Anthony Joshua Finally Wants Undisputed Thats What I Want & What The People Want


You could spell it or give you a couple of words by trump John. I had to watch my way way too much even heavy weight. But I'm never ever pasta and hard to walk going to be a great place in the bay. Play a say not ever ever played key called free. They get Scott intended for mature audiences. The views and opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect. In any way those are the podcast partners sponsors or tweets enjoy Com enough for this here the that you could take power to the MISKIN McCain. It was good morning morning. Welcome back to a second spontaneous show for the box invoice right here at Youtube Dot com forward slash the box and voice. I hoped you subscribed and clicked your notification bell to be reminded we are back with a nother one and we are talking. Anthony Joshua Ashwa as it's been a few minutes since he took to social media and let the boxing public know what's really on his mind fine. Let's get undisputed Trenton. That's what I want. And that's what the people want. Ah I want it bad. I came to take over not to take part. So he's back the taken over after correcting wrong no more humble. Aj We got back. We gotTA talk. I said we humble no more I came take over not or not take part whatever member talk your Shit Talk Your Shit and let's get undisputed trend in. Let's do it. Let's make the world the way that all the belts need need to be on the line. Whoever that may be you know if it's fury let it be fury if his father led to be wild if as poulet let it be because we know there's a a lot going to take us a lot to get undisputed we know that? Aj has pool live that he's got to deal with you know he's got was the other guy's name anyway. Let me get out on out. There might speak it believe it receives speak a believer believe received speaking for the K.. C. Speaking field handed bands old vic. Oh he shot miss to stay in our look when the building on. Let me check my instagram. I might be at a meeting. Dot Com Yoyo. Jio Yo yo Yo. When it went up in shots everybody didn't? TBB Universe back with another one. I've been the one on defending. Aj from the jump no saying at after hours the wonder say hey man go back in there. If you believe in yourself and you can win. I was the one saying that said. I didn't think he was mentally weak week or mentally Whatever the word is stable But Yeah Man Now it just seems like man we back to that Oh. Aj Shit. And I honestly I can't the thing that today. We know that Joshua Wilder in theory is busy. We know that I we. We know that they gather fighting possible rematch cloud that goes both ways we know that. Aj has the mandatory with the mandatory. Apoel there so AJ comeback out and say. Hey that's undisputed trending like what I always say about motherfucking zone on BBC. They put these fires out there. Oh You WanNa see many picking phrase next. You WanNA WANNA see josh phase next just trying to get the ball rolling gay people talking about it again get get the fucking buzz up about it again. Aj I think he wants his undisputed but he knows as well as I know that undisputed fight probably won't be likely to twenty twenty one. But I digress will break down and get into all right. What twenty twenty one? I'm looking at February right water. A theory I cool is possibly there's a rematch caller. Let's say best. Best case scenario there's not a rematch calls. Why Doc ID wilder pay step aside money and Aj step Osama let me tell you something who's going to say no to a million dollars step aside money and don't think that that's a lot? Because there's rumors that Adrian Brunel got paid one point five to step aside from the mcdonagh rematch. If look if I may Donna then oh outdoor and when we speak of million dollar step besides his pool left making a million dollars per fight let alone sit on your mother. fucking can I ask is Fury Omega Million Dollars to sit on your ass. No and if you fury you got Bob Arum who was a lawyer. And we'll definitely put in the contract that he gets the winner he gets. The letter is nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with that. Both fighters can pay step aside now deontay while there's been on record attempting to step aside money to Ba- mainstream earn up to six six hundred thousand for guy that doesn't have a bill and to fight a guy that didn't have a building Luis Ortiz. So for me for me to axe. Aj A. N. Wilder to both pay a million or a million plus to their significant other other dance partners to immediately go into twenty twenty one as unification. I don't think that's an issue. I think wild if he was willing to give Burmese as the verse. Six hundred thousand. We'll give Tyson for one point two and AJ can give both cope who left one point two and gave Orlando uh-huh Alexander USA one point two one year. Aj's going to pay more because he's the one making more he got forty million four sightsee. Let's think about this in the grand scheme of things. If you paid three million point six three point six million dollars worth site where for word for word for step aside. Money took took three fighters who are in the way of allowing undisputed something. We haven't seen it forever if you pay three point. Six million what what really ah affecting anybody when we all are expecting wilder to get his biggest payday where all expecting AJ to get his pigs bay big payer. This will be a small tab. This is like an appetizer on your bill. Three point six. That's nothing compared to the numbers that the fight and is business will do if AJ and while the go immediately mmediately immediately and again how many people call in and talk about theory ain't going on we wanNA fight anyway now you doing them one point to just sit back and watch and get a guaranteed contract trek shot of all the belts. Anybody could sweeten this up. Let's not sit here and give anyone way out. Mike I see your energy. And that's that's why I'm like talking on and on and on and hopefully you know absorbs and you because you got this energy light none. No that's wallets as made for opening the motherfucking wallets up. Aj got deep pockets. He could pay two point four two two two dudes. They don't even want it he fall tablespoon that can like like shit he no he wanted to fight your Zoro. He knows the only problem here is Tyson for you. We all know. Tyson and Bob Hell No but if you wet they beak if you wet they beak and you make an offer. They can't refuse which is hit. Take this money. Take this commentating Gig at the actual fight and take this re-met take this fight with the winner immediately after you know what I'm saying that's my case I'm following on right. I'm not even going back. That final drops Mike Boom. I'm done and give them a commentator job to fuck. It knows that make sure he will to carry all the man them at the Mike One of them talking about Oh shit. Aj did this while the dot in the words of the Great Marisha. So the monness man. You have a great great Imagination if if everything could work out perfectly Mary it will be great Graham boxing but I'm limited in the real world and when one big site we have to consider is Bob Arum. Bob Arum signed theory with the with the expectations of him. Getting that wild fight for Bob Arum to put that on the back burner not knowing what could possibly happen with the undisputed fight could be a one-sided to fight trilogy as to ask thanks Bob Arum to take the hit for very that really. Haven't been given him the return on investment. I think the return on investment will come of February in. I don't know many guys that that just WanNa pay voluntary money I understand wow. They wanted to 'cause he wanted to play face. Ortiz better opponent in Mesa Vern Blake Roy. Accident Joshua pay one point two one point two two month looking up up. Abbas is kind of ridiculous. I wait. I wouldn't even think about doing that. Elaborate elaborate please brought two million dollars for for I can beat these dudes and make thirty million. You could beat them and make dirty or you could pay them two point four and make accessible one hundred if he may listen. If the rumor was sixty five to eighty five million of fight. fucking Andy we never asked for you. What's age as per is going to be brought two point four inch chill my don? I mean look if you want if you want if you want to play the side where like this. This can happen. which is more reality? I know I'm being optimistic but come on. That's a straw man argument two points on a grand scheme of that pot. That part might that pie what that is still going to beat her. Though what you're not getting I can take five to easy fight like we seem pool against book last time because today we had on the show earlier. This week didn't look that great. We sick against Witherspoon didn't look that Greg. I'm just saying you're not thinking with the mindset of the tweet that was put out an hour ago oh I wanted bad I want it bad. You think in business owners who live easy money. This are warranted bad. Let's get a trend trending. I want it now. He's saying not me you put in. You put your opinion on twitter. His word he say. Let's get undisputed muted trending. That's what I want. It's a filler. Tweeden says let's get it trending. He tells you what what he wants to do right there. I don't want to necessarily fight fight. Let's Tichy twenty. People can start talking about it like He. He's not saying okay the fight in February while the fuck that fuck very wary say I should say okay okay so so so. My plan is wrong and his step aside but I just greasier disown instagram posts. Would you don't believe in post. I believe in post so I'll show you. Ah the conversation can slightly sway to unification for undisputed at the end of twenty twenty because Aj also also said maybe we fight three times next year pool of UC will while the fury winner. Now that's dangerous. The only reason why I'm saying three point point six million dollars worth of step aside money is nothing in the grand scheme of Bob. Arum said Bob Bob on that because you know what I'm saying. He invested a lot in theory. But if you get a contract with your he gets a crack at all five belts before major and the ideal of five and then with fury he has the fucking ring. I mean it's and the imaginary Lino is just it's just too much. I could see a working out if you you know. Look you gotta you gotTa make the deal. I think everybody in check said Mikey's carefully boar wild. Come on man. Come on Bro. I'm I'm more scared for. Aj Man but understand that this fight. It's a fight that we all want to hand with. Aj winning the The pressures back on on Sam but come on man. You can't really think that that Eh. Aj is going to be able to stand up punishment louder. I know a digital shows levels in a boxing things like that. But it's just not gonna go but I in the end. The twenty twenty is a great idea. I I can see that at the earliest happened but like you said man having five and one year in having a fight they I B I. I'm kind of leaning more towards the the beginning. Part of twenty twenty one lead. Both guys really really build up their brand A wider is able to notice and defeat very once