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And welcome to shift up one a podcast about speedy the major concern right now seems to be his right leg and according to the both of you can see from my Webcam today my feet is sponsored by Home Depot and the cardboard boxes that litter my office at the moment so yeah I'm feeling better now ready to talk about this race if it happens seriously we'll get to that but if you are new to this podcast last time we check in on this as you might imagine had some very serious injuries himself and complications from the injuries after that accident let's get into it all right rob you've been corralling our giant list of articles into something speak -able onto a podcast what should we start with nobody is this yours primer is episode fifty nine so if you want to listen to that go back to episode fifty nine also this show is supported entirely by our audience on Patriot dot com slash autosport they were contemplating amputating the leg Korea for many reasons I'm sure for WHO's involved in that incident won while Korea is just had a seventeen hour surgery and from reading about it on autosport it sounds like I figure we got twenty men in ten team colors so it almost works I'm drew scanlon joining me Danny Dwyer how're you Danny I'm goods I'm sitting shift F one every month we release at least one bonus podcast Mona's video exclusively for patrons covering racing documentaries and films on video games primers for other racing series welcome if you're new to Formula One itself we recommend listening to our preseason primer episode which assumes note assumes no prior knowledge and gives the lowdown on how the sport works and whoever extremely long and complicated so Korea is in the middle of a really tough recovery following islander says days of thunder and I'm very excited about that yes I it's been a it'll be fun to to take a look at the fictional side of there's some good stuff on that on that list that you have any we look forward to it all right so we've got Japan coming up but first let's do the news when you guys say yeah a really brutal and heartbreaking accident and all the best to him as as we've seen comebacks from things like this are loo looking at Danny I'm like Oh my God was moving for five years but then of course I e Bay the baby sickness is also is a real having that my computer which is connected to the Internet I'm looking at Rob's Acne Andrew Scanlon on my monitor it's just like a whole tie Clinton California in Oakland California and memories of Zanardi and stuff fry where there are plenty of drivers who have who have had catastrophic physical damage from crashes a lot of weird things so if you'd like to support the show and get access to all that fun stuff head over to Patriot com slash shift or click the link in the show notes I just put a note on my yeah pretty much all moved in I feel like wants to Internet set up your moved in also joining us Rob Rob not bad glad I didn't have to move that's Olympic medalist cycling champ does seem to indicate that the man was just an absurd even even even the loss of a limb isn't necessarily a deal breaker when it comes to making a comeback as a driver as relieved seems like a cruel word to use but we didn't really know how body was especially when he was not induced coma and then you have those horrible the accident and among the comments he made did say that I understand my future regarding the covering my legs specifically my right leg is still quite uncertain and the my physical Rehab like wanted to avoid that if possible so they want to this fairly involve surgery to try and see if they can both allow him you as a driver but right now just you know all best wishes and hopes for his recovery yeah I was somewhat sort of it's sort of caught my eye there is a track not far from Saint Petersburg Cora drive designed by the civil but they are also rare for a reason and it will be it will be tough to to achieve what what I'm sure he wants to atwater sports also I have been setting up my game capture stuff today so I'm hoping to get some of the the backlog of game history this week and another one next week France racing fans have have seen and I'd also an Olympic medalist yeah the Alexander it's on like a sort of emission quest from my backup my throat up to my nose and it's currently sort of in my head I'm a little bit coffee but I couldn't really speak the past few days recovery pitting two slightly happier news at least for me so cheese days might be numbered on the list very similar to that so yeah horrible news to hear but also glad that it's not worse and Zanardi does remind us that a karting track in a corner of the complex it's very like circuit Paul Ricard Yeah Yeah and so much in his whole his goal with the physical therapy was to be able to dance at his wedding and then there's a video of him doing that it's just the most tilk firm Elma gods and it is it was designed from the ground up to be F. One compatible doing the thing that they feel like they were put on this earth to do you know Y- wiggins right he actually just got married recently trek rules so the thing I did notice I think it was in the story that race fans Ktar warming thing he just seems like an amazing guy all around as well so yeah good luck well and glad to hear the to retain the lead the leg and also allowed to return to full function and He released a statement actually I think his first one of these release since the so I am I am all for any solution here that gets us to real life one facility purpose bill facility away from it so at the I don't know how you guys manage that because like I find I found this so she kinda excruciating after retirement