Iowa Caucus Joke; Pete Buttigieg Declares Victory; State of the Union Tonight; A Little Too Much Bloomberg Talk; Mute Gives His Super Bowl Recap; Should Patrick Mahomes have won MVP?; No New Tom Brady News


i finally got an answer the big winner in iowa the iowa caucuses last night we got it yes sir as usual the winners donald j trump would ninety six point eight percent of the vote everyone else those those are the losers everybody else i don't care what mayor pizzas when i think william weld finished third in the republican looking caucus he might have finished hi liz how about that we got all the latest we break it down and analyze it from iowa and we have moving truck day in in boston we have moving truck day there's one moving truck that people care about and one they don't the one leaving tom brady's mansion everyone wants the details on that nobody nobody cares that the red sox truck is head and self nobody cares anymore we got sad news on rush limbaugh and we got scott mutant with the latest tom brady rumors and a kind of a discouraging endorsement borough president from scott mutant from the mute man all that on the callahan hint podcasts presented by shake concrete allied paving and the legacy club boston skis gerry callahan hint podcast i still wanna get the name right karen callahan good columnist should write more details jerry i don't think we make our trade based on whether gerry callahan approves of our trade gerry callahan and two and a half hours after they started they still have not reported anything and yet here in iowa incredible night incredible results such phenomenal energy here we are headed to new hampshire victorious and there is no way this is according to plan here's gerry callahan finally we have the results sir from iowa advocacy cox results are finally in i'm not sure what time people are listening to this but i'm pretty sure it's breaking news the winner in a surprise is a slight upset hillary clinton is the winner finished second the houston astros they finished second hunter biden finished third and bringing up the rear mike lava ninety i thought your top four i thought john kerry made it in that he's he's really disappointed he's onto new hampshire he's like michael bloomberg wasn't competing in iowa i'm telling you a donald trump as i've said many times i like what he does like what he says i don't like everything he tweets but i will say this he is he's still he did something right in a previous life because is everything is bright he's the luckiest man he's he's things just break right for him there's no way what happened last night could have worked out better for him there's there's chaos in iowa whoever is been declared the winner doesn't matter everyone else is going to say they want they're going to blame the the machines reporting the app and trump is it's gonna take to the podium tonight for the state of the union and he's going to declare victory yeah it's i'm interested to see because the the funniest thing i find about this it's like you think donald trump's in is evil layer like just putting like rubbing his like what could what could i do today day to stir up controversy and sometimes he doesn't even have to intentionally do anything and it just falls into his lap i mean this is one of those we did about it yes he just tweeted i just re tweeted he declared victory of course and let's be honest he's he's not wrong i have the actual iwa caucus casse results but he tweeted last night big win for us in iowa tonight stay and that's true i mean he won i got the results right here this is no lie donald trump ninety six point eight of a percent of the votes joe walsh most famous for being the eagles crazy man and rocky mountain high he finished with one point three percent and pulling up the rear bill weld one point that amazes mid for him bill weld got one point three percents with the results walls could a total of three hundred sixty votes well three hundred fifty three there are three hundred fifty the three islands who went to their neighborhood caucus and voted for bill weld i didn't even know i didn't know he was a republican i thought he was offended i didn't even know he was in the mix i think that's kind of really right after a certain part once you're less than a certain percentage you have to i have not seen him on like any talk shows i haven't seen any rallies but three hundred people through the vote against donald trump clearly sure it's not for bill weld it was trump this morning when he got the news who's that chaos at the caucus say that caucus chaos there is key caucus at the ca- there's chaos at the caucus in iowa and they don't know who won mayor pete is declaring victory love it onto new hampshire may be we're making history which he's not even letting go to review just literally just getting it out of here right right hold on hold on we got to kick the extra point he's out of their here in iowa incredible night incredible assault phenomenal energy here we are headed to new hampshire victorious and now we gotta build for the next phase so that's all well and good you you wanna sound confident you want to steal victory but what happens if they announce you didn't win that sound bite lasts forever you sound like a full right i don't know i mean there's there's been some other compound bites the howard dean one is my favorite sound bite and that's the one that in he won that hurt more at this you can at least claim that that you blame it on the app or blame it on the people counting it or blaming on allison blaming learn learn last night after falling politics for like forty five five years i learned what a caucus is sort of you know had the whole explanation literally have to stand on one side of the room to support your guy and if your guy doesn't get fifteen percent that means he's not viable you have to go to another side of the road right MSNBC last night no watch i watched a little CNN then when when fox was commercial i don't ever go to MSNBC it's too far away CNN's only one click above fox click once i'll do it tonight maybe because i do it on special occasions to see in a chris to see head exploded to see rachel maddow in the state of the union how that's going to be picked apart and and gone after a by both sides on this always always entertaining to see how someone someone could interpret one-sentence one way and another one another way and the the the whole pomp and circumstance of the standing and cloudy literally bores me to tears and it's too bad we'd like to see raw trump we wanna see unfiltered trump and he's gonna stick to the script which is the smart thing to do yes i don't think he ad libs is it all instead of the unions he should to it's i'm interested to see i always enjoy i've all the thing i have enjoyed when i do watch the bits and pieces of it is watching watching the speaker of the house behind behind the president and watching the vice president behind that's always entertaining to see the facial expressions and the the mood of the the entire hire parties involved it's always very entertaining you'll be able to see like nazis pelosi's teeth fall out that's that's always entertaining and then they'll they'll show trump say something great eight about america at america's winning america's wonderful and they'll show liz warrants sitting on our hands actually she won't she go to this they don't have to go do they had to go last week for the trial but i think there usually everyone's present for afternoon thought the supreme court's there yes they we're that they're they're usually that they weren't there for obama they protested in protests that didn't show up for one of obama's state of the unions i think you're right the probably there and then they straight up to new hampshire how much time if someone like lisburn bernie sanders actually spent doing their job liz worn linden new hampshire five o'clock this morning and she's not going you mean representing presenting their the people of their their districts doesn't seem that much when they're running for other offices and that's how valid point that a lot of people make when they see them coming to the to these is local to the local rallies into two local town hall meetings you're like you spend two hundred sixty days away from your your jurisdiction addiction your your town that you represent or your you know where your county and you're not around like what are you doing she anywhere they should quit you should quit if you want to run for president symbols does that should be you should not be able to do both jobs you can't do bulldoze running for presidency fulltime job for like two years right and then you're also dealing money she's also had to be in the the the impeachment hearings do so what else required right here's trump this morning after we get the news he said the democratic caucus is an unmitigated disaster is all you know yet helped with this he spelled all those words correctly nothing just like they ran the country remember the five billion dollar obamacare website that should have cost two percent of that the only person that can claim a very big victory in iowa last night is is trump numero puts in quotation even newt gingrich was out with a with a with a tweet saying you know the democrats can't run a caucus yes they can't run an impeachment hearing how do you expect them to run healthcare and that's you know that's an issue i'm sure with a lot of people are having that is you talk about wanting to fix all these other things but there always seems to be some sort of problem or disaster that comes about if you're sick of this already news for you it's going to get worse much much worse i new hampshire's in how many days a week right yeah this is just one week there's all batting practice is like you know the city that hosts the super bowl not necessarily miami but like a jacksonville or minnesota minneapolis and then everyone leaves and just barren and all these things these temporary stores and all these are all just empty and they're