Part 2: Bill OReilly talks Fox News, President Trump vs. Joe Biden, and Killing Crazy Horse (ACS Sep 24)


Thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla show. On podcast one. Whether holding down were were bouncing back to school childhood is always in session to keep feeding US right with some made sex just like when you were a kid remember there naturally sweet raisins Yup still delicious source some meets other sex play creamy yogurt covered raisins, shower reason snacks that he's like Sarah Candy with no added sugar in some means new s'mores birthday cake fights old delicious. All May with fruit son made snacks. It's premiere way come and Kelly Clarkson show and we found music's biggest stars always long. Performances by John Legend town, Machine Gun Kelly, and common. And parents is by. Josh Grove in Queen. Latifah. More. Get ready off the Kelly Clarkson. Show? Season Two weekdays at two on NBC Four. Well Bill O'Reilly is going to join us for a long form interview for the second half. Some you love. Bill. O'Reilly. Some of you hate Bill O'Reilly. 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Let's get back to the Adam Corolla show. Bill O'Reilly has joined us the buff killing crazy horse the merciless Indian wars. In America, it's available now on Amazon and has been part of a hugely successful killing series a good to speak the again bill. Grow how you doing out there I'm doing well. I'm interested in this story. So let's talk about that and we can talk about politics. We can talk about life we can talk about business. But let's let's start with the book. How did you pick? How do you pick your subjects for the killing series? Well we started with? Killing. Lincoln. Killing crazy the ninth killing book the most successful non fiction book series of all time I mean that's just staggering for me to think about that, and all of the books that I have written I wanted to know more about the subject that's how I choose the topics. So in killing crazy orders, I'm a former high school history teacher. And there's a huge gap in my knowledge of American history from eighteen thirteen eighteen ninety seventy, seven years of Indian wars. I knew nothing about it other than remembering John Wayne. Movies Rin Tin Tin who I share birthday with. Some people around the prairie? I don't know anything. saw is my. Co Author Martin. Dugard illusion. California said look. Let's find out what really happened. Make these people. Come alive you know real people coach Cheese Geronimo. Crazy horse suiting. To come were they what do they do and were the white people really that bad we steal everything from them. So we found out and we tell you the truth and it's disturbing and many pages but there's heroes and villains on both sides and I think people after reading this book will be able to fend off the far-left propaganda machine that wants you to think America's evil and you'll be armed with facts you'll learn a. Amount and it's fun to read the book. What are let's start with the most basic stuff I'm the same way which is I I know a lot about World War Two for instance and World War One and even Vietnam I, sort of know a lot about wars and battles and stuff but I really don't know anything about the American West in the Indians, and because I, think these people became sort of cartoons to me when I was a kid was cowboys and Indians and there were. Always, in over the top sort of farcical, cartoonish, good and bad sort of way like there was a cartoon version that was the evil bloodthirsty savage, and then there's also the top sort of billy, Jack you know proud Indian crying by the side of the road while the person was polluting the highway and both of them were probably caricatures and and an almost cartoon. Of American Indian. We had the the worst depictions early the bloodthirsty savages and then later they became the most noble people in the world but the truth is usual lies somewhere in between. Look. In School, you cannot learn about the native American wars because the public school system is frightened of the top. The teachers and the principals are afraid. They might be politically incorrect. It might say something wrong. They might use a wrong phrase. They might wear a Washington redskins cap and they'll be cancelled. All right. So the solution to that problem is not teach anything about it. So you go from the revolutionary war to the civil war to Teddy Roosevelt. And then what happened between the revolutionary war and Teddy where millions of people move to California and here's something Corolla Ism for you. You'll love this. So The Washington redskins are gone because you don't want to. Talk about skin color but the San Francisco forty, niners. Corolla there. Okay. The. Forty niners will who were they? They came in thousand hundred, forty, nine northern California decimated the native Americans who live there stole their land. So they could pan for gold discover gold and San Francisco is glorifying afforded niners. Outraged Corolla you cancel at name and changed the name of the San, Francisco football team to the San Francisco Pelosi's, and of course, you're going to need a new logo and that's got to be a hair dryer right on the side of the helmet. So tell us. About let's just start sort of large to small. I? We are moving west and when we move when when the many people in this country start migrating west. That's when we start really encountering this these wars situations and the chiefs is that when it begins. A little bit before that we began with eighteen thirteen in the creek nation in northern Florida, they're fed up. All right. You Got White people come down there killing a game they're invading their homeland and Creek say enough and the leader of the creates the Guy Name William Weatherford here. So fascinating this whole book is William Woodford was educated in Philadelphia's half white half creaky decided lead his nation. So what do they do they? Massacre three hundred people mostly whites with some slaves in Fort Mim South Alabama, kill everybody right, and Grizzly way we put you right inside the fort in killing crazy horse who you gonNA call Andrew Jackson us up in. In Tennessee Nashville somebody just shot him. It's got a bully can't get out of them. He's getting out two bullets in his body and president. Madison Ziada gotta get down there and put these creeks in their place because they're slaughtering people Jackson dots, he goes down to. Alabama big battle of Horseshoe. Bend defeats the Creeks. That's where it started. Jackson becomes a pivotal figure because he becomes president and he knows the end is