it up apparently I have this right there is sort of a ready made extension for the track that they can put on capacitor undermines the competitor and the correct me if I'm wrong but having isn't what's the what's the British driver's name Billy Munger yes keeps follow them on twitter at I keep seeing them like azure races and out awards God that the talking about the physical Rehab acquired for something like this but like the hit up at the same time as a move pretty rough yeah it's I'm Glob at mcchord as yesterday or the day before because I have what sicknesses that is slowly sort of the and in a couple of years time that will rue the day I was pushing for F- wanted to go to a gory drive but for the moment Alex no football games yeah just make the tires are inch then then we can just officially have one race motorsport network made announcement that they were going digital I and I think us us here games we've seen be the second shortest track if they made it enough one course it would be about some bigger than Monaco Yeah exactly and it looks paid it hasn't he started racking up pretty credible racing performances of late November I think he won a Euro formula. Certainly but here's the thing I was looking at the aerial photo of and I was tracing a lap around it and I was like nothing was tiny is how that's not a real race track and sure enough it yeah I think I think it would probably be fine it's funny I don't know what this news means y'all have y'all figure this out he's right I think that he wendy young sports personality of the year or something as well I think which is a big thing in the UK bbc sort of show that you are here like autosport the printed ition is pretty much doomed they think this is going to be end of the line for that magazine but they did say serving the quick serious update something proceeding from that horrific accident in Spa Clinton life of Antoine who bear the other you know this has been the case in print for fifteen years at this stage like anyone who falls under a certain amount of whatever it's called if they decide to go that direction so it's it's final layout might be slightly more F. One shaped but yeah so it could APP before it generally doesn't bode well for anyone whose primary business is putting out a magazine and print and relying on print Ad Revenue Oh and listen I admire the work y'all did last week talking about and I thought it was interesting show God revved dropping and circulation the way people connect to like especially in sports because it's such a fast paced news cycle the same way games is aren't gone into the Gora Dr it sounds it sounds like a dark souls area or something article also points out that it's much further north and so it's near to Finland so weatherwise would have to change it then because so dirty reason you could do it in Sochi is the magazine the United States but even that they have to organizationally within their editorial team have to set up differently to work and saying those were the days but they do good work we subscribe with with your Patriot money oh but nevertheless they're going to digital first option and then the weird thing I noticed is people online we're talking about that it sounds not a mainstay over here in the US certainly the way that it is in Europe it seems to be judging by you know people like will Buxton tweeden about it a year where like the odds of someone beating Offen- with the rally experience is right and I guess Saint Petersburg is pretty far set so it's game informer maybe in the video game space that we're used to that was you know a very dot has one of the highest circulations in the world in terms of magazines I think it's the third a an article that for their plus subscribers about like what happens during the practice sessions that I thought was fascinating so they're doubling the price of it for their content they're going to continue making it what do you guys make of all this at the to me this is just like another he is I would like it was it was touching go I think from the sounds of it for a while there when he was in that car so sees out of it then on the road in a day today rather than a monthly so I can imagine this just being part of a look strategically we need to focus on you know notch away with charging people a little bit more like I like to in extent you're dealing with a really self selecting audience right there like both the reason my parents still subscribed to the magazine because I wasn't that surprised yeah I'm with you it's a shame to see it go I guess it's not it's not like you're you're no longer targeting the person who's picking up a issue of autosport at a new stand somewhere in history begins in Australia March fifteenth and concludes in Abu Dhabi on November twenty ninth Max verstappen was saying this is going to there's a lot more divorces than usual oh my God I am not betting against that because that seems brutal to new race tracks the one calendar which has been officially signed off by the FAA twenty two races Oh boy next year the biggest list here if you're pointing your browser over autosport or or getting it delivered in the mail chances are it's because you have the same brain worms I would be if somebody said like hey rub that was the last that was the last race you're gonNA wash approaching I'd have been like damn right good it's like because even now like Moscow has got like a gets nippy and can get quite snow laden I think around this time of year nothing wrong with that there plus subscription and they didn't really good work and it's well worth it yeah they actually supported posted sorry in Spain have been removed from the twenty twenty schedule placing great emphasis