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Follow Up On Martin Luthers Anti-Semitism


I was going on everybody. Welcome back to prescribing truth, I'm Jamal bandy. If it's a first time ticking out this palm podcast, please help you watching this on YouTube, please describe hit notification about size. So you can be notified when I have new content. If your listeners on various podcasts apps, including our tunes such radio Google play in the search leave a review this lets me know, which they call it the show are really reprint it and subscribed to but everyone you listened to. Yeah. If you'd like to contact me can do so by emailing me, prescribe Dr truth that Jimoh dot com or you can call me at eight oh, one nine eight hundred sixty three thirty three. Yeah. You can do that. You can call me. You know, we have one discuss anything topic on the show would not you agree disagree. You think I'm losing my mind. Whatever it is. You're welcome to call me on that number, and I've had conversations people have called me on the number. We've had some great conversations and some conversations we stood disagreed. And and there are some that came out where we end up no reason together, it was it was pretty good. So I really enjoy that. So please utilize that call me, I do welcome in. What else have you liked to support the show financially can do? So by pardon me, meal patron at patient com for slash prescribe. Truthfully. Dollar getting ready to start doing over discourse over there. So you know, I've been sitting on the fort while finally just town dot dove into it and China get it set on this is tough. But we send it up of having something for the patriots as well as as well as those who scrap to the channel. So you're gonna come on dischord, we can discuss the show or this or Chow. It up a hang out whatever just a way to connect with you guys more and on the half meaningful conversations, hopefully encourage one another and so on so forth. So I'm looking forward to that. So yeah. So we only got for that. I'm putting out there coming out soon. All right. Oh, man. This week just kinda slowing things down a little bit. And it's going to do follow up to last week's video last week, bows under the weather and everything else. I did like I just did like a recording and posted that and dinner with Martin Luther and so by God's grace feeling a lot better now, and she's going to respond to comments over the course of the week that missile comics come up on the channel as well. As not as not a lot. But also pushback on Facebook. So not gonna show those comments or anything like that. I wasn't prepared to really show them. I could you know, blackout. And all that kind of good stuff any like doing all this time. So she's gonna read them to you in all kinda give the a response. We'll follow up to that into this topic. It's kind of interesting. This topic has shown me what the what the temperature is going to be like going forward on with these types of topics. It was one thing on criticize air Mason for the church. Another thing discussing how you know. We're my stance was with the social gusts social Justice in the gospel statement when I did the review of the Terry's, while vote church will know won't last. I won't thrive off succeed. And then don't Martin Luther King? If not then going into talking about Martin Luther so obviously, there's a different of opinion. But here in this channel this podcast with his ministry. It's interesting truth. I can't stress that enough is is is I do my best by God's grace a trauma. The try not to be biased with any of this word support where I'm just being unfair with information. And that's why ask people to give me information. If you have links anything like that pass it along. I'll also so that's why ask for pushback, I do ask people to comment, even if you disagree because I don't claim to have everything I don't claim to know it all, but one thing that I truly want to stand on with this ministry and his channel is truth. What is the truth? So let's let's backtrack real quickly. Let's give some context. Again, as to the predom- where we're going with all this why I'm doing these videos in the first place. Well, a while back. There was a question come up as into why thing last year her beginning of last year, they had IMO conference as Christians who had MLK conference. And they was referring to Martin Luther King is if he was a Christian as if he's a believer. They got a lot of pushback got a lot of steam and that cause a whole lot of issue this. I mean, really when it comes to social Justice issues. I mean that's been in the works for the years now. But when it came to this subject, we're doing now, it was dealing with the MLK fifty and so was conference can lead it up on YouTube or whatnot. So the question was posed as to why do people reject Martin Luther King as being a Christian or for some be represented in a conference, but we will all represent or talk about an engaged with works of George Whitfield Jonathan Edwards and Martin Luther. And this is a question that even our got this question on a YouTube comment on this question that I've heard people ask on social media are people deal with outside of that. Even in my local church. You know, these conversations that we've had and saw fill that need. It was important to deal with him. All right. So that's where this came out. And I remember asking a question. I don't know if you remember in my video probably about three weeks ago now. Yeah. About three four weeks ago. Now, I asked the question I posted questions at the end of the video, and I asked well, I actually got to think of some things and one of the questions that I actually got to think of was when it comes to the subject of slavery because that's the that's the whole knock against George Whitfield and Jonathon Edwards. They own slaves. This oh, actually guys the question just a question and something to think about is it a sin in of itself to own slaves. And and there's a question to believers, you know, because you know, you go into world. There's one thing I understand because when I'm dealing with. I'm doing black folks out there in the streets in urban communities. The one thing they bring up, especially atheists, and some agnostics essay bring out about that say the bobble condone slavery and on so forth, which then we have to spend time explaining that away and showing them notice that's not the truth. And you know, and we walk with them through it now slot times. They don't wanna listen on so forth, and we can't help that. But that's what we do. But still the question remains is a sin inner self Thome