because he fought them hand the hat. Jackson was sympathetic in fact in. Indian baby whose parents were killed in the fighting and raise the child as his own with his wife. And then Jackson is responsible for migrating all these Indians from the east coast west of the Mississippi, the trail of tears and not nice way. Right right now you got. A whole bunch of Indian tribes west of the Mississippi. Congress passes a law is if you're a white man, you cannot live Wesson Mississippi nobody knows that. Congress passed that law. Okay. Of course, nobody obeyed the law because there's no law west of the Mississippi nobody's there. Right. So these millions of of white people came from Europe they can't read or write they have no skills they migrate West just to get a farm so they can raise their families are in freedom. And they run up against the native Americans have been honest land for hundreds of years. Go on what to do. See You doing this is our land. And then the fighting begins. All right. So Washington says Oh, we have to protect the settlers. Now, the key all this is the fake news industry, Corolla there was fake news in the nineteenth century just as you said, various stupidly. They didn't report why the native Americans were angry or the abuse that they had suffered under Washington. They simply reported every massacre, the Indians debt and they were savages and it will brutal and they didn't deserve to live. Well, that was have the whole view of the native American. Tribes was formed. On the East Coast, the people could read. The Sadler's they didn't know what they were getting into, and so the wars began seventy seven years continuously of war. How much of the war? And it's my maybe not an answer and non answerable question but the settlers were white. There were European there are uneducated. They had never probably seen Indians where they come from. How was there a racial component to this from the beginning or was it just a dude who was there on land that? I wanted or did it become? Did there was race injected into this at some point with the news stories on the East Coast? It. Wasn't so much race. It was their godless heathens and when the pilgrims came over and settled in Massachusetts, the Indian save their butts. The Indians of Massachusetts saved the pope's they would all die. But the Indians were friendly there and they traded and they taught the pilgrims had a gross stuff at the winners all of that. In New York when the Dutch sailed up the Hudson. All right. They ran into the air quad not. Front. Uruguay were very, very warlike trot. So there were different tribes and the difference was how they wanted to engage the white people. Some tries wanted to kill them and torture them or the tribes wanted trade befriends. Didn't have a racial component. It was more of our you aggressive or are you willing to live side by side? So would it be fair to say that tribes sort of had? Personalities like breeds of dogs like some dogs are very aggressive and can hurt you others more docile good with kids. You know what I mean. So there was some like Labrador tribes and there was some sort of pit bull tribe. Sir, they had different personalities I'm I'm guessing that that using them over the years. But here's the fascinating part about the native American culture. The tribes were totally dependent on their leaders. And if the leader was a psychopath, then that tribe went that way. But if the leader was enlightened like chief Joseph and the Nez perce up in the Pacific Northwest, then the tribes tended to be reasonable. So we teach you about. Co Cheese Geronimo crazy whore sitting bull Joseph to come. So all the big names that America's no blank about they don't know anything about these people now some of them were very noble. All right. But some of them were bruce. And the most brutal tribe whether command cheese in Texas northern Mexico and Oklahoma. You did not want to be captured by the comanche ever. They were not gonNa Brooke you and they. Fought, other Indian tribes. That's what again they were wasn't as unified. They're all different no cities, no citadels, no central government. So when the whites came and from Europe and from the East Coast they were used to structure. They were used to a town and the sheriff and you add a judge. Any anything like that. They were nomadic. All right so that there was this clash of culture and it wasn't so much rates. All right. It was like you're totally different than we are we want your land. You're not getting it and that's why the wars began. Slightly kind of off the wall question but at some point. In the Indians got hold of like Winchester Rifles. I where did they get those winchester rifles? Well from. Their victories over the US army. Escaped the rifles. Yeah Coaches was never defeated never. In Arizona. They could beat him crazy horse never defeated until after the little bighorn. CUSTER's last stand these were brilliant tacticians and that's another thing. Americas zone. Oh, these are really sophisticated. Makers of war. And they would attack. On Boys they would attack forts they would attack when it railroad got up and that was the really the beginning of the end of the native American culture. What's a railroad went from Saint Louis San Francisco. They could get US troops there fast with cannons and guts but the news initially were able to raid, and Mexico was a big part of this the unions ray of the Mexican and Mexican armies petrified. Of The nation and steal all their stuff guns, horses, ammo women. Alcohol you name it and that's where they became armed. What kind of things with the Apaches, studio if they took you prisoner. Wasn't so much. The Apaches it was a command command excites me. Right, the Apaches were brutal if cornered. The Apaches were more were more basically. Leave US alone. Yes. Comanche were very aggressive. Very aggressive. So the you there's a, there's a comanche moon in it's coming up in October for all your people in California if you could see it through the wildfires. Big Big Harvest Moon, and the call it the Comanche Moon. because. The moon is so bright that everybody in the area of Texas northern Mexico Alma New the comanche would raid at night. 