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Elimination Chamber - The Real Winners - Notsam Wrestling 281


Introducing your host from New York here is rollers. Well the not wrestling. Let's start off another week on that road to Wrestlemania coming fresh off elimination chamber. Welcome to the show coming at you. From that. Fam- I mean seconds after the Elimination Chamber has gone off the Air Steve Current as on TV talking about FCW. Which I guess technically it's premiering now but it's been on. Wwe Network for like. I Dunno at least twelve hours now so best believe I've already seen it and we'll talk about that. My Pal Dave Greco from busted open is going to be on the show today. What a not Sam wrestling we have for you but I felt it necessary to come at you as quickly as I could. Following the chamber following everything that happened after elimination chamber and keep in mind. I haven't sat with it yet right. If this show came out on like a Tuesday or something it would be much easier. Because then I'd have twenty four hours. I could sit with how I felt about it. I could read you know all your and the discord room I liga. My aunt mentions the whole thing but no. That's not how we do things here. We start the week out with not sam wrestling and I gotTa tell you immediately my immediate reflections of the elimination chamber. I think something that really struck. A lot of people was the fact that for the majority of the women's Chamber match the match that main event did the show and the match that really. Well talk about that. The people were sitting on their hands for a lot of that match that a lot of a lot of non reactions were happening and I mean it's kind of hard to blame Philly for some of that. Keep in mind now. The show's been going sense. Six thirty or so is when the first match happened. It's now four hours in. You've been sitting there for four hours now so you plus it's daylight savings everybody's tired anyway but beyond all that. The makeup of the Women's Elimination Chamber match didn't leave you with much. I mean unfortunately it is what it is Sarah. Logan has only recently even been on raw the idea that people would go crazy to see Sarah Logan on a pay per view. I don't think that you would think that that would happen. This is a person who's been on main event for for most of the time leading up to this and then pop back onto TV. You know in the last three or four weeks. I suppose you've got Ruby Riot. Who's only been back two weeks? I think two or three weeks which is exciting that she's back but a a storyline real storyline involving Ruby. Riot has an happened yet since she's been back and the only rivalry which is ruby riot versus live. Morgan like the match already already happened with Sarah. Logan is the referee like it. So you don't even have that unknown of what's going to happen when the riot squad combust because we already know we already had ruby riot versus live Morgan with Sarah. Logan is the referee. Live Morgan while I think she could be an x factor depending on situations. I think that if this were happening right after the Lana thing then maybe but I think people are waiting with live to to see what is the next thing right. You've got Natalia who I think. People are always going to have a level of respect for and then at the end of the day. You've really got the people. This match was about which Shane Obeys? Learn Oscar and even with Oscar. There I think the main reason why people were quiet going into this match is because as I said on the bump. It wasn't stick when I set it on the bump it was a foregone conclusion. Nobody thought that anybody besides Shane. Obeys Ler would win this match. There was no conversation of anybody. Besides Shane obeys are coming out. Nobody saw wrestlemainia going to be becky Lynch versus Natalia. Nobody thought it was going to be Becky Lynch versus Oscar. Here's the problem at one point. Becky Lynch is sitting there watching the pay per view standing up for whatever reason she could have been sitting but she had her jacket on right. She had his leather jacket on and on the leather jacket. She has logos on the sleeve of various women that she's already defeated two. The logos on her sleeve were in the chamber. Those logos are already on the sleeve. It was not an Italian logo is at the bottom of this leave. An Oscars logo was on the sleeve. These are people that have already been conquered. I can't sit here and realistically believe that. Becky Lynch the biggest female name in wrestling wrestlemainia take on somebody that she has already conquest. It Soon Italia and an Oscar are taken out. There's no way it's live Morgan. There's definitely no way it. Sarah Logan unless you've got huge plans for Ruby riot that that's the only real x factor the Chenab as ler was a red herring. And what you didn't realize is we had these massive plans for Ruby riot and it could be interesting. You know I I could see a world where you spend the next four weeks building and building and building ruby riot to the point where you think she actually has shot against. Becky Lynch a could happen could but probably wouldn't right. Nobody thought the Chenab as our wasn't going to win this match so you know and I'm not saying she shouldn't have won. It's what people wanted. I also think there was this idea. You know a lot of people thought maybe make an appearance. They thought there'd be some kind of surprised in the match because they so clearly knew what was going to happen. I don't think anybody realized how dominant Chenab as it would be. I thought that the portrayal of Shane obeys. Learn this mattress really excellent. You know I thought that. They did enough to protect Oscar in the sense that nobody was any kind of match for. Shane obeys ler except Oscar. Right so the fact that she was even sort of a match for Oscar puts her on a different level than the other four women. That chain of Baiser was able to take out so you know based on where Oscars van in the last couple of years I was actually okay with it as big of an Oscar. Fan as I am. I was yeah I mean I you know what this is about. And the fact that Oscar got any offense in whatsoever was good you know. I think Shane obeys lawyer is being packaged to be shown as the female brock which. I said up and down people said Ronda Rousey is the female progress Ronda. Rousey is not the female brock was never the female. Brock Ronda Rousey as a human being with emotions some of the people up to his role model. There's layers to Ronda Rousey. Brock is a monster and he's a beast and that's it Ronda. Rousey was never a female brock leser. Shane obeys ler could be you know. And I think that that's what this is about. That said when you have a match where everybody knows who's going to win and it really just becomes an elimination chamber match about one person. I don't know if that's the match that you put on last because it leaves you going like you walk in thinking. It's going to go a certain way. It goes exactly how you thought it was going to go and then you go to bed and you're like okay. Well I guess raw be good. You know it's almost like you could have done that. Eliminate you brought the Chamber and done the Elimination Chamber match on smackdown. Because it wasn't this big chapter. It was yes we had to get through this. I would think that originally probably the original plan was to have the men's elimination chamber match go on last because theoretically that might be a little tougher to call but I think at the end of the day everybody would have known that Roman reigns was going to win that match. And that's why I. The men's elimination chamber match in the traditional sense probably didn't happen. That's why you know. Last week we found out it was a tag team championship match. Because there because it gets to the point where you're like look. We can't have two elimination chamber matches that everybody clearly knows what's going to happen. It's the exact same story in both matches. Let's switch it. Let's just announced its Goldberg. Versus Roman reigns. And I'm like okay. You know. I'm not even mad at that because I'm like I would have asked that question. I would've sat here today and said we've now got these two elimination chamber matches. That were really just obstacles that a person had to get through in La they just became storytelling devices. They weren't moments that stood on their own at all So I think that's why people were kind of sitting on their hands in that match. I think the match did exactly what it was supposed to do. I think Shane Obeys Ler. Comes OUT LOOKING? You know a million bucks strong anybody. That wasn't familiar with her annex. T work is which is probably more than you assume. Now sees that okay? We've got a real threat here and you can go into wrestlemainia now because of the way this elimination chamber match. It's very similar to how we talk about. Brock and the way the brock has been portrayed over the years leaves it so he could conceivably be just about anybody. The way that Shayna Baiser was portrayed in this Elimination Chamber Match. It leaves you feeling as though she could go into. Wrestlemainia and beat Becky Lynch and that's exactly what you want so I think ultimately it was a complete success for where you want to go with it. I just think for tonight as a standalone like that match isn't GonNa that match will go on. Shane obeys lawyer highlight reel. That match won't go on a list of Great Elimination Chamber matches There's no other match on the card that you could have ended that show with and had it made a lick of sense whatsoever so I I can't even sit here. I just think that that might be why people feel a certain way. I'm looking to see in the discord room now. If there's any questions feel free to drop them in as we're recording but yeah so congratulations Chenab as it did go how it should have gone but I think we all saw it coming a mile away. I I think I know as I was watching the show. In my opinion there were three winning moments of the show there was. I can tell you to me who had the best chamber. Who had the best night I can tell you what was definitely match of the night and I can tell you what was the most newsworthy item of the night so the most newsworthy item of the night and to me the most unexpected item though the item that makes the most sense probably is? Sammy's Ain walking out with the Intercontinental Championship. Loved it not predictable? You know I think walking in and I kind of alluded to this. When I was on the bump walking in it was kind of this sort of exhausting. We all know how good Shinsegei Nakimora CICERO and Sammy's Aimar. Anybody against those three should not win like any but you just know bronze GonNa win. And then he doesn't Sammy's Ain't actually lease with the title and it was one of those things where I was. I was like watching thinking. Oh is something going