5-3-2020 Worship Service


So I hello to everyone wherever you may be and I know that hopefully before long we'll be able to be back together kind of strange to be here this morning and pretty much empty church. But that's just with the people I know not empty with his spirit and I know that he says that he will always be with us to the end of the world and I know that he can be with us today wherever we might be us. Put our faith and trust in him and give him the honor and praise for what he has done for all of us and I hope that everything is going well with you. If there's anything that we can do to help any of you if you're in need of anything please let us so. We'll begin the service this morning with saying number two hundred and forty two. I want you to sing along with us there in your home number. Two hundred and forty two wonderful words of life again to me on words of Led me more beauty see lives words. T then do rude words. Wonderful words wonderful beautiful words more nervous lords wonderful ally cry. Snoop BLESSED ONE GAME. Use full words of law said this to the call of Lie. All Free Move to beautiful words. New Words wonder fool. Beautiful words. Wonderful Birds sweetly echoes. God's call wonderful All Part Eastern. Live you Jeez. So slow for beautiful wonderful Wonderful Day. Full words words wonder fool words of. I want us to think about that. The song that we're just saying saying them over again to me and if we can keep that in mind as we go through each and every day wonderful words of life and where do we receive. And where do we get those wonderful words of life right here in this book? He hasn't recorded for us. And we can receive that and we can also communicate with him. Let me more of their beauty. See in is that what we're asking for today to be able to draw closer to him to see more of the beauty of his work and not man's were but the beauty of the work of Jesus Christ and God the Father Hereupon near he says words of life and beauty. Teach me faith and duty to think about the words. That's in this book again. The words of life. Teach ME A and duty. You know we have been talking about in the last couple weeks. Here we've the sermons have been a phone. What our Lord has taught his people while he was here on the earth and how he left this books recorded so that it can continue to teach his people and teaching us what our duty is and how we can have faith in Him. And what is our duty is to walk with. Jesus Christ our Lord to walk in the spirit to be filled with the spirit and let the spirit directness in all of our works in everything we do. And we can't claim Moses are works but we can claim it as the works of the spirit that is within us that he has given to us when we ask him to come into our life when we accepted him as our savior when we repented of Our sans and he gave us forgiveness and he gave us that comforter. Dan We are made new. We are a new man. Oh things have passed away. We have been quickened. He says made alive from the dead works that they we were in before we received that spirit of the Holy Ghost I'm reminded of place in scriptures where it talks about. Some of the cycles went into an area there and they saw these people and they were believers but they said there has the Holy Ghost came opponent and they said we don't even know whether or not there be a wholly go so they set down and they taught them he said we have just been taught about what John's words were repents for your sands but they sat down there and they discourse to them on what Jesus Christ had done here on the air. And that's what we WANNA do. Today is discourse on what Jesus Christ did while he was here. Bonier and how he made are calling and election sure through him by making the choice to go to him to get out of our sinful life by accepting Jesus Christ then we can all walk in that spirit he says ask and you shall receive C. Can you show fine? Knocking shall be opened unto you. We talk about these things constantly and I want to continue to talk about them. If we read through the scriptures. There we see all these things brought over and over and over the different letters and the different pistols that are written all of these things were just constantly being reminded to the people in those day and we need it reminded to us today so that we all know and understand what his work was Dan and what it is. Today it has not changed and friends. There is no confusion in his work. His is the truth of God. And it's laid out right here in this book and if we are confused it there is something wrong now. I know that there are things that we all have a perfect understanding on. We'll get it when we need it but I know that there is not a lot of confusion. No confusion in his work his trews are will stand time and eternity and it says they are nothing more but the truth of God the word of God and if it's the truth of God how could there be confusion in it. So if we have confusion in our mind today let's go to the Lord and let him straighten it up for us and he says promised that he would seek and you shall find. We've opened this morning. We're going to read some here in. Corinthians we're GonNa read here some in the third chapter of First Corinthians this morning begin with. Let's read just a few few verses here in that second chapter starting at thirteen verse. Their second chapter of First Corinthians says which things also we speak not in words which man's wisdom teach it but which the Holy Ghost teachers comparing spiritual things with spiritual exactly what we were talking about here. That what what we do now after that we have received that spirit of the Holy Ghost is not man's wisdom by which the Holy Ghost teachers and this is what the Holy Ghost gives to US pairing spiritual things with spirit. God is a spirit and we must worship him in spirit and we must be relying him in all things but the natural man receive a not things of the spirit of God and we cannot receive that the natural man cannot receive the spirit of God on his own. We've got to repent. We've got to make a choice that this is what I want more than anything else. I won't the power of gone. I WANNA repent of my sins. I won't accept Jesus Christ and worse we come to that point and once we do that then then we can receive that spirit of the Holy Ghost that comes from God. The father through his son. Jesus Christ but the natural man receive a not the things of the spirit of God for their foolishness onto him. Neither can he know him? Because they are spiritually discerned in that man with that natural mind cannot receive that we've got to get down at the foot of the Cross and say that we are in a lost undone condition and then ask and he sees you shall receive but he that is spiritual judge with all things yet he himself is judged of no man for who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Cam but we have the mind of Christ and once we have received that spirit and are allowing that comforter in us then to work he says then we have the mind of Christ he says I. He says you have been adopted into his kingdom into his family into his church. That spiritual church. You are a son of God when we receive that now. Do you think that we can be here and be filled with that spirit worshiping in that spear and proclaiming we have the mind of Christ and then living in Carl way constantly in seeing not putting that off that will not work but we have the mind of Christ and that can only be by becoming and being made new through the spirit and I could not speak into you as unto spiritual and carnal even as unto Babes in cries? Now there is a problem here he says. I cannot speak to you spiritually. Because they had that carmine. There was things there that was not right and they were meeting to be brought forth and he says but unto you unto Karnal even as unto Babes and crimes are not where you should be and are we where we should be today Ken. Lord speak to US spiritually. Do you have a spiritual ears. Can you hear what he is saying? Today he that hath ears to hear let him hear is mentioned throughout this Bible. I have fed with milk and not with meat for handed to you. Were not able to bear. Neither yet are able. I want you to listen carefully. He says fed with milk and not with me. He's been very careful to just feed them the truth of God and very easy way for them to understand he says you have not been able to bear the strong meat and what he is doing is comparing that to a child when a child is young. When you bring forth a newborn Bain cannot tolerate. The justice system cannot tolerate the strong meet that an adult can tolerate even though it has to have the nutrients in the things to be able to grow. It cannot tolerate that for several months for quite a while. It only takes the milk the things they're they can help it to grow and help it to develop and that's what he said there that for a young Christian and people they're just beginning in the word he says. I Fed with milk so that you could be able to grow spiritually as it was necessary and not be overcome. If you gave that baby the strong meet. It would not be able to jess those things and it might eat. It would be bad for it. And that's what he was talking about here. He said if he had done those things he said you would not be. You would not have been able and might have deterred your growth spiritually. Bonani goes on to say he says now hints for Hint to Heather to you not able to bury it. He's telling them that they should have been but he had fed him with that they had time to grow but he says you are not able to bear it and he says neither yet. Are you able somewhere along the line? They were not walking and they were not growing and being nourished by that spirit or leading that spirit nourish them as they should. And you'll see in this vein next verse what the problem was. He's for you or yet karnal for year yet con. Have that carnal mind that he says that's an enemy to God. It's an enemy to the spirit of of the holy goes he says for you or your carnal and he goes on to tell things but nonetheless. Let's look and see what we look like in our day. Do we still have that Karnal Mine? Are we still wanting to worship the things of this world or allowing things of this world to be our God and worshiping the creature more than the Creator now? Let's be careful for year yet. Carl if you aren't able to take that strong meet today spiritually. There's a problem you're yet caramel for whereas there is among you envy and strife and divisions are you not Carlin. Walk as man. He's just bring it out very plain and clear to this group of people that there is a problem there and Lord will bring it out very plain and clear to US friends. Take it to him. If there's a problem with your carnal mind so that you are not able to receive that strong spirit tool me. Go to him. He says four there is among new envy and strife divisions are you not carbon walk as man for a while once I am with Paul in another Iowa policies. Are you not all or are you not carnal now? There is a certain thing here that he wanted to bring to their attention. That was going on there but I will ask to look at it and take it right to our own sale today. This might not have anything to do with. Wouldn't probably today in what was going on there. But what is carnally in your mind today. What are you worse being? What are you not willing to lay aside that? He his warned us about in that he has talked to us about and said these enjoy carnal. Let's put it aside so that it will not hinder you in your walk with me now. What he was going he was telling these people he says for one safe. I'm Paul and another Iowa policy. Are you not carnal. Who then is Paul? And who is a powerhouse but ministers by whom you believed even as the Lord gave to every man I have planted a policy water but God gave the increased and I want to all understand that today go back and even think about what he was saying here. In that day there was people there that felt like that. There was different groups of people in the church in this community. Some said well I heard the word from Paul and maybe I was baptized of him. Other said well I heard it of Apollo's and I'm better or we got a better understanding folks if there's anything different from what this book says he says this is where we need to go to and listen to the word comes through his servants here phone nearer than to fiddle lines up with this. That lines up with my word here in this book then accepted skiing coming from me but he said here. Don't be as these people he says. Now who is a policy and who is Paul and you might look around throughout the world today. Say who are these people that is giving this word? Nothing he says but ministers by whom you