Sonic the Hedgehog (Directed by Jeff Fowler) Sonic Boom or Sonic Bust?


What's up everybody? Welcome to show me the meaning. Wisecracks movie podcast. My name is jared. I am back back in the fold and I'm very excited to be back with me. As always is the wisecracked crew. We got Michael Michael Welcome. Hey did he hear good to be here today? Talking about the twenty twenty movies. Sonic the HEDGEHOG directed by Jeff. Fowler starring James Marsden Ben Schwartz and Jim Carey. And now you might be saying to yourself. How are they going to talk about this movie? Will God dammit. We are going to do it. Why would they say that? Well I don't know but up top I want to hear not only. What did you think of this movie? But what Sonic Games if you played. Oh such so. This is a confession right off the top. I'm not an active Gamer. I fell off pretty young. I would say any. Sonic game made up until about ninety nine. I've played. Oh it's still quite a few. Yes now if if I if I could remember the names I would but that was twenty one years ago so in the time that I have not played sonic What does that twenty one years ago? God I'm old. A child could have grown up and taking a drink so I don't really know that one. It's horrible I know the last game I liked a lot. It was a Sega Genesis. One where I put the cartridge in top of the machine this embarrassed. Oh you're talking about sonic and knuckles. Oh Yeah Downgrade. Sonic and tails and one of the ones. I have them in it. Sonic and knuckles had a weird thing. Really put the second cartridge of yeah or something like that. Yeah I mean I will say this as much as I'm not an active. Sonic ahead now as a kid. I was way more team. Sonic than team. Mario Also more of a Pepsi than a Coke Person. I don't know what that says about me. Maybe I'll like off brand things a little more So that's what I think. The games the movie. I'll start with this. The children in the theater with me loved it and I love nothing more than four. The youth of this nation to feel happy So I'm listening to say that right off the top. I did not enjoy it as much as the children in the room. Okay that's you're an adult. Yes I'm an adult and this is a movie that I understand that it got made. I don't quite understand why it got made and quite well. It's doing well and I would love. I maybe think a little bit about why it did. Well I I'll say this. Its origin talk about it. The first hour of the movie. I was thinking to myself like what is happening. Why did this get made the third act? I enjoyed I. Truly found some enjoyment in the end of the film wants wants. Everyone gets to San Francisco. I liked it more. Maybe that means I'm a coastal elite and everything that happened in small town Montana I couldn't relate to and then once we hit the big city I liked it more but there. There are some moments in the film. Okay Yeah what did what did you think I also know you have to say this to do. You have a favorite sonic game. I mean I probably would say sonic and knuckles the same one that you said. I mean look. I am an active Gamer. But if you're an active Gamer. I think you would agree that it hasn't been a great last ten to fifteen years to be a sonic. Is it been that big of a drop off? It's been Kinda bad I mean. I played both Sonic Adventures for dreamcast on adventure. One and two. I remember enjoying both them. Although I remember Sonic Adventure. Twos for dreamcast. Some bad technical issues It seems like there's another. Sonic the hedgehog every once in a while. Of course I have not played but I'm very aware of the infamous. Sonic two thousand six where sonic falls in love with a human woman and it's really awkward and everyone has it But no I have not played a sonic game in quite some time and ask you. This is well before you tell me about the movie. Did you watch any of these? Sonic television shows from the early nineties. Yeah matter of fact I did. And there's a shoutout or I guess an allusion you know. I'm sure there by the way to go back to Michael said about not being the biggest sonic fan like. I'm sure there are ton of references to the Games that I did not pick up on because again I haven't played since the old school ones. Yeah I think I might have gotten. There was a sonic game. The gameboy advance that I might have played. There are so many of them. I mean if there are over one hundred Mario Games. There's at least thirty to forty. Maybe Fifty Sonic Games. I quite a bit. I looked it up earlier today and I was shocked by how deep the Wikipedia page goes for. Okay so I liked the movie more than I thought it would when the first trailer came out and they had the quote unquote bad. Sonic design. I was like in back in thinking to myself. Man I wish they would. Just keep the bad design because the movie is going to be so bad. I would rather it be tragically bad rather than just bad bad but it actually was better than I thought it was going to be and when you go into a with rock bottom expectations and you ended up being surprisingly stimulated for solid ninety. And that's another thing. Yeah it's a cool ninety minutes. And that's means something in my book after having to watch the Irishman for three and a half hours but I liked it more than I than I thought. It would the scenes with robotic dancing. That scene with robotic was awesome. Jim Carey I just. It was so nice to see him doing like dumb and dumber facial impressions and seeing that kind of return to comedic form And then the movie itself is like some bizarre mix of Superman Frankenstein. E. T. and road trip movies like peons big adventure and I kind of got a kick out of it. Well and I'm glad you right up to the carry seven. That's something that I think I was saving. Because it's maybe the one big talking point I have for later but I myself on a journey with Jim Carey's Dr Robot because it I I was pretty not put off. It was a lot and it was a sort of tonal shift for the film Because up until that point everything kind of has the sweet tone except for sonic. But we're fine to have our one fish out of water character when we meet Doctor Robot. Nick a just really full on it was like Ventura. Time's eleven with like some we're tech fascist tendencies mixed in but rather