like tumbleweeds roll that's what i let's dubuque and des moines or like now because everybody all the media and all the candidates and all their support their on their wedding hampshire which means we here in boston just kind of get relentlessly bombarded with commercials with the political ads that's we might even get a kid to right dave we'll we'll make the push workout turtle tulsi tight we'll tell i'm talking to see people doing a town hall meetings up in portsmouth at restaurant eating ops roles pretending the like sex sleep all these relating to the people of new hampshire it's and it's all for not because there's a pole this a couple of polls globe has one with the like hillary backed by hillary same thing elizabeth warren's trailing bernie by ten point six points there's another poll where he's up twenty bernie is going to win new hampshire in a landslide which is frightening for the republic the idea that people people otherwise intelligent reasonable rational a democrats are going to go out there and vote for a seventy eight year old communists who is promising basing to destroy the economy your financial guy mute your you fall the markets yes the economy's pretty good right now right people are working people or are earning they're the they're buying the best consuming at all that comes to a screeching halt if this lunatic gets in the white white house and yet people not i mean some people are like alex roemer AFC they're idiots but other people have jobs and lives and they're going i saw saw them last night and on the coverage in in iowa and they're saying you know we need bernie bernie because what because the world is going to end because people don't have healthcare kiro some made up nonsense and they want to destroy the US economy right and and that's the thing that you look at it's like it's great to have all these things given into you by the government but at some point the bill comes in someone's got to pay the bill and the front you know while they just wanna tax wealthy people and what they don't the the thing that doesn't work in that and when you're taxing the extremely wealthy people they they're wealthy for a reason and they have very good tax attorneys that help to avoid them to pay those those taxes because there's capital gains and there's we can go to a whole blabbering of stuff to talk about this but those people don't end up paying the majority of those taxes just because someone's a billionaire and you want to throw it a fifty five percent tax on them they're not going to pay even as they did not going to happen and even if they did if you took all the wealth from every billionaire it's not enough to pay for the green new deal somebody forget one of the network anchors asked bernie the other day he was laying out his plan to give everything to everyone and they said how do you what will this cost and he said i don't know he has no idea it just sounds good and the only people who are really passionately supporting him our young people are for like thirty five and under it's remarkable if you look at polls people even democrats even hard core left wing progressives if you look at he's leading by a wide margie's sixty something percent for people under thirty five over sixty he's in single digits these can like six percent because people that age have lived through a lot they know what's socialism is they know it doesn't work and they think he even he even they know his dangerous interest but young people people like rimmer at AO see an idiot college students who in a running around with antiques or a blocking blocking traffic to protect the protest climate change these people who don't have a brain cell between them they're all in i think the biggest thing that you're noticing jason is what trump did to the republican party is what is what birdies try i think you're finding it's not necessarily the person it's the distant people people are disenfranchised with your absolutely no it's the people that are disenfranchised with what the democratic party has not done for them and now you can try it was it's the same thing for the republicans and that's why trump was able to beat the establishment this is this is more statement against the establishment and the carries and the biden's of the world and that's why what you see in the caucus when like like you say people have to stand in the other room the people that want to vote for bernie like w we'll go stand over there in the left and they start to move that way and they start moving to the other away and they actually get into the biden quarter i'm not voting for biden but that's that's the way they're this is the established way of trying to hold on to their party passion matters you know enthusiasm matters and he's got it because of all these young crazy loaded th you know these types he's reamer types he's got them but you're right it is a protest vote and i have a theory that bernie does even better if people think he can't win it's kind of this paradox of it a lot of democrats say i need we need somebody anybody who can beat trump that was what they want right they want and and that's why this this meagre support for biden they think they saw pulse as biden can beat him buttons get support everyone's kind of fading that's i mean on bides kind of fading thing everyone's kind of given up on biden so they're saying none of these people can beat trump buddha judge warren can't beat trump you know what screw them all i'm going to vote for the commie i'm gonna make my a protest vote 'cause it's going to send a message to not just the democrat establishment but to the whole system that we're we're sick of it and we're gonna go with the communist if you don't give us a better candidate field sucks and it does that favors bernie yeah and the primaries always always tend to go towards the extreme right bold decides of the more extreme no but when when you look at it and you and you see this i think it all comes back to as we talked the last time i was on is the information that are that's accessible to people now and when you see the the established democratic party and you see the the financial donors owners that are going in that give them the money and they see the the hillary clinton the world tour hillary clinton took all this money in from wall street and took all these speaking engagements money and took all all these contributions from all these high powerful uber rich people and then all of a sudden how are you representing their wants ryan's candidate wall street hypocrisy and that's why they're going to bernie and because they actually they're standing by it and you actually give them credit for it because there are at least standing behind for what they do now i don't i don't think it's logical but hey at least they're standing behind what they believe instead of just voting for hillary clinton was saying that she she supported these people but then she's he's taking five hundred thousand dollars a speaking engagements at goldman goldman sachs or other big high-powered if i don't like her nobody does you don't like warrants she's not likeable biden biden is feeble old man like he can't send screw them all i'm i'm gonna protest this one i mean this is a statement and they're making it and he's gonna gonna win or i should maybe he wins the nomination and gets trounced but trump any will and they don't care they're like so what i would have my guy lose than have liz rarin or joe biden or pete buddha judge what does that what statement does that send to the establishment if you'd known many biden or warn wall when it goes back to your thoughts is that there's just there's not a really good candidate that has stood out but at least they're saying well at least my vote is being heard at least i'm making a statement by saying that i'm going to support report i'm not gonna fall for this anymore maybe this will wake up my party and to an to an extent that's what donald trump did this to the republican party because look at the primaries last time with donald trump like everyone had thought he had no chance of winning you know it was it was all these other guys that were more polly yeah all these are the career politicians but people just got sick and tired of being like i'm sick as you standing on stage and telling me something that you're never going to do why not give it to this i burn is that guy that for them in my in a weird away that's my theory that trump has helped bernie they're saying he's trump you know he's our protest vote trump was elected for one reason above all others to disrupt us he's degraded disruptor he went to washington he said things no one everyone else was afraid to say did things people are afraid to do he shook up the establishment the only one who could do that on the democrat side is burnt now it's frightening for people like you who have jobs and family worked for eleven i mean it's great if you're just a freeloader you know one of these anti fa bums you you're okay with it but you everyone else everyone knows that binds just everyone's watched the the hunter bud thing unfold hold they know what kind of crook biden is they know what kind of phony warrener's i mart joe rogan for his endorsement of bernie sanders because it was kind of shallow and stupid stupid but it is a lot of the shallow stupid supporters think they think he's real genuine i mean he's a genuine communist but if they would would they they give you points for authenticity of any set about right he's true to himself none of these other people god knows liz liz warns the funniest human being an joe biden as we've learned as got more side hustles than dave colonnade he's a crook we've learned that right so you gotta on one one guy one guy who's the real deal and it's like i said this when joe rogan said it i like him he's consistent houston i said you know fidel castro was consistent that's true that is true but that's but this is this is for the other people that can't support port what the donald trump policy and his his