EPISODE #111 "Goodnight, Dr. Floyd!"


It's time once again for america's favorite. Show the radio adventures of dr fluid brought to you by tax floyd dot com. When you went traveling through diamonds space there there was no morning there is no evening there was just time and space so even though dr florida's protege dr grant in that fateful companionship's have gone from chicago in nineteen forty eight to rescue the dewey defeats truman newspapers chicago in nineteen twenty nine to save the contents or lack thereof al capone's vault and most recently the kitty hawk north carolina in nineteen. Oh three to help ensure the wright. Brothers made famous flight unhampered. They have only been gone from their real time. I'm a few hours. Eric vendors have worn them out though and we find dr floyd and dr grant in the sleeping quarters of the ship the lights are out. This ship is intensely. Dr floyd dr gray loosely. No oh good are we going to be okay just hovering hair and time and space. We'll be fine. Chipped is at the controls in hill inform us. If there's any brabham home okay goody good night. Dr floyd dr floyd yes. Do you think dr steven fidget or sleeping now. I'm not sure but they have after sleep eventually but what if they make a time and space jam where they will it will matter thanks to the time space travel device. We have all the time in the world has them is it. Don't worry about it. Just go to sleep. Okay good night. Dr floyd good eye doctor grid he he dr floyd dr floyd floyd. What i'm thirsty really drive me to drink doug your grant. You really do know i want. Drink dr floyd not you. Thanks good night good night. You're the best dr floyd gino. Dr floyd go to bed dr grant. Okay okay okay good night. Hey dr floyd would aged dr gray. There's a little stuffy in here. Can we open a window or something dr grant. We are floating in the middle of the street. We can't just simply open a window. Oh yeah. I forgot <hes> but i'm still stuffy then. Joe's the air vent above your head. Oh wow i didn't know we had these. This is kind of like an airplane. It's exactly taking airplane. I took the consoles from that old junk airliner in the back of the lab. This is cool. It even has the stewardess call but yeah she does do not push. I put dr gray. Sorry dr grant sorry. I was trying to turn it off but i hit it twice so it's still wish leave it alone. It's still on rushed leave. It alone. Got grandma. I help you. Oh yeah. Do you have any right nuts right nuts. How do you know which ones are the right. Excuse me ma'am i'm sherry. We don't need anything right now. Thank you okay then by now wouldn't turn asian but didn't know he hit a stewardess. Now got grant go to bruce. Lee's ari good night. Dr floyd hey. Dr floyd floyd floyd floyd floyd. The floyd floyd floyd floyd floor. Do you walk and you tell me a story. I can't sleep. Oh no lease. Oh oh come on. Please <music> sign once upon a time in a land far away. There was a handsome and wise king. The king was fair and just and everyone liked him thinking you had a problem though he had and annoying young page who lived in a casual and would not allow the king to sleep so one night when he couldn't take the incessant needling of the page anymore he put him in the airlock and lunch time and space dream name where he floated forever and thanks dr floyd. You always tell the best story night good night. He's out of floyd roy. What is it dr grant of you. Ever heard of naked mole rats yes. Yes i have yes. I've heard of naked mole rat what about them connector grin. You're what interpretation when we grant to get their sleep and return them on a week for the next exciting episode of the radio floyd.

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