twice in the rematch. Happens in age as able to take care of In USA and made people forget about and I think we have a big fight on our hands in the later part of next year or early twenty two early twenty twenty one. I mean. Look look if we're talking business. Do we need another. Aj performance where he looks a little more dominant knit. Possibly possibly you know what I mean we need to give him that. Aura of invincibility again. You we know so the fight Kim benefit from a couple of fights in between. But I'm with you. I don't see three re-fights next year including the wilder fury winner because that's a tough schedule pool lev not so much and then even even also not so much. You just got to figure them out. You know he's going to be a little mover. Let's say you're you're scenario. Works step aside money. Yeah do you think theory would accept beside one. I think the only issue with my idea is the sanctioning bodies right so i. I don't think that there's a big deal with fury except in one point two million. I don't see that maybe maybe fury at all three names is the biggest names so maybe he has to get his beak wet a little more and accept a little more than one point two but again even if you spend five million step aside God that's you know. A small percentage of the overall purse and revenue. I think the fury scenario needs to attach him to the next fight giving him the next fight a crack at all the belts would get him to say. Yes the issue is how do you get the sanctioning bodies now to also make those mandatory weight again. So what will happen is you're GONNA have to pay step aside money again now. Victim Postal took step aside money three straight times from Danny so maybe Pu revenue sick. Do the same I. You just. Don't know how realistic that is. Because it let let's say they do and again all. This is very very unrealistic. Because we're talking about Eddie hearn allowing aling. Aj which we already know he won't. He said he won't ever put AJ. And if I were he doesn't have a rematch clause. So how does how does the winner of that move onto fury without out the rematch. 'cause there's a lot of red tape a lot of red tape And I think the the biggest red tape is the sanctioning bodies. I can see fury theory except in one point two maybe a little bit more. 'cause you know he might get win like what you give them all last pool level on points. I gotta get more in an amazing but I could see all those men except except to step aside money. What I can see is the sanctioning bodies after that next fight continuing to play fair to allow this heavyweight tournament of the top three to take place because imagine in a perfect world you know? Aj Fights while the undisputed winner of that fights fury winner of that fights loser. You know so that so that you don't need an immediate rematch right so like if if aj while the four and in my world while the beat Aj then while the fights fury and if in the UK world fury beat Aj be wild the fury fights Aj and then giving him a crack crack back at it then fury Aj happens the winner that fights while giving him a crack back out of so you still get your rematch. Just not immediate. If you get my drift you're in and one thing that we that's a dream world and I'm Peter Pan your one time we have to take into consideration like Bob Arum's going to be making money off. Aj in twenty twenty any regardless to lead with IBM on. Bob Is going to stop a right there in the fight so AJ Jacobite wild a win win yeahs To to probably nice pain is coming from Polio AJ fight in the wider inferior fight. So so again me in in the best interest of Arum I think he might be the one that the whole this up. I don't see him been willing or Inferior take step aside money. We gotTA superjet coming in from. Sergio Gomez was unnecessary. Mike loved the PODCAST. Keep it up and we got one timer. TV Wilder is going to keio this clown. Got One more coming from C. R. B. Adrian Transit Sale. His Tulip says usage fight. If he's not at Dante wider says theory he's clout chasing said he don't attend slabs getting the ring along with no deal but did it for white and we got one from Pathak pound boxing channel. Aj can make any decision is all Eddie hearn in Colorado says. Aj Sleeps Water before he putts. Mike well the Laura I mean look I'm really you know look I. I'm final todd on it like you know. The ball is in the. The ball is in the sides. Hand first and foremost you know what I mean. We could argue. We want The Eisai came out and said let's get undisputed trending. That's what the people want. That's what I want. I want wanted bad. I came to take over. Not Take Part you know all right. This is straight from the horse's mouth he needs the Senate office he needs to talk to the sanctioning bodies ladies and set something up. I mean he's the only one that can do it. wilder and fury can't react row. Fury theory can't can't react. He doesn't have a belt. This message is directed at wilder and wilder alone. He's the only last piece of the puzzle so you know now that you have the public's attention he needs it's the Senate offer or something. I mean what can happen next. What should happen next? You know you might. I was reading a quote that I got from my guidelines. Low come from the epileptic. The water on WanNA fight with Anthony Joshua. I don't think we'll ever see and unification belt will never see it and I don't want people to get their hopes up on it because it never happened the wild Danta. Yes sir I mean. He feels that they're running from him. You know that's different but now we gotTA AJ coming out with different energy. And that's what I'm telling you it's up to Aj who has four of the belts to contact wilder and say. Hey He's gotta come. He's gotTa tell them look. Let's pay step aside. Let's do something. Let's go to sanctioning bodies together. Let's hold a press conference and say we want to have this fight but the sanctioning bodies in their mandatory is on the way Yo. Let's let's hold a press conference ally Riddick Bowe and throw the belts in the trash and say we're gonNA fight without these bells. These belts are stopping us from fighting. And we're bigger than these belts but again that's just me dreaming in this and and I'm not Peter Pan but if I was we'd be in a beautiful world the beautiful world but that is what they could do they could come together they they talking about Social Social Media and digital press conference year old to fucking Aj while the press conference where they both belts in the traffic. They they make it simple. Get Down Malay- down and they hold the belts over the trash or you're going to let us fight each other or you're gonNA mandate stupid relevant fights and let the motherfucking fucking belts fall in the trash live on camera boop and the feed take on call down people's will be on the phone Maria pseudomonas normally did no. No we'll look. We'll make a new Mayan Belton. Come on breath the fighters on control anything. I believe terms Crawford said is that they were for me. Aj already took the first shot. He took the first step now he needs to make it official. Like Eddie likes talk about terms. She sent emails. That's what comes next. You know what I'm saying because I I still never deleted this. You know what I mean is here is here for those the forgot because because I know you like to forget though this behind closed local negotiations can go on social media and Youtube channels and stuff all right so your your tweet is is just that. It's just a tweet is not negotiations because it's social media. You know me talking on Youtube. It ain't negotiations because it's Youtube so make sure you send an email or term sheet. You got me. This is just all or not if not this is like Mike said this is all just hot air and the ad that or this would that last segment and this new statement bookstore rounds of rent harassed better. I mean. You can't keep contradicting yourself. So either you want undisputed or you don't either you don't like the boxer you do you know either. You WanNA fight wild. Oh you don't. I'm just saying I'm going out to these calls. You know the number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one one time voice your opinion right here voice. The people hotline. Don't forget and Nesta Gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation. Don't forget to subscribe right here at Youtube Dot com forward slash to box invoice. And don't don't forget. Mike got his own channel. Pop off when you like all other Sports Mike on Sports. Check him out on Youtube. Let's do it. Remember to write. His fivestarsoap is on I tunes. It is hard to continue developing new content and covering the sport as thorough as we do without contributions from loyal listeners. Like you if you enjoyed listening to the boxing voice radio and find informative and entertaining. Please consider making a donation. These calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts in electric electric vehicle. Charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation. visit us at El Camino electrical services dot com. All right all right. Let's see who got a lot of callers. Are we going out to. Bob Is in Arizona talked to us also now much man. I just think I think it's just smokescreen here already knows Jose he's fighting this year. He just wants to make it look like he wants to smoke. You don't WanNa damn smoke either that or referring to the winter which he's hoping this Tyson fury but either way. I think it's a bad look gray Jay. You know what I mean like masterpass my ass. You know what I mean like. If you'RE GONNA be about it be about it. They'll speak about it so that's just my opinion. I can back at you all right what we call an going out the boomerang see wiping. This is right now right now gonNA go chooses to. Did you see why pay we're GONNA come back to you. Hang up call back in you got a a really bad connection or maybe I don't know try no no skype. I mean No No Speaker or Bluetooth was that we're going and who we got who we got Stephen. UK All right. Yeah Yeah I like your fanciful imagination. This but the clip that you set the zone posted That that's that's the AJ road he's talking to start negotiations. Now he's paying these upside money. the stands at the moment as an AJ quote quote fan. Let's let's let's just whole phone because he he's GonNa go through the fast and then he's like if you get sick and then the stock skipped keeps going but to be fair as the a side he could pay step aside money while the paid brains vern so the way the way they Wladimir Klitschko wanted to pay wilder so that he could stubborn. Yeah he could pay EH. It's just not going to happen is I. I really really love to hop in but this too there's too much invested in all patsies freedom to say okay. Yeah the fight against step aside many but doesn't get steps I've only why won't he wilder would have to pay Tyson. Some fury step aside money while the has a contract you gotta pay step aside money. But if it's in the contract on US up seventy I UH-HUH LEE is is is is interesting. Really ability wanted to take out next About it'd be February twenty-second you'll right if AJ really really wants he would. He would say that