film. I found I character in that performance. Very interesting I think and I'm going to save this to later in the show. I think that the core of what could have made the film a lot better was contained in the kind of statics around that character And I think for me personally. The dance sequence gets at another direction. I think the film could have gone. And maybe we'll go because it looks like and we'll get to this. This will not be the last sonic movie based on equal some hints. And the fact that it's making money well that's the real hint. Yeah all the artistic stuff is out the window. Made like seventy million. Its first weekend I think it. Yeah that must be the highest grossing Video Game Movie Weekend. It is it is and then to you know. We are in the month that the film industry calls dumped Sherry where all the shitty films are dumped in February award. Season's over No one really cares right now so to do that. Well in February a time where a lot of crap movies are being shoved down our throat or attempted to be shoved down. Her throat is is a good sign. I'll go one step farther and I say even though you and I are probably not ecstatic about this movie. I hope it does really really well because I want this to be the game movie. That makes it so that everyone starts making video game. Yes like the uncharted movie. Has Been in development. Hell for so long. There's been talk of a mass effect movie. They've been talking about making a metal gear movie for. I don't know how long if someone is willing to do it. Right like people have been doing comic book movies right for so long. Then I think we're maybe cinemas in another kind of renaissance a commercial renaissance. At least well then. I'll even say if someone didn't love this movie I I think they can do something. I don't think I think all hope is not lost. I think there was enough. Good and one thing. We talked about this a little bit more later where. I could see a sequel. That was fun now and took some of the best parts of this maybe worked around with the audience responded to and we know this is a film that responds to audience reactions because it got delayed and remade because of those reactions. Yeah but I think there could be something there see. I hate this. You're already talking to me in a lake and more than just got started before all right. Let's before we get into the nitty gritty. Let's dive into a recap so after a tragic separation from his winged mother figure a young. Sonic the hedgehog transported to Earth with special rings that enable him to escape Earth. Should anyone try to take powers in his new community of greenhills? Sonic lives vicariously through officer. Tom Hausky and his wife. Mattie when Sonics loneliness drives him to reach a speed that kills the whole town's power the military sends in the eccentric Dr Robotic to investigate in a failed effort to escape earth. Sonic loses his rings through a portal to San Francisco and teams up with Tom to evade Dr Robotic. And get the rings. Back after some unpleasant run-ins with robot. Nick Thoman sonic join up with Mattie while robot. Nick uses a strand of sonics hair to fuel his most powerful machine yet. Sonic retrieves the rings right. Before he's about to leave earth robotic attacks and chases sonic through San Francisco Perez the Great Wall et Cetera until the final showdown in Green Hills. Where inspired to protect his friends. Sonic turns into supersonic. I think although I've always known a supersonic to be yellow and banishes robot nick from Earth Tom Decides to stay in Green Hills and creates a home for sonic in the attic while robotic plans his escape from mushroom land and of movie. Wow Yeah I will say as well before we keep going. Check the chat a little bit. A lot of people are very excited. That you're hearing just know that thanks. Thanks everybody I really appreciate that. Yeah and there's one. One person that has been about male pattern baldness that I don't know if it was aimed at me or not but if so it might be shit. Look at that right. He'll I would say I would take one lakh of that hair. I would do a dance in my mobile laboratory and I would use that gorgeous. Ginger lock to change my life. Oh well you are my sonic well. Next time I get a haircut. I'll let you and I'll be less fascist robotic. Oh great that was such a good summary. 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If you are laying someone's GonNa go to scale share dot com slash wise crack to day. Start Your free two month premium membership. Okay now that that's said now I get to try to. I guess we have these All right the first thing I wanNA talk about. I think this is probably the cleverest thing about the movie is the character foils So we have three main characters that all their emotional arcs. Always Kinda work in puzzle pieces together and I think this is actually quite clever Screenwriting especially for and we'll talk about this later as well when you're adapting something that doesn't really have a plot early much of a plot So we have sonic sonic yearns for connections specifically human connection and It's clever I really like how they tie his emotional arc to his penchant for speed because everybody knows that sonic is fast So at the beginning of the movie he says to be honest. It feels like I've been running my whole life. He's never been able to slow down and establish intimacy with anyone. I really liked the scene where sonic is playing baseball with himself. Because it's both a joke on speed. Which is obvious motif through the film but also further further establishing his loneliness. And that's kind of what he struggles with throughout the film And then his foil is robotic whereas robotic thinks of humanity as an inadequate inefficient blip in the evolutionary progress and. He's got so many great lines that are so well delivered throughout the movie so Jim Carey says I love about machines. That do what they're told. They follow their programming. They don't need time off to get drunk and put the boat in the water and later he says yeah. Human beings are stupid and unreliable and care little about them but my machines are diligent relentless. They're everything to me and then later he's