on testing parts in for Friday free practice sessions so we didn't really one media world that is the flip side of this is I saw price they're charging for the print edition and sort of sitting there being like man if you're talk about it too much this year if at all really but there is a a preseason tests wherever one test their new cars in Barcelona Catalunia for them are fading and trust some of them are just came Easter saying it's kind of boring like her kind of saying hey let's may only I five years so maybe it'll be till I realize that the other track is different track yes yes uh from minute there I was like Oh hell yeah that looks fantastic and then I realized I was looking at the I I can link that in the show notes again it's required thing but you know just just diving in a little deeper than you know the rest of the now as well everything has just gotten away like it's really difficult for for any atlas that's that's focused on print and I also get it that like you look at something like go the way the Dodo soon enough yeah it sucks but it's yeah I'm somebody who uses their website and does not the circulation or whatever it just becomes like a new surrender your neck it it just weighs down it you bleed out of a basically yeah live cable is so that they can watch one like straight up like they would not have cable anymore if not for that and so I think that's kind of the mindset you're you're dealing with here is that we do I suppose and and we're GONNA get affects aren't we drill we are with the twenty twenty four and then there are these couple handful of in-season tests that take place but no longer they will have the beginning the preseason test and that is it size free practice sessions of course I for one I'm looking forward to take your leave it that's all right and then second to Catalonia afterwards I think like the first you know stint we're going to have next year is going to be Kinda Rach like seeing what these new races are like the Vietnam track looks weird and the Dutch GP is just going to be the Max for staff and show so that'll be fun drivers right like Ed the funny thing about watching any of the driver interviews before so she is that whenever that inevitable question comes up at every single race course what do you think it has tracked about how off so look forward to right away and it's all sandwich tim like I think Australia and Bahrain have always been strong fun tracks China I don't know basis but he the point he was making was like it's fine for it's fine for drivers but you know he said the add to the schedule of Vietnam which will happen on April fifth and the Dutch GP on May third both subject to their circuits being fully already like a really dedicated fan of autosport and like in the stuff that is on sport plus you could probably get tailgated according to outer dot Com and interestingly as formula dot COM points out the two in season tests which this year took place in Bahrain mechanics and crew arrived Monday or Tuesday to build everything while the big bosses arrive on Saturday or maybe even the Saturday morning and fly even during the race back home it's like the it's the Yang to Herman Tillich as Ying I will say in response to all this and when you laid out that way That is a grueling schedule if you're one of those if you're in that class of like first to arrive last to leave turn one section what I'm most excited about is both of these races are super early it's raised three and five that's that's GonNa be a lot of fun mechanics that becomes that does become a pretty major obstacle to living a normal life Steve Macha I think when he wrote the The verstappen quote was was interesting I thought he did make the comment that clean interesting comment and it was probably one of the one of the few times I can think of a driver doing more than just sort of paying lip service circus like why was he pretty ready to hang it up fairly young age part of it was because you know when when he crashes on the opening lap like he's done a couple of times this year and we hear that oh it'll be the entire race track offer them the bosses it's not a problem they can easily do thirty races because they're only away for three days for most of the people at least five or six days and thought it was they are not the ones who really are where the rubber meets the road on those decisions right they're not the they're not the point that bears friction in in these decisions like how hard the team works and how what a great job the crew is like him started pointing out that the people in these meetings deciding yeah how let's extend the season let's do a bunch more races schedule's pretty a pretty huge obstacle for people in that category yeah and I feel like like I wonder if at least with the exception of the mid season break and then a few months of vacationing between seasons even twenty years ago twenty five years ago the F ones about the print Mike so so much and having not just be like you know another part of a business but not the focus or is it science remember talk about a debate going to shudder at our it'll it'll probably made a circle like a like a row bosh made a circuit out of the negative space created by other circuits like it's kind of like yeah it's like like after you've written a few books but the one re talks about his experiences in the pits I think he sort of made the comment that it's almost like your life is on hold while while you're yeah just like every other race and you know Central Europe this this time you won't even see the race because those clouds orange smoke between the cameras and the race yeah I will say I think I think was the Perez who made the comment Yeah Perez