believe people ministering the word of God must be sure that where you are going and who you're listening to is a true minister of he is and it is not as we have been warned recently in several occasions of false teacher a false profit but to be sure that it is coming here is he says but ministers by whom you believe treat teaching and preaching the Gospel according to the word of God even as the Lord gave to every man. Now you believe. And then it's the Lord that gives to you every every all of the help. All of the power he said. I have planted a policy water but God gave the increase. God is the only way we can receive anything spiritually. It comes from God. The father through his son. Jesus Christ to you and me but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that plan if anything neither he water but God give with the increase. We're nothing no more than anything else. I just have a job to do to Minister his word to you into all it. We hear my voice today. I beg and I pray that it is his words that I speak today words that he would have spoken to encourage you to come on and fight the good fight a fe to encourage you in the trues that he has laid out here that we can all see victory in Jesus Christ now he the planet and he water are one and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own Labor. Now to the thank again about that. Now let's be sure he says now he that planet and he that water are one now. Paul knew who he was talking about here a policy and he knew that he was walking. Both of them was walking in spirit. Both of them was teaching the same Gospel. The same trues there was no confusion. And these two men in what they were teaching and preaching in that day and Paul wanted to just bring it out very plain and clear for we are laborers to gether with God. And that's what I want us to everyone to be at today friends. Let's all lay aside the differences. Whatever it might be and less be at war with God now. We cannot compromise the truth and say well. I'm going to accept this and accept that you cannot do that. We for we are laborers together with God walking in the spirit. You're God's husbandry your gods building. Now that's what we come to then when we receive that he says your Gods building according to the grace of God which is given unto me as a wise master building. I have laid the foundation and another building their own but let every man take heed how he build their own. That is extremely important for salt today. Friends and this is my goal of what I would want to be is do the same thing if what Paul said here. According to the grace of God which has given them to me and into the grace of God the power of God the spirit of God that has been given unto me to be his minister here as a wise master builder and that is only the wisdom of the spirit of the Holy Ghost Nets what Paul was speaking about their then. He was a wise master builder because he had received that power from God he says I have laid the foundation. I have talked to you. I have given you the truth. I have talked to you about what Jesus Christ did. High came here to the wor how he lived here and he overcame all things high was preached and taught for a period of three years and wonderful miracles that he did and how he is the savior of the world and how he is said that all that believe Abon Ham and come to him he says shall be saved but then he goes on and he also tells us that if you believe in him and if you love him you have that proper love he says keep my same and he goes on and he says and we ran last Sunday. Say My word and you do them. You will build a phone that foundation that he's talking about here he says I have laid. The foundation laid the foundation the spiritual foundation out so people could hear and then if they hear those words and they do the things he asked for them to do. He says you are building your spiritual life up on that solid rock and the gates of hail cannot prevail against him. Satan cannot prevail against it all of the power that Satan has. We'll be cast down because you have built upon that foundation that has been laid out in front of you by the trues that are read in Discourse Dome Right here out of this book here today. I have laid the foundation in another building their own. Now what are you build a known? Are you building would double or? Are you building those precious stones building with gold and silver and precious stones? Are you building upon that foundation? Spiritual Work. Are you able to take that strong? Made and grow spiritually and encourage others to grow spiritually for other foundation. Can no man lay than that is laid? Which is Jesus Christ now? Don't you to listen to that? There is no other foundation that can endure. I'M GONNA put add that to it that is laid. Which is Jesus? Christ go back up into that tent verse but let every man take heed how he build with their own for other foundation can no man lay that is laid. Which is Jesus Christ? Now that is the rock that is the words the words of truth. His Commandments is the foundation that we have to build a poem. If we won't be able to overcome say now penny man build their own iphone this foundation gold silver precious stones would had stubble now. What are you building opponent? He says what are you doing in your life. He goes back to that eight verse and he says every man shall receive us his own reward according to his Labor. Now what are we allowing the spirit to do within US? Are we allowing that spirit of the holy goes to labor and bring forth good works? Are we allowing Satan to come in and bring forth seeing in our lives? He says but let everyman take heed how he build their own for other foundation. Can no man lay than that is lane? Which is Jesus Christ? Now any Ma'am build upon this foundation gold silver precious stones Wood Hay and stubble. Every man's work shall be made manifest and your work will be made manifest at that final day may be made manifest in this life also but I know that final day for the for the day shall declare you because shall be revealed by fire and the fire shall try every man's work of what sword it is that final day that fire come down and consume the wicked but it will have no power over the writers. Those have built that gold and silver and precious stones upon that foundation and that foundation of Jesus Christ is the only true that can be