authenticity into it when he said he's coming to lower taxes i'm going to force you know foreign policy is going to be i want other other countries to start chipping in that we're like sick of footing the bills i'm sick of our trade deals with with china and how we're getting screwed on all these other things so the people that were were able to look kind of passed as you know other eccentric eccentricities or whatever the word i'm looking for everything people are sick and tired heard of listening to other politicians say they were going to do stuff but eventually cave to the middle because what what happened before trump is i kind of think there was one one party that was all lumped into the middle because you look at like the bush the bush era and then you look at even the clinton and obama you had the vomit did have some of extreme extreme to the left but everyone was kind of in that middle if if you look at the deep state or you look at the right point tees they're all the not the same but many of the same their career ear hacks washington insiders right a lot of compromise a lot there's blood you know maybe some maybe it scares some people that's what santa's this is presents to people that new blood that scares people i think the difference is trump loves this country trump's you know doing what's best best for this country bernie likes burning if you look at his history and this will kill roemer when we do this if he's the nominee he said more good things about the soviet union and cuba that has about the united states of america when they start digging he's never been vetted because he's a extreme you know nutjob they just leave him over there they let them play with his belly button lint in the corner and they don't you know bother looking into him when they do i'm i said this three yesterday there's a video of him drunk and shirtless in the soviet union singing songs with a bunch of fellow travelers sitting there singing this land is our land wow ow in when that when trump gets a hold of jewel tough visual long hairy stone he's wasted i mean he was kicked out he worked in a commun- a real commune immune when he was i think in his twenties he got kicked out because he was so lazy he didn't do his chores that kick them out that wasn't even a successful communist the issue you wait wait till that comes with i think going to be fun and you can you have history to prove it as with the soviet union falling apart is that the inevitably sitter take the case against communism we don't really have to know but i'm just saying but it's just you see that eventually human interest takes over and neither either two things happen someone there's not enough money to pay the bills right or there's corruption because there's money gets filtered somewhere else he's the answer to that you should know this mute you're we're good hard-working capitalist capitalism is conducive to human nature you're human as human human nature you're you're competitive additive yes you know you're very right you're not looking in equality or not equality but in the meritocracy meritocracy crecy is natural that's the way we were born that's the way we live it is unnatural to just say everything is community property were all l. e. qual it doesn't you know might as well not work any harder than the next guy because you're not going to get any more right that's why capitalism works among other reasons is because it's natural to the human condition and a guy like bernie obviously a lazy slob who just had everything he's never had a real job he's never going to be re- rewarded for your success that's in your heart work what are you going to do and it's not self interest because you do it for your children you know your family your future greater good i mean it that's a byproduct yep but you're not getting up and going to work and saying this is good for the country you saying this is good for my family that all works hand in hand and and people are just that ability and even if you're unless you're total more on you know socialism doesn't work you know it's the system is is not designed to succeed and i think if bernie's the nominee we're all gonna learn that everyone even the dummies out there you know burning buildings and they will bring he doesn't get the nomination is going to be riots in the streets which is one reason i would be in two thousand sixteen because he did get key got sixteen chance the riot going to try to screw them again they already are they rigged one all right they're gonna try to screw again i hope i mean if they do that i don't want hindu here in tampa people do don't do in boston don't do it new england go to wherever go go burn you know LA san francisco but they we'll rise up these people are dangerous well i'm interested to see you know now that you saw that what's going on in iowa with the app not working that that's it but i'm i'm down a rabbit hole right now by the way that mayor behind some of this yeah right someone said that that he was gonna do that to this company which show it was developed by then and mayor pete is a what's called a client shadow always was a shady character but biden's invest he's right so you know bernie wasn't awesome right brownies pete wasted no time in declaring victory so i'm down around alive if you believe it's hopefully when they have their next next to bait which i believe is later this week that they let this all out they're going to have to go after bernie and he's going to have to fight back they rigged debates in two one thousand sixteen against him they did again this time but he doesn't fight back he just takes it today well whatever he has to be like one of his supporters right and like the broom on fire well i think rakes with the app is that i think you're gonna see the interesting part of as this election goes on where you're going to see a ton of votes from people that don't exist and now you're going to see you're going to see like oh wait the the des moines people voted seven seven hundred thousand votes cast and there's only five hundred thousand people that live in the area where do these extra votes come for that i think that's gonna be the voter fraud is going to be a huge issue awesome still in the democrat primary people you're gonna see duplicates that's kind of how the number trend in the country is mayor cheat take advantage i know but i think you're gonna see because what you know you look at the big states that trump won that that swing states like the michigan's florida and some of the other ones that were really close i'm anxious to see the voter turnouts in that area and i think those are going to be highly contested areas where there's gonna gonna be a ton of voter fraud they're probably on both sides in my opinion because that's usually how it works but i think that's going to be a big issue because although you know hillary clinton won the popular vote trump was able to win the electoral vote because he won those swing states so don't think for a minute if you're a democratic pollster that you're not sending a ton of assets assets in a ton of resources into those states that you felt you should have one or you're cheated to tehran to right that wrong from two thousand and we're still waiting maybe they won't even have the results you know trump maybe trump will announce them in the middle of the state of the union slipping notes we have the official results and he'll look at him say we got the winner me i love he'll i'll say i love that pizzas a mayor peaches i actually when i woke up this morning i thought that was smart either way because the only thing that's good that's gonna come out of iowa to try to get a bump going torch nobody would nobody was going to take advantage of the bump so he went and grabbed it so what would have warranted it and she finished fourth that will kind of dumped yeah but but for somebody who clearly oh he has i'm not going to say he has a big shot or anything like that but he went and he took a shot and it's unfortunate it's backfiring we got a way to do it early though to why waste any more money like web glad you waited five more states or five more you lost your shot early she got money to spend especially if you're almost those done here like amy klobuchar the other day a lot press and a lot of positive pub for a buying around drinks for the whole bar and it was six thousand she bought six thousand thousand dollars worth of beer for a party for her and everyone says that wonderful i'm thinking well she's got the money campaign contributions it's not her money these a her supporters and you got more than that it's kind of like ernie boch even a five thousand dollar tip at three you get more publicity published you get is worth more than that when what i'm saying the publicity switch six grand on beer bunch of people who are supporting you so you want to pay back and everyone says waiter award them is that what you did did you you just by did you buy a couple beers one night and now we got somebody else but i will i promise but chose your whole a beer up and everyone's cheering i'm saying that is a good look money welfare that to the depressed warned supporters of these angry sanders supporters you got disclosure beaming with a with a beer hand san whenever whenever she spent was worth ten times that the pub was worth ten times that i agree with that that's money well spent better than a commercial aren't you hand out or any pamphlet that you're going to see still hi someone a beer but next week but it's a consumable handout next week we get so sick of that it's all my campaign money just by beer for everybody just run out on a bar around here around legacy place everyone tip will it's pretty close they'll be in nashua they'll be salem will be conquered they'll be buying you know beers and they'll be the kiss an ass kissing babies and biden will be you know she'll be in concord thinking he's in nashua or salem thinking he's in keene he he will maybe it'll beano hampshire thinking he's in arizona you