referencing. Sonic when he says. Why would you sacrifice your life for this thing? That's why I don't have friends next thing you know you're somebody's best man. They want you to have the wedding out of town like nobody has anything better to do. and then so hit me really hard because I had to see this movie after coming back from an out of town wedding. Oh realize that you're weddings and fucking Honolulu or no. No no no. I was coming back from a desert like this movie gets me Yeah And so I think this is really interesting. Contrast is like robotic being the smartest man alive. He's other humans as annoying inferiors whereas sonic the fastest thing alive doesn't really claim superiority and appreciates humans for their good qualities And then there's one other quality about robot. Nick that makes a foil for Tom. And that's robotics obsession with achievement. So he's always talking about how superior he is whether he superior to the military commandos or he says things like I was spitting out formulas while you were sipping formula hours. Something he says to the COP That this idea that achievement usurps connection and we have the Tom Character Tom Wakowski played by. What's his name? James Mars James Marston. Ferry his is love is or just haunting me for dinner and he is stuck somewhere in the middle of the two of them because he wants to leave his small town behind to deal with quote real city problems. He says he's always felt more like a babysitter than a real cop. Because in Green Hills I suppose the most he ever does is give out speeding tickets again. Speed Motif I think is pretty clever. sonic tells him. Nothing is more important than protecting the ones you care about. And at the end he decides to affirm human value over achievement being a hotshot big city cop thereby rejecting robotics philosophy so they this interesting triangle of main characters. That all kind of feed into each other's emotional arcs not that robot. Nick really has an arc necessarily but at least what he represents runs counter to our two protagonists and a pretty what I would say pretty clever way. Yeah I think to get back to the fact that I don't like going out of town for weddings. I was having a conversation with a guy that worked in technology and Silicon Valley at this wedding over a couple of overpriced bud lights and we were talking about the relationship between technology and the humanities and this idea that what he sees in the tech industry is people that are so obsessed with efficiency and automation and technology that there's a lack of appreciation for the humanities. Broadly construed in this world in which okay we can get algorithms robots to do all of these things but they write a poem or come up with a song or make a painting all these sort of things that make our core human and hearing you say that. God you're making me wish that robot nick was a Silicon Valley. He'd rather than a government too. I know well there's there's some overlap there because he's kind of like a road contractor or something like that like a black ops type person that they like fly in after. The war's over one of those I forget the name water companies. They came to Iraq and stuff afterwards and made some money and did a great job. But I used to room rate with Blackwater Dude really and he was hard core ones. Were averaged about this because I think he. There's probably some system but no hearing you say that. I think it gets US something interesting. Because like what does and just to reiterate you said what is robot naturally want at the end the power of the quilt from Sonic. What is sonic want and not to spoil the film for anyone but he wants a high five yeah the pivotal moment and of the film is him getting a high five from his buddy. He wants a moment of human connection. He wants a a night on the town. He wants a Juvie road trip. He wants these things that are fundamentally human And I do think the contrast you said it was good and I'm getting mad right now. I'm talking myself into liking this film even more And then I think the triad you set up with with Tom. Wright is the name of it. Yeah Yeah The Tom Character. Who thinks he wants to go live in the Sort of a technological utopia of Rio. They did bring it in. Yeah I don't even think about that. Yeah so he wants to run to Silicon Valley but knows that he's more of a was. It called Green Valley. Greenhill greenhills Dang. It was Green Valley. That would work much better with the Silicon Valley in Green Hills. I believe it is some. Don't kill me if I get this wrong but I think it's the name of the first level in one of the first Sonic Games. It is. Okay I really think this is true. Okay don't be manager. It'd be mad at me if this is wrong. I'm GonNa say who someone else in. This room is nodding their head. And it's one of the smartest people I know. Okay so we should be good Yes I think there was some goods good emotional stakes there in terms of those ideas. I did think though that the the emotional journey at times felt a little bit. Shallow or underdeveloped. Now I say this against the backdrop of the fact that I think small children in theaters were loving. It are probably the primary audience The film And Not us but I duNno I in so much as a high five at the end of the film is kind of cute and simply symbolic. It's also like friendship saves the day. Yeah I agree with that but I would also say that. I don't think that this movie needs to be ninety minutes long. And not a minute longer and and maybe there could have been. Some scenes added that added to that emotional weight but I kind of going back to my initial cynical view of the movie. I never really thought it was going to be great. And so I think the fact that they got something that was entertaining for all ninety minutes and was able to emotionally connect on somewhat of an intellectual level as well as with kids. I think that's kind of best-case case scenario it is and this is. I'm GonNa make an unfair comparison here but I think one of the great things about like Pixar movie often. They're they subtly sneak in emotional depth that on the surface level will speak to a curious eleven year old then. We'll tug at the heartstrings of the thirty