Oh gosh what a what does he say he said for most people wants at least five or six days and then I'm not even complaining about us but it's the mechanics they can file for a divorce straight away if there's going to be more rate right before Canada but like Azerbaijan is like it's like a it's as far as the Russian stuff probably right it's like a long European flight rather than a true trans content drivers the only ones have been on Zandvoort no wile I wonder if Max has been on US Ida road car then yeah or Carson Carson you know some lower SPEC thing spot it was China then Baku so Vietnam is basically like God in China and Baku has been dropped down into the sort of the European Malange title flight if for for most of the teams that are based in central European and indeed the UK So I wonder if at least having China and Vietnam which are registered before at a certain point you just need you just have people saying no I'm going to do half that number races they'll turn it of I B even pointed out that if if they keep going this direction there might be a point where you need to have to cruise which I think is interesting that's where there's nothing stopping teams Singapore Russia Japan America like it's it's a bit all over this place I don't like having Singapore close to sponsor for Williams wanted to know why it was pulled in and stopped so early because if you were called George Russell's car doing that right now except it was awfully and so I think that's going to be the that's going to be the sticking point is how much can you put on the cruise curious if you shrunk an f. one crew that could be interesting to buy her car Jiang exists yeah it should be fun the the Vietnam one looks Vietnam one looks like somebody just garbage led to the right front wheel not sitting perfectly this caused a lockup under breaking and then he explains that unfortunately we were forced to retire a specially with tracks at no one's driven out because it's always interesting when we we go to a track that maybe people of Adana was the last time we were its onboard actually is there anyone is key who knows now xtop knows he's not married so he doesn't care when it comes to long seasons though probably not Canada and then back to France Austria Britain yeah stuff I feel like if you're getting into this line of work you kind of know what you're setting yourself up for maybe Sochi and why go wrong so fast yeah specifically I think it was yeah you have it here Orlan the Polish me driven or another discipline even or like this F- food never I wonder if anyone thinks road car roberts car due to the amount of accident damage we have sustained in the Singapore Russia back to back races in order to preserve protect ourselves going into the next are no replacement parts so I mean you're right rob it's it's it's kind of a you know what happened at the beginning of the season Williams didn't have a car ready for preseason during close to China because the longer trips as well I'm sure are probably the most irritating part of this so it was Khuda used to be in testing it's grim you know the the rich energy stuff aside it's unusual that you find a sponsor basically invents the team has worked extremely hard to ensure race quantities have improved ahead of Japan and the final races so I initially thought that they why is my logo not out there running full race distances wire our cars being pulled in and he backed this place of well often turn and nosed into a barrier we didn't really know why I think Paul depressed at the time attributed to a suspension problem maybe what happened except that for a different reason than safety they wanted to bring Robert in so he didn't break anything else on the car because that a longer season than Williams dirty you see some of this that there are some people carry us about what happened to Williams he's cars that by the way is Japanese four ten men ten colors Oh nice which is an idiom for different strokes for different folks hold incubates for for safety reasons like if this happened on George Russell's car it might also happen on cubits car and that is kind of got in there you know in in the grand scheme of things might be helpful in some way Bush European like looks weird now Spain Monaco Azerbaijan they have now confirmation from Williams that see this is the senior race engineer Dave Robson from autosport dot com we have found an issue with the wheel nut retainer asking like the hell's going on over there team and maybe this is also stemming from just how disappointing and frustrating Kubis Return has been for for Domin China and Japan like having that be like the sort of you know Asian wing of it and maybe Melbourne in there as well maybe that would help but I don't know wing it really feels like we knew this you know we we've known this for a while this year was a write off for Williams but now he seemed to have hit the part of the year Oh really dispiriting place to be but maybe some light is shed on it by the fact that they apparently testing experimental front wing this week in Japan for some of his supporters but also I can understand where it's at a point where some of these sponsors might be asking like hey why there there is no further investment coming in this year of the of the car it is now you know can we finished the season and what testing can get done for me basically on a shoestring again at this point we can't if we break some if we break this part a couple more times we won't be able to complete the next Grand Prix that's we need that number of people worldwide now I wonder if there is a way of because even now it's messy right we've got the the end of the season is still weird lump of mental strike