slaves. So when we get into talking about George Whitfield on the networks, that's what we're going to think about we're going to get we really going to think about because like I said we're going to send this on. What's true? What is true? And what's not knowing? What is right and what's wrong, not right? Because I know what makes us emotional. But was right. This morning. Die known the guy standard of Justice Gosden of righteousness. And that's what we're standing on it. So when it came to Martin Luther King it wasn't so night. Really? If you videos like, even though I did talk about him being of pushing for communism, though, he did not believe in the methods of those who are communists at the time or or before his time. He was pushing for that standard. He no he pushing for that outcome that was that was the clear thing that I wanted people to see when it came to him and communism, but the key to bringing up Martin Luther King was the fact that Garrisa why? Christmas reject him is because he was a false. Yeah. False teacher. He he believed not just some some unhealthy doctrine, he believes in some straight heretical teachings, some heretical doctors, and he expressed his beliefs in a way where he was fully aware of what he saying it wasn't what he didn't know he was ignorant or any of that kind of stuff. He was fully aware of the reform view. He was fully aware of the the the doctrine of Jesus his divinities deity fully aware of all those things yet. He deny those things even when it comes to send in the world and how sin is dealt with in the world. It wasn't that. He was just a synergies where he believed got him man, like work together salvation, it wasn't that like even senators even senators, I know they probably won't be consistent with this. But they would not say that God works with man to deal with sending the world. Like, no, they wouldn't say that. Now that probably be the end that probably be the logical conclusion to what they are all too. But that wouldn't be what they would confess. But Martin Luther King said clearly, and when his papers he said when it comes to San in the world God works with man man, does his part. He does seventy percent of the work and God comes in with the rest. And that's what the that forgot does that is you have got even being familiar with the scriptures. And that's just the truth, y'all. I don't know. I don't know, you know, where else to go from there. I mean, we use in the kinda you lose me. Right. The point where you say that you don't believe Jesus was born in a Virgin Mary life best. That's you don't that means you only believe he was the son of God, you believe that. He was a man like us, which he did believe that he was just a mere man that became divine or what people saw him as divine whose dad good. That's that's heretical. That's why he's rejected. So nobody is. So Nick, keep in mind when? Doing the videos where Martin king out kept it fair people make arguments against Martin Kane because the the the bags of him being adulterous in in in in taking part in orgies and all that kind of stuff like that. I didn't go into all that. Well, I didn't go into that. I didn't go into the DS. He may have committed in all kinds of like that because as a Christian if I believe in the gospel teaches, but then even if he did commit those horrible acts there was still room for forgiveness. If he was a believer. Even if he even if he had false teachers repented, it was sounds of it that still room of it Rumford. But those teachings that he was teaching believing in was too. He was believing those things even later in his life like years a couple of few years before he passed now could he have changed? Yes. But I'm not making an argument from silence for anybody. So that was the whole thing with that. It's like man like he believes there's some false heretical teachings teaching. That would tight damn you to hail Jesus said unless you believe that I am you will have no part with me unless you believe there are am Marlin Kane did not believe Jesus was or is. He didn't believe that. So that's that. Now, not laid aside his his personal issues that he had for good reason. But given the reason that I hate that I didn't cover that with you. It's a sign reason why I approach Martin Luther the same way. I did I gave Martin Luther same benefit even with dealing with this issue with anti semitism. So. Those little pushback, I'm just gonna give generalized view of this. There was some accusations of thoughts that I may have been a little one side concerning the to, you know, be willing to be more against Martin Luther King than Martin Luther that I was willing to cover my eyes and on the things that make Martin Luther just as bad as Martin Luther King, Saul so forth. But the information presented was from both people from there. They wrote themselves Martin Luther King was from works that he wrote himself Martin Luther a work. He worked he wrote himself. Now this mind, the argument that's made with Martin Luther King from people is that well, he may have said these things, but you don't know if he could have repented, well, what about Martin Luther, where's where's the standard there because Martin Luther wrote those things and let on his likeness earning burning synagogues zone. So for what about this issue that he changed? 'cause thing is the one thing about the different tweet. Martin Luther Martin Luther King junior is Martin Luther was a believer. Like, he believed in the sensuous. So even if he had that heart heart towards the Jewish teachings Judaism. And all that stuff. God is still changes heart before he passed. I mean, I mean, it's more like it's most likely that could have happened with him because he truly was a believer. Like, he truly believed in the true faith, like he he had that, you know, Martin Luther King didn't. So who was who's gonna convict Martin Luther King of his of his era? Was he born again, not at the time. He was writing those works. He wasn't Martin Luther we believe he was we was born again. And I like how one of my brothers. He commented on the re uploaded a video of better audio a he said that. Yes. Martin Luther Manders like his heart was like like bad towards Jews, man. Like, that's not what Christ taught us how to deal with folks. Teaching. But goddess judge be no saying so like God is going to judge in in. I trust got go make the right judgment as he always does. So let's let's not play anything away. That's giving equal scales. Me attempting to give equal scales. Both people let. Both people plead their case they're saying that got their own words that he wrote with their own hands. And I'm okay, what did this person say? Would this person say why do we hold to this one? Don't hold to that one. What's up with him? And we went through that out. And I believe I how that pretty fair, but I'm gonna read a couple of comments am going to address things then. Been that'd be for the follow up. Like, I said this, you know, one thing I'm really excited about going forward having a discourse. 