built there. Now what are you GonNa do? Are you going to use that foundation? Are you going to just let it? Lay there and build opponent would hay and stubble that will be destroyed. If any man's work abide which he hit built their own he shall receive a reward for it. If any man's work should be burned she'll suffer loss but he himself shall be saved yet so as by fire and I believe there. He's talking about right here while we're here on the air that if any man's worked abide he showed which he has built their own he shall receive the reward and he will he'll be able to receive the reward of walking in the peace of God while he is here on the earth but if any man's work shelby burned and as if we see we have made stay we have seen and we take it to the Lord. He has that fire that consuming fire. They can destroy that while we're here in the land of the living and take it away burning up and we'll suffer the loss. Whatever it might be while we're here in in this life if we are building wood Hay and stubble on it we will not have that peace and that hope and happiness that we had until we get that cleaned up we will have to suffer the laws go through whatever it might be to be cleaned up appear but he self then shall be saved if so as by fire and that is the fire of the spirit of the Holy Ghost. That is the fire that he can use now to burn up our sins while we're here in the land of the living. Don't wait until it is eternally to lay. And when the wicked comeback here phonier but at fire comes down from heaven and consumed Sam. Don't wait until then take it now and let it be burned and suffer. Whatever lost there is to suffer and be saved in the end. No you not that. You're the Temple of God that the spirit of God dwells within you now stall to think about that. He's talking about here. That people that accepted Jesus cries. That is the only time that we can say that. We are at Temple of God when we have accepted that and received the spirit of the Holy Ghost he says no you not that you're the temple of God and the spirit of God dwells in you. Do you know that today? Do you know that friends? That is the question that should be ringing in our ears today. No you not that. You're the Temple of God now. He's reminding them there. And the spirit of God dwelling thing you you've repented you've asked for that and I hear it is now now. Listen now what he says. If any man defile the Temple of God him show God destroy for the Temple of God is holy. Which Temple Ye are? Now we can't now we've received that spirit of the Holy Ghost he says you are a temple of God the spirit of God dwells in you. Then he reminds them he says not. If any man the foul the Temple of God himself God destroy if we defile that with this with C. N. and crucify him a fresh. If we take it in we go back to the House that we came out on he says then God him shot God destroy for Temple of God is holy which temple you are. Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seem to be wise in this world let him become a food that he may be wise. If you look around you see people and they. They put their faith and trust in their own south in what they feel like that. They are doing good of their own staff. He said let him become a food that they may be wise. Let him look up on his work as foolish work but the work of God as a wives were coming from master builder a wise master builder that he might be wives looking down upon ourselves that we're nothing and our works are filthy. Rags are works are carnal mind. Our Karnal works is what I'm talking about but we can let those things become foolish to us and then we can become wives spiritually and we can be strong in that were for. The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. Was He just saying right there? Wisdom of this worl- his foolishness with God for it is written. He take the wires in their own. Craftiness the wives thinking that we can do these things on our own. He says he'll take them in their own crackers in their own wickedness. They will be taken for. The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God less. Be seeking actor the wisdom of the world to come he says seek ye first the kingdom above and he says all of these other things will be added to you and not looking opponent is what we are doing that. It's added but looking opponent because I am walking and doing things that he has asking me to do. I am seeking the kingdom above and relying upon him then to give me all the things that I need to show me what I should do and to lead guide and direct me through this life and again and Lord knows the thoughts of the wise that they're vein look around today. Can you see how vain the thoughts of the wives are today in in the time that we're going through today look around and just see what is going on? And how man in his own image. Thanks how how much knowledge and understanding that he has but we can see they. God's work is way more powerful than man and man does not know anything they think they know things and they'll say things in a few days later you'll see something that is sad totally different because here the Lord. No thoughts of the wives their vein put our thoughts and our. Fay in our trust in. Jesus Christ our Lord free and and don't worry then he says don't worry about what happens to this body. He's his worry about what will happen to the body and worrying behalf. Fear about the one that actor he has taken your life he can cast you into hail be seeking him out now so that you can be filled with that comforter that he says that I have to offer to all of those that will come to me. All of those except me. I'll give to you that comforter and your works will not be hang therefore let no man glorying men for all things are yours. Don't glory ourselves and glory and what man says but put our faith and trust in glory in Jesus Christ and then be willing whatever happens. It'll be good for us. If we leave this world. We're just going right into eternal life. Why would we want to stay here on the C? Incur starter right on and longer than he would have for us to be here in this dreadful condition that you and I might be a yes. We enjoy life. I enjoy life and I want to live as long as the more wants me to live here on earth and I want to be while I am living my life to be his work hero. Near-earth not mine. But I wanted to be his work in me and then