'cause they could see the horses they could see where they were going called the Comanche Moon. If, they got you it was mostly tortured by fire. And we have to lay it out in killing crazy worse. We have to tell you what they did and and it's really. Amazing brutal. In fact, so bad that the US army taught their soldiers. If you run out of AMMO, you leave one bullet in the chamber. And you know what? That was four Corolla moves for putting the gun in your mouth. That's right. So every soldier and most of the soldiers who went. West. Where immigrants? Who signed up in the army. soldier, new you don't get captured you have to kill yourself Was it when they would torture you. It obviously wasn't to get information out of you wasn't really to benefit was to send a message. I suppose I mean was there any method behind the madness? It was fun sport and the Indian women did to torturing. A really tort- torture was beneath the met. Dade. Turn it over to women. And women were torture and a there was no reason to do it. They didn't send any message, the message we sent. That burned down a farms and you know that was it and they kill the soldiers. But this was just fun and the women would be the ones who would carry it out. Yeah it's kind of like what it is now symbolically, but it was physically back now. Jess. Yeah. This is a joke for the Corolla Yours so. It is funny at the I don't think I've ever seen that depicted in a movie. Going just maybe going along with all the things we get wrong over the years so. We have the settlers there heading west the running into the Indians. The Indians, they vary from tribe to try. But what is their general? View of life did they have a religion? Is the religion more sort of nature spirit based? Are they schooling? I know they're nomadic but what would be as sort of a general term? You could say like here's how these people lived. Basically. Nature base faith. that. There was a great spirit who created all of the. Things. That the native Americans needed to survive. they were very respectful of animals and the environment. If they kill the Buffalo, they used every part of the buffalo some for food some for the tents. The Buffalo Horn Jr. every part of the animal was used no abuse. They were appalled by the white man just gutting animals down shooting them out trains. Now, it was a big big bone of contention between the Indians and the whites. They were not people who prayed. They did have a shaman. which was attached to the various tribes would you know do the? Basic. Okay. The higher power wants us to kill everybody in Fort Kearney. So here we go. But their lifestyle, most of the native American tribes exceptions you can go to Mesa Verde in Colorado and see exceptions of tribes that did stay in one place farmed a little bit but most of them would go. South when it was called North. When it was hot follow big buffalo herds where they went. And they were used to. Fending for themselves, they didn't rely on. Other than the tribe in which they were. and. It was a fascinating fascinating culture but they did war among themselves. There was a lot of that wasn't just the white man they were after how large were some of these tribes in terms of numbers Well, crazy horse had five thousand warriors. Wow. When customers showed up with about eight hundred men. Now custer was so arrogant. Sway, jacket, the Red Cravat, the flowing blonde hair. The little had on Jaunty manner. He said you know eight hundred crack US can take a couple of thousand wars. She didn't know there were five thousand. We're in drones to give them Intel and customers very confident that he was gonNA. Kick Butt. But anyway, they're warrant because of the food aspect. The tribes were kept in a manageable way and you could be a part of the Sioux tribe knew a lot of different sues were the Oh gala that was crazy always but there are a lot of them but they didn't all band together it'd be to defeat everybody So there were scattered around, but for crazy horse he managed to unite. The tribes go get custer and that's led to his demise. What was their language? Did they have a common language? No, we're all spoke different languages. In fact, the southern Indians Patches Comanche people down there smoke a lot of Spanish. Because they had Interact with the Mexican government and trade and all that and some of them learned English. You know the smarter of them but the Indian dialects vary from area to area and that was another. Reason they didn't unify. So it had own language on culture, the point of view and they wanted to stay fairly compact. So there was no big push to come. Sit tried it. He tried to unite all of the Indian tribes to. Fend off this migration that was coming over the allegheny mountains and you know William Henry. Harrison. Defeated Tecumseh and children and it was into him. How much innovation or technology for lack of a better term involved with them in terms of water storing food, you know shelter and things of that nature like was there was there innovation with some of the tribes? Well there was an very interestingly, they use plants and they used. For various ailments but life expectancy for native. Americans in the nineteenth century was. Fifty, forty, eight, some of the tribal elders reach seventy, seventy five. Particularly when they assimilated with whites. But here's the fascinating part of killing crazy horse Corolla and you'll find this interesting I believe. Martin. REGARD IS MY CO author research. We didn't take what happened from the white point of view in the custody case we couldn't because there were no white people surviving that bat. We took most of our information. From the oral history that was passed down from the tribes from generation to generation, and then as the nineteenth century progressed, some of the tribe members learn how to write English and wrote it down the battle of the little bighorn. We tell exclusively from the native American point of view. Again because there was no white one, they're all dead. All right and it's fascinating because the oral history is very, very precise and they get down to you know this is what your is. What sitting bull did. This is what the brave's did and Facet I'll give you one nugget custer. With custer crazy personal. Was Macho. Mano. A Mano. He was the only body. On the battlefield that wasn't mutilated. Custom. Is craziest. told his warriors kill them with? Don't touch him For that because the Indians had all superstition. If you cut off, there's or cut off that you can't go to the heaven whatever happy. That call whatever a baby I would never use that phrase. BILLION SONGS I heard from the from the fifty s I know was. So that's how sophisticated it was. So we're all eight hundred customers men kill then or mutilated. No because custer divided his force into three. Big Mistake Cluster lead one reno led another ben teen led another when country got into trouble custer went into the Sioux Village Road in on on horseback with his guys. Then I said Oh we got three hundred. They