about the function buddy South Pole station. Damn I wish you would have said that earlier earlier man he. He agrees with me. Mike I'm telling you hold the press conference doubles belts in the trash. You tell them motherfuckers listen you could come on TV. We could do it right here. Live on camera. I'll have the call in number and all we gotta do. Is You guys. hold the belts and we we give Sulamani People's Mendoza and what is it. We give them all a countdown. You know either call lane and agree to lay down or we dropping these boats house because think about a man. Three percent of that fucking purse of either of those men is a lot they want to be part of this fight. They absolutely want to be part of this fire. They don't WanNa be dropped out and they don't want to be known as the party that caused this to happen. And that's why I say we have to we being. Aj and wilder need to put these sanctioning bodies on blast. You know if they come up with a deal imagine AJ DM wild the right now like Yo. I'm ready to fight. You don't matter when no matter what however let's do it and while the Hidden Valley I'm sure wherever let's do the next step is to go to the sanctioning bodies and say look. We got an agreement. We really want to do this. The World Day seen as to. How long are you going to be the black? I am boxing because the minute that. WBZ Says No you know is going to be the world is going to come down on this is Wbz be oh same thing and and for every other sanctioning body. But I'm going back to these lines. I noticed a lot of people going to staff the DON ON I. That's what can you hear me. Yes Sir all right we could. We could we could says I'm saying you not just like you said no yeah. Aj's AJ while defined Aj's play a lot. They just need to just figure about a fury to give anything else in the substrate await if that's what they both want 'cause obviously I've heard wad to go buy up now. Eighty and say fifty plenty. Then just they just need to deal with it. Now we've seen I agree brother. I personally personally. I do WANNA see of a fight series. Obviously upper fights writes in the heavyweight division. That can be made of a good fats. But what's the point way we've been waiting for so long now you let people keep blaming it on. Aj Oh blaming wilder blaming cool on her but it just needs to get done. It needs to get done. It's getting boring broke. Keep talking about. Everybody keeps talking by having. They're having the one person's going to win the next person go fight the up onto the by. I agree again Jordan. I agree again Uh I want them to go directly into their bigger than the heavyweight division. Could you imagine of wilder and Aj didn't fight anymore. And I mean they are the heavyweight division everybody wants that fight nobody's clamor fury versus any one of those guys. Everybody rather see these guys face hair. Don Man I'm GonNa get to some other callers. Thank you for calling them. We're going out to a guy here looking like a boom bang in D.. Roy they knew glassworks at a spying told you well book you squeeze at the eighth. Speak your language. Shut the fuck up enthralled folks CBS conversation not be back at you Yoyo undisputed That's it all sound good. May You said it right. The first time that's the drain world you. Peter Pan Might get on Santa Claus. Look like a misfeasance shit happen. What I'm saying it's cool to talk? Oh Body but until that fight is actually made is not gonNA give my respect nor my attention. Small factor was just saying well. I'm not even going to be talking about Wada. After this fight and you right back on here. Talk Amman dispute. Yeah but you can't call them. You can't call them. A you know like contradicted. Let anything. Because he's saying he did this before but it's not critical not hypocritical because he's saying that's what with the people want when island for Nakas Walmart Laurentian comeback harder at you please. Mesa thumbs up said it's every the episode of the blocks invoice podcast. 'cause it's easy for life in the UN l.. Patriae as 'cause you stupid shot out the Mike. I mean you my game and the well we don't hang keeping moving on me day. We gotTA AH Mickey fresh defects Rick. And the Emmy we hear you things touch on to touch a new when before when you're saying. Aj didn't call out wilder and in cough Few Americans were crying. Say WHOA WHOA. Whoa Ian Corden my name? WHOA WHOA now? He's doing that. You're crying secondly I want to touch on the topic earlier because you don't call me at school on time. Do My kids they're fucking ESPN Fox. Shelly Bob Arum the dropping aboard award. They're talking about big time. They should be promoting the shit out of this. They fucked up wild on Thanksgiving they should have been on wilder. This is stop going to get done. It's not gonNA it's GonNa be a waste of time. They're going to flop sales then. It's GonNa be a whole bunch of arguments saying oh while the a side was what you ain't fucking Komo Edelman. You Ain't promoted free free on. England is going to be a big fight regardless but for you Americans to keep saying that why is going to be a side. It's not going to happen because they ain't fucking fucking marketing dollars behind it. It's not happening. We hear what Schnitt where he has seen it for on is. I'm thinking what the fuck is going on. No one in the teams in you. You say you're GonNa wait for Christmas Star Wars and all that shit come on. We don't watch fucking Star Wars. Let's be real. I books in your essay. How to you for real for real damn see hobby? La What What else yes us? I just call Becky and Carter in his stupidest comment you know. What's funny? Is that who cares about Christmas men who gets about Super Noblemen. Who cares about these things like this? Are we talking about leaving some fucking mystery. Little over there in England. What did you think that? That's Oh you mad at the whole fucking world watching the Super Bowl. Dummy is the most televised event outside of the fucking Olympic and world. Cup comes at company becomes insecticidal nine. You talking about man always end some dumb Ashti that when it comes down to. Aj duties negotiating bulges mandatory right now if he's fucking fights it And whoever wins doesn't fight. Who left the IBM Strip that title? Immediately it doesn't matter about step aside money I'd I'd be clueless even step aside money because he's breaking Tomczak right. He stop lying to people he if he wants to fight he may one. It's eight eight eight two fights it may be after after after let's stop. Let's stop believing man when he took because he always speaks riddles this year. He deliberately said I'm not talking about this fight. After he's talking about less than a week later like winter we go just be like you know what may unless you see what happened with this do because his credibility is shot. Fuck how much I'll call in and say it's not it is because he got soundbites killing in sonoma Massey while I don't know why that UK fans get to like Nah. Ah Why why. Why can't be passionate lines? Only maybe his passion we're GONNA switch coming in from Trenton Jones. How's he perpetrating? Haw Country Dixon himself. Let's get friend but you just said it was. The people is is what what the people want. He couldn't be said something right after the weeds. Like okay say something different okay propaganda for different trend Jones. Come back with another other Andreotti. Just did Sam out on Charl days announced Andre just same call out Charles Day days later announced keillor talking takeover but the straight clouds chasing should have tagged wow the clown clown the plan. I gotta read that. What do you think? Wow Oh you mean. Aj should've tag wilder he me. Aj should've tag says Andrei Ages did the same call out Charles days later announces kilo talking takeover. Now he's talking the emojis the period so after the two straight face emojis like you said you WanNa talk. Now you find Kelly put he put the like what the fuck is that face. emojis Danny goes talk intake Over but he straight clout chasing should've tagged wilder so three clown emojis age. He saying if he really wanted undisputed he would tagged tagged other champion. That makes sense. You cannot come for that Supachai that makes absolute sense. Like there's only one other guy who could be undisputed with and that's why I'm I'm saying pay step aside. Money goes straight into motherfucker. Fuck all that I assume Osama how we know. No he ain't in the meat is You know acting for step. Aside is on money plan so that's why I like the WBZ. You could petition right. They should be able to be able to have undisputed in the how many years how can't who let this happen like how my dog is while and again I'm going to Patrick. beantown patches working no problem. We're going out to little. The`see good what I listen to the show you I'm GonNa go back and listen to it but I did see the tweet I don't believe I won't believe it until I see when I'm saying. He really really tries to push their fight in fans extra charge puts for their fight which I think she gave a lot of thoughts. Okay Koo Koo. That's my little man. No disrespect you. There's just there's so many different suggestions like they definitely listen to this episode and pick one whether there's going to step aside whether it's going to be both Ucla and improve improve Evan then face while the fury in the end I mean there's plenty of options I would say pay like you motherfucking way. We're talking about one hundred mil listen and wilder was offered him fifty back then. They was arguing. What a year ago that it was one hundred million dollar fight? We just seen one hundred million dollars is that's the surface because AJ judges may sixty five to eighty five million alone so we already know that is bigger than one hundred million dollars. This time around so to pay five million Lillian. I'm upping it. Mike five million for three dudes or on step aside money. That ain't shit you listen you graduated with you know math you tell me the numbers. Don't make sense you while we get subscriptions we can pick whatever they decided to do pay per views they get if they do. Subscriptions is done. I mean I don't know as people could you. Stream dissolve illegally. Is that big stream but I five stop the stream on many millionaires. Don't give up money right there for. Especially when the the the the rainbow is the pot is at the end of the rainbow who say so to spend my my my you come from the same place I can. You tell me you never heard the phrase gotta spend money to make money here but you spending money in a way. They don't make that much or well. Bless these guys would like step aside. Money took the biggest fight in the world. And and your biggest checking your life. It's the biggest second your life. I'm going to make any way you're GONNA say I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA fight wider anyway. You know what I'm saying. That's what it is Mike Secretly. AJ He won't while to get older. y'All CLO- why You keep I'm GonNa fight him just not now. I'm GONNA fight him. Just not now Kevin I'm looking at the boxing landscaping. I'm just going with when I see out there. I'm not making it for honestly