I can be as he says here therefore let no man. Glory in Men Not Glory in my work for all things are yours. All the power of God is mine. All the power of God can be yours you can use it to overcome. Satan in every single thing does not matter what it is and year. Christ and Christ is God. Look at what. He's talking about their friends. Listen carefully what he says he says whether Paul or policies or seafood or the world or life or dare all fe or thinks president or things to come all are yours. He's just telling you that through the spirit you can overcome all of these things and it does not matter where you hear the word if you truly accepted and be sure though that you are listening to solid sound. Bible teaching not something. That man has taken in changed so that he can justify his wicked ways here on the earth but do exactly what he is saying here. We are one. We are one with the word and that milk at sincere milk. Sincere truths of God being taught to us looking at twentieth and again the Lord knows the thoughts of the wives that they're vein therefore no man glory and men for all things are yours. All things are yours through. Jesus Christ whether Paul or policies or the world or life or death or thanks president our thanks to come. He's just brought it all together. He says doesn't matter what it is. He says all are yours. You are a free agent and you can make a choice of what you WanNa do now. If we make that choice to accept Jesus Christ all of these talking about here's the power of God. The power of God friends that are ours to use overcome and to live here Po near Earth and when he says that. And your Christ when you accept that you are Christ. You are his brother. You are a part of Christ spiritual church and then he goes right on now. I look year. He puts it all together. Unity One and you are Christ Europe part then of Christ and Christ is par. He is a part of God. So then you add cries and God are all at one if we're walking in this way if we will last side that carnal mind. Let's go back to that third bursts unless rec- unless thank about what he said they were not able to bear that strong me. Why for ye are yet karnal for. Where's there's among you envying and Stri divisions are you not Carl and Walkers Man If those things are in any one of us today he says you still have a carnal mind. Now let's get rid of those things so that then we can be for. All things are yours for then. Our Christ. You're he is and is God's power comes from God through Christ to you now. Are you in a confused state? Is there anything about that? That would be confusing. He's laid out very plain and clear friends. Let a man so account a bus as of the ministers of Christ and steers of the mysteries. God and that is where we have to accept those things today wherever it is and I must preach the truth or I am in a very dangerous position if I if I change his word into a laugh but I must preach it simple pure and free just as Paul was there. Let a man. So account of us as the ministries ministers of Christ and skewers of the mysteries of God moreover it is crowded and spirits that a man be found faithful and I must be found faithful in work and in trues and in following him and you must also be found faithful in that but with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged view or of Man's judgment judge not my own sale for. I know nothing of myself yet. My not here by justified but he that judges me is the Lord and I know that what Paul was saying. There is the word that God had word that he gave to him and that spirit. That comes from Jesus. Christ he says that's what judges me. That's what judges my work. I don't try to judge my work of how good I am or whatever he says. Fry nothing of my sale yet on my night here by justified he said yes. I know nothing myself but am I not justified in the things that I am doing? But he judges me is lor therefore judge nothing before the time until the Lord Com who both will bring to light hidden things of darkness. And we'll make manifest the canceled the heart and that and then show every man how praise of God and these things brethren I have in a figure trans transferred to myself into a policy for your savings that you might learn in us not to think of man above that which is written that no one of you be puffed up for one against another. And he's just caution very heavy about that and he says now I have code you these things and myself than Apollo's we are ministers in. We are teachers but he says there. I want to tell you these things. I don't judge myself but word of God and his spirit is what judges me and he says that you might learn in us not to think of men above that which is written that no one of you be puffed up for one against mother and don't you be puffed up about where you are learning where you are getting. You has to come. The increase has to come from God. The father not through me I can encourage you. I can help you own your work. I can tell what God is given to us today and I can help you to interpret the truth that he gives to me. But it's up to you whether you accept it is up to you whether or not you take it to him and let you use that. Meet Dan that. Strong me to grow spiritually for who've make the to differ from another what has dow that. Dow did not receive naive dentistry. Save it why now. Glory as the Dow has not received it. If you're received you've received this from this spirit of the Holy Ghost and you are now temple of God he said. And what has vowed? That now did not receive. What are you that you didn't receive from God? Any of that. That is doing good work in all came from him now. Dow dentist receive it. Why does now glory? Why are you glory in yourself as is as if Dow has not received it? Why are you in yourself as if you didn't receive it from him but it's because of your good works? You cannot do that at all. You've got to receive it and know that it is coming from God. The father through. Jesus Christ you are Christ. And Christ is God's and that's how you've received that now you're full. Now you're rich. You have reigned as kings without us and I would to God. You did rain that we might also rain with you. You've reigned in your own mind. But he's he's now he gives back and he says I would to God. You did rain have that true reign of the spirit of the holy goes that we might rain with you that we might