got five thousand. We'd better get to do that here. which they tried to do, but crazy ores anticipated that had surrounded them and he couldn't escape Ben Teen. Reno are both colonels new what was happening and we're too frightened and so we're all there is to go to custer's. Relief to reinforce him and Reno and and Ben team both got tried. By the US government or cowardice and but they knew. Because they knew what the outcome outcome was going to be right. So they just gotten surrounded customers two, hundred, seventy, five men or or so and they just slaughtered them. That way. Yeah took about forty five minutes. CUSTER's brother is brother in law his cousin to newspaper reporters. I was hoping they were going to be from the New York Times, but they warrant from a Dakota newspaper. That was another jest And everybody that. About forty five minutes, how many Indians were were killed in that nobody knows because the oral history of the battle did not. Compute that. So. All the Indian casualties were removed from the battlefield. The Indians left all the whites. All. Right. So they could count how many would get if you go to South Montana now, the custer battlefield Zehr with markers on where everybody died it's it's a US national. Park. So, but the Indians took their dead and wounded, and there was no oral history of numbers. Were most of the American soldiers back then Europeans. Are YOUNG IMMIGRANTS IN A. In a way, a lot of military are in our modern day time or Hispanics and blacks, and you know folks some some new to this country. But some it's usual at sort of lower middle class. You're going to take this job because you don't have an uncle that has a successful business. You can't go work with him. You have to join the military, right essentially same same held back then. Yeah because the civil war was a turning point during the civil war. All of the US government troops are pulled back to fight the confederacy. Is Ran Wild Out West. So if you were unlucky enough to be in Tucson Arizona You were protected by the US Army Fort Nearby. But all of a sudden there were got. They got called back to fight the confederates and said, hey, this is good. We'll just go and kill everybody which they did. All right. But after the civil war, a lot of the Union troops stayed in the army. And they were hardened veterans but many of them were from Ireland Germany, those countries in particular. Would come to the US didn't have an economic basis, no education and the army paid them. And they became professional soldiers. And then after the civil war. There were moved out west and they said, look we got to provide a measure of protection. For the people out there, and so here come the blue coats, and then as I said, the railroad made that much easier to do. You'd have to ride out there you go on a railroad and get out there much faster with heavy artillery, cannon and guns, and all of that now is the end of the Indians Railroad. Interesting, was the primary weapon for the Indian before they got the RIMINGTON's sort of from from the white man essentially. WAS IT era was it at battle axe or Tomahawk I mean were they as skilled that shooting the Arrows on horseback? Was it accurate? Was that was a? An effective method for killing people. The primary weapon for many not all but many native American tribes was the lance of the land like. Like medieval Europe right. Because with the big lance and they had the tip, the steel tip all right or was stolen whatever. They could do unbelievable things with it. They could throw it like a javelin. They could stab the earth if they were hunting. They could get a rabbit or whatever they were after boot and the Lance. They could when they fought other Indians without firearms it was who stronger on a worse right? Right. Now, for other long range battles, it was the bow and Arrow mainly with fire So when there was Djing the forts, they would go boom. Throw the. The flaming Arrow because all the fort's would right and. Go. Up. And then close in off the horse, it was a Tomahawk. And the knife and all the Indian victims scalped. took. That was the mark of a brave warrior. How many scalps did you get was a Tomahawk and knife hand the hand? The I guess they had the ability to shape metal or was everything sharpens stone. Trying to Japan as as as the culture progressed. Got More sophisticated. So. They didn't have you know like four Jing and iron and like that but they could steal and whatever the white man had. The Indian SAT. So for example, you have train tracks, right? Right. So the tries to just pull the train tracks up. And they would use the steel of the train tracks to put on the edge of the lance right or the Arrow. In the beginning it was stone and then got more sophisticated India's were forager's. That's what they did. They went out and they would take anything that you have. So say they attack a house well, all pots and pans in the house. Going to the village. For a variety of reasons, they're unbelievably creative in how they used everything the native Americans God it's really interesting to hear these people sort of become people and not cartoon characters as you become as wrote the book. I wrote it because Americans don't know anything about it. And that's a pretty big gap in knowledge I am so tired and I know you are too I am so tired Afar people sent a weren't evil country we below everything up no more statues. Our history is terrible white supremacist and it's it's so much more complicated than that. In almost every regard, my job with these nine killing books is to tell you the truth. About what happened then you can make an educated opinion of your country well, I. Agree. The Way I, always sort of look at it is. Being evil or being racist or wanting to randomly hurt people is sort of a luxury meets a waste of time. You know what I mean when you're poor and you're hungry and you're desperate and you're trying to your nomadic or you're trying to get from the eastern part of the country to the western part of the country being racist or just being evil is kind of a it's kind of a waste of time. You know you really your priorities are to get fed into, get shelter into get whatever, and you can hurt people along the way who don't look like you but that doesn't mean you're racist. There was. There was a religious fervor. That made people white people cruel. That because they're not Christians and they're you know savages and not atheist but they have no. Traditional religion that we knew we want with that there was that. All right but you're absolutely right. If you were just forging ahead, trying to