody on long time i haven't played it for like probably fifteen years but i lot of fun going back to playing it and and like trying to remember which pats used in trying to get that that hardening which i was unable to get this time but i got in the past. I know that it's it's it's funny only because it's so restrained but it does have like some real emotional weight behind. It got me as a kid. I haven't played very many star fox games. I really enjoy star fox sixty four. It's also me being a huge star wars fan this so much hours in this game that i just love i mean i i was joking about it but this game really does have a lot of star wars. Influence on characters will repeatedly say like. I've got a bad feeling about this and then gar. There's just a ton of references packed back then realized that we did this episode heading kits those for some reason it's called star five star. It didn't click as actually going to be the name of the new movies star wars star fox sixty four last starve. Is you know what it can't be worse the episode eight so hey parts of it. We're okay. We're okay but yeah. I've really enjoyed this game. I wasn't expecting it to have the same. I was expected to be as i was expecting it to be as enjoyable as it used to be the age kind of like start to show itself but i kinda did when it's still it's still just really fun little experience. It's a fun little rail shooter. I i really thoroughly enjoyed playing this stefan going steadily staying up on my shelf for a while another fifteen years maybe not but will say only outlier. Almost every game goes on my shelf. Games got pretty shitty communards. Put it on there one day. Keep track of this yeah one day. I'll come on. I'll guess if i'm gonna guest on an episode of pro. It's probably going to be a gave gabe. No that ship gave them i've ever heard of. I want to be on that episode. Is we start a spreadsheet from us because we we have like rotating guests constantly now. This spreadsheet would be like ten pages long and it'd be like one huge one one vote. That's why i've ever done it sixty four shelving 's randomness number forty five one shelving. You guys got an you guys what you guys got to do. Is you guys. Just wait until you have like a superfan that does that for you like one of those fans. That's like like uncomfortably obsessed with the show and we just have always he's on watch lists for like. Is he stalking us. We don't know one hundred hundred live around wikipedia yet. I'm pretty fever runs. The wiki gets upset when anyway he goes on there and gets any information wrong talk trying to influence our voting. I'm sorry let you guys know. We are not on wikipedia yet so correct the system stephan. Why don't you introduce bullshit making next week as issue right now. It is not bullshit. It is not shitty is a classic. A timeless classic called resident evil. That's it. This is the first one ever made what posted on playing ability you wait till next week i got we're claim the remake of two thousand and two reading make i'm playing h._d. Version but it's all the same game so it doesn't matter by plying at steph living it you guys whatever she must have terrible working living conditions <hes> laying around the floor. You know people trying to grab you and hug you bite. You trust in lots of herbs arizona so there can be served. I think aren't they yes. It should be an interesting one next week. All right want to any last any last things you want to say before we start plugs by i star fox the fox be with you all right kindle. Since you're our guest you want to give it a quick shot onto your podcast. Yes so you can find everything i do. It kendall cast dot ninja <hes> just quick elevator pitch <hes> my big projects right now we've got that's what we call music a song by song review of the now. That's what i call music podcasts. There's a question mark at the end of the name. I did not speak up. Speak i apologize <hes> we got beyond baldassare where we talk about a random poke him on every episode and <hes> and then i got a big project. This year is the star wars roundtable discussion of available blonde kimball cast master feed that just go to kendall cast on itunes and get all the things and we're talking about it at different star star wars movie every every month in the lead up to rises skywalker. We just recorded our new hope episode so if you're are big fan of all the prequels go back and listen to all the prequels episodes listen that yet posted it. Yeah i wonder just recorded recorded it which means in two seven weeks i will. I will get around to posting. You're not willing to the next day. I i like for the next day. I posted soon as we finish this process it. I'm glad to <hes> but i try to. I try to get these real fast so all right in other wanna give quick shower into the other pockets. I mentioned earlier dean geek machines. If you guys need a new podcast to add repetition you got to mourn ad you're adding to your cycle hey and quickens sessions and we should give some people would be the first time listen to absorb new people. I don't know if he's still here at this point. I why do you if you guys get champs. Please follow us on facebook and instagram and twitter. I don't i always will try to post images for the game. This was a hard one but next week there should be a fucking ton. Ari will be easy to push it for and i will be crying with it because i don't like suppose very destiny death screen. I don't die. I have not done yet but that's also because i'm using the guide them playing on the very easy so but we'll see and wanna give a quick shout out to our awesome interro courtesy of my bobby aka tony. I kid quantum ep bite. Mike the bullet. Oh god so yeah on the block or something lincoln the show notes. I'm tired got a good night. Yeah <music> <music>.

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