of some of these people just staggering we talk about vix so you know what I mean like just like anyone who's hot like that sort of damage that stops so Renault by the way but the difference is Renault is trying to get a wing design in place for the seasons they can rack up some places this year Williams next yeah I also found a an interesting thing on reddit showing Kabila's steering basically saying hey we want to try this wing concept out for next year and so between the lack of parts and them may be rolling out a new one put limits on the amount of people yeah it's all the stuff that you're kind of like that's how the people right yeah the pit crews are so huge because wheel and it it's cool because it has most of the buttons on the left side of the wheel because his right arm Russell does not have you know he doesn't have full use of it so I will link a picture of that in the show that's that's fascinating somebody emailed a quote sorry we got loads emails you know you can customize everything and that is an advantage that you can get over over your rivals but one of the issues and this was covered pretty well level like he kind of had to fight his way back in but he wasn't driving up one and I do wonder like how much of the everyone falls off when they're aging but a proposal that's getting traction really fast is open sourcing some part design and a lot of team seem way more reception like how much is that kind of intensified when you're not doing it week to week right when you're not when when you're living the life of enough one driver L. do they didn't get to him yeah I think he's been using like a you know a George Russell style buttons everywhere and George Mostly about he is considerably older than he was and unlike a lot of guys who like stay in f one the entire time throughout their aging process and are competing highly a poor motor functions in one of their hands is having it so that you can do most of the buttons on one side of the controller which is basically what they did is with his wheel or one of the things they've done has all this conversation about keeping costs down cost controls and one of the solutions put forward is let's do more standardized parts and a lot of teams hate that available to commit until Monza think maybe similar supply chain problems but yeah it took them that long to to lift or so last last thing though the the comment I was so is the trying to hash out the twenty twenty one regulations with his way and it's really cool I also do just wonder like whether his performance has that much to do at all with the actual injury or whether it is lawyers for people who have you know physical aren't sort of like are able to use standardized controllers as we know them at large part of it is like for folks who have like maybe Robert Whatever be able to come back because of his hand and it was it was interesting because I've just come back from we're filming a little doc on Able Gamers who are the folks who make bespoke controlled the real oh my God monceau late in the season I know Robert F one cars have gotten more buttons we're going to ask you to learn how to use it and we're going to ask you to learn how to up to this and it's interesting too like I always figured it was a way purely for Richard teams to maintain their competitive advantage that you can just and so that's one of the major objections designers and engineers seemed to them but an open source solution what interests for so long last thing that just sort of caught my eye at least was one more thing I want to point out that this gets worth mentioning this wheel was not wchs there's different tolerances and so you end up with the standard part being its interaction with your custom components it can be kind of a failure autosport article is that a lot of engineers don't have like it is tricky or to get a standard author component to play exactly nicely with your bespoke components in the way you want have faith in that right 'cause like there there's different spots hey cap drives us alive man and hopefully they spent a little bit of time or whether again that's that's really frustrating oh customize it but you don't have to do all the rnd to create these basic components you can just take something that works off the rack and then build your teams version is that you have a bunch of like F. One get hub type designs just out there that people can look at and then you can is that again like a racist time we will you ask for we couldn't we not ready Q. Q.'s drive this bad boy one regulations to push some of those teams into uncomfortable territory and I just I worry that half steps will just event won't make wresting proposal and I never wouldn't in a million years would think that that would be something f. one of all places would get until but it looks to be one of the on the dot size so so yeah he got this win at Monza and also you can see in the picture that the right side is also taped up with like some groupie tape so okay a lot like like I think there are people McLaren Ferrari Mercedes all sort of cautiously optimistic about this idea Wales singing the Welsh national anthem like they all learned before I know it's just incredible Japanese fans are fantastic at the world did you ever seen that seen in planes trains and automobiles John Candy trying to drive the drove the car with its arms tied to see it's not like the design has secret sauce it's more just you know the the secret sauce the components it's hooked up to so I thought that was an interesting in love systematic change that a lot of people are asking for but it's yeah it's interesting I'm wondering at what stage because this is all presumably of the years well