nine year old parent yeah it was. Who's in the audience as well and I think there is something. I just think there was a little more meat on the bone of this theme of kind of the Alien Nation of the sonnet character. The desire for friendship and community I saw one review and I forget who it was. Whatever I'm not stealing your idea I'm just saying what it is but who talked about like you know you could read this as a critique of what technology is doing all of us are we all just in our own little holes all of our stuff on our own all day and not really connecting with humans anymore. But I think there's been more meat on the bone there. Yeah I mean I would agree with that but maybe I'm asking too much. I don't know I didn't see detective. Fica Chew but I remember Alex saw it and he was telling me the same thing about it was like almost so smart. Did you see it. No yeah you said it was almost so smart night I mean. I haven't seen the movie so I can't really get into the Specifics but Yeah I agree with you. I think that The way that the robot character interface with technology really could have given us a little bit more to work with especially considering we have such a contrast between robotics orientation towards other human beings versus Tom Who believes that? There's nothing or who tom who eventually gets convinced by sonic that. There's nothing more important in life that protecting the ones you love And Yeah no but I I agree with you. I agree with you there. Do you think there was enough done in terms of origin. Because I'm a sucker for a good origin story. Okay and I did feel with both sonic and robotic sonic especially so like. That was like Whoa. There's a lot where's the Br- okay bird person. So far as I know this long clawed character is not a part of the video not that I know of okay so so we start and sonics running fast. There's a magical owl that he calls his Obi Wan Kanobi. Yes so when they say that right I was going to die soon and then is chased by a bunch of like Ninja squirrels and then they kill long claw. We don't know what long claw is what she does with the purposes. We don't know what Sonics training is. We don't know why speed would leave this group to get him and then the way the rings came in were interesting as well. I dislike that all didn't do enough and I think if anything the deeper the origin story sometimes more we can. We can show the fruit of that name with robotic. He mentioned you know that he was an orphan. And he got punched by a bully. Wants Yeah I'm of a split mind about this Oregon thing on the one hand it really just seemed like a shoo-in actually you know. What can I use this question to transition into our next segment? I guess you can. Yes unless you had more talk about. I mean it just in general that the movie we'll because this is I wanted to a little segment about adaptation. And I think that what you're speaking to kind of overlaps with one of the things I was going to say let's get into it okay so guys. I'm introducing a new segment about adaptations clever or not so clever. So I'm GonNa be Interviewing Michael here and I'm going to give him what I think is likely perhaps a thought process that goes into making some of the decisions that they make especially since I mean Michael mentioned earlier that it's an unfair comparison to compare it to Pixar and it's not only because Pixar some of the greatest storytellers of our time but also because Pixar functions on a level where they're not really beholden to Ip that is in a completely different medium so before we get into it. Can I say one thing? Yeah I guess I mean everyone mad 'cause I called the thing squirrelled but they're in on. I'm accuracy right there at. Cadenas kidneys a kidney. So it's no because they look like knuckles. Who's in a kid? No okay so once again genuine holidays but I did say at the top. I don't have anyone tuned in late. I don't have a big background here. So apologies during a kidney tribe you don't WanNA kidneys. I know I the only one kid I've ever seen in my life and it's knuckles I don't I don't know what one relocate genuine apologies. Thanks for the correction. But I'm excited to get into this new segment. Okay all right so at adapting. Sonic the Hedgehog your screenwriter. You get hired to adapt something that doesn't really have a story. It's more of an iconic piece of culture that has images that resonate among people for generations. So I challenge. You've got a non human character that has to dialogue with celebrities so they go the Superman route. A space creature with special powers sent to Earth by his dying parental figure. Clever or not so clever. See because I thought like that whole first minute and a half origin was just an excuse to contextualized some of the visuals. You see in the original video games. That's what that means. It's not worth. It's a different planet but I've visually loved the opening so much that I would have rather stayed in that world more stayed in that world for the first third of the film and then and then cut away But I think that would have been interesting and I would have loved to see sonic interact more with characters in his own world. I agree I actually really curious. About the kidneys. Yes June them was knuckles. Yes I as A. I don't WanNa say expert is an expert on the cats making fun of myself to be clear. Yeah I don't know I think I would have rather seen I mean party would rather she uses a fully animated film that takes place in that world. You know you might have sold me on that. Yeah and maybe maybe then you end the first film with what happens at the beginning where sonic gets dropped off on Earth. You end within the direction. Then the sequel we get to see like sonic coaster. Yeah Okay and then you might. You might have sold me on film. That would have been cool. But I think the elements that worked the best memory of the Tripura elements The and and or in the middle of the game right now Boca but some of the. Yeah you know what gets into the surface no no. It's okay second thing said character that you have to adapt is a talking hedgehog. How does one incorporate said Hedgehog onto earth? They make his arc. How his uniqueness alienates him from