'cause by because like subscribers and who who washed channels able to come. We'll we'll have access to come to this Gordon enjoying the conversations and stuff like that. And we can have talks because you know, in comments, you know, things can get biscuits. Drew me. You can't read tone on kind of stuff like that. You don't know where people going with their heart. Is you don't know those things, you know, but it's trying to give benefit of doubt when it comes to stuff like that. But you know, some of the stuff is just like man, like, I I don't understand where this, you know, especially when it comes to the Mark the Martin Luther situation, anti semitism. I tried my best to make it clear that my whole point and doing the video was to answer the question or to deal with the the accusation of him being racist against Jews. So it wasn't a it wasn't a thing. Whether or not he was on with I agree with. Him or his rhetoric wire agreed with what he was saying completely and all that stuff like that. Is like. Do was he truly racist against Jews? That was the question that I was attempting to answer in videos, and it seemed like the most of the pushback was when he says Mesbah stuff, and I'm not. Yes, he did. Yeah. He did. And you know, and nowhere in my video was our temperature justify that. But anyway, let me let me get into the comments MAURICE comments. And and we'll go from there. All right. Feel free to comment on his own livestream as well. You know, I'm Bahir can even after this last dream is finished I'll hopefully just straight up uploaded from here. But you know, we're going to Email me, even at the Lao shrink. I'll be around I'll for a little bit. All right. So so so this is what comment from Lord of the harvest, and this was on the on one uploaded with the better quality of audio. And I'm sorry about that guys with the audio not being good on the first blow a hopefully, this is a lot better. Now puffing. Hear me good. But he said that dude didn't love his enemy his way of converting them 'cause converting them Jews was grimy. I love the language man is got will be his judge. Thanks for the info. And I was like. Yeah. Agree agree with day. Like he didn't love his enemy. See anything? Like, I didn't read autumn are Martin Luther word like there's works. He had in early in his life after being converted where he was very loving to the Jews very. Loving wanted him to be saved just want to reach out to them, and, you know, be compassionate and all that stuff, but given the historical data in P as I listen to certain pockets of people talk about this issue during that time, the Jews they were like going hard against the Christians converting some, you know, so call us, some Christians apostate and also they was really like railing guest Christmas Kosonen the doctrine of the trinity and Jesus being messiahs on so forth. And and apparently this frustrated Martin Luther now does not give an excuse to the rhetoric. He gave that lease gives understanding into what happened like how do you go from loving them and being loving towards them to to later on being really really hateful towards light one of them. Not debater the travel on the roles that you know, they can't travel cross this bridge and come out burning their houses, you know, in not very house with raising the houses tars light, you know, terrorists things up. And all that stuff and can't earn money. The way they've been earning money says he they earned about Usery, which if they will buy users in the would be like a simple thing. But I'm not sure what he meant by how they earn Dan. So I'm just gonna what he wrote what he wrote in the book, but taking their money from them. So like two wrongs make a right? So they have money. They did get money dishonestly. It wouldn't be right for him to take their money from them. That's that's paying evil with evil. So that wouldn't be correct. We wouldn't do that. We shouldn't do that is Christmas. It's all like, so. Yes. Oh that would have been wrong Brian down synagogues houses, like not house synagogues and schools where they worshiping all castle. Like that that was that wouldn't be right. But you know, he didn't call them keep mine all he said he'd never eating. Well, let's say never. There was somebody who quoted according to him and said he did say that he would he would kill a Jew by odyssey. That quote that I had to look that up somebody sitting that to me post at court in the comment where linked to it. I appreciate that. But from what I had read he didn't call for killing of them. But I did hear, but I will lead up in the air because I did hear somebody mentioned that he did say that an signed it maybe in that same boat or in other work way. This he would he would have killed one but still dealing with false teaching. And they said it wasn't just like to the Jews was like this week. He was like this the Jews to the Anna Baptist into the papers. So it wasn't as I this only disrict was only given to Jewish people. Like that's being dishonest. Like, it wasn't just this is how he dealt with. This is how you felt towards people who taught false teaching, you know, saying that just period they saw not it's not a racist thing. Like, he just like you just overzealous into a point. Whereas like simple. You know, it's own. But could when cry when we say Christ dot for sin is past president future. San do is do we really believe that we don't believe that, you know, as far as, you know, talking about, you know, elections on so for if we hope to those things, and if he or maybe he wasn't a legged like we do we have enough data the recited or not, you know, when it comes to salvation, you know, comes on being a Christian, you know, because I'm willing to believe those things that was in it's hard. But it doesn't mean that if these fill the Holy Spirit of those things could change, you know, is possible is more possible for that to happen with him in which it could be just as possible Martin Luther King junior. But for the fact that we know that Martin Luther wasn't did hotel. Essential doctrines is possible that the Lord has dealt with his heart concerning frustrations. And I just know even my personal self was like man, I'll frustrated against false out. Just not two point one