to happen is Braun jump up and come back from the dead? Is the referee unrealized? Somebody's foot was on the road like sitting there. Watching going wait. Something's gotTa give here. Something's gotTa give here. Something's gotTa give here and when it didn't I was like Oh my God what a moment. That was great. That's wrestling. You know what I mean those moments when you go it would make perfect sense if this happened but I don't think it will and then it does and you go yes. I love it because now I want to see where this goes now. We've got some story now. This is more than just branched. Romans a monster. Now he's got a real cause and Sammy. Zane is now walking into wrestlemainia with the same wrestling gear. That general add non war with those baggy cargo pants ridiculous. Look Perfect for this Amazon of twenty twenty. Now we've got this scenario where. Sami Zane is walking into Wrestlemainia as the intercontinental champion. What does that mean while I'm going to tune into smackdown to find out I didn't see it coming. I was ready to just kind of like. Okay Yep Bronwyn got it. I remember how this goes and when it didn't happen it was great and I think that this show needed stuff like that because besides that match the rest of the show in terms of results was very very predictable. You know I think that that. Not In a bad way necessarily very very predictable in the sense that really. There's only one way that most of these matches could have gone without kind of being destructive to at least one if not both parties you know whether it was the opening match the US title match the Tag Elimination Chamber. Match the Alastair match everything the raw tag team title match you kind of knew where everything or at least. I did where everything was going to go so I liked it. There was this one moment that still made sense. Braun. Strowman doesn't come across any weaker. Sandy Zane more of a weasel than ever. So there's there's nothing to complain about that I liked at that moment. He says so. That was my moment of the night. That was my winning moment. My winning Super Star of the night. I don't think you could even question it if you say what superstar won the Elimination Chamber pay per view? Should be an easy one going off in everybody's head right now give you two seconds one to you got it. It's drew Gulick clearly. It is drew Gulick. You're talking about a guy who has been putting on great performances for very long time now when he had that run as cruiserweight. Champion for five live every cruiserweight title match. That they put on on kickoff shows was excellent every promo that he was doing onto. Oh Five Leiden the power points the Anti Flying Campaign. All of it was brilliant. I mean drew. Gulick is like this hidden little piece of gold the WWE has had for a long time. Which is no sort of idea how to use it you know. I think I think Drew Gulag. When he's done being in the ring is could potentially be an incredible manager to somebody because his promos are great. He's charismatic he's just a natural. He'll he's awesome but tonight he ends up in this match with Daniel Bryan. Which if you've been watching smackdown you've been seeing this. Daniel Bryan drew. Gulick story work throughout the week. Drew Gulick jumping on commentary during Daniel Bryan matches always doing a good job by the way And you're going. Where's this leading? There's no way they're just GONNA DO DREW. Gulick versus Daniel Bryan at the chamber right and then a couple days ago on Friday we find out wrong as a matter of fact absolutely Daniel Bryan Challenges Drew Gulag to a match at the Chamber and I thought it was fantastic. I thought they they had the crowd the whole time. Daniel Bryan May Drulak look like a million bucks. The amount of offense the drew Goulette got in throughout that match and the fact that it was believable. I thought the commentators were pretty. Good telling that story you know graves in Michael Cole. Explaining how drew Gulick had told heath slater to work on the leg a couple of weeks ago and now drew. Gulick was in there working on the leg himself like you got you got a sense of why this match was happening and then you got to see this really incredible wrestling match happening right in the ring. Ironically between two guys who would appoint both heard you would never wrestle on a wwe pay per view. What are you crazy? I think it's an interesting point for Daniel Bryan because I think that this match almost acts as a as a kind of a refresher you know. I think the rivalry with the fiend brought in this new Daniel Bryan character. You know where he's shave down he's shorn and he's a good guy again and I think that this match is a transitional match for Daniel Bryan where he just has this great match where he's clearly the good guy the other guys. Clearly the bad guy shows us I as a sign of respect for Google at the end of the thing and then he goes off and I think going into Wrestlemainia. He'll probably do something else and they'll probably start to inch up towards that upper tier category and who knows what comes next for drew dulack but I think he exposed himself to an entirely new audience. I bet there are a lot of people watching elimination chamber. That had no idea had never seen a drew gulick match before and believe it or not those of us who just inundate ourselves with wrestling content. I'll bet there were a lot a lot of people who hadn't seen a drew gulick match before tonight. And now they have now and and and and they've seen him at his best. He delivered a hundred and ten percent. I don't know what more than anybody could have. Asked for from. Djougou drew Gulick. But I think he had. He was the superstar of the night. And for me match the night was actually. Alastair black versus AJ styles. I thought just as a match. It was a fantastic match even before the undertaker appearance which I'll talk about second 'cause I liked the way that was done but like there were many moments like the The trip when when when allister gave ag that Shin Kick when they were standing on the table and he knocks his shins up in the air which least AJ pancake face. First on the table as watching it home is like oh I thought that match top to bottom was was great and it was one of those things that the undertaker appearance was one of those things where we ought speak for myself. I thought this would be a good moment for the undertaker to appear but the thing about the undertaker is. You don't know it is so special and so protected when the undertaker shows up that you can never take for granted. The he'll just be there but he was. Of course you put. Jj styles down for the choke slam. I liked that like the lights went out and undertaker appeared and ouster black disappeared. Then the lights went out again and undertaker disappeared. Ouster black reappeared almost like there was some soul sharing going on some shape shifting. Something were there somehow. The darkness intertwines in connects the undertaker analysis. Black that was well done Of course we know. Based on two instances now that. Aj Styles simply cannot get up after choke slim and the undertaker as long as AJ styles has been in the game and as good as his defense is are. There is nothing. Aj styles can do to stop an undertaker choke slim. It's never going to happen if he gets the WRESTLEMAINIA and the undertaker wraps those hands around his neck. Aj Styles is done. Ski Danski under decorative and you have to take his coat. He did this time. You didn't have a coat on but even if he had left his coat on choke slam. Aj Styles Aj's done for the night happened at super showdown happened again. Tonight Alastair Blackout. The win is left a lot of people. And you know we'll find out more tonight on. Rom. I'm assuming that that's when the match will actually get made. I would lean more towards the idea of it would appear that we're going to do an Alex Black Undertaker tag team against the OC three onto style. I would imagine that that's where they're going. But at the same time. I mean. There hasn't been any interaction between Alastair Black and the undertaker which leads me to believe that since Alastair Black got the victory over AJ styles if they wanted to make it a singles match. They still could if they wanted to. Just make it undertaker versus Aj styles at Wrestlemainia and now Alastair Black has conquered AJ styles. And he's off to do something else. I don't think that would a disruptive thing I think that that would be okay you know. I think that we could leave this going. I'd love to see undertaker and Alastair team up. We could also leave saying you know. Alastair and AJ are done competing and nobody would sit there going like that feels unfinished go okay. If you're telling me it's finished now it's finished now. I up until tonight. I definitely said that I I would have preferred an undertaker. Aj style singles match. But I'm starting to really dig the idea of Alastair Black and the undertaker is a team. I think it would be really good for Alastair Black and yeah and I just think it could be a cool a cool thing to see the two of them together and you always talk about the torch. Being passed people always talk about the torch being passed as if that happens when a guy gets beat Right Warrior Beats Hogan Hogan passes the Torch Warrior. But that's not necessarily the case. I mean the undertaker teaming with allistair black could be a symbolic passing of the torch. Right there you know. That's one of those things where Alex Trebek's in my opinion eight hundred houses not beating the undertaker wrestlemainia whether it's tag team or singles. Aj styles is designed to be able to have a great match with the undertaker lose and not look weaker for it. That's just I mean. He's the phenomenon one he can handle it in a tag team however that does lead to the criticism that you're using legends to just just for the sake of using legends like. You're not if that's the case you'RE NOT HAVING LEGENDS. Come in to build up your current roster you're actually using your current roster to build up legends which is backwards if it's a tag team match even if the undertaker gets the pin overage a styles the idea that Alastair and the undertaker lift their arms up together will now you have theoretically pass the torch to Alastair Black to some extent so I think that actually could be a really good thing. Some of your feedback on On Elimination Chamber coming from The coach dare in the discord room Coach in front row. Or Lindsey Dorado having a strong night. Yeah I did yeah I did. I loved that Off the ceiling spot Shooting Star press off the roof of the Chamber actually thought Lucia House Party is a team did really well in that. Tag Team Chamber match I saw some of your questions about my take on the SMACKDOWN TAG team championships. Being defended in the chamber You know again. I assumed it would go down exactly as it went