speak. Make it theory up. I'm making the progress it calls up and I make this up. No one knows it six and that's sick that's sick ample don't nobody WANNA see. Aj versus is also can pull the this is a UK. Do No one knows it fix. He's telling you right there. We don't want to see can pull that. They both both can't even talk. We don't relate we won't wilder versus. AJ The battle of why Kanda who is king. no-one said which one of these fuckers is Michael B Jordan. You know what I'm saying. Which one which one is the fate king? Run around here. I can buy issue really bad. I'm just saying pay like you weigh man you too Bos you got the bang pay like you weigh Saudi Saudi fucking step aside fee. Mike Komo any country wanting to to do this business. Everybody's GonNa want the while fury fight five million instead persona night. That's nothing that's nothing. Well fucking was that dude. You'd be hanging with Crawford the white man the you do. How old do is my who long money buffet? He might just pay us and I really want to take that come on man. It's five phase. I want to see that Shit Mike Walberg. It'd be like look man. Take this step aside movie deal. Pull that we're going to put you in a little Russian movie man. What he's Bulgaria Bulgaria movie? Oh we all know better like WBZ Nacional right now. I'm sitting in their wheelchair that they gave me mind right now. Getting some maintenance done on it so big up to the WBZ ABC map Ready Whenever Board Award and the dirty happen again. I'm ready. You know why you got like a low voice on a mission. I mean I've been I've been I mean I never really stopped working out like I don't. I'm aiming to the gym. They fired like rolling decisive. I would like to. I like maybe twice a week and I'm not even even train them. This is Dan What are you go? Let's get out to mastermind. No Oh Zam Zam here in sex this out check this out I think. Wow they need to take that flight. His facts were ago. Some she they do they. Do you would over there over there. Oversee cross the plan chemistry. Gordo any street shreds the record. They got out the traffic traffic. I think 'cause I knew otherwise I think the bigger stole it though 'cause like Aj he's doing his thing but see it but if you if you still got a lot of sports and none of that man you don't have any peace over there bro. Bro We got the Bra we got us now to what I'm saying. Why over there fights breaking the record able you record over there to sell them over there and they got fucking by they're gonNA come from the? US anybody finds Joshua fighting the US. Man let's keep in risk. AH So why pay three sixty Mike. has there ever been the pay on at least three hundred four hundred dollars over here in the US. Then you've got the worst five over there in England come home school as you said you do number the number on that the numbers on that. I don't get them on curry on officially the biggest our like I I gotta understand. Aj One of the Olympic gold medal since his debut had the whole country nigger on his back. You know what I'm saying. When people been supporting him we see them? Ninety Thousand Wimbley ever seen any seen ferry to a big topic onto like Aj Jay with a parker or AJ. With we's I know my ads. has there ever been a pay per view over there that we paid for over here a pay per view the that that comes on in the UK that we pay for over here now. I live for over here in exactly. So it's like what does he mean. What does he me go over there and is going to translate to three hundred thousand over? Now we're going to get it for free over while the he would have went to the UK just to please you. But he ain't go voted to sell no American pay-per-view And that's what I'm saying. Listen this is what I say. I'll try to say you know he ain't let me cut him off. Credit credit to you magazine. I cut everybody off. I'm horrible with that But it's just us. I WanNa forget sometimes but you know we gotta stop with this age. Age is big over the issues. My man got ten million followers on on when when he fights the world stops like the numbers are retarded. It man. Everybody goes craziest all over. The news is everywhere. Like we gotTA stop talking. Is He only popular over this shit. Maybe maybe the numbers don't translate to subscribers and views and and you should be okay. Don't be laughing at that because sometimes while those numbers don't translate endanger the highest. Should we say they translate and they're just the highest like Brad. Look both these dudes is big but come on man. Aj's fucking huge we talking about we talk about Ruis went from like two hundred thousand Serbs right what he had before to fight my the first fight. Yeah perfect sixty thousand sixty thousand now. He got one point six so he got. What a thousand percent? You the math do that ain't no one hundred percent congressional thousand percent increase. There's a lot more man like Yo. Jj is big man and this fight is big league. And that's what Mike don't get this fight. Five million step aside. Money is nothing in the grand scheme of this fight. Think about those numbers Utah. A B side that nobody talked with went from sixty thousand followers to one point. Six Man Hell notice fight huge huge when his wilder aged we talk about when it's that combination is huge and it's worth any step aside money is worth is worth with fury and while doing now which is coming together and Dan Co broadcast but whatever man we gotta call us we out the boomerang short. CBS speaking I mean usually just to let you know Anyway I entertain completely understand what you are you. Are you like outside on top of Van Talking to Donald. Suzanne headed home man. What's up my old folks home to is also The right right. That's right van with the rest of this thing. Is You really have to tighten up your stuff from what the job. Anyway as I was saying I understand what Joshua's saying he just wants to get this done. I don't want and if you look at the history three of Joshua and if you look at his career you can see the history a- actually. I actually matches his word so just to get done. I mean all talking and labor wages and they gotta be over here gotta be over there by someplace neutral soon do it simply neutral do have it there and at the end of the day. We'll see we'll see who's left standing right because honestly that's all the people want you know. Let's take all the foolishness away from it about you know people people saying that. I'm That I don't like I don't like fight us from America s stupid the takeaway this whole this whole thing with the UK versus America which it it just have a problem box in Max man. Stupid man is Patriot. Live K love their fighters and their country America going through the same way and that's why boxing is beautiful because you kick that dynamic more so embodied than probably any other sports cars in the NBA. Hey America and MLSSOCCER is overseas. You know what I'm saying so it is with this joint. I got you my doctor man but over but in boxing is like a huge over there. Because you know they actually build their fight is up over here you. They don't really have the same action. Listen I think for their fight. Is They have more tools over here and they have more history over here. Of course you got the lease and everybody open over here but but but they don't build a fight as the same way you understand. Mr Has a habit of saying that boxing is What is what is the term I use for? Boxing could as a fact time sport or whatever the term used by thing not like basketball football or whatever which which is true. I agree with you on that to an extent but it shouldn't be because you know. Boxing is the great for sport. So it really shouldn't be over there but Up At this point I play I try. I think it was snitch. Maybe I like to say. I'm not sure we're going to Aaron and Kelly will talk Guy Yeah kind of like what wildest says. I won't believe it so I see it. You Know Age as cloud chasing but we'll see if he's a man of his word I really think he starting the prep for the fight. I four two thousand twenty one. I think he's going to go ahead and fight cool but if they ask the question because everyone says it and they're they're possibly considering paying Lucic step aside aside money so they can keep the WBZ about so again if you can pay Lucic step aside money for the for the WBO belt. Why can't you do it for the undisputed And we'll see I mean I think water still going to go ahead and fight fury that's too big money fight and I think he's going to get rid. We've and billion white but you know again it comes to the question of what's Aj gets through this year and this year they come through escapes. The heavyweight visited small. Who else is there? You know what I mean. It's just a matter of time to a process of limitation that they gotta go ahead and do this and I'll say this wilder needs to do game of thrones. He we need to start taking offense if he needs to come to the UK at some point and start fighting over there. I know while there's big over there and it's GonNa put pressure on AJ. But I think this is all the prep for two thousand twenty one and we'll see if age as a man of his word won't believe it until I see it but if they really WanNa make it happen like net says they can make it happen they can say set aside money to quit anything in the contract to make it happen if they really walks. But we'll see that Michael McDonald by McCall. Patriotism People couldn't soundbite sending me Shit Shit. We got us with Chet coming in from camping Williams. Aj Ain't shit without his syringe. Come on no no. No no no no no proof of that no proof dad but luckily intended for mature audiences the views and opinions genes expressed her. Those are the panelists. Do not reflect in any way those are the podcast partners. Sponsors or affiliates enjoy. I didn't WanNa even abusing abusing the. Somebody's respect from the view. That I mean you know you gotta you gotTa make sure everybody knows we're going out to Texas. We got a masterminding the building got. It was Joe. Yo Oh baby living kid take a plane out here only single. Hey Man Look I'll be honest I I would rather see that happen sooner simply because I want wilder to be the one to knock. Aj's head off and and as much as we hate to admit it. The few is not a walk in the park. He does present danger to wilder. So you know I'd rather I like I said I want water to the one act Lee. Aj Not just stop them. Put Him to sleep so definitely. We could make that happen sooner. I'm all for that because either way I think the fight that Presenting the number one heavyweight is going to be wilder and fury The that's one and two in the division Aj doesn't have the confidence head. He boxed a great fight against relieve but the confidence has gone and like I just want water to put him to sleep. And in this once Grauso if you ask me let's get first and let water five. Thanks for calling. Dan upend the confidence because it was evidently even though he barks sometimes like when he got an inside just andy had him Shokhin Aung San Dan so We gotTA super check coming from Carlos time for wilders or call skipper if he won't undisputed okay and makes comeback which I say well