burn down anybody's school church though. But man, I get frustrated with false teachers all the time, and I had to check my heart. You know, it'd be I just. Field as bidding his rise up. It's like manages speak to them like we're not see him. I was like manning was a hey to you. You know, saying some people may say, we're the good you shouldn't say, hey to them like now lie knowledge, you should still little toy enemy. You know? So it's like steal the check my heart rose con things. So we still know even as believers we have heart issues that we need the Holy Spirit to deal with us. You know, that's the grace of God. He he makes us shapes us into the image of Christ. So that's why I look at their so Arnold. This is about those. I hate to go on a lot of tangents tonight. And I'm sorry about that. But you know, this is the fall of weapon so best up. That's the point. All right so disciple, this he's one the ones that had this whole thing starting the first going this route initial question. Now, I don't understand is make somebody's could with this one fellow this one questions that was posted on areas like considering Jews worshiped big is considering Jews worship the God of Abraham how xactly they worshipping a foul sky. So now, we're keeping mind the whole issue. Martin Luther Jews is is issue of worship not so much as they say not so much. It's not even the issue of them being Jud by by lineage is just the fact that they they did not Kreis SO intern worship befalls guy. And so he said would it because they worship got Abraham of how the worship in Scott. And my response was Abraham was Jesus do they worship Jesus. Messiah desma question to a question like that. That's just that's just my response. It's like the God of Abraham was Jesus, you know? And I believe that guy gave that knowledge even if they may they may not call them Jesus, then but gay that knowledge those he called back then in the Old Testament to know who the messiah as they hope for the massage just like Jesus said he said Abraham hoped to see me see my day. So that means Abraham had an idea of who the son of got will be, you know, and in hope to see his day hope for that, you know, have faith in God all trusted God with all that this old already believe Jews really paid attention. And they looked at the scriptures than they to see or by. God's varies by spirit was seated Jesus truly the messiah so do they worship Jesus, and they don't work. Jesus didn't have a false died may do because Jesus has got in the flesh. So he said he had the he had leaving so McCarthy so not for with MacArthur Saker or in that, and my the looking to it maybe could have linked me to it or something. But he didn't he didn't send me a link, but maybe one or you can send me a link if you see something like that or whatever or something mccarter mail said about this subject hundred Jews, and I'm out my comment wasn't saying that all Jews a Disney hill, I believe that God do have a elect elective Israel, just like revelation talks about you know, there's gonna be those from Israel who will be saying, you know, never remnant. They will be say this are. I mean, I'm not I wasn't arguing that all Jews of weren't say or weren't gonna be say. But when it comes to who they worship if they don't they don't have crisis. They're not worshiping the true guide. You know that doesn't mean the lower couldn't change the art to they do. So, you know, so that's the point there it all. That's it. So I said I said you could but that wouldn't take away from Jesus saying in John eight twenty four therefore I said to you that you will die in your sands for less. You believe that? I am. I am. He you Adine your sense in. Now, he was saying that night to Pharisees other Jews as did you say this them? This will go for everyone everyone. Go all everybody, you know, not just juice day, but Jews back into. And then he said, you can't be worshiping the right guy. The wrong way ACA. You still you're still in trouble. That's although testament. But that wasn't the argument. But the argument was over there in the right God tonight, you know, Israel got in trouble a lot of times for worshipping idols even thinking about think about the golden calf. When Moses I thought this was very interesting about that situation. The Moses went up to Mount Sinai, and he was gone for that link to Tom he was gone Israel day did make a golden calf. But but with they say that go in count was who did they say they go to Cowboys. They said they golden calf was the God of Israel who freed them from Egypt. They reference that calf as being the God of Israel freedom. So yeah, what happened to him just for worshiping the wrong way. And got caught at idle worship. He called the idol worship idolatry. Even though they call that God saying God their freedom. You know? So, you know, I just feel like that was you know. Now, the empty argument there. But anyway, Diller with this whole thing. Let's see here. Let me let me address this year. Now, he he s he put another comedy he left a couple of comments. But he says he's asking actual ju-. If it is. And he's talking about whether or not Martin Luther is anti semitic. And he says ask a actual ju-. If it is. And I bet they look at you like you crazy and allow or law or some say he he draw stuff beyond fronting on their faith. I mean, man, I don't know what to tell you. So this is the thing. I I said what stuff did he do they drop beyond front on their faith? And I'm using his language was which I'm basically asking what else did he say other than dealing with their faith? 'cause everything I read was basically dealing with stuff. You know, because he was against they was believing in what they was worshiping. How to come to Christians? He said he was saying some other stuff beyond that. And I'm like, okay. What did he say? And I said, where's the source? So I can examine it is. So he said, he's a dude you just read it reread it. I don't know. He's I don't know how you filtered out whatever in what you read in your mind that out loud. I'm like, I I was very clear. And when I was doing this when I put it up, I showed you all what I use I Google and typed in the the attempting to where burned in a reason why because people always reference concerning Martin Luther they always reference his anti-semitism tied to him saying that people should burn down there burned down their schools and synagogues. That's what I that's what everybody reference they don't represent any other thing that I've heard and I'm gonna okay, I looked at up, and I looked at the contexts. We we read through this forty four minutes or forty three minutes of me reading