be fellowship with you for. I think that God has sent forth us the apostles last as it were appointed today for we are made a spectacle into the world and two angels into men for where foods for Christ's sake in man's lives he says we're food for Christ's sake but you're wise in Kreis. We're weak but you're strong your honorable but we're despised. Why was he telling them all things? Because HE SAYS WE'RE FOODS FOR CHRIST's sake man looked upon but he says you are wising Christ man looked opponent and they were looking up on their their own selves as it. Look what we're doing and we're wise in this but it was nothing more but hypocritical worked. Well look at that. He says we're week. We know that we're weak. And we have to pin totally upon the Lord. He said to be you are strong. You feel like you can do these things on your own your honorable you feel like because I am walking this way and because I have proclaimed Christ or whatever and I'm trying to show that of bone words he says you feel like you're honorable and people may look up on us that that he says but we are despite asked why are they despised because they walked in the truth and they condemned sin in whoever. It was did not matter where their work. If they're teachings condemned saying it just happened. And if my teachings today can see condemn saying in you and you despise me for I am no differ from the apostle. That was speaking of here. I am a minister of Jesus. Christ ministering his words today and I WANNA be weakened my own self that strong in the power of gone not strong in my own mind not strong in my own works but strong in his works even into this present hour. We both hunger and thirst in her naked in or buffeted and have no certain dwelling place. He just wanted him to understand that even into this hour here and all that he looked upon as being a servant and a Minister of God he says we are still both hungering and thirsting after righteousness and we know that we need to be clothed upon with that spirit. In our own south we have spiritual nakedness but we must be hungering for righteousness we must be thirsting for righteousness and we must be wanting to be clothed upon with the armor of the spirit of the holy goes and are buffeted for our mistakes. Didn't matter he says those things are brought our teaching. We're both and he says we have no certain dwelling place we willing to just do. What ever the Lord asked for us to do wherever it might send us whatever he might have to do and I are labor working with our own hands being reviled. We blast being persecuted. We suffer. It doesn't matter what he says. He says our work our labor so that other men don't have to try to keep us up. He says we are laboring working with our own hands. Being reviled we bless people reviling them because of the spirit because of the things that they were speaking and teaching. He didn't say that they hated them. He didn't say that. We revolve back against them. Since we blessed them being persecuted we suffer it and I think about all the things that Paul had gone through and what had happened to how he was whipped. Numerous Times beat. Think about just a moment here. We have today and we might murmur and complain about a little discomfort that we might have Alberta. We might not be able to go into mangle in higher. Love One with the other but we can still hear his word. We can still draw to ham we can still receive the power of the spirit of the Holy Ghost. Think about what Paul went through. There was times when he went. And he preached a sermon. Like we're preaching today and people would come in and arrest him and take him away and then go beat him and cast him into prison. Oh and he says here being persecuted we suffered and he gave praises to God. There was one time there where that taking place and he had silence to believe it was had been cast into prison after they have been beaten midnight hour in the middle of the night. Instead of they're complaining about what was taking place they were singing praises to God persecuted but suffered to be brought upon that someone might be able to hear the word of God and I want you to look what took place by Paul and going through that suffering that persecution the jailer when he saw the power of God what it did when the doors open and the shackles fell off an all. These things in the people did not lead. The jailer comes running into Paul and I believe he must've understood something about why there imprison that he was proclaiming. Jesus cries him crucified and him our Savior. And that's what I wore proclaim to each and every one of you today. Jesus Christ came here to the Earth to be your savior when he was hanging on that crawls he died and he's right before he says it is finished. And what was he talking about? Man's redemption here of on the Earth was finished the opportunity now for man to be able to go to Godfather through. Ham was finished that opportunity. Now the word that God had for Jesus to do here Bonier so that then we would have that opportunity to know him. He says he is finished. The price has been paid now. It's up to you to come to me and accept me and he said if you come and accept me I will accept you. How will open the door and my father then will say to you a comforter the spirit of the Holy Ghost but jailer came in there and his word or this. What must I do to be saved? And that's what I want us all to be asking today. That's what I want you to be asking. What must I do Lord to be saved Paul Allen Repent and be baptized? You and your whole house. He said a bully and they did. They believed and they came in and immediately there. He believed and his whole house of baptized and he asked what Mr Paul discourse to him and told him in and then the next day the magistrates and the high priest whoever was had beaten them and put them in. Prison came or sent word to let them go. They didn't even come down. But the power of God and impulsive. No he said you beaten us on condemned and being Roman you come down here and release. A-as yourself the power of God. They're walking and working and they had to come. And do that. And Paul and Silas them went on preaching and teaching the wonderful words of life that is available to all WanNa hear it today. They were persecuted but they suffered been defamed wintry. We're made to fill to the world. And of the ask house off