well technically. Aj Innings the call skipper. He the one put this tweet. We doing a tweet from. Aj from wilder true He says there's Globally AJ is more known than water. Right now I think we all can Pasta I think globally. Aj It probably the biggest the star Tarot Dactyl says a while Neth giving Aj his crops and Mike Two. I guess you don't want the show that much it's not like we just AJ or talk bad about Aj. You know what I'm saying and we got one more. Come from Don on warn you. Kate equals bum squad. All right we got out leads leads. Low Decatur Georgia Ringo's status. Oh Man I ain't shit cooling listening to Yao Ming a shot out Bowden for making me a ringo Mike appreciate you Rena Po. That Y I senator news I send it to Youtube. I know you man boys you dig and it should actually so I do WanNa cited Bra. It's a less than fucking ten seconds to pick up a fucking camera to pointed at your face to say deontay wilder name. I won't you Knicks Bro. Little Little Punk tweet. I give a fuck about tweet. Man This shit. Oh Ho no Goddamn wait man. I can't say I didn't even need the man. Fuck Up Burger you'll got down bows and call deontay wilder out like a fucking man shouted like God. They WanNa fuck man you got me on this sheet trending full training. We've been asking but it got down five for how long New Year's and you also fucking Trendy Lieber Tokyo got they'll skurdal car man motherfucking nine so he can respond to you like a mother all the fucking man do because you know how get shot but guy down. Did how frustrated I get with. I've tried to be cool but just because you say a little punk tweet now you thank you indeed some show face you WANNA show a little video showing your house. Fuck Yo House nigger I want to fight. You know how I say. Get your ass in the rain. Hey My Omar Day count down. That's building we've got another project coming right back for you. Ness Carlito's title says. Wow direct line to kipling hands up at me like this all right but but Bush awhile to say hey skip. Ajc He wants undisputed the fuck. What the fuck talk about stepping on toes going through the back door Like Yo you don't even know if that's what Aj weren't we don't know what this means for. All the for all we notice as he wanted the winner of any hoping witnessed Tyson so they have all UK. Dust up is how they like to say a dust up. Mike why do you WanNa do they cowboys over there. Satellite Texas was say a dust up a proper fight proper PROB. I'M GONNA spark them out now. They got some good slang when it comes to fight in the angle from My Bet okay plan yeah they do. We got veto in Malaysia. What up the? Maybe you got this weekend. My parents right. Nobody the amount of the lobster. Can you guys me we do. Okay good good I fall outside. Is this this. It is really really interesting and We should undergo though the fans and media has a mayoral an plane making this fight Festival Michael Tell you this you have to change that narrative because people like you. The reason why this fight is going to happen Kuhne I. You're talking about The five has to be fifty fifty. You have to follow what nasty stain when when that fight was off to while the nets. I give you props for that because You would only one among show co hosts that were saying that Wild House to take the offer and then beach aged to become the a side and stuff like that. When you start changes like fifty fifty you know that will put a a dent on the fight? It's never going to happen while his yet because there is no fifty fifty. Each won't happen that we it's desert. Clay is listen. Listen listen this person you win. They said as you ask why I thought it was it. It was vetoed all the way from this and this is my call so listen now I notice that whenever you mentioned it could be that guy but man I gave you a minute and fifty two because you know you got to do yeah. I'm an Malaysia. Stand up wonder how to weed is in Malaysia. He rubbish ain't no eight to no. I don't know I'm just going. I don't know about Malaysia. I don't even know I might have about Google Shit. He's hands on it then. Talk to me is yes so basically say everyone's Aj for not coronado everyone the last while actually called ager when he knocked out while they didn't say whether it was the HR is only one person who's trying to make us aj while there's not the nation now he did come out and say what he says. So what do you is so so. Aj knocked the fuck out. He had no bus this year. He had so from Eddie and we see what happened with their April board ship. All the fight not available for for windy but then still trying to get fucking white and women come on man. y'All on y'all crazy so yeah louder to call out a guy who knows why he's down in the fucking dumps Komo man. Ah Fuck out of here. I never knew to Jonathan but I guess he stood. You won that argument. There you go all right. We're going one out to John at one white boy Texas. What's going on your what I would have to? I guess I'm on my lunch Undisputed Man I don't think he's cloud chasing he's got three the belts through the major four belts. I don't think he's clock chasing. I think he's doing what he should do. and he's gone out there and like necessarily He said that that's what the people wanted. So he ain't being a hypocrite. He should be calling out wilder. That's the last that that's the last one. He needs But to touch upon the last call or not the last call but the last podcast. I didn't get to call in It's hard to. It's hard to Redo what they did in the first promotion. You know what I mean. They built that that fight a nice in the fight. How you're GONNA live up to its expectations? How are they going to do that again? And how are they going to sell it Hopefully at the super bowl you know how somebody somebody called in and said down thing Michael Sain. That'd be a good way to good outlet to to get the word out there but smashed Lagman if you haven't The blue collar workers out there stay safe. Everybody that's working Listening to the boxing voice grinded out. Smashed like button. And we'll catch on the next podcast. This it's funny. How can go from being humble being all man? I just won't be my bills building. You know what I'm saying to now I WanNa be undisputed the forgotten how. How's that homeboy? Bre Get come see me and say gotta come see me. You Ain't you ain't not not that it came out with fucking like Monday Tuesday beyond me true who got the most doubt him come see us Bra. He got more belts. Man That's like monopoly on the board. I got more colors. The unit certified loser. He's loss we found need. How are you feeling that phrase alone? Assad do those you got his belt. I understand that he's back on Howarth but Brady did got his bag. If Andy Louise Limousine every y'all WanNa call them if he was able to have that success. Aj you gotTa Baked Baked Eight. What were you thinking they finish? You're not thinking about picking right now while we're GonNa do guy came doc. Wildlife that you ain't got to reach advantage get Outta here man. He's reinvigorated man. I'm sticking all you fucking K.. Fan and you you you turn it. Ah I see you Oakland Attorney Man I fucking you cave coming right now you for your funny now. You're trying to act like we take turns flip flop and you the one with the UK passports. They ain't got nothing to do with them. I'm just keeping it real. May you gotta see him. But that's like that's like telling earl he got a C Crawford you. Casey is the other way around. Man We notice already. We've said this already man. We know we know we know. But while the can't do nothing he's gotta sit and wait until. Aj Sense to offer or skipper sends another offer. Aj is the boss. Let's let me hold hold on. Hold on hold on hold on where was where was he fighting at ESPN and with the canals do Canelo told them they want the fight. Skipper made it happen. He gave that do two more fights. Even if you lose because can Nello is the boss. Anthony Josh will. We'll all your boss. All your boss with go with one of the ghosts could show up again. Because he's got the thing that could bring the coast right. That ran by Bob. Bob Smarter you win. You can career if you win the WHO. Who was smarter zone? They were smarter by saying if you lose you still get to. What did they do by doing that? They ensured assured he he came over there they ensured he crossed the street. They made sure that all they gotta do is make sure the wild across the street ensure that shit make them off the he man. What's my movie soundbites? Make him an offer. He can't refuse man while the can't make the offer they already don't respect while dissolve they won't act like they WANNA act like it ain't real no they want to act like it ain't real so he'll off shit they say he ain't days sisal. Oh he got off his shit. Aj agent got a send off stop sending tweets tweets. Don't get I'm killing with sound bites me so awfully with say do this behind closed. Negotiations can go on over social media and youtube channels and stuff last. I checked twitter with social social media. So now all you gotTa do is tell John Skipper make the call. The way the Canaletto John Skipper to make the call and Bob let it happen. Because Bob Bob won't do say no. He's motion guy came. Tell you mutual champion one x talk to me. You could come back to me Bro. Sure we're going to Jocelyn New Orleans a good say none but image building by ag like accountable to the negotiating. deontay wilder Her everything just put out the status us on record saying that he didn't want to talk about while tonight he's already saying he wanted to unify it. Yeah I think he's just image building like trying to protect his image. Maybe ties period a criticized for do win. At least he's do see he say that but like he's he's negotiate in the fight is fights trying to go nowhere near that. Unification is is on wilder than belt. So I'm going to hold them accountable. What's the consistency they show when it came down to the Deonte water negotiations his thanks crouches czar not being able to Focus our final in who you are getting your identity back. That's what age eighty were about. That's my call you know. I think it's ridiculous these calls don't on want Aj to and I'll use the word for revisionist history evolve so oh because Aj Saturday my. He can't come back December thirteen Friday and change his mind especially when it involves making the fight that the fans want literally put that in the message and he still gets shit. I'm GonNa just this and it would this. You can't win when you're not free orsay in both guys to the aspect right now. I just not not for now if he would've did this and even having mandatory and why fight then. I will rewrite long which banging a fucking drum for this shit but like I told you I just think this is one of those things that people do get their debt. That buzz back on saying that de eh one of those tweaks but it is so you call them Kyle chaser now column. None I'm saying he's strategic is smart. I think thank you might think they wanNA fight. Yes defend the fighters next Mike Do. Do you know the by the Knicks. Yes yes I mean that but you also just say he wasn't being humbled just because he won't undisputed you also say you