down with. You know I loved more MS putting the figure four and then Morrison doing the starship pain while MS figure for applied. I thought that was great. you know that that that teamwork was really good Clearly you know people thought that they squeaked by. I think that that's how people should feel that they did. Just kinda squeak by But you know I also think that the Miz and Morrison as a team have been damaged by losing twice. Since winning the TAG team championship. They won the tag team championship super showdown. The next night they lost to the USA does the week after that they go into the tag team gauntlet which they should never have been in the tag team Gauntlet. I think that the the Miz and should have gotten a favoured nation's clause or or or or favored treatment where they ended up without even being in a gauntlet match. They ended up as the last people to go in. Because they're the champs. You know the idea that the champs would be in a gauntlet match. I feel like like to me when Dolphin Robert Rude won the gauntlet match. I feel like they can sit there and say well. We should be the tag team champions because the tag champions were in gauntlet match and they lost and the like. Well we also. There's now a competition between multiple teams on the roster as to who has beaten the tag team champions worst when we're or worse when the tag team champions have only been tag team champions for two weeks you know what I mean like. That's why I think. There's a disconnect right now and I think leading to Wrestlemainia the Miz and Morrison have to come across a lot stronger. They just start winning matches against people. The you have to the the champions have to at some point have to win matches you know and I don't think this one counted. They need to go and a bell rings and they have a match and they win the match and then people might be like okay. I guess they are the tag team champions It's funny if you look at the video. There's a social video that the bump tweeted out Matt Camp from the bump asked me as I was putting my picture up on the bump wall Aaron Stanford He said what do you see as having owns path to Wrestlemainia and I said well you know I mean. Kevin Owens is the reason why Murphy actually said Buddy and then in the subtitles. They wrote Murphy. Which I think is funny but Is the reason why. Murphy and Rollins lost the tag titles of the street prophets. He is the one that cost them the titles. I think he's probably going to be the reason that they don't win. At Elimination Chamber and then rollins will have a bone to pick with him. And I think that that's you know. I thought that that's what was going to happen. That is what happened. We think. Seth rollins versus Kevin. Owens is going to be your wrestlemainia match. I'm good with that as a person who was watching ring of honor in the age of the fall era. I'm very good with you. Know Kevin Owens and Seth rollins being a big match at Wrestlemania. So you know. I'm fine with that. It went as I thought it would go and it allows. I think it frees up the tag team championships for team like the street profit too. I championships I- pluralist it. If frees up the TAG team championship to for a team like the street profits to dominate over a division that they can actually dominate over. You when you when you got a guy. Who's a main inventor? Seth rollins who is a discussion piece for the WWe championship when he enters himself in the tag division and wins? The one wins the tag championship. Then it becomes difficult for all the tag teams because there are no tag teams in the wwe that are sort of more fearsome than two heavyweight champion of the world. So I think that having that main event singles guy removed from the tag division allows the tag division to exist I think maybe the street profits versus the authors of pain might be a very good tag team championship match to Wrestlemainia. Do the street profits versus the authors of pain. And then you do. Kevin Owens versus Seth rollins and Kevin and Seth rollins has Murphy in his corner you know. I think that's where I would probably go with that. What else a front row says Do you think we'll see undertaker verses? Aj perhaps undertaker. Oh yeah I covered that What was your matches be? Wrestlemainia got that. Where do you see the Kabuki warriors going to Wrestlemainia? That is a good question. Because I think that that's where you have to go. You know. I think that now we took a kind of a break. Look here's the thing. Osco was in a very bad place six months ago or so you know. Oscar had a great royal rumble. Twenty nineteen and thank lost the smackdown women's championship before Wrestlemainia and from that point on from the point that Charlotte one the smackdown women's championship until really the end of Twenty. Nine thousand nine until really. The KABUKI warriors formed and they won the women's Tag Team Championship. Oscar was just in a terrible place. She wasn't even on TV for half the time. I think the Kabuki warriors formation has been really. Well done I think seeing Kyrie sane evolve into the fact into this character. That looks like she could be teeming with Oscar and the and then turning heel. I think it was a very very good thing. I think the green mist is good. I think you know bad guy. Oscar is a is a good place for us to be in right now. They took a break conceivably from defending the women's tag team championships and from there being any real discussion of the women's Tag Team Championship so that Oscar could go and face. Becky Lynch Royal Rumble and and and remind people that. She is a main event caliber talent. And I think that it's been good at FRASCA. I think it's been a good exercise but I think now we use that before. It all goes away. 'cause she's not going to be in a wrestlemania match so before it all goes away. I think that you need to have The Kabuki warriors as tag team. I mean starting Monday starting today you need to have the Kabuki warriors put back on that pedestal as a team and move forward that way. I think I think that that's pretty important to do. And what's the team? That could face the Kabuki warriors or Wrestlemainia. I don't know I think it would have to be something that evolves I mean I think you gotTa bring the icon expect finally and maybe have the Kabuki warriors. Beat the ICONEX on the way to Wrestlemainia. Maybe you actually do you know Alexa. Bliss and Nicky Cross. Put it out there on smackdown. Maybe Alexa Bliss Nikki Cross versus the Kabuki warriors is your wrestlemania match. I wouldn't be mad at it. You know but I think there should be at least four women's matches at Wrestlemainia. I mean it's a nineteen our show. Why not why not put a? You're going to do the next championship at Wrestlemania. So I think all there are now four women's championships all of them. In in in contention at Wrestlemainia off. Four of them should be there unless you're going to do you're going to have to women from NFL team up. In the Kabuki warriors are gonNA come down to do takeover which? I don't think it's going to happen because you got six women already in that ladder match so you know. I don't think you want your number seven number eight seed teaming up for a tag team championship match at takeover that seems like not a giant event. Even if it's on kickoff show and might be. I think that I think that there's a place for the Kabuki warriors to defend the women's tag team championships. That WRESTLEMAINIA and I wouldn't mind taking championship. I feel like it's in my head because I just did the call to Hollick show and I said that that was one of my pet peeves non-plural because I don't like it but I think that yeah having the yours defend the taking championship at Wrestlemania is a must and you know I I could see them Running through some tag teams on raw only for Alexa Bliss and Nicky. Cross to be like okay. Time to Nikki. Crossed that line over to smackdown and give us the opportunity at Wrestlemainia So those are my thoughts if you haven't seen the FCW documentary on the WWE network. I would absolutely check it out. I thought it was really really good. It's not a series. It's just a documentary. It's about an hour twenty minutes and I mean it's awesome. You're talking about Roman reigns. Seth rollins Sasha Banks Bailey Corey graves. Shameless drew McIntyre. I mean everybody that went through that program. That was when they shut down lovie w before they open raw an x t that whole generation. You know Fandango so check it out. If you get a chance Right now I WANNA welcome in a friend of mine to talk about everything leading up towards wrestlemainia season and a lot of stuff. We've been talking about on the podcast lately. His name is David Lee. Graca you may see is a big fat head in audience of wrestling events constantly whether it be. Wwe whether it be a w the Legras ahead makes its appearance at more shows than not these days busted open has become a huge show on Sirius. Xm It's Dave every day and he's hosting with either bully ray or Mark Henry or Tommy Dreamer based on the day. I know a lot of you guys. Listen to this. Show listen to that show and I wanted to have them come down to the not Sam Studio to talk some wrestling. So that's what we're GONNA do right now here on not sam wrestling. Hey Guys Dave Legras conversation in just a minute but imagine getting to hear this podcast. The second that Elimination Chamber was over last night. Imagine that early access to the show. Imagine not having to hear this advertisement right now. Imagine if you got another. Not Sam wrestling show every single week twice a week instead of once a week. Well you don't have to imagine that if you're a not sam she'll everybody on our patriots page already. Gets to experience all those things. I just listed Patriot. Dot Com slash. Not Sam wrestling. Is this spot to be. If you want to become a not Sam Shell Thursday. Not Sam Thursday the Thursday podcast available exclusively there. This podcast comes out early and add free exclusively there. The early podcast. The additional Thursday bonus show available to every tear over at Patriotair dot com slash. Not Sam wrestling. That means for less than a dollar a week. You can get double the podcast and you can get it earlier yet. A couple more bucks in. You can watch me tape. This show live you can interact. You can watch video of everything that we do. There's merge offers there's live show offers everything you could imagine at Patriotair Dot com slash not sam wrestling. Plus every single tear gets access to our exclusive discord room where you can talk to listeners of this show about wrestling twenty four hours a day seven days a week it was bump in for Elimination Chamber. You should have been there and you could have been there if you're a not Sam show sign up today at Patriotair Dot com slash not. Sam Wrestling my friend. Host of busted open on Sirius. Xm icon