never know but we're we're going to get the next week i worried about the the the the nature of this like you just said the shaking hands and kissing babies say this corona virus continues we're gonna everyone's going to be in surgical masks we're gonna be doing it through like paper plastic bags because no one's going to stack and you know what biden it'll be doing it'll be kissing babies on the lips you know they'll be it'll be sixteen years old club that's what he does he's a huggy kind of friendly guy but we got a week left of liz warren in the mix for second in new hampshire you know she could finish second you could finish fifth i leaned towards fifth because people are getting nowhere and they can't stand her and once she finishes out of the money i mean way out of the money new hampshire it's just you think you'll hampshire's the the cutoff for her when you're in the next state and you're supposed to win bernie's when it's his next to obviously and he's going to win in a route so yes people say we're done with liz worn moving on to someone else and bernie's logical alternative because visit both radicals he's not phony he's dangerous but he's not phony she's dangerous and full so close to call i'm just gonna tell you what i do now now that's not a life you believe in your who wants to hear that voice for another week oh my god oh what's the is there no one's dropping out after iowa right so as new hampshire you're going to try and right so when do you get to when you get to the gravitas of this and we went to the the three day which is early who ever so when she is so super tuesday is elimination day is that is that safe to say after super tuesday foundation taste yeah well there's some people like who have bloomberg have nothing else to do help mayor pete but i guess super tuesday much third so yes we have another just under a month less than a month february joy reid on MSNBC last night said did i it was a good night for michael bloomberg because it shows the ican actually run run an organization run a company well i agree with i would agree i actually i think bloomberg's a guy who's who's playing the smartly because of the reason he key can stay out of all the partisan stuff he doesn't have to go to the far left to get his votes he just lets everyone one killed themselves and you know what i mean and he's able to search i think of anyone that's out there that he is he's the most logical oh guy to defeat trump because he's got a good background he's been a public official he's he's a successful guy in his own but he's not he's just choosing to do it a different way or trump got into the mud and through some elbows bloomberg's just letting everybody else what he's doing is hating trump and that works i agree with that he just hates trump and trump is being asked about him right saint dumb stuff short stuff outstanding that's not a good does that resonate with anyone does anyone think maybe in front of a guys appear the fact activities not tall e six years old you understand that's not that person's fault as a tall person i yeah i don't i don't like to to make fun of shorter people that's not nice your president i appreciate eating tall but it's just it's not something i i don't go into into a place and i see a shorter person and choose to make fun of them for being short right i think i just enjoy the meaning people for being short i enjoy my taunus bloomberg is as vowed to spend a billion a billion defeating trump i mean he will not succeed but i guess he's old i don't i think bloomberg's i've got a very good shot if he was that he's he's got a legit shot for many reasons he's got a good he's got a good strong charisma none he's just he's a i mean you're the only one the bloomberg radio how he does have a marketing arm i do listen but they don't cover the democrats they only covered trump it's all he's focused on trump which is smart it is but he's as i said got some good economic policy i don't know about his foreign policy but no one really knew about trump's foreign policy when he got into it so it's just it he put america first he said who's gonna get us out and the trachea wall and the trade deals china racial nato which is actually if this goes through his actually going is going to be very good but it's it's it's gonna be fun state of the union tonight which will be comical because the people in the democrat they'll be more division than ever which i like and i i don't know who i always enjoy listening to the counter party at who's the other manos to pay check because i stopped listening and watching yeah that'll be shift get more in iowa nader now they're sharing it'll be shift did you see this at the end of the yeah they wanted like a final gretchen whitmer michigan governor wretched whitmer ever heard of her she looker let's see so shift was getting up literally slowly getting to go may choose to make the final statement nadler waddled right past them grab the mic and made the statement and you could hear shift gone jerry jerry jones like i'm supposed to do this he stole literally stole the mic back from shifts so that'd be great the last their last moment and me nether oh so angry and it was obviously they were gonna lose going to lose that's gonna happen tomorrow i believe right thursday thursday thursday now yeah i that i believe so the state of the union tonight thursday will be the vote and then like saturday sunday monday right so we're on the twenty ninth villanova hillary won iowa followed by john kerr and they'll you'll find out that hillary had some connection to that app they'll be this great you know like house of cards subplot the everyone part of of of you thinking that hillary somewhere just just enjoying all of this chaos in amongst that's what she's rooting for chaos she's rooting for she's the most needy narcissistic person i know but today's she's going to come in as a white knight to like save the democratic party she wants to be asked to to save i don't ask to be if the democratic craddock party was smart they would do i would say they would go to michelle obama they probably already have a bitch that she's politely declined maybe not maybe waiting for the next one gretchen whitmer she's going to be the running mate of whoever gets the nomination she looked like she white she's white yes she tall short she's cute here's to be tall all young how does how does what is she standing next to somebody in the picture talks like bloomberg i think she's talking to biden now stacey abrams running-mate may for bernie sanders they'll go down in flames it'll be the most lopsided election i can give bloomberg a lot of credit he's putting i've seen the ads on TV blown no i'm serious this is this is something that he's fighting well he's doing it the right way trying to get like a discount on what the hell's going on there i'm just saying that as a strategy wise compared everybody else you let everyone else you know declare themselves make their outlandish statements and try to to win all this when in essence they're just us killing each other that's really what's happening everyone's trying to one up everyone tonight's debate i believe they got him they changed the rules that rigged the thing to get him in the next debate vein i heard michael moore ranting about that and how they won't let cory booker in the next bay but they will let michael bloomberg but he dropped out michael bloomberg i know well i guess before he dropped out he said something like i can't even get into debates they wouldn't let him in the last debate okay and he says a couple of other k- holy on castro and you can get this michael moore goes off the rails and said they lead bloomberg at because he has a million dollars bloomberg is a seventy seventy eight next week valentine's day seventy eight born brighton massachusetts seventy eight is there anybody anybody under seventy that's that's viable other than people jeters busy stealing that's designing web abney was by seventy seven warren seventy this job is too big for a seventy eight year i'm sorry seventy eight year olds hollis trump is seventy two do it right and he's pushing it he's pushing it like this and i think of my dad like like like ver- barely like drive to go get groceries for my mom without getting caught up talking to a million people at the grocery store i couldn't even imagine him you when you're when you're like a teacher sure they make you retire sixty five or or a mailman you have to retire at sixty five your cops and you know the retire retire in their fifty s because it's a stressful job and the big fact pensions these days but they most people are done by sometime komo in their sixties maybe seventy this is the one of the hardest jobs there is right i it is one of the most stressful jobs there is you have a guy i just declared on the favorite michael bloomberg who seventy eight the favourite the guy leading the pack and all the polls is seventy eight and just had a heart attack who will be like if he wins it'd be the eighty seven at the end of a second term that's not and supreme court justices that's kind of important the job to right right they all stay till one hundred or try to at least well don't forget bloomberg was dyed like six months ago still sitting there that's an interesting conspiracy theory as well i enjoy that one followed some of that but you know don't forget bloomberg was was a republican as well he's an opportunist right but that so that makes the whole supreme court justice thing and that's a whole another big factor that goes into this oh he's gonna he's gonna nominate some you know pro choice liberal just like every the other democrat but he's he's not really running on the ultra liberal pro now we have we have a bloomberg support here i i'm not saying roy i'm just pointing the trying to order tom shannon it's the devils add we celebrate diversity here on the callahan podcast a bloomberg bloomberg bloomberg guide you guys have a nickname like blue means or something you know like we have the bernie