also say he just got his Belle's bat he needs to chill but I mean Jay z also said. Yeah like why can't just have his swag and be ready for Action He. He filling himself to him. He's like Yo. I thought I was just this club. Cluber I went in a show that a box Bra. I'm on. I'm I'm filling myself like I'm ready now. I'm ready. I'm ready ready. Look I had time for you yesterday. I got today but yeah I was in a moment I was in moment. I see I knew he. Becoming right begged her all right. We got a lot of calls you get to this weighing on talk no mortgage Jesus. We don't forget. Carrots Patriarch Big Day. Right you should zurve money with. Oh Ben B. B. Neither we got a Ringa girl the UK the Yo yo mass. Yo Mike what's going on. Yo Joe. Listen Mass I keep telling you the reason why we're not gonNA get the fight is because there's people like Mike and he's fan boy. Why defined boys who believe that while the deserves a fifty fifty split? Aj when we come back to Earth and we will come back to reality then we can get the fight as long as some people think. They deserve things that they going up. The fight is never going to happen. I mean if I was. Aj why would. I give wilder fifty season. I have three belt. Let me connect you a question. Commissioner questions can actually question go. Can we put this for argument's sake backwards. What if wild loss and got his belt back and he had a loss on his record wouldn't wouldn't that hurt him? You don't think that the loss hurts. Aj at all. Now let me ask you a question. Do you think made more money from the loss and you're resorting to money because because you can't answer the question because money is what the timeline because money is what the Times as I do. Not so so like I said to answer the question. uh-huh shows it's always about the financials bro. It's always been about financial location sometimes. No listen you Americans listen pay more money than you guys. You do realize that right. Did that money generate more than I got back and mayweather or pack in fucking cares. I mean we. We had some pretty massive type of us. I'll be like we recognize huge fights this AJ and Joshua J.. And Wow there's a huge fight in you know as well as I know. It's only one destination. The debt by is GonNa Happen. Ah Listen America breath all right we got ruined Fabrio for talk to me. I was gone. Carr's tournament good all right I mean all of this. Is I guess interesting in fairness. But I'm still the same mind we're looking at another Lennox. Lewis Riddick bowe situation. Aj Wilder are never fighting. It's never gonNA happen. The most is likely outcome from dispute is going to be either fury Aj. I think there's too much bad blood between as as team in waterskiing anything to happen on a negotiation while the study. Four Bro. It's definitely happening is. I'll Kroth against neighbor. Yeah we're looking at the same situation here these two now. We have a better chance in my opinion because Aj's younger and he's the alleged alleged Eisai quote unquote so the matchmakers on his side. If they gotta wait another year which is what everyone thinks. Thanks we talk in two thousand twenty one while thirty five bro and if you waited to the end the 2021 he might turn twenty thirty six because his birthday is like in October. I think so bor I mean yeah man. Yeah he's already had a couple of broken bones a couple broken hands. It's a couple torn Bassett's like I don't know what you're talking about like all seven thick I understand like how much actual damaging punishment while taking an actual actual fight besides Ortiz brother. He's obviously taking more punishment than you. And I can imagine because he's the one that already put a time clock on his resume and he's the one that for the first time in our lives has said the candidates rough you say six years though they no. Yeah no that's forty. That's right but I I hear you but it's the heavyweight division. That isn't as that everyone would advertise it the heavyweight division Joe's McCain back at forty to win the world title and I say this number Tarzi this day or corey he was gonNA retire this March. It's North East Bra fighters all Human Brain Ballata. UFC minano anything about that. Yeah Yeah Yeah your thoughts. I'm retired. Come back no saying we hear guys all the time. Robert Guerrero came back from fucking retarded. He called book. But but when floyd just announced how and sue easy to win when Floyd just announced is coming out of retirement and I suggested he fight Crawford you said No. He ain't coming back to fight that level. So if if wilder at forty is old and floyd right now at forty years old and isn't gonNA fight that level. Why should wilder come on? Burn happens now not later. I'm not expecting him defy. Aj I I'm going to play well where BEF- before forty understand but I think he's going to be like the beginning of twenty one that's Mambo P. I mean I'm pretty sure. End The twenty twenty one and the twenty twenty one. They don't make them hit that birthday. I'll guarantee Brandon North Carolina. Bring it on that Raymond. Listen AJ is being man. I just got back from Dominican Republican Publican. They had stuff up with that with the fight on I went to a restaurant always so. Aj's everywhere damning deal. It was in the MINGO. Okay you went to the Catholic. He went to the cabin. Okay chance a yea Mike. I'm tired I keep telling dusing Boorda was China yesterday. I just posted and I post it in there. I'm like Y'all do it for my birthday is down. Anthony definitely. Dan is the. I'll go with you. We does right every other Monday. Yeah I WANNA work with shoes apartment over there. I WanNa work with long shit. I was Nine Ana saying on the news and she you've been every month not saying you ain't got no problem with leading man. I go every other month my pet I gotTA get a new passport book. Because it's four. Joe There's no Oh problems in in in Dominican Republic. Nothing but love good food. Everything is organic fucking actually I actually do Anybody hey let me get McConnell about the boxer then I love you all want you said. Don't thank God for the Set it up for the thing. So I could upgrade my Patriot gone so I could get the the Ringo. Not The ring but the next WANNA know more. The boomer radio themslves saw taking man only to give you two to calls after that is mastermind and powerful pounds until one of them dudes. Call cancel every day. You know we do talk every day in the mastermind 'CAUSE you're you're part of a group that money and upgrade that they go you must got a girl out there a Yeah actually got a little off. The I had one out there. I'll bet man trying to tell him. Listen here Mike I got you come to get your flight I take care of your your own brand is stop playing because the flight the flight I take care to fly out to about three bedroom apartment. Hey I'm all patriotic. Hit me up bread where we go get to some calls they go get y'all the L.. He invited you to the Dr. That's all you need young man. I keep telling me I keep telling my I keep telling my I'm telling L. U. This it man. We keep getting bigger every year. There's got to be the year man we gotta do a Dr Reunion and meet up with all the call is out there man and have a Baugh I'm telling you we go into. Did we go to the Bay D. H. and obey they hear your doc to the UK. Bomb's gone if you're tired of seeing bids Eddie with the hair plugs all the interviews lying. If you're tired of seeing fakest champion tweeting bullshit cow. Chasing if you're tired of seeing can't get knocked out four times if you don't WanNa see you can't twelve rails on a bike acting all scared come to the bomb squad. If you WANNA see you can't knock a Nigga hours at twenty twenty one so if you want to see you out to Catholic biggest head off talk to the boss squad or the UK to WanNa fuck with a real NIGGA. Fuck with the real a side wild undefeated. WBZ heavyweight champion of the world. But why to this day you WanNa mess it up with a sound bite. I mean he went on out. We're going to J.. Aw Aw little. Rock as coach razorback Eh Models Josh. Whatever like a while if they keep moving goalpost hearns and Josh Keaton moving over time While agreed to something as the stipulation this girl from UK just talked about. It shouldn't be okay if they did accept what happened while knocked him out will he wanted to. Yeah get through all large side. Want the same the same deal. I'm telling you go onto the Broadway one way rematch. That's right. He's going to learn a little soccer match that he's going to be no no fight. He's he's a very talented. I think he looked at them. Knock out there. That Josh indeed man can you tell me that. It don't miss his mind and you don't want to see the black like like the black late all right. Thanks for calling there. We go out to V in Jacksonville Seville Florida Talk to us. I'm glad I caught me 'cause breaking news but It's good that we hear in this age. Aj I don't think as cloud chasing. He's far enough that he knows this time for him can make moves if everybody serious And it looks like he he just wants that. I mean these guys are born around the same time like I keep telling is the same person be onto while then Joshua so I just think that it get into him with all the talking that everybody's saying he's scared this and the third. I think he's on it now and I think we need to follow what he's saying and make the case for undisputed getting hot. That's what he's saying getting. Put the pressure on. Put the pressure on us and make the fight. That's right man. True Boxing Fan right there. Wien Jacksonville man that's subsea. He interpreted that beautifully. May Say Cloud Sason you know so my map. Mike Got Mad. echoey say get a trend to know he knows that is GonNa take more than just get. Despite 'cause he noted Eddie and embarrassed they got a whole they gotta hold they gotta interest and the best interest to. Aj hose onto those bells and that this fight keeps prolonging. I'm telling you thirty six years old. They might jump on wild. They might jump on while thirty six on about the check coming from Carlos. Why not call skipper and see to give? Aj is being really not. How could he call skip on that? Aj got you gotTa make sure Aj talk to skip about this shit and a- and less and less remember unlike Andre who said at Eddie hearn. Has that deal for you. This didn't say shit about skipper or her and it was just he ain't even say shit about. Aj Four we know he told my fury in a UK. Dust up let's go out to Texas sixes Boomerang. Dean who is is Chato of owning Joe What Danville Yo I I just call it in and say they want in. The Gym was hailed. Lump filling every every bit of it that They want one in the goddamn Jim Joe. We need some details man. I WANNA talk. Walked as a topic here man. No but Saturday but yeah you better. That'd be an Jim because your opponent he plan you this tape on. Ask Tom Shocked. What guess what? Oh yea we we don't we don't meet them right there in the middle This topic right here now. Yo Look we ah lost a Lotta Luster. When windows got knocked out man four times like this it lost it? Lost all the man like I really know what's going to happen when they get in there like I'm not really interested