survive out there Indian could be your best friend. Dan Booming knew that Davy Crockett knew that both of those guys are in killing crazy horse. They knew I mean look if you could make friends with some native Americans, they help you a lot as the pilgrims learn firsthand. But then you had this religious. To it that you know. Was Not a good thing. Well, I WANNA. Talk about Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, and turn them into human beings instead of cartoon characters as well. Of course we all. Grew up with Davy Crockett and I think fess parker may have played Daniels. Absolutely as yeah dive and they made some Disney movies and TV shows but but again, everything was a part of Hollywood sort of. Caricature, you remember the Song Corolla Davey Day. Crockett King. Of The wild frontier. We should do Chris I parker. Together. All right. Let me hit chipmunks. Let me hit. Break, and we'll talk about those two characters once again, I only know what? What The Walt Disney Corporation taught me about this too I I'll tell you about the true Nigerian been taken true Jin. It's a daily supplement. 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Happy to report that bill is not just a spokesman that he actually knows the subject because I literally was just. All over the road quizzing him about. All these things that I vaguely know and he has a various students are for all of them so. Thanks for not just being the name on the book, but actually being intimately familiar with the subject matter. That we were talking about Davy Crockett Daniel Boone talk about the two characters. So I have in my possession in my history collection, the deed when Daniel Boone's sold his Kentucky home and acreage because he was fed up with too many people coming into the bluegrass state and wanted to move to Missouri where nobody was so Daniels's feisty. Guy. had been on the periphery of helping the new United States government move into Kentucky had fought the British on in during the war of eighteen twelve was a scout as many like folks Daniel didn't like people like. Corolla. had. But it was a coon skin at and he got it was a scout. All right. But he had money because he rented his services out to business people who wanted to explore. The Midwest so he moved to. Missouri. Doesn't work out for him there and he comes back. Not a real consequential guy in US history other than the name and the legend. Davy Crockett's diff I have a letter from Davy. Crockett he was a congressman. From Tennessee only serve one term because he couldn't stand Washington and sit in the office. Davey was. Outdoors Guy Rock, this Guy Indian fighter from the jump. Good shot. Didn't really like invention outy got married abandoned his wife and kids kind of floated all over the place. Did worked for Andrew Jackson for a little while. But he found his way out to Texas because David was restless restless guy he wanted to act. Let me go out to Texas. She was going on out there unfortunately Davey wound up in the Alamo. And that was the end of Davy Okay but. He was much more of a presence in history a man he was an explorer. He was an Indian fighter then he fought the Mexican army. The Alamo and you know very flamboyant guy that left more much bigger trail pardon upon then Daniel Boone. I believe I'M GONNA ask my producer. Chris. You can look it up. Didn't. Zakar are Abrahams of airplane fame, Naked Gun, and all that wasn't one of them. A big Daniel Boone. Memorabilia collector I don't know bill if you know that story but Zakar Abrahams, guys who obviously done all those naked gun, an airplane movies and police squad sort of beyond all those comedies. I think it's I. think it suck I said Sucker Abrams. One of them has a large collection of Daniel Boone. Davy Crockett Damian crime. Damn it. A huge day they're able. Is Not, a lot of Davy Crockett stuff around. I have a letter written by. then. Congressman Crockett. With a of misspellings guerrilla. Say A lot of misspellings. Well. You know frontier cursive. We'll give them a break. Then have spellcheck on their quills. Sure so I can't even spell check on twitter I'm screwed. So I, we're these is what would they've been? They've been your rowdy friends from high school that drank a little too much. Would they've been? You know sort of the quiet God who kept to himself who didn't want neighbors like I'm trying to Think of who these guys would be today. If they can survive because both. Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett were. People who didn't like civilization very much. They didn't want to settle down they didn't want to conform. They didn't want to have a job or be a farmer they wanted adventure. So, maybe a CIA or one of those things, but they were explorers and they just want to get out there and see what was over the next mountain. That's who they were weren't gun fighters. They weren't Lookin' they weren't aggressively violent. They just wanted action and. It, worked out okay for him but Crockett was killed lane he was thirty four when he died. At the Alamo. Right. And How did they befriend the Indians? How did they have these? Relationships where they could travel through their territories. Boone was such a skilled woodsmen that the Indians in. Kentucky and Ohio respected him. because. He was the first guy out there. And he was eccentric guy who lived like the Indians. Lived in the same. We haunt. because. We go to sleep, get up and. Do it again. Yeah, they built a cabin but the Indians and Daniel Boone had a lot in common Crockett was more of a guy was very charismatic. On they loved them. He was a macho man Andrew Jackson's friend good shot good with a knife. The guy walks in a bar and everybody wants to buy him a drink right? That was Davey. Boom was much more solitary. Worries me, and I'm sure it works. You too is well the sort of version of history that we're trying to teach all the kids these days which I feel like is sort of poisoning them in the in the modern time through sort of taking these people and turning them into very negative cartoon characters, and there's so much to glean from from the history good and bad. Do you worry about what is being taught and how it's being taught in the in the school sixteen nineteen project and and things of that nature sort of black lives matter. Manifest stone that sort of stuff. Well I do worry about it because parents are becoming increasingly derelict in their responsibility to make sure their children know about their country. So history. They can't teach. About Native Americans crawl, you can't do that and they'd. Because you make one false