having friends and making him lonely clever or not so clever clever what? He's unique because he runs fast. I mean he's unique because he's an as an alien creature. There's that's always going to be an awkward hanging. I but the thing about sonic the character of sonic is always really snide and always really confident. Yeah so how do you not betray that but still give him an inner conflict and I think that loneliness especially once again since it's not a fully animated film with Sonic talking to tails and knuckles and yeah all the other weird characters that they've added since then there's one of the fishing pole? Big One someone in the comments probably remembers But because it's him talking with real humans. I think it actually is pretty clever to make it about loneliness because he the movie demand that we have one hedgehog and a of humans and so it would only make sense that he's lonely now. I am going to make a huge stretch here and I highly doubt that this was intentional. But I got Frankenstein vibes from the way that sonic at the beginning wants to be part of the Hausky family. Yeah and Kinda live vicariously through their relationship So at the beginning he watches their relationship through window and watch the movie the movies that they watch even a shadow that Keanu reeves which I appreciate it very much in Frankenstein. The extremely lonely monster finds a hovel next to a cottage and looks in at the families going onto a crack in the wall and eventually plead the family to be his friends but they shoo him out. I was kind of thinking that there would be like a scene where sonic looks in to the water to see his reflection and like he's like feels like an abomination but that never happened But Yeah I was. I don't know I just. I love that book and after hearing your explanation there I'm gonNA revisionist history. That was better than I get credit for. Sure okay all right. These next two are a little bit more. Like they're they're many adaptations. Prices are all right. So you got Jim Carey to be in your movie to play egg man who has called egg man because he's rotund. Jim Carey is not not and so instead of being round. He has drones that are shaped like eggs making him an egg man. Clever or not so clever. I think so I think so. Why not it was fun you you needed him to be that character. They drew the aesthetics out. Pretty well But by being more. About Nick Than Egg Man. In that sense is flying eggs were perfect. It was a fun. I think that the fact that he physically looks nothing like robot. Nick I mean even though about cartoon character with basically legs that are stick thin and a body that is gigantic yeah You would still expect him to be fatter actor but the fact that they would Jim Carey. I don't know it works is great all right. Here's one you can even call bullshit on this one alright visual Motif to draw sonic to Tom. Sonic is associated with rings. Tom Is associated with ring shaped donuts. Clever or not so clever or say bullshit or deliberate. What do you think I'M GONNA say? Bullshit Bullshit Okay. Yeah. I don't know if the donut Lord thing was meant to be that much was just a funny riffing cops visual Motif. I don't think but I think you don't think like they could have been I mean. Yeah you're right it's a it's a cop thing probably more than it is a circular object. Found it funny that right off the Bat. And a well natured. Way that James Marsden and then it's easy because he's not sh- lobby. He's extremely handsome so to have this. Kansas small town cop who also loved doughnuts was kind of fun. Yeah but on the other hand I feel like I think there are some things that the screenplay does that are not the most trite common things choices to make and I feel like cops who love doughnuts are a little bit too trite so I I want to believe that there was that extra sonic element that made them choose some other fixation like on coffee or something. No I think you're you're probably right. Probably right and also too I wanNA say shoutouts to Adam pally for playing the other Capos. Pretty funny okay. I enjoyed that. Yeah the Dan. Sex machen AQAP right because he comes in at that last minute and saves the day. No no no. He's at the beginning. He's on the walkie talkie with him but at the end row. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Oh because he shoots. One bullet shoots one. Bullet stops something somehow and yeah all right last one this is also one bullshit on sonic uses his speed to run away from connection in life. Tom Is stuck in a dead end job as a speed trap. Cop Clever or not so clever. Okay Yeah it's it's fun enough now. The this yeah. It was made for those kids screaming in your theater man. I'm telling you they were so happy. There was things one of the biggest laughs in the room. I was in was the scene where Tom will give him a ride to San Francisco and he says you know run that way and you'll you'll hit it and immediately comes back with help a fish on his hair because he's ran into the Pacific Ocean. Yeah and then. He dries himself off with his speed shake and his hair goes puffy. These children were laughing so hard and they were laughing. I laughed when I was like sixteen and saw my first episode of Jackass and couldn't believe that existed. Yeah and it made it enjoyable. I mean they threw in some some fun jokes for mom and dad thought the Natasha Rothwell character who played on Mrs Wakowski sister sister-in-law very funny. I mean you just wonderful comedic actor in general. Yeah it was a little felt totally a little bit weird but she was funny Knowledged at one point. She was tied up and mocked by her own child. She needed to go to the bathroom or pants. Oh yeah I also like the Fitbit joke all you gotTA run around? Might as well put on my fitbit so I can get my steps more about your technology thing. Yeah dairy cow. But that was what I think. That's also why I enjoy these San Francisco part of the movie Oh Yeah Oh what did you think about where they're more questions in this game? No that was it. Okay well then. Just here's how I feel about the game in general. Oh Okay Great was fun. I enjoyed it. What did you think about the Roadhouse fight scene. I I was actually going to ask