prior to with that. Were those words come in and afterwards to give context to what he's saying why he's saying? So if if anyone's filtering asked me to wanna listening to what I'm saying and not seeing them actually read the context now, I leave myself open for missing something. That's why. X for somebody to reference it to send it. Where's the source? So I can examine it. Okay. You say it will already. Well, you saw that. No. I actually just type in the word found a word Google founded in in the book, and I just went from there Farsi searching pages, but I made it clear and a little secret. I didn't read that whole book. I don't have the book by maybe I die one day. But that was that's only reason why I was referencing that portion. So if there's something in the boot that's missing that I missed in there where it's like he said something more than just burnt down get this Gauls in their schools, but I'm asking for it. And then to have the reply you just read it reread it then. Like, I think I like that. I feel like it's a cop out. And I, you know, I do because I'm asking if I'm asking for you to Simeon, I'm not asking to be combated, masking the semi because if you watched the video that you know, that I only looked at what I looked at was limited. I didn't have a four PDF copy of the book. It was it was Google look at it. And I'll do a Google search by a one word is. So there's possibility that could miss something. Once again, this channels about truth, you know, what is true. And so send it to me. And I asked for that. And that was you know, not brushed off. And I and I never in all that was okay, thanks for watching. Because there's the more exciting is like you. You're you're saying I missed something or I sound you're accusing me of filtering things out without reading my mind. You know, whatever I read in my mind is located you accused me of something. But there's no way to substantiate it because you you won't even engage with it. Okay. All right. Hey, hey, no, more. We can do here at that point. So that was it for that comment. Now, this was the big one. This was the big win. And I'm going to address it. And all because you can you probably read the comments on it. And he's like man, you know, Jamal's add to hear ABC, let me give some context and let me hopefully, give a better understanding of how it was really filling during tomorrow's writing responding to these comments here destroying of comments, and this will be the probably the last one I go over for as a follow up. So he was very honest with me disciple. Three one three, bro. I'm not gonna front. I lost a bit of respect for you hearing. How you try to justify some of this stuff? Now, very first thing. Our magazine, we're gonna okay. Okay. What you said he lost the respect for me. But if it was for the case that I've actually did justify something. So I'm like, okay. Well, where did I justify anything? But where did I do where did I justify my video max of saying, I even mentioned it again this video where did I justify that? It was okay. But justify him burning now wanting to burn out not burning down because he'd actually none of this stuff. He pushed for actually happen. Nobody burnt down there synagogues schools, none of that stuff ever happened. But these stuff that he was pushing for so where did our justify him pushing for these things to happen. You know? I did. I know where only thing I was saying it wasn't because he was racist against them. That's the only thing I was saying that this wasn't because he was Rice's. Now. What's the saying? Well, we need to we don't we need to overlook this because it wasn't racist. Like, no the claim that I was dealing with was was he races the kiss juice period. That's the question was he races dancers. No. He wasn't racist. Torture jews? What's he hateful towards Jews? Now that was the title of my of my post of my video there. We're has something worse. He hatefully introduced I'll say I will have to say yes by man, he was he was heading towards Jews and not just Jews, but the Anna Baptist and the patriots to anybody who taught a false doctrine at the time. He was hateful towards at the time and later on his life. He was like really frustrating like he wouldn't have it. So yeah. Like he had he should have been checking his heart like his people have been holding them accountable. And maybe they were you know. But when he wrote. There was very hateful. Very we didn't love his enemy like my brother Lord of harvest, so. Yeah. But that wasn't what the topic was video. Anyway, he says listen to he's I listened to different books on Martin Luther and the reformation biographies, bro. Even they openly admitted he was in his later years. This this not even disputed do unlike. Yeah, it is disputed because there are people who disagree with him being antisemitic. Even as letter years Darren there are no people who disagreed effect. He wrote what he wrote because it's you can read what he wrote. But is a dispute whether it's related to anti semitism. That is a dispute that's not general consensus. So and that's where he's wanted mean. We'll be having this conversation. If it wasn't if it was the speed, it if it was actually like a known thing that you know, has no evidence like a stand against that fact, then we wouldn't be having this conversation. I wanted to be doing a review of that. At all, you know, when we talk about Martin Luther, but there's a dispute there. That's what we're dealing with. And we are talking about later years. So yeah, it says the same people who who highlight what king said will acknowledge this difference being that his theology was tighter and what he did for Christendom. Are so. This. We kind of this is where we have the but people in. I don't think he's not making as a shot. Here means basically saying people were we'll go against king sale will still a knowledge just about Martin Luther. But they're just not his theology was tighter. But once again that goes off to the premise that I actually justify what he did. Or actually. No or actually was proof that is anti semitism and not just win against it. Now, he did make a comment. He did come in given a definition of anti-semitism. And it was interesting. I must skipped it as just a not course another comment. So he he he gave a definition of anti semitism hostility toward or the discrimination discrimination against Jews as a religious or racial group. Now, if that is the definition that you go off, then that will have a wait starting a video idea because if you could be anti semitic based on someone's religion, then that that could be that could be what Martin Luther