bros. no i don't i don't like to do they've the cover the election differently with him in it i think so policy is they don't cover democrat some serious no you mean say that earlier what's true now we will all all of it i mean digitally radio story when he declared because he said we will no longer covered democrats we will still cover trump is trump lashed out at him he tweeted about about it and that's a huge deal worked for him editors writers were protesting i think one of them quit it as you could check this because it's so bizarre to say we're not going to cover the race at all because our boss or i don't even know if he's a a conflict of interest on by are still going to dig in on trump so they're picking sides bloomberg's entire business model from a news perspective is like they give news to the financial industry before it actually breaks so moves the market well ailing before breaks they but they i also provide the many other technological advancements that go onto that you're able to use on your computer but you pay for a subscription i know but i mean even thirty seconds begins matters with the stock no you're not getting you're not getting information before the general paul you're getting it at that time but it's real time data that's coming across your screen you're able to analyze doesn't and use and to be able to put into whether it's charts graphs and anything that you can do to help your your investment process yeah so there's competing in this there's nothing illegal about it you get it at the same time it hits it would hit the AP as soon as it hits the the time real time news you would see it at the same time there's no there's no he he was born at saint elizabeth same hustle i was born in coming around and had surgery at saint elizabeth his family is jewish suspected that good good one he lived in allston until bloomberg was two and they moved to brookline oh i wonder if you went to great scott's shots i celebrated my twenty first birthday then two years later moved to medford admitted he was an eagle scout we'll get to know the next democrat democrat nominee according to mute i i don't i didn't say that just owner i just think he's doing the best job to shove a what i think he's he's doing the best job of combining everybody else kill themselves in and just be like is commercial bela joy the super bowl commercial i i said i said that about about mitt romney hit the moods who's got houses everybody's got plenty of money like seventy three grandkids and he has such an ego that he moved to utah runs for senate wins now he's in the senate at seventy whatever he is i know youngish because he doesn't drink or smoke or anything but what magic the grandkids things that he's missed games isn't plays and birthdays just because he wants to sit there in the senate and listen to whatever adam schiff drone on for five straight days you got out of the conservative move that was such a hassle kick them out kick him to the kirby sucks trader her he's a phony i regret supporting him he should be up on the lakewood asaki ice fishing with his grandkid having some massive reservation yes was that your biggest mistake politic's threat of my life really no no i mean i certainly couldn't have rooted for support obama but i was a big mid supporter i was very very disappointed when he lost as as garth brooks says thank god for unanswered prayers because i wanted him to win badly he lost he blew it he was a pussy in the in the race he never fought some gifts yes i lost i wish i hope you lose every election or refund today's day and age you have to engage the fight you can't just say there's no more standing behind in trying to to rise above you have to either you have to initiate the fighter you gotta take the fight to them and be willing to willing to go that to go in those dirty areas for for hockey turned to go in those dirty areas to to get your point across and to get that support because because he just can't sit back anymore and expect it to happen it's going to get good state of the union tonight vote on impeachment thursday new hampshire next week it's going to get crazy around here were hoping for a a just a demoralizing defeat for the fake indian that's i mean nobody leaves tuesday probably not because they get the money right and they got to the ego so they'll probably hang in till march third and then they'll start dropping out and as soon as bernie becomes the nominee mini trump is going to start tweeting about kami this so march fourth as we're says we sit here and march fourth after super tuesday right who whose left well there are some people have nothing else to do you know like like bloomberg he's got money he's gonna health and else to do so that's one in your opinion i think be sanders i guess biden if he has a good showing in south carolina which i think he will biden bernie i guess buddha judge since he's declared victory in iowa ready bloomberg doesn't make it up no short guy like yang if he's got anything else to do he might he might hang around so they'll be they'll be at some point it's a sunken cost yes but he's enjoying his celebrity okay and he's getting a lot of love from he's got dave chapelle campaigning for him literally making phone calls and knocking on doors so i would love to take that call from dave it'd be very entertaining talk into vote for andrew yang i tend to not let people influence celebrities influence the way i vote i tend to look at the issues but i would definitely listen i'm dave chapelle just to just to hear him just to hear him talk mock ruffalo tells me how to vote on men right across the board tells me mark ruffalo i love multi millionaire lists who got there's wanna make sure that you don't get yours that's that's his goal but screw him we got a nice long list of people that you want to go screw themselves a good way to start today yes we do we got a lot we got we got more to get to two we have the results of iowa we don't have the results of the results were republican trump one democrats we're still waiting on we have some bad news some some sad news we thank from rush limbaugh which brought great joy to many liberals we'll get to that but first week we got you here and mute has a job now it's new every time he comes here to legacy club of boston and sits down with us you have one job of all others you need to bring the rumors yeah you and if he doesn't have him he's gonna make it skipped they wasn't fresher yes if you don't have them just pretend you work at the globe make them up you got things going last week he also can make them up by the way he's by far the most favourite sidekick back on the show like he gets the best praise on that's not always good you do really you get away with murder if you wanted to you that's doing as i've read up about it and i i i watched a lot of these serial killers he worked this way back in the days is you you have one thing going for your bubble others you're not reamer yeah so that's good to not be somebody so right so people despise rimmer and they said what does that what does robinson caught on kirk show the goldilocks zone mute is hit the goldie reamer okay and you know you played sports and there are people like colonnade if you actually played a sport they look like your gun you know like he looks up even play poorly poorly didn't play poorly didn't play at the highest level right although the XFL starting next week i'm psyched for that if you you comes out with a liquor i'll support that liquor overpaying whitney that's out there yeah what he did this week and he went and got a frappuccino starbucks dumped half of it out and fill the rest waga this strawberry lemonade drink a wish it's not a sign of a drinker yeah that's that's a little too sweet for me that that's the one that's it's going to stick to the head set vodka our mutual friend is the one who told me just add water to it and i thought he was crazy 'cause i don't drink booze he was right if you just add water to this tastes delicious you don't have to add water less bunker yeah we what no the vodkas excuse me it's actually it's actually pretty tasty i've had it is good but i i will come up with my own little concoction i do have a buddy that's created one it's called the it's called a a lesson aid where it's it's tito's soda and just a splash flash eliminate and it call it a lesson eight who and it's very on his invention that has to be the the guarantees are named it i arctic which could you would you be interested in going in with me on inventing creating liquor yes george clooney a. to las amigo keila costs amigo he made eight billion dollars yep and he gave all his buddies of million dollars in cash did you hear that story oh that's right awesome that's his business with them they'll friends from high school right his his his loyal friends one of them is nice randy gerber who's married to cindy crawford his own very wealthy guys we grew up with them like a bag with a million dollars they're sitting at a dinner table name like took off like the silver plates and it was a million bucks in cash you kidding me i didn't hear this this is right after it's all right after it sold on the fringe yours friend but not really yeah you're number nine dammit clooney somebody else who did the commercial with the peleton chick remember the peleton woman who who smoke and i love her but then the jin commercial whose was that ryan reynolds glenrothes cini hired it was a great move great make any fortune great call i don't like jim andy you'd learn to like all right so i'm a firm believer in this though jerry and you stay with me and this is a good one there's a there are three types of alcohol right there's the one that makes you throw up gets you sick right and there's the one that makes you want to fight and then there's the one that gets you in the morning mood with the berry berry white music playing background everyone's is different like if i smell southern comfort i'm going to throw up i was gonna say beat me too because when i was in high school