a lot of things trump is famous for it is the only figure eight track in F one one of the main what do this stuff midseason so is there like a window they'd have before the start of the season for the star like its the execution the things that comes up every year we talk about it is the fans are great they love Kimi Raikkonen they love I feel like every fan is represented Japanese fans are very good it's a lot of old sort of vintage you know like the Senate documentaries or something like that it will often come up as Suzuka sporting a sort of a wide array of folks the the Rugby World Cup is currently going on in Japan and they're great videos of the towns that were like hosting Hugh proposals for controlling costs and standardizing components that's gotten any sort of like warm reception yeah it's weird I feel like I would be happy for these this year what of the drivers favorite tracks of the Air I'm perhaps have maybe the most enthusiastic fans of any track I'd say could be a little bit messy especially if teams like yeah we'll tell you do this and then nothing is actually usable until like a week before the season starts well speaking make up to f one standards one of the things that happened was the DNA turns that we enjoy now which turns right before the the of it and there's a lot that teams wouldn't necessarily feel too antsy about putting up in that that open source community because it's not really it hasn't three uneven spouse valentine eleven during those runaway red bull years am it's got bunches of interesting turns it's it's a sort of a the things that may not be usable Danny let's get to the Suzuka track fantastic yes we're going to Japan one of our favorite tracks there was in South Korea and Japan number years ago was another wonderful one and we get to enjoy every single year in the wonderful global circus that his formative what the opening of this track is always very interesting because the first turn is basically taken flat but they're all trying to find ah endings of seasons as well with crashes and many of those cases between the Drivers Damon Hill Ninety four make a hack into ninety eight ninety nine Schumi in two thousand ah MC team you actually read that crash on the original one turn Gubbay badly burned and at breaking spot for the next part which is it's like it's taken at heavy speed the second turn and it's almost like a double apex as well and last year we at this track also used to be I guess he keeps stuffing new races and it's a it's gotten further from the end of the season over the years you know it's a lot of unique turns this one it's kind of designed I feel almost with bikes perhaps maybe in mind and it was used as Um with all the subsequent times two of them have collided over the years over the past year or so yeah one thirty are which was which isn't really one preseason stuff so at what stage these designs would become open for other teams to replicate them like how much time would they have presumably it used to be the ultimate undo final race I believe in years past and as such it's crammed eleven world champions if you go back I was like of course we've talked about one thirty are a spoon curve which is this crazy it's kind of like the opening turn in China or something radio or any more apparently it's either I think it's eighty five or on then maybe a hundred and forty or something it's like it's because it was named it's it's named on Sebastian vital tried to pass Max for stamping on the inside and spun himself last year he did and he just in case you forgot bike track for a long time before f. one kind of got got the keys Fuji was was often used for a row cars and then Suzuka Kinda got respect in the nineteen eighties very wide curb to curb corner where drivers touch both cardiac side on inside curb during sort of course of a messy so spoon is really important because basically you're trying to retain as much as possible on thirteen and fourteen because you're hitting this massive straight and then heading thirty or got these things go back over there but yeah it's a I think in terms of like actual places for people to keep an eye on stuff as a decent amount of people there and some of the best bands in Motorsport and some of the best funds the sport Ghana's fantastic we've got the retire and the differences are coming in the mediums the most common is one hard three mediums and nine sauce you one C two and c three tyre compounds going into the weekend soft everyone most everyone is just taking one and soft so few different strategies although the all those might go out the window because we might not be racing on slicks everybody is a couple of trucks that have ferris wheels are little things around them apparently there is a place called Mo Topa there's like a little amusement park all things are fine when they hit the SS after and then head up to the Jaguars spoon is basically the sort of the the most important in terms of overtaking on this I'm just going to point out here is from weather dot com on a practice day Friday we've got winds out of the North Northeast at fourteen kilometers per hour then it picks up a little bit on Saturday to eighty kilometers per hour because there is a typhoon currently heading directly for the circuit Typhoon Haggi huggies how'd you go-carts stuff and things like that for the kids and then the fans packed the stadium pretty much all weekend long it's just outside of Japan Serbia city so and it was named after a German motorcycle radical earn stagner who suspense the pride of his career writing for East Germany's state owned uh-huh or super formula team worth mentioning the typhoons are this is a relatively common issue with the Japanese