was, Dan. But we look up the were antisemitic. Is as follows relating to care thrives by anti-semitism filling or showing hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a cultural, racial or ethnic group. So. My video or the thumbnail says Martin Luther antisemitic and in in my actual title was Martin Luther Rice's against Jews. So I made it clear what I was talking about what I was doing with if ours within how is defining. My turns antisemitic Dila with them as people as just being Jew. Not would they practices religion. So that's what it was now. There are different definitions for anti semitism. This. There are some definitions there that bring religious that put religious that take religious out, but the base of the word semitic or semitism is dealing with the people grew there's not doing with a religion because you can be you could be Jew and not even thank you could be you can practice Judaism. And not even be on ju by by family ties. You know, you can be converted into Judaism prostate. So I mean that would make sense that won't be that would be anti semitic or anti semitism. But they are Jude by lineage makes it that. And his only Jews there's only those semitic background, semitic languages and cultures. So that if initial will make sense for it to be as a religious group, it'd be more makes more sense being ethnic group. So that's what we're dealing with here. So, you know, just didn't get. That for who. And so I responded with this. I said, I really I would really love to hear where I tried to justify burning down buildings and the such how simply showing how this how his methods worm because he was racist. Not that they were justified of action two different videos, including this one for people to send me links or resources that you believe would be beneficial basis video off of his own book. Just like I base my videos of MLK off of his own words. So I'm I'm trying to demonstrate deny gave equal skills. Abo- is already one of already and I asked them, please send me the links to the books we've read if you like this subject is still one of one of this Bill, which is why I'm doing the video in the first place. I'm examining the claim against a source for which it was derived. There was only one objective in his video to address the claim of racism against Martin Luther that was it. I've been just being very forthcoming with that. I don't know any clear I can make that. And then he said. You're saying you're saying like it's up in the air. When you start the video with your conclusion already made he's I'm going to be real with you from a distant not saying that it was your intent you seem to have confirmation bias now. Coverage virus by definition is that already already have my opinion formed, and I'm giving new information, and because of because of my already formed opinion, I look at that based on that bias, I look at new information based on their bias. But I mentioned in the video where I've read this before this isn't the first time I've seen that were now Martin Luther King. So that was my first time doing stuff, but with Martin Luther I've dealt with this subject prior to making his video. I'm just now getting around to making a video about it. But I've been looked at this stuff. I mentioned in the video. So I've seen it before. I had a conversation about this before with a friend of mine, and when I presented the same issues to him or same arguments. So this wasn't confirmation bias as I've already done this stuff before it would be confirmation bias, if I took the resources he read and former conclusion based off what I already believe pirates are reading it. Even officials. Something different that would be confirmation bias, but not giving opportunity even show that I could even be remotely confirmation using confirmation bias because they didn't send me any links. And so I don't know what books rare. He just said he read couple books and some biographies. But I don't know what you're so, you know, that's that. Hey, said like if I compare this to the king viz with king is like he was kick out of you. Guess they got a kick out of highlighting how off he was to where it got semi nitpicky, actually. So there was so much like man, it was so much more wrote about getting so much, but it would have been overkill so lots of that was looking at king. It was like real new to me. Like, I it was new to me concerning the issue of communism. Like, I really didn't have to do anything didn't with communism. Really? Because that wasn't really what I initially wanted to dress. But it was it was such an interesting issue because dealing with the whole church movement and how they pushed on how they pull from king. And so on so forth. It's like man you're looking into like man, like even the whole reason behind kings movement for civilize was based off a communist idea idealism, but God still used it for good. And that's the wonderful things like give God glory like guy used that for good. You know, but that's just reality of it. And I even get into the fact that like Martin Luther King. I people send me in a Christian, but his. His whole inspiration for being for doing civil rights movement. He did was because of his his his the spire being inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. You know, he he mentioned Jesus Christ. But the main thing he really looked to Mahatma Gandhi. The most concerning how he went about his movement. You know, so you know, that, you know, I mean, that's just you know, just something have I wanna be nit-pick. I could've went all those places. But I mean, let's be you know, but, you know, said it seemed like that, you know. Oh, well, but that's why like yeah. Highlighted I wanna make it clear. People know why we reject him as a Christian, you know, like he's not a Christian. He I don't I'm I'm really really really hesitant to say that he was a Christian. So anyway, he said here he's a here with Martin Luther he saying here stuff got more messed up as you went as you win and kept explaining it away. It didn't seem I'm bias. He's a that's just my opinion, not China frontal you row at the end of the day. What they said is what they said. I said okay now. Appreciate the fact they say, hey, you know, it may not be able to it. This is my opinion. But it's still exertion as may the, you know. So it was like man, I I wonder when I'm doing videos when I'm doing these kind of discussions are people hearing me do people listen. And because if you listened to what I was saying, it's like what was I explaining away. You know? What was asked by the way. What was I trying to justify? 