of the fat had era. Dave La Graca is finally here in the not Sam Studio. We should have done this a long time. Of course. I can't believe you never invited me. I was actually this invitation. I didn't take it lightly. I'm so excited to be here. Why I'm so excited to have you mainly because you know either a Patriot audience for not same wrestling and there. In the distance we set up a discord room for them. And they're in that discord room twenty four hours a day and it drives me crazy to the point where I was like. I set this room up to you. Guys could talk about my show and I'm not kidding you or blowing smoke every single morning at nine. Am while I'm doing my radio show by the way people in the courtroom start chiming in but then opens on. Guess who's in today and I'm like look. I know that you guys wrestling fans and busted open is an amazing show but could you least like get this excited about my showed that the room is named after I understand. I don't I don't know I don't even know what it this court is good to hear that there's people who listening to me are on it. That's the I think this court is something I tried to keep my daughter off of sixty like that's like one of the young things to keep the teenagers off of that is that is one of those things where you go home and you go like. I don't want you on the record or the discord or okay. Dad always put the in front of it so the scored yet off the Youtube. But it's tough and that's why we have this world wrestling to escape into y this studios amazing the TV. The people were watching this on video. It doesn't do justice. This is pretty amazing that I appreciate that it was. I thought it was necessary when we moved into a place with space. There wasn't a one bedroom apartment anymore as there has to be a studio there should be a Nazif studio. You know to do stuff like this in I'm also glad that you're here. Because there's this phenomenon that's been happening over the last over the last year or so but it really started picking up in October when people started to kind of draw lines in the sand as to who they were supporting and that is the for a really long time I had the market cornered on being a shell It was I mean it was that it was now. I know you inviting. That was not conversation. Mike. We like everybody. Who does wrestling shows? Except Sam Roberts. Because he's a shell and then I got the wwe and started doing kickoff shows and people were like you know. I used to like Sam but now he's a shell and I was like you said it before feelings now. Nothing's changed right but the phenomenon that's happened is this thing has started to creep in and it makes me happy because everybody that wasn't a show before when it was just me now everybody's getting it. Yeah I see it all the time and I saw with you very recently because I did a whole podcast before super showdown explaining kind of trying to brace people of going. Look Bill. Goldberg may very well win the Universal Championship. And here's exactly why and and how it wouldn't be that bad and that's exactly what happened. And then I came on the next week and said Look Johnson versus. The scene is not bad for the scene. And this is going to be okay. You know people were you know. Destroy me and whatnot but it made me feel warmer and made me feel like there was more company company on on busted open. You guys were having a very similar conversation saying look this is a good spot for the fiend. And you just got lambasted. I got my first death threat. I've never had a death threat before and I got over over Bray Wyatt and John. Cnn Goldberg is when I got my first death-ray C. You have it easier than I do because I get threats all the time so it's like okay. I know you're a you get labeled A. Wwe Schill Right. I'm a w mark and the wwe. Show I get it from both sides place. I'm used to being called an e w mark. That's what I'm called the most but that was the first time that I was labeled a wwe show to the point now. People think that I'm getting paid by the WWe to spread their propaganda right. Like and and you're probably GONNA pop up on a pre show pretty soon. Oh Yeah I mean th everyone's convinced them first of all you and I both know that's not going to happen because I'm not there demographic they don't like anybody over the age of a certain age and I'm over that eight they don't want somebody would have full gray hair on top of their head. I'm forty eight years old. I'm I'm really not expecting a phone call and honestly I don't know if I would want a phone call from the wwe. I'm I didn't grow up a WWe Fan. I was an NWEA guy. More joy from being destroyed on your billy. Corgan call more than waiting for the Vince McMahon. Look if they're GONNA and they may not have the same biases that you're worried about it. They're hiring Sean Mooney and I love it because I get. I get all the time. Just your favorite shows. Awol your favorite shows. I sent home favorite shows. That W that's always like the safe aetate power is I think right now in wrestling the one thing that safe to support and it won't last by the no it won't last. It never does but right now. It's safe to support. Nwea power out. Bring it up on the PODCASTS head. Billy Corgan obviously. Everybody can acknowledge that the product is great. But it's also there's something non-threatening about it in the sense that because it's it's doing its own thing completely doesn't feel like they're trying to get is from anywhere. They're not taking anything with them. You're not competing with anybody. But at some point it will build up enough butts because it's such a good show that it will start to feel like would now you can't like something now. You're okay so it's like w e shell earn a w mark. I don't know what. Nwea's going to get their hands on. I don't know I think a big part of it is that you don't it's not on television streaming like if they ever got a TV deal yet that's when it would explode. Yeah we'll get angry especially because there is no day that they could go on and not be competing with wrestling at this point every day. Something right right you're like oh you're competing with. Wwe backstage based WWe backstage. But so you were but you stand by what you said. You think that That the the fiend Johnson appearing is a good wrestlemainia parent. Yes and I thought they did a great job explaining that on firefly funhouse this past Friday. They actually dove headfirst in. They're not sort of. Just think dancing around the fact that there was this history a few years ago because Braila different than and we're not no it's like here's the footage this is it wrestlemainia thirty and they were day kind of explained everything that you and. I have been talking about even bully like you said. You braced your audience. Hey this is about to happen. It's the same thing bullied did bully. Ray did on busted open. He's like this is going to happen. This is this is how it's GonNa play out. Brace yourself and then it happens in everybody's like it my head's on fire but you know it makes perfect sense in its aligned perfectly for everything the wwe wants to happen. And ultimately I think is going to be satisfying for the fan as well if they if they give it time and patience to let it play out it was yeah. It was driving me a little crazy did there are people like you know hotdog. My Guy Hotdogs. I love hot dog a lot Gary. But he's very annoying he has he's annoying takes and he's insisting in to this day. I had a conversation with them on Friday about it. He insists that people would have been fine with Roman reigns beating the fiend. What planet what are you talking about? What are you know walking about because and this is where I really got called out for being a shell. I mean this week that this is my shell my shell take of the week this week that I said I wasn't even necessarily advocating four. I was just saying this is how it's going to go in. This is why the Yugo will the fiend got buried at super showdown. How do you ever recover from that? And I said I'll tell you how you recover from it. You never talk about it again. You just don't talk about super showdown and that's exactly what happened that they were talking about Bill Goldberg's Champion. But we're not talking about the match with the fiend and that's not necessarily to a race the fact that it ever happened. It's just to say that's not what we're focusing on. Just put your energy elsewhere. And it's I and I think that it's a way to help the fiend and people go well. You can't just erase chapters in a book and I go. Okay all right fine. You can't raise a chapter in a book. But look at any movie franchise depending on how far you get if you get ten parts into into a movie franchise like. They're fast furious movies. They don't really talk about you know talking about Tokyo drift so much. I mean you don't even really talk about the first four movies right because now we're in a different place and let's not even bring up the weird stuff that happened before. Let's just enjoy this part? And that's I think have to look at what. Wwe Does sometimes that some of those sequels. You just don't bring up 'cause you like the original so much and that's fine and you can definitely go that route but don't even think you have to go that deep because I think the only mistake they made was putting a championship title on. Bray why they should begin with yeah. They should never have done that. I I thought that was a big mistake. The of painted themselves into a corner. But even like you're saying hey don't talk about the match super showdown in Saudi like the loss to Goldberg. But I think it's even okay to go back to that. Because how did that segment in with Bray Wyatt? On the fiend on his feet and angry yes angry and then he sent out a text the next tweet the next day saying it was a sacrifice because ultimately what he wants his goal is John. Seen right he was coming back. I was announced even. And you say we'll hiding Johnson was gonna go to Wrestlemainia. Just wasn't going to go to. He said that he wasn't right. This wasn't for him anymore. There's a lot of young talent on this roster. It should be their moment. I do think that we need to hear from Johnson at some point as to why the sudden like all somebody had to do was point at assign and John. Seen is like all right. Yeah no I'll do it. We do need to hear from Johnston. Why why did that change your mind? Why the and we have four. What FOUR MORE SMACK YA? If you're planning against wrestlemainia because no one thought they were going to bring up wrestlemainia thirty and they did this past Friday. Who knows where they're going to go and hot dogs in idiot short saying that you're one hundred percent wrong? I'm not saying you're an idiot. Put your take is because the tate. Yes because there is no way that fans would accept. Roman reigns beating the fiend at Wrestlemainia get booed out of the