you if you think it was actually a direct deliberate allusion to pee. Wee's big adventure because it's it's a road a road movie. This is a road movie and instead of instead of sonic the outsider. Partying it up with some roadsters who then kick him out. It's Peewee Herman who parties up with some bikers. Who then kick him out. There might have been although I think that's a well there's another I mean. Do you think that the sorry to interrupt but like so when sonic hides among the balls in the addict not be seen? It's definitely a an allusion to E. T. Hayek's animals. So I do think that there are some deliberate nods to these allusions for sure I think. Ut thing was was very clear like the the alien hiding among stuffed animals and needing to like well wanting to leave and go home and struggling to find out whereas really was for sure and the government being after them for testing. Yes of course I mean one thing I kept thinking about during the I guess. Like fight scene. In the roadhouse was the difference between and I'm GONNA sound like I'm stone here but I'm not although I did see a lot of people make comments we're talking about four twenty so sh- sheltered y'all maybe this will make sense to you. Is this line between incredible? Speed and slowing time down in the question of temporarily. I actually saw this movie with a friend was a physics major and who I I wasn't but he was a physics major. Who was who had taken an edible before. He saw sonic and what he wanted to talk about. After you must've loved it. He he enjoyed parts of it and was very concerned about others but it was interesting because it you know earlier in the film when Sonic I run by. Tom's cop car doesn't need to ninety seven it I Yeah I remember the number. Yeah I don't I was there was something on the lower end but then the speed at which you would have to travel to do everything he did. Would I think be like the speed of light especially the time where he's like go west and he's like yeah later he has all this kelp all over him because he went to the Ocean? He instantly went from Montana to the ocean. But if one and someone who knows science better will correct me on this but if you're going at the speed of light you're moving concurrently with light so you're almost like moving at such a rate where you're you're you're parallel with time as we experience it. So he's he was able to basically freeze things. Like Zack Morris and saved by the Bell So there is this interesting question of the the limits of this power. How it works. And what is the difference between going fast and going so fast? You literally are slowing down. I hope that your friend after all after after all those kids had a great time at the movie I hope he just said are nobody move and I want to explain why this isn't funny. Guys it was the person at the arclight was very upset and Eric. Not Today I need to give a lecture. Pull out his his pen thing but I think that was yeah. No that's interesting. I will say one thing about those. You're talking about. Sonic he speeds through the Bar Fight. And everything is in slow mo around him and then the same thing when docked robotic is shooting those missiles and bullets at him right. Yeah it's it's not even that he's he's moving so fast that to him. The the experience of time is that much slower. Yeah so so his use of so. His experience of temporalscanner differs from ours. I'll stop at this. I know this sounds like it's too much. But he because of the speed it means he's able to exist in the same type of linear temporarily to you and I are able to experience where you know second-by-second minutes by minutes but he could also and one second of our time completely reorganized. Our studio put us in outfits puts them peanut butter on our fingers or whatever and to him. That single second for US would be minutes to do things. Have you seen x? Men Days of future past or x men apocalypse didn't see apocalypse. Okay we'll both of them have seen with quicksilver the same thing and I remember. That was the best seen in days of future past and then. I felt like it was a little bit too much fan service when they did it again in apocalypse which is just not a good movie. That's why I did. Yeah so I kind of felt like man not only was this already done but it was already done and it was the most memorable part of that movie and so that kind of bum me out a little thought appropriate for sonic so once again it sonic and I do think and this is my fault about to say is I just whenever I want to understand the powers any character. A Superhero Alien video game character turned into a film character. I just want to have some understanding of of how it works. And this sometimes makes me a bad person with I definitely think one of my biggest problems with the the recent star wars trilogy is. There's so much stuff it's just like not explained how it works. Yeah and it really bothers me. I just wanted to know a little bit more about that. And then were we meant to believe in the final chasing that the power from the single quill then allowed robotic that same same speed and power because when they're doing the ring chase on the wall of China and the Pyramids at one point. I did think they were going to blow up to seven wonders of the world and I started to get very upset Yeah it's hard to say because like at what I guess. The real question is. What speed is the camera going? Sorry I'm bringing up dumps donors from our Neil degrasse Tyson over here like actually I have one last question I think maybe then we should go into the mail All right so I'm sure I'm not the first person to bring this up. But so he. He'll use the rings to escape to a gross smelly world filled with mushrooms. Like how could you not? At least I thought like Oh is this like a Mario thing like are they jabbing at Mario. But it's not the mushroom kingdom because at the end robot. Nick is there and it doesn't look anything like Mario Related. But when I first heard that I was like. Oh Ha ha. They're kind of you know. I know that sonic has appeared in a lot of Nintendo game. So I thought there might have been something copacetic working relationship between the two of them and that we might actually see