'cause he already said I know trying to justify things song so far in another comment. Or saying on the same comment. So it's like, oh, not saying how many coming before somebody, you know, where my where my expanding the way. Where's this? And when I asked him for like for resource for types of something when I asked for hey, where was the sale? Can you can you give me a source anything like that? He dodges it. It doesn't want to give it to bazaars. Okay. So my response was this. And this was my opinion. And I said, honestly, bro. I believe you want to just for the fun of it. You are indeed entitled to your opinion as Ma. It says his being fair, I guess or opinion, you know, this seems to me believe this. She wanted to scream for fun of it. Because the thing is you're were you when you say somebody's have confirmation bias. But you're not giving you're not giving a you're not even giving example of how that is it out. I mean tops that would have been great because they're not can listen back to it and say, okay, you know, what I can see where he got there from biogas see we've got to from. But so basically, I is to a whole for four minutes again for you for beta see if what you saying was invalid where you can just give me a time. Something you heard it if you know where it was at and he's okay. Or even if, you know, the time something like what when you mentioned this statement, it seemed like his confirmation bias, or the you mentioned this statement, if like you just being like he likes to be nit picky or you were splitting in a way. Okay. Cool. So I know where to look I can go and Tom Sango. I go back in my video, and I'll find what I said such and I'll try to see does really sound like me trying to buy in a way. Maybe he's right. Maybe I was let me. Look at it. But none of that was offered. And I'm like when when you when you do stuff like that. It's like, okay. Well, you know, you're not helping situation at that point. You just saying you're making a claim, but you're not giving anything behind it. And it's kinda hard to follow. And so that's where it was. Okay. You know, especially down this offer other comments after other Commons. We now of this one three, but he left several comments. And so I'm like this. Why can't conclusion Sanders? He just referred fun. It not because it's one three. But those multiple comments that were left on this one not with honestly, not just as one video, but other vehicles to and so that's why I said that that's just my opinion. You know, he told me before when when I saw this when I started this series. He said he's going to give pushed back and I'm like, hey, welcome pushback. Bring it, you know. So he did he held his word. He brought pushback. And so, hey, hey, we are beano. But when when I'm asking for a source Mexico's stuff like that. And then I'm get get response. I get is like, I don't know if I have a conversation man and even at the. He in our previous comment after I asked him for stores fucking examined. He respond the way he did will reread it like, you you. Did you read the sorts? We really then I'm like, okay. Thanks for watching the he didn't respond and say, hey, man. I mean that mountain just saying man, none of that somehow. Okay. Well, I'll just think he just wanted to agree. You know, this is emotional topic. You know, you talk about People's Heroes. And I'm not saying Martin king was really hero family anything like that. I'm just saying this is done emotional topic. This is this is some this is some weighty ground. We're stepping on here. You know? And the deserves care it does. So all of this understandable. And so. I do say that I believe he just for the fun of it. I say, you are in detox opinion as mine, however, the facts are one there was no secret that I already had a conclusion in this matter I mentioned in the video how dealt with this subject in the past MLK was something that would before as well as well. Except for the issue of communism that was fairly new to me. That's what it was. That's why it was more shocking. And I'm too I mentioned in the video that Martin Luther was calling for action in ways that Jesus would not have approved of a proof of teachers Jesus never called for the burning of property property or taking their money from them in order to convert. I made it three I made it abundantly clear what the focus what that focus of this video was so to ignore the distinctions that I made an accused me of explaining something away is dishonest. I see you know, as it may distinctions. They said if it were racism, then why would he want to give them financial assistance? Once they converted to Christianity. During the civil rights movement. There whites who knew there were black Christians. I mean, they they despise them. But they were Christians who worship Jesus they weren't eight hundred two that kick aka Bernie. That's why burnt down churches, they do their blacks workman Jesus. But what I do. They still burnt down on charges bomb churches racism hatred because they were black. So we see real races. And we know racism looks like but Martin Luther was saying, hey, we're gonna we're gonna tear stuff it, then guess what we're going to take their money from them. But then they come to if they come to be a Christian, then we'll give them money. We'll give them a job. You know, give them jobs. It can take care of family. You know? It's like, yeah. So you see he's these thick and he's actually trying to do the right thing in this was like, man, you're Beth is wrong. Do you know? But that's not racism know, anybody who do that. Anyway. On when when oh, yes, it's obvious that his hatred was what they talk and not because of their initially the more people ignored this the more people ignore this. The further people will be moved from the truth. And I believe that you know, I talked to federal I'm already comment, but he literally when I brought up to him when he looked at the issue as like eighty roster feed. I don't think he wants video. But it was like the question is what is Martin Luther racist towards Jews, and he has his response to or comment was I bet you're going to say he wasn't. And I'm like, well, if I say he was Dennis if I say he was racist. There's a reason for me saying if I say was racist in as a reason for me saying that the best thing to do is check out the and see with arguments, but his response was well based on what other Catholics was during that time and Martin Luther believed that he I just believe it was true. That's what people do this not the case disciple. But some people just want to believe this about Martin Luther just because if it's a narrative, and that's just that's just the reality of