statement. Or. You wear a Washington redskins cap like I said. And you're canceled. Street teacher no we're not going to get into this native Americans. We're GONNA go right from the revolutionary war to the civil war to Chatty Rosa. No in between because I might say something wrong. And then a little Zeke is going to go home and Heather and That's about the data back and then all of a sudden the teachers up against on charges in front of the school board, you're a racist. that. So it's not taught. And therefore, we get an army of younger Americans who know absolutely nothing about because you remember a segment I did on on the factor called waters world more Jesse waters out to ask me even the basics and nobody knew anything. That's where we are a country. It was like a historical jaywalking. As. Jay Leno. Stole it for Leno. To be clear as we did it way back and people's all Yoda us to dump people know we did it. And time. We didn't add it. This is a we talk through. This is what they said didn't select the dump all right and when you have a population. That doesn't know anything. then they'll swallow propaganda on both sides on both the left and the right. and. That's my mission. In these killing books you killing Lincoln killing England, killing crazy horse. You'll know how you choose for. You need those through book. You'll know by the way the broadcast show no Spin News weeknights eight PM Eastern Five, o'clock Pacific on the on the the first TV new media network yeah. So let's talk about that and Fox and such. I'm not a I. Don't have a everything happens for a reason. I'm not that Guy I do believe that change is always good even when it doesn't initially feel good I lost a broadcast syndicated radio show job when I replaced Howard Stern and CBS radio cut me. I don't know twelve years ago and I was disappointed and unhappy that I'd lost my job now as I look back on it, probably the best thing that ever happened to me, how do you feel looking back on your relationship with Fox and was it a blessing in disguise? Well. I don't know about that but I had been in corporate media for forty two years. At Fox Channel More than twenty. A very successful and all my venues Stein I work hard I think I bring a unique view of. Life to ever I do but I had had pretty much. And it was a big change in management and Fox Roger Ailes left company, and he was the originator of the concept and I was left there by Saint. All right. I mean you know we're doing real well with the number one rated cable news show, but I had to answer to a corporation. And then when the corporation didn't back me, I, said all right. Well, I'll go do something else and by that time I, was iconic people knew what was I had tons of money in the bank thank God because money gives you options and then I decided to form I know my own news agency Bill O'Reilly Dot Com. Now that has gone just this year alone from five million company dollar. Company to a twenty, five, billion dollar company in nine months while this is the pandemic and racial stuff because people know I'll tell them. The truth may not agree with me but I'll back up what I say and that's why the books you know the killing crazy horse of I, two weeks or so more than two, hundred, thousand copies Karol. That's a lot of a lodge. And trump's not even in the book I tried to get him in, but it's one hundred and fifty years. Too early. Up I hate trump. Did Book is just injury book two, hundred, thousand copies so. I wouldn't say it was a blessing because you always want to go out on your own terms and. But. It took me forty eight hours to say I'M GONNA start my own news. Agency. Again. Thank God. I believe in God you don't but who's more handsome? which you have to say. Well. I I. Don't say a blessing I say in life when there's a change sometimes, it's a relationship. sometimes, it's a boss sometimes, it's a company worker. I said usually when you get a year away from that time of divorce or that time of being fired at that time of going separate ways or having to move or whatever that changes usually when you look back on it. You're sort of happy that it turned out that way because you would have never met this person or you never would've started this company and that's the way I sort of look at it not that you're happy about it just that it turned out to be a positive thing because now you're doing something that you wouldn't have been doing. That is a very wise assessment that you just put forth to your viewers, but there's one other factor involved because I got out of the corporate world. I could spend more time with my kids. I'm coming to you for my studio to my house right just like you. Saw I spent a lot of time in the teen years with. And that was an enormous plus. So I always spent time with him. But now I could be a presence that. Had An impact and I don't talk about that kind of stuff very much. But that was an unintended consequence of this whole thing. That is the biggest positive of all. Do you have a relationship with Tucker. Carlson you watch the show you have any interest in the past and or Tucker once in a while I'll tune in. To Watch to see what everybody's doing I don't know Tucker very well. I know I'm a little bit but he was in Washington I was in New York. In. The first couple of years every took over for me he's doing. All right. But then that show went into. Different areas where. Like are not. The guy is saying, stop the nobody else says. When you do that It's like Stern. You mentioned Howard Stern when you do that. They'll be audience a comes to hear it. So he's not predictable. Says things that no one also say on television. so I think he's doing fine. Do you on a personal note because I suffer a little from this. Sometimes, I'll meet people talk them little bit I'll spend some time with them and they'll go I thought you were this kind of guy but it turns out you're a nice guy or you're not anything like I thought you were or your sort of portrayed to be, and I suspect you suffer from that as well. And there's a two way street and it can go back and forth like we've learned from L. and recently that she was being portrayed as this and now she's being portrayed as that. Do you feel like there's a caricature of you. That's out there that. America knows but they don't if they really knew more about you or more, your interest would be surprised to find out X. wines either you're a very dedicated family man or. Historian are former history teacher do you feel that you suffer from that? Well I don't even think about it. God's honest. Truth I mean I have no one knew what? Twenty Years Girl? Yes. Okay. You