building. He's Roman reigns winning Universal Championship at Wrestlemainia. Thirty six the Wrestlemainia after he went away with cancer and came back. This is the moment that Roman reigns people have been waiting for like this will be. Should he win the title and by the way it's wwe twenty twenty so who really knows you think yes but who really knows? I mean that's what I was saying. This week about drew McIntyre Brock Leonard. The genius of the brock listener character is like well. Obviously drew McIntyre is going to win the title. But can you tell me? He's not going to lose thirty seconds. I mean I I. There's a part of me. There's a big part of me that thinks brock listeners. Going to retain that right mania thirty six. He did it. I mean that's the same thing. Remember Roman at thirty four thirty four. Yup Yeah when everybody was like well obviously this. They were doing the match because they were so annoyed that it was just all right. We'll put the crown on Rome and Brian just one. And here's the other thing too. Sam I know this is going to be a crazy. Take heartache is that you know what there's a part of me actually. There's all of me that's rooting for this stuff to happen. Because I don't want to go into a wrestlemainia. Thirty six wanting to boo a match or wanting the crap all over something I want to enjoy wrestlemainia thirty six. I know that sounds crazy. Y You know. I'm going all the way to Tampa to see this. You know what I actually want to enjoy your so. Let's see how it plays out and we do that. Just take a second. I mean the. Please take a minute to see how it plays out now. The thing about Sh- had Roman reigns beaten the fee wrestlemainia. That would be a moment. You would never have been able to erase it. Wouldn't have you would have had to eviscerate. The fiend like that would have been the whole coronation. It wouldn't just be winning the title. It would be finally. This is the end of the fiend. Being one of the top guys to FEM- doesn't get to go on smackdown the next week and challenge another huge level main event guy because Roman reigns is declared. He's the Guy. The whole build up of the fiend over. These months was just so Roman could be announced champion. And that's the outcome that you don't want not this like okay. This is now the second wonky. Fien thing that's happened. The first was Helena cell but the fiends is strong enough character that we can get past it and six years later. I'm sitting there. I remember being in New Orleans at wrestlemainia. Thirty like what? Yeah you know what I mean. I was like that too. We can have finally some resolution and then next year we could do it. Rousseff thirty one rousseff comes out in a Halloween mask and beat you know what if I told you that you're GonNa get Sina and the fiend Bray Wyatt at wrestlemania where he's going to get his revenge at everything that took place at Wrestlemainia thirty and not only that they're going to tell you. That's the story is the redemption from Wrestlemainia thirty goosebumps. I mean and now is basically where you're going to get and Tampa. Let's put the Roman and the Goldberg aside. You're getting the fiend bray y against Johnson. And I've said that you know what they should never have put the title on the fiend Bray Wyatt and basically defeating. Bray wide is telling you. That title didn't mean anything. I mean. You saw what he did to the physical s right. He turned it into a into a female and he was willing to sacrifice again. That word sacrifice what he used on social media sacrificing that title. So he can get the ultimate goal. Which is Johnson at Wrestlemania to me? That's really and then we can get back there and he can say. I sacrifice that title Rome in your paper champion. Yes nothing to me right. You know. We saw that with new Japan with the Intercom sided. Dragging it on the ground. It doesn't mean anything because I have other goals in mind. It's the same thing here you say race. Going Full Trang Kilo Man. Basically for this this yes that he wants Johnson and he was able to go Johnson a into a batch wrestle on his terms arrest excessive. I I love the whole story arc right now all right so you see so now. Not only do you have meesane stuff. You've got a here. W you got an aide mark on the hot gas saying heads up. Cody's true that is true by the way. How great was jake? Roberts oh my Gosh I mean Sam. I know we always say. And you always have me on your show. And you're like what do you think of pro wrestling? You know the state of pro wrestling if you're a rest. How could you not be excited about so much on right now? It's so much fun and I know people like the fight and I guess everyone's trying to relive those Monday night wars where you're WCW guy or you're a WWF guy. But ultimately everybody was watching both shows like fifteen million people watching otherwise was there was eight million people that were switching back and forth. Yes and I love the fact that they said that we beat Monday night football. Don't you didn't beat money talk? I think at one time they won was like it was a preseason game two teams and nobody was excited about. I mean I know everybody likes to look at the past but let's look at the president. Yeah and the product. They're yes in the fact that you know I mean I would say a Wrestlemainia even the people that are mad about roaming Goldberg. That's fine because you've got two title matches you still got drew brock. And I don't see how a wrestling fan could be mad about the way. This drew McIntyre break listener story is you can't be You think drew and Brock gone last. Yeah and I'll give a credit to my. You know my partner bully Ray where he said that that match go on last and the match that you go on. I is Roman and Goldberg. Let that match start the show because if you let that go throughout however long wrestlemanias GonNa be That that crowds GonNa get anxious and then you run. The risk of them booing the match in general. So that's what I was GonNa talk to you about The booing of the match. Because I think that's now what people are kind of focusing on. They're going like well. Now that you've done this you're gonNA have and it's fresh and everybody's mind like every just watch. The ruthless aggression documentary on the network. So now everybody thinks well. We're GONNA have a repeat of Brock Goldberg which I'll never forget. I was at Madison Square Garden. We there for Wrestlemania twenty so you remember what that crowd is. I I remember I was twenty at the time watching them going. They can't get passed this like they can't there's just you could just see in the way brock and Gobert were both going. I think they both knew that it was there last time so their heart was in it and they couldn't psychologically get past the fact that the fans had taken over and. I don't remember another time that I've seen a match. Certainly on that level where the performers succumbed to the fans it was like watching a comedian get heckler and seeing the heckler win get heckled and seeing the heckler win and seeing him like the comedian going. Oh this is so easy. Why don't you come up here? And the guy comes up here and does a better job But I don't I don't see right now. I don't think that has to happen. I don't see it happening. If I were to predict I think there will be boos for Roman and it will boost for Goldberg and we heard a you both suck chant going but at the same time you also heard little POPs for Roman. You didn't like Roman didn't booth out of the on smackdown when he was face to face with Goldberg a week ago. But are saying. Tell me what you think or if you think it should go different that I think that if you tell a story where it's like you know really real the way Johnson. The Rock felt like it was really real. We've got Roman talking about how nobody wants you here Goldberg. You shouldn't be here. You're taking you know you shouldn't be here. Nobody wants to see you here and you know Goldberg saying like I'm here. So you don't get booed out of another wrestlemainia main event. Like you really go there. I think you could have fans locked into this thing. I could go that route or you just go. The human element of Roman reigns saying I battled cancer right now. I'm back and you know I know there was a lot of fans that were against me. And they could show footage of WRESTLEMAINIA thirty four in New Orleans where people were booing which unfortunately people booed and maybe even some people left on. What I thought was a very good main event at Wrestlemania thirty four Roman brought Roman Braga and I and I think they were booing to and I've gotten people who disagree with me on this but I think they were booing outcome. That they thought was going to happen. Didn't happen right. Yeah and nobody. Nobody will admit they were no match. I'm like no and I mean Roman getting busted open it was it would go back and watch that named your show after that we we were called something else prior to that figure for a little while we we don't mention that so we don't miss that so people forget. I think if you go that human element where you have a sit down with Roman aromas like us and I battled cancer to come back. This is my dream. This is what I wanted and I know fans rejected it before for whatever reason but I hope that they can get behind me now. I'm here I'm back here for you. You brought me back here. It was you the fans and if you remember to when he was first diagnosed everyone was behind Rome one hundred percent. Because that's yeah. That's when like the realization kicked in where it was like. We're having fun doing Roman but he really is the biggest star here. Yes and people whether people want to acknowledge it while storylines happening or not if you could take a step outside of the bubble that we all kind of put ourselves in his wrestling fans and just really kind of look at the forest and say no no. The biggest tree in the forest is Roman but he is the biggest he and he should be. You know for those fans that booed. Wwe Did a great job. You gotta give him credit for this. They didn't just throw him back in the main event picture and have them go after title. They've waited this long They could have did it immediately. May Hell they could if they wanted to put Roman in a match last year's Wrestlemainia for a ton but they didn't do that. Hey let's take him out of the title picture. Now he's back. Let's bring that story back. A why we fell back in love with Roman reigns and let that be the story now. Goldberg's going to get booed out of the building. But that's what we want right. That's the point. But that's okay. Gobert gets booed out of the building. Great the point is to not have both. I think if they go after that you it's going to be hard to brew somebody who fought back and got back where he deserved to be. I think I'd be very very difficult for people to do him in Tampa. Yeah I think that would work to bringing