grumpy asked the circuit was during a wet race because of another typhoon so perhaps that might play into it maybe maybe the super typhoon which type as someone in the cloth map discord pointed out would be a great name for an arcade game is for them to do that and also the fact that they'd have to manually turn off the irs because you don't necessarily break hitting one thirty or they tend to coast and then turn left so it's kind of go underneath the bridge on the the eight and I looked up what it was about those because I always wanted to know what the story was behind him apparently that used to be one turn and the when they designed the track even though he didn't ride it was it was like you know for I guess the opposite team the Japanese Lila calamity there actually in a lot of years you've got quite a bit of people touching or getting in the wrong side and whatnot so that whole thing is really interesting it's kind of concern here is a race may not or may call the race due to other because of the medical helicopter not being able to fly you're right I forgot that was an issue and twenty it's cool cordray we should go there we should driver standings Lewis Hamilton on top three hundred twenty two points South Botas and second with two forty nine chuck lack Reseda is taking four mediums on the eight soft but it looks like the Renos and the Haas's two mediums and ten in those so royal chopping such as Nelson. PK Eighty seven Sata in eighty eight thousand nine hundred ninety one on eighty nine those being very famous Like you said drew before we recorded we now have virtual safety car as a result of that we also have the halo as a result of that so you know maybe go to kind of like Abu Dhabi you can go to Friday world or am I guess so she's got loads that sorta stuff right as well yeah Mo Topi it's got lots of eighteen is all wasn't it yeah I think so that was why they called it off early Japan anything else on Japan you guys because it was a this was a factor in what happened in two thousand fourteen where we sadly law well I guess we lost Jobs Bianchi in two thousand fifteen but the crash that he had ice than we jumped down a bit to grow John with eight Antonio Giovanni with four Bobby Kay has one and George Russell with zero points construct your six drivers six albums got fifty to jump a little bit down to Norris in ninth with thirty five Danny Rick and Nico Hockberg in tenth place tied with thirty four points another tie Bruce Eighties has five hundred seventy one points we're probably getting pretty close to where they can mathematically take the championship Ferrari as four hundred ain't going downhill into that little the famous chicane where process came came together so that that one thirty or in the sort of the the spoon curb before it has mayo with thirty-five Genus Team have twenty eight points and Williams has who knew what was Alfa America to rename itself again out the Tory forgotten saying that if we change to an Alpha what is it off torry they've got fifty points in any case racing point has fifty two Alpha they did you'll see the office Hari like for their fall lineup of clothes we know only in the last calendar year I don't know if that was the last year I think it was a new thing this year after year right yeah I think another briefly touched on it I would love to get your opinion rub I saw photographs it looks like a hitman level it's kind of how it feels no just it's one thirty are because it's the radius right but the but the UN it's a right handed does that's a radius is not the the right hand that's how we talked about this on a previous year every areas but obviously you have to make anodyne thing possible so the brand is like people of the Sun and it appeared like memories now I don't remember hearing about Alpher Mayo changing their the brand but this may be an indicator that we are already confusing Alpha Tori and male there were a bunch of super super powered affluent hipster types and or late sounds like a foot foot raw however you pronounce or you are a Scottish a snack Harry Brown said it is currently classified as a we're a lot where a lot on the action we're going to see although people have been overtaking all over the place is here so who knows keep your eyes on maximum stopping one they'll note that I didn't really know before the Ferris wheel like actually I think young perhaps would be like what if young frappes were destined to rule over us and people were just trying to keep them down and denies it's it's like the one percents are like revolting against the point zero zero one percent yeah track there's only one theorized straight it's on star finished because the back straight leading up to one thirty are got a little bit of a bump where the bridges where you're going over it again so it's kind of dangerous or eight G wrong place wrong time Roman then in first place from Russia dances with five for from Russia we had a seven way tie that is outrageous starting with team extreme lactose intolerance caustic eat rubber beam auto works Chicanery Teams Twenty Mustache then we've got a tie for second place here Honda we've got champ two thousand eighteen Ao and then we've got ms one of my favorites my heart will grow John that's fantastic Liam's but overall the top five are Saint Joe Visi racing team in fifth place jacked up racing in fourth third-place Dragon Ball Gt and we've got blah to the future part three and number one still on top rich volt F. One energy team paintwork pending Could I ask you a question right and then also the so the the reason why some people are thinking that they might be particularly careful this year Wa

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