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Let Him Be Hanged There for a Lamb


Welcome to noble blood. Production of iheartradio. Aaron minke listener discretion is advised The first week of December in eighteen twelve when a frost had just barely begun to cling to the expansive the answer lawns of Brockett Hall Lady. Caroline lamb ordered that a massive bonfire be built since Lord Byron had first arrived in London society. Heidi a little under a year ago. Caroline lamb's behavior had become increasingly strange outrageous. Even the staff had learned now to ask too many questions from the nearby village of well when Caroline gathered a group of local girls and told them all to dress in white within minutes she she was leading them down the road. In ghostly procession towards the Sky Looking Orange flames she was like Pied Piper pulling them forward not with music but with the implacable magnetic force of her single-minded resolve and her gleeful anger. While the village girls danced around the flames caroline lamb revealed an effigy. She had built of Lord Byron made of Straw but unmistakable. She threw it onto the flames. As the fire leapt higher and began to consume the figure of Straw caroline lamb began tossing other things into the fire. Letters quills books rings. And a golden locket and then once everything caroline lamb had left of her former lover was burning. She began to recite a poem that she had written. Burn fire burn while wondering boys exclaim all gold and trinkets glitter in the flame. Any chill in the December air was gone. Caroline lamb a so close to the heat of the fire that her hair clung with sweat her forehead. She stood so close to the flames that they reflected in her. Dark eyes is yellow orange and dancing with a hellish fury. Caroline lamb didn't seem to blink although history is made Lord Byron synonymous with the wild passions of poetry. It's his most famous lover. Caroline land who I confess I believe make some more fitting getting figurehead. For the romantic era. Caroline lamb was a woman driven mad with love who shed all vanity all concerned for society or propriety and devoted herself entirely to the object of her affection. She quite literally lost herself. Self in poetry Byran charming handsome vain. Miserable Byron was talented but he never lost offsite of his exact position in society and where he might move next. He was impatient and easily bore. Isn't passion supposed to run deep on that December night in eighteen twelve caroline lamb burned all of the trinkets she had of her affair. There with the era's most famous writer but Byron's hold on her heart would last for the rest of her life. The two were locked in her wretched chid beautiful bands and when caroline lamb was scorned. She was happy to leave ashes in her. Wake I'm Dana. Dana Schwartz and this is noble blood Lord Byron Story began when he was a toddler living with his mother and the two got word that his Father Mad Jack Byron and had died and in his will left all of his debt to his three year. Old Son Magic had only married Byron's mother for her money. Everyone knew that they took about a year so before he worked his way through it. After another year. He was so heavily in debt that he was forced to go into exile leaving his wife and newborn son alone to fend for themselves Byron and his mother lived in Scotland above a shop but then on a stroke of luck when Byron was eight his uncle. The Baron Byron died without an heir young. George Gordon Gordon Byron. future poet inherited his title. It was a low ranking title shore but Stella title and so young Byron Tyronn and his mother made their way from their home in Aberdeen. Down to the Estate Baron now owned Newstead Abbey Houston Houston Abbey was a wreck a crumbling stone facade with half caved in ceiling an uneven floors it would be impossible to live in. Its upkeep would be a drain on Byron's finances for the rest of his life but still it was undeniably beautiful there were Sweeping Ping ground in ancient edifices. It was a gorgeous gothic fantasy playground for the young byrant imagination newstead abbey even in decay represented everything in the world that Byron want it. Even the poet Byron can see the poetic irony of it. Being inhabitable after studying at Cambridge Byron went on a grand tour of Europe during which he published the first two cantos shows of his epic semi-autobiographical Poem Childe Harold Pilgrimage Byron returned to England as a celebrity women's swooned reading his poetry about a young disaffected man searching for meaning and failing to find it. Among the hedonism and Revelry Korea high-society who before Byron had so perfectly captured bad exquisite pain of being surrounded by people but feeling alone then stirs the feeling infinite so felt in solitude where we are least alone lady caroline lamb was born to the type of family that Byron could've only dreamed of she was the daughter of an earl and Countess Countess niece to the famous Georgiana cavendish Duchess of Devonshire and wife of a man who would go on to become prime minister at twenty six when she received an advanced copy of Byron's Childe Harold. She was one of the most