isn't emotional subject. They just believe it to fit a narrator. And that's that's so dishonest man can really with somebody like that man. It's like that means don't care about the truth. Now, it's hard to trust someone like that. He's like getting won't be on. What are you going to be honest with what do you draw the line with but evidence and facts, and you know, wouldn't make sense logical conclusions and song so forth. But you know, that's what about Christianity because we're rooted and grounded in truth. Jesus says he's the way the truth and the life. So all truth is gosh true. So that's what we're standing on. It's all he needs to further from the truth Virk Nana before. I sit verse four four with MLK. There was a lot to look at concerning his views from his own words shoe. There was a lot more could have read from. But it would have been overkill. It's like our kind of went over this already is that. The the quote, he at when it came to Martin Luther people only quote from the Jews in their lives, and they only refer to the portion where he said that Jews synagogues and schools should be burning. That's only thing people refer to they say that is because he hated Jews in the way that whites hated blacks back in the day. This is the nature of their rejection of Luther this is why jesting this in the video once again where did I attempt to justify his rhetoric? I even said that he was in air for thinking that those methods could somehow convert juice to be Christian. Give me a Tom step of something. And I'll gladly do a follow up video dealing with it. There was no Tom step giving he gave a response he gave responsible set because I said that he was disagree and for the fun of it. As all that. Let's basically his restaurants spas. You read respond to comments public review? He basically got set from here for me saying that basic that say now accused him of trolling. You know, when I say this for the fun of it. I wouldn't say necessarily trolling. I mean, I've dealt with trolls. And I would say he was trolling disagree it for the fun of it just being this just disagree. Like a guy who disagree for the fun of it for real like he really disagrees with fun of it. You know? And I won't say it's a troll. But as what he does he disagrees. You know, he got his own mind he thinks for self. But I know trolls when I seen him, and I wouldn't say the disciples troll. But that's how he took it. And now, they're point, you know, you gotta it. And so those and defended my my view on that, you know, try to bring it back, and he was kind of throughout the anyway, so that was kind of into that conversation, and it was just unfortunate. Because I you know, I like to have back and forth in conversations. But when when you get to a point where we can't reason Dila with the facts, then there's really nothing else. We can there's no there's nowhere else. We can go from there. And that's just the reality of it. So that was unfortunate. But that's just an example of how. How that win? But yeah. So. Mri while school. Let's see what's going on here. All right. So we're going on nights. What's up, brother? So yeah, that's it. That's the final once again that video was dealing with the fact was he racist against Jews. That's what we're talking about there. If you wanna do is subject about whether or not his stuff was hateful or warranted. Then I definitely agree with everybody. I think we all would agree that it wasn't warranted. We all would agree that. It was simple are great at it was hateful. Hateful Rediker, hateful rhetoric. That is not how Jesus call us a deal with FOX teachers by burning down their synagogues and schools or taking their money form from them or refuse from them to travel down certain rose song so forth, just because they worship or different guy, man. Mar I say this in the video it Martin Luther lived in the United States today with ideas, then he will call us all heretics Martin Luther would think we were soft Christmas. Yeah. How dare y'all got these Muslims across the street? You got these witnesses over here and all this stuff. They blaspheming. God y'all just sitting there. Comfortable letting them drive around in the states. By Mark Martin Luther have a fit. He could stay in the United States, man. He would not survive here. That's reality. You know, he will see us as he would see as heretics. Now, we will. I wouldn't say I don't see him as a heretic. I he like man he was he was messed up in his thinking. I don't think it was a heretic, but he would consider those heretics. That's how he would feel about us. You know that just shows the difference in time, you know, in in times. But anyway, I hope that was helpful our whole I explained myself well enough as I could cause on my where I stood on these issues, and I'm looking forward to going four across these troubled waters as we look into daunting Jonathan Edwards, and George Whitfield this there's going to be great. It's gonna be interest. There are no people watch his channel or who disagreed probably like, well, I'm not going to watch it because our note going to say you got to say, they're not raise you're going to say. Your we're okay. They are Christians Christmas brothers and more watch. I get you. I get you you're willing. You're right. That's right. You don't have to you know. I just think me personally would we deal with truth? And even if you disagree is good to hear what the other side is to say, you don't actually listen to what the same and deal with the argument. This me, you know, even if you don't agree with it deal with the argument, if there are holding argument found those holes Brigham open, and in film with some all truth filling with truth, if there aren't hosing it, and you see there's some consistency there within the only thing they do is accept it. You know, accept it. As what we do. Who remember everybody this world is full of errors. But he only thing that a doctor prescribes is true patriots. I'll be available for quick moment on the post show. And remember we haven't a discourse coming up soon. Stay tuned for that. Also once again, you can Email me call me, I'm a number you want to discuss this further with me support me on patriot. Please. I thank you very much. If not appreciate your prayers, just a dollar and get you on supposed show in a pre show when everything just check out the website and just let me know thinking, you know, all kinds of stuff. All right, grace and peace prescribe. Trebol your pilot chis- the board serpent, we deserve it crash chain. In a world average, the only thing stock. Rob shish through.

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