just bringing people back doing the work and again the four weeks. You've got the time to do it. Bringing people back to where they were when he left and like reminding you like you know how valuable this guy is. You know how much you liked this guy. And he fought back. He battled cancer. You know we've all you know. Lost a loved one to cancer. I mean he actually did. This is not a wrestling story And I also think that there's something to this idea of. He took all of the Venom. The wrestling fans could possibly unleash upon him and he kept going. You know what I mean like. There is something to that. I think deep down most wrestling fans. See that. And go like yeah. He's one of us he's and I think that's why people a lot of people booed him. You know six years ago or whatever because they were like he's not here for the right reasons he's not one of us he's not he's here. He's being forced role for the money. But I think now people are like no. He's he's one of one of ours and people know that and there's a difference in booing somebody because I'm doing him because he's arrested that I'm booing and booing him because I don't like him and he shouldn't be here and it's it's it's a different thing for Roman. Now I agree and this I think I really hope people enjoy this moment instead of taking the moment away from him and then ultimately taking a moment away from yourself because I said at thirty four I thought that was a very good match. That people didn't appreciate because the environment that the match was in. Yeah Yeah when you start doing that like okay. They did the same thing. Technically at Wrestlemainia. Twenty right you didn't but that was different that different. They're out the door right. And how funny is it to? This is what I was thinking as I was watching that on the ruthless aggression special. And I've been thinking about it. A lot lately is that they did get booed out of the building. But it's really interesting to me. That was a time when if you left a promotion you are. He'll like the fans. Hated you for like a real like you sold out was a thing that whenever anybody you're leaving. Wwe To go to WCW. If you're leaving wrestling brock was going into the football. You sold out. We don't like you cause you're leaving now if somebody leaves the for them. They find what they're looking okay. It's really let them be happy to be what happened. It's it's such a you know. Social media is such a weird dynamic. And there's some great things about social media but it does bring a lot of negativity And there's nothing really to be negative about now. I know I'm busted open on your show to you. We we bitch and complain which is fine right you know. You're you're a football fan. You're you're a New York giants fan. Hey you're a die hard giants fan. You want them to make a coaching change. And make a change at quarterback. That's fine but you're always going to be your giants fan. I think there's a difference and when you complain on your show or when I eventually complain on my show people are listening going like when is that going to happen but point on probably complained are yeah wants to complain but you can. You can hear the difference between somebody who's complaining as a fan and somebody who's just complaining like their complaints from people that you go. Why are you watching and there are complaints from people where you go? I want to have this conversation with this person. You know let. Let's talk about it and like and it's okay to have a different take in a different side right but you know I always. I always say this. I'm still a fan of the walking dead. I watched the walking dead every Sunday. I mean that's for me. I watched it. I started complaining about it. I stopped watching it because I realized I'm not complaining as a fan. I think this show sucks. I like the walking dead and if I stopped liking it I'll stop watching it. That's what I like and a lot of people have very. There's very few of us that still watch that show. People didn't like it then. Continue to watch go online and see. How terrible was they? Just Stop Watch has like. This show sucks now. I don't WanNa Watch anymore. And that's fine so by the way. I solve the problem. You know how often it bothers me that. I don't like walking dead anymore. Zero zero minutes of the day. There's there's other things to watch and there's other things again like the affair. The show the affair on showtime I love that show It was terrible. I stopped watching people. How could you stop watching? It's lassie's I said because I hate it. No it's not something I enjoy. I don't enjoy I. DON'T WATCH IT. Yeah so it's such a weird dynamic when it comes to pro wrestling because even when you're it's like I want like you're you're searching for something you want something that you're not gonNA get well if you're not gonna get that then maybe a either a. There's plenty other wrestling. There's msw there's nwea there's eighty W so or just stop watching just watching all together. Maybe you've outgrown it. You and I haven't but may may maybe somehow never. Oh my God. How many times did we hear that you still watch that? Yeah Yeah Yeah I do. Yeah that's what you money. Aaron pretty successful living as being a fan of big industry is that has gotten to the place. Where just being a fan of it? You can make a living doing that. Yeah and and I enjoy it to the point. Was You know one day? It might be taken away from me. Maybe one day won't be as big but I'm gonNA enjoy the ride enjoy the Ri- It really is weird. Though the ignorance towards wrestling that is still to this day as big as wrestling has gotten the ignorance to what it is doesn't exist for anything else in the natural world like I mean if you don't watch you don't get it. Yeah and I. I don't understand it's it's got to be the simplest form of entertainment in the world and it still is just beyond people. I mean people. I've seen people in like suits. You only really important intelligent successful people who go like why I wouldn't i. I can't see myself watching wrestling because it's all fake. I like Ray Donovan. I like I like the wire and I'm going. You're not listening documentary diet. I hate to and I don't WANNA I don't WanNa bring the bad news on you but Raven is not a. There's no such person associates say he's made up it's made but it's it's a little bit easier now than it was. Yes thirty five forty years ago for me. Because I became I became a fan forty years ago right. That's when it was really tough right movie. Yeah because that's before the era of sports entertainment when this idea of we are tricking the audience to some degree still existed. Yes so to be a fan was almost to be a mark right. Yeah I mean you had it was KINDA SPLIT. There were people that really did believe it was real and then there was people say that's fake and as a wrestling fan. You knew that it wasn't real but you had to defend the fact that it was really really crazy. Because that's the you can't sit there and get into the intricacies of it. You know what it is and you know while you're watching and it doesn't change anything for you but in order to argue. That wrestling is good. You have to argue that it's real. Yeah and they're even goes further and a lot of old school fans will will know this as a fan. You're like all right. This stuff isn't real but this stuff is right so like you know Salvatore Bellomo against s the Jones. That's not real but Jimmy snuka against Morocco in a cage. That's real that's real with a bleeding disorder against the iron sheik. That's real and the you know the WWF. At the time I remember watching on MSG network like they got into a brawl in the back and there were dropping bombs and all this stuff. This is on online at Vince. Mcmahon's like dropping F bombs. This is real. This is how can not be. He's gotTa be real and I guess even when you had your like wrestling arguments was like well the stuff they're doing up north the WWF stuff is fake but stuff down south NWEA getting Real D. That's real 'cause I I. I've told this story on the air the first time I ever saw pro wrestling. I was at my Buddy Jeff House and we're young. It was on a Saturday and he was watching Georgia championship wrestling. And my memory is new. Jersey right yeah I live in Jersey. So you're in Jersey watching George Jake Cable TV perfect. You know so. I my first memory of wrestling Gordon solely interviewing Tommy wildfire rich and I was like. Wow this guy looks like David Lee Roth from van. Halen that was my thought and then I was asking my friend questions and he goes. Have you ever watch wrestling before I go? No but this this is the stuff with Bob. Got That's W. WWF fake NWEA. This is real some thinking. Why all right so the stuff with Bob Backlit in the SAMOANS? That's fake but this is really right. And then they go to commercial. And then it's Gordon Interviewing mad dog buzz Sawyer who's got a chain and he's spits coming out of his mouth and he's talking about this the guy from Van Halen that I just said I was from then on it. Was you see like my because I grew up completely? Wwf then watched WCW because it was on or whatever always WWF loyalists. So really I mean when I was a tape trader. That's when I got a wear of Tommy wildfire riches. Got The magazines. Of course I knew who he was but really I didn't see Tommy. Rich live interesting ring until he was in the full blooded. Italians in the EC. W so that's over a decade. I saw a completely different right right right. So somebody who who has that deep of history in it. Where do you stand on the legends thing? I feel like there's a very hot debate right. Now that people feel like you know propping up. The older guys is is is putting down the younger guys right. Yeah how you feel about that. It's I'm a hypocrite. I talk out of both sides of my mouth when it comes to this topic because I do feel that there's a time where you used your legends. The Right Way and the wrong way with a e W dynamite with Jake Roberts Jake Roberts is not getting back into the ring and wrestling. But he's GonNa bring somebody within. It'd be great if you showed up next week. And he goes cody. It's me building to become the rents weapons no But you know and then we're seeing in the wwe with Goldberg and the undertaker. And I think there is a line that he should at some point but when undertaker came out it's I get I guess I get goosebumps. Hear that music and you see him doing entrance and and you know people are like enough already enough when it comes to this time of year. I'm waiting for what storyline the undertaker's GonNa have towards Wrestlemainia. So it for me. I speak at both sides of my mouth because at some point yes the legends need to stop and they need to get that other part of the roster over but I still get excited for the legend. Yeah I mean look. They're undertaker matches that after the match. Maybe I'm