a friend of mine you know how this works yes southern comfort and it went down my phone came mom knows and it just i can't even remember what is something comforting remember ethos would you can't smell it i can't can't look at it ziv keila fights on new year's eve when i was in college we after midnight and we were still celebrating got a beer and there was in the cabinet of bottle of that green shit that wanna majori yamadera we kill the whole thing right up and i threw up green for like a week i can't look at midori see what's still sheep midori two genera they do a bunch of those they'll get the pucker ones and those yeah that that c- tequila is my barry white if you get a kilo that's the the music starts playing a nice margarita that's that's it but that's the fight one gin not as a different kind of buzz it's get some hendrix come on yeah well you know my old producer before you know he was stricken tanqueray in the morning before work it's probably not a good recipe got good ratings you start doing that weighed three hundred pounds drag tanqueray all day and he drank it before we came to work at four in the morning and drag it at work and we never knew at strange we never ever no that's that's disturbing almost died almost drag himself death that sounds like a cage leaving las vegas close but he he made it through he got skinny a little too skinny hopefully he's doing okay now whatever fight and what's your fight drink tequila for the fight really yeah tequila and i think it's very white music when barry white music going i'll maybe beer would be taking too many is doing wine bread wants the mellow red wine i only drink when i want to go to get to sleep like i'll drink red wine no-one tired i it's like taking tylenol oh PM for me drink and read i just had good tequila for the first time yes and it's it's tasty very tasty georgia's right i want to get to kuni one i know so why don't we work on that you're let's do this you're you're you're you're very smart guy you even though you went to BC you seem like an the idea man yeah an idea like occasionally things pop in your head and you write them down in san wanna do why don't we work on a liquor a booze a wine i don't what i want to just i have very low aspirations i only i just wanna make a billion dollars okay look my issue is that these things usually hit me at three in the morning and then i can't go back to bed which drives me that's so drink some red wine but i do but i want to get to the latest rumor the brady room for brady whisper mute you scott matron who is the reason brady's bend in new england for twenty years he was so bad when tried out for the patriots they went and they had to draft brady and give up on mute route but let's get to that want to do do you wanna do shea shea and then we're going to get to the latest on the the wisecracker line from scott i lost to shane let's talk about shea concrete homeowners did you know that my brother-in-law greg the guy who runs shake concrete has a huge selection election of pre cast concrete steps with your building a new home to replace an old stash it has great values with designs for any home available in concrete or customized demise with beautiful stone granite or brick i'm granted guy they sell your guy i know you're a brick i'm a guy where somebody like greg would just tell me what to do and ideally yes you wanna share you can do that because they know what they're doing they won't stay you're wrong if you're a contractor like your old man like jack loney yup you i can go to lunch and learn this for engineers and contractors you go to one of their plants or their office they give you lunch yep they get you drunk and then they tell you know they'll get you no no i don't think so how much how about learn learn all about pre-cast this is this is my marketing brain as we talk right how about we get rid of the lunch and learn and we do a brunch mentioned learn for our listeners at the legacy caudill is bold ranjan yeah no you're an idea man because hanging around here the extra ninety minutes with you would be tragic and i'd rather just do it right after we recall told you shave manufactures a variety of pre cast concrete products make sure your contact shea for any uneven pre cast concrete product needs and even questions contact them ask for greg or just go to shake concrete dot com i got a question for you mute before we get to a before we get to brady hold your son's twelve twelve soon to be thirteen next birthday twelve twelve eleven and nine or my sons and i have a five year old daughter twelve eleven and nine so these three boys we'll we'll worry about your daughter another day these three boys were they they sitting and watching the halftime show with you and was forced to then have the talk already had the talk with the with the older too to so they kinda understand that they did not watch the halftime show because they don't really listen to good my wife asked my daughter she wanted i wanted to watch it she passed because she around today doing that tongue thing the chikira did if she watched i mean more than anything it's uncomfortable for me because i'm i'm sitting there watching with my wife and you're trying to pay attention yet not pay attention because you see that out there and you're just like you know because my wife's like looking at me like you enjoying this going this the j. lo or right in my age demographic and and you make a subtle comment like wow they look pretty good for many more for fifty years and forty honey you mean you weren't a jealous husband wife was watching a. rod to the selfie video during an older jalen rose fifty she's yes she you know you're sitting there and you're like wow she looks great for like fifty that inevitably gets you geel theon yeah but she actually sent me a funny no my wife sent me a funny tax text of nine hundred eighty five women was fifty and it was blanched from golden girls and then and then she said women at five and two thousand twenty and it's channel on a stripper pole which is actually pretty amazing she's too good you think ben affleck setback came to man now still has turned the now in the back of his mind what an eclectic group crew of guy she's been with ben affleck mark anthony now mark anthony that that's the tough one small scrawny guy jail i mean since you don't get you right right but she looked amazing the shows amazing i it wasn't this show but it was not for children except the children are onstage they actually had ten year old girls up there on stage i think that is wholly inappropriate you wanna have dance on a stripper pole grabbing grabiner crotch that's all well and good but then they bring the girls up including our own daughter to do a song with her and i'm thinking is can we keep the kids out of this i was wondering how a data youngsters like you handled it my guys didn't really watch it they are focused on eating the food that we had the buffalo chicken dip in some food at a time good for you were doing jose yeah and the you get you get no break at the super bowl now get to watch the commercials got to watch the halftime show got to watch the game it was funny watching the game the whole time you can at some point the chiefs are coming back mom's gonna do thing well i felt and it's always funny it's like you know last last time i was on amazon hours like so so amped to talk about the super bowl we got like two minutes of it because we got on our tangents which which i like but as i was watching that game you saw san francisco's defense it's get tired there in the last couple of minutes and it's funny the tale of two games and how everyone's remembered if you stop the game with six minutes left in the game you're going jimmy garoppolo played extremely well and could be the MVP maybe nick bosa right and patrick mahomes are gonna say this is the worst game you've seen him play 'cause he was off until six minutes a game he was terrible he was missing wide takes terrible throttles rose awful decisions because you're in fields ranging you given up points there on a bad throw he wasn't he you know he doesn't normally set his just feed all the time because he has the ability to do that because of his arm but he was just missing throws that you've seen a make because that pass russia's getting to him and then all of a sudden third and fifteen they hit the big shots at two hills the big and analysis and now everyone looks at mahomes is a real clutch guy the air to tom brady and everyone says jimmy can't handle that he and then the narrative changes he he was he had no pressure in his first two playoff games lots of pressure in the fourth quarter of the super bowl and he didn't in handle it well yeah i thought he took well he also got knocked around pretty good he missed some open guys and i i really hate the second guessing when people show that like the twitter clips lips of uh if he would've just saw someone in the flat here to get him the ball here would have been a first down easy shit bag like you're not back there with these three hundred pounders come at you mock to you with the game and you're making this decision in two seconds like i said he's got one hundred fifty million i don't see one hundred fifty more than frank clark has right now so i'll i'll take his bank account but everyone in hindsight it's easy to look back on those frozen you should've thrown here he should have done this it's not that easy and then you look at mahomes and i i think the the crazy thing is and i got bullied for saying this last year when i was talking with meter is that you said radiator well known no no no it was online i was on your radio station on talking about super bowl but i said that how brady was great when he needed to be great last year and everyone said i'm an idiot that i didn't when i was talking about because he stunk most of the game well everyone's talking about how great mahomes was but he was literally a dog for the first three and a half quarters plus of that game but he was and i said last year