sonic some sort of like Mario. Sonic extended universe or something like. But I think it's a coincidence or do you think that that's a thing now that you've said it. It's hard to believe. That would be a coincidence. Yeah because why mushrooms yeah. I'll tell you why I hope mushrooms because I want a sequel in which we start with robotic on the mushroom planet discovering the Ho- The hallucinogenic mushrooms. And we have like a half hour trip sequence where he figures out a bunch of science stuff while having a hallucinatory experience with a crazy psychedelic background. Yeah I'm sure the seven year old would love that you know they they would give you a quick anecdote to prove this I went to the theater when these SpongeBob movie. I came out early two thousands And I think it was in my late teens at that point and there was two older gentlemen in front of me who were laughing and crying throughout the film And I didn't understand it and some later told me they. Those guys took acid and went to see the spongebob movie. The kids loved it. The adult man who suggests loved it the teen that was me on no substances popcorn. Loved it. Okay it's kind of a win win win win all around. But if I can't sage before you to the mailbag yeah. Do you want to say that I think the Kerry performances Dr Robotic to me at least kind of undermined the tone of the film because the tonal choices of his scenes. I thought were so good that it seemed like there's another film. That's more like an absurdist masterpiece to really leans into that character. And I kinda wanted to see that a little bit more on a movie. It's more oriented around that. And maybe a world that reflect him rather than robotic character who is so singular. Yeah I like the I think you can see robot. Nick existing in the first world the trippie looking world and exactly and if we had stayed there it might be the robotic tone throughout. And I think so. You know if anyone's listening who's making the second film pay money for all this but do maybe maybe start there or at least it would be great. Yeah any final thoughts on your end on this one. No I mean. We've talked for like forty something minutes about sonic the Hedgehog. Everyone should be impressed with us. I think we really pulled all the meat off the bone. It's like taking one chicken wing and having dinner out of it. Yeah On ninety minute chicken wing And also I think some people are helping us figure some things out in the comments and I can't wait to look at them later. Thank you so much. So let's start you want to start with a email. Yeah we got an email. Sorry I'm a little bit behind on all these emails. Getting back into the swing of things but we did get one from. Pabalan about parasite. So if you haven't seen parasites spoilers ahead avalon says. Hey why's Crock? I know this is About two months after your parasite podcast but I just give input on the whole rock thing. I'm saying you're wrong per se but someone from Asian descent. I personally think that the rock is supposed to represent hope and is a wealth. Good Luck charm. The stone is supposed to be compared to the plan. Speech that the DAD gives the rock works by giving the family. Hope especially Kevin that money or better days will come to them eventually in a sense. They're hoping for unearned wealth. The Rock keeps clinging Kevin because it gives him the false hope that he will get all that he deserves after he marries the wealthy man's daughter which is why at the party he asks fits in that setting he has no earn justification that he belongs in that society. Everything the Kevin is just one day. I will just like with diploma. So in the end of the movie when he discards the Rock it's supposed to symbolize him. Throwing away the dream to get unearned wealth to begin to plan for your future. He will wear. He will become wealthy. So yeah that's just my read on what the Rock was supposed to represent loved the podcast from Pabalan. So I had not gotten anyone really explain to me what it means when he puts it away but I liked the idea of it. Just being luck that he's clinging onto that things will come to me and then he puts the rockaway he realizes that I will have to pursue it being wealth. I like that a lot. Yeah there's something there and I think that rock kind of symbolized a type of hope that I think sadly parasite tells us might not exist. Yeah that that life is a life under capitalism is a nitty gritty series of machinations that we have to participate in Following the rules of the system and hoping for the best. And there's not like a magical way out Where's the logic of movies as often that there is always the magic the hope the friendship the high five at the end of the chase Yeah and I think that that's happens. He puts the rockaway and he puts puts the fantasy away. I like that all right. So if you guys want to send us an email you know talking about whether Sonics arms are in fact Blue Tan talking about other sonics things the illusions the references that we missed hit us up at movies at wisecracked dot. Co otherwise we've also got some voicemails. You can hit us up at two one three five three four eight zero seven. That's two one elf hut though seven I believe both of them are about Joe Joe Rabbit which. I haven't seen that correct. Yes but it just right now. You're in your head. Imagine exactly what you think it's about and confidently respond to anything that so So we have one. This is from Hannah on Joe. Joe Hi this is Hannah just finished listening to the Joe Joe. Rabbit podcast of show. Show me communing and I was really interesting. What you're saying about your for Connie concepts of the Cultural Super Ego And just was thinking that much The father or masculine figure Who's absent Just as father being absent is filled in by potentially three other masculine secures. We've got the Hitler imaginary friend. Fully embodies that obsessive Imagination filling in the gaps in his life But then potentially same. Rockwell's character has another father figure who I think. There might be an argument to nate. That he is a code of as Queer with Alfie Allen's character so I wondered what you needed that and also I think third potentially sort of masculine