eminent women in London. Caroline lamb was immediately smitten. She had heard stories about Lord Byron about his Rakish Adventures. She had heard about when he was a student at Cambridge rich and he had been forbidden from keeping his dog with him as a pet and so because the rules did not explicitly forbid it Byron had brought with him a pet Bear and now caroline read his poetry it was erased. She begged their mutual friend. Samuel Rogers to introduce her but Rogers New Byron and more importantly he knew Byron's reputation with Women Child Herald was already a sensation. -sation and Rogers was flooded with requests from increasingly desperate women begging him to introduce them to his famous friend and so with caroline lamb Rogers demured. He told her that Byron who bit his nails had a club foot and is too close together it was almost certainly unle nowhere near as attractive demand that caroline lamb conjured in her mind while reading. Childe Harold the sensitive lonely poets. She imagined Agean when she read lines like there is a pleasure in the path less would there is a rapture on the lonely shore but caroline lamb. I am would not be dissuaded from meeting him. If he's ugly as a Sop I must see him. She informed Rogers. She decided to write Byron a letter. She addressed it to childe. Harold I have read your book and cannot refrain from telling you that I think it beautiful. You deserve to be and you shall. I'll be happy. Do not throw away such talents as you possess in gloom and regret for the past and above all live here in your own own country which will be proud of you. She left the letter. Anonymous Lord Byron had been receiving a lot of letters from female admirers admirers. He'd been receiving so many letters. In fact that when women requested locks of his hair he started sending back clippings from his doc swain but caroline lamb could do something that none of the other women writing to Byron could she could imitate him his poetry rather almost perfectly and so just two days after she sent the first anonymous letter. She sent a second in which you wrote fourteen lines with the same meter of Childe Harold. A perfect Oma strong love. I feel for one I shall not name what I should feel for. The could. Never be the same but admiration interest is free and that Child Herald may receive from me me for a man who loved himself as much as Byron Dead Caroline lamb figured correctly. There would be almost nothing more appealing than his own talent. Island reflected back at him. She signed this letter ardent her passions. were she was still married. Woman and discretion was needed. Caroline lamb ended the second letter by asking Byron to leave his response for her at the circulating library on Bond Street. Under the false name mm-hmm Mr Sydney Alison Caroline. Lamb waited and waited and waited. No response came. It was a rare thing for a woman like caroline lamb astronomically aristocratic not to get what she wanted but her moment with Byron would come soon enough she saw him for the first time just a few days later in person at a ball held by lady Western moreland where he stood so pale and still that he looked like a marble statue. Come to life. Byron was sometimes described as an alabaster vase lit from within. He was not classically handsome but he was impossible to look away from so charming and compelling that he had both women and men desperate for just a moment of his attention he was standing at the edge of the ballroom Byron born with a club foot and always self conscious about it never danced but over the years in his bedroom alone he had figured out exactly the right way to stand so as club foot was impossible bowl to say so that from a distance he looked tall and straight and striking. He wasn't incredibly vain man. He would go days eating only biscuit water to maintain his slender figure. He kept his necklines low to show off the curve of his collarbone and he knew just how to look at a woman from underneath his dark curls to make it so that you would never be able to think of anyone else at the party. Lord Lord Byron saw Caroline Lamb and caroline lamb saw him flirting with other women but the two made eye contact from across the room and while she danced and Byron froude himself for declining to answer her letter from making her weight prepared to make his introductions and but before he could approach her caroline lamb was gone she had left the party. Early Byron was in thrall a woman I not only had written to him but then had chosen to shrug her shoulders and glide out of party before they could meet in person if if he hadn't written back to her she figured he could be the one to chase her but cool and elegant is she had seemed leaving the western Moreland ball when Caroline got home. Her heart was pounding with the memory of that strange and handsome man in her diary that very night she wrote the words that would be associated associated with Byron for centuries to come mad bad and dangerous to know but you wrote another sentence about Byron less remembered yes but for caroline lamb. Far More prophetic. That beautiful Pale face she wrote will be my fate one morning without announcing himself. Lord