know who? I am. Yes I mean you know who I am right but. People Form Impressions. I don't even think about them. and. I wrote a book called a bowl fresh piece of humanity, which is kind of a bile. Funny Bile my picture on the cover as an altar boy of my hands like this people want to know about me they can find out. But what I do is I kind of blindly go along I. Put forth my opinion and I write my books if you like them. And me I'm thrilled if you don't I don't care. I'm not in the persuasion business. All right and I have to say everybody in the world knows me Corolla which is a bad thing. But wherever I go everybody knows me because twenty plus years in prime time on television we'll get you that. And being I don't know six four like that. I mean just six four and you know but but I'm not. Flamboyant. In person I don't try to draw attention to myself when I'm out in public but very the point I wanted to make was very few people are nasty to me or common inappropriate. I wouldn't Brooke bad and you're right. I'm a big guy and maybe they don't want to mess with the Irish guy at this. But I have to say ninety percent of my interactions with the public or positive and they know what I do. They know who I am. I don't do the personal stuff. I don't do the People magazine. I don't do any of that. All right because I know I'm never going to get fair shake from it ever in a million years it's not the presses and like it was twenty five years ago now Harpoon Harpoon. Harpoon. That's what they. Well I'M NOT GONNA play a game. Let's let me I want to kind of circle back to something. I said I think you said you're not impression business like. Persuasion persuasion business yes. Apache Comanche. Damn it. All right. So the persuasion business. So here's I'm interested in this sort of psychological dynamic thing. So Hollywood is in the persuasion business everyone in Hollywood that's kind of their business, the persuasion business. You're not in the persuasion business and I don't know neither Ben Shapiro they seem to have a certain ir the Hollywood community for the folks that aren't into the persuasion slash popularity business because that is their business they don't say it out loud. I'm just wondering if there's a dynamic here somewhere, which is if they understand there are in the persuasion business mix with the pop running for homecoming King and you're not is there part is that a dynamic that gets their IRA UP I am not a person who will pander and you know that better than anybody. So. If I see. Some guy named Monty and he run ca a my going over and Gore. Judy do it's never gonNA happen all right. So let me give you a good example of your question and this will answer your question. I did the David Letterman show about fourteen times okay and Letterman in the beginning despised me. And what he wanted to do because I never cozied up to letterman didn't say Dave, I like that tie or that monologue the top ten was the greatest ever. Would I do that? I'm respectful and polite, but never do that. So he wanted to. Score points with his liberal crew because Dave's unavowed liberal. With me. So I'm on his show in time I guess it was maybe the fourth time I was on there and promoting a book and he says, you know Riley. Eighty. percent of what you say is crap. Be said that to me right right on air right and. There was a hush in the audience. He was Sardonic but that's pretty in your face right for gas. So I looked and I, said I said Dave, can you give me one example of that? Silence. He could. And I said if you can't give me one example that how can you calibrate? That eighty percent of what I'm saying is garbage when you can't provide one thing back that up isn't that a little disrespectful to your audience here. That was it. That was it. Okay From that moment on. Letterman like me. An interview he said, I. was one of the best guess he's ever had on his program and I could see it in his eyes I bested him. All right. pandered to him. But I replied an honest way. And no one in Hollywood would have done that. Would have. Either fallen apart and. Call for their press agent. Tell them what to say. Or they would is it. You know that's right. Eddie percent of what I say is garbage I'll be better. I'll be better days. But May. I don't care if David Letterman things at eighty percent of what I say garbage I couldn't care less I was curious to know how we arrived at that number. Then, when I was over, I got a standing o. from his audience while that night. I. I gotta hit a piece of business. I'll tease we should talk a little modern day politics I. Know You know trump well. I'd like to hear your thoughts on chances for second term wedding needs to do and maybe what he doesn't need to do and Biden, and so forth, we'll do that in one second. 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If you could I've heard you speak pretty eloquently about trump I believe, I, heard you on my friend Dennis Prager show radio program couple of weeks ago. Very. Insightful stuff from a person who knows trump pretty well. What are your impressions? What are your thoughts I dunno forty forty days out or so. Well, I can't make any predictions now I think next Tuesday in the debate after that will have some clarity. I wrote a book called the United States. If trump, it's a history book on the president if you really want to understand him and most people don't and I understand. But if you really WanNa, know about him and why he does what he does you read the United. States trump and you'll not. So at this point, it's a referendum on Donald trump the election on November thirty. It's do we want this guy for four more years or we want him off the stage forever and the nation is pretty much divided in half on it. All right. So then you have the Biden factor if there was a charismatic if were Barack Obama had emerged this year. rather than in two thousand, eight Obama would've just one against trump. In, a landslide. If, there were some alternative to the. Chaos. That president trump brings because he does bring brings chaos. That's not to say, he hasn't been successful in his presidency because has been if you just step back, take the emotion out of it what he did with the economy was. Very. Very impressive. Destroyed ice. He's got all of our enemies afraid of him. Now, Putin may be an exception to that. All right, but you did some good things. But if you read the La Times, a New York Times. Washington Post, he didn't do anything good ever his whole life. Yeah I mean the Middle Gone moving of the NBA moving the embassy the Middle East. I mean that's pretty historic off. He's