character that comes into is the moment when Scarlett Johansson Care Sneers for face with the search and takes on the role of those father and mother. That's a really good question. I thank you so much for that hand and that's a good observation so we kind of if I may just interject. I just want to say that. She used to buzzwords Lucon obsessive. And I know that she's reacting to something Austin said. I'm not gonNA say who said No. We're not here to SNITCH. Or here's Yeah but I think really point. We talked about in this movie about others. A young boy searching for father figures. And you know you've coated all these father allusions in a movie about World War Two in Germany the Fatherland of course And I have nothing else to say other than I think you are right. I agree with that reading of the film and I think a lot of ways the film get to this idea of if there isn't a father figure here meant in that Freudian Leconte and not always the literal father at some point of cultural orientation or logical orientation That's where bad stuff can slip in. I think one thing that the Joe Rabbits at is this young kid isn't sure what his father figure is. His actual father is gone. How that kind of leads into the stem tation of Nazism so good Also makes me WANNA move. Yeah or you could earmuffs and if you don't have anything spoilt no no no. It's fine. Okay. It's definitely worth seeing and also. I'll say that since we talked about in the last episode it one on best adapted screenplay the Oscars for titanium well. We didn't mention Paris. I do a straight cleanup. Oh yes we will say that as well parasite clean up. It was awesome. If you're watching the Oscars were freaking out. If you weren't freaking out you weren't paying attention. And so listen if we talk about a movie and break it down. It's GonNa Win Awards. What can I say? One more Voicemail for Gioja Rabbit and this is from Jacob I mean meanwhile is cracked crew. Jacobs again calling in regards to your Joe Joe Ratatouille contrast me and my friend. We saw this theater as like a theater showing it and we were very interested in it. And what my opinion of the movie is that? I thought it was a coming of age story of a of a child in Germany in a very dark time in Germany's history and he got me thinking about like nineteen seventeen. Did about what a war movie is and what it should be. Now we're done with the combat the Feis and we know what will work is. It was all about the fight us against an ideology. It's time for us to actually see how people were under that high all AJI I would like. We know what it was like over two movies. Under Soviet Russia we need more of living under Nazi Germany but wasn't likely in especially in America around that time. Okay so that's a good point so we've talked about to war movies. We did nineteen seventeen. Joe Joe Rabbit. Neither of US really get. What people's lives were like during the thick of it on? Joe Joe Rabbits have shows us A kind of calm scene towards the end of World War. Two things are going that well for the Germans but things on the grounds normal and of course in one thousand nine hundred seventy we know nineteen seventeen. We're really just seen the lives of these. Two young men So I think that's an interesting idea. Jacob that some of these films haven't gotten into like life on the ground and I think that idea to life in America during these times so it's a point I do have to say one thing Someone in the chat pointed out that we left out one of the most important things about sonic. Okay the Olive Garden. Oh Yeah I just had to at least bring that up so I don't know if this is actually establish somewhere. Maybe someone in the chat can tell us like is actually paid advertisement. It has to be it has to. I mean we've gone into situations where remember. Remember our Bo Burnham video where we were talking about talk you specifically wrote that and we were talking about Taco Bell and everyone thought sponsored by Taco Bell and we were like no we just think Taco Bell is funny so I mean it's possible it and an olive garden does have that kind of unique cultural thing where it's kind of ironic joke if you go to the olive garden because it's kind of an amazing deal and I just enjoy more than you want to admit. That's a joke though the joke of like Haha Low brow cultural food thing is funny when we do it in a Bo Burnham video wise crack that's gold. That's where you WanNa see that that we might have even already hit the peak of that and that that could be over. I just need a little bit better and a movie that has a budget like that For one of the pivotal pivotal joke on. And I don't know it'd be funny if Luli the Olive Garden paid for all of the CGI corrections to make. Sonic look more like the video game character but that was their deal they were like whoa correct all this but at a pivotal scene at the end of the movie a Olive Garden Gift Card for fifty dollars has to be symbolically important If they did that both of them got a good deal. Well final question of the day. When's the last time you've eaten at the Olive Garden? Two thousand eleven. Wow you knew exactly. That's great yeah. I'm probably two thousand eighty. Maybe and I enjoyed it. There's really no reason I haven't gone back okay. So unlimited breadsticks. It's just not safe man. It's not an I have a whole bread thing. I won't get into an hour restaurants as a scam fills up. She eat the good stuff. You should never eat the bread. They put out also. They use literally just bread and Pasta. Yeah the unlimited thing is a joke unless you're unless you're Matt Stony not into it so along with emailing and calling and sonic let's about any olive garden experiences you've had as well so I would love that. I think we did it all right. We did it. We talked about sonic the hedgehog for almost an hour. I WanNa thank Michael For joining me on this a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed the movie a little bit more after this discussion. We're going to be back. I believe in two weeks yacht. Avia week I don't know weeks anyway guys Great to be back and great to be here with Michael and we'll see you next time I go by peace.

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