Byron came with his friend Samuel Rogers to caroline lamb's house. She had not been expecting guests and she entered the house. Hot and sweaty from a morning of Riding Byron had come with the gift arose your Ladyship I am told all that has new and rare for a moment he sad it was done caroline lamb was in love and the two began an affair that turned aristocratic London. On its head for months Byron called on Caroline Lamb frequently bringing her books and holding her young son Augusta's on his knee caroline lamb and Byron tyronn shared interests and gardening and dogs and philosophy. They spent long evenings in rooms. Lit only by dwindling fireplaces. Reading the Castle of Toronto side-by-side Are Gossiping About People that they met at parties. He called her Carro and she adopted that nickname mainly everyone the two wrote each other multiple times. A day Byron told caroline lamb secrets he had never shared with anyone else else. He told her about his first love his cousin Mary who broke his heart when he wants overheard her saying. Do you think that I could care anything for that. Lame Boy Byron told Caroline Lamb about his love affairs at University with the Chorus Star John at Allston and two other other boys homosexuality was still a capital offence in England. One that could get Byron hanged. Karasin Byron a lock of her pubic cubic hair cut so close to the skin that it clung to dried blood. Byron sent back a golden locket engraved with his family motto to create a Byron have faith in Byron but even when the two were in love it was never an easy domestic love the two were artistic spirits and they craved drama. Carro invited Byron to a Walton Dance. And though he accepted he sees internally his club foot made him unable to dance and he hated seen caroline with other partners he had to spend the party talking to Caroline Airlines beautiful dull religious cousin. Annabella millbank in the corner after that night Byron forbade her from Walton. Carolina acquiesced their friends tried to keep them apart they were fire and gasoline flint and steel and sooner or later there would only be rubble left. Caroline was a powerful woman but she was impulsive and jealous. Having an affair when you were married was all well and good. What if you could be subtle about it but caroline was finding that increasingly difficult especially once she saw how much attention Byron was getting from all all of the other women in London? Annabella millbank chuckling Li dubbed it by Romania. But even she couldn't resist asking her cousin caroline to pass along one or two of the poem she had written to the famous Byron Caroline was borne status. And she didn't give liquid other people thought of her. A Byron low born Byron craved approval and more importantly accordingly. He needed money. Few is to establish himself in proper society. He would need a rich status wife and finding it'd be all all the more difficult if he was scandalized by a wild and public liaison with a married woman when Caroline flippantly gave Byron a few of Annabella. Hannah Bellas poems. He asked Caroline whether he thought that she might make a good wife for him. Annabella was pretty and she was rich and unlike caroline lamb. Am She was unmarried. Caroline said that you've probably going to marry a man they knew named George Eden and for good measure caroline composed a sarcastic casting poem for Byron. where she sardonically wrote that Annabella would fund mother and a faithful wife? Nothing could possibly be less appealing link to the impulsive impossible to please Byron so easily bored. Nothing was boring about caroline lamb but as the a month drew on and she felt Byron's attention begin to wane her own devotion to him became all the more zealous. She became more public and more reckless. In her ardor Byron Zone friends were urging him to keep his distant Byron found that challenging especially when caroline line lamb wouldn't admit that she loved him more than her own husband. It's not that Byron could actually have her. He didn't even particularly want her anymore. But God damn it. If you didn't need to hear her say that she loved him above all else so he did at elopement. Caroline lamb responded bonded to eagerly. His bluff was called and at the urging of his friends. He retreated from London to new stat without saying goodbye goodbye. Caroline lamb was baffled and heartbroken. She sent dozens dozens of letters to newstead all of which went without a reply it was maddening. Carol became increasingly frantic. And when she I heard that Byron might have returned briefly to London she was manic. She showed up at his home. Eight Chaim Street in the middle of the day disguised as a page boy. She wasn't thinking of what a scandal it would cause to have a married woman alone at a man's house all she could think love was Byron Byron told her to leave Caroline lamb pulled a letter opener from his desk and tried to stab herself weeping with love and anger and frustration and loneliness. Didn't he remember how it felt. Hadn't he felt that loneliness that yearning when he had written childe. Harold Byron held her until she was calm until the knife dropped from her hand. Things