scouring all things in to this day I write not these things to shame you but as my beloved sons. I'll warn year as a parrot would warn his sons of dangerous things that might hurt them naturally a things it might even take their life a beloved father. One has great love for that son or daughter. They will warn them of these things and they will instruct them how to avoid it. And that's what Paul speaking off here. He says I write not least thanks to shame you he was telling them and talking to them about things that was right there within that group of people that they needed to clean up bad conditions and there may be things right within us that needs to be cleaned up take it to the Lord and let him show you how to clean it up and let's be one with him. He says I right not to shame you but as my beloved son. Zeus I'll warn you and that is what I want you to look on the things that I am speaking to you today as my beloved friends brothers in Christ Jesus how warn you about that carnal mind and about not putting him first in everything and by not loving him and keeping his commandments as we should. How warn you in these things because I want to see you on the other side? I WanNa be there with you and be victorious. What Day that'll be when we are there with Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior for though you have ten thousand instructors. In Christ's you have not many fathers for Christ Jesus I Have Begotten You through the Gospel and I don't you listen carefully. This was back in the days there Paul but he says though you have ten thousand instructors in Christ and we can have that today you can have thousands. You can have hundreds of people instructing you in certain ways of Christ but he says you have not many father and go back to that other verse there. What is a father? Do a father will warn his children about the dangers of things here on the earth. He says a father a spiritual father will warn you and teach you things here. He says four in Christ Jesus I Have Begotten You through the Gospel Airport in Christ. Jesus I have fathered you through the Gospel of Christ through the Gospel of God is what Paul's saying there to the people. He is a father to them. He says and warning now in teaching now he's not just an instructor that might have something to tell you. That might not be accurate. He says I am a father. I Have Begotten New for in Christ. Jesus I Have Begotten You through the Gospel through the teachings that I have given to you you have been born in the spirit of the holy. Ghost is what he's talking about. And that's what I want to be in every one of you today is through the teachings that I am given to you that comes from Jesus Christ they are born in the Gospel. You are born in the spirit of the holy goes you have that new birth wherefore I beseech you be followers of me what he's talking about their Paul was wanting them to be followers of him as he knew he was walking in that spirit and I want you to be followers of me is follow. Christ and examined made examined my works. And if you see something different from following Christ bring it to me. I need to know how to be in a condition that I am following Christ so that you can follow the trews and the things that I speak to you for this calls. I have sent into you Timothy Timothy. Who is my beloved son and faithful in the Lord who show bring you into remembrance of my ways which be in Christ as I teach everywhere and in every church. Now listen carefully. Look at that and there's nothing wrong with what Paul was saying there at all now. Paul was also telling these people he says. Now for this calls I Have Begotten. You through the Gospel and he says wherefore I beseech you I am asking You I am telling you to follow me. Be a follower of me because I am walking and following Christ and he says now I'm going to send to you to mow theus. Who is my beloved son? Who has another Son That I have begotten spiritually? He was not his natural son but he was one that he had worked with. And I believe that he had gotten him spiritually and a and fight for in the Lore. He was faithful in truth. Paul could see and he knew that works were there the fruits were there in. This man was not judging him. He was just looking at the fruits and he says by their fruits. You know them who shall bring into you. Remember of my ways he says into tomorrow theus will come there and he's going to teach you and talk to you and he says he will bring you into the remembers. He will show you that Ma. Remembrance of my ways which be in Kreis Demo- theus would become in there and he was faithful. He was a beloved son his his works. There also would show and teach people to remember that works that are in. This man was what was the works. That was in Paul as that teach everywhere in every church and that is what I want to be doing. Today is teaching wherever I go leading. Spirit dwell within me and let that be teaching others. They all have opportunity to know. Christ Jesus our Lord and our Savior but I will come to you shortly if the Lord Wheel. I'm sorry I skipped verse now. Some are puffed up as though I would not come to you. Some there were puffed up he saves all you can say some. There was not walking as they should be. There were not looking at these things they should and he says they're puffed up in their own mind. They had something wrong. They were not walking in accordance to the way Paul had been telling them he says but I will come into you shortly if the Lord Wheel and we'll know not speech them which are puffed up but the power he says I'll know and he says we're not come. I will be coming in the power of God. And whatever it is there will condemn San in whoever and whatever for the Kingdom of God is not in word but in power the Kingdom of God is not just the words that I might say but it will come with power remember. I believe we read last week there. About how the people looked upon Lord after he had talk that wonderful sermon on the mount and they were astonished. They were amazed that the things in the tall and he taught it power. He taught it with authority. And that's the authority in the power. That Paul was talking about there that he had to teach and preach and when he came there he would use that power to condemn sand and who whoever and whatever it might be for. The Kingdom of God is not word but in power what we