like. I wish he hadn't come out and done that. But before the match happens. I've never been upset to see the undertaker. I I mean until he decides. I don't want to wrestle anymore. And it's not like he's coming out and doing it. You know every two weeks you know what I mean. He's here for a moment and then he's gone and I mean I could watch the undertaker wrestle. Until he's in his seventies if that's what he wants to do and I think at this point he does. He can name the time that he absolutely back. He deserves that right to say. Vince McMahon. You know what this year. I'm not doing it. That's a pet peeve. I have to the fans that go. Would you think the undertaker can carry a match? And I'm like how would either you or I know if the undertaker can carry a match. What is that knowledge based on that? You're giving me you'd have been in the ring the undertaker you don't talk to the undertaker even seen the undertaker train. You have no idea what you're talking about can the undertaker carrier match. I Dunno I would you know. Let's watch the match. All I hear like I know. Mark Henry every once in a while bumps into him friends and he'll tell me he looks phenomenal like he's in great shape. You're right and when I hear that I get excited. Yes yes. He's the guys working out. He looks good. Does it really matter what ages? This isn't this isn't professional sports this isn't the NBA. Were Michael Jordan. Can't go out on the court and perform. He's playing his Ambi- yes I mean. He's the is fine. Anybody could pull it off. You know. Ken Doll Ziegler. Come out and pink hot pants. When he's sixty years old that would probably be a stretch. Yes but the undertaker can do it. He's created this character that can exist ageless and there was a time and I I know actually sting heard it and took offense to it and this is years ago when he was with. Tna by went on a rant that he shouldn't be TNA champion. Oh Yeah. Didn't he like he knows? Sold me in an interview for I grew up with the NWEA Stinger. And I also I also said that. I thought that you'd never should've beaten. Flared sting was a teeny bit overrated. When I say overall when I say over people take offense to this. I don't look at thing as a top ten guy a lot of people do I. Just don't you're starting it again and I actually did it with Shawn Michaels and I actually had to address it which you say. I said no. I said that they had The WWF wwe. I'm sorry actually came out with a compilation. Dvd with the top fifty greatest Sushi. I remember and saw Michaels was number one. Okay like Shawn. Michaels ISN'T NUMBER ONE RIC FLAIR Z. Driven through those those those old veins Lake Artsy the bane of yours being WWF. But and I actually said in the interview. I brought that up because you know. Hey if I'm GONNA say it on the Air I'm GonNa also say to the person that I'm interviewing you. And the and he said well you know what in our match at Wrestlemania twenty four? I'm the one who called that. I called that magic and you know I did not no no. Yeah and it's true in requires the first one to say that if it wasn't for showing Michael's but but that's the fun of pro wrestling because Michaels was like he. Because some guys we go well you know. If that's your opinion that's cool and Ric flair is great. You know you should know I call that man a on the man. Listen I love the fact? That's my personal opinion. Somebody wants to come to me and say you know what things the greatest of all time that I'm totally fine with. I don't agree with that but the fact that you have that opinion that's awesome. This isn't professional sports where you can say. This guy is the greatest home run hitter. Because here's the stats. Here's the numbers. Here's proves that you can come and say to me. The ultimate warriors the greatest. Wwe superstar full-time. How can I argue that drew for you? That's true I mean. We probably won't talk about wrestling again if I come to you and say the ultimate warriors the greatest of all time. We don't have much to talk about it. And then I'll know your knowledge and then I haven't. But you like annexed t right. Of course I love annexed. Whose brain is they're fueling an X T. I know that break in and again when I say something do. I Love Shawn Michaels. Of course I love Shawn Michaels. I love showing he did the posed. Pwi ric flair pose with the. You know with the suit on and everything I love Shawn Michaels but his post. You know like you just said it. I grew up on a different type of wrestling than you grew. So I'm going to have a little bit of a bias when it comes to certain wrestlers as you have a certain bias when it comes to certain superstock what you're talking about wrestling within our and your sports entertainment. I Love Sports Center and that's fine. I think sports entertainment is the best type of entertainment you know what and you know who? I love watching perform sports entertainment superstar. Wwe superstar you know what they win. When they are the best superstars titles titles and championships. See I love wrestling with straps and it gets wrapped. I wonder strap from my wrestling match. All right. You GotTa Understand Sam. That's what I grew. I grew up on Wa. Who mcdaniel and dusty Rhodes and Rick Flair and bruiser brody where they were trying to portray something that was as real as real can be so in. Dash Wilder and I finally get into a fight. You're taking his side. Yes you see. Actually I've I've seen some of that already seen but that's the fun site. I like arguments like that. Because there's no winner to the argument so I can. You and I can argue about staying in showing Michael's to our to our faces term blow. Yes there's not going to be a winner to that are and I love. I love the idea of arguing like I love being able to sit down in a room. Who's better Shawn Michaels or Ric flair and we can talk two hours. Yes you know what I mean and they were gonNA bring up like and by the way you know what's great about true wrestling fan. I could bring it up right now off the top of my head and we could talk for two hours not researched and he's not the top right just like let's say Rick Flair sixteen time world champion like a again. It's not like you know a team winning Super Bowl sixteen times. It's a little bit. It's a little bit different. Wrestling Fan knows what that means them. Yeah like a wrestling fan knows that you're not sitting there going. Well he's the best because he beat the most guys you're sitting there going. It's not an accident that somebody becomes the world champion sixteen and there's a reason that the the promoters put faith and you go you could go as deep as you want to but being a sixteen time. Champion is the thing. It's it's it's a note of success. And you know when you when you talk about Sean Michaels. All you have to do is bring up the the matches out he had with the undertaker at Wrestlemania. Twenty five and twenty six one of my all time favorite matches at wrestlemania in Seattle or Erico. And you know with your guy at Wrestlemainia twenty four. The he called the whole thing was on the ask. You this Was there somebody that you met or interviewed where you were like you. Fan Boyd out like where you're like. Wow was there. Was there that wrestler that you were like a little nervous going in little or just a tremendous amount of excitement Will there has been especially early on. It was all of them. You know early on it was everybody but I don't know who who would be the one that I was like. Man This is this is big on. I still the people that I go like. Okay like I mean. I could talk to this person for six hours. Like how do I? How do I figure out how to have a just a conversation with this person? Like even play triple h like sitting down because when you really think about what triple h is done in professional wrestling like. That's a guy who is unmatched. Not and I'm not talking about in the ring I'm talking about overall and you talk about a guy who has proven beyond all adversity of opinions proven with everybody in the world talking about why he got to where he is and well he married this person any any buried that person and he did. And you look at this guy who is jest trudged through bullshit forever for the sake of putting on a good wrestling fan yep to the point that we get to now. I mean I thought you know the biggest crowd reaction that I think I ever heard live was in Madison Square Garden. The night triple h came back. I think people forget how big of a good guy triple. H was in that moment and that was probably the peak of his of his good guidance but announcing he's in the royal rumble coming back going into the royal rumble. The Internet starts to turn on him and starts to feel like he's people and brings up the behind the scenes Stephanie. Stuff and all this stuff and then he goes with it like that way. Yeah he goes with it and he turns he'll and all this time that like you're sitting there going you know at home like the smart fans or quote unquote are going. I want to do. This guy knows what he's well. I know what he's doing. Behind the scenes he changes his character to give you a reason to boo for him on screen. And that's when he starts feathering his hair and he drops the denim and leather and he's just completely changes who he is in evolution becomes a thing and you know you could sit there and go. He buried this person he had to beat. That person had to be that person and at the same time you look at Batista and Randy Orton. And you can't say that he didn't go out of his way to turn them into super. Of course he did you know what I mean. He he gets a lot of flack. I know for me when it comes to triple eight Snyder. Triple h the wrestler. But the triple h is the exact triple eight sets the creative mind. I mean and you know for somebody. That is an old school fan. I get annoyed a Lotta Times. Vince McMahon said I always bring it up on the air when he had that? Sit Down with stone. Cold Steve Austin Stone. Cold Steve Austin. Br brought up the term pro wrestling. And Vince McMahon. Almost got offended by that. We don't do wrestling. Yeah it's triple H is embracing that he believes everything. But I remember it was after the annexed takeovers when we're talking about once again and exte- takeover outdoing the last week and he says when pro wrestling is done right. It's an art form He won me over with that line. Because I said this guy gets it. This guy gets a he appreciates he embraces it. He's not embarrassed by. He's not not only nine Barris by. He's the biggest wrestling fan in the world and he's a genius. Yes like you know for forever. We talked about how Vince. Mcmahon's genus. Vincent man is an unparalleled genius. I mean he's an American genius. Vince McMahon. He's a great busy. He's he's a great because he's a genius. Visit Vincent Man deserves to be on that and of course I do right now. I get my paycheck sign. I think I think