had gone too far. Byron's friends could see it and Caroline's family could see it seeing her declining mental health. Her inlaws insisted that she spent some in time away. From London society in Ireland with Caroline Lamb safely out of the country Byron felt. It was safe to write intimately again Dan. The affair was over but he didn't WANNA lose. The flattery of having a noblewoman like Caroline Lambie madly in love with them and so in his goodbye letter letter he wrote I was and am yours freely and most entirely to obey to honor love and fly with you when where and how how you yourself might may determine throw her a bone he figured caroline lamb was out of the country and out of his ahead and Byron began a new fare. Another older titled Woman. A friend of Caroline's actually the Countess of Oxford but love could not so easily extinguish itself in Caroline Lamb. She wrote him from Ireland endlessly. She stopped eating eating. She devoted herself body and soul to the memory of her affair with Byron and the dream of rekindling it if Byron Thought aww could dismiss her with a kiss on the cheek he was incorrect and Byron had to be more explicit. Finally after months of letters I he wrote her back correct your vanity. Which is ridiculous exert your absurd caprices upon others and leave me in apiece? The letter was harsh. Unsympathetic yest- but Byron did something step further. He added the letter a final piece of nastiness that would cause the blood to leave caroline lamb's face and ignite in her a new white hot furnace of humiliation and fury fury in a final act of cruelty Byron had sealed the ladder with his new lover. Lady Oxford's wax stamp caroline lamb became obsessed. Eventually she and Byron both returned to London officially excess and caroline lamb became desperate to enact revenge on the man who had helped her see the poetry in the world and then thrown it out with a scornful laugh. Caroline wrote out to lady Oxford and threatened to tell the world of their fair lady. Oxford laughed at the threat but then was incensed and paranoid the emaciated she aided caroline lamb would show up to parties and spend the night clutching glass and staring at Byron. He joked to friends that he was being haunted by skeleton. Caroline wrote to Byron and asked him to return her letters. All of the Tokens of her love. The chid sent along to him he obliged more or less some of the trinkets he had already given to other women caroline through them all into a bonfire and danced around his smoldering effigy She made up new buttons for her staff to wear. No cre- day Byron. They set a takeoff on his family. Crest have no faith in. I'm Byron no one knew Byron like Caroline Lamb and no-one knew like caroline lamb exactly how to get under Byron Skin when she showed up at his home unannounced one afternoon to find him out she snuck up to his desk and flip. Open the inside cover of the book. Bathak by William Beckford member me. She wrote inside. The threat was implicit. Beckford was famously bisexual and Caroline Caroline knew all about Byron's attraction to men Byron responded with a poem he never published remember the remember the 'til leaf quench life's burning stream remorse and shame still cling to the and haunt the like a feverish dream when caroline airline lamb heard that Byron wanted to give one of his favourite portraits of himself to his new lover Lady Oxford she used her talent for mimicry once again then she forged a letter from Byron and brought it to his publisher where they kept the portrait. They gave it to her. Byron was furious. Uri's he was less anger that the portrait was gone although it had been a very good one of him and far more outrage that caroline lamb had been good enough to imitate eight his writing. Caroline Lamb agreed that you'd give him his portrait and exchange for lock of his hair in his scorn Byron agreed But he sent along a clipping not of his hair but his lady Oxford's Byron Caroline's final confrontation occurred at a party. I assume I'm allowed to waltz now. Caroline said to her former lover. who was standing branding as he always did on the sidelines? While of course Byron responded. You do it so well. And with everybody Caroline Lamb mm-hmm broken glass in her hand and made as if she were to cut herself with one of the shards they wrote about it in the papers the next day Byron joked joked that ever the lover of theatrics she had performed the dagger scene from Macbeth. Eventually even lady Oxford would leave. Byron's favor favor. When Byron's half sister Augusta League came to town? The two were so inseparable that even polite society couldn't help with Murmur about possible. Incest I mean they were inseparable and then the murmurs became a little louder. After Augusta. Leigh had had a baby but buyer needed to get married to an heiress caroline lamb's rich well behaved apple cheeks. Cousin Annabella Mel Bank agreed to marry him the second time he asked it was a disastrous decision from the onset. Byron never really wanted to marry her but the fact that she had once turned him down meant that she was irresistible. He had to get her even Annabella realized she had made a mistake stake. When Byron's