about this grady was br great brady was great when he needed to be great and that's the same pattern ooh ooh that was gonna come out of that in the super bowl it'd be this moment where the pressure would be great and one of these quarterbacks is gonna come through you said before the show that you thought damian williams was the MVP but i disagree there was no real MVP but mahomes won that game stepped up when he had to and won the game i'm okay we again the NBA pledged who picks her so bad but if he threw another one or if he didn't connect on that third fifteen they lose lose your your you know that that margin for error because jimi had the bomb missed it someone else could do damian williams did it wasn't special i got home does and i thought nick bowes was the best let's play on the field i thought he was great i thought he was legitimately and i think a lot of people thought that as well but you're you're right in that extent i just thought those two picks kinda tainted it in the first three and a half quarters but you look at it and you're like mahomes was great when he needed to be great when they needed him the most he was able to step up and do that just just like brady did last year against the rams and that's the sign of a great quarterback you don't you can't always be great but when your team needs you the most when you can step up and do that that's the definitely there's a feeling and i have to manage going to mahomes is going to be in the mix for the next decade with andy reid is coach with these weapons even if he has to bringing some new guys loses some guys the free agency he will be an obstacle in the AFC for the next decade which brings us the brady one of the teams on the list is the chargers the chargers have to go through the chiefs yeah and they have terrible offensive line and some people have said the brady doesn't want giselle they don't want to live in LA they don't wanna go back to LA right they sold their house with a with a moat to who's to dr drey right dr dre they don't want to go back there but we now know there are lots of teams on the brady list the latest is the daily mail reporting that there was a moving van a moving truck and there's pictures interest interest speculate we got pictures of the moving truck at the brady house in brookline and we'll hire movers when you're getting rid of a house that's something normal people do yes what you to begin with himself no shit it's going to call the office of line to come over and hey guys want to move some couches million self storage his daily mail we have someone on this that wouldn't they follow it siewert going yeah i like to know where it's moving walt my thing and it is it is interesting that he's got this beautiful beautiful house he worked hard to say pulled some strings to get it got land from pine manor right the school and i'm gonna guess got all permits not needed to build this massive house on a place that had no building in brookline a kind of a pristine spot on the country club anyway gets the house built this beautiful we've seen it was all in that brady versus time video and like couple years later gives it all up his kids kids are involved in sports they go to school you'd think they'd be some reason to stay here even if he played for another team they might wanna keep it they might want to stay there not only moving they're desperate they lowered the price eight million bucks they're desperate to sell i know real estate expert you probably know real estate expert but i know if you're trying to sell a house you don't want to start moving stuff out and look desperate to low ball bits yeah the low ball bids kids are coming in so that you're just going to drop the drop the price eight million bucks so if some real estate i don't know how desperate they are to sell financial eight million all batches eight ninety dollars a significant care about the money but then you have idiots like this this dope right across the most they've culinary thinks because of the hulu hulu commercial that means is coming back to england if he's coming back to new england wisey so desperate to sell his house yeah an answer for that day i don't really care about his real estate transactions actions in relation to his pro football playing career to be honest with a lot of real estate transactions going on apparently there seems to be news moving to nashville greenwich what do we know do we know all the places that has homes i remember last last year somebody told me like gronk own homes in foxborough that i'd never heard he own so how do you know what he owns we just no but why would you go condo and foxborough and take that kind of loss if you're staying you'd wait anyway i don't know what his initial investment and so even though he dropped at eight million bucks that does appear he's leaving is leaving able to write it off with a capital gain maybe one stop set his new contract with a real estate office is transaction you go told you last week you got everyone going with the best room or to date it's still the best rumor today in his brady to dallas it'll be the biggest story in NFL history if brady suits up for the cowboys next year is that still a possibility in your mind i think that's the most viable object prescott still not signed not french sign and you know the best parts no one's talking about it no one's talking about because maybe it's just the both sides doing a good job of keeping tidy but everyone speculating on l. a. think that it just doesn't it seems more and more or less likely likely because that often line gordon gordon a free agent hunter henry now here here's a guy that the patriot should be targeting hunter henry tight end for the chargers he's been injury-prone had some ACL injuries and got a broke his foot i believe early last year guy came out of arkansas very talented receiving tight end just hasn't been able to stay healthy this a perfect perfect free agent to a target for the patriots at someone that you want to get a viable threat inside the hash mark because you know chris gasper wrote an article about how the patriots tree it's only targeted tight ends nine percent nine percent of times this year and tom brady only targeted the tight end nine percent with with the league average was twenty one percent so that's a dramatic drop off from the year before gronkowski was air but also below the league average sue you gotta think that they're going to be looking to upgrade that position because because it's just such an integral part two to the offense in when tom brady's there so the patriots aren't they're saying they're in the market the pain thirty million bucks if they're going to give the proof that they're going to surround him with some talent weinberg preemptive face-saving deal where the just trying ron say we tried i think everyone knows he's gonna look around and everyone knows they'll be something rider say oakland to has at that but you look at later in the chiefs division to measure a whole different offensive system west coast system is not the same system tom brady has played his entire life what if democracy gels jon gruden i want to do this ah mark davis he probably thinks it's a nice shiny new toy let's go get them yeah but that's tough because gruden's own his coach this system his entire life your action a revamp everything that he's ever known to do this here's so that's the toughest thing that i think is the biggest obstacle for this that transaction is mystic to mesh their offensive philosophies to to make it successful here's did you think watching the hulu web meant brady was coming back to new england i mean i already knew he was coming back to play i didn't take it's coming back to new england though you think he's coming back to the new england and play i still think that's the number one choice yeah i think i think that's where he ends up i think is number one choice as dallas but i do think that i i think he ends up in doing so what weapon weapons can we get to make brady happy i just gave you hunter henry greg good option from carolina because they may be in the rebuilding mode he's got about a year or two who left he's equality tight end there's some wide receivers available i mean look at the two guys relied on a lot outside of a hurt ataman is is is is is harry harry and jacoby myers to rookie wide receivers you see a big transition from players from first year to second year so they can get better door sets probably gonna be gone on do they look at these other teams you look at the cowboys amari cooper is available the cowboys the titans the the bucks they have better do they all better weapons and the patriots if you don't add to box have better weapons offensive line is is okay it's pretty good good but they got to great receivers to great tight ends decent running game they're bruce arians coaches the system that's why that that fits and make some sense and and i don't mccarthy is is a west coast guy but he you know he kind of changed it as aaron rodgers was there in kellyn moore's calling the place so that could could sue and and the cowboys division is winnable like anything well look at your quarterback that you're facing in that division your although great has i've had well he struggled to stay healthy daniel jones rookie quarterback right i mean and then you've got haskins that's in a rookie quarterback from washington he's run that division easily you went ten games easily win that division and tampa's not ed visit because you've got carolina that's gonna probably be rebuilding depending on cam newton's health right right you don't know what's happened with drew brees you don't know what's going on there and then you know you've got the falcons and who knows what's going on with them because they don't know where whereas scott mutual sang tom brady going this week we'll check in with every week but i think he wants to go to dallas i think that would be as number one choice for the right there okay but i think he's gonna stay tom brady wants dallas