frightened nomination. Sure. But he's done some things that have not been. Constructive the country basically because his personality is I'm not GonNa take any crap right. I'm going to tell David Letterman CD. He wouldn't have asked Letterman what I ask give me one example he would have called Dave. A Name and then made fun of his hair, right? That's what trump would dot. Right so he creates this tension right now Biden is gonna come across next Tuesday night as the pacifier right I'm the experienced hand I'm gonNA bring everybody together and I, Joe Biden I look at this barbarian let's get the huns out of Washington and bring in the civilized people led by me. That's what he's trying to sell. Trump hand changed not going to pander is going to much better off under me particularly if you're black or Hispanic because I've got a rip roaring economy and wants to Cova things subsides, it's coming back strong. But if you elect those people we're going to go into a recession that's your choice. But there is there there's one more factor involved for next Tuesday night when. You Watch, the Bait which will be the most well watch debate in the history of debates. Can Buy. Get his ideas across in a manner that makes you think the man is operating at one hundred percent because I don't think he's operating at one hundred percent. All right I think he's down Aaron in sixty somewhere. percentile in terms operation yes. Obviously there's something going on beyond just being. Older than he was when you see footage of him from two thousand and fifteen, he seems spry. In clear and obviously there's something neurological going on the question is how much and how fast You, know I wrote a book called Killing Reagan. After Reagan was shot a few months after he was inaugurating almost died his mental acuity collapsed public didn't know right and this is the fascinating part about the book killing rate the kept it from the American people. But some days Reagan could not do his job couldn't do all right. But other days he was clear and he made a miraculous comeback from that awful situation bite could make the comeback. He could I'm not a doctor I don't know but I follow this as you know as closely as any human being in a world follows it. And I don't think at times Joe. Biden knows what he's saying. He's disconnected now I the words coming out of his mouth I. that's frightening. That is frightening. I've spoken to Dr drew about this on more than one occasion when you say. Over two, hundred, million, Americans have died of covid nineteen anyone can botch a number anyone can miss speak but to power on and not catch yourself to not have right we all speak for living. We all know we've mispronounced person's name or a city or a number, and immediately stop and go back and fix it because there's a party or brain that says. You said two, hundred, million when you meant two, hundred, thousand, one, you start getting into a neurological part of this little dementia a little something going on, you can push you'll push pass that thing you said it's not really miss speaking it's not catching your brain will catch it. We do it all the time. The good ones like Bill O'Reilly do it very rarely. But him powering forward with miscues an interesting part that it's not the miscue it's the pushing past not stopping and correcting he he doesn't hear it right? He doesn't hear it okay now. Advance the story, which is what I always do. The problem with casting a vote for Joe. Biden is that you're gonNA get somebody running. The country, the most powerful man in the world. Who at times? Can't process information. And because of that is very afraid don't you think that Joe Biden is afraid he is. All right that's why he doesn't do press. That's why he doesn't do rallies. He's afraid. He knows that he's diminished when you're afraid in a job like the president of the United States, you are susceptible to other people. Telling you what to do. And I believe that the Biden campaign is being run by Obama ACOLYTES. All right people like David Axelrod and that the far left to wait to get joe in the office because everything they want. He may not support it, but he's not going to stand up against it. Because, he's confused and frightened. If you see a confused and frightened man on the stage next Tuesday night. You have to vote for Donald, trump as much as you may loathe him. And that is what is going to happen will either see confused and frightened man Joe Biden or person in command, and we don't know who's going to show up. Well, my last comment slash question is is I agree with what you're saying. If this in fact is a referendum on trump. Then by nature we it doesn't much matter who the other person is. I agree confused and weak and indecisive, and all that kind of stuff is not going to be a good luck. But if in fact it is really a referendum on trump then it's just a referendum on trump will take a we'll take a coat rack. Over five, five to eight percent of Americans at this point are persuadable, right? That will tell the tale that's the group and you know with the Internet even if you don't watch stupid debate. With this everybody's GonNa see every mistake. The five to eight hold on. A lot of people are listening and not watching bill just pointed at his groin. Sorry go ahead. No I pointed at this stupid machine the phone is the dominating. Culture every simple way but summing up. Most important election in my lifetime. I don't want the far left in charge of this country. I've seen what they're doing New York City that cities fallen apart under the Communist. A Communist. Portland Oregon I lived there. That place is going down Seattle going down Minneapolis a shambles. All far left people governing la La United States. Yeah. La's already down I live here. Bill the book is called killing crazy horse the merciless Indian wars in America available. Now on Amazon always an interesting chat bill I hope we can do it again soon. Anytime thanks for being Corolla I. Really appreciate it by the way. No Spin News is well, thanks bell. We'll talk soon. All right. Let me just finish up with the GYCO here. Right now GEICO's offering an extra fifteen percent credit on car motorcycle RV policies. That's fifteen percent on top of the money you could be already shaving if you're going with. GYCO. So what are you waiting for? There's never been a better time to switch to geico save an extra fifteen percent when switch by October seventeenth visit geico. Dot Com to learn more that is Geiko, dot com and quick fifteen seconds for simply safe. 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