best man gave her a wedding gift and wished for many years of happiness as he sent them off on their honeymoon the New Lady Byron replied? If I am not happy it will be my own fault on the way back from the ceremony Byron had a panic attack. It's too late now. It's done it cannot be undone. He snapped at his new bride as they exited the carriage. He smacked her hand away from his that night. He slept in the master bedroom room with his half sister Augusta while his new bride slept on the couch and the dressing room alone Byron became increasingly despondent and his financial troubles mounted. He rejected all income from his writing as a gentleman. He believed it wasn't appropriate for him to be paid for his poetry. He was manic and sour drinking heavily and highly suspicious that his new wife was sneaking through his private things. Annabella told friends that she was afraid. Her husband had gone mad just after after their one year anniversary one month after their daughter Ada was born. Annabella took Ada and left to stay with her parents. Neither neither Annabella nor Ada would ever see Byron again in an effort to ensure that Ada didn't descend into her father's poetic madness. Annabella steered her daughter toward mathematics. It seemed to take eight. A lovely Byron. Only legitimate child is often credited as the world's first computer programmer. Thanks to her work. On the analytic engine computer alongside Charles Babich as as for caroline lamb throughout all of this love and hate are impossible to disentangle completely. She comforted Annabella during her separation proceedings. seatings giving Annabella all of the information she could that she could settle the divorce on her terms. Caroline spread rumors of Byron's incestuous this affair with his half sister but at the same time she wrote to Byron comforting him and claiming to be on his side through it all even after he broke her heart. She couldn't allow herself to be hated by him. Byron perhaps sensing her duplicity pulled away discussed discussed it and so in eighteen sixteen caroline lamb played her final hand in order to burn Byron. She she would immolate herself and let them go up in flames together. She published a novel called Glen Arbor a thinly veiled account of her affair with Lord Byron in which scandalous rake named Lord. Ruffin corrupts a young married woman named Calamba. It was an immediate sensation with all of London society desperate to read such an intimate and scandalous reflection of their own lives. Caroline's it's reputation was ruined and she would never make her way into high society. Again as for Byron side of the story will never read it at least not completely Byron died young at the age of thirty six of an illness while he was in Greece where he held the romantic fantasy Z.. Of leading an army up against the Ottoman Empire after his death his friend assemble to read his memoirs after they finished they unanimously decided to burn them. Should they be made public. They said they would have dammed him to everlasting thank infamy. If you're interested in learning more about Lord Byron you can check out a book. I wrote called the White Man's guide to white male writers of the Western Canon. It's exactly like like this only much less history and much more jokes so almost nothing like this. But I think you'll like it. 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Claire Clairmont who had had an affair with Byron in London was madly in love with them and who had been the one who more or less forced Mary and Percy to spend the summer with Byron so she could tag along. It was a famous and scandalous grew. Hotels from across the lake. Charged guests asked to look through telescopes for the chance to see them. But guess who paid up hoping to witness some orgy outside on the sand where woefully unlucky lucky. The summer was miserable that year. Wet cold raining incessantly. And so the group of writers sustained inside and decided to engage in a contest to see who could write the best. Ghost story famously. The contest winner was eighteen. Eighteen year old Mary Shelley. Who wrote the beginnings of what would become Frankenstein? But that wasn't the only significant work that began with that little contest in his short story John Polidori wrote about a mysterious man who arrived in London a man with impossibly Pale skin and dark hair who seduced women and left a trail of bodies in his wake. Eighty one years. Before Bram Stoker wrote Dracula Polar Dory wrote the first piece piece of Gothic literature ever to feature that folklore creature the vampire and in Polidori story. The Vampire Empire name is Lord Ruffin. You see in case he had been too subtle polar dory borrowed the pseudonym that caroline lime lamb had created for Lord Byron in her novel. It was the name she used for the man who took her blood who took her heart. They took whatever was left. A noble blood is a production of iheartradio and Aaron McKie. The show is written and hosted by Dana Schwartz and produced by Aaron Minke Matt Frederick Alex Williams and Trevor Young Noble Blood is on social media at Noble Blood Tales. 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