in this shit no more or less like a really. I WanNa very is a guy a while like we. We gotta know what's going to happen in that fight. I'm more excited about that. Because Joshua Listen get past man I'm just GonNa keep it real like when I woke up. That's all I got man. What got me? Meanwhile they sell them some million endow offer Tank commanders Zulu family was going on. What what a what a right all right? Hey let's get down to the white meat of the situation. No way does after Joshua really want want this fight. deontay wilder is really in his head he was in his head before he fought Ruiz. He's according to Anthony Joshua and after he got knocked out the way he got knocked out severely. Let's let's not forget how released it the first time we know that he came back and secured the win but he didn't beat him. He wanted to fight but he tank. When my destiny you went through despot when you say you WanNa fight can you hear me now? Oh Yeah Okay Yeah Yeah. I said. He wanted to fight but he didn't beat release. He didn't beat him. He didn't he didn't asserts his his manhood own release now when he stopped. We're talking about wilder. He's a whole different subject the UK fans for six months. I'm listening to your show. Didn't call in Harley saying anything after after the loss Anthony Joshua took now here in these guys talking about well how does not deserve fifty fifty. It would be disrespectful to offer the main anything list at this particular point. So I'm with Mike with Mike was saying. Hey they offer less than fifty fifty two of cutting. Let me tell you. There's a case for that because it's like Oh. Aj took laws. How do you think that that if they was willing might if Eddie was already on record there's articles were Eddie said thirty five percent forty percent? You know what I'm saying. How do for video when you got a loss? I mean I could see that argument I I can also give you an argument for AJ side. You know what I mean you know. I can't but I'm GonNa get to these. These calls coming from Rodney Mike on the air today. Paul's and I love it. Crime Odi Cya mode it. We got one coming from zero. Sarah Wayne say nothing wants love and be in thirty two my go ahead to the Dr. You can get your meat play with a brain gotta go to your phone right. Wow Okay T.. See Plums Florida or what I do again. Let's going on. I'm trying to tell so. You can actually keep saying but thing about what I was gonNA say now. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah this tweet angle place I think is is chasing on. And the reason that he's doing it is because we as fans we get so I I get you know what I'm saying so excited about stuff like this. The author doing other using them to do is make an excuse to say why they don't want to. They can be no other every time about has fight. You know they. That's when they started. Saying we walk with annoucement add. do he got every everybody. Everybody defend those water theory February by everybody. Let's combine dogs but the thing is they always do this and then they wanna have some excuse. I guarantee you one or two days. Eighty will be somewhere in. Water doesn't bike. We're trying to get the fight with this. Is the biggest bite me. And then you know what's going to be the same in story all over again like we we get so caught up in the moment that we forget history in our promise is going to be the same thing as I don't want it to be but I know Eddie hearn. That's that's what they do is going to be the same story everything that's up until the I don't even know what to win but that's what they do. They we get excited. Did they know we will come in and they do the same thing over again. I mean he got a point Oy. Yo the does he's record many a time saying that. Eddie hearn and age as teams are very manipulated. You know manipulative. How how manipulative ability to go over what do you fake out me right there? Right at a seven. Oh Talk Talk to me you should I mean then they had a rig may say manipulated. Hey Hey what's up man. Hey Nah I had to get in on this topic on my lunch. Break Man I love to go to lunch or early but I think the problem with a daisy as we always say we don't believe you need more people. It's one of those things to wear. I just feel like he boost in the one of the last last two callers. You're saying you know it's like after he got dominated to where he was dominated. I just don't believe he wants to fight and I don't believe he could beat while they're at all now win- EH I. I thought it was a fifty fifty. I was just like man maybe eight Jacob cats wilder before he catch him but I think he's scared to take one to give one and I think wow they're gonNA dominate them. The thing the reason they're fifty to sixty million dollar pay that I just want him to get there. He deserved it man. He deserted fifty sixty coming out payday so if they often fight go ahead and take the fight. Get out there doing your thing but if aj can pull this out you never hear me say another bad thing about eight. Hey dippy be wider. I would never. He could lose three more fight. I would never say another bad thing about him because I just think it's that much of A. Wow there's that much of a favorite now in this fight well him my they'll believe. Aj In tweets right now. We're going to owe Ringa. Steve Talk to me. What else do you Steve? You do working. Hey guys guys you there. Yeah we're here and I'm just going to listen in on this. I just got out of something. I didn't catch some just listening. No problem we'll double back if anything We're going out to seven and Kelly. Talk to me Yes sir on your blue all right I'm kind of with Mike on this if he wanted to fight. He'll say he wants to fight for and talking about trending wilder say no more no more no more hiding. Let's make the fight happened out here. That for major and Eddie. I am fifty fifty before the fight on Saturday but he backed on his bullshit. Camello gave a triple g more money to make. The fight has just an excuse like Terence Crawford was saying I feel like that's my call. Oh forget oh I get about a year Watch Mike on Sports a slap contest as should is funny. I mean seven persuasive. Thanks for calling in we got bomb. Boxing Boomerang Talk to me when a by just enjoying all this content. I see all them hitchhikers on there. Gordon just smashed it thumbs up but support the visibility of the show as my man next to you know say manage. Just I don't know if he's real or not. I hope it is. I'd like to see it quit at this at this point at this point in the game. You know what I mean. WHO's undefeated loudest undefeated? He's undefeated fighter. All right he's in my opinion and he might not have any hers backing but he's a sign. Now you've got that greenbelt that that coveted green belt and They just coming off a loss with a with a with a boxing performance scholarship before he go in there and smash them out beat him but he didn't beat him. You know what I mean. So so. That's that's my man. I just want to see it happen before before before Before while there's sitting in a wheelchair like pocket and may weather but we'll see aiba boxing man because you thanks for calling the man who we got up next. Yeah Yeah Yeah there. They clipped my clip that quick trying to say manipulative hilarious. Your Internet Fokin can play Pat And beantown. Going back at you you working once twice three times year. Out in its own the ballgame okay and see why People Moran. She was up unless we do run. Let run to back to back because I found out shit you know me I like to find out shit you know the lillies Lewis never did a million dollars without Hobie Steele Field Tyson. But Tyson Hobie posted a million without him. Why would I say that loud Holyfield I mean it's fucking store a fucking stock in America. It doesn't matter. I'm going to start your foreign ask. You won't be bigger than the domesticated starts. They say that if you take. Wow they're put them over there in the UK. People never limits. Lewis did here but he won't do the same number at Anthony Joshua it does it. Why the fuck is that for people to accept utilize daycare by our opinion? They need us to believe in them. But we don't give a fuck. They believe in daily us to believe in. Then we get. We don't give if they believe if everybody dropped off going to bed tobacco. Okay so my point is if a civil war isn't that simple because facts always heard when you bring them in take auto take care. He do numbers he don't. Aj I admit it John. He don't number eight eight in. Aj will never do. Numbers like Roger here in America. It's like Louis kicked out enticing in Holyfield here but he can outdo them over the UK In last but not these Biden the people act in front of the whole boomer. Yeah we're doing okay take gopher why. Why do people assume that the two hundred new indicate new subscribers would it be fucking take everybody would have been there for the whole month because they had great fights in December so all the Hawker back affair with a already businesslike stopping to sell? Are you telling me that. The through a bucket of the United States of America which had about forty million Mexicans. They wanted to take that. Oh my God a check of the world is fighting and we always see of his own Mexican Americans. You tell me that because because of but they didn't do it for are you crazy. Data proves my point in America acne. Aj is Anthony Jackson. What's in here? He Eddie Jackson is not the reason. Why does all get to other to other cates strivers? If you believe that Shit you don't know shit about the the mirror. We've got Mexicans ages black. Everybody our opinion matters just a miracle is global facts loyalty laws. Yes please. Can you hear me okay. Perfectly good good. Cyp Omitted in free time last night and had to say after the job so already is don't doubt with that about what would you. How'd you just about different? Different topics Tom Soak Knowledge. Paul until about an Just let me say what I wanted to say. Then after time than just you know I've issued Your energy is changed to take your numbers show you any changed you starts come to some form wreck sector which is a saying that saw cousin is the lowest form of wits and compliment as sooner someone that means saw customers lowest forms wit and the way that you're implying these these situation on these things in Sauk Asleep Mana you're setting. The truth is a good thing. The first step to recovery. Except except you've got a problem and then once you accept appropriate cocoon the problem except the truth. Not what you're doing. So Aw foams up to you and forms up to the people to listen to their agree with Ya got could cry appreciate it man. I appreciate the backhanded compliment. Saying that Now have very low wit not witty enough for you Mike. Uh did we go out to Joshua New Orleans. I think the day right. He chose Crawford We got dividian video. It was going on. This was going on Mike. Don't get me okay shortcake I I Most of the show is always a Lotta callers to. It'd be dying. I was listening to this show or earlier I don't know I just WanNa see while. They're an age as soon as possible. I'm hoping you know. Aj is serious. Do we really put the smoke. I don't