shall I come into you with a rod or in love and in a spirit of meekness. And what do you want today in your life? Three Inns God to come to you today with a rod rod to correct your wrong. They know what that was. What you started with the Rod there in that day when people chows out of order or whatever he did not show respect did not do whatever they use the rod owning. And he's had Paul saying now. Do you want me to come unto you with the Rod or in love and in spirit of meatless he says now. Warned you these things now. It's up to you now whether or not you accept it whether or not you get out of this puffed up condition that you are Ian it's up to you. The power of God is there and he says when I come back our either how the Rod or the love and in the spirit of meekness the power of God is there and here today and it's ready to work and whoever in in wherever you might be the Rod of God to come down upon you do you love and spirit of maintenance to be there and overcome all things for you. There are things that was going on in that church. It was very bad. There may be things that's going on right here and there are things going on throughout the world and people proclaiming to be Christians but accepting Alah and doing things that goes in contrary to the word here and teaching people that it's okay to do things so k. To live in a manner that Lord has condemn teaching people. That it's Okay. You can go out and kill babies before they are born that goes indirect opposition and these things are brought up. Us constantly. Why because it needs. We need to be warned. And don't compromise with seeing in any way how the love of God and us. But we can't condone San. Paul was not going to condone seeing anything here. He said he would come and he would come in the power of God and that is exactly what will happen to us. The power of God will call us out or the power of gone. We'll clean us up. The choice is yours. What do you WANNA use? Do you only use it? The power of God to take you away or do you want the power of God to give you eternal life and to give power to see the power of God will allow you to leave him. It'll allow you to have that. Carnal mind but it will also allow you to overcome it. If you want it God will never take you away from his people as long as you want to stay there and as long as you have that repentant mind so let's keep the and let's use the power to overcome sate in every situation that is that could be brought against us. The price was paid on the cross redeemed through. Jesus Christ our Lord. We'll finish the service today. Sing a song and sing this red book number. Three hundred and thirty three in the name of the song is there is a great day coming and WanNa stall to understand what a great day that that will be for the righteous. And I want all of you to sing along with me in this song. There's a great day Kami a great day coming. There's a grey day coming by and by when the saints and no Senator Shall. Be Parted Ride and love. Are you ready for that day to come you ready? Are you ready? You ready for the Judgment Day. Are you ready? Are you ready for the Judgment Day? There's Bri Day Kami Bride Day coming. There's a bride. Kinda mean by by but it's bright nausea lonely. Come to them that love the Lord. Are you ready for that day to come? You ready you ready. Are you ready for the Judgment Day? All you ready you ready for the judgment me they. There's a sad day Kami Saturday coming. There's a sad day coming by and by when the Center. Shell here his deep pod. I know you. Are you ready for that day to calm? Oh Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready for the Judgment Day? You ready you ready for the judge many day. I believe that song should sum it all up for us. That is a great day coming. There's a bright day coming. What he says he says but its brightness. Shell only come to them. That love the Lord. There's a sad day coming when the center show here his doom depart. I know you not. There's a great day coming France. And here's a bright day coming and I want you to look at that bright day that we've got the opportunity to know our Lord and Savior and the words are right here in this book the Roadmap is there the truth of God or hear his teachings Jesus Cry. Teaching are here and we will not be confused. We'll be at one with him. What Jesus and we'll see victory in the highest y'all in the upcoming days for your prayers won't each one of us to be praying for one another and for our country and for all that. Here's these words have been spoken today that we take them to our heart and we take it to the Lord and let him show us if these are the truth and I know they are then accept them and let's see victory with him. Don't be deceived by counterfeit. It can look like the truth. We must be able to discern the truth from what is almost the truth and we can only discern nat through the spirit of the Holy Ghost it is available to you and I begged that you're able to receive it and the Times that we're living in now can be a time. The people can draw closer to him and put our faith and trust and encourage others to do that. Unless let it be an awakening in the truth in the Church of Jesus Christ not something that tears us down but less let it be an awakening and look forward to today that we can come back and be in fellowship one with the other but we can fellowship today with our Lord and Savior and let's keep their unless use that throughout the upcoming days. Let us pray to God. The father through Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank you for the words that you have left written for us to warn us of how sub to Satan can be and how that he will destroy us if we allow. If we don't use the power you have to give to all of mankind that ass and we can use that power and we can build upon you upon Jesus Christ and we can see victory and help us to be positive in your work and encourage others in your work and to condemn seeing in every situation. Whatever it might be. And we want you to condemn us so that we can be broken here in this life and then we can have eternal life through praise your name and thank you for all. You've done for us and show us what you'd have for us to do that. We can help to promote your kingdom here on the earth lower we asking your name. Jesus Christ Amen.

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