Vince. Mcmahon deserves to be on that list of Steve Jobs and Walt Disney and Vince McMahon. And like these creative business geniuses when you take a creative mind and you also have that business side of it where they just changed their industry. That's a super rare thing but at the same time. I don't think people are talking yet enough about the fact that triple h is genius. You know what I mean and you can say as much good or bad about anything. He's done throughout the decades. He's been in wrestling. But the guy's genius number one and number two. The evidence of that is the fact that it's now been years that takeovers are the best shows in wrestling like you. Could you could watch whatever you want on Wednesdays. You could look forward to wrestle. Kingdom all year long there is no consistently better wrestling show than takeover shows. I will say this about takeover. I think I've seen the best takeover until the next takeover right and they lose if you look at each takeover. They lose some of their Taliban right if you look at the takeover and wasn't that long ago I mean what you're talking about five years ago that the takeover completely different roster different talents and you could have easily said that the thin Ballard Kevin's aravind X T. You're never going to beat that. And you're like okay. Well we lost them all well. Okay you struck lightening you got you caught lightning in a bottle with Gargano and CHAMPA. You're never going to beat that. Oh We got the Adam Cole era and it's amazing and and you're elevating you're elevating like you look at the elevation of Valetyn dream for example who I think will probably be the one who goes to take over in the World Title Match With Adam Cole and I think by the time we get to that takeover you'll be like yeah of course. Velveteen dream should be the number one contender for the title. But that I mean. The elevation of that character defeats organic. But it's really quick. When you think of that I would i. Honestly I've only interviewed triple h once and it was years ago. Yeah and you know. I actually saw him talk to you and you could have introduced me to him but you decided not to. I understand that maybe not actually having a conversation he interrupted even look at me and walked away and but he taught me yeah. Of course I remember you were there. I remember that conversation. Where was it it was I think before Summer Slam? That's great that's I'm the I can't I can't sit there and sounds like that's it. Does that sound like something? I wouldn't does that sound like something I wouldn't do. No no the strange part about I get it. I totally understood it when it happened. What can you do but I would really like to have a conversation with him just on that just on the fact that of his appreciation for pro wrestling. Because I think he's doing a great job of attracting that younger fan keeping a fan like you. Happy new and also giving a nod to somebody like made. Yeah because in the one battle that annexed is having with a e. W is that and and I. I believe for myself on Wednesdays I prefer e w over annexed you talked about takeover. That's a completely different different situation than the weekly product but the one fan that annex t is definitely getting on a week to week basis is the fan. That's my age. Yeah he really has. Which really is the old school fan which is interesting because he doesn't feel like it. I mean it's being done in a completely new way right and only characters feel modern and feel contemporary right. It doesn't feel like this throwback old school thing but I think it's the mentality yes it's the mentality of the way. The product is presented that gets older wrestling fans to go like. Yeah this is. This is wrestling annex. T would have been successful thirty five forty years ago. You could put that show on that. They're putting now and put on thirty five and it would be the number one pro wrestling show. Well I mean I mean. It's like the little things it's like. Stipulation matches actually means something we're going to build towards a cage match and there's going to be a reason to have a cage match will this match the takeover. It had interference. We need to find out who's better between these two. Let's put up a steel cage. Not just okay. Well we gotta do another thing. We've got a steel cage. We had a ladder we gotta table. We got like all of this stuff matters. You know what I mean like you and it smart you lose rea- Ripley from takeover. Because she's got a wrestlemainia match. So what do you do? What if we put six women who I also think that annex t has the best women's Roster Will you put women in a ladder match and that makes sense? Because it's like per finding out who the number one contender. Yeah you know what I mean. I I mean Wednesdays is it's it's a great that's Great Wednesdays and I say I prefer eighty w over annex t that's not taking anything away from NFC. Because I absolutely love annexed day. There's just something about eighty w right. Now that's really got my attention. And and you know and bully says you know bully. Ray says it's the crowd you know that they're doing it in an arena full people. Maybe maybe that's it. I think there's something to that but I do. I do love both those shows. Wednesday night's is definitely the must see night in pro wrestling right now. Well pro wrestling has gotten us to the point. Where not only can you hear not same wrestling twice a week? If you're a Patriot. If you just like the free show you only get into once a week but if you're Patriot twice a week but you can get a pro wrestling show on Sirius. Xm every morning. And I mean I don't know how many of you guys know this but morning is the number one time slot in Radio. I watch busted open go from I mean when I I I did the show. What were you on we on twice so we we were. We start at once a week for an hour. Then we went to quickly went to twice a week and I think that's when you were gentleness a week twice a week it was a co host who we won't mention 'cause you know let's erase the history. It wasn't even the we will mention your other ex co host but the first ex co host. Well He. He didn't use his real name came. Yeah Yeah too giving them so. I am really David Greco right. Yeah and there really was a doug mortgage right then yes I feel like Oh Doug Morton Manera is when busted open really started to pick up some steam. And that's when I I mean I remember. The live for five campaign was happening. You're just trying to get on five days a week and and and you ended up going five days a week in the afternoon. I right yes right and that was with Mortensen. Yes yes and then so much. Attention is put onto this busted open show Doug Morton and goes and he goes to other parts of Sirius. Xm where he is incredibly skilled. He's a VP OF ESPN easily. When I when when there is stuff that goes through his department and again I don't blow smoke when there is stuff that goes through his department that I've dealt with. It's like perfection. Now Yeah and I go like. I'm so glad yeah. I'm so glad that he's there but you jump on you're like oh well who's going to replace. Mormon and you get mark. Henry you get bully ramp you get Tommy Dream Ray. And you get like people who you'd be like wouldn't it be great to get these guys as a guest and you're like well? What if we did the show with them like a now? We're on live six days a week because we have a Saturday show as a week and in the morning in the morning and we have a podcast as well. The busted open podcast which is doing great. It's doing really good number so I'm very very thankful. I HOPE MARCUS EVERY DAY. Too right yeah. It's everyday incredible. It's a forty five minute forty five minutes to an hour every day. Well our know that All the not Sam shows in the discord rumor listening to bust it open. So if anybody's not tune in Sirius. Xm podcast. I think all wrestling fans can take a page from what you and I do. And this is where I give you a lot of credit SAM and Jim Ross. Taught me this and it's something. I go by if you're not successful then. I'm not successful like I mean. We are truly a community when it comes to progress and because we we have to go against all the outsiders that don't believe in what we're doing so we need to bond together. Yeah so whether your favorite show is aws or raw smackdown. I I don't know who's favorite show of each smackdown. Assume somebody actually out there could be. I wouldn't want to have a beer with that. I could be somebody who's favorite show was smack now. Let's all band together. We we're fighting the same fight right talk about wrestling disagree about. Are you about wrestling agree about wrestling celebrate wrestling but just at the end of the day? Go to bed. Happy that we live in an era where we can have these passionate wrestling conversations all the time and you know what if he w is doing a good job selling tickets and it's getting good ratings. Be Happy for that. You know be happy for that. Because ultimately it's healthy for the business when everything succeeds. That's right that's one hundred percent right. Thank you dave. We'll do this again. You're back east shirt. I wear my one. Wwe shirt that I have. I don't like the forty. How many shirts. How many days in a row do you do rest right now? This is day thirty four. And you'll go till wrestlemainia sitting there looking. I'm like would you wear one? Wwe Shop Teacher. Even that was a bootlegger I do have A. WWe shop shirt. What is it a Bray Wyatt shirt? I already ward. So that's my one shop and they do by one. They do Bogo deals they do by one there is another one somewhere or is it other because there was a buy one. Get One free. Maybe not SAM wrestling shirt. I was Kinda hoping you would. I'm fine I will wear one. You want to get death threats. Put on your Sam Roberts give you a David. Greco guy t-shirt no but I'll wear when I wanNA fat head to. I don't even have a fad head. We have a fat head in the student. But I don't own a fat head. There was somebody who told me AWA coming to Newark and they said that you said you can bring my head but make sure you take care of it. Because I only have the one o'clock that's the only one I have is just making them on their own. We have this Guy Scott and long island Who is been just added? The kindness of his heart is been making these fat heads in sending it to people so that they have them not send one for the not Sam Studio Poor Guy. I mean my asking him to do anything. And it's it's just that he's doing this because he's a loyal nation. Member wants to spread the word of the Lusaka ahead. I'll throw one. You were throwing up. You know what I make sure that you get one. Thank you David Greco. Sam Thank you and thanks for listening. Follow not sale on twitter instagram facebook and Youtube Rate Review Subscribe. This has been wrestling.

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