know I guess I hope I hope you know for the test you know but I'm hoping you know we could. We could see as soon as possible because I just WanNa see you know one on size claiming that data best I mean in my mind already. He kind of just see who's GonNa win but you never know how it was really respect. Aj a few you know. Hopefully he seemed like. Are you serious but I hope it's no you know I don't WanNa see no more gangs man people wanna see this like casual so you WanNa see this. That's the best thing for him to Yup. I'm Joe how is it that he gives a lot of blame. Everybody they need to make this fight. Because everybody's like blaming aiming everybody like both these do we. Gt Atlanta both of these. Take blame you guys but at the end. Ah like always say the crime when you when you look at that guy. You know what I'm saying you know what. Let me tell you in in context that you know is heavy might you. Did you watch last interview with Rob mccracken I've seen it but I ain't watching watching talked about it. He said man you know the social media he mentioned social media mentioned Aj aj his fan base and how that really can get to someone so he tried to do it in third but we know who got to but Mike you know what else to protect from jd before that the line changed on. What member on my bookie Terence Crawford WAS A no. He was to twenty Vinyl von Fan Duel. He was twenty he was like twenty thirty over here and now he's twenty thirty eight well twenty three eighty right because he was he was twenty thirty yesterday. Money coming on I will allow a whole lot. That's like three hundred fifty the right twenty thirty eight three hundred more points today. And kind of Alaska's actually moved like one hundred himself Jerry. Sarah's happy offer weekend because to Jaydee and seven service last time Anthony Glass Joe. Shua say he was going to take over. He took a loss in Iran across the Atlantic with his tail between his legs to devil. Emotions we got F. M.. Hey property just listen. All right we're going out to Don Troy Don Troy Donskoy Don's in in day. All right you AH yeah I just wanted to say I I like I like anti justice trying to say but I don't think he should have been a bit more directly through through this statement. Could it King Hashtag beats by Dre off the Hashtag One of the direct enough. I would have liked to see while had to be a lot more direct. It didn't Dickey meant enough. He felt commercial. We've felt like he's just trying to get some attention trying to get some trended. Also I just wanted to. I say I just wanted to us. You guys both both boxes went to retire today. You think would be remembered as the books are out in the history books of Warren. Wowed OUGHTA. I think it'll be just like Lennox. Imbo they'll be stories like that the fight that never happened. They won't you know I think though both equally get credit but they'll they'll be attached to each other as the fide never happened but then fury is well because if they retire who fury have left to make a legacy off of. If that's cool. Thank you acupuncture. Good Luck Don Troy. Thanks for calling in. We're going out to Don Donny. you'll notice what I hear you. Yeah how does it feel to hear some my call right before you name. Don Troy Biggest Dante token since still am I'm big on TV TV. I don't know yet I just WanNa say night. We need despite the happened Monday. Both sides defines just needs to push out guys yet by ages multiple offers while there ain't nothing yet really and truly was not serious and not confident about about being undisputed it would the twelve mil- or why about offer here. You talk about the money yet. Become as I right. But he's obviously not not confidnece. Let's be serious Ruis he was comforted me put the money took his transcending about Whitewater liberal media. If you'll need it confident yet step. Poke the fight and his boom guys. fury like come on that's Michael Stainless Boomerang that's up nine when Don Dot as what's up. I agree with you. We've been sharing that same thing over here I'm GonNa do what you didn't do. And not even take away from any champion. We don't care about a side and B side we don't care about money percentages. We don't care what platform shown on. I mean we can squabble about what country but we don't really care caraman. Although we care is that it's out of boxing ring and that has a name. Anthony Joshua has named Deonte water on that motherfucker so that we can see you know I am the it water become disputed champion of the world in my lifetime. You know saying that's how I like to be able to say I W- it so you know saying boss squad on Donna and as always say please make sure you push the thumbs up said this in every episode of the box voice podcast DB for life. You Ain't no Patriae 'cause you stupid shut out there all right No Boomerang Ano ano going once Twice all righty. Then on we gotta Stephen a UK. God's right Right so then. We got Steve if you want to. I'm doubling back on your Stephen Chicago all right. WE'RE OUT IN S. GTO INSTAGRAM and twitter. Let's hope that they get it done. Man Oh stone. John Bone Stone Boeing. That's it my badge. Medicine talk to his fans so he tried to get they call it in trying to make excuses for him not to fight while they're so he's talking to his fans and hey come on man. Let's get behind the unification. Let's get behind rightness. I've called into boxing saying We don't want this fight on. We can't do the splits. Let them worry about that. You just push the fight and a nest. ooh medical marijuana over here like Philly New Jersey. New Jersey has medical him. SIT 'EM I am coming in to fight. My brother just had me come become be back from Germany. Tonight's I'm flying out in Philly tonight at Ni- I'm getting a rental Donald Trump. He's standing by he. Should you a real fan. That's going to see Crawford. crabbing lapse that S.. With the fuck is up brother coming back from Germany on the CONDO. We're very New Jersey. Someone's just flying affiliate rental drama Berry hanging can't bury. I might be far man. I saw India. He already you did it. Yeah because it's like the last time I took the train from the airport but I'm getting this. It's only our like thirty minute drive. NYC from his creative because he drive down near like twice a week when he in town army but dry twice a week so he like me. Come on I'll get the tickets for us. He's just hearing me say I'M GONNA play. He just got back stateside. You'll be in New Jersey Arzi my shit. I'm getting on a plane in like three hours. I'll be there at nine o'clock whereas like if you need to be in. Byu In New York guilty ambassador. He was part of border wars. He's been part of both appreciation nights He's got a BNB in where was it might makes the day before to on being the Bronx sedan even goes Stay down here because we're GONNA BE AT THE HOTEL WITH A. I'M GONNA fuck with Terence Crawford the Little Sister Baby Daddy for my neighborhood and she out there so we'll go out on night drive back to Woodbury in the morning and then fly out Monday morning so I am a bed and breakfast is going to be my brother create. It would bury. They'll go a strike in Wasatch or tomorrow morning and I'm being in Wasi to fucking Chop Fall Asleep on the way back to New Jersey but I'm gonNA catch out minimal. I'm I'M GONNA try to put some shit out while I'm out. I catch all later. Thanks for calling calling in as always Man I have no clue who this is Gabriella. You just talk to me when I zero screen name Sid whatever we buy the roll out on champ. You just my Super Chet it. My super yarn read that I know I'm good to Jason Mitchell. coffered this time Nafta hey gibbs finish wishing on a fucking star with AJ and allows board a UK. Are you happy. I mean he just wish I was wishing on the same star for Bud to get his shot. And I am saying. I'm preaching the same thing not Tele Edison Wilder Norfolk. I'm being consistent Crawford. Crawford is the wildness situation. Now the difference here is is the AJ on PBC situation. Don't got all the belts so earl still got to go get all the belts. So he ain't sending Crawford offer so Crawford got to go and do the same thing while they've been doing for all these past three years trying to get that fight down willing to go over to negotiate but we he had none of that. We need to have phil negotiations. But I like how you find a way to get your man talked about man you know the show you know you know you know. He's starving for some attention. Man Man the Mike in the UK. Yeah what happened in people. Look Yeah I'm good that your report in that you know this is old news because Aj's being calling up on this for the past few years now. Feet at seven forty. So you're just reported old news guys come on man. This isn't this a big. The big news is the big news. Went went wild is GonNa Finally WanNa become undisputed dispute and stopped at stop booking fights von camp. He got to get an offer for major to do that. Yeah we rejected a few so like old. The news like you say old news. This is new news is they're trying to go for fifty rejections. Don't want this fight my the outlet I just wanted to have nothing to everybody. Wildfires treasurer fans should all come together. And say look. Let's make this happen to Nami. That's why I think we should all come together forget. UK USA. Everybody is united as one to make this happen guys. Hi It's come on anyways to say peace out good show guys. I'm Mike I've got my man. Let's try again. I think I think he was back. And now you they're out of your year wants twice we. Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello name literally. Just eat one account of listen to the boxing voice for about year in all these these Chris. I'm from London in the UK. I wanted to just quickly cool in first time calling in so Shouts that usually too but in his professional debut we love that. Yeah just quickly all a big. I am as a of a lot SINKONDE Komo. Oh cool boxing fan. But these days I'm starting to think. Aj doesn't one SEPHORA wilder. And the reason I say that is because it is Eddie. Hundred percent is trying to protect him. Eddie boy of a couple of times but I do think one hundred percent then to fly John Wall obviously very very much school is both ways publix holding fell off. I think in my opinion loud wins first joins the second flight. I'm not sure where we go from there. I think I can make adjustments to win Boston when I first four GONNA be confused not not we solved. Come out for him and he's GonNa be in trouble and get that big run handed guy but Yeah that's what I decided. I Am Cola. Keep good all right. Brother will thanks for calling in. Thank you to everyone Nez. GTO INSTAGRAM and twitter Mike biggest takeaway is greatly. I man be a man actually my name. If you talk with pretty much at wild nonsense let it be known so people can't manipulate your words or use manipulative tactics to Try to paint pitcher it. May it may not be so mad because everybody who listen Guards nineteen eleven or on twitter. Red Cross to three one to follow me on Youtube Mike on Sports either. Do say catch us on the next one bet and show but an hour so poops.

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