of course dallas wants brady jerry jones because a lot of people like they want dak prescott because of the long term and my good but i mean he's a five hundred quarterback is if you could say to any fan base would you give up oh you know six years of said quarterback for one super bowl i guarantee everyone's going to say that was true super bowl chris casper rights and the globe there remains no better place for brady to compete for championships chips the new england continued to play an offense tailored to him like what like a bespoke suit the house that i don't i don't have a piece folks like a beast books russell ties TB twelve method to the masses these folks i believe workout it's very i very spoke as a workout suit i believe can't you cross as in any of these dallas you can't proselytize TB twelve method in LA or dallas or miami obstacle right well familiar of offense it's the same system was talking about the TB twelve of TB twelve yeah yeah maybe it's a chance chance to get into dallas though that's a whole new market so he's moved out we all know he's moved out he's gone that brooklyn hockey mom was crowley a couple of weeks ago our work and she's all she's she's done i don't get the idea of pulling the kids out of school though that's but whatever it is a little weird i mean i don't want to go into that world and i don't know maybe they're they don't have a lot of friends which they must have some they must have some comfort level you're in the middle of the school year up and gone we think to new york that's when they've been spotted but they they did get pulled out of school i don't know i don't know but i i just mean obviously sell the house moving trucks where they stay all this stuff up right i don't know but it'd be interesting to find out that the thing is that is this this is the kind of thing we're gonna we're gonna get we're not gonna get a lot of official statements right from the brady campaign or the patriots or any team when get rumors going to get adam schefter wouldn't get the daily mail oh with some photographer in the bushes we're going to get for the next two months and he got neutron guys your your sources voice we know that we can the sources name but we know who sort of who it is and we know it's a good one and we know good source two years tampa yeah it happened you just listed the reasons why well yesterday before we wrap up here we got bad news for for any all decent human beings it was sad news bad news rush limbaugh legend icon pioneer giant in the talk radio business rush limbaugh announced that he has advanced lung lung cancer i don't know what that means but it doesn't sound good i think of a red sox broadcaster and red sox legend jerry remy when i hear news like this because he is a survivor survivor man he's had what four relapses five relapses any just keep going just keeps fighting just keeps getting back in the booth and getting back on the air i'm hoping for russia's sake it's a similar story but some people it doesn't work out so well we don't know he didn't even mention what the treatments going to be just said he'll be leaving the airwaves he'll be leaving the job occasionally to go get treatments recover from treatment but when i heard the news my initial thought was here we go you're gonna gonna get one liberal after another basking in this and joining this and low and behold within minutes came the tweets from the usual usual suspects what's his name the guy that's always doing his tariq tariq and she'd tariq nasheed he's a blue checkmark doc with like three hundred thousand followers who tweeted rush limbaugh has spent decades spewing dangerous anti black racism now he has has cancer i know we shouldn't celebrate one's misfortune but party over here and tweeted out a picture of a party and people dancing that is a lie he's not spent decades decade spewing anti-black racism his producer boasts nearly is a black man and they're good friends and they have a great relationship and you know people were out the defending and things were coming fast and furiously comedian nick nick jack pappas tweeted i'm so sorry for lung cancer her no one deserves i wish him the best medical care he's worked on divine denying others i'm so sorry it's it's awesome reading tweets because the english in them is usually not top notch that's because they ca- china cut the cut some of the stuff up there so it's but it's specialist takes the on these things to get them and message out it's these are people that don't listen to him they don't hear him they hate him and i understand understand that but this only works one way if the equivalent of rush limbaugh and i don't even know who that is on the democrat side there is no one essentially i don't know who yeah there's no one who radio that reach there's never been a i mean if you want it to any of the main news anchor rachel natto equivalent of sean hannity there is no liberal talk show host on his level that never has been because they can't do it that's true they cannot do it he does three hours a day essentially without guests and he you know he's entertaining and he's informative and he's good at his job and he's been on for doing it for thirty one years ears and there was no one before him who did it there's others now like like hannity and mark levin and others who've done it since he blazed the trail but there's no liberal just say okay say say bill maher say rachel maddow chris matthews chris hayes or someone if there were rowdy if okay if they were guys on the other side like tariq sank celebrating the diagnosis of lung cancer for any they would be the the the the it'll be coming down on him yeah everybody across the board would be killing it would be just absolute destroying him and denouncing them and twitter would remove them from twitter these people are blue checkmark people celebrating rush limbaugh has has lung cancer they're still on twitter and james woods and john dennis are not james was his off still i always he was in his tweet it's a shame as always very entertaining and he was he was at this point and i stand by it as if you you have the right to say it there's consequences for what you say no matter how much people disagree it's on my course of action but you know these people have the form to do it now and that's this is their way they have getting it i would have of course you have the right i don't want them arrested right again if that were she we're on the other foot that person would be banned from twitter from facebook from every so they would be like like turtle boy you wouldn't even be able to you know turtle blood can't even get on twitter and his house for sonnen neighbor and you stop by i and you get on they've been banned him this his house is banned from twitter because all he does is break stories and people complained because he he exposes you know bad people and frauds he's banned but tariq no i assume it's because he's he's reporting news and if they disagree with that news is factual they'll potentially they banned him tariq's this giving an opinion tariq is celebrating the cancer diagnosis of a of another person if that were the other way around john dennis said all he did was make fun of lester holt that's enough cancer just didn't like lester hope he gets banned and destroyed it's just a double standard i i say everyone can say anything they want let's have the same standards if you're gonna joke or celebrate in a one-sided you gotta be able to accept it the other way right so i never ever fly if it were the other way around but anyway that's we wish the best to rush i hope he i hope he ruins the day of tariq can all the other liberals in and pulls through and comes back stronger than ever yeah you just wish the best no one i wish that anyway just like alex trebek's in his fight through brain cancer cancer pancreatic cancer that's that's that's a tough one especially people that you've grown up with and listen to and even though i didn't really i didn't listen to rush limbaugh but i know about him and her changed the world for him there wouldn't be you know the many many of the voice that you hear out there would not have had the opportunity there was no such thing before he came along and just change the game for everybody right and that's good thing that's a good thing but anyway we wish the best to him we want to get you back in here against soon you're everybody's favorite wouldn't you say yeah the poll didn't turn out in his favor ver- but a lot smaller than everybody else yes it's it's you're working on it's changing quickly china to to to get i mean if you if you out this booze creation that you guys i'm in let's do it that's that's the key we gotta find like come we'll we'll it'll be some stupid dave colonnade connect it'll be combination of vodka and strawberry frappuccino listen people are drinking it right now what do you want to say but i got to be able to consume the drink that i wanna half half you know what i mean that's i want to be real i want to have some validity to it i'm not gonna sell it to to sell out okay all right i got some morals and principles i stand behind the new tax becoming brother we appreciate it thanks for bringing the rumors although you didn't come up with much new today still we were still politics the whole still gone a yeah you we've endorsed michael bloomberg very disappointed but anyway we're still going to dallas that is according to scott newton when he signs the cobbler's you get all the credit then we make then we make our move to the liquor business explodes out there's no stopping us now rate review subscriber back on that train this is the callahan podcast we need you we need you to subscribe tell your friends we need you to listen we need you to rate we needed to review please if you don't i get a real job and i don't wanna do that thanks is to shake concrete x. ally paving it thanks to the legacy club of boston this is the callahan podcast we'll do it again tomorrow

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